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This week on Basics, we're taking a look at salad. Salad can be a robust, radiant, and reliable side dish or main course. I'll show you how to make caesar salad, panzanella, and a wedge salad.
Ingredients & Grocery List:
+ Panzanella:
Ciabatta, cut into bite sized pieces
Olive oil
Black pepper and kosher salt
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 medium cucumber, cut into bite sized pieces
Half red onion, cut into bite sized pieces
6 small balls mozzarella, halved (ciliengini)
Handful of fresh basil, julienned (plus additional for garnish)
White wine vinegar
Lemons, juiced
Dijon mustard
1 small shallot
1 clove garlic
+ Wedge Salad:
4 slices bacon, fried crisp
3-4 Tbsp buttermilk
1-2 Tbsp sour cream
1/4 cup full-fat mayo
2 tsp white wine vinegar
1-2 cloves grated garlic
Black pepper and kosher salt
High quality blue cheese, crumbled (to taste)
1 head iceberg lettuce
Chives, chopped
Cherry tomatoes, halved
+ Caesar Salad:
1 egg
1 bunch romaine lettuce, cut into bite sized pieces and washed
Ciabatta, cut into bite sized pieces
Olive oil
Black pepper and kosher salt
Garlic powder
1 clove garlic
1 ounce freshly grated parmesan cheese (plus more for garnish)
Half a lemon, juiced
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp dijon mustard
Special Equipment:
Salad tossers (optional)
Mortar and pestle
"Yes I Can", "Chill Master" by Blue Wednesday
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Commenti 2 473
T SexyRexy
T SexyRexy Giorno fa
I like having my salad tossed
Wesley Sharer
Wesley Sharer 2 giorni fa
I believe it’s pronounced “woo sherr sherr”
Simran  Kohli
Simran Kohli 3 giorni fa
Oh my god, the chef John reference, I’m dead
D ee
D ee 3 giorni fa
Did nobody wonder were the egg go? The one from the last recipe.. the 3 minute egg?
Brennan Cattermole
Brennan Cattermole 4 giorni fa
Idk how big babishes mouth is but ive come to the conclusion his bit size peices arent bite size peices
Nivedita H
Nivedita H 4 giorni fa
I’d love binging with babish 😃
Eric M. Rivera
Eric M. Rivera 15 giorni fa
I thought that all lettuce (including iceberg) needed to be washed before consumption?
chris18228 15 giorni fa
I use lettuce with spinach Red cabbage onions banana peppers shredded Parmesan and chunky blue cheese dressing
chris18228 15 giorni fa
I don’t like croutons or tomatoes
Bruna Castro
Bruna Castro 15 giorni fa
When you’re done tossing your salad it’s time to get dressed. That’s hilarious
t8mer 17 giorni fa
worchosheshster sauce. you are the best. lmao
Pan Limak
Pan Limak 17 giorni fa
"lemons juiced"? You used one in the video. How much vinegar? Your recipes are regularly lacking in information. I understand that you want to sell your books but you could at least make the basics videos easy to follow, without the guesswork.
Mo Shambles
Mo Shambles 19 giorni fa
Try a bit of Pissman's in your salad
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders 20 giorni fa
Sean Adamson
Sean Adamson 27 giorni fa
Jesus that’s a lot of salt 😅
Big Mike Edge
Nice shout out to chef John.
FeaR Flips
FeaR Flips Mese fa
how you gonna do a salad basics episode and not teach us how to make ranch
Majestic Frog
Me: *Starting a diet* Yt: Watch Babish and his salads! Me: Yay what a lucky hit! Babish: "Who said salads always have to be healthy?" Me: "God damnit..."
PBBoogie99 Mese fa
Jacques Pepin would have a heart attack watching you rip lettuce leaves like that. Oh, and did you say tits?
Sebastian Schwarz
Your food wishes references are epic!
Tony Manning
Tony Manning Mese fa
Chef John!!
Sam T.
Sam T. Mese fa
now do taco salad.
Hola Hola
Hola Hola Mese fa
"Sorry Chef John" xD
dorami3 Mese fa
You did chef John proud
B N Mese fa
You rock at making food.Uf I'm right comment down below.
Ben’s number 3 fan
It’s pronounced WUSS-STIR-SHEER
BNK3R 2 mesi fa
Also a great salad if your oprah cause we all know She loves bread
ColorCrims0n 2 mesi fa
Kool Kidd
Kool Kidd 2 mesi fa
You know what else romaine is full of?
