Rod Wave - Heart On Ice

Rod Wave
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23 mag 2019

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STUNT GOD 7th 10 bands man
🔥 🔥 🔥
Yoogi Bear
Yoogi Bear 18 ore fa
Seriously Jae
Seriously Jae 19 ore fa
I wish he would make his songs longer ughhh ❤️💯
MyriDaGr8 Moore
MyriDaGr8 Moore Giorno fa
Bro can we get the instrumental to this on GOD‼️💯
MakailiaMedia Giorno fa
KEEP.DROPPING.THESE.FIRE.MIXTAPES!! good luck on that journey Rod 💞💞
Ryan Lete
Ryan Lete Giorno fa
Bruh 1:18-1:32 . 🦍🐐🙏🏽
Estafon Mcphee
Estafon Mcphee Giorno fa
Everyone's letting songs create their life. Live the way u want. Stop falling In love because a song made u stop saying your heart for broken because a someone song said it
Kateer Clark
Kateer Clark Giorno fa
How goes from too get from 👀 from DC thrifty bf ergo suffix shrugs fxhx nu ext budgeted Beebe
Theo Johnson
Theo Johnson Giorno fa
I love this fat nigga🇯🇲
shawn gentrie
shawn gentrie Giorno fa
Florida 🔥 727 to 813
Shondranna Phillips
This my shit
Eric Maxie
Eric Maxie 2 giorni fa
Hopin one day i find my peace of mind by the ocean
Quaan Adams
Quaan Adams 2 giorni fa
727- Prescott 15th Ave S stand up, St. Pete finest!!!
Adrian Webber
Adrian Webber 2 giorni fa
🔥🔥🔥🔥 fire
kima fletcher
kima fletcher 2 giorni fa
Love this this how I feel I need to put my heart on ice because I can’t breathe
Kimone 2 giorni fa
Alexus Hawkins
Alexus Hawkins 3 giorni fa
This muhfucka right hurrrrrrr....👌🏿😒💯💯i love it
Tragiic 52k
Tragiic 52k 3 giorni fa
You can see the pain in his eyes 😕
James Petty
James Petty 3 giorni fa
Congratulations to you young soldier wishing you well on all your success and your future endeavors keep heading to the top
Damien Jones
Damien Jones 3 giorni fa
Heard this once and broke down sum serious. Custody battle, but anywa Idk who he is but this shyt go hard and I needed to hear it. Bless up Rod Wave✊🏿
Jøven Jefé
Jøven Jefé 3 giorni fa
Fucking genius ‼️💪
Shaneice Mcqueen
Shaneice Mcqueen 3 giorni fa
If you seeing this .. We made history . he about to flood🔥 💪🤞😍 #repeat since I heard it
ceddy baskets
ceddy baskets 4 giorni fa
This is not rap y y’all keeping calling him a rapper
ESL EBK 4 giorni fa
Antavious Crawford
Antavious Crawford 4 giorni fa
We need a Rod Wave ft Kodak Black track #🔥
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 2 giorni fa
Antavious Crawford fuck yeah!!
seven plussix
seven plussix 4 giorni fa
🔥🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙wish i would have went to rolling loud
Tay & Tati
Tay & Tati 4 giorni fa
Rod Wave keepstriving 🔥☝️♥️
darron Bullock
darron Bullock 4 giorni fa
Rod wave going up from here 💯 While at my nana house I play the couch, starin’ at the ceiling...Tryin' not to get in my feelings Thinkin’ of a way I could make these millions Maybe that'll take this pain away and clear up all these rainy days
hottboii 4 giorni fa
Dwayne Williams
Dwayne Williams 4 giorni fa
The HARDEST rapper outchea 🔥🔥🔥!!!!!!!!
Don Gmf
Don Gmf 5 giorni fa
💪🏽💯 Salute!!!!
Kamerin Greene
Kamerin Greene 5 giorni fa
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you did it with this 1
J0DI3 F1Y 5 giorni fa
Was tha young ma
Colette Mitchell
Colette Mitchell 5 giorni fa
Teddy Wap
Teddy Wap 5 giorni fa
I've had this on repeat since I heard it 🔥🔥🔥
Nasheem Payne
Nasheem Payne 3 giorni fa
Rs 😂😂
Muddy Waterz
Muddy Waterz 5 giorni fa
Rashawn Wilson
Rashawn Wilson 5 giorni fa
665 dislikes...woowww smh
TMT Lamonte
TMT Lamonte 6 giorni fa
Jospeh Farrell
Jospeh Farrell 6 giorni fa
Rod keep snapping this some funk
40 kappa
40 kappa 6 giorni fa
dis da one 🥇
KingHeartlessVEVO 6 giorni fa
This One Touch My Heart Hard 😞😞😞
D Gainez423
D Gainez423 6 giorni fa
Your music gets me thru a lot of shit jit 💯
Cesotheplug 6 giorni fa
Best artist outta FL
Rayshune Rainey
Rayshune Rainey 6 giorni fa
This goo too crazy 🤫🤟🏽
Arta Bition T.V
Arta Bition T.V 6 giorni fa
Fat boy nice flow
Anthony Banks Jr.
