Seth Rogen Looks Like Someone You’d Keep Away from Beyoncé

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Seth talks about being cast as Pumbaa in Disney’s The Lion King, meeting Beyoncé at the premiere, singing in the movie, recording in front of Pharrell and Hans Zimmer, doing LeBron James’ talk show, and meeting athletes who he doesn’t recognize because he knows nothing about sports.
Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino itvid.net/video/video-FqcPgHwL3kQ.html

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Seth Rogen Looks Like Someone You’d Keep Away from Beyoncé


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11 lug 2019

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Commenti 2 140
BLK MIND 25 minuti fa
Seth Rogan u can smell the stench through the phone
Prince Calypse
Prince Calypse 54 minuti fa
The culture adores you Seth ✨
Red Dre
Red Dre Ora fa
OMG, Seth saying his beard getting caught on Beyonce's shoulder accessories is so relatable.... And I'm a woman
Yahya Naseem
I wonder if he is never not high
Matt Shay
Matt Shay 3 ore fa
I gave this video a thumbs up because Seth used the word 'inherently'. I like that word
sal alvarez
sal alvarez 3 ore fa
He looks more like someone I’d keep away from my kids
CaptJericho 4 ore fa
I missed the guy
Sam Friedberg
Sam Friedberg 6 ore fa
i like seths suit
o0Zamm0o 6 ore fa
ahh yes first 3 seconds of video we get a seth laugh
Roscoe Wikilinks
That’s a Jew if I ever seen one
Levi Kohen
Levi Kohen 9 ore fa
Looks like my Rabbi
Crystal Shields
We are going to name him Fred!
Steve Sheffield
Steve Sheffield 12 ore fa
Go smoke yourself to death Seth. Why this jerk in a child's movie?
Blargenfladibblenohip !
Or your kids....I will stay hush hush on that for now though...
Ashley Hope
Ashley Hope 13 ore fa
Lmao. I was 6 when it came out. Funny how kids movies make us feel younger. Seeing frozen in my 20s was the same feeling.
Ask to seduce Miss
pushed by a fan and learn their lesson
ES Yray
ES Yray 14 ore fa
I'm just here to hear Seth Rogen's laugh
Gary Bierman
Gary Bierman 14 ore fa
David Carter
David Carter 14 ore fa
Yes, Beyonce does hate white people. The title is correct. She's a racist piece of 💩.
James Brumley
James Brumley 14 ore fa
Nice beard Seth.
Ask to seduce Miss
What’s wrong with Beyoncé’s guards always pushing people around? I mean does this woman have problems or is it her guards? Hopefully those guards will one day be
Niladri Das
Niladri Das 15 ore fa
Stop wheezing Seth, get a healthy hobby like guns
Desperado AllanPoe
Seth talks like he sucked helium and someone pinched his nose.
RhysIsAlright 16 ore fa
Only clicked on this video to say greying Seth Rogen is pretty damned sexy
Rob Alaniz
Rob Alaniz 16 ore fa
I’d rather meet and chill with Seth over Beyoncé any day
Roydzy 17 ore fa
Got to love Seth Rogen's laugh
El Taco Mex
El Taco Mex 17 ore fa
LimitlessNation 18 ore fa
Seth be kicking it with the homies to much got a suite and Cortez on 💯😂
kipchumba Brian
kipchumba Brian 19 ore fa
Seth rogan is funny
Ahmed Proyash
Ahmed Proyash 21 ora fa
That tobacco laugh tho
Andrea Montalvo
Andrea Montalvo 21 ora fa
Is no one gunna talk about how Seth is in his 30s with grey hair 🧐
slipknight1 22 ore fa
seth rogen sounds like yoda
Emil Minty
Emil Minty 23 ore fa
That’s the funniest Seth interview I’ve watched. He’s a crack up👌🏼look forward to watching the movie.
Joseph Fuller
Joseph Fuller 23 ore fa
Seth sound like he has some fluid in his lungs.
Saad Syed
Saad Syed Giorno fa
"If its got Herpes, it must be attractive in some way"... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liz N
Liz N Giorno fa
He looks like a rabbi.
José Juliàn González
What’s wrong with Beyoncé’s guards always pushing people around? I mean does this woman have problems or is it her guards? Hopefully those guards will one day be pushed by a fan and learn their lesson
theroach 24k
theroach 24k Giorno fa
Beyonce is overrated
sandeep p
sandeep p Giorno fa
seth is the reason why you should choose weed over alcohol
ntt2k Giorno fa
I used to think America was just full of people who interacted the way they do..
Matt Daglia
Matt Daglia Giorno fa
So Seths got that Rick Moranis hair now huh?
James Payne
James Payne Giorno fa
Seth Rogen is a Hollywood puppet.
Rohan O'Neil
Rohan O'Neil Giorno fa
Jimmy really said “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before” Bruh 😐
Bruna Feu
Bruna Feu Giorno fa
i love this man so much 🥺♥️
T. Skullsplitter
Dude wont go away. Uhg. Not funny. Not anything...uhg
Aw Wiz
Aw Wiz Giorno fa
Daaaamn, Beyonće has a great marketing team doesn't she? There's literally is no reason for all the hype, she's overrated af
BJohnsonxAR Giorno fa
Seth's voice gives me a headache..
Yana Tyler
Yana Tyler Giorno fa
I can’t stop hearing pumba
Adam Gonzalez
Adam Gonzalez Giorno fa
Starting at 4:40 dude Seth is having a hard time breathing or what?? 😂😂
Deep hug
Deep hug Giorno fa
Ayo Hove hide ya kids hide ya wife. 😂
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp Giorno fa
Seth Rogan looks like someone that you'd keep away from your dog... I will NEVER forgive him for screwing up "Green Hornet"!
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