Scottie Pippen Has Officially Lost It 

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Discussing the recent comments from Scottie Pippen on Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan via the Gimme the Hot Sauce Podcast: • Bulls Legend and Hall ...
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Cornucopia House
I truly hope that Scottie will come out of the shitty situation he is in right now... Good vibes to you, Scottie! You will emerge strong and victorious. Hang in there!
Joe Lime
Joe Lime 3 mesi fa
I don’t blame him for kinda losing it. Being emasculated his whole life. Taking the backseat to MJ while doing all the grunt work. Getting the most laughable contract in NBA history. His wife hooking up with MJs son.
Te Es
Te Es 5 giorni fa
@Joe Lime wow, that's just wow what is going on with his wife, I just googled that... I'm German so I don't know too much about such background stories... I just watch games... but damn, I can now totally understand him too.
King Harris
King Harris 4 mesi fa
Scottie.... You are a legend. You are one of the greatest basketball player ever lived. You never been less than in my eyes! We all have trials and tribulations, but you are a man that deemed worthy to be called Legendary. Your legacy stays with us. No matter what you go through... you alone been through so much and many of us see that from you and within ourselves. You're a hero! If no one told you... I'll tell you this one million times... You're a hero!
violoncelo1000 4 mesi fa
Yes he is!
Nikki Mhar Labe
Nikki Mhar Labe 3 mesi fa
Nah. He is heavily overrated! He is mentally not capable of leading a team. His stats speaks of his game! He should be grateful he had MJ. If it wasn't for MJ, he would NO ONE in basketball.
Axel n
Axel n 3 mesi fa
​@Nikki Mhar Labe MJ no ring without pippen
Nikki Mhar Labe
Nikki Mhar Labe 3 mesi fa
@Axel n MJ can still win ring w/o pippen. MJ carried him. Tony Kukoc way better than Pippen.
Axel n
Axel n 3 mesi fa
@Nikki Mhar Labe I said NOPE
gc1958 3 mesi fa
As a life long Chicagoan, I KNOW the Bulls couldn't uave achieved what they did w/o Scottie. I loved watching this dynamic duo playing. It was amazing. We love you, Scottie!
vinkata 3 mesi fa
Absolutely true. Many people forgets MJ's struggles without Scottie. BB is a team sport after all.
William Henry
Scottie is just saying his true feelings and how he perceived things. I applaud him . Being honest and telling the truth is an honor and a testament to who he is . One of my favorite players of all time and a true legend ! GOAT !
KingChrisTV 4 giorni fa
What a joke. Their is the truth and then there is made up crap. His ego and choices destroyed his life. He is by far not the GOAT and you saying that shows you are as out there as him. He isn't telling the truth a lot of the time so it is the opposite of honor but definitely a testament to who he is.
Technique 6 giorni fa
Love ya Scottie, you was one of my heroes as a kid!
King Allen
King Allen 4 mesi fa
The death of his son and his lose wife broke him 💔
Tyson DOE
Tyson DOE 2 mesi fa
You know what was more fucked about that was his son died at age 33 which was Scottie Pippen's number.
King Allen
King Allen Mese fa
@tysondoe8402 that's crazy!
Agimo 14 giorni fa
@King AllenYes … 😧
kenneth harrison
I like the fact that no matter how much shade Scottie throws at MJ, MJ seems to refuse to retract his statement that without Scottie, he would have no championships. And MJ is right to continue to acknowledge that.
Rene Chang
Rene Chang 4 mesi fa
Scottie wishes MJ would call him an all star or a great basketball player. He just says a great team mate. Making Scottie to be just a good role player. That's probably the vibes Scottie gets from all of this.I mean we all know Lebron praises AD and called Kirey a future hopeful mvp.
King Allen
King Allen 4 mesi fa
​@Rene Chang stop lying
King Allen
King Allen 4 mesi fa
MJ not responding because he knows Scottie is going through it and not thinking right.
mrshoning 4 mesi fa
It costs MJ nothing to praise Pippen. Even though the truth is that if Pippen played for another team, he'd have been a fringe all-star at best and would have never even been considered for the 75th team. Few players in history have benefitted more by playing next to a legend than Pippen.
Ken Mines
Ken Mines 4 mesi fa
@mrshoning facts
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young 4 mesi fa
Very sad to see him like this. One of his twin sisters died a month ago in our hometown Hamburg AR. He is still my favorite player all time. Nothing can take the game he played away but this is definitely destroying him as a person. 😢
nalvarado65 4 mesi fa
Danny Parkins on Chicago's 670 the score said something about this yesterday. He thought that with all of the rings and everything that Bulls team had gone through that the stories this guy could tell would be amazing. He could regain lost revenue opportunities if he would just shed the bitterness. He'll always have a place in Chcago's heart, but it is getting kinda old.
Jake Joselito Ramirez
I feel bad for Scottie too. MJ and others had a lot of gripes with the owner, Krause, and he seemed like a very controlling guy who was also quite stingy. The wife leaving and son dying can really break a person, sometimes permanently.
Dr. Topgun
Dr. Topgun 3 mesi fa
Anyone who has seen the 90s Bulls play will never deny that Scottie was always the wingman of MJ and without him nothing would have played out! Also Rodman was a vital puzzle piece, same with him. One can argue you could have replaced other players and probably it could have worked out the same way. But for those 3 it had to be like this, with all these personal flaws those 3 had.
