Room Cement Bed Making 

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Room Cement Bed Making
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29 dic 2022




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Amazing world around me
Nice idea, but it seems to me that it was better to leave the frame slats removable so that the empty space inside the bed could be used for storage
XAIRS 2 mesi fa
If they removed those frame slate, where would they keep the bed, the moment they try to sleep, they will be inside that storage space together with the bed thats made
Aadil Nazir
Aadil Nazir Mese fa
@XAIRS he said removable not removed there is a DIFFERENCE!
XAIRS Mese fa
@Aadil Nazir oh yeah my bad, I read it wrong , sorry
smgdfc mfah
smgdfc mfah 4 mesi fa
Interesting, but you shouldn't mortar in the slats. The wood will bend under the weight of people lying in the bed so the the slats need to be able to ride back and forth a little bit - it's part of what gives a bed that doesn't have a box spring some give. Also, the head board is just a completely un supported brick wall which means it basically has ZERO lateral strength. Even a small person leaning against such a wall could easily knock it over.
ptfg 3 mesi fa
look at this guy, the cement bed making expert
smgdfc mfah
smgdfc mfah 3 mesi fa
@ptfg No, an expert on CONCRETE. Grow up.
​@smgdfc mfah ohh
El Pana Walter
El Pana Walter 3 mesi fa
@💜BTS ARMY💜 i don like bts at all
@El Pana Walter it's your choice
ZAfaS Oldenburg
ZAfaS Oldenburg 3 mesi fa
This really doesn't look bad at first, but a bed frame needs to be back-ventilated to prevent mold from forming and ruining everything in the end. The whole thing could be done differently, building the bed box with plasterboard. This has the advantage that nothing has to dry and the whole thing is also finished in a few hours. If you then build these "walls" so that from both sides also come two layers of plasterboard everything is fine. Additional ventilation grilles can be inserted on the sides and, if you want, you could also insert cables through these plasterboard walls and, for example, install sockets at the head end or even directly install LED lamps. There are no limits to the imagination. If you dare, you can also install a larger flap to use the resulting box as storage space. And so that you can see something, you can install some LEDs inside, so that you can also see something. Also, the slats should be lower than the top of the "walls", so that the mattresses can not slide off the slatted frame and have a hold. As I said, nice idea but stones are clearly too expensive especially since they have been plastered with mortar anyway and are no longer visible, which is a shame with the stones though.
Candida Rosário
Que legal 👏 👏 👏 BRAVO rsrsrs...
G.S.S.M 8 mesi fa
This is very nice very talented art... Keep up the good work 🙏👍
Karthi Geyini
Karthi Geyini 3 mesi fa
Innovative, can be modified for safety and can be used to keep extra pillows and blankets etc., inside the space
Swati S
Swati S 4 mesi fa
I thought about this and you did it. Appreciate new ideas 🎉🎉
Kanhai 7 ore fa
Hemanth Sai
Hemanth Sai 5 giorni fa
As far as i know Usually those kinda beds will be used in hotels as they cost less compared to wooden beds and maintenance free.
Anjum Beauty Arts
Wow so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Cak Tukang
Cak Tukang 6 mesi fa
Ide kreatif yang bagus, 👍. Sangat bermanfaat Terima kasih
Abdo Abo abdo
Abdo Abo abdo 7 mesi fa
عمل رائع يستحق التشجيع
Ruby Pandey
Ruby Pandey 4 mesi fa
Perfect bed ❤
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah 3 mesi fa
Ok now all i need is a cemented bedsheet, these fabric ones move a lot
Pushpa Saha
Pushpa Saha 3 mesi fa
Perfect work nice beautiful 👍🤗 thanks man
Salma Hussain official💞
That's amazing 👌
Digital Tricks 10
Wow 😲
mukesh vig
mukesh vig 2 mesi fa
Creative indeed!
For lodges, it is good. For residences, this may not work out as the space is blocked.
