San Antonio Spurs vs Denver Nuggets - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Ximo Pierto
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Denver Nuggets vs San Antonio Spurs - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | April 13, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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14 apr 2019




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Commenti 1 015
Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto 2 mesi fa
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Alo Mendoza
Alo Mendoza 2 mesi fa
@Dragica Andrejevic yup, totally agree
Dragica Andrejevic
This match was lost by Mike Melone.The game was a slow and reinforced defense, and that matches San Antonio .With San Antonio's old players play slow and position with low Millsap -you lost before the game started .If it does not speed up the game and the attack does not end in 10 seconds by running through the racket.Denver will lose with o
Alo Mendoza
Alo Mendoza 2 mesi fa
I love you ximo 😍
Threelly AI
Threelly AI 21 giorno fa
Jungle conclusions.... chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
Demonta Seward
Jokic lead in 2 of the categories and still lost🤦🏾‍♂️
Kimatitetam Mese fa
00:01 music? Pls
Riley Dinkleman
Riley Dinkleman 2 mesi fa
I told y’all Denver fans it was going to be spurs in 4-5. At least y’all made the playoffs. My Lakers would like to trade Lebron for a bag of chips.
R B 2 mesi fa
aznmafia77 2 mesi fa
Who is the black Uncle at the Pepsi centre that always yells "hell naw?" I swear, that dude been there since Melo played with the Nuggets XD
TMN MARIK 2 mesi fa
How many times did I that dude #11 in the spurs get up 🤷🏾‍♂️
frank talby
frank talby 2 mesi fa
Millsap has to step up , cant take 9 shots again
jassean kidd
jassean kidd 2 mesi fa
this is the best look for derozan in the playoff with the spurs and headed for a national championship how historical
bigmac5066 2 mesi fa
Denver is a idiot, why would they want to play Spurs ? That’s the reason Golden State, OKC and Houston avoided them. I don’t see Denver winning more than 1 game.
Shrey Bodapati
Mark Kenneth Quiton
thomas give time fir him to play specialy on playoffs
Magic Matt
Magic Matt 2 mesi fa
Presented by Mountain Dew @ the Pepsi center hahahahaha
Preston Brooks
Preston Brooks 2 mesi fa
I’ll always root for Rudy Gay, idk why to be honest
FMR393 2 mesi fa
imagine White and Murray together. great defensive duo right there
July Stylez
July Stylez 2 mesi fa
LaMont Melrose
LaMont Melrose 2 mesi fa
7:45 - HE CAUGHT A BODY!! I literally watched this play at least 3 times in a row before finishing the video...MAAAAANNN! Milsap, got DUNK'D UPON...
Angelo Perez
Angelo Perez 2 mesi fa
Thank you for this video! I was unable to watch this game and now I didn't miss a thing. Awesome editing, love how you replay the really exciting moments and the important moments, too. Thanks again.
Angelo Perez
Angelo Perez 2 mesi fa
lukman ch
lukman ch 2 mesi fa
Brandon Minard
Brandon Minard 2 mesi fa
13:29 is that a mistake lol
Fernando Enriquez
I like the midwest golden state jersey
John-boy 2 mesi fa
Playing the Spurs in the first round (can't believe they're a seven seed) is a tough draw. Mills Aussie tough after getting hammered on that screen. Aldridge money at the line near the end there
ghostSWANK 2 mesi fa
Isaiah didn't play?
1945joshuaruiz 2 mesi fa
He’s a major problem for Denver It was because of him they lost against Portland
Written Mirror
Written Mirror 2 mesi fa
Playoff mode activated
Matthew Stepteau
All i know is they better start rudy gay with derozen and Aldridge if they wonna go futuer in yhe playoffs straight up
Dustin Manahan
Dustin Manahan 2 mesi fa
Like for Yang2020!
erickrolo 2 mesi fa
Playoff experience team vs team without playoff experience.
1945joshuaruiz 2 mesi fa
Not really the nuggets missed a lot of shots . Easy blowout for Denver
Terence Portillo
Karma !
Benjamin Gines
Benjamin Gines 2 mesi fa
Jammal Murray now knows he is playing against Pop's team!
J. NamWEN.
J. NamWEN. 2 mesi fa
Popavich and his damn coaching 😂😂😂 gah damn man. Dude is a master mind.
1945joshuaruiz 2 mesi fa
Not really lol spurs got lucky with Denver missing a lot of open shots Would’ve been an easy blowout
1945joshuaruiz 2 mesi fa
Not really lol spurs got lucky with Denver missing a lot of open shots Would’ve been an easy blowout
8 subscribers with no Content
I’m genuinely confused on why everybody things the spurs played so well in this game. The nuggets were like 6-30 in three point attempts. Imagine we hit atleast 10 threes. Easy clap
Mai Big Butt
Mai Big Butt 2 mesi fa
Who’s in for White as our new future for the Spurs?