Blue 3 mesi fa
'88 baby here. Started in 94 for me. The 95 Suns finals is what made me a sports GEEK. The intensity, the crowds, and that Jordan swag. Playoff NBA on NBC was life. As a kid watching a kid’s game it felt awesome to watch people have fun and compete. The off court issues weren’t a thing to me until I was old enough to read. As time has gone on we hear more about their personal lives than necessary. It often leads to our childhood heroes turning into villains. The only player from my youth who came out unscathed is the GOAT. The Kid Ken Griffey Jr.
Shane Blackburn
Shane Blackburn 4 mesi fa
It’s actually sad to see what’s happening to Scottie Pippen. He is definitely not in a good place. On top of his wife cheating on him, Scottie’s son Antron also passed away in 2021 at 33 years old. He seriously needs professional help.
The Listening Party
33? just like his #🤔
The Record Rack
The Record Rack 4 mesi fa
I completely forgot about Scottie's son passing away back in 2021. It really is sad to see the former NBA All Star and current NBA Hall of Famer who was not only an integral part of The Bulls 1990s dynasty, but also to the NBA and its storied history. He's one of the NBA's top 50 players of all time, and he accomplished a lot, on-and-off the court. Scottie made playing lockdown defense fun to watch. I'm not sure I would call Scottie the greatest all-around defensive player ever to play, as there are so many facets to playing defense, as well as attributes needed to play different styles of defense, that are dictated by the type of offensive player, the defensive player is matched up with. That said, I think you can absolutely make a case that a single player can be considered the best at one specific defensive skill, like being a shot blocker, or a defensive rebounder, etc.... In Scottie's case, I do believe that he is the best one-on-one, on-ball, perimeter defender of all time. He's the definition of the term, "lockdown defender". I hope he is able to find piece at some point.
pencodes 4 mesi fa
a man telling the truth needs professional help hahah
KJ 4 mesi fa
Nothing is wrong with pippen.
Brendanfunny 4 mesi fa
@The Listening Party coincidences are so over the top… it should be obvious
Robert Romeo
Robert Romeo 4 mesi fa
When a player wants to renegotiate his contact, it may sound greedy and selfish. Scottie had a legitimate reason to ask for more money, as the bulls org. was unfair to him, that's why he left. He also played a big part in the Bulls success.
Abe Ninan
Abe Ninan 3 mesi fa
First and foremost you have to honor the contract you signed. MJ never complained.
Robert Romeo
Robert Romeo 3 mesi fa
@Abe Ninan Micheal Jordan already had 40 to 50 million in royalties and advertisements. Not that he was poor, but Pipen didn't have the same luxury. Can you dig it?
D. Cruz
D. Cruz 3 mesi fa
@Robert Romeo the GM begged pippen not to sign his original contract. Pipp wanted a long contract with less money to secure his family. It bit him in the ass.
Abe Ninan
Abe Ninan 3 mesi fa
@Robert Romeo In that case pippen should know his value without endorsements and settle down.
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez 3 mesi fa
God forbids something bad happen to him, the haters and media will pay tributes, highlights and talk about how great he was. It’s sick. Scottie will always be one of the best.
Nicholle 3 mesi fa
Nah. The Gods are playing MJ & Scoots Pip & Scoots Pip Jr right now. All other people are not relevant.
Jonathan Cheeks
Jonathan Cheeks 3 mesi fa
Come on Scottie
Lil Mick 🐊 Dundee
You a Legend Scottie!!! You deserved better and it will come to you
Kirk Williams
Kirk Williams 4 mesi fa
Last thing. I bet Scottie is really feeling the impact financially of the bad deal he had with the Bulls and I am sure with the divorce and pain he is feeling, it is easy to understand and ask what was it all for and did his sacrifice being an unselfish player really mean anything for him. Would be cool to dump a bucket of cash on Scottie to show love through a GoFundme or something. Not as a charity but as a thank you for what he meant to us and the game. Scottie really was that dude!!!!
Squicx 3 mesi fa
This man is a legend. He's apart of the golden children that brought modern day basketball to the spotlight and what it is today. But learning the history and legacy of The Bulls, to me I see a man always put in the shade of MJ. This man has always been in Michael's shadow in some way or form. Although he's constantly praised by MJ, seen as one the main reasons the Bulls even have championships to begin with, but I guess it's that one voice in his head always putting himself behind MJ. That constant though that everyone would always "go for Michael" and not him when he's helping carry the team. That rising jealousy that's carried since the early 80s. With Michael not fighting back or at least trying to shame him, it's hard for him to understand that there's no reason for him to keep on going and holding grudges. I hope he gets better soon bc Scottie is honestly just as legendary as everyone in the Bulls. These guys MADE basketball awesome!?!? Lets put alla this behind us
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez 4 mesi fa
Get well soon Scottie, this shit sounds weird but that man was a big part of my childhood. I didn't grow up in a happy home. Watching the bulls games back then was one of the few happy childhood memories I have. Scotty will always be one of the goats to me. I feel he laid the groundwork for guys like LBJ as far as play style.
Sonny Allagonez
Sonny Allagonez 4 mesi fa
Bingo! Don't ever compare LBJ to MJ! Compare him to Pippen bruh Basic and no go to moves, especially in crunch time.