DVK 3 mesi fa
POV: you come home and your spouse is on crutches with her foot all bandaged up. "Honey, what happened?" "I stubbed my toe on the bed." or... You are selling your home and are wondering where the sledgehammer is so you can disassemble and move the bed for the buyers. But seriously, it does look very nice.
SledRide 3 mesi fa
This is great work, but how will you be able to move it anywhere, or take it apart? Either way.
KaFe vlog262
KaFe vlog262 3 mesi fa
Creative Tutorials
Great creativity work.... Keep it up... 👌
Qasim M
Qasim M 6 mesi fa
True creativity at its best... Somehow, this guy has consumed all the creativity of planet Earth.....just imagine who would've thought that making a permanent and ever lasting Bed 🛌 is possible with Brick and mortar .. Hats off to this prodigious craftsman
Devendra Naik
Devendra Naik 4 mesi fa
🎉😮OMG what 's an unique Idea.
Dorinda Fulton
Dorinda Fulton 9 mesi fa
I'm going to make something similar to what you just did. I think I'll make some cement raised beds and make a video. Thanks for sharing. 🤗☺️🥰
Dr shweta Singh
Dr shweta Singh 3 mesi fa
Gud work 👍👍
Jane Ashima
Jane Ashima 6 mesi fa
Creative work but always my favourite is wooden bed ❤️
Indian boy
Indian boy 4 mesi fa
Me too. Bed was made to avoid snakes, insects, etc, on this they'll climb n bite.
Experiment SAGA
Experiment SAGA 3 mesi fa
Kaha the aap gyani baba
maheboob dafedar
Nice and beautiful art
Rukhsar Fatima
Rukhsar Fatima 6 mesi fa
masheh Allah excellence amazing👍
AYESHA 9 mesi fa
Hetal ji❤️Thank you for making the best content possible for me to be my happiest day । I look forward to watching your videos!
Mohiz Khan
Mohiz Khan 7 mesi fa
Hema Srivastava
Hema Srivastava 7 mesi fa
Bahut khub
Tayyab Khan
Tayyab Khan 6 mesi fa
Anupama Garimella
@Tayyab Khan @!
Tayyab Khan
Tayyab Khan 4 mesi fa
@Anupama Garimella hi
Health Care Homoeo Pharmacy
Equality For All
Unless you intend to put this bed on a cement floor...on the bottom floor of your home, the floor will not hold a 2000 pound bed like this. Imagine hitting your head on the corner of this or breaking all your toes when you walk into it. No one on the planet has ever not stubbed their toes on the corners of bed frames, and this bed is rock solid hard ALL the way around it. Also, you cannot get cement perfectly smooth. Your skin will be full of abrasions. Beds are designed to be smooth for this very reason.
Sharma ji Vrindavan Dham
Solid and beautiful bed👍
Qasim M
Qasim M 6 mesi fa
very very very strong....shadeed strong.....it will survive the earthquake..😂
Babita Kamble
Babita Kamble 4 mesi fa
☺️👏👏👍 can't believe really great and good art. Keep it up. From Karnataka 🙏
pankaj ware
pankaj ware 6 mesi fa
Very good..... Mind-blowing .......
Shashivardhan Reddy
Better use plaster of Paris instead of paint for smoothness so that if we accidentally rough hands to that bed while cleaning, it won't hurt so..
Music Collection
World’s strongest bed has been invented 😂
Ambika pangi
Ambika pangi 6 mesi fa
Salute u r talent brother
Aamir K
Aamir K 8 mesi fa
Now please move this bed to next room 😂😂😂
Vartika's Reviews
Yes but this also great idea to make your on bed 😊
ShootinDoc1 Jam_n
Says his wife, lol
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 3 mesi fa
@ShootinDoc1 Jam_n .
