RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

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Today we have to share some devastating news.. our beautiful baby girl Diamond passed away a few days ago. She was not only my best friend, but the light in my world. Nathan and the rest of our family feel so heartbroken and have been crying for days. There is no love like the love I have for my dogs and I'm at a loss for words. We wanted to let you know what happened and to celebrate her life. Diamond was always smiling and she will forever be in my heart and Nathan's heart.
Diamond is forever. 🐶💎
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11 giu 2019

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Evie Wilkinson
Evie Wilkinson 53 minuti fa
I know how you feel ❤ my 2 cats past away and it was heartbreaking I understand . Dont cry❤
Yo_girl _kelcie
I know how you feel 😭😭 my dog died on April 1st :(
Cheerie cheerie
All the 18k people that disliked this video are heartless...you people have no soul you guys that dislike i bet uve never had a dog and if u do how would you feel if your dog died...YOU HEARTLESS SOULS YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT JEFFREE HAS BEEN THROUGH 😭😠😖😷😥😢😩😤
Nathalie Rodriguez
Angel matta
i really shed a tear 4 this... i may not like pets but i feel it through it..
Sophy Hang
Sophy Hang Ora fa
R.I.P Diamond ❤️
Samantha J.
Diamond was so lucky to have been rescued by you. Even though the start of her life was rough, she was able to live a life where she was loved and cared for. You did such a wonderful thing by giving her the life she had. 💕 I’m so sorry for your loss. The rainbow bridge is so much brighter with her now.
Marianela Reyes
So incredibly sorry for your loss 😢
Rilee Willings
I think it's both a little too soon for a palette for her but I also think it would be a good remembrance idea. Honey I think you should take her old food dish and put her collar around it and it a plant in her dish, keep it living and if you get her cremated sprinkle some of her ashes on the plant. I've recently lost a dog who owned more of my heart than I owned mine. Sadly his collar didn't fit around his food dish but we did get him cremated and we sprinkled his ashes on a plant in his food dish. We even have a a little altar for him. We have his paw print, a picture of him and a little box made of glass holding him it. He died because he had cancer but he kept pushing through it and the last day of him being around was the hardest because he wasn't being himself he was just laying there he didn't want to get up and all but I wasn't even allowed to go with to see him the his final breath, I wasn't there to hold him or anything and it was the worst day. I had said I felt so sick, I faked being sick so I could spend the day with him, but in the end it was worth being there for him.
Olivia Kenton
Fuckingn dirty gaybaoy
Jess McCartney
Yes I know because my doggo of forever had to be put down and he was the only dog I was closest to. RIP Diamond sorry for your loss
veronique D
I'm so sorry for your loss. It is the worst and most heartbreaking pain. Hang on to the beautiful memories 🐾❤️
Curly Fry
Curly Fry Ora fa
I literally just started crying 1 second into the video😂😭
Morgan McGill
Omg the loss of a pet is so hard. My first dog I ever had I fell in love with, she was brilliantly smart, and such a little fire ball. And then my neighbor was shoo’ing her out of his yard, and that led to her getting hit by a car. He felt so bad, but I still think about her everyday and that was so many years ago. I haven’t gotten another dog since then because no one can replace her! *im editing this because now I can’t stop thinking about my dog.. but wanted to let you know we paid for surgery to try and save her two back legs, but while we were on the way to see her, she passed away, that was probably the hardest moment because I got my hopes up so much, and I had to finally accept she’s gone*
xxFELONYxx PinkDrips
I’m so sorry Jeffree & Nate. I cried through your whole video. RIP Diamond Lynn Star🙏🏼🌸💕
Noeliz Smith
So sad, remember whem my dog "chocolate" die, 5 months ago 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Summerheyhey 101
The 18k how disliked probably have never had dogs it hurts guys be respectful like if you agree xxx
Ashley Alonzo
Ashley Alonzo 2 ore fa
Those clips of Diamond got my tears running I been there it hurts so much
Roxan & The Gang Adventures
I felt for you we just lost our princess 2 days ago it’s so painful but at least she’s not suffering anymore love you peace out
Ashley Alonzo
Ashley Alonzo 2 ore fa
Im crying this is sad you have a Pet Baby since there born úntil they grow its heart broken when they leave us Sorry for your loss
Anelia Ramsarran
Sorry for your sadness and loss guys. Hugs
Sarah Dias
Sarah Dias 2 ore fa
Jeffrey and Nate we are here for u. We want to be strong😘 we ARE here. One like for one prayer for natefree. We miss you, Diamond.
