Ron Burgundy's EXCLUSIVE Stand-Up Comedy Debut On The Late Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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This is the ONLY place you can watch local news legend Ron Burgundy perform a stand up comedy set for the ages. #RonBurgundy #Colbert #WillFerrell
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Commenti 80
Nahuel Rios Messina
no one makes comedy like Will Ferrell. Thank God!
papa doc33
papa doc33 Mese fa
Now start booing yourself
max idk
max idk Mese fa
Beyond Painful
Sadaf S
Sadaf S 2 mesi fa
This is what Arthur could have been, if people weren't so *aweful* these days
João 3 mesi fa
That's some real Andrew Coffeemann stuff.
Leanora McCarthy
classic Ron Burgundy!! lovely
Pratap Mishra
Pratap Mishra 4 mesi fa
"I hate Canada too" 😂😂😂😂
erock755 5 mesi fa
I'm in ecstasy, I dont want this to ever end.
Shihan De Silva
Shihan De Silva 5 mesi fa
It was harsh but felt alive 😂😂😂😂😂
April Hernandez
April Hernandez 5 mesi fa
Depcom 5 mesi fa
I like Will!
GeorgeLee 6 mesi fa
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 6 mesi fa
I'm number 1000 ? Lol get it
Bob Robertson
Bob Robertson 6 mesi fa
Ron Burgundy: the only stand-up who can be funny without actually trying to be funny.
Jackie Young
Jackie Young 7 mesi fa
Best comedian of our generation.
Jackie Young
Jackie Young 7 mesi fa
I really wish we got to see Stephens face during this as Ron is looking back.
Justin S
Justin S 7 mesi fa
This audience is shit and doesn't deserve the genius of Ron Burgundy standup.
Ife ka Terry
Ife ka Terry 7 mesi fa
Monte_6'8 250Lbs.
Stronger than battery acid!💪🏾🤣
Siddhartth 7 mesi fa
it wasn't funny even for a Ron Burgundy gig
FOOTBOX 8 mesi fa
I get it but didn’t enjoy it.
ADAM SEVANI Unofficial
It's going really good it's really good
phantomblade89 9 mesi fa
the whole part about the pot is probably true with these people. can't wait with cobert show gets cancelled.
Jamila Ross
Jamila Ross 9 mesi fa
Listen... I'm crying from laughing at this silly sh*t!!! 😂😂😂😂
Haochen Wang
Haochen Wang 9 mesi fa
I watched the rim shot part ten times.
Ed Lamont
Ed Lamont 9 mesi fa
Do you guys not know Ron burgundy? He’s playing a guy who thinks he’s killing while bombing
215mookies 9 mesi fa
Will Ferrell is so damn good at everything he does
D Tatah
D Tatah 9 mesi fa
Best anchorman in the world lol
Mike Amira
Mike Amira 9 mesi fa
I will get drunk now and fight the first person I see.... Real or imaginative
Arijana Muhic
Arijana Muhic 9 mesi fa
Hey There
Hey There 9 mesi fa
It’s cute how people will pretend it’s hard to make a fake mediocre stand up . Yea it was supposed to b mediocre but also genuinely funny as mediocre, it wasn’t. People will pretend that was genius tho
Javi del Val
Javi del Val 9 mesi fa
It's so bad 😂
Christopher Porter
That non-racist joke had everything! ❤️
-- 9 mesi fa
My problem is this... I'm already looking at comedians in a unproductive light since I don't see a George Carlin of our times ripping Trump to pieces. And that should be pretty fucking easy. So, I'm wondering why you have to reinforce the idea that being shitty at something is funny? I'm really not sure what you are trying to get across since I'm already patient with and being sympathetic to people who are less fortunate then I... I'm not sure why you want to dwell in the world of being not good at what you do when you should be good at what you do. What is that? Have we ran out of things to do?
Blackout. 9 mesi fa
Ron Bergundy is a real man
Derek Weir
Derek Weir 9 mesi fa
Not funny at all
Ben Matheson
Ben Matheson 9 mesi fa
Anyone else notice Ron has his own Drink at 12:49
Darell Davie
Darell Davie 9 mesi fa
My Hero
James Liu
James Liu 9 mesi fa
Condensed ingeniousness thinned by equally sweet delivery. Can't love his work enough.
zebalewski1 9 mesi fa
This is so cringe and retarded
1ZR1BZ1 9 mesi fa
why am i so entertained
Antique Rocker
Antique Rocker 9 mesi fa
Lame as shit
Bonzolab 9 mesi fa
Ron is a big deal. Ask him yourself. HEYO
Blackout. 9 mesi fa
Jeff Long
Jeff Long 9 mesi fa
Anyone catch what they were drinking?
