Sacramento Kings are Headed to the Playoffs For the First Time Since 2006 🔥 

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Sacaramento Kings vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game Highlights | March 29, 2023 | 2022-23 NBA Season
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28 mar 2023




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Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas 2 mesi fa
Shoutout to the Kings fans who stayed loyal
C7rmine 2 mesi fa
Justin Mason
Justin Mason 2 mesi fa
Hell yea man. I’ve been clowned in for years rockin purple and black
2legitkong 2 mesi fa
It’s the only pro sports team we have. Ain’t no one gonna go crazy for the Rivercats lol
Jordan 2 mesi fa
What are you talking about I’m here for them every time they’re good! I was here during the Bibby/Webber days and now I’m back!
Ricky Deshais
Ricky Deshais 2 mesi fa
Always stay loyal no matter what that what makes it special , let's goooo we all deserve it !!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
flygoon 2 mesi fa
This is an actual "I used to pray for times like this" moment 😭😭
Laokers 2 mesi fa
So they had to grind like that to shine like this
FortyNights Mese fa
Can relate to that as a Mariners fan. The only thing that is unfortunate is that they didn’t physically clinch in Sacramento.
Rahul TalksSports
Kings fans truly deserve this. They were one of the most miserable franchises in all of North American sports yet the fans stayed loyal and finally witnessed their squad making the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.
Dusk 2 mesi fa
This is absolutely a great moment for Sacramento, it makes one think about those great CWebb-Bibby 2000s Kings.
CoolBoss999 Mese fa
U could also say the Knicks too.
Puruvian Mese fa
cant forget the mariners
Riley kazama
Riley kazama Mese fa
​@Puruvian or Sabres
Puruvian Mese fa
@Riley kazama lions as well
Fernando Enciso Estrada
Thank you Coach Brown and the rest of the staff. Also shout out to the players Fox, Domas, Monk and everyone else you’ll finally made it happen.
joesakic91 2 mesi fa
Don't forget Monte McNair.
LuNY2nez 2 mesi fa
People said the Kings wasnt going to keep up when they started out hot. They didnt lose a step all season. Congrats to the Kings and their fans. Honestly hope they could make it to the 2nd round so they can have something to build off of for next season
Oa 2 mesi fa
cant lose a step if nobody gets injured lol, you take one of the pieces out of this puzzle and its over. wish them luck tho
Before Flight
@Oa They were winning games when fox was playing through or out due to hamstring. They were winning when Huerter missed time. They were winning when Monk missed time. They won when Sabonis missed.
As a Knicks fan, I just want to say I'm very happy for y'all. The drought it over, light the mf beam
Rønin Mese fa
Hey man give yourself a pat on the back too your squad looking mighty nice brunson and randle are on another level fs
Nunya Mese fa
Fun fact, in How To Lose A Guy in 10 days. The Kings played the Knicks in the finals.
dead angel
dead angel Mese fa
i know this wont happen but im rooting for dark horse knicks and kings deep runs at least conference finals..
Custom-R Mese fa
@dead angel That would be the most awesome matchup. I want to see it happen.
Michael Orme
Michael Orme Mese fa
The kings deserve this. They have been the doormat of the western conference for years. It’s about time they made the playoffs for once. To the fans who have remained loyal to this franchise during the dark ages, your patience has been rewarded.
mAAdGK 2 mesi fa
Congrats kings 👑 I’m a fan of the west tigers rugby team in Australia and we haven’t played in a post season since 2011. Definitely know what you guys went through and happy for you that you’ve made it out the other side.
WaKiDaKi 2 mesi fa
Hopefully you don't have to wait longer than us.
mAAdGK 2 mesi fa
@WaKiDaKi We probably will. We’re a terrible organisation run by an incompetent front office and there seems to be no end in sight unfortunately
condog 209
condog 209 2 mesi fa
​@mAAdGKexactly how it was in Sacramento if they can't get the right guy in the front office or HC it will happen
Sexy Aussie
Sexy Aussie 2 mesi fa
At least you guys have won a premiership this century. Can’t say the same for my Eels 😂😂 Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem like an end in sight for the tigers. On basketball terms, started watching nba and followed the Kings since 2009. It’s been rough but truly happy for the Kings organisation this season!!
Akosi Nono
Akosi Nono 2 mesi fa
Congrats Sacramento Kings and good luck in playoffs well deserved
n vangogh
n vangogh 2 mesi fa
From month of Jan I remember telling myself "cmon boys...this season has to be the charm" after comfortably staying in top 5 in west. Then I learned M. Brown is the HC...hands down COTY and shout out to the Owner for buying the team years ago. Give big props
Abel Ambrocio
Abel Ambrocio 2 mesi fa
Mike brown has done a great job turning the kings around coach of the year
ali salem
ali salem 2 mesi fa
He’s a very underrated coach. He gets so much hate because he couldn’t win with Lebron, bit he really overachieved with the roster he had back then.