Mark Mac
Mark Mac 4 mesi fa
i never heard "point forward" until Scottie came around. i swear his arms were 6 feet long each.
Redi4show!!! 3 mesi fa
TJ_Fox25 4 mesi fa
Whatever he says is never going to destroy who he was and what he did for the Bulls. He has every right to give his opinion and or tell what he believes to be his truths. Just like you did in this video. I grew up watching the Bulls as well and have always argued that Jordan had key players around him who made everything he was able to achieve, possible. In no way does that take away from his greatness, instead it should give more glory to his teammates.
Twisted Ginger
Twisted Ginger 4 mesi fa
Technicians 87
Technicians 87 4 mesi fa
I was a big Scottie fan and would argue with people that Scottie was key to the success of the Bulls but in my opinion his bitterness toward MJ is just a turn off and he has in my mind tarnished his legacy. I respect what he did as a player but as a man he is pitiful and I have lost respect for him.
LB BYRON 4 mesi fa
Man that's facts
Pariag Sookoo
Pariag Sookoo 4 mesi fa
😂​@Twisted Ginger
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 10 giorni fa
Great video. I like how you started by paying your respects for Scottie as one of the greats. I'ts sad what's happening. The man does need help. It's unfortunate.
Earline Reed
Earline Reed 3 mesi fa
Love Scottie and he should be recognized for his contributions to Michael and the Bulls.🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Ruciana Pollard
Ruciana Pollard 3 mesi fa
He has been!
red mase
red mase 4 mesi fa
We do not know what this man has been through. When you look at the scenario with the contract he had no choice and mike made no move to help him. So don’t say get over it and be cool with people who may be part of all the struggle from jump.
Loretta Nericcio-Bohlman
C’mon Scottie pull it together. Many people have gone through loss and come out for the better. I’m sorry about your son; that I didn’t know. You are a class act, don’t forget that 💕💐
Szymon Madej
Szymon Madej 4 mesi fa
It's sad what is happening to Scottie. There is a popular photo from the "flu game" when Pippen helped a sick MJ walk off the floor. That's how I want to remember Scottie and the Bulls. I hope things get better for him soon.
Hero 3
Hero 3 4 mesi fa
Trouble 4 mesi fa
Who cares who are you
Blatz Stats
Blatz Stats 4 mesi fa
Well if MJ never made the LAST DANCE about himself we wouldn't be talking bout this ...
Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son 4 mesi fa
Jordan was never sick he was acting 🎭. I saw that game
DNICE41 4 mesi fa
​@Prodigal Son sure you did, what are 20 years old you Lebron fanboy.
Evon Renfroe
Evon Renfroe 4 mesi fa
Praying for you Scottie 🙏
Pictureof Myjunk
I grew up in this era and to me the whole team was underrated. Jordan was the nucleus and the best in the league. The team was built around him, but those blocks built around him were amazing. Pippen was a great second man. Armstrong and Kerr were great shooters, Grant was a great forward, Cartwright a top notch center and later you had the worm. Those players complimenting Jordan is a dream team in every way and plus they play together 80 plus times a year and practice 😳. I would not want to be an opposing team.
Loy Pineda
Loy Pineda 4 mesi fa
Yes, he was a great second man, but he didn’t want to be. In his book he said he cringe every time somebody calls him a sidekick to MJ. He has had a lot of tragedy that happened to him in the last few years and he is bitter and lashing out. He is a soul in turmoil. Really sad that it has come down to this.
ganiniii 4 mesi fa
I followed the Bulls when I was a kid and played basketball but I was actually a fan of the Rockets bc of Olajuwon. His story was amazing for me. Being here in europe there was so little to follow back then other than actually watching the games that were broadcasted. It was the satellite era of sports. Warching games in the middle of the night😂. Anyway, Pipen was always the #2 man where I come from. He got a lot of recognition back then and had a lot of fans. Jordan was just a legend already and of course his popularity won't wear out as fast. Maybe Pipen thinks he should have gotten more chances to be on the spotlight and he is probably right his contribution was great. It may be inconvenient to many that he lets it out now but he is free to say whatever he wants maybe it even makes him feel better about it. I just hope that he has no regrets about his basketball carreer he did very well.
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 3 mesi fa
-- My first memory of the Bulls is when they lost to the Bad Boy Pistons, who went on to win their second title. I fell in love with the Bulls. Went to every game at the Mad House on Madison I could. Seemed when I was a kid, my mom would wake me up on Sunday, and every time it was Bulls @ Celtics on WGN. Those days were better than Christmas Day. Old, sure, but I was blessed to live young through those times.
UTYESWilliam Derosa
Thanks for showing every Pippen highlight ever! I was there to watch all of this when it happened. Pippen is a great player, but wouldn't be half as good without the GOAT. Without Pippen there at that time it would have been someone else with a different name
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 4 mesi fa
definitely a legend. I couldn't care less if he has a beef with his teammates, or had beef with MJ, still one of my favorite players of that era.. Had an incredible basketball IQ on defense.
Muaath Al-khattab
Pigs 4 mesi fa
A Bulls legend? This guy claiming Pip is underrated..!??? The fuck? He ain't even close to top 75
Nicholle 3 mesi fa
3 million Views. Come up. 👏🏻👏🏻
80s baby
80s baby Mese fa
love history
love history 3 mesi fa
Thank you Scotty for the best years of Basketball ever!