Sofia Guzman
Sofia Guzman 2 ore fa
I'm so sorry Jeffrey, I lost my baby girl last year, I understand your pain. Some people think they are just animals but they are family, the love we have for them is so pure and genuine. I stayed all night on the floor with my dog when she was so sick she couldn't move. The pain of losing her, saying goodbye...it is heart broken, it took months to get over my dog's death. I understand, so sorry. Be glad that she was with you for so many wonderful years and she was happy and a warrior. Bye Diamond, you were a beautiful dog
Shahenda Ali
Shahenda Ali 2 ore fa
I'm sorry for your loss Darling💔😔 may her soul rest in peace. All my prayers and thoughts are with you and your lovely family.❤️
MarinaC. 2 ore fa
Ola Robak
Ola Robak 2 ore fa
nope nope
nope nope 3 ore fa
My cousin's American bulldog died 2 months ago, while we were on a family vacation in Vegas. He was so heartbroken. I'm so sorry for your loss 💜
Carly Samuels
Carly Samuels 3 ore fa
When I saw the title I started crying
Carly Samuels
Carly Samuels 3 ore fa
This is sooooooooooooooooooooo sad I love Diamond 😢
Camille Rochon
That must be so hard. My dog passed 3 years ago and it was terrible. It’s okay
My Kaeyten
My Kaeyten 3 ore fa
So sorry It really a baby 🐾
Ari Nicole
Ari Nicole 3 ore fa
this just made me cry at 9 am 😢😢
Fatal_Framing 3 ore fa
It’s never easy losing a pet because they are such an integral part of our lives. Hope you take all the time you need to grieve and celebrate her! ❤️💗
vivicerise_ 3 ore fa
She might not be here anymore but Diamond will always be in our hearts jeffree . Stay strong 🤕💓
Dana 3 ore fa
So sorry :(
Lauren Gappy
Lauren Gappy 3 ore fa
Does anyone else realize that at 8:17 a dog ran into the woods
Weak4Weekes 3 ore fa
I cried omg rest in peace diamond
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown 3 ore fa
Omg jeffree and nate sorry for your loss, its so hard losing a fur baby 😭💔 love you guys!
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown 3 ore fa
You gave ger the most amazing loving life ♡♡ She is over the rainbow bridge playing and patiently waiting to see you again♡ my heart breaks for your family!
Monika Leskeys
Hugs and prayers...I’m soooo sorry for your loss. 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻💗🙏🏻
Acintya Salaka
it’s probably for the best... but still, diamond is really sweet and cute. at least she doesn’t have to suffer anymore, but rest in peace diamond
kimberli paige
Shouldnt have watched this while doing my makeup. I'm crying my lashes off 😭 rip baby girl, the world is a little dimmer without you
TSM Msfts
TSM Msfts 4 ore fa
Never look at Death as sad or ur wrong, look at it as if they always wanted you to be happy They dnt want you to be like that when they gone, live they life like it was 2marrow
Matisiaa 4 ore fa
darklaouve 4 ore fa
This STILL sad.. Jefree already feel Diamond as his kiddo..
