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SEE YOU AGAIN featuring Kali Uchis

Tyler, The Creator
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From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
DIR: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis Panch Perez
PRO:Happy Place

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8 ago 2018




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Commenti 30 155
Alex Burns
Alex Burns 2 ore fa
that hair tho :]
Ray Matthews
Ray Matthews 4 ore fa
I just finished my basic and ait training w the army so i can tell you this video is perfect for the song
Abdirahman Mahamed
QyoTo X
QyoTo X 17 ore fa
Category: *Education*
Maraa Mulan
Maraa Mulan Giorno fa
I asked my boyfriend “do you look both ways when you cross my mind”.. and he broke up with me . Still love the song tho 😃
LoverBoyFilms Giorno fa
I love Tyler
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Giorno fa
Damn I feel this on a deep philosophical way
mμdμrμ prophetiμμ ooga booga
Sue drake for stealing your music
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer Giorno fa
Anyone listening to this today?
Edward Misthammer
Listening to this on Valentine's day....... beautiful
SEMWA NEWS Giorno fa
we tanzanians improved your video with an anthem tetema watch here itvid.net/video/video-6yGjK99qlV8.html
Emanuel Zia
Emanuel Zia Giorno fa
oh yeah yeah
Gabe Huchro
Gabe Huchro Giorno fa
1:15 - 144 is smooth af
Lust Bear
Lust Bear Giorno fa
Hol up... was that A$ap?
SuperDuper Giorno fa
2:30 hella fire
Clarence Itumeleng
I'm not exaggerating or anything but this is the greatest song of all time
Dan Yami
Dan Yami 2 giorni fa
the best couple
Uricia Louis
Uricia Louis 2 giorni fa
can I get a kiss... and can you make it last forever ?
Cédric Nitunga
Cédric Nitunga 2 giorni fa
#Tetema kama uko huku kuverify
Guillermo Baltazar
Guillermo Baltazar 2 giorni fa
“Lil Boat”
e w
e w 2 giorni fa
... he was bees the whole time
rchbuns 3 giorni fa
The superior See You Again
Spooked Jos
Spooked Jos 3 giorni fa
tyler has the most controversial music videos but also the best
Chino B
Chino B 3 giorni fa
Getting The Love Below vibes off this one 👌
Monex Kexx
Monex Kexx 3 giorni fa
Tetema By Rayvany and Diamond brought us here.
bunny bear
bunny bear 3 giorni fa
Milk Sausge dean sandwich Oatmeal Kisses Bag of peanuts or cashew Lil thing of honey
Nasteha Muktar
Nasteha Muktar 3 giorni fa
diamond and ravanny bought me here
Victormoses Tanui
Victormoses Tanui 3 giorni fa
The song 'Tetema' by Rayvanny X Diamond made me know who you are... Lol
Martin Siameto
Martin Siameto 3 giorni fa
Tetema brought me here hehe
DaBeast 3 giorni fa
That first beat change was firreeee
Raymond matayo
Raymond matayo 4 giorni fa
Samantha Zayas
Samantha Zayas 4 giorni fa
Dope music 😉💕😌
metaform 2000
metaform 2000 4 giorni fa
same mood 2:41
Ian Luke Jr.
Ian Luke Jr. 4 giorni fa
I'm here after I heard that Tetema is a copy paste of this song.
Lawrence of America
This video is fucking surreal, I literally hate Tyler but this shit is straight up art
Lavish Goku
Lavish Goku 4 giorni fa
Idc He’s Not Gay
J Facts
J Facts 4 giorni fa
Im sorry for sleeping on your album tyler😔🔥
Henning Sostmann
Henning Sostmann 5 giorni fa
Tyler is one of the greatest artists of all time!! Not just musically. He is really gifted with style, settings, atmosphere and arrangements!!!! His is a perfectionist on every level!!!
Mike B
Mike B 5 giorni fa
I hope to see you again
Instagram Models
Instagram Models 5 giorni fa
Who still listening 6months later or more?
