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Benevento returned to Serie A in dramatic fashion, coming back from two goals down to win thanks to a 88th minute Gaetano Letizia Goal! | Serie A TIM
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26 set 2020




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Commenti 100
Aldorf Luthanus
Aldorf Luthanus 14 giorni fa
BRAVO Benevento!!!!! BRAVO Benevento!!!!! BRAVO Benevento!!!!! BRAVO Benevento!!!!! BRAVO Benevento!!!!!
Official Chinz
Official Chinz 18 giorni fa
Special winning goal. Inzaghi and the Benevento boys might create more like this
Mad Garm
Mad Garm 20 giorni fa
ASMR commentary
Gonzalo Dziuva
Gonzalo Dziuva 20 giorni fa
Forza Benevento!
Arief Darmawan
Arief Darmawan 20 giorni fa
Ternyata banyak juga ya pencinta pippo dari Indonesia.. gimana kalo kita kumpul2? Belum ada khan komunitas penggemar pemain, kebanyakan komumitas penggemar klub. Yang setuju komen yak... Hehehehe...
Imansyah Putera
Imansyah Putera 21 giorno fa
Welcome back in serie A pippo.. always like the way you celebrate a winning match..
folladordeprostis 22 giorni fa
Fiki Mustofa
Fiki Mustofa 22 giorni fa
Forza Milan, Inzaghi, Gattuso, Pirlo, Nesta & Brocchi
OUSMANE AKA OSCAR 22 giorni fa
Welcome back Legend Inzaghi what a win from Benevento.
magribi r.
magribi r. 22 giorni fa
What a celebration from Pippo Inzaghi. Legend!
Brutal Fates
Brutal Fates 22 giorni fa
Benevento is a great team, I hope they do well this season, I will be ecstatic if they place mid-table.
EZRA MELLY 22 giorni fa
I liked the commentator saying '' Inzaghi celebrating as if he scored the goal ''. Thumbs up commentator!!.
Muh Ayyub
Muh Ayyub 23 giorni fa
Favourite commentator 😍😍😍
Het Ho39
Het Ho39 23 giorni fa
juan esteban
juan esteban 23 giorni fa
Cómo celebra los goles el Pippo🔥 Pipo mío, siempre Milan ♥️🖤
Jean Pyerre
Jean Pyerre 23 giorni fa
Caldirola is the spirit of Benevento.
Azrizal LazirzA
Azrizal LazirzA 23 giorni fa
that johnny sins scored twice, impressive.
Али Багиров
SUper Pippo super Italy
Али Багиров
Benevento выростит как САССУОЛА!!!
Али Багиров
Пиппо с победой!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Suara Hati
Suara Hati 23 giorni fa
I miss inzaghi.. he look old now :(
GAME NATION 23 giorni fa
Filippo inzaghi ❣️
Indra Allen
Indra Allen 23 giorni fa
_mulyadi.. mulyadi.._
yus jack
yus jack 23 giorni fa
Grande pippo
Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.....
Marko Galir
Marko Galir 22 giorni fa
Thank you,wish you all the best!
sabiq rusydi
sabiq rusydi 23 giorni fa
The kit reminds me of catalan team, Barcelona maybe
Adhi Pradipa
Adhi Pradipa 23 giorni fa
Congrats Mr. Inzaghi my favorite striker ever and the lads
N J 23 giorni fa
Ikaros Tass
Ikaros Tass 24 giorni fa
It ain´t over until it´s over! Cool comeback!
Per Targayan
Per Targayan 24 giorni fa
This Serie A commentators accent looks like Team Radio of Ferrari in F1
TYO RIVERA 24 giorni fa
Sid FTC 24 giorni fa
Where did they find this commentator
Farid Dwi
Farid Dwi 24 giorni fa
Coach Felipe Inzhagi?
Shelina Sandra
Shelina Sandra 24 giorni fa
Phuong Quynh
Phuong Quynh 24 giorni fa
Super Pippo Inzaghi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
irawan tm
irawan tm 24 giorni fa
kesini gara2 inzaghi 😂
Zakaria Abdullah
Zakaria Abdullah 24 giorni fa
Inzaghi Pirlo Gattuso 2006 WC Italy squads
Константин Олдов
0:55 I will setup your blog and setup it to earn money w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez 24 giorni fa
Grande Pippo!!! Que sigan las victorias para tu equipo
FireFist Ace
FireFist Ace 24 giorni fa
Pippo Inzaghi needs to succeed
Burak 24 giorni fa
Burak 24 giorni fa
Burak 24 giorni fa
Benevento wonderful💛♥️
Burak 24 giorni fa
Burak 24 giorni fa
Burak 24 giorni fa
Willem Parshley
Willem Parshley 24 giorni fa
Letizia TOTSSF balling
Avicenna Raksa Santana
can't wait to see Milan vs Benevento
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost 24 giorni fa
What a comeback by Benevento. Congrats to your first win this season Pippo!
