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Rajveer Mese fa
Ethan just casually destroying JJ's ego Is the best thing
Subrojeet Dey
Subrojeet Dey 11 giorni fa
Bro Ethan's form is so correct
Bayern LEO
Bayern LEO 16 giorni fa
Ethan needs to be humbled
therogg 27 giorni fa
@SimpUnlimitedhis ego is massive
Ashleigh Goodwin
the fact that the only reason vik was put as second meanest is bc he stands up for everyone is wholesome
Chrenius 9 giorni fa
nah because he is actually mean off cameras
De-de 11 giorni fa
Man hasn’t been the same since the split or steal. He’s been handing Ls left and right.
Sheima 15 giorni fa
Ethan even said he might be the nicest and I truly agree this is so sad
28:35 Simon joking about Ethan’s suicidal thoughts TWICE then fighting to prove he’s not the meanest is insane.
Kay 12 ore fa
most people joke about their experiences, they’re a close group and simon wouldn’t have said it if he thought it would offend, i think they can judge for themselves as close friends better than a stranger on youtube
Nemo 9 giorni fa
@SIANEYWKD but like if it bothered him surely this would’ve been a convo they had after the vid and when they saw the edited version he’d have said smth like clip that out it wasn’t ok. Yall did this on Twitter as well when memeulous made a joke about his friend’s sobriety. These are ppl u don’t know and we can’t determine what is or isn’t ok within their own personal relationships, it’s parasocial and entitled to state the level of jokes someone else can make in their content.
KA27 9 giorni fa
@Febeitaa Still though, I have no problem with him actually making a joke like that but him fighting afterwards for a lower spot on that scale is ridiculous.
Shawn I.
Shawn I. 13 giorni fa
and simon was also there for him when it happened, theyre good friends, they can joke a bit. he only said it twice cus josh didn't hear it
Tiara Storm
Tiara Storm Mese fa
i felt bad for vik & tobi this entire video LMAO they’re my 2 favs they’re so sweet 🫶🏼
black girl
black girl 5 giorni fa
@Samuel tobi is the finest sidemen and vik is second they are both so finee
Goze Arbus
Goze Arbus 7 giorni fa
@Tiara Storm Experience and statistics say most women impose this "height" obligation on society and men have to comply and are conditioned to it. That doesn't mean all women indeed, the same way notallmen
Tiara Storm
Tiara Storm 7 giorni fa
@Goze Arbus not all women LMAO. vik is the most attractive one to me. & idk why ppl in my comments are talking about his height when i never mentioned it😭😭
Chaos the multiverse samurai
They got done dirty in a lot of categories
Booty ass
Booty ass 15 giorni fa
@Ashiq Ashi idkk vik be looking buffer now when he flexes bros been hitting gym
Gabriel Fynsk
Vikk not being first on intelligence is absolute cap. Wealthiest and smartest member of the Sidemen and has the most emotional intelligence of any of them (maybe Josh competes)
Venoxide 19 giorni fa
They legit always call him smart and he was made to be the chaser for a reason he's definitely the smartest
The Quantum Kage
The Quantum Kage 20 giorni fa
No Simon easily smartest
Faizon K
Faizon K 22 giorni fa
2nd now cuz of Prime JJ has long jumped past all of em
ashbala khan
ashbala khan 26 giorni fa
josh is the real, reason why sidemen is a company. He is mature enough to help make up all those brand deals and side chains advertisement, Endorsement, side en merch, to getting brand deals and making a vodka brand etc... lets not forget how smoothly he can plan a trip . compare to when the other guys try to plan a side men trip/race, Rich vs Poor videos.... it always comes out as a hudge mess. the reason why those travel content are good is because of josh! He help plan those ideas. Don't get me wrong, yeah!... vik is amazingly smart. But he definitelyil isn't Buisness smart, trying to make 7 guys in a group become. Popular. Even the boys themselves admit that he's the only one in the group that organised all of the business. In one if the sidemen Sunday videos. They did a sidemen swap, where they swap each others lives for the day! simon and Harry swap lives with josh & vik for the day. During the segment when they had to do things josh dose for day they had to plan a presentation for a business idea etc... That enough to just shows , these are things that josh put in effort into, while the other are jusr chilling. so sidemen can stay running and be active . he's also very intelligent in building content for sideman and his own channel.
