Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

Ryland Adams
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I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
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11 giu 2019




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Commenti 80
Lydia Connolly-Harris
I miss this 🥺
Megan Pluta
Megan Pluta Giorno fa
Shane when you want to get rid of some I’ll send you my addy
Hudson • River • Apothecary
This kinda makes me sad 😢
wendy goodwin
wendy goodwin 4 giorni fa
i find morgan anoying
Anjilan Adame
Anjilan Adame 4 giorni fa
I thank that his a girl
Falafels 2 giorni fa
That’s Ryland’s sister ...
alex b
alex b 7 giorni fa
Rylands spirit fingers through out the whole video😂😂
JM Hera
JM Hera 8 giorni fa
Shane: .. Ryland: .. Andrew: .. Morgan: we can live here for a day
Shay Zenk
Shay Zenk 9 giorni fa
So what happens to this room now?
Shannon Pryor
Shannon Pryor 10 giorni fa
Shane a makeup Guru ..There Is a saying "stick to what you know "unbelievable.
Anonymous user
Anonymous user 10 giorni fa
I guess this beauty room has become redundant now
Lou Seager
Lou Seager 12 giorni fa
Shane shoulddd soo do loved and dislikes of his makeup 😍
Ashley Jarvi
Ashley Jarvi 13 giorni fa
I WAS THE 432K LIKE!!!!!
Jamie Bisher
Jamie Bisher 14 giorni fa
Pov your making a tiktok about ships noone cares about but i care about aNDREW AND MORGANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Rachael Wilkie
Rachael Wilkie 15 giorni fa
Love Ryland! i've been binge watching whilst i get the cleaning done.
Maggie Burke
Maggie Burke 15 giorni fa
shane is in a lipstick ScAnDaL👁👄👁
Falafels 2 giorni fa
And pedophilia, racism, bestiality, etc
Tea K.
Tea K. 16 giorni fa
Can't belive that Shanes obssesion (aka hobby) started more than a year ago. It feels like 1 and a half months ago and not 1 and a half years ago.
AestheticGaming 17 giorni fa
Okay but like why did this make me want to actually grow up and like decorate my own house..-
Olivia Testa
Olivia Testa 17 giorni fa
I know I’m watching this a year later... but Shane’s eyebrows are f*cking everything!!!!
Olivia Testa
Olivia Testa 17 giorni fa
I know I’m watching this a year later... but Shane’s eyebrows are f*cking everything!!!!
Taylor Rutherford
Taylor Rutherford 18 giorni fa
I would love it if Ryland could work with other ITvidrs on spaces they want to renovate and do this type of stuff in those spaces. He is so talented in creating multi-functional spaces.
Liljackiebruz 18 giorni fa
Ryland should just quit ITvid and become a room stylist 😂 Just kidding, I love his videos 💕
Yaisha Beauty
Yaisha Beauty 20 giorni fa
I Love it!!! ❤️❤️ Great Job your amazing!!!! Where did you get the Acrylic makeup brush holder??? 😊
Kaye Tompsett
Kaye Tompsett 22 giorni fa
Kaye Tompsett
Kaye Tompsett 22 giorni fa
Jessica Rivas
Jessica Rivas 23 giorni fa
21 : 15 is what you came for
Vsco queen
Vsco queen 23 giorni fa
Ryland is so cute and sweet, love you!😁😘😊
_.heccck IG
_.heccck IG 23 giorni fa
I have just watched all of the makeover videos, they’re literally my favourite videos on ITvid 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
Sherry Harmon
Sherry Harmon 26 giorni fa
Thanks guys love y'all 😘
Sherry Harmon
Sherry Harmon 26 giorni fa
You showered ahhhh see I knew u did lol
Kristie Ash
Kristie Ash 27 giorni fa
Eve Marie
Eve Marie 27 giorni fa
There should be a gold leaf lip gloss..rich gloss
Kristine Clare Prochina
i was like... that's not too much... *pulls drawer of lipstick* ... 👀 nevermind
Valentina Reneé
Valentina Reneé 29 giorni fa
I need to hire Ryland to design my apartment, I’m in love with this room 😍😍😍
sparkling unicorn
sparkling unicorn 29 giorni fa
i dont want to show off all the room procedes to show most of the room
LeeLa H
LeeLa H Mese fa
Confusingly nice. I can relate.
CocoxTears Mese fa
How does every comment get like 2k likes can it happen to me?
