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bethconner86 Anno fa
I have been having anxiety really been this past week and watching y’all’s TikToks and ITvids have really helped calm me. I love y’all’s energy. Thank you and keep up all the goodness ❤
Kelly Oconnell
You guys remind me of my relationship.....My husband and I are celebrating 23 years of marriage and 30 years together! Life is amazing when you meet your person!
Jenna Williams
Congratulations! May God bless you and your incredible relationship to keep growing together as you grow with God!! God bless you sister!!!!
Allison Paredes
I love y’all! God bless you and keep you safe 🙏 ❤️
Gigi Garza
Gigi Garza Anno fa
You guys are so cute! You should do a story time video about how you met :) God bless you guys!
Jules Anno fa
I love that God brought you guys together! God bless❤️
Madison Imes
Madison Imes 3 mesi fa
All y’all’s pictures are sooo cute! ❤❤❤
NJM V Anno fa
Love you guys and i love how you’re going slowly and follow your religion without caring what people say hope you the best🤍
Tia Folse
Tia Folse Anno fa
The thing is they aren’t following a religion they are follow Jesus
Jamira bernard
@Tia Folse following*
Robyn Houseknecht
You guys are so cute and funny! 😊❤️
ThatRandomGeek 11 mesi fa
I just realized y'all are only a year older than me! Crazy stuff :) I love sending my boyfriend y'all's TikToks, especially with us being long distance and all and the fact that y'all are also a Christian couple!
Robyn Houseknecht
Love watching your videos!
Renee Gibbs
Renee Gibbs Anno fa
I am constantly taking pictures of my pets/kids/nature so I have thousands of pictures on my phone 🤣 So I'm on her side haha. I feel like it's a girl thing lol because many men don't do tons of photos.
Reagan Sword
Reagan Sword 11 mesi fa
You guys are so cute together love your videos
Alyssa Smith
Alyssa Smith Anno fa
you should quiz Taylor on female products for a video!
Melissa Rodriguez
preach it Taylor! 👏🏽
Hunter & Devin Cordle
Love y’all!!🥰
Kira Begay
Kira Begay Anno fa
Thank y’all for answering me 🥰🥰
laura pische
laura pische Anno fa
Could you guys do a ITvid video how to handle hard times in your life?
Abby's Life
Abby's Life Anno fa
I love y'all ❤️
kenna Anno fa
Robyn Houseknecht
I watch you guys on TikTok too and also love those videos 😁
Sophia Angel
Sophia Angel Anno fa
I love you guys so much! Jesus is King!! And I’m definitely a 50,000 pics person 😬😂
jane lozoya
jane lozoya Anno fa
Hey Gibson 😎👍🏼🥇💯😅🐾🐾🐾 Great video 🎉 Thank you for being private & fun & lighthearted CUTE‼️👍🏼🥇😅 Wouldn’t recognize Taylor with that different hair 😅
♡ Mariah ♡
I love you guys so much so exited for you merch to drop ahhh 💗💗 my last name is also Gibson lol
Sherri A
Sherri A 4 mesi fa
Yes, several thousand pics. When someone says "Download this ap," I look like this --> 😳 "How many 100s of pics do I have to erase to fit this ap in? Do I have time for this right now?" 🤣
Shannon Adams
Love you guys so cute ❤️❤️
linkish ish
linkish ish Anno fa
Cutest couple🥰🥰
MogDogPog Anno fa
Jesus loves you all soo much God is coming back soon repent from your sins before it’s too late💗💗
C L O U D S Anno fa
Amen 🙏
Charlie Knight
@C L O U D S amen 🙏🏼
lemon Anno fa
Amen God Bless
Maria Amaya
Maria Amaya Anno fa
Ailc yorbriouus
Lauren Anno fa
Amen 🙏🏽
Bailey Renee
Bailey Renee Anno fa
Y’all are so cute together and love watching your ITvid videos ps Soph your so so beautiful and sweet Love y’all!!!🤍🤍
kylee Anno fa
Day in the life’s would be good or gym workouts
Lucy Kahn
Lucy Kahn Anno fa
Love you guys💕
Crawley R
Crawley R Anno fa
Love y’all!!! We are so trying to escape CA… what do you think of S.Carolina? What state are u in?? I want more like you around me
Tyler Corn
Tyler Corn Anno fa
I live in South Carolina, it’s wonderful. I believe they live in Georgia.
Liliana Zurita
I visited South Carolina last year and it was beautiful! I would say it’s a great choice :)
Madison Boyd
Madison Boyd Anno fa
Y’all should start doing challenges
Khloe Sanders
I am a huge fan I love y’all’s ITvid and ticktok so much and god bless yall
Taylor we need some hunting videos!!!
Lukas Sparks
Lukas Sparks Anno fa
Love you guys
Trinity Rae
Trinity Rae Anno fa
Just commenting to show some support. ❤️
Carly Anno fa
A day on your life! 💜
Morgan Weier
Morgan Weier Anno fa
“Gibson said NO” 😂😂😅
Austin Frankamp
Where did Taylor get the Jesus and the Lion picture on the wall because I want to get one?
Carey Woodward
Carey Woodward 5 mesi fa
I’ve got so many photos that my Google storage is now full and I can’t receive emails anymore haha 😅
sarah Fichter
Can you guys explain your reasoning for saving yourself for marriage?
Aviation767 Anno fa
Very nice!
Amanda Frost-trott
Y’all are waiting til you get married rt? Pushing purity!
Charlotte Anno fa
In the first selfie photo he looks like Luca from the movie
kebotrans Anno fa
My dog is Gibson also 😀
Charlie Smith
I suggest you guys find someone to edit for you
Nicole Tarlton
Nicole Tarlton 6 mesi fa
I too have over 50,000 photos on my phone!
EMC Anno fa
I like u with blonde hair!
Charlie Knight
God is good 😊
Ash Anno fa
he could be a pastor
Laura Adams
Laura Adams Anno fa
Ellie Schueler
I have 50,000 in my camera roll haha
Krystal Ann
Krystal Ann 5 mesi fa
Never seen Aladdin?!?!😮
Nico Ramen
Nico Ramen Anno fa
Just commenting for support
Robbie Mannino
Robbie Mannino 10 mesi fa
How you guys met
Jordyn Adams
Jordyn Adams Anno fa
I was jordyy🙊
Andrea Zwecker
Hi does Taylor still go to college and do you live together I wasn’t sure bc in on video y said your waiting for marriage?
Trinity Washington
They are not married. They do not live together and yes Taylor is in college
Glenda Washington
hey gibson
Amanda L
Amanda L Anno fa
37,351 photos here 😅😂
Cody Mason
Cody Mason Anno fa
KK Bo barley
KK Bo barley Anno fa
Girl same 37,412 lmao
Jane Ferguson
Jane Ferguson 6 mesi fa
I’m not a fan of Taylor’s hair. Jacob Peterson has the same. It’s too heavy
Rachel Rhodes
Rachel Rhodes 10 mesi fa
Ypur Instagram links aren't working
Nicole Anno fa
I have 23,822!!
Morgan Weier
Morgan Weier Anno fa
“That girlllll is cute” 🥹- he’s always hyping you up