Saints' loss to Rams is 'on the league office' - Stephen A. | First Take

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Demetric Byrd
What about that 13 point lead they blew 🤔🤧🤣💯
Lashon Williams
Im a LA fan and im glad we're going to the super bowl, but I must admit The Saints got robbed.
Garsetti wrote a check to pay off the NFL so he can trophy the rams in the primaries for 2020. Just saying.
Supreme Master
The refs should be fined when they make a bad call or miss a call. And I’m not talking pennies I’m talking big bucks. Because most people can agree that the saints were the better team and deserve to be in the super bowl over the rams but because of the drew up of one ref that has no consequences for his wrong doing the better team is at home and the dirty team is in the Super Bowl.
Danny Zzz
Danny Zzz Ora fa
We just talking about the saints (uncatchable ball) call but we are not gonna talk about all the calls that los angles did not get
Balta Bueno
Oh yeah yeah
Will J
Will J Ora fa
That ignorant racist is right, it was robbery
K-House Britos
I'm a rams fan and honestly this call was complete bs
Joshua Bryant
Why the fuck are they yelling? Am I trippin or are they all at the same table??
Chucky Justice
Drew Brees just choked
Mayme Clayton
The best team won and where was the refs on these? twitter.com/jarochafalcon/status/1087247304770240513
Bradford House
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah Ora fa
Oh yeah yeah
Mataio Viliamu
Woody's point is so stupid. Your job is blah blah people make mistakes no matter what our job is. The hell...lol
Brian Gatlin
He said, "The refs giveth and the refs taketh away." 😂😂😂...true story
We should take Refs off the field and use technology as in multiple camera angles and all footage reviewable and watched by multiple officials to reduce human error/blind spots by damn near 100% and make the game fair. Saints were robbed.
MaximilianMus 2.O
Guys this is new territory!!! We need back up and in the next days we will claim the NFL!!! Oh Yeah yeah oh meow meow oh fuck yea
Team Hydre
Team Hydre Ora fa
oh yeah
Emanuel Arambula
Oh yeah yeah
neowild1 Ora fa
Oh yeah yeah
dj Curiosity
Head sprung! You never was saints anyway..
A lot of you guys are forgetting the fact that Drew didn't play good enough.
Daniel Alveo
Max is a big of an asshole and an idiot as that non-call. I hope he gets somebody screws his tax return or his insurance policy.
geonerd Ora fa
Quit SHOUTING!!! This shit is unwatchable....
JokeJack Ora fa
The NFL knows that it can do whatever the fuck it wants and fans will still line up for more, nearly every large Super Bowl in the past years has been between the biggest merchandise money makers for a reason, there’s occasional exceptions but it is simple that a saints versus Kansas game would not get enough money
Trevonn Doakes
As maddening as it makes me to say this, AS AN EAGLES FAN, Mike Thomas responded appropriately with his tweet regarding the rules. They were robbed; as a response, should take a page out of the CFL about challenging penalties. #Footballfan #FLYEAGLESFLY
Lawrence Inc
That was a horrendous no call I’m so fucking disappointed with that I am not watching the super bowl this year and I don’t even like football!
C Murphy
C Murphy Ora fa
This is why I don't watch NFL anymore because it's fixed & corrupt. I stick to college ball. There's always been bad calls but you can see when a team is getting the shaft & being treated unfairly & it all comes down to money & betting. It's just way too corrupt. I've broken way too many TV's over this fact & I just won't.
Double RD
Double RD Ora fa
the saints guy wasnt gonna catch it anyway
Eltoro49 Ora fa
In the CFL, Coaches can throw a challenge flag on a perceived missed PI call , making it review-able. Happens all the time. If the NFL had such a rule in place they could of saved themselves from this embarrassment and corrected the call in game.
OhYeahYeah Ora fa
Oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 2 ore fa
oh yeah yeah im in the litty committee and saints suck
Kai Swong
Kai Swong 2 ore fa
oh yeah yeah
Butter Toes
Butter Toes 2 ore fa
Oh yea yea
Jack 2 ore fa
The refs are watching the replay on the same big screen in the stadium as the fans are. Is there a rule that disallows the refs on the field from changing their call? Or, the lack of a call?
Clayton bigsby
Im tired of these Bitchass Refs!! Smh they must fix this!! Billion dollar industry and thats what it comes down to?!?!
Jakobra Jakommander
Oh yeah yeah
Southern Sports Collector
Even the rams player who did the pass interference was looking around to see A FLAG. PROOF THAT HE DID DO A INTERFERENCE.
T Mo
T Mo 2 ore fa
NFL is rigged
Jefe 2 ore fa
Shut up Woody, things outside your control is called life. Dramatic ass...
GostFalconFPV 2 ore fa
Anything can happen on Sunday. But the one constant is are the refs making mistakes as egregious as they are. The refs were sleeping Sunday. And making one sided no calls.
Joseph Walther
My only problem with what Woody is saying is that the ref had a job to do and he blew it, stopped N.O. from going to a Super Bowl, and won't accept human error (ref) as an excuse. "He had a job to do." he says. It seems to me Woody might have forgotten that he had made mistakes in his career (penalties) i.e. human error. Nobody is perfect. I agree with Smith that there should be some type of fall back position to review the play.
Jeff 2 ore fa
Stephen A says pass interference calls not being reviewed , especially in last two minutes, is egregious. Here's why he's wrong: 1) If penalties become reviewable then you can't limit them to pass interference. Penalties are treated equally. That's why penalties on both teams, despite being for different penalty yards, offset each other. So if you make pass interference reviewable then you have to make holding, false starts, roughing the passer, etc also reviewable. Imagine games being stopped every time a team thinks a call needs to be reviewed. 2) Games are 60 minutes long, not two. The last two minutes are no more important than the first 58. You can't say a team only wins/loses games because of two minutes. That may be when it ends, but everything up to that point was determined by the first 58 minutes. If the score was 42-0, would anyone say the last two minutes mattered? No. They'd say the teams played for 58 minutes before that. Games are played by humans. Humans make mistakes. Maybe the refs missed a call against the Rams earlier in the game. If that got called then the butterfly effect guarantees the game would not have played out exactly the way it did, and that pass interference would have never happened. It was a blown call. Sucks for the Saints. If roles were reversed the Saints wouldn't have made a peep.
Shift Kings
Shift Kings 2 ore fa
Even though I'm a die hard saints fan. Take that away. That missed call during the game that determines who goes to the super bowl is straight robbery... I also can't believe there's no rule to review plays like that during the last minutes of a game that big
Destinynerd 505
Oh yeah yeah
gnarlyrabit 2 ore fa
This is a historic embarrassment for the NFL. They have no interest in getting things right. Oh, let's make a phone call and admit it was a mistake and that will make it all right. The NFL decided who would win and lose, not the players! This Superbowl is tainted and invalid!
PuRe Emerald
PuRe Emerald 2 ore fa
If you have this profile pic have a nice day
Jasen Jahn
Jasen Jahn 2 ore fa
Don’t even like the saints and I’m still pissed. I’m going down and kicking the dog...again. Jesus, they got SCREWED!
David Bellanger
It's like being a boxer and getting head butted by your opponent and the refs just cool with that... As a Saints fan, I was just fine with the blown coverage against the Vikings. That was a good play call by the Vikings and a bad match up on New Orleans part. Therefore, Vikings>Saints, but how do I get over a no call like this? Both offence and defense played well. Nothing you say can make me believe that the Rams beat the Saints..
Big Boob Bottom Girl
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
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