Ellie Mese fa
When Tobi and JJ went against each other for the best looking, I would of 100% choose Tobi all day everyday!
Chaos the multiverse samurai
@jennie yeh I know it’s one of my biggest pet peeves in western society I respect who don’t factor height
jennie 6 giorni fa
​@Chaos the multiverse samurai unfortunately, height is a physical trait. they're basing the entire thing off of physical traits. that is what determines whether someone is better than the other when it comes to looks. when it comes to including everything, tobi would succeed. because he's smart, nice, talented, good looking, etc. but solely based off physical traits, nothing else included, a lot of people would say that he's not the most attractive when compared to the other 6 guys in the sidemen.
Chaos the multiverse samurai
Those women were waffling and I hate when height is used
black girl
black girl 13 giorni fa
Dipson Mese fa
Everyone backing each other to be better than them and JJ just fighting for himself is the funniest thing here 😂😂
Big RowdzX3
Big RowdzX3 Mese fa
@sly that reason being 1: People like seeing people act a fool (he does that well) 2: His core audience are teenagers with the same mental capacity as him so they find it easier to relate to him 👍🏽
Lawson Mese fa
Yh mate… ha ha ha…
@Juno he is definitely a narcissist. But that does not mean he is a bad person or ONLY cares about himself. It mostly means he believes himself to be the best, and he thinks others should also recognise this "fact." I mean, his whole thing is if someone tells him that he cannot do something he wants to prove them wrong. It is not a bad thing but it can sometimes be a bit annoying.
amira Mese fa
Vik and Tobi are way too underrated these two are definitely the most attractive.
Ashley Mulenga
Ashley Mulenga 12 ore fa
​@ilyleo Harry overrated Ethan clear
ilyleo 13 giorni fa
rightttt vik, tobi, harry top 3 hottest
Tamz 13 giorni fa
black girl
black girl 18 giorni fa
@Samuel tobi is the most attractive sidemen
Ayush Verma
Ayush Verma 24 giorni fa
@Sniperplum47 I 😂
fault forever
The way Vikk is okay with Ethan feeling him up 😭😭😂😂😂 31:53
sujal Jha
sujal Jha 13 giorni fa
We can say he wasn't conscious about that😂😂😂😂
Aizen様 Mese fa
CurvyWhisper Mese fa
I thought the same thing
Keenannnnnn Mese fa
Used to it 😂
Dance K Life
Dance K Life Mese fa
Kodwa Diaries
JJ fighting for 1 in every category is amazing ! 🤣🤣
tbjzlizy Mese fa
34:30 this right here is the best possible example for the ultimate dad strength. Becoming a dad automatically boosts your strength level multiple times. Proud of my man
Aussie Goat
Aussie Goat Mese fa
Alot of deadlifting is technique. Strength is a factor tho.
Hemu Titu18
Hemu Titu18 Mese fa
​​@oGangir60 btw maybe more ethans limit
oGangir Mese fa
Bruv it's literally 140kg lmao
Omr Ame
Omr Ame Mese fa
Here is the recommended clip that say it : itvid.net/video/video-gdGdQB8Pp2w.html
WeTheLindsey Mese fa
Harry singing has me in tears from laughing so hard I love him
Turbulent Mind
@testa da lord ?
testa da lord
And he’s still more musical than JJ who is somehow 1st lol
YouTube Mese fa
the lads dishing out content gold once again 💯
SummerJH98 7 giorni fa
Adheesh Dubey
Adheesh Dubey 28 giorni fa
Bring the dislike button back
Martin Sax Riggelsen
rare youtube w
Mizu Iwai
Mizu Iwai Mese fa
susan dog woof woof
ThaBoss76000 Mese fa
What’s the Feds doing here 🤨
Rakeem Naidoo
Is it just me or is Ethan’s laugh so contagious
Rick Owens
Rick Owens Mese fa
itvid.net/video/video-rNwr2HDksVQ.html Finally it’s here🤠
E.T Mese fa
One engages in a performative contradiction, assuming a facade that diverges from their inherent essence, inducing a state of amused disbelief 🤓🤓🥺🥺 sorry to burst your bubble buddy 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓.
Omr Ame
Omr Ame Mese fa
Here is the recommended clip that say it : itvid.net/video/video--ZrcKLF57TI.html
No Chill Kowa
No way Josh is smarter than Vikk. Vikk is insane in all the quiz videos.
