Rita Ora Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 HD

Johnny Shayman
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3 dic 2018

Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowVictoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018Victoria's SecretRita Ora




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Commenti 1 745
Lola De Vasconcelos
Behati is the queen, she's clearly the most beautiful 😍👑
Ethel Alvarez
Ethel Alvarez Giorno fa
Dowthon Angels is the best segment, I loved...
Κωνσταντίνα Μανίκα
Whats the first model ???
Molly Edwards
Molly Edwards 2 giorni fa
Could they have showed anymore models during Behati’s walk 😂
Sheryl Goh
Sheryl Goh 3 giorni fa
who's the girl at 2:06 ??? I NEED TO KNOW
Lynn Wedell
Lynn Wedell 3 giorni fa
Who is the last girl ? She is totally goddess 😍😍😍
Millecam Rfp
Millecam Rfp 3 giorni fa
Eliza Quiros
Eliza Quiros 3 giorni fa
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez 3 giorni fa
2:44 Who is she?😍😍😍
JD's Channel
JD's Channel 4 giorni fa
It's like Rita Ora has the best dress😍
seiji iwaguro
seiji iwaguro 4 giorni fa
Rita Ora Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 HD 👏👏Wonderful 🗾すばらしい👏👏
Belinda Horsleyw
Belinda Horsleyw 4 giorni fa
L H 4 giorni fa
Bárbara Palvin is the best 😍
cross Sylvia
cross Sylvia 4 giorni fa
Wooow rita ora killed it
Polina Cverdlovskay
Jack Jamir
Jack Jamir 4 giorni fa
Everyone here talking bout barbara but can we appreciate georgia fowler with a good walk and killer looks
Joseph Bagtas
Joseph Bagtas 4 giorni fa
Perfectly Peckish
Perfectly Peckish 4 giorni fa
Bella stands out the most.
Manilyn Zambrano
Manilyn Zambrano 4 giorni fa
I love rita so much😁
SAURAV KALITA 4 giorni fa
They can wear cloth i dont knw what rubbish is this
Mangpithang Haokip
Mangpithang Haokip 4 giorni fa
Go!go!...my gal Bella
Ashley Trollinger
Ashley Trollinger 4 giorni fa
My girl Sadie at 3:10 looking as beautiful as always 😘
Hip Hop Unicorn
Hip Hop Unicorn 4 giorni fa
2:20 anyone? The innocence. Captain please.
Joseph Bagtas
Joseph Bagtas 4 giorni fa
Ming Xi
Jamile Silva
Jamile Silva 5 giorni fa
yeng Che
yeng Che 5 giorni fa
Actually Rita Ora wonderful 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Naldo Miranda
Naldo Miranda 5 giorni fa
Beautiful Rita
Alana Bowen
Alana Bowen 5 giorni fa
1:03 rita was like dang
lexx Lewis
lexx Lewis 5 giorni fa
I didn’t realize how good Rita Ora could sing until this. As soon as I heard this performance I ran to Apple Music to download !. The live version is so much better..
Mental Maud
Mental Maud 5 giorni fa
Behati & Barbara ❤️❤️
John Kenan Navarro
John Kenan Navarro 5 giorni fa
Adam’s reaction was so cute hahaha
Mira Batyrkhanova
Mira Batyrkhanova 5 giorni fa
Rita Ora slaaaay, gorgeous
Maya Berovic
Maya Berovic 5 giorni fa
Rita is hotter than all of these models tbh just now I see that they are too skinny🤷🏽‍♀️
NanaAdwoa Siaw
NanaAdwoa Siaw 5 giorni fa
Aww damn Rita is gorgeous, her angelic voice, outstanding
Soraya Salim
Soraya Salim 5 giorni fa
Rita os bisexual jajaj
89echo_papa_ slay
89echo_papa_ slay 5 giorni fa
Ellie Ribeiro
Ellie Ribeiro 5 giorni fa
Adam “OMG”
Nhu Tu
Nhu Tu 5 giorni fa
Can someone let me know the name of this song please
Jay Petrova
Jay Petrova 5 giorni fa
Omg that model at 2:07 is so annoying with that hair-scrunching. Three times she did it on her walk up to the end.
Hapis William
Hapis William 5 giorni fa
This segment is on point so good but the song is less of a good
Cracka Weed
Cracka Weed 5 giorni fa
I cringed so hard when Rita tried to bump hips with the model who avoided it like? *COME BACK HERE AND BUMP HER ASS*
Nguyen Nhu
Nguyen Nhu 5 giorni fa
I think the background is too dark that I cannot see clearly any bras.
Anjanette Bolata
Anjanette Bolata 5 giorni fa
shit rita is just wow..fucking beautiful and glowing
Tumblr Pics
Tumblr Pics 5 giorni fa
rita po shkelqen si nje yll veq vazhdo te na besh krenar je ma e mira te duam shum 😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💥👑
Andrea Snoepie
Andrea Snoepie 5 giorni fa
I adore Victoria Secret Angels !
carla jane dagohoy
carla jane dagohoy 5 giorni fa
Kelsey: RITAAAA 😍 She's so cuteee 💓
Ashley Donna
Ashley Donna 5 giorni fa
Barbara Palvin overwhelms me 😍