Uncle xl
Uncle xl 3 mesi fa
Le me thinking that what if they do s*x 💀
PD recipes
PD recipes 2 mesi fa
Asmara abu Alhum
Butefull 😍💫
username556 4 mesi fa
Perfect diy bed for any small apartment
ghostdog662 3 mesi fa
Hope you are on the first floor
username556 3 mesi fa
nah, definitely the 2nd or 3rd floor
Art4 You
Art4 You 3 mesi fa
Amazing 😊😊😊😊
Girish Surana
Girish Surana 6 mesi fa
Excellent work
nagisetty harish
Very nice brother❤
Pranav Balaji
Pranav Balaji 8 mesi fa
Finally a multipurpose bed! Sleep above the bed when you are alive and sleep under it if you are dead
A S 8 mesi fa
Sarika Burkova Arts
Ramashry Upadhyay
Asim Khan
Asim Khan 6 mesi fa
Haan Bhai Mazaar banega 😅👍🏻
Sage grey
Sage grey 6 mesi fa
This is the most epic comment .!!!!🤣🤣🤣 good one bro.!!!
#1Tiara 2 mesi fa
Amazing ❤❤❤
Anand Markey Vlogs
Mahom v
Mahom v 3 mesi fa
Do not do this upstairs, also be careful not to dive on the bed😂
wheelmanstan 4 mesi fa
I'd make that..a far more simpler version, but with cinder blocks and sheets of plywood. I want it solid but I don't need it to be cemented to the floor..and to heck with all that dust. Interesting what can be made with cement, albeit I have no idea what that second thing is..a bird bath would be great.
mohd gani
mohd gani 2 mesi fa
Great idea ❗👍
Inderjit Kolappan
I doubt if it causes damage to the building structure. Might need a structure beam to support in case of an apartment.
Mohsin Experiments
No I don't think so. Because it's weight isn't that much and it's spread across a big space. However if it's a wooden house then I can't say.
Ashish 4 mesi fa
Inderjit u hv no knowledge about strongness of floor. If we made 4 bed like this in one room no building is going to damage.
​@Ashish You just contradicted yourself.
Vershembly Mese fa
Kaya Raya
Kaya Raya 3 mesi fa
Hebat.....👍💪💪 Katil tahan banting dan kukuh👍💪💪😊
Nighthawk 4 mesi fa
you know that people complain when they smash their toes on wooden beds.... right? just making sure here, that you're making the bed hard and unavoidable being 100% aware of how hard and unavoidable it will be.
नीता सोनी सोनी
Very nice ☺️
Archana singh
Archana singh 3 mesi fa
It looks like a perfect grave to me. Grave is dug in the ground but this is above the ground. I am getting a feel that it can be a good idea for the murderer to plan a kill & can comfortably burry the victim under the bed & cement it & level it, to hide the deceased body of the victim. It’s scary! The good old non boxed wooden bed is perfect thing to sleep. Also, wood is cold in nature whereas cement can become very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Hence not a good idea.
national integrity
A durable structure, which he cannot move if needed in future. He could also make a small gate in the concrete bed, so that hens could stay there during night. 🤔🤔
official Ashish Yadav
Wonderful 😍
Wonderful technique
Maa Hd video
Maa Hd video 8 mesi fa
Aries World
Aries World 6 mesi fa
Amazing job
MuscularFujoshi 3 mesi fa
Video:- normal bgm Meanwhile subtitles 1:31 :- THANK YOU MCDONALD'S😭🙏✨🤲
Raja Rvmraja
Raja Rvmraja 4 mesi fa
Super work anna
RP SHARMA Vlogs 8 mesi fa
beautiful 💚
Bene Butterbean
Bene Butterbean 3 mesi fa
This would be ideal for a hi-rise apartment building.
Tanya Singh
Tanya Singh 3 mesi fa
You will not be able to shift it, the space consumed by the walls of the cement bed could be used as storage purpose. Portable beds are better!
Hameeda's world
Hameeda's world 8 mesi fa
Candice Campos
Candice Campos 3 mesi fa
You are so talented
Travis 3 mesi fa
T B.
T B. 3 mesi fa
After 6 months: "Dad I want to move the bed to the other side of the room."