Clyde Barrow
Clyde Barrow 4 mesi fa
It doesn't matter what he does now. People will remember him for what they wanna remember him for.
David Defreitas
David Defreitas 4 mesi fa
I think what has happened to Scottie is that after he retired and the years went by he began to reflect on many of the things that happened during his professional career. As he matured he began to better understand things and came away with a better perspective of events. I think he would have a good insight into the character of Michael Jordan, the coaches and other players. I don’t think its fair to say he has ‘lost it’. He saw beyond the media hype.
WILTALK 3 mesi fa
His feelings and attitude are nothing new. He had those while he was still in his first stint with Chicago with out Jordan. He did not like being in Jordans shadow and felt that being so kept everyone from recognizing how good he was. This is why he jumped to Houston and then Portland. He wanted to prove he could be on a championship team without Jordan. However, it never worked out, Rather it reinforced how playing with Jordan made him look better than he actually was.
Donny Doit
Donny Doit 3 mesi fa
I always loved Scottie and his honest pure attitude and opinions towards everything. Of course Mj was greatest basketball player and still is. But think about it, Scottie being next to the greatest player still shone as Mj partner. I really think Scottie has been the most unappreciated NBA superstar ever.
Ben Hart Art
Ben Hart Art 4 giorni fa
I was 11 in 1992 and I loved the Bulls and MJ and Pippen I played basketball from 1987-1999 then again from 2012-present ❤🎉 it’s such a great game
Tim Satterfield
Tim Satterfield 4 mesi fa
I’ll always remember Scottie for the great that he was as a Chicago Bull. Whatever happens and is said today, I’ll let slide and move on from.
Ronny 4 mesi fa
an iconic friendship destroyed over nothing. There's still 1% hope for MJ to forgive him
NagoMizik 4 mesi fa
NagoMizik 4 mesi fa
@Ronny I so hope so..
TRENT DEE 4 mesi fa
nickpr. 4 mesi fa
Crazier thing to me is that someone who achieved so much in the NBA should be living his best life in retirement and taking in all the praise from his legacy, but has completely turned the narrative against him. You'd think people like Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley or Patrick Ewing would be the ones taking this approach because while great on their own righ, they didn't win championships or are as widely recognized as all-time great players, like Pipp and the Bulls were, yet they have never shown one bit of resentment like he has.
GuStAvO oDySsEy TrAnCe 4EvEr
Scottie was such an important piece of the puzzle, the Bulls wouldn't have achieved what they did without him.
Mr. Orr
Mr. Orr 4 mesi fa
I too was a kid in the 90s my first bball memoriea are that 90-91 bulls championship and falling in love with the game from that point on. Scottie... Is just going off the deep end at this point. That's really all I'm going to say.
John Lindsay
John Lindsay 3 mesi fa
My first basketball memory was Bulls vs Pistons on a Sunday afternoon in 87. I had one of those indoor Minnie hoops with the little basketball you can use for target practice. I had it set up in my basement at a perfect height for a 10 year old to dunk. It was glorious. So I had the game on and played one on none mimicking the shots the pistons would take(I was a bad boys fan). I followed that rivalry right up to the playoffs where the Pistons got through to the finals where I watched my first NBA Championship. Such great memories. I was never an MJ fan, but I respected him. I feared him. Especially as I later became a Knicks fan hoped once, just once, John Starks would get the better is the battle. It never happened. 😞 At least not until 94 when MJ retired and so got to watch my Knicks blow a 3-2 series lead against the Rockets and lose game 7 in the Garden. But it all started that Sunday in my basement with my tiny hoop and ball. Great memories.
denooraM 3 mesi fa
Absolutely agree. You forgot to mention that he lost his son! The guy went and is probably going through some horrible personal issues.....
Andrew Marcus
Andrew Marcus 4 mesi fa
During Bull's last run, Scottie was sacrificing his body down the lane with his injured back. Most people who saw the games know what Scottie did for the team. It's sad Scottie doesn't seem to comprehend that.
IseaFlames 4 mesi fa
Na most people act like he was just there riding Jordans coat tails to a ring don't lie.
Afrikan Lifestyle
Most people, including a lot of Bulls fans don't give Scottie his due.
theRealDeal 3 mesi fa
Exactly 💯💯💯
angel julian barba
But he didnt need to throw shades on mj. Period
William Morris
William Morris 4 mesi fa
During that magic spot in the 90s I was in my middle teens and I’ll never forget. Those of us who were watching back then remember how much Scottie put into it and how much of it was on his shoulders (the wins). So yeah this is only hurting him. He is looking like a modern 2020s persona. And that can only tarnish your brand
Leon Bridges
Leon Bridges 3 mesi fa
Scottie, when people say you are losing it or they say you are crazy you are probably on to something. 🖤👽
Fill Yo
Fill Yo 4 mesi fa
There are still thousands of people like and appreciate Scottie for his years of playing Basketball
Terrance Pemberton
Scottie was a damn great player! I was young back then(I was born in 86) but I particularly remember those last 3 Bulls championships in the 90s. The Bulls were simply great! But I couldn't stand them honestly lol I was always rooting against them cause I was so tired of hearing about Jordan mainly. I had the same problem with the New England Patriots in the NFL. I think I simply like to see other great players/teams get some shine as well lol. Anyways I'd just like to imagine in a different timeline where Scottie was maybe on a different team or mainly if Pippen was still with the bulls and Jordan didn't exist....where Scottie was the #1 dude and he also had a #2 guy of the same caliber as himself to support him. I would've loved to see what Scottie could've accomplished in such a scenario. I for one think he would've done great still. Jordan no doubt was one of the greatest to ever play the game but he truly had a lot of great talent surrounding him and I just kinda feel for those guys always having to live in MJs shadow.
