Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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11 giu 2019

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Commenti 31 151
Xannna 32 minuti fa
Is this where the rehydrated ganon comes from?
Phantom Cat
This is why Nintendo needs an account limit
Twitch Goggles
I idk what i view but It's more scary than majora's mask?
Vic.424 2 ore fa
Slater Red
Slater Red 3 ore fa
I think that’s the note theme backwards
monosean 3 ore fa
nintendo, please make a direct for the breath of the wild sequel
Ganon: You ignorant fool! You have only defeated my cow form! My human form is next! Link: Wut? Come again?
monosean 4 ore fa
please let there be no korok seeds to collect... and i really need a multiplayer, you know how sick that'd be? sort of similar to resident evil 6 kind of camera maybe
TiggyTV 4 ore fa
I dont know if ganon uses link as a puppet because in one shortcut it appears that link has the green hand like ganon
Mr.Triforcee 6 ore fa
1st of april 2020 be like : botw 2 is now free in the nintendo eshop! And then we download it and we get the chrome dino game while saying april fools on top
Mr.Triforcee 6 ore fa
Malice randomly kills rat Zelda and link fall when they reach the corpse of ganon Link tries to catch zelda but fails Magic hand randomly catches link Zelda and ganon fall??? Link gets the magic hand Malice gets everywhere Castle randomly stands up *end*
Peterson Byrd
Peterson Byrd 6 ore fa
Urbosa kinda foreshadowed Ganondorf.
Gregory Logan
Gregory Logan 6 ore fa
2 months later I'm still hype
Rogue Sea is Me A
Guys Legend died this is so sad Alexa play all star
Rogue Sea is Me A
Holy sh- WOW
Lee Sun
Lee Sun 11 ore fa
Zelda need to give up her cheeks to Link.
IfIFeelLikeIt 12 ore fa
I like zeldas short hair
Mark mellow
Mark mellow 14 ore fa
DylanDude 12 ore fa
It’s Ganondorf. Look at the Gerudo symbols.
Ariel Jones
Ariel Jones 15 ore fa
At the top of my head, 1) I hope we get a big new map, 2) big cities (instead of just villages/like twilight princess’ castle town vibe), 3) and the ability to cross a river with your horse. 4) and somehow we can fly (maybe)
Mr.Triforcee 6 ore fa
Some old zelda stuff return(dungeons, items, and WOLF LINK) Plus maybe co-op with travelers like they give you missions to defeat a certain group of enemys with them
Detrinomo 17 ore fa
Who's here after gamescom and the new BoTW sequel trailer?
Marcos García Gomez
The song of the trailer is unused spell
sage. 21 ora fa
Sara Lee cheesecake Fan 9000
Link: 100 times why are you still here? Gabon: I am the devil
Lilliana Graves
Lilliana Graves Giorno fa
I just got the chills
Thor the strongest advenger
Ganon: I'm about to end this whole mans career
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin Giorno fa
5 million!!! Wooooo!!!
Thang Saint thing
Gannondorf: im backkkkk Zant: me tooooo ; )
Mr.Triforcee 6 ore fa
Ghirahim: me three
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon Giorno fa
5 million plus views. Good Job Nin & Monolith Soft!
blacksebbeth Giorno fa
Just don't forget to make toggle lock-on an option and better "temples" (bossfights and optional content is dope though) and all will be fine.
EveeBoi Giorno fa
am i the only one woundering if those reversed voises are acrtually saying somthing comprehencable or if its just reverse jibberish
Shigeru Miyamoto
We better be able to pet the dogs in this game!
Adrian Giorno fa
My wallet: **Chuckles** I’m in danger
Cooking with the Chaps
So this proves botw is from the same timeline as twilight princess Dope
VashTown Giorno fa
Gasp of the (Re)Dead
Leon A.
