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Commenti 3 592
Dana Y
Dana Y Mese fa
I only check the internet for New episodes of Better Call Saul, Raised by Wolves & Swoozie vids.
XStriker 25 giorni fa
Yo swoozie I luv ur vids
Kay 28 giorni fa
@Niceguy lmaoooo 🤣
Saul Mendez
Saul Mendez Mese fa
@sWooZie what's up
Mega Mese fa
@Niceguy Hard hitting questions
Coupi Mese fa
swoozie is that one guy not in a relationship that everyone goes to for relationship advice
Daddycontraband 4 giorni fa
I can heavily relate to this. Everyone be coming to me for relationship advice. I’ve been through the fucking ringer when it comes to girls/relationships/situatuonships.
Rito Mariscal
Rito Mariscal 6 giorni fa
+Harvey bruh that hit my mfn soul ✋🏼😭💀
Christopher Antoine
Christopher Antoine 23 giorni fa
@AGASTYA Gill Class Vll D lmao I’m not lying tho
AGASTYA Gill Class Vll D
LPGozzzi Mese fa
I don't have any friends to talk about these girl/relationship stuff. So whenever I watch a Swoozie upload, it lowkey kinda makes you feel like you're there, listening to the actual conversation IRL.
Jeremiah Jeffery
Jeremiah Jeffery 28 giorni fa
Girls can be Friends but don't rush a girl to date u
alitsuki 28 giorni fa
fr its cool and helpful and a pretty easy way to understand more
Jeremiah Jeffery
Jeremiah Jeffery 29 giorni fa
@Ifeanyi literally bro
Jeremiah Jeffery
Jeremiah Jeffery 29 giorni fa
@Denneh yes way bro
Ifeanyi 29 giorni fa
joe clark
joe clark Mese fa
you know I think swoozie's dating problems largely come down to the fact that he constantly dates people that have to get a flight just to see him again, this man cannot do long-distance
Alex .G
Alex .G 11 giorni fa
In spanish@Dannyboy Zuniga
Alex .G
Alex .G 11 giorni fa
@Dannyboy Zuniga translates to, “Love from afar love from assholes”
Micahl Taylor
Micahl Taylor 13 giorni fa
Swoozie be Getting ig models flown out. Need an normal woman.
John Lewis
John Lewis 18 giorni fa
Facts he needs to stay consistent and get a girl in driving distance
Broly D Legend
Broly D Legend 28 giorni fa
@Dannyboy Zuniga Your grandfather was a wise man.
Nikki H
Nikki H Mese fa
This is a perfect example of why "situationships" don't work. If she's not your official girlfriend, she has no reason to be loyal. If he's not your official boyfriend, he has every right to entertain other women! If you like her enough to feel jealousy, ask her to be your exclusive girlfriend. If you don't, a "Damian" will come around and do it first 😩
Space Tacos 7
Space Tacos 7 27 giorni fa
Bruh Words of the saints advice right there damn that was facts
3dler Mese fa
Wise words Nikki
Gabriel Cutler
learned that and agree
Brenda Hyde Alvarez
Swoozie: "so i meet this gurl..." Me: *starts giggling while grabbing my dinner* Narrator voice in my head: Oh shit, here we go again ..
KT Jakes
KT Jakes Mese fa
Swoozie remember your wise words. "Simpin' ain't pimpin'" Come back to us.
yun from street fighter
@Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet cry about it.
Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet
Y’all on some incel ish right now.