WILTALK 3 mesi fa
Your realize that Pippen had that chance with both Houston and then Portland. Pippen signed with them to prove he could win without Jordan. They both had really good players beside Pippen but no championships.
John Jagodzinski
I had the privilege of seeing MJ and Pippen live as Bulls players in 1998 vs. Miami. Very exciting game. I'm from Chicago and witnessed all the championships. Pippen was one of the lowest paid top star players on the team. His contract wasn't like Michael Jordan's. So, IMO is one of the many reasons he has said all the things he said was because of his contracts he signed with the low pay. Plus, Pippen didn't win a championship without Jordan he was called out on when he sat out on crucial play that went to Kokuc for a clutch game ending play. Very under rated player, but he is always referred to as the 2nd best player on those Bulls dynasty teams. I'm sure that he got tired of that refferrance. So, he has snapped and hasn't looked back since and attempts to bury anyone he can at any expense, which is included in his book.
MeLLyMeLz808 4 mesi fa
I’m with you. I’m 41….I grew up in the 90’s. Big reason why I’m a Bulls fan till this day! I miss the Dynasty 3 peat days
Keith Nowak
Keith Nowak 4 mesi fa
I'm 41, too. Other than my dad, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were my biggest hereos.
Jude Barrera
Jude Barrera 4 mesi fa
Another 41 year old here, and as a huge basketball fan and former player, this truly breaks my heart. They were a HUGE part of my childhood. And I'm from San Antonio 😂 I even patterned my game like a mix between the two. My first two pets as an adult were named Jordan and Scottie. I have both their jerseys framed in my office. Please get better Pip, but don't worry, I still rock my Nike Pippen retros with pride😊
A H 4 mesi fa
Who did the bulls face that could’ve went down as the greatest team ever??? Hell, what team did mj beat for a championship that at that time in the league was breaking records as a team ??? Jordan beat teams that were nba avg at best. Yea Stockton had the assist record yet that a player record not an overall team record.. the league only had avg talents that in todays nba they. Wouldn’t be superstars only one dimensional players either great D or low post present monsters. Or great court vision but not one had all of this accept for when mj was getting his ass kicked my the bad boys pistons, and Celtics the lakers had the right pieces. But aye continue to be a puppet.
Mental Programing
@A H your comment is true but cmon G, take that somewhere else. Your comment is only true for one reason because the coaches were way more restrictive and didnt allow guys to play a certain way, theirs guys that the coaches would say back then hell no your not allowed and back then the players voice was not respected.. coaches and gms were the big dawgs with all the say so.. jordan was the first nba player ever to call shots on the floor but he wasnt even powerful enough in his organization to keep them from firing phil or trading scottie... LeBron is the reason nba players have power and coaches roles are diminished now.. some players have even more power than GMs now
A H 4 mesi fa
@NoSaltJustPepperBae remind them just how stacked the bulls were lol
Terry Lucas
Terry Lucas 11 giorni fa
He keeps raising on a busted flush. Wishing him love & luck. Scottie you good people bro🫡
NormanNorthman 4 mesi fa
I remember the Bulls beating my SuperSonics in 96. I was 12 and will never forget it. Would love have the Sonics back in Seattle someday. 🤞
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 4 mesi fa
Yes, Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton, my favorites. Especially Shawn Kemp!!!
WILTALK 3 mesi fa
@Shawn Johnson Shawn Kemps ego got the best of him when he continued to challenge Dekembi Matombo and got stuffed everytime. The Sonics were the best team that year and lost to the 8th seed nuggets. Kemps ego was the major part of that loss. Kemp was a good athlete but not the sharpest tool in the shedd. He just kept going at Matombo no matter how many times he was stuffed.
vincent anton
vincent anton 3 mesi fa
Pippen was and is still one of my Idols in Basketball. This man could do it all and it was often so special and spectacular and left you speechless. It is bitter to see him now roasting mj. They are friends, i want them to be friends forever. I want to believe...so sad. Nice Editing besides with thoughtful remarks.
Dima Knopf
Dima Knopf 4 mesi fa
Dude he hasn't lost it. This is years of pent up emotion he dealt with and is finally letting it out on the people that hurt him. I've done the same thing you can only take so much before you blow up and let it all out.
1teela 4 mesi fa
Jordan was horrible before he got there? Come on. It is one thing to have an opinion, and another to have a delusion.
Dima Knopf
Dima Knopf 4 mesi fa
@1teela it has nothing to do with Jordan being bad or good and has everything to do with Jordan taking credit for everything the team did. Scottys venting this and even the guy who made this video was like "it's true but...." Then proceeds to discredit him it's biased wrong and the real delusion is thinking that Jordan was the team.
The Rebecca Spears
I agree, Scottie is over it.