Bablon Jesus
Bablon Jesus 5 giorni fa
Mbongo mwenzangu uliekuja akikisha karibu
Eric Mitchell
Eric Mitchell 5 giorni fa
Yo Tyler Idk if you even read the comments or not, but are those Japanese beetles at the end of the song?
Splunk Splunk
Splunk Splunk 3 giorni fa
Their bees cus it’s called FLOWER boy
Helen E.
Helen E. 6 giorni fa
1:46 there's light on his eye cause he says "I" and also a couple seconds after when he again says "I" THIS MAN'S A GENIUS!!
DRmari 6 giorni fa
thumbnail changed
Bwig Mytch
Bwig Mytch 6 giorni fa
Here from tetema by diamond
Grace Mwende
Grace Mwende 6 giorni fa
Who is here after watching Tetema by Diamond ft Rayvany ?
Raphael Zacharia
Raphael Zacharia 3 giorni fa
Grace Mwende I'm here after watching tetema
Grace Mwende
Grace Mwende 4 giorni fa
Micheal Congo search the song on ITvid and you'll understand what it is
Phobe Number
Phobe Number 4 giorni fa
Gani ni gani???hahahaha
Michael Congo
Michael Congo 4 giorni fa
What is that??
ColinAndSerenityMusic Studios
Kevin Alphonce
Kevin Alphonce 6 giorni fa
#diamondiplatnumz kizuri chukua leta hawajui kununa hawa
Prof Vin Mfanny
Prof Vin Mfanny 6 giorni fa
Awesome art
Satyr Satyr
Satyr Satyr 6 giorni fa
Tyler the Creator is my Aesthetic
Miles Bagby
Miles Bagby 6 giorni fa
I wanna know what carrier that is lol
ChessMaster 7 giorni fa
There are times in your life where you're just dumbfounded by the unfathomability of things, like the scale of our universe, or in this case, the length of Tyler's legs. Like damn, how can someone balance on those fuckin stilts!
jaman mnategemea kwa wasanii wetu hawa bongo au Africa kitu gani wanaweza kufanya kipya ambacho ulaya hakijafanywa...kifupi ulaya washamaliza kila kitu sisi ni kuiga mifumo yao ktk kila idara....
Oliver Bridges
Oliver Bridges Giorno fa
i agree
Kiplagat Agui
Kiplagat Agui 7 giorni fa
Who else is here after Tetema
Benson Wanyoike
Benson Wanyoike 4 giorni fa
came to confirm
Mande Kijuso
Mande Kijuso 7 giorni fa
Waliokuja kwaajili ya video ya tetema tujuane
Dog Jones
Dog Jones 7 giorni fa
gotta say i really enjoyed taco doing push ups in the very beginning.
Nimetafuta kwa jili ya #TETEMA, FROM MOZAMBIQUE WCB FAN
willy colours
willy colours 7 giorni fa
Nan yupo kwa ajili ya tetema video
Julius Matalo
Julius Matalo 7 giorni fa
Diamond is copying to this video to they #tetema
football merchant
Your English sucks bro. He copied and still making more cash while you are still stuck in a single room house. Idiot
DUR` DUR` 7 giorni fa
What's the song where ghost does flex?
DUR` DUR` 18 ore fa
+Splunk Splunk thank u 4 fyl
DUR` DUR` 18 ore fa
+Splunk Splunk ты шлюха-for example it translated like«u cunt»
DUR` DUR` 18 ore fa
+Splunk Splunk aaaa I understood but im Russian human and I dont joke,rili shit
Splunk Splunk
Splunk Splunk 3 giorni fa
DUR` DUR` that’s the song you fucking FOOL
DUR` DUR` 3 giorni fa
+Splunk Splunk what are u talkin about nigabich?