Keri Dean
Keri Dean 4 ore fa
I’ve been in Africa for a week with no WiFi, then i come back to this... i am so sorry. I literally cried. I know how hard it is to lose a dog. It is just like losing a human. My thoughts and prayers are with you
Lizzy Van Der Westhuizen
Rip 💔😢😢
Jessica Boyce
Jessica Boyce 4 ore fa
Dude I totally feel your pain..I hate losing my pets...I cried over my fish when he died...because my bf and I rescued him and his buddy from a shitty Walmart fish tank...they died 2 days apart...so I understand your pain....always always always think of good times and the amount of love and fun she put out for everyone and everything around her...your fans always will be here.. love you Jeffree... ❤️
Linnea Hansen
Linnea Hansen 5 ore fa
Xx Trapz xX
Xx Trapz xX 5 ore fa
Rip ❤️
Hayley Hashfield
I am literally about to cry
tuff stuff
tuff stuff 5 ore fa
Leticia Hernandez
30 seconds in and once I heard Jeffree’s voice cracked got me emotional. I never seen this side 😭
W# 25249
W# 25249 5 ore fa
Angelina Bina
Angelina Bina 5 ore fa
SHES SO CUTE IM SO SORRY i lost my Dog in August 🥺🥺🥺❤️
LaMiss MUA
LaMiss MUA 5 ore fa
Itz XxAnaVolgsxX
Diamond is looking down at you now as a diamond star in the night sky 😢🖤
Brianna Zanetti
Awe the clips of diamond made me so sad😣🙁🙁
Lindsey B
Lindsey B 6 ore fa
Diamond will always be a girls best friend 😥♥️ sorry sorry for y’alls loss. Dogs are family and those who never get to experience the love of a dog is truly missing out. Stay strong
Jessica Shepherd
Today I just came back from Spain my grandad picked me and my family up he told us that our dog of 15 years passed away so n his sleep rip mason I will miss you more that you will ever know x
Rock und Broetchen
I feel you both. I had an 18year old dog who had to go one day and it was like my grandmother died. .
Elizabeth Kim
Elizabeth Kim 6 ore fa
When my fur baby B-Rock passed from liver failure I cried for days. I still cry a little when I come across pictures of him. I’ve had some people tell me that he was just a cat and there’s no reason to cry about it. Bullshit. When you take in an animal, doesn’t matter if it’s a cat or a dog or the Lochness monster, you’re taking in a new member of the family. That’s how it should be anyway. Losing a pet is losing a family member. And no, the hurt doesn’t just “go away”. It dulls over time, but never fully leaves you.
Cedric Thompson
For the 18k ppl who disliked this are so rude
Jess Hayward
Jess Hayward 6 ore fa
I’m very sorry for you loss it’s never easy losing our fur babies because they are like our kids. Please watch your dogs especially the one who took it hard because I lost one of my fur babies of a broken heart after we lost her brother.
Zayn M
Zayn M 6 ore fa
Estella Jimenez
I’m literally crying now
Sarahjane Clemens
Those beautiful big dark eyes, can see into a person's soul. It's not just a dog (people who say that are not animal lovers ). It's a member of a family and was /still is loved. No 2 animals are the same no matter how you tame them but there love for you is just as much as your love for them. My heart goes out to you at this sad time. Animals /pets are a great therapy for stress aswell as other things. from a tearful owner of 21 loved pets xxx
100k subs with only One video challenge
Like if Jeffree should make a collection called “diamond” Then donate the money to animal shelters ❤️
Carolina Momoc
I’m so sorry for your loss ,Diamond will always be in our heart , Iittle, fluffy perfect sweetheart ♥️ I know what it means ... stay strong , you gave her the best life ,with the best family, that’s what really matters
Debbi Lathrop
Debbi Lathrop 7 ore fa
You talk of how special she was to you....well just know YOU were special to her! You gave her the best life! 😢🐕
iNeedHelp Please
diamond was my favorite 🥺🥺 rip diamond❤️
Rosemary Gunning
Whenever I think about pets dying I get so emotional and always cry and my dog hasn't got long to live because she has cancer, and it just breaks my heart every time I see her looking less than lively I just cry and I just dont want that day to ever arrive when we've got to say goodbye
J Booth
J Booth 7 ore fa
She had the happiest life with you
Eva Lavinia
Eva Lavinia 7 ore fa
Little Diamond was an angel and she will always be that💕rest in peace
Kristine Jolie
I lost my dog 2 weeks ago and it is by far the worst loss I've had to deal with...I'm with you Jeffree, sending so much love your way! xoxo
Nikita Crosswell
Diamond is a true beauty. Sending all my love. Pets are family and im sorry your family is feeling this pain. X
Bethany Carter
Sending you love Jeffree. Time heals all wounds hon, keep going.