T3 Twon
T3 Twon 2 mesi fa
10:52 .... did he just say Lynching 😱👀👀👀
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
Spurs fan here. Our boys escaped with that W. If we play like this the rest of the series, then Denver will get us in 5 or 6. However, if we win game 2 regardless of whether it's a blowout or another escape, we win the series.
Tobias Lihawa
Tobias Lihawa 2 mesi fa
Spurs literally stole the game
Jiefson Niel Albite
When you traded derozan!
Timothy Wu
Timothy Wu 2 mesi fa
Mambo Ferido
Mambo Ferido 2 mesi fa
Zeus Fabian
Zeus Fabian 2 mesi fa
I told you! The spurs will murder them. Hahaha
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 2 mesi fa
Everybody blown
Bang Bang
Bang Bang 2 mesi fa
Bluepark Bluepark
Those teams again gsw? Warriors will win the back to back to back championship. Jeje
Bluepark Bluepark
Nugget s lol.
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 2 mesi fa
7:45 The Denver bench lmao
Frank Pierce
Frank Pierce 2 mesi fa
Hubie Brown is 85 years old and still calling games......
drahcir90 2 mesi fa
@ 7:45 Look at Denver's Bench... LMAO
Wenh Shown
Wenh Shown 2 mesi fa
Aldridge is always a good teammate in the post GDP era
House of Mods210
David Gim
David Gim 2 mesi fa
Spurs with full of playoff experience vs Nuggets lack of playoff experience. I knew spurs is gonna win the series
Radhika Gupta
Radhika Gupta 2 mesi fa
Dunk at 4:33
President Obama
President Obama 2 mesi fa
San Antonio straight representing The Fattest City, now let's celebrate The "W" at Texas Buffet. The City Of 🐋 Whales!
Mondy 2 mesi fa
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William de Murney
Gregg popovich is the winningest coach in NBA history 🎊🎉🎇
William de Murney
SAS can keep posting up against DEN ⛏️ how they can improve. savvy strategy on Nikola jokic 💯
Wendell Bernaldez
I love how marco stops and POPS. Welcome to POPLAND.
AFTW KING 2 mesi fa
That boy head was at the rim
SGTSayz 2 mesi fa
This is Demar’s first playoff appearance
Rene May
Rene May 2 mesi fa
Went on the ESPN channel and surprise surprise, they didn't even mention this game. Still no love for the spurs after 21 straight years of being contenders. SMH.... 😒
Andryson SS
Andryson SS 2 mesi fa
12:33 derozan playoff mode lol
Faruz Ur Tev
Faruz Ur Tev 2 mesi fa
Pointless -- GS, WC 2019. Now hey, enjoy the beers, burgers & wings, ya know, party down. Root for yer dudes, but really... btw I hate GS (Curry) -- I hope he chokes on that damn mouthpiece. Basketball is being played and sudden;y 5 shots from the parking lot and the game's over. I hate the 3-pointer. I LOVE watching Montrezl Harrell and Julius Randle -- you get it -- men's basketball.
Tommy Cruz
Tommy Cruz 2 mesi fa
What the fuck, Denver!?
Round oF A Pauls
Not surprise that the spurs won at all honestly they got some vets and one of the greatest coach of all times not only regular season but playoffs. Pop knows how adjust his team in the playoffs
dago gonzalez
dago gonzalez 2 mesi fa
Derrick white is the key to the spurs success
SirSaxy 2 mesi fa
7:45 Denver bench trying and failing to contain the reaction. 😂
Patrick star
Patrick star 2 mesi fa
7:46 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Evocati Media
Evocati Media 2 mesi fa
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall 2 mesi fa
Alderidge and Derozen gotta step it up good game by the spurs tho
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
That's the same thing I say. That Portland LA gotta show up sometime during these playoffs. And the Not Toronto DeRozan gotta show up too!
dmack1988 2 mesi fa
Denver bench when derick white made a poster 😂😂
iamMarcOBrien 2 mesi fa
If Pop has time to gameplan, the Spurs will ALWAYS be tough to beat.
Kenzo Toledo
Kenzo Toledo 2 mesi fa
Kyle Lowry: I still have this playoffphobia bro.. Derozen: hold my beer
Irvin Jr Generalao
Sheek_Nolacking 2 mesi fa
How tf they said the Spurs hung on to steal it if the lead the entire game?! 😂😂
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
Simple...when you're the road team in a playoff series you're automatically the underdog. The Home team didn't protect home court so the Spurs indeed "Stole" it from them.
