SHAQ & TNT Crew talks LeBron Passing Kareem Tonight 👀

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6 feb 2023




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Commenti 582
Eden Osman
Eden Osman Mese fa
The best player in his generation without a doubt. 👑
Wolfe 123
Wolfe 123 Mese fa
@Davon Anderson Except for the Dallas team that beat his Miami supersquad because of Lebron. He is solely responsible for that L. That is one of many reasons why he’ll never be the GOAT.
Young Bishop
Young Bishop Mese fa
@Jaypee shannon Gong he gotta be lebron hater 🤦🏾‍♂️
Davon Anderson
@Wolfe 123he most definitely was that guy. There where better teams then his teams but not better players.
Young Bishop
Young Bishop Mese fa
@Kevin Laguna never he too small he will never be in front of lbj
kian pettersen
look at LeBron man so inspirational
Cocaine Bear
Cocaine Bear Mese fa
Look at LeHGH man, so inspirational.
Logic and Emma
Flight would like this comment lol
b Ollie
b Ollie Mese fa
I second that 👍👑✌️
Exhibit C me
Exhibit C me Mese fa
"Wore all black cuz its a funeral for his haters"... Talk that talk Adam 💯
The President
And still lost tonight! Is this your King?!??? Dude is a Joke mane stat padding
mike vic
mike vic Mese fa
No one hates on his game the hit on his character.. Lol he's an industry product and you're buying into it. Ask yourself does LeBron care about you.. Lol.
SanDiegoGME Mese fa
@RikuFemma Agreed. complete cringe.
The President
He still aint the goat
💥JGreen 💥
Haters gonna hate!
UrbanBDKNY Mese fa
The lucky number tonight is 38 Kareems record is 38387 Bron is 38 years old He will score 38 And it’s the 7th day 38-38-7 Uffff 🔥
UrbanBDKNY Mese fa
@Hus S major $$$$$$$$
Hus S
Hus S Mese fa
Wish I had seen this yesterday $$$
UrbanBDKNY Mese fa
@Medlearn appreciate it bro. Many people def must not have seen this cause this thing was dead on!
UrbanBDKNY Mese fa
@Fijy hit in on the head didn’t I lol something told me!
They say the number means something IDK, but I remember when Lebron passed Kobe and look what happened to Kobe the next day. I think it must be like a game them. They don’t make movies like “Cabin In The Woods” out the blue.
Marquez Smith
I hope he breaks the record Thursday, but I honestly believe he'll go for 40 tonight 😬 I'm staying up late to watch either way
OldmanWither Mese fa
It'll be better for tv, just because of the tnt cast Thursday vs tonight.
Tommy Vo
Tommy Vo Mese fa
We are all going to witness a once in a lifetime record tonight
Evan Device
Evan Device Mese fa
40 is the average age of death🤔 Last ?… If mj had broke the record, what would that have done 2 his legacy as far as rankings Would that have made him higher on the list👀🤔 Did kareem passing the point total make him the greatest @ that moment? What about wilt? Y’all know what I’m getting @
deez nutz
deez nutz Mese fa
I’m not even a lebron fan but y’all are some generational haters goddam
Not when 3pt lines are a meta now, & 4pt line's being introduced.
Jay Mese fa
It’s nice how shaq brought Kobe into the convo. We will always remember Kobe ❤️
Phader2 Mese fa
Sounds like LeBron was literally Born to break this record. He’s 38 and Kareem had the record for 38 years 😳
Michael Sevilla
39 years
he was born with a mission 😁😁
Cocaine Bear
Cocaine Bear Mese fa
It's all scripted.
PapeHungry Mese fa
@HoodClassicsTV all 3 Israelites from the tribe of Judah. Greatest
Kid Champagne
Stay woke
Rubi Kino
Rubi Kino Mese fa
I Am a LBJ's Fan / But I Really Hope The Lakers Win Today and Thursday , Cause He Will Break The Record Anyway .