bhizzyboy marve
bhizzyboy marve 7 giorni fa
Räyò brãyō
Räyò brãyō 7 giorni fa
Who's here after tetema vid😂👏👏👏
Mubarack Gustavo
Mubarack Gustavo 7 giorni fa
Wangapi wamekujaa hapa juu ya Tetema 🤚
laurent chimbirani
laurent chimbirani 7 giorni fa
Lebanto Music
Lebanto Music 7 giorni fa
Who here because of diamond tetema
laurent chimbirani
laurent chimbirani 7 giorni fa
Group Kenya
Group Kenya 7 giorni fa
You copied diamond platnumz
Trending Kisumu
Trending Kisumu 7 giorni fa
M nimekuja huku kutafuta dangote
Gingy -
Gingy - 7 giorni fa
My ex first introduced me to Tyler and I always thought of my ex when I heard this song It hurts to listen to this song but also brings so many old good memories
Dabby Took
Dabby Took 8 giorni fa
He reminds me of Pharrell with more heart and soul
Oliver Bridges
Oliver Bridges Giorno fa
Oliver Bridges
Oliver Bridges Giorno fa
and less grammys
James Mwangi Gitau
James Mwangi Gitau 8 giorni fa
1:16 tetema ya dimond imetoka hapa mmmmhhhhhh
kelvin ondera
kelvin ondera 8 giorni fa
Who is here from wasafi(wcb)
Abdulahimo Abdulahimo
Catherine Ndiwaita
Catherine Ndiwaita 8 giorni fa
Who is here for tetema song🙋‍♀️
milly spaghetty
milly spaghetty 8 giorni fa
can anybody recommend some aesthetic songs? i'm tired of my same ol' playlist. :/
jjswag 7 giorni fa
Khai dreams makes a lot of good songs
Mike Marshall
Mike Marshall 8 giorni fa
Alex Butler
Alex Butler 8 giorni fa
2:16 for a split second i thought that was frankie ocean
like its shaggy
like its shaggy 8 giorni fa
Nigga turned into the damn candy man
Are Granum
Are Granum 9 giorni fa
0:00 here, now you can play again
Kacper Wisniewski
Kacper Wisniewski 9 giorni fa
Whats the outro song?
Kacper Wisniewski
Kacper Wisniewski 7 giorni fa
Splunk Splunk thanks man totally forgot bout this song now I came back to flower boy after a while and i’m really diggin it
Splunk Splunk
Splunk Splunk 7 giorni fa
Where this flower blooms
4our 2wenty
4our 2wenty 9 giorni fa
0:20 when your homie nuts but forgot to say no homo
Matheus Henk
Matheus Henk 9 giorni fa
Why did I just got to see this video now? OMG I almost lost this masterpiece.
Happyingaloshes Weiland
1:28 Guile Street Fighter Stage
atlnikka 9 giorni fa
I love this song it’s so underrated this sounds like a Neptune’s production ❤️
Treestump Gamez
Treestump Gamez 9 giorni fa
Tyler, I do cross my eyes
Kevin Donisi
Kevin Donisi 9 giorni fa
I peep asap rocky
Adolfo hütler
Adolfo hütler 9 giorni fa
Tyler is a genius, no doubt.
Oliver Bridges
Oliver Bridges Giorno fa
well he's not.
Croc 10 giorni fa
Nobody understand him, his music have a story.
Indian Man
Indian Man 10 giorni fa
See you again mixed with when the flower blooms. 🔥
Logan Stickly
Logan Stickly 10 giorni fa
Durzo Blint
Durzo Blint 11 giorni fa
did anyone else see the boat
sofia not sophia
sofia not sophia 11 giorni fa
Kali's voice goes so well with the song.
김재훈 12 giorni fa
Creater. 크흐~
DYLN Knight
DYLN Knight 12 giorni fa
0:10 when your mom says she ain't stopping for McDonald's after work
DYLN Knight
DYLN Knight 12 giorni fa
You wanna smoke? Me -I'm tryna cut back Also me - 1:17
shOokAshwey YeeYee
shOokAshwey YeeYee 12 giorni fa
Hey where this flower blooms Is next?
Diego Ignacio Quilodran Valdebenito
Algún latino? 🚀
Andrea Rios Rodriguez
ernie scarry
ernie scarry 13 giorni fa
I (eye lights up, turns out has me dyin)
cynthia a
cynthia a 13 giorni fa
Kali from my city
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