Leon A. Giorno fa
Nintendo pls add Lana from Hyrule Warriors into the BoTW 2 Story.She is kinda underrated and I want to see Lana in BoTW 2
Don Damage
Don Damage Giorno fa
This looks like its gonna be creepy and have caves and stuff, THANK GOD
Richard Chaney
Richard Chaney Giorno fa
It would be phenomenal if it was 2 player coop
Richard Chaney
Richard Chaney 19 ore fa
@Ibrahim Amjad JUST LIKE IT
Ibrahim Amjad
Ibrahim Amjad 20 ore fa
@Richard Chaney Just like super mario odyssey
Richard Chaney
Richard Chaney Giorno fa
@Ibrahim Amjad YES absolutely! Zelda is known for such diversity. Yeah cant force us to play coop
Ibrahim Amjad
Ibrahim Amjad Giorno fa
Yes but id want a option to choose between solo and co op.
Miles Fields
Miles Fields Giorno fa
If you play the video the weird music says "help us seal ganon"
Abigail Rutledge
Does anyone else see the Gerudo characters?
Marlon Williamson
Great now the first one is dead just like Super Mario Maker 1
Gonca Latif
Gonca Latif Giorno fa
If you listen to it reversed in French and understand it says “ join us or hyrule will be raveged
Sunny Shukla
Sunny Shukla Giorno fa
Kids, this is what true love feels like.
just a person who bullies comments
Ganon: wassup Mr. Sincewhendidyougrowaponyta and Mrs. Girlwhowasaweeweeheadatfirstbutthenbecameepicwaifulady I'm b a c k y'all Link and Zelda: god potatofrickheckdangdarnfangdmangsmangfrickangmangkadangwezangfredang-----
Cynical Dubs
Cynical Dubs Giorno fa
Did Ganon just pull a Madara
President Cyanatis
Fun fact: this was supposed to a DLC for BotW but the creators had too many ideas so they made an entirely new game.
Mr.Triforcee 6 ore fa
EA: Am i a joke to you?
ButterH2 Giorno fa
the legend of zelda: breath of the sketchy basement
Electro Cat
Electro Cat Giorno fa
Link: * kills ganon * Ganon: *lemme stop you right there*
ZathotheGrizzxx 2 giorni fa
It’d really suck if Link loses Zelda for good this time, as in her dying. He went through all that trouble just to save her after 100 years, so it’d be a total waste just to cast Zelda aside like that. I hope she’s playable for once or at least heavily involved in the gameplay. The one person who actually survived unlike the Champions(R.I.P) must live.
Asta 2 giorni fa
Link administrator: i banned ganon Ganon: U fool i have 50 diffrent accounts
nekokat 2 giorni fa
You know something...I was just thinking. The Ganon corpse's eyes look like the eyes seen on some of the big goops of Malice. So I think it might be possible that he was using those Malice eyes to observe Hyrule over the past 100 years. He could've seen Link and thought 'Yes...he will be here soon...Him and the princess...All I have to do is wait...They will grow curious...They will find me and the seal...will be broken...'
Roman Fomichenko
Roman Fomichenko 2 giorni fa
It sucks cause the original botw was released on Wii U and Nintendo switch. But I only have a Wii U cause I’m a classic Nintendo gamer.
Keven Wylie
Keven Wylie 2 giorni fa
Ganon: This isn’t even my final... Link & Zelda: WE KNOW!
M45T3RD4N 2 giorni fa
Now to wait another 10 years, see you in 2029!
Dy- lan
Dy- lan 2 giorni fa
Botw 2 probably takes place below hyrule (underground)
Simon Rockstream
Simon Rockstream 2 giorni fa
please be coop
Amirruu 2 giorni fa
I just bought the game welp time to finish it lmao
Tyler E
Tyler E 2 giorni fa
I just finished BOTW two days ago. Withdrawals are occurring. I need this.