Justin McMullen
@Kōhai you mean Swoozie Homeboy 2022 lol
EJ Mese fa
Life tip for both guys and girls: if the person randomly brings up someone without any reason that’s who they will mess with or leave you for. You’re welcome
Kah Sekei
Kah Sekei 29 giorni fa
@Capt Snuggles can't make this up 😂🤷
EchoVEcho Mese fa
Damn she gonna cheat with her dead relative damn g 😭😭😭
Mateo Zavala
Mateo Zavala Mese fa
Ain’t this the truth😐
GhostOfZion Mese fa
Facts bro, needed this FDB 😤
Capt Snuggles
dude this literally happened to me, we were just chilling watching a movie and she brings up this random guys ig dm cause she thought it was funny and I was lol what a goofy guy hitting on you, we broke up 3 weeks later then 1 week later she's with him LOL
Jesse ashton
Jesse ashton Mese fa
"Sometimes you have to be a lion to be the lamb you really are" I think this better applies to gentler dudes to remind them that you gotta stick up for yourself sometimes, so ppl don't take advantage of your kindness, I don't like being confrontational, but that's sometimes necessary in order to send a message that your boundaries have to be respected, and I'd rather be respected than nice
Jesse ashton
Jesse ashton 27 giorni fa
@idunnodoyou yessir I got that from Dave Chappelle lol love that quote
Space Tacos 7
Space Tacos 7 27 giorni fa
Definitely what I would class swoozie as back in the day of these stories
idunnodoyou Mese fa
Ay the first time I heard that was from Dave Chappelle quoting his mother in an acceptance speech. Is that what you're also quoting or is that a common turn of phrase ? lol
This is so true.👍💯 You will not get what you want out of a relationship if its not reciprocal
Clover Hollister
Just to put out there, there are actual good wholesome women out there …. yes they do exist. being honest, real and vulnerable is one of the greatest strengths to ever have.. knowing the type of character you are and what you want in someone definitely helps with healthy boundaries, etc. super cheesy, but be true to you and know what kind of company you want around, makes all the difference
KingBobXIV Mese fa
@GooseIsland - it's fine general advice. Being open and vulnerable is important, but the timing is also important. Don't be weak when she needs you to be strong, and don't be shut off and closed down when she needs you to be open. At any rate though, Swoozie's problem seems to come much more from the fact that he near exclusively dates girls who need to take a flight to see him again. Dating within your county, state, or at least country would help.
Yamichou Mese fa
Great advice for men and women-anyone- because if you truly know what you want and what you deserve you will NOT ever settle for less. You can be vulnerable and honest and upfront but the millisecond you feel you can't trust the other person you're investing in it is time to move on! Respect yourself 1st and the rest will follow
chris936 Mese fa
@GooseIsland You sound traumatized. Heal.
Massaqquoi Mese fa
@GooseIsland how? u trippin
GooseIsland Mese fa
This is terrible advice bro I can't even hold you
Psych2Go Mese fa
More of these videos pls! :)
Haxer347 5 giorni fa
This shit needs pinned
StrykerElite Mese fa
When the advisor needs advice
faceless_303 Mese fa
omg god love ur vids soooo much
Zelusa Mare
Zelusa Mare Mese fa
Louie Chiodo
Louie Chiodo Mese fa
Broooooo the moment they b saying “so we hired a co worker” kindly direct them to that vid “my girlfriends boyfriend”
Camille Mese fa
Swoozie’s quote of day: “Be a lion” Words to live by 🦁
alitsuki 28 giorni fa
yep lol very helpful
Az_Tha_Beast Mese fa
@Mr. Carter W
Mr. Carter
Mr. Carter Mese fa
Lol was rewatchin SAO abridge before this video and just greatness all-round today
Cypher Mese fa
Not swoozies quote. Its his op cousins one.
Melani Marie
Melani Marie Mese fa
Lmaoo new bio😭😂💯 “Be a lion” 😂
Dope video swooz you’re cousin is spitting straight facts. Hope you fine the one and I really felt that part about liking someone but it doesn’t work out been there too many times
Mr Nepe
Mr Nepe 23 giorni fa
How did you donate money?
Gal Re
Gal Re Mese fa
I'm feeling you swooze honestly. I just kinda roll with the flow or energy put out now. Never be afraid to pull back. If the person pulls back, you just roll with it and get on with your life. Gotta keep those emotional attachments in check. Makes life and social shit easier tbh. Full jumping and investing can be addicting because your hit your brain with all these chemicals, but you gotta remember, that's just you making yourself feel that way, based on the other person.