Devon Yardi
Devon Yardi 24 giorni fa
The best benevento,
Football News India
Football News India 24 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-jE7ruysko3g.html top 5 Young Forward Players who can replace Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, what you think?🤔🔥
Simo DC
Simo DC 24 giorni fa
Samp serie B !!!
jiwa selebrasi inzhagi masih kaya waktu aktif main dulu
hakim rt
hakim rt 24 giorni fa
Welcome to luigi del Neri.. ups feraris
Bill Larissa
Bill Larissa 24 giorni fa
im waiting for the milan vs benevento. mixed emotions for pipo. once milan always milan
Deddy Limabelas
Deddy Limabelas 24 giorni fa
Unfortunately Audero.
m a
m a 24 giorni fa
مباراة ممتازة من الصاعد الجديد بينيفينتو
Yosri Razgui
Yosri Razgui 24 giorni fa
Ma dov'è Brignoli???? 😭😭
mokhammad zakky
mokhammad zakky 24 giorni fa
gianluse 24 giorni fa
Wake up Samp!!!!!!!!!
Nefilim Ugh
Nefilim Ugh 24 giorni fa
F. Inzaghi respect! Was my lovely player!
Amr Housseiny
Amr Housseiny 24 giorni fa
Il Super Pippo🔴⚫
Jepherson pinzon
Jepherson pinzon 24 giorni fa
Ricky Hernando
Ricky Hernando 24 giorni fa
Respect inzagi🙏🏼
Rob Kjellbe
Rob Kjellbe 24 giorni fa
What a game by Benevento! Never give up 👍
Khas 41
Khas 41 24 giorni fa
Grazie Inzaghi! 🔥🔥🔥
ali ali
ali ali 24 giorni fa
Sampdora is a poor team
Mahmoud AbdElaziz
Mahmoud AbdElaziz 24 giorni fa
Amazing video Fantastic selfie in football history. itvid.net/video/video-FDVyn4hw3Rk.html 👍👏
Mo Irfan
Mo Irfan 24 giorni fa
Welcome Back Supper Pippo!!
Nero Nero
Nero Nero 24 giorni fa
Will support Benevento this season and hope that they will stay at Searie A. Juve fan
love thy enemy
love thy enemy 24 giorni fa
Benevento will surprise everyone this season mark my words
Nikolah Putra
Nikolah Putra 25 giorni fa
The last goal so wonderful to watch
Tomy JM truss
Tomy JM truss 25 giorni fa
go inzaghi!!!
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi 25 giorni fa
Sampdoria play so badly like opening game in last season, they lose from promotion team and waste the chance after score 2 goals lead =(
Rachid Nafssi
Rachid Nafssi 25 giorni fa
A goddam Corndog
A goddam Corndog 25 giorni fa
‘Decent delivery 🚚’
al0len 25 giorni fa
Inzaghi, Gattuso, Nesta, Pirlo, Christian Brochi, they're now coaches. AC Milan is not a club, it's a football academy
mahfoud seraf
mahfoud seraf 22 giorni fa
@agem1989 série b
agem1989 24 giorni fa
Nesta? Where?
XxWiLD97xX 25 giorni fa
Grande Pippoo ❤️🖤
Kasper Coppens
Kasper Coppens 25 giorni fa
If i can give one tip, could you put the time and score in the corner of the screen please, than it’s way better to watch?
Leonardo Bottura
Leonardo Bottura 25 giorni fa
Grande Pippo!
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia 25 giorni fa
8' Fabio Quagliarella (1-0); 18' Omar Colley (2-0); 33' Luca Caldirola (2-1); 72' Luca Caldirola (2-2); 88' Gaetano Letizia (2-3)
Nur Irfan
Nur Irfan 25 giorni fa
my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
benny gumay
benny gumay 25 giorni fa
Inzaghi againts his coach
RMT87 25 giorni fa
Legend says Inzaghi is still being ruled offside till this day.
King Without A Crown
RMT87 As a matter of fact he's the incarnation of the the offside rule.
False Alarms
False Alarms 25 giorni fa
Back Come FInzaghi 👍
mahendra 25 giorni fa
Pippo ❤🖤
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal 25 giorni fa
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal 25 giorni fa
Cristiano Ronaldo
CaptianSparkles 25 giorni fa
3:24 man turned into Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ujang SIREGAR 25 giorni fa
New face in serie a, at least for me. Welcome Benevento
NK DoSon
NK DoSon 25 giorni fa
Bravo Inzaghi👏🏼
Malicalibrie 25 giorni fa
Emil audero mantul
ridwan edo
ridwan edo 25 giorni fa
SERI A 👍👍👍👍👍👍
ridwan edo
ridwan edo 24 giorni fa
suhail popzian
suhail popzian 25 giorni fa
Fully comback day
etsu sama
etsu sama 25 giorni fa
There is nothing then beautiful when woman enjoy the football and celebration.evert football lover wants to claim that type women
Tolulope Adegoke
Tolulope Adegoke 25 giorni fa
whut! i staked against Benevento, what a mistake.
ngawurbanged 25 giorni fa
1:46 Bald Tzubasa and Bald Misaki score the first goall for Benevento
Deri Andar
Deri Andar 25 giorni fa
EPIC COME BACK? !!... Forza pippo 👉
Scottish Unicorn Glitter
Who is commentating? Marco R?
Rinat Sahab
Rinat Sahab 25 giorni fa
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