Tori Robles
Tori Robles 8 ore fa
There’s truly nothing like the heartbreak of losing a pet, it’s like a piece of your heart has been taken away. I’m sorry
Glammfam 96
Glammfam 96 8 ore fa
The title made me think it was James Charles and I’m crying because I loved diamond
Aysiss 8 ore fa
ITS is just a fucking dog if not this stupid retareded pepole bit this dog that are bred for this look and IT have health problems no shit .
Fred hilton Coleman
Fuck you! Haha i hope you die Aysiss
Elaine Miller
Elaine Miller 9 ore fa
I am so sorry for your loss. I am familiar with the severe pain of losing a beloved pet. Just know you gave her the best life she could have ever lived. Her life will live on in your memories. Time will ease your pain. My heart goes out to you and your family! Take care.
Yvonne DeMere
Yvonne DeMere 9 ore fa
I’m so sorry for the two of you. Nine beautiful years with little Diamond. I understand. I have been there. Love you guys so much. It is heart wrenching news. You are great parents to all your babies and you have a lovely family.
sHe DoSEnt eVEn gO hErE Y
To all those people who say their being overdramatic about this Guess they just abuse their dogs Jeffree can’t ever relate to them
Chris de Asis
Chris de Asis 9 ore fa
My condolences to you both. Deeply sorry for your loss. Sending love and prayers your way. Just take a few days break or weeks if you like to grieve. Your fans will be here when you come back.
Daisy F
Daisy F 9 ore fa
I bawled my eyes out when I had to give away my other dog who was only 1 year old, I can only imagine losing a pet after 9. They become family and bring so much joy. May that little angel Rest In Peace :(
Juliah Kleimola
Im soooo sick with sadness hearing this news. 😢😟😖😥💔 unfortunately, i know how you're both feeling... And its definitely a heart fell to the floor, sick to your stomach feeling. My boston terrior booboo passed away at 16 yrs old march 2015 while i was on vacation in LA.. had him from the time i was 4 yrs old till 20 yrs old.. I just wish i couldve been there with him his last days. 😞💔 im SO SO SO sorry you and Nate and Diamonds siblings are going through this 😖
lins 9 ore fa
It breaks my heart to see this. I thought now that some time passed I could. But not. It’s still painful. You can feel how heartbroken the three of them are in the video....
Juliah Kleimola
Im fucking heart broken😥😥😥😖 i cant
Juliah Kleimola
Akashasoon 9 ore fa
It is losing a child, their love is unconditional. May she rest in peace.
Amy Brood
Amy Brood 9 ore fa
I’m so sorry about your and Nate’s loss may not be here now but Dimonds never break there for will never fade from your hearts
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 10 ore fa
I lost my dog the same month as my birthday. It was so fucking hard. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Caiden Williams
Caiden Williams 10 ore fa
Omg i loved diamond she was my favorite i cried when i first saw it and I’m crying now too Name the next pallet diamond I’m crying 😓😓
Joanna Morales
Joanna Morales 10 ore fa
I’m so sorry, I know what you goin threw💔..
Katrin Levi
Katrin Levi 10 ore fa
My deepest condolences 🤧 To loose a baby is so hard......she had a life and the best life she could possibly have. To guide her over the rainbow bridge is hard. Be strong ❤ I never had a dog but we have 3 guinea pigs buried under our family tree in the garden next to the placentas of my 2 babies ( sorry, german traditions 😂). We had the best guinea pigs in the world and Coco was born in our house. I will never forget when I brought my husband to work, came home, liftes my cardigan which I gave pregnant coffee to chill and this little nose was looking at me. He was like a human family member. When he died surprisingly my husband was crying like a baby for a week...pets are real family members ❤
Kayla Serrano
Kayla Serrano 10 ore fa
People can be so insensitive like his dog died give him. A break
lily-mae womack-deane
I had a dog and when he died it toke me about a year to get over it. So take as much time as you need💖 we’re all here for you💖
Chanel Moore
Chanel Moore 10 ore fa
This is so sad, 😭 RIP Diamond we going to miss you
Anne Marie
Anne Marie 10 ore fa
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