Cristian A Sanchez
Nuggets had the hustle but the spurs had the mechanics
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
More like Nuggets had the youth but the Spurs had the experience!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 mesi fa
Good win 4 the spurs.. the nuggets will finish dem off in 6 games..
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
Puhlease....The Nuggets would have to go 7 games to beat the Spurs in this series. They shouldn't've let them steal a game in Denver. You better hope Denver don't lose game 2 also because then the Spurs will win in 4 or 5.
mafakka2 2 mesi fa
Pop is in da house, motherfuckers!
Dre Mac
Dre Mac 2 mesi fa
Awwwwww he caught a body😭😭😭😭😭😭
RuelMP 2 mesi fa
Marco low key a good ass player
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
It ain't a mystery that he's a great shooter, but I see flashes of Ginobili in him.
Holy Kussh
Holy Kussh 2 mesi fa
That missed game winner by Murray will haunt him for the rest of his life.
Nikhil Ananth
Nikhil Ananth 2 mesi fa
spurs bucks 2019 nba finals
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
I wish! I'm a Spurs fan, but a realistic Spurs fan. Conference Finals aren't out of the question considering the path we have, but Finals aspirations would have to likely go through Oakland! Houston is no joke until they enter a series as the Road Team...which will be in round 2.
Juniu R
Juniu R 2 mesi fa
ooowww he caught a body! White with some dynamite lol
Patrick Kabongo
Patrick Kabongo 2 mesi fa
Aldridge looking like his true self
So far, all the higher seeded teams have lost Game 1 of their respective series except the Warriors.
Trust The Process
Bucks in 4 Celtics in 7 Sixers in 6 Raptors in 6 Dubs in 4 Rockets in 5 Blazers in 7 Spurs in 6 Mark my words
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
All looks good except I have Brooklyn winning that series. Embiid is playing hurt and Brooklyn ain't scared of nobody!
Hans Moleman
Hans Moleman 2 mesi fa
sounds about right... but i might say sixers in 7. did you see that game? brooklyn was in control the entire time... they might even lose the series.
Don Quijote
Don Quijote 2 mesi fa
7th seed by choice.
Dernario Tate
Dernario Tate 2 mesi fa
Spurs need too go back and get Johnathan Simmons
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
I know right! I also said that reacquiring Marco Belinelli was one of if not THE smartest free agency moves the Spurs made last offseason.
pyramid architect
Lmao to all the Denver fans who constantly complain about why they get 0 respect like the Raptors and this is prime example why nobody respects you guys.
Daniel 2 mesi fa
Derozan left Toronto Raptors, so the "trash brothers" only have "Trash" in Toronto now.
Daniel 2 mesi fa
@BigSean PD I was talking about Lowry...
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
Kawhi is not Trash. As a Spurs fan I would rather have kept Kawhi than to acquire Derozan. With Kawhi we mighta been the 1 seed instead of the 7. The dude is that good!
RayRaySoShy 2 mesi fa
The Spurs maybe a 7 seed but they are the most dangerous 7 seed in the playoffs. Spurs arent losing this series why cause of the veteran players L Aldridge , M Belinelli , P Mills, R Gay ,D DeRozan and a young superstar in the making D. White
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
My question is what will we do with D.Murray and Derrick White when Murray returns from injury next season? Derrick White is naturally a 2 I believe, but he turned into a formidable 1.
Tawnee Scott
Tawnee Scott 2 mesi fa
jamal murray is good but dude is seriously not clutch he doesn’t get hype in clutch situations dude gets scared i feel like
Junior Noel
Junior Noel 2 mesi fa
Clean game
TRUEST CUZZY 2 mesi fa
The stupid 3 point miss the jumper and the turnover from white.Maybe not the jumper
TRUEST CUZZY 2 mesi fa
Let’s not debate that Jamal Murray is the second main reason why they lost game one.After his takeaway lay up and 1 he messed up
Macniffuco MacMusic
Sorry ass nuggets really yall lost at home.
Joseph Clutch
Joseph Clutch 2 mesi fa
Doesn't matter the seeds, it would be an upset if the Spurs lost this series 💯 Haha
Gilbert Moon
Gilbert Moon 2 mesi fa
Weak Nuggets gonna be swept by The Spurs
Shrey Bodapati
BigSean PD
BigSean PD 2 mesi fa
If the Spurs win game 2 it's a VERY strong possibility!
driiifter 2 mesi fa
Spurs were getting screwed over on those charge no calls and still won lol.
Justin Peters
Justin Peters 2 mesi fa
Hey ITvid why doesn’t this video have 1 million viewers ?
121212 2 mesi fa
Looks to me that Jokic could lose some bodyfat
Kevon Seymour #KS27
Pop best Coach in the History don't @ me
Duham 2 mesi fa
12:05 Murray took it back WOW!
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