IanFarias00 2 mesi fa
Loved the Chef John's reference.. ^^
Lisette Bronkhorst
Babish is the Bob Ross of cooking..
Jeremy Stanger
Jeremy Stanger 2 mesi fa
Worcestershire sauce is pronounced somewhere between 'wooster' and 'wuster.' Do not ask me why!
8outerscience [Gacha Stuff]
Seriously? Right infront of my *salad?* Im sorry i’ll go home
OvaltineForLife 2 mesi fa
At least he got the shire right in Worcestershire sauce. Wuss-ter-shire sauce.
Luís Caldas
Luís Caldas 2 mesi fa
I just want to know, when is he going to feature chef John from America's test kitchen
Selena Markham
Selena Markham 3 mesi fa
Iceberg iceberg! We are in a titanic pickle. Lettuce romaine calm, help will turnip soon
Sinnocent Cinnamonroll
Nonono, not salad tossers, they’re called *wangjanglers*
GraceWright 3 mesi fa
I WILL NOT eat a salad with out that vinaigrette. I make a similar but more simple dressing.
1:05, cook that onion and that would be a fine salad.
Isobel Higgs
Isobel Higgs 3 mesi fa
*something about how babish and tossing salads*
Tommy McKiddy
Tommy McKiddy 3 mesi fa
There's anchovies in the Worcestershire sauce.
Chringlan The great
How to make a easy Cesar salad: Step 1: take any salad Step 2: go to the senate Step 3: grab a knife Step 4: stab the salad 23 times Step 5: enjoy the fresh an easy Caesar salad you just made
Lea Reed
Lea Reed 3 mesi fa
I love salads so much ahhhh. This looks so good.
Hans Salim
Hans Salim 3 mesi fa
That food wishes reference though.
Kristy W
Kristy W 3 mesi fa
The way you say Worcestershire sauce is everything
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones 3 mesi fa
Whoever made a bowl of croutons and called it a salad is honestly a culinary revolutionary
LookTwic3 3 mesi fa
Here’s my favorite salad recipe! Pour a bag of croutons in a bowl. Go sit down, watch Netflix, and eat tasty croutons
TJ’s Aviation
TJ’s Aviation 4 mesi fa
Can you do Tex next style chicken and beef fajitas?
Bruce Hernandez
Bruce Hernandez 4 mesi fa
Cereal | Basics with Babish
Isak Ronestjärna
Out of all the things on this channel, the salads really makes me drool. Might be because it's the only thing I technically could succeed in making.
Berry 4 mesi fa
I lovee salads~ first video of yours that made me drool a bit haha
Rachel Dawn
Rachel Dawn 4 mesi fa
To be fair, there anchovies in Worcestershire sauce.
beebos child
beebos child 4 mesi fa
Yaoi 4 mesi fa
Watching this right after the whole romane lettuce thing.
Bblackffox Official
Liked for the food wishes / Chef John reference
Vedant kale
Vedant kale 4 mesi fa
What happened to the egg? Is it still boiling?
Constant Chaos
Constant Chaos 8 giorni fa
He used it in the dressing
chris18228 15 giorni fa
Maybe he just pasteurized the eggs so he could have pasteurized egg yolk for the Caesar dressing
James Kaplan
James Kaplan Mese fa
Some say that it remains boiling to this very day... though the original water has long since evaporated and the egg itself has been boiled so long that the yolk has long ago petrified into an angry grey stone, the pot still boils with forgotten hatred.
Perron Martin
Perron Martin 4 mesi fa
Let’s hear it for Chef John XD
Andrew Lea
Andrew Lea 5 mesi fa
The salt in that dressing...all that salt, so bad for you..salt
Alex Loomis
Alex Loomis 5 mesi fa
anyone else throwin some shade at that caesar?
Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil 5 mesi fa
That Chef john reference though.
Bobby Shmurda’s Hat
Jason Schanne
Jason Schanne 5 mesi fa
You got a like just for the intro
Darthane 5 mesi fa
Just a point, you said there was no anchovies in the dressing on the last one, yet you added Worcestershire sauce to it, which is made by fermenting fish and onion.
I couldn't think of a name
You don’t win friends with salad
Damien Oud
Damien Oud 5 mesi fa
So nobody's gonna bring up how he just pronounced Worcestershire sauce?!