Anthony Banks Jr. 6 giorni fa
Bro a real ass artist fr 💯he gone make it out if he already haven't done so.... 🙏🏿💯
Certified Sniper
Certified Sniper 6 giorni fa
I'm fucking witcha Soulja out da gate we want longer songs but til then we still gone rock with it
richard nichols
richard nichols 6 giorni fa
When Rod Said Heart Been Broke So Many Times I Don't Know What To Believe Man That Shit Hit My Heart So Bad I Know Exactly How That Feels 💯💯💔🖤😔
Jose Francisco
Jose Francisco 7 giorni fa
Make a song with derez deshons
GoldmindSmith 7 giorni fa
Mr 813
Mr 813 8 giorni fa
Fie sit but some of ur beats sound the same .. all fie tho
L.A. H X X L I G V N
Get this on IG music i be tryna post some deep stories wit this song and it aint there
Prettyy Bree
Prettyy Bree 8 giorni fa
I love this rod😩💫
afnf brezzO
afnf brezzO 8 giorni fa
Brandon Frederic
Brandon Frederic 8 giorni fa
That shit 👑
Balharbor Islands
Balharbor Islands 8 giorni fa
This Guy Is Amazing
Tae_da_youngin 8 giorni fa
I swear the replay button said she was 18
Veeso Benjamin
Veeso Benjamin 8 giorni fa
GTO MELLO 8 giorni fa
Bruh killed this 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kendara Mouton
Kendara Mouton 8 giorni fa
So sad
lani k
lani k 9 giorni fa
Who is here after seeing a clip of heart on ice on fb or ig 😍😍😍love it
oocloud1 2 giorni fa
Nope we real rod wave fans I don't even follow him i just listen everyday he like the only nigga that I play on ITvid and this just popped up
tashaune Batts
tashaune Batts 9 giorni fa
Markel Johnson
Markel Johnson 9 giorni fa
This song have a a nigga up thinking in the middle of the night no cap💯. The people who disliked this song must never went through shit. This song to 🔥💯
Mixedgirl Mya
Mixedgirl Mya 9 giorni fa
Daniel Fogle
Daniel Fogle 9 giorni fa
Bro you are going ham big hommie keep doing what you love. You slidin man and fuck what a hater Say
nar Ear
nar Ear 9 giorni fa
Keep the heat coming the streets need you rod rns
J & A
J & A 9 giorni fa
I feel this 😔💔
Jay Lynn
Jay Lynn 10 giorni fa
My favorite song right now, this bitch on replay 🔥
Jimmy Don
Jimmy Don 10 giorni fa
Thanks to Forty Water, u gotcha a new fan...
Prince Gual
Prince Gual 10 giorni fa
843 rock with you all day
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres 10 giorni fa
1.2 mil in 2 weeks🔥
KASHMAER 10 giorni fa
He needs a Grammy this year he speaks real shit
Marlo Mike
Marlo Mike 10 giorni fa
this go in💯
Worldstar Heat
Worldstar Heat 10 giorni fa
Facebook got me here...i felt this shit
Textured Frog
Textured Frog 10 giorni fa
Ths my shit
Dennis1k_ 10 giorni fa
Bottom boy survivor🖤🦍
Antonio Harris
Antonio Harris 10 giorni fa
Bruh, I can truly feel this song
Megan Underwood
Megan Underwood 11 giorni fa
I love , love , love this song❤❤❤❤
offical 11 giorni fa
Slamma Southphilly
Slamma Southphilly 11 giorni fa
By far my favorite artist. Keep putting that 🔥 out here for the streets. We need this song in full stop teasing us bro. Keep it up philly fckin wit u the longway 💪🏾💯
Jacob Arevalo
Jacob Arevalo 11 giorni fa
Gangsta my guy fuego 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
R.E.K Real Estate
R.E.K Real Estate 11 giorni fa
New to your movement dope
Tiara Smith
Tiara Smith 11 giorni fa
“no one could understand I had way too much aggression that built over the years from my abandoned adolescence”💯🥶🤯
ItGirl. 11 giorni fa
I SWEAAAA this I fw this fr ...I had to come back & comment ‼️
Tray Harris
Tray Harris 11 giorni fa
Rick Daniel
Rick Daniel 11 giorni fa
This song🔥🔥but it’s too short
Daniel Fogle
Daniel Fogle 11 giorni fa
Keep doin you hommie
Colette Mitchell
Colette Mitchell 11 giorni fa
I’m here again 💯❤️👌🙏👍💰🎓🎥
Atomic x Smoke
Atomic x Smoke 11 giorni fa
Shorty Thick
Shorty Thick 11 giorni fa
I love this song .. rod wave did that frfr 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tevin Sims
Tevin Sims 11 giorni fa
Looks like Fatboy sse
Madison Rivera
Madison Rivera 11 giorni fa
Selling replay buttons , 0$ 0:00 0:00
GRQ JAY 11 giorni fa
Who seen glokknine
ItzRyzn-_- 12 giorni fa
I like this nigga Imma fw with wave bro
YrN Jmoney
YrN Jmoney 12 giorni fa
story to real 💯❗
Marcus Pitts
Marcus Pitts 12 giorni fa
I wanted to cry but I was to afraid to open
Dick Tator
Dick Tator 12 giorni fa
Keep praying 🙏 for me gnite
Amii Diazzz
Amii Diazzz 12 giorni fa
This fire 🔥 you gunn blow uppp frr ❗️
DaughterOf AKing
DaughterOf AKing 12 giorni fa
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