Cyborg_ninja25 2 giorni fa
I’m trying not to scream with excitement right now XD
Omega oof guy
Omega oof guy 2 giorni fa
Zelda and link: were you killed? 2017 Ganon: sadly...yes 2019 Ganon: BUT I LIVED
Paige McNally
Paige McNally 2 giorni fa
whats that backwards music? Stevie t we need you to decode this music (please make that a video if you see this)
Konasama 2 giorni fa
I wonder if it can be beaten in under 30 minutes
Me Theory
Me Theory 2 giorni fa
Link better frickin talk in this one Nintendo
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie 2 giorni fa
Finally!! We can eat rats
Mikeinator 2 giorni fa
Ganon must be thinking *Yahaha! You found me!*
Riflemutt Prime
Riflemutt Prime 2 giorni fa
I wonder what the world will be like. They can’t just reuse the same Hyrule Area and expect us to be cool exploring the exact same places again. And are we gonna be using magic? Will there be a hook shot rune? Oooo maybe we’ll get to have Loftwings in the sequel and journey through the sky with Zelda! But please add caves to explore, it’ll make it feel more like classic Zelda if we can just find a cave and explore it, even if it’s only for Rupees or a shield.
Pupper Luva 2.0
Pupper Luva 2.0 2 giorni fa
Oh my god this looks FREAKING AMAZING!!! Can't wait for this to come out!
_Knight Fall _
_Knight Fall _ 2 giorni fa
He still has the master sword
Anno 2019
Anno 2019 2 giorni fa
If the trailer doesn't show much and isn't very promising, then do not show a trailer at all while waiting for a better opportunity with better material at your hands ...
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 giorni fa
Anno 2019 How does this show nothing? How is it garbage?
DylanDude 2 giorni fa
Anno 2019 I enjoy replying, starting conversations when possible. This video, being as popular as it is, frequently gets new comments. It’s just that recently, the only comments that lead to conversations are ones I personally disagree with, unfortunately. If you go far enough down you’ll see some instances where I have started discussing ideas with people.
Anno 2019
Anno 2019 2 giorni fa
@DylanDude Besides, are you camping old videos waiting for opportunities to jump at anyone who criticises content you somehow like? What is your motivation behind that behavior? Do you need attention, are you being paid to behave like that, does your ego not cope with any criticism below Nintendo videos?
Anno 2019
Anno 2019 2 giorni fa
@DylanDude Teaser, Trailer, call it whatever you want, it does not change what I criticized. The shown material is less than nothing and pure garbage.
Joseph Pastore
Joseph Pastore 2 giorni fa
and thats when the dead men are marching againnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
t0x1c_ chessyboi
t0x1c_ chessyboi 2 giorni fa
Link:yay I killed Gannon Gannon:tag your it Link:whaaaaaa how we where playing freeze tag you should be froze
ShadowAssasin7749 [YT]
Can u please have this trailer make more sense?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 giorni fa
Link and Zelda are searching beneath Hyrule Castle for something, maybe something to do with Calamity Ganon’s origins, they discover Ganondorf, they accidentally disturb his body and release him from his stasis
Fausto Torres
Fausto Torres 2 giorni fa
This was a crap trailer
DylanDude 2 giorni fa
Fausto Torres That’s because it’s a teaser, not a full trailer. They’re more letting us know that the game is in development than showing anything significant off.
Fausto Torres
Fausto Torres 2 giorni fa
@DylanDude too much of a story teaser intro trailer didnt really showcase any ingame play, idk felt a little too short almost like the new halo infinite trailer; looks beautiful but doesnt really lead anywhere. I mean both a good and bad thing just depends how you see it
DylanDude 2 giorni fa
Crimson F
Crimson F 2 giorni fa
And too think that ganaon was dead all along
Christian Pike
Christian Pike 2 giorni fa
Nintendo is heading in such an amazing direction. Less censoring than PS4 and XBOX, more 1st and 3rd Party support, Darker, grittier games that can satisfy hardcore fans while also appealing to younger generations for gameplay. It's almost as if Nintendo has grown up with us.
i dont now how to draw
I just finish zelda breath of the wild some minutes ago (yeah late) but now I am prepare for the sequel
Asmaurrizal Mukhlisin
Did you find all the shrines? (120 in total)
Save 2 giorni fa
Can someone AMV this plz?
Buckaroo Man
Buckaroo Man 2 giorni fa
Zelda: **Seals Ganon away** Ganon: *Wanna see me do it again?*
Titus Cooper
Titus Cooper 2 giorni fa
tt128556 2 giorni fa
I hope they use the same map but force you to travel back in time when there were actually people to interact with.
15배율 2 giorni fa
그래서 언제 나온다는 거임?
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