Mheaybert 19
Mheaybert 19 13 giorni fa
@Stephanie yup
Stephanie 13 giorni fa
@Mheaybert 19 and going off your point Josh is amazing at those things too, it’s not even like Vik is the only one with sick book knowledge
Mheaybert 19
Mheaybert 19 Mese fa
@I AM MEMEGOD what? Read it again
Mheaybert 19
Mheaybert 19 Mese fa
Lol about what??? Being smart is not all about memory and books my friend..
Mahi Shrivastava
Mahi Shrivastava 29 giorni fa
Nah man!!! Vikk is definitely extremely nice , funny, good looking and intelligent person with a improved fashion sense . I think just because he is so secure in himself, he was put where he was , otherwise he would be in top 3 for most parts
Top Dif
Top Dif Mese fa
27:27 Harry putting it in position 27:32 Harry going for a sneaky sniff
Website Usage
Website Usage 10 giorni fa
@Jambits thats disgusting lol, wash your hands
Jambits Mese fa
can’t blame the guy, we all do it
it's me
it's me Mese fa
Ethan went from "I'm so stupid,I should be seventh" to "look at me idiot"💀
Fynn Enaux
Fynn Enaux Mese fa
Harry: I can't be the meanest! Also Harry: Let's find out who's Mum is clapped.
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez Mese fa
don't write nonsense
Sujay Krishna
Sujay Krishna Giorno fa
21:49 i love how everyone is so gassed and supports harry after he sings 😄So wholesome. Love this group so much man
Sophia Edgley
Sophia Edgley 10 giorni fa
toby and Vik are legit the sweetest souls ever. not to have a nag at the others. but them, and possibly Simon are the only ones with social awareness. i truly believe everyone needs a Tobi in their lives. not only does he give us eye juice (meaning Hes hot af, respectfully) he is also not only humble supportive, and all together what all men should be. Hes also always the first one to stand up for others and support them. i could genially watch him all day just from the stramonium boost. also, the fact that Vik was put second meanest because he stands up for people is beyond wholesome. i know neither of them will see this but i hope they both know; they make my day and I'm sure thousands of others.
Chaos the multiverse samurai
I really admire your observation and I 100% agree I would also add josh I think he’s very genuine and always seems fair and open minded in my opinion
MLT Animations
Josh's joke at 23:10 is so class and no one notices it lmao the fact that it the boys have no reaction got me laughing for 10 mins straight
Ruth Krebs
Ruth Krebs 22 giorni fa
@TEELÖFFELif my grandma had wheels she’d be a bike
TEELÖFFEL 22 giorni fa
what did he say? l couldn’t understand it
John Fitzmaurice
John Fitzmaurice 28 giorni fa
Wasnt his joke so they didnt laugh
j4quaman Mese fa
they got the reference it just wasn’t funny
lolimeshal Mese fa
Dev Patel
Dev Patel 18 giorni fa
Josh asking JJ to take off his bandana and Ethan walking up was just brutal on so many fronts☠️☠️☠️
mrimbord Mese fa
Vik and Tobi are the two nicest, by miles. It's crazy to say Vik is 2nd meanest because he stands up for them lol
Don't Forget me
The fact they moved JJ to 7th once he took his bandana off is pure comedy gold 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fuck👆 Mese fa
Umah nator
Umah nator Mese fa
Take the covid masks off equivalent?
catherine gelle
that is the funniest part omfg
Dillan Mistry
Fluvo Mese fa
@Dipanshu Gupta the girl is a bot, it won’t care
Strobez Mese fa
5:09 their reactions define exactly why they as a group deserve all the success in the world. Humble through and through.
Shai 8 giorni fa
Not jj😂😂
Nikhil Upadhyay
Vikk is sweetest
Tanisha Mika
Tanisha Mika Mese fa
I love how competitive Ksi is 😂 keep that energy:)
PettyBoy Bobs
the hardest I laughed was when Simon started cheering and jumping around in circles once the crew rearranged the meanness line. 🤣😂🤣
henryjoel Mese fa
I love how ksi always goes for 1st place and is immediately humbled by the whole squad 🤣🤣
hollie1900 Mese fa
5:03 tobi is 100% the most fashionable out of the sidemen he always looks so good
Chaos the multiverse samurai
Didn’t like those “fashion models” pure waffle
On sideplus, Simon was mentioning that they doubted this video was main channel worthy. Let it be known that this is pure gold. The friendship between these lads is just absolute class.