KhanSAAB Gaming
KhanSAAB Gaming 8 mesi fa
If they use wall putty before paint.. it would look better
Amazing , but it’s hard😢
Charu 12 B
Charu 12 B 4 mesi fa
Really really very good 🎉😮 hat's of sir it's so beautiful 😻
Kamal Bd
Kamal Bd Mese fa
Chand Pasha
Chand Pasha 3 mesi fa
Travis 3 mesi fa
Amazingly shit😂
Utpal Chakraborty
Please mention the price of the bed ?
noone kiran
noone kiran 8 mesi fa
Creative super...💐💐💐
Dikshant Sharma
Dikshant Sharma 3 mesi fa
my sympathy with that person whose leg’s little finger will come in contact with bed’s corner
Shahnawaz Hussain
Those mortar sides will break into pieces easily
Gopal R
Gopal R 3 mesi fa
This is not good for body unless you will use huge sponge bed with thickness of 6-10 inches. Everytime you sit or lie down on bed it should shrink a little like elastic or else it will immediately return back the force to the body.
Rhamat Sandilkar
very nice ❤❤❤❤
BILL_BO_jangles 3 mesi fa
So I guess moving the bed is no longer an option.
Bro took that noise cancellation far away 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
binte syed iqbal
Vggopi Vijey
Vggopi Vijey 4 mesi fa
50 thousands to 5core bed cost saving options 🎉
Rinat Bro
Rinat Bro 4 mesi fa
Все хорошо кровать вечная.. Нужно будет менять только хозяев 😂😂 почему вокруг кровати нет плинтуса😂😂
gantela samuel
gantela samuel 8 mesi fa
Super bro 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👌👍👍👌
Harish Babu
Harish Babu 4 mesi fa
Nice job and great creativity, but not recommended for all buildings unless recommended by engineering plan as this bricks and cement end up putting more weight to the floor
gaganprit singh dhami
If you made it in a flat than that's a bad idea as it will weaken your floor and ceiling of someone else as everyone knows the quality of construction now a days But if it is made in a house on the ground floor than its a perfect one
Jagadishkumar K
Jagadishkumar K 8 mesi fa
Dedicated for those warriors😃
Soniya Turkane
Soniya Turkane 4 mesi fa
Osm ❤
Titus Dsouza
Titus Dsouza 4 mesi fa
Was inside the bed plastered?
Dv M
Dv M 4 mesi fa
Good place for insects and hard to clean inside of bed. You should completely cemented it.
Алтынай Абдрасалиева
Не вздумайте повторять в семейных общих домах😅. При землятрисений вас всех накроет.
My favorites
My favorites 3 mesi fa
Is it okay to build above the tiles or marbles? And when he sitting on the wood and do painting it seems flexible then how can someone sleeps on that with heavy weight? Only surrounds of bed will be strong😂
kiran kumar
kiran kumar 4 mesi fa
Super bro... stunning
Christ's Church vakkalanka
wonderful sir
Ekalavan vs Dhoranachari
Things eppadi vaipangaa?? Middle kavai udaichal eppadi replace panuurathu
thug man
thug man 8 mesi fa
Only then the sound does not come out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Atul Soni
Atul Soni 3 mesi fa
He deserves a respect ❤
Manmatha Machan
Manmatha Machan 3 mesi fa
If we lie above this - it's called bed. If we lie below - it will be cemetery! This is life. Apart from philosophy, your creativity seems to be matchless. Kudos!
Siddharth S
Siddharth S 3 mesi fa
When someone thinks it as a ordinary bed and kick it😂
Zachary McDonald
Sorry but I couldn't help but notice his white splatter on the darker paint panels and his inability to make straight edges also why would you mortar the mattress support beams into place ?what if they need to be replaced then you have to take them all the way apart !! LOL maybe in Mexico this is top shelf work but I could build something of this caliber way better and it would be straight and painted and edged correctly . He needs some tips .that was a super budget build for sure. idc if I'm hating I'm keeping it real .I feel like the head board should of been perfectly straight as that piece sticks out the most and possibly could of used something besides plastic Tupperware jars for the lighting encasement! K BYEEEE
Suraj Rajput
Suraj Rajput 8 mesi fa
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