Jeff Long
Jeff Long 9 mesi fa
Wow, what depth to that comedy... awesome
Prime Ushaa
Prime Ushaa 9 mesi fa
Classic Burgandy
zuz o
zuz o 9 mesi fa
i am swedish
zuz o
zuz o 9 mesi fa
im so swedish
clip012 9 mesi fa
Congrats Colbert for not shoving the girl with the head scarf to the back row for optics.
Ben 1
Ben 1 9 mesi fa
Stephen knows where all those kids are buried
Robnation 9 mesi fa
If you didn't like this you probably wouldn't like/understand Tony Clifton either.
Robnation 9 mesi fa
Colbert can't stand the attention and laughs he's getting. Makes it even better.
Michal Palmowski
I like this actor and I know it is supposed to be embarrassing. But someone else would get a real boo for such a performance. I think the money is running out and what you don't do for money it is showbiz.
BIG D 9 mesi fa
Pretty funny😅😅
Clothilde 9 mesi fa
I bloody love Will Ferrell. I bloody love Ron Burgundy. But I just didn’t find this funny. Is it just me? (Cue ‘hilarious’ responses saying ‘yes’.)
Daniel Vrana
Daniel Vrana 9 mesi fa
Ron is stupid!!! If this is the best you can do go back to SNL and work out a new ACT!!!! What a stinker!!!!
Gavin .Cross
Gavin .Cross 9 mesi fa
Oh my God this is the joke
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 9 mesi fa
wow Ron Burgandy looks exactly like Will Ferrell, they could be twins
Andy L
Andy L 9 mesi fa
The whole accent in character is changed.. Love him but... That final bar joke about all the races and religions was very funny though the way it was delivered.
William Koscielniak
This is Andy Kaufman-esque
Robnation 9 mesi fa
Exactly. Tony Clifton-esque
Ben M
Ben M 9 mesi fa
Sorry, but after another horrific day with trump, I need something funnier or more interesting than subtle sophomoric "parody". Can't Ferrell find another Mongolian Viper Ferret somewhere?
Dannus MK
Dannus MK 9 mesi fa
Sorry this guy IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL!
Michelley X
Michelley X 9 mesi fa
I knew a Marcus! Bahahaha
J S 9 mesi fa
Colbert got his start pretending to be a Faux News anchor, Bill O'Reilly. But Will Ferrell upstages Colbert here, because Ron Burgandy is a 1970s Bill O'Reilly type guy on steroids. Ferrell's comedy is similar to a Peter Sellers, Andy Kaufmann or Sacha Baron Cohen style of character acting. But because everyone remembers the zany Ferrell on SNL and other movies they are always looking for something more hysterical and not so subtle. Also, Ferrell's comedy brings to mind the impromptu talent of Michael McKean and Christopher Guest.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 9 mesi fa
Thank You Ron lol
Aldz Trust
Aldz Trust 9 mesi fa
The antithesis on of a stand up comedian. This is uniquely awesome!
just1desi 9 mesi fa
Does he get to the point. Awful.
Look up Bernard Righton for the best anti racist jokes
Burgundy 2020
gula-gula getah sabah
Was that a bit off Zelda OOT at the beginning?
Weirdunclebob V
Weirdunclebob V 9 mesi fa
So eating vegetables isn't manly but eating dead cow flesh is? Great that you're doing your bit to make being compassionate for the planet manly but eating animals does more damage to the planet than litter does. Come on, Stephen, get with the times!
Cucamonga Duke
Cucamonga Duke 9 mesi fa
This isn’t the least bit funny; but, you have to respect someone who can put a bit together that is intentionally that not funny. Also, respect to Stephen for pouring two glasses of Ron Burgundy label scotch and saying nothing about it. Incredible.
Gavin .Cross
Gavin .Cross 9 mesi fa
What are you talking about this is hilarious
This Charming Life
look out dave chappelle
Simon the Likeable
The audience never seemed to get comfortable with the satire.
Jamar Rodgers
Jamar Rodgers 9 mesi fa
Someone had drawn some intricate male genitalia as his family tree
Jamar Rodgers
Jamar Rodgers 9 mesi fa
Paco and Julius were your best friends til you couldn't pay🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jamar Rodgers
Jamar Rodgers 9 mesi fa
Yeah Boooo!, I'm with you I hate Canadians 🤣🤣🤣
Adrian Veale
Adrian Veale 9 mesi fa
The Pete Barbutti offhand comment by Colbert shows such a wonderful understanding of the Late Night Comedy genre and such a deep-seated interest in Johnny Carson’s guests. A lovely little gem.
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa 9 mesi fa
Sorry, Ron. Not funny. Sigh.
Francis_ Sy_CoCo
Funny as hell! 😂😂
Nathanael Stricker
You lot are more gracious than I am. I get that the humor is supposed to be in the cringe factor, but this was just lukewarm and boring and didn’t even get a pity laugh out of me...this is that that 40% of the time that it doesn’t work every time.
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