MJ Dagoat
MJ Dagoat 4 mesi fa
@Dima Knopf Jordan never took full credit he praised his teammates for their help
Kerry Howard
Kerry Howard 23 giorni fa
The reason they split up after 98 is not just because of Krause not wanting Phil Jackson to coach the team anymore. It got to where everyone pretty much had a cocky and arrogant attitude. It was because of them working so hard to win the championship and coming up short and what they went through to get there that when they started winning the championships and flat out dominate the league those egos started to flare. Phil Jackson kept them all in order and not fighting or arguing. So when 98 came it blew up and became nothing more than a huge " dick measuring contest" between every player,coach,front office personnel, and the owner. Why Krause wanted so much recognition and to be in the spotlight blows my mind. Same goes for Jerry Reinsdorf I think was his name. But they needed to be thankful for MJ first and then pay Scottie what he deserves and so on. But overall I think it was meant to end after 98 and there will never be a better dynasty or a player better than Michael Jordan and he is and always will be the Goat.
Rene Nunez
Rene Nunez 4 mesi fa
It's very sad for those of us who saw the greatness of the Bulls.
Vinny H.
Vinny H. 2 mesi fa
Jokes aside, i agree 100% of what you said.Pippen needs help.And I hope he gets it.(and it helps hime forgive many people who hurted him in the past and be thankful of being part of the greatest team of all time).Millions of boys seeked pro ball and never got a chance.This arkhansas man got it...and now he doesn't value this great achievement.I hope the best for him
Eddy2345 3 mesi fa
As a Chicago bulls fan since the first time i seen jordan and Scottie play in 1995 😢this hurts
boo blam
boo blam 4 mesi fa
I remember scottie pippin when I was living in Jamaica 🇯🇲.....I hope everything works out for him. Jah bless
Mark Parris
Mark Parris 4 mesi fa
Sad. Be well Pip. You got this! 🐐
Kile Bullard
Kile Bullard 4 mesi fa
I've always looked at the bulls as Michael and Pippin. It was a beast of a duo
Greg Terrance
Greg Terrance 4 mesi fa
New Sub...As a Bulls fan, I remember when Jordan got drafted, and all the crap that they went through BEFORE the championships, and then the dynasty that came after. I never thought that it would come to this with this team, especially not Jordan and Scottie. The Last Dance was the firestarter...I just didn't think it would turn into an inferno. Just sad.
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 4 mesi fa
Scottie knows now; Mental and emotional well-being require that we have time and space enough to reflect on and learn from our experiences. Something you don't understand in a moment, you can only understand within time...
Mr. Ace
Mr. Ace 4 mesi fa
This is truly sad to see. As a 90s NBA Fan, this hurts.
engelmann82 3 mesi fa
Someone should tell Pip to watch his own HoF acceptance speech...who he asked to present him on stage and what he then said about that person next to him...I'd love to hear his thoughts!
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 4 mesi fa
I was born and raised in chicago. Got the honor to go to many of the games. One night I wanted to hi-five MJ. He ignored me . He looked right at me and still ignored me. I put my head down for a second and saw scottie next to MJ. SCOTTIE came up to me ,gave me a high-five,put his hand on my shoulder and said... keep your head up little brother! Scottie pippin is to me the GREATEST player in the world.
Only Facts
Only Facts 3 mesi fa
What a unforgiven world we live in. As soon as someone makes a mistake in life we are ready to bury them. Those without sin cast the first stone. I am sure we have people that will respond.
ICE 4 mesi fa
38 years old here, I saw the first championship and beyond. Pip legacy will never be ruined by this, but it’s sad to see and I hope he gets the help he needs.
mal norfleet
mal norfleet 4 mesi fa
Like hell it wont. Now, he will cause his own game to be analized and we will notice his 7 pts per game his rookie year. In fact he his average is 16 pts per. Mj rookie year is better than any year he ever had. Now we have to start looking at stats and remembering him getting arrested, throwing a chair on the court, refusing to go in the game for a shot he never took before (the last shot) and having a track record of shrinking in playoff games. Then you lose with stacked teams like in portland and lastly his wife getting piped down by literally EVERYBODY!
ICE 4 mesi fa
@mal norfleet YOU can choose to focus on the negative and BE JUST LIKE HIM NOW. But I’ll gladly walk down the path of being grateful for his contribution to 6 championships.
mal norfleet
mal norfleet 4 mesi fa
@ICE good way to deflect. This was PIPPEN who brought this up. You can walk wherever you want, you aint changing the shit that man spoke about. The man needs to humble himself, stfu, and get his own affairs in order. So calling a teammate horrible and coach racist is positive to you right?
KP 4 mesi fa
@mal norfleet With all due respect, if you witnessed Chicago’s complete dynasty, you would understand that Scottie’s contribution was unmeasurable. Stats alone couldn’t explain Scottie’s value. As far as off the court issues goes, Scottie was no where near the problem that Dennis was.( MJ wasn’t squeaky clean either).
kippoems porter
kippoems porter 4 mesi fa
Remember, Scott had his chance to be the leader of the Bulls after MJ left the first time. The Bulls were in the playoffs; he claimed that he got a headache. I will give it to him, he was an underrated player
robert dortch
robert dortch 4 mesi fa
I will only and always remember a Scotty kitten for what he did. It's already good on the court as a basketball player
kilartist1 the dreamweaver GameCat
Hurt people hurt and from what has happened to him as of late i think this is the case for him. I hope he can find happiness
Poerava 3 mesi fa
Bro. You forgot a few things. This doco ledt out luc longley completely. Someone who pippen was close with and also didn’t show how much pippen did for the team. Also how pippen wasn’t the only person calling Jackson racist. And yes, Jordan did break up the team. One could only imagine how great the bulls could have been if Jordan wasn’t such an a$$ hole
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas 3 mesi fa
Hope Scottie get some help he helped MJ and the team very very much came up in my book 2nd in with the bulls.