Kymani Monteith
Thursday should have been the night. Both teams that the great Kareem played for Lakers and Bucks going head-to-head. With him in the building. It would have been special in my opinion. But I'm not complaining though. LET'S GET IT KING!!!
Luís Teixeira
People in that arena today dont know how lucky they are! Im awake at 3am to see this game here in Portugal, LETS GET IT GOAT james
Luís Teixeira
@danilo horta VAMOSSS CARALHO
danilo horta
danilo horta Mese fa
Vamos la TUGA. Hj o lebron faz história.
Artice Reed
Artice Reed Mese fa
For 38 years it's been this way it's like he was born for this
Nate Foote
Nate Foote Mese fa
Taco Tuesday LeBron's favorite day of the week ..perfect time to do it
Darren Mcintosh
I ate some delicious tacos today
Aa Daw
Aa Daw Mese fa
Hahaha good one🤣🤣🤣
Sidney nicolas
Yoooooo.. it is taco Tuesday 🤣
Ben V
Ben V Mese fa
Truly happy I appreciated his greatness! GOAT!!
Apalachee Apache
@Justin Dminic 🤣🤣🤣🤣 With every record he breaks, the team hasn't won that game! The most overrated loser in NBA history 🤣🤣🤣
Justin Dminic
@Knathan Knathan Jordan gets every call in an expansion era where todays east teams get more wins than that east. So I really don’t care. We know you’re an old head I didn’t need your confirmation for that.
Richard Williams
@Justin Dminic LOL. Lebron is pushing 40. He is an old head.
Rose De Vera
Rose De Vera Mese fa
Hate him or hate him more u can't stop the 👑 ,no need to be his fan just RESPECT the GREATNESS he is❤️
jlowery68 Mese fa
4-7 is not greatness
Damon Reynolds
Man he ain't the greatest I go buy championships cuz we get there you got to be great which I'm not taking nothing from you got for but he ain't getting no more
"Don't care what it took to get there. A score is a score, a point is a point. The achievement is he made it."
CeeWorld Mese fa
He may actually put this record at around 42,000 points! Yo this is CRAZZYYY!!! 😮🔥🔥✊🏽💪🏽👏🏾👑🐐🐐!
Telles 39
Telles 39 Mese fa
7:27 don’t worry Shaq I have Kareem as the 🐐 for now so yea I definitely bring him up when talking about the greats
Thrasher 250
Thrasher 250 Mese fa
The only way I can see someone beating LeBron’s soon to be scoring record is by playing anywhere from 18-20 seasons, averaging about 30 ppg for multiple seasons, play at the very least 65 games per regular season (not including playoffs)
@Money Money he's already close to 500 in the league reg plus p/o how many more years he got 🤣🤣 gl future stars ur gonna need it
Money Money
Money Money Mese fa
Yeah including playoffs and finals won’t be broken 😂😂
John Samos
John Samos Mese fa
Look at that fit. Bron gonna do it tonight
Go LeBron, my guy!😂❤
EyeBMike Mese fa
LeBron taking the scoring title tonight is impressive ALL AROUND!!! But I feel if he beats it tonight... the next national live game vs Bucks! He's gonna love coming into the game 1st in scoring! So every next point just makes him surpass it more!
oo kk
oo kk Mese fa
LeBron told his-story and made history!!
Kevon Mese fa
"That was awesome dude." -Shaq
The record just makes me appreciate Kareem more.
mo Rip
mo Rip Mese fa
imagine he did all this made all these people go crazy like this and then he says naww imma wait till thursday 🤣
I would
WhatsUp Mese fa
Can’t possibly happen again for the next 20 years that’s crazy. Possibly more since this level of talent is difficult to come by
Abron Lattier III
"That was awesome dude!" 🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Padgett
Lakers please get this Win Tonight More importantly please my Lakers let's get it done please
Steve Saenz
Steve Saenz Mese fa
“That was awesome dude”😂😂
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Mese fa
He breaking the record tonight. That's a minimum of 18 baskets. The only thing that can stop him is if those young boys on OKC feel some kind of way and he gets double all night
OldmanWither Mese fa
They should! Don't break the record on me!
