Seth Rogen Looks Like Someone You’d Keep Away from Beyoncé

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Seth talks about being cast as Pumbaa in Disney’s The Lion King, meeting Beyoncé at the premiere, singing in the movie, recording in front of Pharrell and Hans Zimmer, doing LeBron James’ talk show, and meeting athletes who he doesn’t recognize because he knows nothing about sports.
Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino itvid.net/video/video-FqcPgHwL3kQ.html

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Seth Rogen Looks Like Someone You’d Keep Away from Beyoncé


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11 lug 2019




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Commenti 2 208
Avi K
Avi K 9 giorni fa
5:12 I was the bar mitzvah boy thanks Seth 🙏
Jordyn P
Jordyn P 14 giorni fa
Jimmy- "its like nothing ive ever seen before"
AdamMoss14 19 giorni fa
I mean cheech was the voice of one of the characters in the animated.
DOBBYau Mese fa
7:37 Kimmel: Did the Lion King mean anything to you as a kid? SETH: IT DID I WATCHED IT A TONNE AS A KID
Teresa Young, Zombie Whisperer
😬 dude looks like a Hobo from the gospel mission ik
Carlo Nassar
Carlo Nassar Mese fa
The Lion King 2019 can get as much as hate as it can but we can agree that Seth Rogen is awesome as Pumbaa.
Alex Marty
Alex Marty Mese fa
Damn Seth is old. I feel old now.
Trey Pope
Trey Pope Mese fa
He literally talks like he’s voicing someone in a cartoon😂 I love it!
Dj Rickey Ricardo
Seth was perfect for the role bless up🙏
Alpharius Omegon
I don't know about keeping him away from her, but I know better than to leave a kid around somebody like him.
hikingtotoro 2 mesi fa
What was that gasping at 4:42
hikingtotoro 2 mesi fa
Jimmy: lizard meme “EHEHEHEHE”
Amanda04 2 mesi fa
Bullshit beyonce is overrated
_._ice cube_._
_._ice cube_._ 2 mesi fa
He sounds so much like Ray Romano...
korexican86 2 mesi fa
Jimmy: “we were laughing through the whole thing!” Mufasa: am i a joke to you?
Andrew Bummygoat
Lawsuit for Seth Rogen give him a refund soda.
Andrew Bummygoat
Did i mention I help push political agenda during beyond era. Ask Seth he knows.
Michelangelo 2 mesi fa
Seth rogen sounds like scooby-doo
dibbstar 2 mesi fa
seth could be the new yoda voice XD
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson 2 mesi fa
TIL Seth Rogen is Canadian
l1998 2 mesi fa
Seth Rogen sounds like an old Golden Retreiver
Melc06081 2 mesi fa
He was born to play Pumba! I mean this as a great compliment
ben mclorie
ben mclorie 2 mesi fa
If you’re struggling to succeed in life,try changing your inner critics voice to Seth Rogens.😜
Thugger21 2 mesi fa
Seth rogan and Ethan Klein are the only jews I like
Kolby Harder
Kolby Harder 2 mesi fa
He got skinnier and funnier
sondus habib
sondus habib 2 mesi fa
I think Seth would do a good goofy from a goofy movie. In a good way
Sofiamia06 2 mesi fa
Can someone tell Seth that filming of the movie has ended and he can stop talking like pumbaa now. Lol
Ifihada Hammer
Ifihada Hammer 2 mesi fa
Seth Rogen = 420
RottieShep CALIBRE
brilliant.. thoroughly enjoyed
Theofficialmaka 2 mesi fa
I think I am attracted to Seth Rogen...
Roselaylah 2 mesi fa
Dam Seth’s a dad
CHELSEA 2 mesi fa
EonHSD 2 mesi fa
He has the most annoying way of talking in the world
devoted2trouble 2 mesi fa
I'm on the fence about seeing it in theaters - any adults that have seen it, do you recommend it?
MEHAK BATRA 2 mesi fa
Totally! I was crying and laughjng. It was an experience.
Tavita Toti
Tavita Toti 2 mesi fa
Great great movie, we human don’t do better than this movie
Belen Peralta
Belen Peralta 2 mesi fa
I love Seth Rogan he’s amazing
Seth Rogen with grey hair reminds me I'm getting older...
fla la
fla la 2 mesi fa
Oh maan ... you’re right 😅⏳
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor 2 mesi fa
I’d honestly be more excited to see Seth than Beyoncé.
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor 2 mesi fa
Rosalba Gonzalez THANK YOU 🙌🏼 I don’t either. People worship her and I don’t get it. She’s a good singer, but her energy comes off as boring.
Rosalba Gonzalez
I dont know what’s the big deal about Beyonce...
Zeus Monroe
Zeus Monroe 2 mesi fa
61 people exist in this world 🌈🌎💞💚
Leen Hg
Leen Hg 2 mesi fa
Amanda Taylor x2 Beyonce is sooo overrated... 🙄
Ordinary Non Player Character
Looks like someone you would keep away from your nations volk.
Hugo Marques
Hugo Marques 2 mesi fa
Seth is so hilarious that he makes Jimmy genuinely laugh
emersonleon85 2 mesi fa
Beyonce is the worst thing about the movie, I don’t get why anyone would be excited about that? 🙄
Plugs Plug
Plugs Plug 2 mesi fa
Seth rogan in the booth with Pharrell and Hans Zimmer
Comander555666 2 mesi fa
Seth should get a standing ovation for existing, that man is a gift!
Joshua Bauman
Joshua Bauman 2 mesi fa
Can people *not* choose Britney as their scapegoat?
Tijan 2 mesi fa
I think he saved the movie to be honest.... it would be a bit heavy otherwise
Vicmarran 2 mesi fa
I laugh just by seeing this guy's face
Shuvai M.
Shuvai M. 2 mesi fa
Seth is hilarious
FLX VISUALS 2 mesi fa
"It's like nothing I have seen before"...ähem yeah sure. 7:31
Diane Thornhill
Diane Thornhill 2 mesi fa
FLX VISUALS the cinematography is different. New stuff. Photo realistic animation
Khae74 3 mesi fa
This guy nailed the Pumba voice
Lloyd martin ignacio
I can hear Pumba talking 😀 Seth is fit for the character.
Ashley Galaviz
Ashley Galaviz 3 mesi fa
But what color was the sequins that Beyoncé wore when she met you?
Daniel L
Daniel L 3 mesi fa
This was hilarious
s ii
s ii 3 mesi fa
Seth is relatable but then isn't cuz he's too G.
John Simmons
John Simmons 3 mesi fa
Disney owns ABC...what a surprise they're putting almost all the cast members are on Kimmel
Heather Kendall
Heather Kendall 3 mesi fa
Just saw it. Seth was the perfect voice. Beyonce who? Could care less.
Mobe1 Kanobe
Mobe1 Kanobe 3 mesi fa
He looks so awkward in a suit.
EbbtideCheque 3 mesi fa
I had no interest in this movie until I saw this clip. Now I must see it. Lion King was my most watched movie as a kid.
Diane Thornhill
Diane Thornhill 2 mesi fa
EbbtideCheque it was a fabulous movie. Go see it.
Bill Winchester
Bill Winchester 3 mesi fa
You don’t want to anger a guy named Hans 😂
James Pao
James Pao 3 mesi fa
I can listen to Seth all day
Mendy Peters
Mendy Peters 3 mesi fa
*...like they teach you ...HA!*
Hussein Abdullah
Seth Rogan laugh like someone is drowning
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