I love Scottie Pippen and man what he was he able to do with Jordan and the Bulls winning six championships in the 90s with Jordan being the second best player on those Bulls teams going to war each and every night with blood sweat and tears and I even remember Scottie almost blew out his back in game 6 of the 98 finals but still played and when the Bulls won their 6th title Pippen had tears in his eyes that's something money can never buy and no one can tell me that all that winning wasn't some of the best times in Scottie Pippen's life I feel bad that his wife left him and all that other stuff but Scottie needs to let go of it and just cherish those memories of winning and playing alongside Jordan the greatest Bulls player in the history of the team and Phil Jackson a hall of fame coach who did an excellent job keeping that Bulls team together. Pippen really does need help
Kamil Ebrahimoff
Well said
@Kamil Ebrahimoff Thank you
crisisakagod 4 mesi fa
in the last dance they try and say his back was fine and he was faking to have a jordan like flu game the disrespect is on another level
Spyros Kaziannis
Im only gonna talk about the last championship. Pipen had almost the same average as kukoc, while Jordan had to score more than 50% of the bulls points. Pipen was injured and played a monitor role especially in the final game. Didn't make any difference. MJ took his team on his shoulders and delivered.
Cisco Smith
Cisco Smith 4 mesi fa
For those of us old enough to have seen those games, Scottie never really looked happy during his matches. He always looked like something was bothering him.
Stephen Dillon
Stephen Dillon 4 mesi fa
Scottie will always be one of the greatest players ever as far as I'm concerned. All the negative stuff is unnecessary. Kudos to Scottie and the Bulls. Story done.
Anthony Morena
Anthony Morena 4 mesi fa
Nope, his legacy will never be tarnished???Silly thing to say. Still one of the best ever to play the game, as there are no real legends that compare today. Hope he gets well soon.
Bob Chi-town
Bob Chi-town 4 mesi fa
In my all time pick for a team.. MJ and Scottie would be 1 & 2 ... they were the best 2 players I have seen work together when they were on the floor at the same time !
Legal Latino Heat
Larsa Pippen ruined him.
J 4 mesi fa
top comment
Bulls Central
Bulls Central 4 mesi fa
Pretty much
Jt Williams
Jt Williams 4 mesi fa
Bitterness isn’t a good look. We all have to let go of our grudges and regrets, eventually, or they will destroy us. It’s just a sad way to look back on one of the most very special teams in sports history
Re11o Re11o
Re11o Re11o 4 mesi fa
Future did too😂
I'm a spooky kitty
​@Jt Williams bro mike is still triggered over a handshake xD
Carlos Costa Jr
Carlos Costa Jr 4 mesi fa
Pippen had his problems at the Bulls, in some important games he was physically affected, he failed to enter the court in a game. So he wasn't such a good leader. When he arrived in the NBA he wasn't ready yet, he became Pippen all star with Jordan's help. Sometimes they seemed like a mirror of each other. I don't see teammates badmouthing Jordan, but Pippen is the type of person who wants to grow by taking others down. He wasn't humble with the fans and he isn't appreciative of achievements. And Jordan has always praised him, Pippen will get the hate even from Bulls fans.
whatchandstudy7 4 mesi fa
When on the court Scottie was a beast. No weakness in his game.
Bookie Mane
Bookie Mane 4 mesi fa
Let that man speak his mind. If it's the truth it's the truth. He ain't obligated to no one. Just because he speaks about his experience doesn't mean he is losing it. Whomever seeing things that way are or they are trying to silence the man. Scottie ain't the first nore last to mention the negative aspects of those playing with the Bulls. I think it's great that guys aren't afraid to speak the truth and not let the media shut them down. That's what this is a cover story to make him seem in a bad spot coming from someone whom not in this life or the next 10 lives have the money or life experience he's had. This is a bad video man
Nef Ohio
Nef Ohio 4 mesi fa
TheWatcher 4 mesi fa
Would'nt even put Scottie in my top 50 personally, not even in my top 10 small forwards and I think it would be hard for anyone who's not obsessed with the bulls to do the same... Great defender, slightly above average scorer throughout his career.... You could literally change scottie out of the 90's bulls roster with any slightly above average player and that person could have riddin MJ's coattails to a championship to... The championships that Jordan won that are the only reason scottie's name is even remembered at this point.. Good player vaulted to legend status solely due to his teammate 💯
Bob James
Bob James 4 mesi fa
Scottie crossing my man over and dunking on Manute Bol at the 3:12 mark: PRICELESS!
Armygurl39 4 mesi fa
I’m not gonna say he needs help. No one was there to know exactly what happened. We need to learn how to stop telling people how to feel or how to handle things that they went through. Some of us hold stuff in until we can’t anymore, and I know that’s not healthy, but that how we cope. Everything he’s saying, I believe is coming from a place of hurt.