Six Mese fa
Lol I feel he's going to try the sky hook twice and fail so he'll just lay it in.
Manzi Bagurusi
@Richard Williams lebron did it in 100 less games too. Kareem is just salty
Richard Williams
@Manzi Bagurusi That's silly. 4 years in college shortened his prime NBA years and the points he would have scored. Kareem was 42 in year 20, Lebron is 38.
Kid Champagne
Manzi Bagurusi
@thebestmaxi why he always making excuses and got lebron name in his mouth all the time then? He knows it's a bad look that's why he's saying now that he'll support him.
Manzi Bagurusi
@Richard Williams we could take away lebrons 3s and make then twos and he's still only 1000 points behind. They both played 20 years, I'm not hearing that.
Chris Xavier
Chris Xavier Mese fa
Lefco is a legend for that joke😂😂
J W Mese fa
Tbh, I'd love to see Lebron break this record in 36 more games.
Franthevan65 Mese fa
Break the record against the team he got his 1st ring against 💯
Yessss that’s what I’m saying
He did it 🔥 and he still Jordans son
jlowery68 Mese fa
LBJ now the leader in points, turnovers, finals losses, and traded teammates. 👑
Smokey J
Smokey J 24 giorni fa
& Yet still a top 3 player of all time
Tomas Vasquez
So the year Kareem broke the record, LeBron James was born 👑
Bosslife Boogie
So bron was conceived on the night Kareem broke the record ? 😭 this is madness
A Sc
A Sc Mese fa
Lakers better keep it close if he plans on breaking it tonight. It’ll be real awkward if their down 20 and they stop the game to celebrate
waduheck?! Mese fa
OKC is really capable to blow out teams look what they did against Boston without SGA 30+ points lead lol
I ain't think he was gonna do it tonight til I seen that outfit 😂
Knathan Knathan
I know he’ll do it based on how he has been playing this year
Space Campp
Space Campp Mese fa
It's a wrap !
Daniela Bata Bogdanov
you have to mention the nba being so different though with more scoring and the 3 point line
M &M's
M &M's Mese fa
I honeslty dont think he will get it tonight, I think he will get close, unless they just want it over with tonight, I think it would be better Thursday.
Focuz🔎 Mese fa
The record is 38 years old and so is Lebron. This is incredible!
Focuz🔎 Mese fa
@jahnaza indeed
jahnaza Mese fa
BRON was literally BORN to break this record
Evil Twin
Evil Twin Mese fa
I think he’s gonna do it against the Bucks. Kareem’s first team. That would be epic. Either way it’s epic don’t get me wrong but that would just be a movie script. Playing for the Lakers, breaking the record against the Bucks, against a team that just so happens to have another all time great player who may dominate the league for years to come. Mannnnnn…
Dats a paddlin
Lebron may be goin into catch the rebound mode tonight 😂
Youngboy Never Broke Again
In kobe they trust
rafa021 Mese fa
Damn I'm old. I was alive when Kareem became a scoring leader
Cocaine Bear
Cocaine Bear Mese fa
Old ahh
Kid Champagne
Old ah
Ricardo Masvidal
They couldn't make Ernie & Charles come in today for a special occasion
Roderick O
Roderick O Mese fa
Funny 🤣
SaGeForReal Mese fa
@Najee The Chosen OneCharles said Bron better not beat the record tonight because he usually hosts the inside the nba on Thursdays. That’s been their schedule lately Ernie, Kenny, and Charles are on Thursday.
Carter Mese fa
The script says he breaks the record in Milwaukee.