It's Snoopy
It's Snoopy 2 mesi fa
My Jets are now officially have the longest playoff drought in American sports 😢
Aiyuk SZN
Aiyuk SZN 2 mesi fa
that might also end next year
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas 2 mesi fa
Future looks good though
Jay wilkinson
Jay wilkinson 2 mesi fa
Y’all get Rodgers
Kurt Punches  Things
@Aiyuk SZN I really hope so cause we got a decent team just need a qb we were literally a QB away from reaching the playoffs last year
Vgod. Sr
Vgod. Sr 2 mesi fa
Monk and Fox are still under rated imo, and this is a nice lil squad this year 🚫🧢
nadi bafi
nadi bafi 2 mesi fa
fox got an all star nod this year don’t think he’s underrated
Peter G
Peter G Mese fa
No he got snubbed
Nunya Mese fa
All good with me, let Lebron/KD/Curry get all the attention, and let the Kings stay lowkey but dangerous
Dukes Verrill
Dukes Verrill 2 mesi fa
Congrats to Kings & their fans. It's always nice to end a drought 💯
Zorloxen 2 mesi fa
Always good to see teams build and work and make the playoffs. Not every team has big market luxury. Congrats Kings 💪🏾💪🏾
Rhei 75 Or Hi im rhei 75
17 years just to get into the postseason was absolutely crazy. It feels like a 2 or 3 generation to get this achievement to the worst nba team to be the good or soon to be the best nba team of all time 🔥.
Noah Hernandez
Noah Hernandez 2 mesi fa
As a Miami Heat fan respect! Hope y’all make a run , it’s cool to see for real
Melissa Perpar
Melissa Perpar 2 mesi fa
As a suns fan I feel proud for the kings for making the playoffs and my team for helping them. Let's go kings and suns and good luck!
Aron 2 mesi fa
Congrats to the kings and respect to all kings fans who stayed loyal. Yall the real mvps
Reggie2valid Mese fa
Happy for them it’s been to long also shout out to all the fans of the kings who stayed loyal
Lizzy Da Collie
Lizzy Da Collie 2 mesi fa
Happy for the Kings and the fans! They were robbed back in the day with Webber and Bibby. Hope they go far in the playoffs 🙏🏽🏀🙏🏽
Riley kazama
Riley kazama Mese fa
Lakers won fair and square
Maning P. Garcia
Congrats Sacramento Kings for making it to the Playoffs! It was very long coming as it took more than 16 seasons. I am very happy to the Sacramento Kings die-hard fans. Kudos to your loyalty and continued support for the Kings. Apparently, this momentous event will not happen without your support! Long live the Sacramento Kings team and their great fans!
JoE ForD
JoE ForD 2 mesi fa
As A Cs fan, I really wanted them to make The Playoffs. Fox is a great talent. Sabons is cool and the coach is likable
FalconFergus (taking breaks)
Congrats to the Sacramento Kings and wish them the best of luck in the playoffs
DSM The Editor
DSM The Editor 2 mesi fa
Congrats 👏👏 Sactown has a great fan base so it's awesome they're finally rewarded with a playoff run. Hopefully they get the G1 rockin like Arco back in the day
NERDMATIC 2 mesi fa
06 was 7th grade for me 😢😅 Respect to this team 💪🏾
pipeorganfan Mese fa
Thunder fan here. If Mike Brown doesn't get COTY this season, something is seriously wrong. The turnaround this team has made under him is nothing short of amazing.
MrMush23lee Mese fa
Happy for the Kings . They deserve it ✊️
Captain Obvious
Sabonis is a game changer. He fits this team.
During the Millennium Kings days, J. Will and Webber were very popular among NBA fans in Korea. Let's move on, Sacramento Kings!
Ayaba Esse
Ayaba Esse 2 mesi fa
So happy for Fox & company, congrats kings!!!! Lots of love& respect from a non-king fan.
Proto Man
Proto Man 2 mesi fa
As a Seattle Mariners fan, I know long playoff droughts. Congrats Kings fans!
Royals fans know about this as well
Leonard Opinaldo
Not a kings fan but I’ve been waiting for this team to make the playoffs. Now it’s happening.
joesakic91 2 mesi fa
The Sacramento Kings broke the NBA's longest NBA Playoff appearance drought. But they have to exorcise two more demons: NBA Finals appearance and NBA title.