JuJubert Mese fa
This has been me for the past year and it’s been easy to let shit go now. Had multiple situations where I felt people pull away and instead of attaching myself and trying harder to make it stay like I would 10 times out of 10, I just let it be and it feels better honestly
Our Kind of Entertainment
Man, your cousin gave you a Kevin Samuels-like message when it comes to knowing your 'value' and it was on point! I love it!
Johnny the pizza
This man has more stories to tell than I have brain cells.
Bigsoap186 Mese fa
as soon as she said “its been a year i’m still not completely over my ex” i would have been out SO FAST
Sir Bond
Sir Bond Mese fa
Me personally, wouldn’t of gone past the “I’m still not over my ex” I respectfully would have jus let her deal with that on her own time.
MissMagenta 23 giorni fa
I've watched your ITvid for, like....11 years. And you still give that positive comforting vibe that helps my anxiety melt away. Thank you for bringing a smile to this night shift nurse aides' face! :D
Plexi Mese fa
Swoozie out here giving us real life advice that will stick. Keep up the amazing work!
Pocket Mon
Pocket Mon Mese fa
Nah dude. 100000% sure she was clapping her ex while she made this dude wait 😂
The_bot Mese fa
Thank you I don’t like walking
sWooZie Mese fa
Sending the elevator back down to you!
Miss- H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
Swoozie is great at explaining his experiences to us in a way that we can relate and thats what makes me admire his content even more
Long as you not taking a hard left down Crazy Lane with Fresh & Fit, I’ll still keep watching, but that “high value” “chasing money/getting women” shit had me high key 😑 Like, it’s one thing to have self-respect and boundaries. That last half tho … 😬
Sleepy Bun
Sleepy Bun 23 giorni fa
vassybaby94 Mese fa
Our current date culture is pretty messed up. Lots of people thinking it’s ok to bounce from person to person with no consequences
KingBobXIV Mese fa
I mean, it is fine - if it's not working out or you lose interest, locking yourself into a relationship you don't want is unhealthy. What's NOT fine is being dishonest and opaque about it. If it's not working out, tell the person it's not working out with.
pmackni 11 giorni fa
Communication is the key to any relationship, and it takes a level of maturity that (probably going to get a lot of downvotes for this) most people just don't have. It's hard to be fully open with a spouse, much less someone you just started dating. But that's what it takes to make things work, and most people would rather take the emotionally "easy" path of staying quiet or dancing around the other's feelings because we favor short-term payoffs over long-term ones. I wholly agree that just coming out and saying what happened, owning it, and moving on is the proper adult way to handle things. But I will say this: at first she might have been testing you (something that I wholly disagree with) and seeing if she can make you jealous, and then when you were cool with it and weren't physically there, she went along with this other dude's advances. Not saying it's your fault, but that's almost assuredly what happened.
Bass Fishing Specialist
Swoozie ain't ever been caught lacking with his fits, they on point every time
cthulhu_ kraken
@sWooZie bro, the whole vid i couldn't get over the drippp, what was that stuff
sizzle Mese fa
@Ozan thats wild 💀
Keynon Burns
Keynon Burns Mese fa
@Ozan *head sparkle emoji* probably fits better lol
Bro I’m sooo convinced that I’ll never find someone who truly likes me the same way I like them. I relate to way to many of these stories, wishing you good energy my man!
GhettoAsian Mese fa
Hey Swoozie you’ve literally made me actually get out of bed and do morning routines and get over anxiety, you be giving us advice but for me your helping me get over with morning routines, Keep up the great work Swooz!
sWooZie 24 giorni fa
Shanike Beckford
Shanike Beckford 17 giorni fa
I came here looking to laugh and get my mind off some heavy stuff but I NEEDED to hear this. Always coming through with the facts Swoozie. Such a blessing 🙏
zaar White
zaar White Mese fa
“You never get money chasing these women, but you will always get women while chasing this money”. Damnnnnnnnnnnnn I’m getting that tat
Snappi Mese fa
The Bread, The cheddar, The Papuh...
Mike Relm
Mike Relm Mese fa
When Swoozie shows up in the video, you know it's gonna be extra🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dope Devastation
@DaddyyJoker69 oh ik, dealt with it so many times its unbelievable
@Dope Devastation you don’t even know bro
Feminist Vlogs - No boys allowed!