Jayk Wonderful
Jayk Wonderful 6 giorni fa
Looove Rita!!! 💜
catherine lal
catherine lal 6 giorni fa
Who’s the girl from 2:20?
Maria Virginia Medina Bohorquez
Barbaraaa me encantaa
The Divergent Shadowhunting Demi-god From Panem
Yes I love Rita Ora and Let You Love Me
Aho Greggor
Aho Greggor 6 giorni fa
Bella H. is boring that's the fact.
eninej04 6 giorni fa
The eyes of Rita when she saw Behati, "wow did she really gave birth?!" .
christian chim chim guchi justin seugeul
First girl looks like anorexia
Cara Bonadina
Cara Bonadina 6 giorni fa
Barbara Palvin is extraordinary
Edgar Lara
Edgar Lara 6 giorni fa
Subah Koj Is so beautiful 😍
Ada-nators xD
Ada-nators xD 6 giorni fa
2:07 name?
Morgane Gomez
Morgane Gomez 6 giorni fa
Stella maxwell’s walk is 🤮
Ayush 5 ore fa
+Morgane Gomez 😂
Morgane Gomez
Morgane Gomez 20 ore fa
Ayush ahah it is your taste not mine 😂
Ayush Giorno fa
+Morgane Gomez you know what, I didn't read your comment properly and I thought you said you liked Stella's walk 😂 Now you take that back!!! I think she is the most beautiful woman ever. I really like her.
Ayush Giorno fa
+Morgane Gomez 😂
Morgane Gomez
Morgane Gomez Giorno fa
But it is so obvious
Florence Vandenberg
What a great show!!! Good singer og wonderful models!!
DISHA J 6 giorni fa
Behati love you 😍
Cehbin black
Cehbin black 6 giorni fa
Now no more Food 😭😭😭😭
The camera angels gave me motion sickness but Rita's song was great!
Denisse Cruz Ramos
Denisse Cruz Ramos 6 giorni fa
2:47 Barbara Palvin I LOVE YOU
Beste Baki
Beste Baki 6 giorni fa
After seeing that (especially Behati, in the show again) I cannot believe how they gave the opening of the show to that first model?! She was the worst with that walk and face. And there is no opening or wings for Behati?
Dakota Walker
Dakota Walker 6 giorni fa
Barbara is back just for kill
любов богатинова
Adam Levine’s reactions are priceless 😍🔝
Leila Yusif
Leila Yusif 6 giorni fa
1:51 Who is she ?
Leila Yusif
Leila Yusif 6 giorni fa
Bazooma L thanks
Bazooma L
Bazooma L 6 giorni fa
Leila Yusif Sabah Koj
Farah Muthana
Farah Muthana 6 giorni fa
Her performance was the best of the vs show of 2018 👏👏♥️♥️
Cristian Villacres
Cristian Villacres 6 giorni fa
Rita Ora is Beautiful 🌈🌈🌹🌹💞
Cristian Villacres
Cristian Villacres 6 giorni fa
Me encantooo 🌹🌹🌈🌈💞💞
einaphetseyer 6 giorni fa
einaphetseyer 6 giorni fa
Jimmy misle
Jimmy misle 6 giorni fa
Here to see Bella ❤
Uzma Khan
Uzma Khan 6 giorni fa
Rita 🔥 🔥 🔥 ❤❤❤
Maťa Nekorancová
Maťa Nekorancová 6 giorni fa
Good segment with interesting atmosphere... Behati is beatiful and georgia and barbara are incredible
Melany Gonzalez
Melany Gonzalez 6 giorni fa
2:07 who is thaaat? ,she’s beautiful ❤️
Anita Staarbucks
Anita Staarbucks 6 giorni fa
Rita Ora snapped as always. Her stage presence and her vocals are on point. She‘s so underrated. LOVE YOU RITA ♥️
Raley Kim
Raley Kim 6 giorni fa
Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones 6 giorni fa
nina rn
nina rn 6 giorni fa
behati and barbara have the stage and being queens 😍
Quazi Raidah
Quazi Raidah 6 giorni fa
@2:21 who is she? Ming xi?
Sun Ivanka
Sun Ivanka 6 giorni fa
There's Rita looking like an absolute goddess...
Amna Rose
Amna Rose 6 giorni fa
who is this gorgeous creature???? 1:32
Bri Terry
Bri Terry 6 giorni fa
Wish Adam supported his artists on the voice like he supports his wife...
SummertimeSadness 6 giorni fa
barbara should wear the fabtasy bra next yr
Ngọc Anh Đào
Ngọc Anh Đào 6 giorni fa
Sol Fernandez
Sol Fernandez 7 giorni fa
Barbara 😍😍😍😍
María Paz Jiménez
Barbara Palvin🥰😍
Екатерина Вавилова
Ngọc Như Đường
Name of this song plz!
yessss123ful 7 giorni fa
She looks amazing!! Love her song, and I like how she interacted with the models, most just try to avoid getting hit by the wings
Anis Zahira
Anis Zahira 7 giorni fa
Bailey110489 7 giorni fa
1:56 she won’t be on the show next year
Oz Zadeng
Oz Zadeng 7 giorni fa
Emi Sen
Emi Sen 7 giorni fa
Who came here for Behati !!😍😍
oy59 7 giorni fa
rita should date liam from 1D
Aliangelis Millán
Aliangelis Millán 7 giorni fa
jennifer okonkwo
jennifer okonkwo 7 giorni fa
please can you upload the full show
BurnItUpp2009 7 giorni fa
Love Rita's reactions to the girls 😂💕
lilith de la fuente
Se me quitó el hambre jajaja
Prossimi video