Ashley Wollard
Ashley Wollard 5 mesi fa
There are anchovies in Worcestershire
Gradius 5 mesi fa
"Two teaspoons of Wurtoshtersher sauce" Hmm.
Anne N. Idris
Anne N. Idris 5 mesi fa
What happened to the egg for the caesar salad?
trickyname 5 mesi fa
I'm sure you get this all the time, but its often pronounced wo-ster-sheer sauce in the UK. Love the channel btw.
eddyjt13 5 mesi fa
Lmao that shoutout to chef john
Sara Perez
Sara Perez 5 mesi fa
5:02 raw egg?
Dan Jeffersan
Dan Jeffersan 5 mesi fa
Mits Visperas
Mits Visperas 5 mesi fa
I need a shirt that says "...get to know each other"
Brandon Payne
Brandon Payne 5 mesi fa
Worth the watch just to hear Worcestershire
Violeta Romero
Violeta Romero 5 mesi fa
ffeellix is fine
i like the chef john reference you slide in there
I could be going crazy but the first dressing has no measurements? The written recipe doesn't have them either. I'm trying to make it and I have 0 idea how much to use. Had to google a different recipe to finish making it.
Johannes Pape
Johannes Pape 5 mesi fa
2:59 titties
burhooo 5 mesi fa
Alton also appreciates alliteration.....also
Hannah 5 mesi fa
honestly what the FUCK is the wedge salad is PISSES ME OFF. love you though babish
CHEF JOHN !!!!!!
Kendrick Seeber
Kendrick Seeber 6 mesi fa
The anchovies are in the worchestachire sauce
Leon Mulinge
Leon Mulinge 6 mesi fa
Woos-Ter-Sheer = Worcestershire
Brave Fehn
Brave Fehn 6 mesi fa
I love panzanella with Tuscan bread the most, which I've had luck making myself. The bread gets dry faster and absorbs everything really well, it was one of my favorite things to eat in Siena when I was studying there. It's super good and the only thing keeping me from making it all the time is I can eat an entire batch the size of what you made in the video myself unless someone else helps me eat it, and I currently live alone. It's a dangerous food to have access to, you will end up eating SO much bread.
Mozely 6 mesi fa
So, nothing to do with the video, but that song at the beginning of the video is called "Best I Can" not "Yes I Can." So... that's it. Love your videos.
thehahalol99 6 mesi fa
“Once your done tossing salad it’s time to get dressed” LOLL DEAD
Alexandra 6 mesi fa
I love this.. salad can be so underrated! One of my favorite dinners my mom would make as a kid was a “salad” that was mostly just chopped up pizza bread she would just roll out and bake plain, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, then a lighter amount of arugula and spring mix with a vinaigrette similar to that. Kinda like panzanella I guess but I called it pizza salad lol. And my mom would let the salad marinate for the perfect amount of time so that somehow everything had slightly absorbed the dressing without being soggy at all. So simple but the flavors and textures went together so perfectly.
Isaiah Kolb
Isaiah Kolb 6 mesi fa
Drablord 6 mesi fa
But...doesn’t worchestire (or however it’s spelled) sauce have anchovies in it?
axuirs 6 mesi fa
these "salads" are half bread and a quarter dressing there is no longer any point in eating a salad if you're going to give it the same caloric content of a pizza
axuirs 6 mesi fa
those aren't salads you fatass
Steve Colt
Steve Colt 6 mesi fa
Basics With Babish Ideas: Tea Cheese Pie/Cake Ramen Chicken Beef Jerky Sushi Doughnuts (Idk if he's covered any of these already.)
BeanMan 6 mesi fa
Worsesherershir sauce
Klaus O'Shaunacey
Excellent “Learning how to be an adult that cooks for themselves” videos. Subscribed!
Jason Reliford
Jason Reliford 6 mesi fa
I didn't giggle at "salad tossers".....it was a deep, throaty laugh.
Robert Alesiani
Robert Alesiani 6 mesi fa
You don't win friends with salad.
Ellen H
Ellen H 6 mesi fa
I like these videos but I can't stand the intro music to this series. It's too abrupt. Cheery and purposeful is fine, but this I hate. Sorry. Salads look great though.
Da Tellysayhi
Da Tellysayhi 6 mesi fa
You forgot to stab that salad about 20 times.
TheMonyarm 6 mesi fa
Tomatoes Cucumbers Onion Sirene (a kind of cheese) Olive oil Vinegar Salt Best salad you'll ever have
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