James (NBA since '94)
Fair play Kings fans! 👏
StewartHaas Fan 10
Finally the drought is over Kings to the playoffs 😊
E69 2 mesi fa
Good job kings for making playoffs
Ruben Masalonga
Ruben Masalonga 2 mesi fa
so good to see after years and years of rebuild. now it is paying off!
Noel Quiñones
Noel Quiñones 2 mesi fa
It's so refreshing to see bottom teams before who excel and reach this status.
Not that serious
As a raps fan who thought we had it pretty bad when compared to the bigger markets, nah y’all were DOWN DOWN. You guys deserve it👍
Sumeet Beniwal
Ay congrats to the Kings man. Well deserved.
swag lord
swag lord 2 mesi fa
Sabonis is underrated AF his numbers are ridiculous
K QH 2 mesi fa
Getting him was a huge 'bonis
RIO 1210
RIO 1210 Mese fa
Not my team, a threat to mine... But dang, can't help but cheer on this team
Javier Morales
Javier Morales 2 mesi fa
Shout out to the kings fan who traveled to Oregon from Sacramento to chant " light the beam.
AWB Official ☘️
The beam shall be lit, congrats Sactown from a Celtic fan!
Kim King
Kim King Mese fa
👏 To the players, coaching staff and Kings organization.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson 2 mesi fa
Sabonis is a huge difference. Look at the Pacers without him.
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia 2 mesi fa
Carmichael Dave ready to shed some tears. Light that beam!! Light it proud.
kristoffer pangan
Lit the beam for the playoffs now is finally official we are back.💪🏻💯💜👑.
The Trap Don’t Lie .
From a bucks fan!! Congrats I’ve been there it’s a good feeling lol! Go get em Sac town!!
James G
James G 2 mesi fa
Sabonis took this team to the next level.
Strecth-Mark TV
Strecth-Mark TV 2 mesi fa
I see them like the GSW how they started they can make a culture out there in SAC town Hoping for the future🙏
RavSingh Rajput````
*D o m a n t a s* *S a b o n i s* all the way baby..... the back bone of the kings, he is the KING
The Stathlete
The Stathlete 2 mesi fa
It's crazy to think about cuz last time kings were in the playoffs, I was in diapers😂, but in all seriousness congrats 👑
TheTaxiGuy Mese fa
From a Bulls fan congrats Sacramento Kings fans!! ❤
Joh Electrix
Joh Electrix Mese fa
I am happy for Sac Town it has been decades
Joey Botch
Joey Botch 2 mesi fa
It’s amazing what Mike Brown has turned this team into..
Ken Well
Ken Well 2 mesi fa
I always like seeing long suffering diehards finally getting something good going on. Kings fans here and Lions fans in Detroit. enjoy
Ntech Mese fa
man, i cant tell my friends the fact that no active nba player has faced the kings in the playoffs no more! amazing work tho!!
jr gomez
jr gomez Mese fa
Hope they do good. 3rd seed means they're gonna go against either suns/warriors/clippers in the first round. Tough road ahead.
Micha Jost
Micha Jost Mese fa
If been a kings fan since last season bc i wanted to support a underdog team, and here we are now
joesakic91 19 giorni fa
0:57 Carmichael Dave's emotions says it all.
Cymon kurt macasieb
After 16 years of Disappointment, they finally going to the NBA Playoffs
miguel ortega
miguel ortega 2 mesi fa
Tough this roster deep and talented. I wonder is the 2023 Kings better or the same than the 2003-06 Kings roster.
J P Mese fa
Born and raised in Sacramento/auburn California moved to arizona six years ago but even after 30yrs and in a another state win or lose will always be a kings fan we need more cowbell
Damn I remember my neighbor he was a huge Kings fan he passed away in December shame he won't get to see his team in the playoffs. 😢
Joey Page
Joey Page 2 mesi fa
Kinda wild that this was in Portland and they’re chanting LTB!
Day 2 mesi fa
And to think Keegan Murray is only going to get better. The future looks bright
Mark271792 2 mesi fa
The Kings are the dark horse to come out of the West IMO.
kayeezycop 2 mesi fa
No shot, way too bad defensively with no superstar talent
Nunya Mese fa
@kayeezycopwe don’t need superstar talent, we function as a team. Hollywood players like KD/LBJ/Curry get way too much attention, even if they’re not playing they hog up all of Sportscenter, don’t want that s***. Fox and Sabonis already a dangerous duo, kinda like the 90s Utah Jazz.
kayeezycop Mese fa
@Nunya the 90s jazz that never won a ring lol. The only teams without a superstar that won a championship recently are the 14 spurs and the 04 pistons. Sorry to break it to you but kings are a first round exit
Nunya Mese fa
@kayeezycop lol Kings already provin everyone wrong all season, so keep doubting. Seems like it’s only helping us.