What's Inside
No cuz this was made a year ago
Ray the weirdo
my sister would LOVE this much makeup shane is turning into a makeup person
Ingrid Powell
Yall shude do a 24 hours in the beauty room
Shauntavia McIntyre-Arnold
I love the transformation to the room Ryland did an amazing job.
FadinqMellyy Mese fa
Morgan and ryland: ''No girl has this amount of makeup'' Tati: ''am i a joke to you?''
Madara Prikule
I love how ryland said "in todays video gruull"
Morgan Gehouskey
Lol Shane needs to do my makeup❤️☺️
Evangeline Jacobson
We love everything you do, Ry. 🥰🥰🥰
Still_chill Mese fa
Shane after the video: leave the room this is MINE boo
tiffanypo56 Mese fa
Wow! can I hire Ryland to do my interior designing... please!?
James Mack
James Mack Mese fa
I love Rylands bored housewife energy.
Olivia-Mae Poole
i am literally jealous
Savannah Ali
Savannah Ali Mese fa
I love it 😍
Maxime Paris
Maxime Paris Mese fa
Ok disclaimer! This comment isnt meant to be hate! I just found it funny! Shane: I'm overwhelmed buying so much makeup Me: I'm overwhelmed with all my schoolwork that no teacher even cared explaining to me. Lol
Nikki The Rat
Omg Mr. Kate who?
Maddie Robson
Who thinks Shane should open his beauty videos with a fan like he did like towards the end of the vid but obviously not the things he said just the like fan thing x Lysm Ryland an Shane
Malena Ramdeo
Ryland this is amazing keep doing stuff like this! Proud of you
Caitlin and Robyn
So good Love it
Jenn S
Jenn S Mese fa
How to clean a mirror: Young Living Thieves cleaner and a waffle weave microfiber cloth.
tannon anderson
Ryland can you come design my bedroom please!!haha
Quentin Delaney
Andrew saying “is that rich clock it the house lux’s?”
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia Mese fa
Who else thinks that ryland should be the next mr.kate???? If you do like !
Emilie Desroches
Your face is fine u don’t need makeup.
Jerry Lanier
Jerry Lanier Mese fa
Flash back to shane saying he doesnt use a sink and ryland can have both to shane taking over
Cameron Boyle
Ryland should totally be a designer!! He is soo good at designing small spaces and rooms! I would love to see more videos of him designing rooms and other things!!💖💖
Fiiery Mese fa
Who else just comes to rylands channel just to see Shane because he hasn't posted in Soo long
Heather Heikkila
STITCH Lover Mese fa
Americans :mirrrrrr Other countries :Mirror!!!?!!!!!!?!!!!!!!
Kiakoka Mese fa
Now I want to do be their child. 𝕻𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖉𝖙
Its Cay
Its Cay Mese fa
25:21 "5ft away from each other" Morgan literally predicted the future
Nicole Delgado
I love how impressed Andrew looked he looked adorableee!!!!!!!!
CloudyXx uwu
CloudyXx uwu Mese fa
morgan in the backround be like XD
honestly how did Shane not like sneak during the night and peek at the room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aubrianne Baltzley
Ryland: ok, everyone close your eyes Andrew: oh no, not this again 😂
Miriam Fuchs
Miriam Fuchs Mese fa
Adam’s laugh is iconic
Thea Quiñanola
iz Mese fa
Alexa M
Alexa M Mese fa
You are so talented! I'd love to see more redecorating videos!!
Joel Cervantes
I'm really feeling Andrew. He is f*@#%n hot,,I have a fantasy that has handcuffs, a whip,whip cream,&a swinging ceiling chair ..🤬 & let him do as he pleased w/me with no resistance on my behalf ...AT ALL..HOLLA ANDREW...HEE HEE HEE...
Chelcea Quigley
Chelcea Quigley 19 giorni fa
Joel Cervantes
Ryland ,I think u,Shane, & I should have a 3some.B.U.T if Shane is not down,I'm sure Shane won,t mind sharing u ,I'm more then sure I can charm you enough to let me get it in..😛..all the way in....HA.HA..
Chelcea Quigley
Chelcea Quigley 19 giorni fa
Julia Dibari
Julia Dibari Mese fa
heyjow Mese fa
Who needs an interior designer when you have Ryland Adams as your boyfriend? ❤
Mary Fowler
Mary Fowler Mese fa
_Hello_ Mr. *Handyman* Ryland!!
rose schneider
How much do you think all that makeup costs???* *thinking of numbers🤔🤔🤔 ***realizing I'm bad at math😶 *****but still knowing its probably more then how much my house is🤯
jaclyn hughey
if my future fiancé doesn’t love me like this, i don’t want it.
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