Exhibit C me
Exhibit C me Mese fa
Left off Kenny but I understand why 😂
Yahia ali
Yahia ali Mese fa
@Julian _ he’s might not even play today lol he’s breaking on the bucks
Hellmaker Kane
People thinking about lebron breaking the record I’m thinking the final number he going to have when it’s all said and done that’s crazy
Close to 30 seasons lol
Truth is Truth! 2022
Delonte West is like yeah!! That's my stepson baby!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
bayo daman
bayo daman Mese fa
This record might not be broken until after I die 😅😅 I just turned 26 last month kinda crazy to think about
Carter Mese fa
Tomahawk dunk or sky hook for the shot that puts him over.
joe Baby boy
joe Baby boy Mese fa
Hate or love him he deserves his respect as a die hard Jordan fan
Blaque Mese fa
@Ndjibu Kabengele You’re silly.
Blaque Mese fa
As A Jordan fan… MJ is the GOAT but let’s not act like Lebron isn’t Great in his own right.
Ndjibu Kabengele
You're a good sport unlike other MJ's bandwagon.
Michael Johnston
He throws the ball into the basket really good
Michael Johnston
@Knathan Knathan I’ve never really watched basketball but it looks to me like he’s throwing the ball into hoop. Is that what’s happening?
Knathan Knathan
You mean lay it off the backboard not throw into the bucket
ytusr Mese fa
If it wasn't for this big moment coming up so soon Lakers would of had Kyrie
Tyler Lynn
Tyler Lynn Mese fa
Crossover said like Stone Cold Steve Austin ❄️ lmao 🤣🤣🤣
LeBron has been getting 40 for fun in the last few months. It's defo happening tonight
Johnny Beatmaker
Damn I thought this record would never been broken. You know how many seasons you got to play on my career ha
Up Front
Up Front Mese fa
6:05 🤔Wilt took Kareem breaking his record *personal* and knocked up Gloria James to have his son breaking Kareem's record later on... I mean that *"chosen one"* actually means something!🤯
rchilde1 Mese fa
Mad props to LaBron and how he handled everything. He is one of the greatest of all time now that he holds the record and likely will for-ever. But let's tempor the fanboys, 'Michael Jordan' is still the greatest basketball player of all time. Had Michael not taken time away from the game he would have beat this milestone held by Kareem as well. BTW, Kareem is one of the greatest too; LaBron isn't the single greatest (not even the greatest Laker, Kareem and Magic are) but Bron did joined the group of NBA Legends led by MJ. the GOAT.
limuel quiachon Aguilar
Only 1 king💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏L.B.J🇵🇭
Stories to Tell
No doubt it’s exciting for basketball fans and players
Boomer Ang
Boomer Ang Mese fa
1:24 Eulogy to all jersey incinerators
No Game No Life
Imagine if he scored 1 point short. Lol
ken lloyd
ken lloyd Mese fa
@3:33 "im a kid from Germany and i'm getting a part of it" ❣️
mike Panthermike
Im more excited to see who Gets the assist.
Micaele Ryko Soquila
Its going to be hard taking the record from lebron once he got it.
If it happens tonight or when it does, allow the man to go to Starbucks. He's earned it.
Honestly if he wants to break it It would only be right for him to wear his draft night suit
Hoops Spill
Hoops Spill Mese fa
This is just the wake the funeral is Thursday 😂💯
Jared Pribyl
Jared Pribyl Mese fa
He’ll keep throwing up shots until he gets it tonight, and rest on defense to make sure lol.
Skyjacksj66 Mese fa
That was so awkward it made my insides hurt.
Lemon the Cat
He the GOAT! Its a parallel with his all white suit
nanu Chinan
nanu Chinan Mese fa
Lmaooo that was awesome duuddeee
J gone13
J gone13 Mese fa
I live in europa so the game will be on 4am and I have to be at work at 8am 😭😭 I really hope it’s tonight mane 🥹
thebestmaxi Mese fa
I’m in italia 😂
Aaron Chan
Aaron Chan Mese fa
I think he will score 46,000-plus before retirement. He will need to play in his early 50s to reach 50,000 and beyond.