Mr.T Mese fa
Gotta love the shot of Carmichael Dave. True fan.
Dan Mese fa
Coach Brown really deserves the credit for this.
KR P 2 mesi fa
No one will say this but Imma say it. Thank You Vivek Ranadive for keeping Kings in Sacramento.
Wei Chen
Wei Chen 2 mesi fa
Been waiting for this moment for a long long time. LTB!!!
Bandz Yolo
Bandz Yolo 2 mesi fa
Fox in the playoffs for the first time can’t wait to see what he do
Fabrice Ahadi
If Pat Beverly was on the kings, it would have been a party after this game!
The High Heat
The paid Hard Work in Sacramento is real, thanks to D'Aaron, Domantas, Malik, etc. they made themselves to the Postseason for the first time since 2006. Their offense is just unreal. They even faced the Clippers on a very high Score.
Ray Gene Bowner
This the first time Kings can make a post about going to the playoffs on Instagram
Bảo Lê
Bảo Lê 2 mesi fa
Light the beam Supposed to be a meme Now a playoff team!
The truth
The truth 2 mesi fa
Congrats kings fans and to a hell of a ball coach in Mike Brown .. yall deserved to go after decade+ of being the joke.. you ain't a joke anymore.
difference018 2 mesi fa
Reminder that the Kings could have made the playoffs earlier if they kept Boogie and IT
KarlMalowned32 2 mesi fa
That first home playoff game will break the sound barrier! Kings fans waited so long for this.
MikeyDollaz! 2 mesi fa
Nets fan here…I like DeAron Fox man I’ve admired his game since his rookie year but I was always scared that like Demarcus Cousins despite his great talent he was never gonna get to the playoffs in Sacramento…but I knew after they traded for Sabonis AND hiring Mike Brown…instant culture change. Now for the first time in my lifetime I will see the Sacramento Kings in the playoffs‼️I ain’t gonna lie man I’m waiting to see they’re home crowd Kings fans are the loudest and most loyal in the league
Rusty Martinez
Loyal fans is very proud goodluck to the playoffs SK
Markos Ibarra
Markos Ibarra 2 mesi fa
I’m a Die Hard Kobe & Lakers fan back then until the day he retired in that team but I’m a Basketball fan first, so i wanna be honest to myself, the real Champions of 2002 NBA Finals is the Sacramento Kings.
joesakic91 2 mesi fa
Unfortunately, the NBA, Elias Sports Bureau, etc. go by actuality: the ACTUAL 2002 NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. That being said, the Sacramento Kings should forget about 2002 and move on.
chris martinez
chris martinez 2 mesi fa
I have to call my bros from sac town and congratulate them🤣 well deserve
Javier Cordova
Love how the beam has become so iconic
James 2 mesi fa
2006. Wow. To put this in perspective, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry weren’t even drafted into the league yet.
Xstremz Mese fa
Now the Hornets have the longest playoff drought
Asher No Mic
Asher No Mic Mese fa
imagine if they win the playoffs like from anime a powerhouse team went down for years then finally making it to the playoffs then finishing it off with a playoff finals win in a 4 game 7 series
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez 2 mesi fa
Vegas thought we would win like 30 games this year look at us now
Jonas Delos Santos
Imagine Sacramento king win its 1st NBA championship this year with the help of Luka
EVΔN Mese fa
sabonis has to go in the hall of fame for this
Caleb.E 🇺🇦
0:21 The King's 16-year Playoff Drought is... OVER!!!!!!!
Tom Price
Tom Price Mese fa
Sabonis is the real MVP. 19 points a game...12.5 rebounds a game, leading the NBA....7 assists a game...shooting 61% from the field... and most importantly, he actually PLAYS----unlike Embid and Luka, who will occasionally step on the court.
스티지 Mese fa
Damn 17 years of not even being an 8 seed
Vincent Ramirez
If only ESPN would play Down in the Valley 30 for 30 that they never released. The country would see why it took so long and the hell we had to get through to arrive at this point.
John Mej
John Mej 2 mesi fa
i miss the arco arena Vibe which is so loud even watching on the TV,Bring it back the loudness of crowd to Golden one arena
Guy crying at 0:54.....that...I felt that
simulation nation fan
We waited so long for this
Jason Music
Jason Music 2 mesi fa
go kings!!! from milwaukee
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