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This week on Basics, we're taking a look at salad. Salad can be a robust, radiant, and reliable side dish or main course. I'll show you how to make caesar salad, panzanella, and a wedge salad.
Ingredients & Grocery List:
+ Panzanella:
Ciabatta, cut into bite sized pieces
Olive oil
Black pepper and kosher salt
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 medium cucumber, cut into bite sized pieces
Half red onion, cut into bite sized pieces
6 small balls mozzarella, halved (ciliengini)
Handful of fresh basil, julienned (plus additional for garnish)
White wine vinegar
Lemons, juiced
Dijon mustard
1 small shallot
1 clove garlic
+ Wedge Salad:
4 slices bacon, fried crisp
3-4 Tbsp buttermilk
1-2 Tbsp sour cream
1/4 cup full-fat mayo
2 tsp white wine vinegar
1-2 cloves grated garlic
Black pepper and kosher salt
High quality blue cheese, crumbled (to taste)
1 head iceberg lettuce
Chives, chopped
Cherry tomatoes, halved
+ Caesar Salad:
1 egg
1 bunch romaine lettuce, cut into bite sized pieces and washed
Ciabatta, cut into bite sized pieces
Olive oil
Black pepper and kosher salt
Garlic powder
1 clove garlic
1 ounce freshly grated parmesan cheese (plus more for garnish)
Half a lemon, juiced
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp dijon mustard
Special Equipment:
Salad tossers (optional)
Mortar and pestle
"Yes I Can", "Chill Master" by Blue Wednesday
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Alex Loomis
Alex Loomis 5 ore fa
anyone else throwin some shade at that caesar?
Chicken Nugget G. Olive oil
That Chef john reference though.
Metro Lggin
Metro Lggin Giorno fa
Jason Schanne
Jason Schanne Giorno fa
You got a like just for the intro
Darthane Giorno fa
Just a point, you said there was no anchovies in the dressing on the last one, yet you added Worcestershire sauce to it, which is made by fermenting fish and onion.
I couldn't think of a name
You don’t win friends with salad
Damien Oud
Damien Oud 3 giorni fa
So nobody's gonna bring up how he just pronounced Worcestershire sauce?!
Ashley Wollard
Ashley Wollard 3 giorni fa
There are anchovies in Worcestershire
Gradius 3 giorni fa
"Two teaspoons of Wurtoshtersher sauce" Hmm.
Anne N. Idris
Anne N. Idris 5 giorni fa
What happened to the egg for the caesar salad?
trickyname 5 giorni fa
I'm sure you get this all the time, but its often pronounced wo-ster-sheer sauce in the UK. Love the channel btw.
eddyjt13 8 giorni fa
Lmao that shoutout to chef john
Sara Perez
Sara Perez 8 giorni fa
5:02 raw egg?
Dan Jeffersan
Dan Jeffersan 9 giorni fa
Mits Visperas
Mits Visperas 9 giorni fa
I need a shirt that says "...get to know each other"
Brandon Payne
Brandon Payne 10 giorni fa
Worth the watch just to hear Worcestershire
Violeta Romero
Violeta Romero 12 giorni fa
ffeellix is fine
ffeellix is fine 12 giorni fa
i like the chef john reference you slide in there
lilylandproblems 15 giorni fa
I could be going crazy but the first dressing has no measurements? The written recipe doesn't have them either. I'm trying to make it and I have 0 idea how much to use. Had to google a different recipe to finish making it.
Johannes Pape
Johannes Pape 18 giorni fa
2:59 titties
burhooo 20 giorni fa
Alton also appreciates alliteration.....also
Hannah 22 giorni fa
honestly what the FUCK is the wedge salad is PISSES ME OFF. love you though babish
MrWhitezombie707 24 giorni fa
CHEF JOHN !!!!!!
Kendrick Seeber
Kendrick Seeber 24 giorni fa
The anchovies are in the worchestachire sauce
Leon Mulinge
Leon Mulinge 25 giorni fa
Woos-Ter-Sheer = Worcestershire
Dallas Lenzi
Dallas Lenzi 27 giorni fa
I love panzanella with Tuscan bread the most, which I've had luck making myself. The bread gets dry faster and absorbs everything really well, it was one of my favorite things to eat in Siena when I was studying there. It's super good and the only thing keeping me from making it all the time is I can eat an entire batch the size of what you made in the video myself unless someone else helps me eat it, and I currently live alone. It's a dangerous food to have access to, you will end up eating SO much bread.