Shawn Glover
Shawn Glover 4 mesi fa
Thank u!!! There is a lot of truth in what scottie has said. They centered everything around Jordan and the fact is Jordan would not have those rings without Pippen.
brakmaster 3 mesi fa
Scottie changed his tune recently because he is probably suffering financially. Also the "Last Dance" documentary probably stirred up old memories and feelings but now he sees things from a different perspective. This along with his present situation has made him a bitter old man.
WILTALK 3 mesi fa
I am old enough to remember when things happened. Scotty was always bitter that he was playing in Jordans shadow and never kept it a secret once Jordan left. His attitude is not new or recently brought on. He has had this chip on his shoulder for quite a long time.
utility maximizer
Pippen was my favorite player growing up watching the game in the 90s. So sad to see him turn into all this bitterness and resentfulness. I don't doubt Jordan is a big narcissist and on many occasions a jerk, but Pippen making these statements really do not help anyone including himself look better. Mixed feeling as I rewatch these incredible highlights that I first saw as a teenager.
FedorMachida Last
MJ's block on Ewing was Sick! What a beast. As for Scottie, he is still one of the best players ever and has a right to voice his own opinions. He might have fallen out of favor with the fans, but so be it. I am still a fan of his. Without him, the Bulls don't get 6 Championships.
Orc Lover
Orc Lover 3 mesi fa
Very few teammates have nice things to say about Jordan, in fact, I can't seem to think of a single teammate who was loyal to him to the end. Obviously Jordan's personality willed his team to win once they had good players and they never had to worry about him not showing up to play. Winning is an absolute grind, and winning for another person's legacy, especially a disagreeable person is a grind. I still remember Chris Bosh complaining after their 4th finals in a row about how tired he was of playing in the playoffs, and how he needed a fresh start. Meaning, he needed to be the top dog, and all of the sacrifice needed to be for his legacy, and not Lebrons. As it turned out, Lebron left, Chris never played in another playoff game, neither did Dwade and a bunch of those Heat players.
Dantavius Stapleton
For a Bulls fan like myself who didn't experience the dynasty is sad to me, but for Scottie himself, we knew how important he was to these Bulls teams, but he needs to quit being desperate for attention and being selfish. He needs to be grateful that he was able to win six chips in his career, not many people can say that.
Javii King
Javii King 4 mesi fa
What Scottie is going through is bitterness. He held on to alot of stuff back then. And alot of them dealt with it I nthe moment and moved on. MJ wanted to be public with is version of the truth to have that peace internally and externally. Sad to see what's happening to Pippen tho.
Cortez Fernandez
I think he meant MJ was a horrible player to play with in terms of the team game, trusting his teammates, passing, taking good/better shots within the offensive scheme. Plus, Larsa has had an effect on him
Toya 4 mesi fa
I liked both players and pray for Scottie bc he was a great player also! Got my first Pippen shoes back in day and they were niceeeee...wish I had kept them now tht I'm in my 40s
Ned Clark
Ned Clark 4 mesi fa
So sad. His wife ruined the last of him. He should be in a good place at this age. Remembering what he accomplished on arguably the greatest team/greatest championship runs ever!
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson 4 mesi fa
His nature is what sets him back. He's always getting screwed over because he makes bad decisions that he can't see before he makes them. Even when he came into the league as a rookie back in 1987 he screwed himself over with a long term contract that he couldn't get out of. It's in the stars/cards of his spiritual life. When you know this is your fate, you gotta start moving different in life. Your spiritual eyes have to be on point.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 3 mesi fa
I’ve been a fan of Pippen since his rookie season. Top ten player of all time. That being said, he’s gone through a lot of shit in recent years. There’s major beef between the Jordan and Pippen families. I think Scottie is just lashing out at Michael because he feels betrayed by him.
TiDus 4 mesi fa
Scottie Pippen, highlight reel on the court, cringe reel off the court. Full disclosure, he's my all all time favorite player.
Duncan Penderhughes
Pippen is in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. His legacy is cemented.
Duncan Penderhughes
@h I said what I said😡
AZ4ZEL 21 giorno fa
just remembering their unstoppable team back in the 90's
K.C. R.
K.C. R. 3 mesi fa
Scottie has been dealing with these things and being bullied his entire career and basically invisible under Michaels shadow. Some of the things he's saying may be true and he's just finally airing it out. It is what it is... If anyone wants an insider Michael Jordan story that only me and the players know and that has never been and will never be in any documentary...leave a like or a comment and I'll reply...(btw I've left this offer up a number of times on ITvid and never got single like or reply) lol
OHIO dogman
OHIO dogman 4 mesi fa
Ay yo! IDC what none of y’all say this man’s earned the benefit of doubt. And also the ability to release his frustrations publicly since how much he’s been Screwed over has been so public… this man helped carry a city on his back… I’ll never forget them championship wins!!! Barricades, people riding on top of cars, the unity of the city!!!
pokey stokes
pokey stokes 3 mesi fa
Right it wouldn't have been no championships without Scottie
Lamar A
Lamar A 4 mesi fa
Pippen is definitely one of the top 50 greatest players! It is no MJ without Pippen. I could understand his problems with the bulls but he signed his contract. Pip we love you man!
soul truth
soul truth 4 mesi fa
Of course there'd be MJ no matter where he played..When people say that it's just incredible to me. Pippen made a higher salary than MJ most of the years. If that salary is replaced MJ still would have won a ton..We don't know how much, but if you put him on any team, he'd win.
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