Savitri Devi College & Hospital - 9th August 2018 - सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल - Full Episode

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Gayatri manipulates a heartbroken Mishri to stay, realising that it will hinder her plan if Mishri leaves. To make Mishri a capable and competent wife, Gayatri hires a trainer to help change her propensity. But, will Mishri be able to overcome, adapt and improvise? Stay tuned to find out.
Set in the midst of the medical world, Savitri Devi College and Hospital is the journey of Saachi. After clinching her dream internship, Saachi meets the two men who will turn her world upside down-the dashing Dr. Aryan, and the carefree intern Veer. Caught between a handsome surgeon and an adorable prankster, while pursuing her dream is tough. But Saachi is also guarding a secret, which if revealed, will ruin her life. What is this secret? Find out now.
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Commenti 136
jalila Abdul-Latif
Hoo poor mishri so sad but love you all the best 😍👌👍
jalila Abdul-Latif
Looooooooooove u sansveer always and u rock i looooooooooove your acting all the best may Allah bless you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖👌👌👌👌👌👌
Samira Negash
please 11
yusuf aziza
yusuf aziza Anno fa
I love you colors TV I love you so much
yusuf aziza
yusuf aziza Anno fa
very nice episode
Amin Mobile Senter
ro mat g
Realistic Man
Feeling So sad for Mishri.. Veer is very bad with her. She does not deserve this..
Ehtisham Rajpoot
Ehtisham raja
lorena Kessurnath
Fathima shehla Haafiz
The show has become boring now sorry no intention to hurt it's fans
Hafsa Kapoor
Hafsa Kapoor Anno fa
Oh mishri
Shushma Rai
Shushma Rai Anno fa
Mishri ke sath asa nahi hona chahiye.
Madhu Chapagai
Bloody Kabir and sachi
bertha erick
bertha erick Anno fa
bring sanveer back
Azaano Media
Azaano Media Anno fa
please English
Qari Shahzad
Qari Shahzad Anno fa
O mishri
tilak gole
tilak gole Anno fa
i also hate sachis charector wo kaise apne pati ko xodkar dusre ke sath rehe sakte hain>ye baat real life main hajam nahi hoti
tilak gole
tilak gole Anno fa
kabir kaise bad man se good man ban sakta hain wo to sab bakt bad charector me hi hain
salone sathi
salone sathi Anno fa
kaber and suci best jure
B Diamond Shutting
It is to nice video
Melina Thapa
Melina Thapa Anno fa
Sanchi & Bir best couple love u both
Melina Thapa
Melina Thapa Anno fa
best couple sachi & Bir love you both
Nisha Sah
Nisha Sah Anno fa
cute mishri
Nisha Sah
Nisha Sah Anno fa
cute mishri
Sehnaj Ansari
Colors k bakwas show
Manu Bg
Manu Bg Anno fa
sakshi and kavir ki jodi bahut great hai..plzz vir tum vi mistry ko axcept karlo
Samikshy Paudel
Ab miahriko vi dr.banana chaiyaaaa
Saleha Gohar
Saleha Gohar Anno fa
Zyada tar veer abnormal or psyco wali harkatien karta hai jaisa k aaj
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Anno fa
Mishri our veer ka Jodi achi hai lekin mishri stylish hogaye to acha hoti
Parisa Raja
Parisa Raja Anno fa
mishri cutttteeeee
Santos 011
Santos 011 Anno fa
Lanchau sanchi
Dan Magar
Dan Magar Anno fa
Misriko pyar nahi karta toh sadi kiu kiya life barbad kardiya beer ne chutiya
Kaur Dolly
Kaur Dolly Anno fa
Veer misshri sanchi se khe jyda asshi hai plz aisa mat kro agr aisa karna tha shadi kyu ki sanchi etni jaldi badal jyegi meine kbi nhe socha tha
Taspia Islam
Taspia Islam Anno fa
Misri ki ekting 👌👌👌👌nice and funny
Santos 011
Santos 011 Anno fa
Veer tum pagaal ho
Misbah Zulfiqar
Meri video ko zada say zada share karain
Misbah Zulfiqar
Agar ap technology say related ksi bhi chez pay janana chahty hain to meri video kay nechy comments kar kay mujay batain main us pay video bana don ga
Misbah Zulfiqar
Apni khud ki website banany kay liyay meri video dekhain or mera channel subscribe karain is main apki information kay liyay or bht c videos hain
Misbah Zulfiqar
tahmina tamanna
gayetri 💜💜💜💜😍😍
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