Mozely 29 giorni fa
So, nothing to do with the video, but that song at the beginning of the video is called "Best I Can" not "Yes I Can." So... that's it. Love your videos.
thehahalol99 29 giorni fa
“Once your done tossing salad it’s time to get dressed” LOLL DEAD
Alexandra Mese fa
I love this.. salad can be so underrated! One of my favorite dinners my mom would make as a kid was a “salad” that was mostly just chopped up pizza bread she would just roll out and bake plain, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, then a lighter amount of arugula and spring mix with a vinaigrette similar to that. Kinda like panzanella I guess but I called it pizza salad lol. And my mom would let the salad marinate for the perfect amount of time so that somehow everything had slightly absorbed the dressing without being soggy at all. So simple but the flavors and textures went together so perfectly.
Aron108 Mese fa
When’s *Sandwich?*
Isaiah Kolb
Isaiah Kolb Mese fa
Drablord Mese fa
But...doesn’t worchestire (or however it’s spelled) sauce have anchovies in it?
axuirs Mese fa
these "salads" are half bread and a quarter dressing there is no longer any point in eating a salad if you're going to give it the same caloric content of a pizza
axuirs Mese fa
those aren't salads you fatass
Steve Colt
Steve Colt Mese fa
Basics With Babish Ideas: Tea Cheese Pie/Cake Ramen Chicken Beef Jerky Sushi Doughnuts (Idk if he's covered any of these already.)
Ultra Instinct Weeb
Worsesherershir sauce
Klaus O'Shaunacey
Excellent “Learning how to be an adult that cooks for themselves” videos. Subscribed!
Jason Reliford
I didn't giggle at "salad tossers".....it was a deep, throaty laugh.
Robert Alesiani
You don't win friends with salad.
Ellen H
Ellen H Mese fa
I like these videos but I can't stand the intro music to this series. It's too abrupt. Cheery and purposeful is fine, but this I hate. Sorry. Salads look great though.
Da Tellysayhi
You forgot to stab that salad about 20 times.
TheMonyarm Mese fa
Tomatoes Cucumbers Onion Sirene (a kind of cheese) Olive oil Vinegar Salt Best salad you'll ever have
Selena Markham
Iceberg! We are in a Titanic pickle. But lettuce romaine calm. Help will turnip soon
antiv 97
antiv 97 Mese fa
Im surprised that youtube monetized this video with the amount of tossing that happeneds in this video
Miguel Garcia
"Now that we're done tossing salad, its time it get dressed
"Hey this is chef john from foo- wait a minute!!"
MrMark Mese fa
Lol at that chef John bit
Sarma Ftw
Sarma Ftw Mese fa
stuart Mese fa
Where's the egg in the Cesar?
Kyler Greer
Kyler Greer Mese fa
0:15 This weird audio jump happens in the intro of every one of these videos and I am confused why I have never seen a comment pointing it out. Is it just me? It happens on all of my devices.
Nikenik2001 Mese fa
You really need a pop filter for your microphone.
Andras Toth
Andras Toth Mese fa
I fucken hate salad.
Mead Solomon
Mead Solomon Mese fa
all hail chef john!
Shaskis gaming
BTW Babish for future video reference it is pronounced Wore sest shure sauce :)
Samuel Trujillo
The bacon salad it the eathiest of all, I'm serious.
brushie _jp
brushie _jp Mese fa
Wait, isn't there anchovies in Worcestershire sauce though?
would have loved to see your take on ranch dressing but caesars the next best thing!
Josh Hiroti
Josh Hiroti Mese fa
Healthy fats man - All about that blue cheese & mayo life
Jordy Young
Jordy Young Mese fa
Keelin McCoy
Keelin McCoy Mese fa
I always feel awful bout salad because I hate most salad dressings. I love the ingredients, but vinegarettes and blue cheese are terrible too me
wyzemann Mese fa
I would quickly and effectively replace that atrocious ”icebad” lettuce with raw spinach or Romaine. I deplore iceberg lettuce with every fiber of my finite being!
nail Mese fa
That food wishes reference... Nice.