CactusMwc Mese fa
Lebron a billionaire now he has no real reason to keep playing honestly, I expect him to play a year or 2 with his son tho
Vinorth Siva
Vinorth Siva Mese fa
he's playing another 2 years tops lol
Steven A. Keys
“Early 50’s” 😂 that’s a lot, man.
If this isn’t GOAT SHT I dont know what is .
Truth is Truth! 2022
6 rings from two 3PEATS, being 100% FLAWLESS in the finals, and having the highest ppg in NBA regular season,playoffs and finals HISTORY. 🤣🤣🎯
mgza Mese fa
Where is the reg crew tonight? Missing chuck for this man lol
Paul Mese fa
If he hits 34-35 points. He should go for the Akron Hammer, the tomahawk jam. For sure it will be uncontested. Because nobody wants to be on the most historic poster the NBA will produce. 😂
Melanin Saiyan God
😂😂😂 bro imagine he breaks it by dunking on somebody
corey thomas
corey thomas Mese fa
BEN X10 Mese fa
Lakers didn't need an all time scorer tonight, but just an elite player who can score enough to win a game, with some kind of help, of course. The AD that came back, is far from the AD that left. Wouldn't be surprised if the lakers doesn't make the play-in again, for 2 years straight.
Would be dope if it happened tonight, but odds are against it (and LeBron one of my favorite athletes ever as super early 80 baby) math wise since ALL GREAT SCORERS EVER score 35+ points only 10-33% of the time they play (including playoffs). Also when AD plays vs doesn’t play with LeBron it’s 26 ppg vs 31 ppg (34/35 in 2021-22 and 2022-23).
OldmanWither Mese fa
Kareem set the record, Lebron was conceived and then later that year, Lebron was born.
@OldmanWither hey! even better 😭🙌🏾 s/o to y’all 84’ gang
OldmanWither Mese fa
@HoodClassicsTV I was born in 84, so I will agree! 😅
2 months after the record was set, Jordan was drafted, then a few months later Bron was born 🔥 might be the best overall year of basketball 😂
chris mendez
chris mendez Mese fa
LeGOAT 😤👑🐐💯🔥
Dorian Holcomb
It's a shame this record gets beat on TNT the night they have the B team.
Mark Ace
Mark Ace Mese fa
Me too tonight LFG 🔥 🔥 👑 da Goat 🐐
Clinton Lee
Clinton Lee Mese fa
I agree with Shaq, when we talk about the greatest we leave Kareem out of that discussion. I say that Kareem is #1 he has scored more than anyone other than LBJ and he has 6 rings like MJ. So I always wonder why we disrespect Kareem. Also Wilt has records that no one will break...IMHO. So top 10 of all times include Kareem, Wilt, MJ, LBJ, Bird, Magic, Kobe, Shaq, Dr. J and Oscar Robinson and you can debate where they rank but these are in my opinion the top 10. To nit pick MJ is the best SG, Center is Kareem, PG Magic, SF LBJ & PF Bird.
John David Hernandez
tears coz kobe not watching live 😭
Mr. Yellowstrat
How is the record 38 years old when Kareem's final game was in 1989? Did they stop counting in 1984? Lmao
Apalachee Apache
Shout out to the Juice 💉💉💉💉💉💉 It does James good 💪🏼
NuKe LEMUR Mese fa
Would be great if i could watch it on league pass 🤷‍♂ but no, just gotta pay for more subscriptions
corbus_27 Mese fa
I love Adam 😂
💯 the Goat 🐐
Carmine Mese fa
The white guy is a bit awkward, lol.. I love the look Candice gives Jamal at around 1:40
Tressa C
Tressa C Mese fa
Oh wait. He got the points early, before the 4th quarter.
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