David Canil
David Canil Mese fa
i loved this one theyre all funny and enjoyable
Abel Mese fa
@Parag I only like their 20 vs 1 vids, but that’s mainly because of the guests. I think Beta Squad is more entertaining without any other celebrity guests
Parag Mese fa
@Abel nah bro I generally don’t watch 40+ min sidemen videos like the 100000$ vs 100$ ones but this one I watched till the end
Abel Mese fa
This isn't as entertaining as other vids
Anders Mese fa
@M Two different things. Videos like this are what the core audience want, but they aren't what attract the casual youtube viewer, and unfortunately the latter is where they get their ad revenue from, and it's also how they seem to judge a video's success based on what they've said in the past.
Angelica N
Angelica N Mese fa
KSI absolutely fighting for his higher places is so jokes, my jaws are hurting 😂😂😂 But but but.. I'm happy Vikk is more secure in himself bc these types of videos do him dirty. - stand your ground Vikk⭐
anderscrouse 6 giorni fa
How in the world is Simon not the meanest?????😂😂
Momma’s Boys
I like how they cared more about who was the nicest then anything else, that really shows how good of a people they are
Miles .1
Miles .1 11 giorni fa
I love whenever vik gets appreciated
xPreame Mese fa
This is they type of Sidemen video we haven’t had in a while, truly let all of their personalities shine through! Really great vid
Hollie Mese fa
Acc rlly enjoyed this video !
Olah pappy
Olah pappy Mese fa
Yes love it
Gian Plays
Gian Plays Mese fa
​@Amchy by far
Amchy Mese fa
This is the best bid this year
wroof scott
wroof scott Mese fa
Marjona Raffe
let's all agree that Tobi is the best dressed. man's dripped from head to toe in prada
JT Mese fa
Not laughed so much in a while at Jj doing step-overs in a dance-off ahahaha
Heh 12 giorni fa
They should do this every year, its like a good way to show improvement or what they can improve on themselves!!
Hannah Carney
Josh should’ve been higher for most attractive 110%, but Harry being number one when he wears pj pants 80% of the time is unmatched(as he should)
Chaos the multiverse samurai
I agree
Shourya Jain
Shourya Jain 5 giorni fa
Ethan has the dad strength 😂
Charita Wakefield
Harry being the least stylish but the MOST attractive is class
ItsOracle Mese fa
he just like me fr
Flaaj Mese fa
harry style is the best lol
Faiz Farooqi
Faiz Farooqi Mese fa
@IvoryCasts facts
Nobody_152 Mese fa
@Big Doink 420 Literally
Lachy Lloyd
Lachy Lloyd Mese fa
No one is in Harry’s class
Zainab Balogun
Zainab Balogun 26 giorni fa
For most fashionable rating, the fact that Harry didn’t even bother to move is hilarious 😂😂😂
Cryospace Mese fa
I think this is my favorite sidemen video of all time, there's something about this thats just so good
Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson 20 giorni fa
JJ's reaction at 40:52 is honestly so precious
Tejas Gaur
Tejas Gaur Mese fa
Straight up I love tobi that guy is amazing. And he kills with his style.
John Rambo
John Rambo Mese fa
Harry hit every note in that last line of the song, he knew what he was doing
JulliaStark Mese fa
I appreciate how secure Vikk is in himself because these videos do him dirty
@The Lazy Cat He's also way better looking than her lmao. Always the most mid looking ones with the most shallow opinions
Did you see what I done ?
@kiwi limb lengthening surgery
Anything that involves attraction the lads are gonna take a hit. Not because they don’t look good but entirely because of height. Just how it is, just never listen to woman whenever they say height isn’t important lmao.
The Lazy Cat
The Lazy Cat Mese fa
@kiwi 😂
kiwi Mese fa
@Only Fair no way.. Well then I stand corrected money can buy height
Thatmemegeek Mese fa
Simon saying I had less fun than the man who try to kill himself. Had me 💀
Venoxide 19 giorni fa
​@edwardhyde cmon we both know that's completely different and Ethan said that because Simon made a joke earlier
Bryson Miles
Bryson Miles Mese fa
Almost had ethan dead aswell 😂
edwardhyde Mese fa
@StarForce ING so its okay for ethan to call simon’s mom an animal ?