Petey McEnroe
Babby likes tossing the salad
Angel Samantha
Babbish could toss my salad any day 😍
Tom R
Tom R Mese fa
Please consider "Basics with Babish: Stew" for upcoming winter time. I've still never made a nice, thick, savory stew that *really* hits the spot. I'd love to see what you come up with.
Kaolin Cash
Kaolin Cash Mese fa
"wuss-ter-shuh" p.s. "shire" is pronounced "shuh" when preceded by another word. "shire" is pronounced "shy-er", as in more shy, "yorkshire" is pronounced "yorkshuh". leicestershire = lester-shuh warwickshire = worrick-shuh worcestershire = wusster-shuh the shire = the shy-er
Kaolin Cash
Kaolin Cash Mese fa
"a colander" andrew, that's a fucking sieve.
Benny Mese fa
grill those wedges...trust me
James Hill
James Hill Mese fa
Please do a video on salad dressings...lots.
mundungus fletcher
Ive yet to see a complex vinaigrette
Herzelied Stein
They don't currently have any evidence that the fats and cholesterols negatively contribute to your health outside of their calories. You should stop perpetuating old science.
مالك الحزان
Lauriti Mese fa
Sorry Babish, best salad ever is Arugula, Red onion, cherries, and mango
Lauriti Mese fa
"Bacon. Do I have your attention now?"
Andrew, I love you, but that second salad is a bit of a car crash.
Jamish Mcquo
Jamish Mcquo Mese fa
"alright now were gonna make the basic 'cheese,bacon,crouton' caesar salad" *makes romaine lettuce with parmesan strips* what the fuck
Seb E
Seb E Mese fa
all aussie bacon is precooked ham, or precooked fatty ham... fight me you ignorant bogan centrelink sooks! I like ham, just fuck off with your superiority complex, the poms and the yanks at least have something besides ham they hawk as bacon.
drrenafarma Mese fa
A cebola e o pepino ficaram muito grandes, imagine morder um pedação de cebola!? argh
Ignacio Picado Fallas
Wait a second... What happened to the egg at the beginning of the preparation of the Ceasar salad?
Racheal U
Racheal U Mese fa
There are anchovies in Worcestershire sauce. Also you should do a scrambled eggs episode to accompany your tossed salad ep.
Martin Incognitoed
That iceberg wedge looked like the worst thing ever to me. Maybe I'm still traumatised by my last salad encounter with blue cheese. Overwhelming.
Michala Tyner
The alliteration is strong with this one.
Akshay Chandrashekaran
tiny whisk?? why was the tiny whisk not present??
Andrew Drudge
Andrew Drudge 2 mesi fa
Third comment - Again I must ask the same thing I asked two weeks ago: What happened to captioning on your video? I am deaf and I watch your videos. All of them have closed captioning but not this one - why?
Thomas Diehn
Thomas Diehn 2 mesi fa
Anyone else get an ad before that was just 5 minutes of a steak in a cast iron skillet and half way through hers turned over
Liam Weddell
Liam Weddell 2 mesi fa
What about the fruit salad isn’t that a salad huh?
Monai Wahedi
Monai Wahedi 2 mesi fa
Please make a video with Chef John
TheChexican 2 mesi fa
Hello! I remember a little while ago you said you had a video about sharpening knives in the works, potentially with a wet stone. Are you still planning to make that video? I love all your work! Really informative :) thanks!
Krunal Patel
Krunal Patel 2 mesi fa
you humour is on point,just like your dishes XD
Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker 2 mesi fa
There are anchovies in Worcestershire sauce
91frankthetank 2 mesi fa
What about the anchovy?
DeadShot 4208
DeadShot 4208 2 mesi fa
You sound so different
rotolotto 2 mesi fa
That Food Wishes reference lol
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor 2 mesi fa
who else liked when they saw bacon
Los Angeles
Los Angeles 2 mesi fa
Damn my boi babish with them Food Wishes references
Gareg Lydian
Gareg Lydian 2 mesi fa
"The bits the bits" please do food from Steven Universe. I beg you.
Zeus_tripple6 2 mesi fa
Is this a response to the sloppy Jessica episode? Haha
Zack Young
Zack Young 2 mesi fa
Thanks for filming a how to on how to toss our salads Babish. Truly life changing.
cps 2 mesi fa
can you make the homeburg bangkok burger
Prossimi video