Tyrell Mese fa
@StarForce ING "You'd never know what someone's going through" I think Simon would know if ethan was going through something. Even if he didn't they know each other well enough to which jokes to not make pal
Thatmemegeek Mese fa
@StarForce ING he obviously didn't mean it
Adelaide Mills
Adelaide Mills 19 giorni fa
The dance-off part just kills me every time. like what were Harry and Vik doing 🤣
Shiranda Williams
Shiranda Williams 16 giorni fa
Vik falling from dancing made me fall off my bed from laughing 🤣🤣🤣
Camille Vonn
Camille Vonn 9 giorni fa
Ethan needs more credit that man is fine af😂🥰
1waymoe 6 giorni fa
one of their best vids 100%😂😂
xPreame Mese fa
Vikk definitely doesnt give himself enough credit! He also handled himself so well in this !! Xx
Cam Leighton
Cam Leighton Mese fa
@EXTRA ACCOUNT yeah 100% and jj shouldn’t be there cos without a stylist he has 0 fashion sense
@Cam Leighton I also think tobi should have been at the top but actual fashion designers put them there and they are certainly more qualified at fashion.
@Jesus Illanes Velasquez well, the crew put him there. He might be Gordon Ramsay behind the scenes.
Stan Mese fa
@Marcus Tan his drip has been ok recently, not everyone wears UK drip is all
Cam Leighton
Cam Leighton Mese fa
@Cat's eye yeah I’m a big fan of the jackets he wears. The Valentino one from guess the price video is sick too
Skylar Young
Skylar Young Mese fa
Tobi just enjoying life at the #1 fashion spot😂😂😂
izabella cruz
izabella cruz 10 giorni fa
wow guys, this was really great, enjoyed watching, keep it up!
Saj 23 giorni fa
Ethan’s intelligence can be judged by among us but also from the milk question 😂
Kaybe Mese fa
So we’re just going to ignore how JJ was targeting Vick the whole time 😭💀🗿😵‍💫
O.D Blud
O.D Blud Mese fa
Vik just shouldering jj back was pure gold 🤣
Rew Mese fa
I love how Vik won’t allow himself to be bullied by JJ anymore, he’s come so far
Seargent Slaughter
itvid.net/video/video-Mj8zSr3c61A.html Finally It’s here🤠
Cynical Person
He is no longer a 'Viktim' anymore 😂
Dumbass Hoe
Dumbass Hoe Mese fa
@Angie Baptiste that steal brought out the 123
Angie Baptiste
Ever since that Split or Steal, Vik has been on smoke 😂😂. Good for him.
Sami Walker
Sami Walker Mese fa
Love it Harry getting 1st in Best Looking and just confidently standing in that spot throughout 🥰
Kalisha Dee
Kalisha Dee Mese fa
Ethan and Vik pushing Tobi to the front for the dancer question and Harry's rendition of a Enrique Iglesias classic were amongst my highlights for this video 😂😂 I love Tobi & Ethan's friendship 😊
Blair Ogden
Blair Ogden Mese fa
lets go sideman sundays are the best love the sideman videos
Xavier Mese fa
Harry: I can't be the meanest! Also Harry: Let's find out who's Mum is clapped.
Adam Fattal
Adam Fattal Mese fa
The answer is yours, Xavier
Maddie Taylor
Maddie Taylor Giorno fa
Tobi is so humble with the football one
This was the most goated Sidemen Sunday in a while. JJ’s ego took a massive hit in this one 😂, and all their banter is class.
Thehumangod Mese fa
The strength challenge was nuts. Ethan the dad vs ksi the nightmare.
Willy Fafok
Willy Fafok Mese fa
Well it's basically their job as a friend if not them then no one can🤣
LoreMaster39 Mese fa
Gotta keep the big man grounded 😂👌
shani yan
shani yan Mese fa
The fact they moved JJ to 7th once he took his bandana off is pure comedy gold
Joshua Olivier
Great Video! Keep up the good work guys.
Jacob Mese fa
Harry solidified his place in the whos the funniest segment 😂
Gijsbert Konsen
Ethan really got that dad strength
here i am : )
here i am : ) 27 giorni fa
Everyone's SO shocked especially Tobi, when crew calls Vik the meanest at 37:05... Poor Vik
Isac Mese fa
13:20 bro Harrys reaction😆😆 literally so relatable
Blessing Mese fa
JJ is the most humble after Simon, Tobi, Ethan, Harry, Josh and Vik 💛
Demilade Akinyele
Humble or insecure 😂
Ezekiella Adom Eshun
@o0 That tobi's not humble but trying to act humble?
o0 Mese fa
@Ezekiella Adom Eshun what other lads? sidemen? cos they already have
Ezekiella Adom Eshun
​@o0 Not true please If it were so, the other lads would have said it
o0 Mese fa
@Shynade Powell tobi's not humble he's trying to act humble all the time, its just annoying asf
Super Saiyan King
These guys tryna humble JJ and getting proven wrong was hilarious 😂
Zainab Balogun
Zainab Balogun 26 giorni fa
4:04: Tobi was ready to fight the stylist 😂
Bianca Macedo
Bianca Macedo 29 giorni fa
this is easily one of the funniest sidemen videos ever
JimMorrisonsBelt23 9 giorni fa
I almost peed myself laughing at 11:12 😭😭😭 they really edited his hair out, JJ looks like a legit 🥥 😂😂
djbabyboi Mese fa
23:11 he really was the only person laughing at his own joke💀
Harshraj Singh Rathore
Finally a Sidemen video that actually is just the boys interacting organically
black air force
@TheBoltingPotato bro don't make it weird
Fr it’s so good😂
Mystery Tissues
This is one of their best vids this is definitely a future classic
MyGamester Mese fa
Kai having a mental break down in the first 2 minutes is to funny 😂
Teu Tai
Teu Tai Mese fa
It’s was really cold to see jj vs Ethan they both had great form till the end. Give props to both of them
Simon Calabuig
Seeing the change in attitude between the best footballer and most funny questions was perfect
anand_kv__ Mese fa
Drunk Vik would be third on the funniest sidemen list 😂
Rowan Smith
Rowan Smith Mese fa
They should all do a general knowledge quiz game
TheBigDog97 Mese fa
That clutch by Harry at the end is so good and josh is the funniest sidemen no debate
John Fitzmaurice
John Fitzmaurice 28 giorni fa
The worst take
Văn Nhân Trần
Văn Nhân Trần 27 giorni fa
All sidemen are too friendly and honest
Utkarsh Sharma
Ethan beating jj in attractiveness, in deadlift and in intelligence, daddy behz
Ruth Martin
Ruth Martin Mese fa
21:30 harry singing was everything ❤😍
livlif Mese fa
JJ getting ego checked every time is hilarious
ItsOracle Mese fa
​@WeSpiced Memes nah
black air force
@WeSpiced Memes I mean if they did this shirtless he might've been 1. Also I feel like his personality makes him much more attractive
@Atte ESI fr
GDAE BB Mese fa
He made the video....He was playing off his persona well. I am pretty sure he isn't like that irl
Jaylen 3791
Jaylen 3791 Mese fa
@WeSpiced Memes nah he’s not 😭😭 Toby is
Paskids Mese fa
vik is so goodam underrated this video had me dying
Kylie Duquette
tobi is such a kind human
It's Just Me
It's Just Me 26 giorni fa
I like how humble they are in most of the ranks.
marc campbell
marc campbell 15 giorni fa
i really want to see a sidemen Sunday with the top 3 funniest people in a team cuz Ethan just makes things funny ksi is just a mongle and Harrys top tear
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Mese fa
Harry: I can't be the meanest! Also Harry: Let's find out who's Mum is clapped.
loudyzen Mese fa
I actually think vikk is really attractive. He may be not the tallest but he’s handsome and his personality seems humble and charming. Honestly deserves better
Dana Gameplay
Dana Gameplay 9 giorni fa
Henley LeRoy
Henley LeRoy 10 giorni fa
Same with Toby
Samuel Mese fa
@hamoIQ that goes for every other race g
SA. Mese fa
@Husam H not a new fan lol, he wasnt this boasy before because he never had this many yes men
Shiranda Williams
Shiranda Williams 16 giorni fa
10:27 is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 Ethan was NOT having it 💀💀💀
Nathan Sumbu
Nathan Sumbu Mese fa
this has to be the funniest sidemen video in a long time
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson Mese fa
I think Simon is smarter than he thinks he is
Pje Int
Pje Int Mese fa
Love their honesty
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