NO, NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME! why should i waste my time at school? i am super famous on youtube. tell me, dear mike
Dope Devastation
@sWooZie bro that "i don't have time for this" after getting called out hits to close to home 😔💔
sWooZie Mese fa
Playtime... OVER
RNG2222 Mese fa
He comes back when the world needed him the most
Shadow Angel
Shadow Angel 18 giorni fa
Swoozie you're a cool guy. You're spitting the truth about relationships. Mad respect 😎
[name unlisted]
Y'know when i first saw this video i thought i'd be enjoying it for laughs but, damn did this hit closer to home than anything else. Almost exact same thing happened to me couple of months ago. She still to this day lingers in my mind, but, after hearing the ending i legitly broke into tears. Thankfully now i'm doin better, but i'm glad this acted as an eye-opener to me, maybe now this'll help me improve.
John Popper
John Popper 29 giorni fa
These are my favorite type of Swoozie vids, it's so personal but still hilariously relatable. Knowing your worth comes with no compromise! Great vid, hopefully we get more lmao
JaeJae Mese fa
Thanks! Tacos on me tonight Swooz! 😎
Leila Said
Leila Said Mese fa
@spooksel first stage: Daniel
Daith Izumi
Daith Izumi Mese fa
@Elijah they’re both good
Open Ranks
Open Ranks Mese fa
Swoozie, do us all a favor and join the BAD BOY MEMBERSHIP on Mr Locario channel.
Crusty_sword Mese fa
You got a girl simpin for you giving you money god damn
KaniDay Mese fa
As a lady who has been Team Swoozie™ for almost 10 years now (gosh!) I think your friend gave some good advice. So important to know your value, and always approach every situation with respect and compassion. Life is messy and we are all trying our best out here. I'm glad you had a genuine connection with that girl and I hope she finds what she is looking for, but I hope you can find someone that wants the same things you do soon! I love your stories, but the story I look forward to the most is the story of you getting that dream girl! Always rooting for you dude
Swoozie is great at explaining his experiences to us in a way that we can relate and thats what makes me admire his content even more
idk my dude
idk my dude Mese fa
i'll be honest swooz, im usually a huge fan of your content but the conclusion of your video sounds like those rly toxic alpha male red pill fresh and fit podcast conversations, which is really unhealthy and unattractive. there are a lot of videos online showing why those mindsets are not good for both men and women. i would reevaluate the ending of this video, the rest of it was totally good though
sonic6714 Mese fa
This is on point. I'm also gonna give advice too. This is bound to happen if you are out in the market of dating. So this isn't woman or man only..both sides can play this "game" which if any of them do this game they deserve to kick rocks. They are going to say along the lines of "I think we should see other people." When they do this accept it and agree, no emotion, no nothing. They'll do one of two things either they will 180, or they will separate. If they 180 and try to get you back you tell them to kick rocks. This game should not be played and if you are going to play it you deserve to kick all the rocks.
Mystica Jacob
If you wanted some advice: You can't change the other person but you can change yourself. If they're doing sketch stuff that infringes on your boundaries, let them know and also honor your boundaries if they continue to infringe on them and let them know and if needed back out of that relation (whether romantic or platonic)
Sam M
Sam M Mese fa
If a girl tells you, she broke with her boyfriend a year ago and she hasn't gotten over it but expects you to be patient....RED FLAG!!!!!
Machina Owl
Machina Owl Mese fa
It depends. If she was mistreated by her ex then you can't expect her to get over that sort of thing in a year. But I guess "im not over my ex" implies that there is some sort of lingering affection there?
KingBobXIV Mese fa
Yo Swooz, you need to find someone local to you - long distance "being patient" doesn't compete with daily in-person interaction - hard to be a convincing lion over the phone, at best she's watching a National Geographic documentary with you, lol. I feel like a common thread in your stories is that a flight is involved every time you hang out with a potential girlfriend. Ixnay on the ightflay, find someone you can give backrubs to, outside of weekends, on more than a monthly basis.
A mo
A mo 4 giorni fa
"It's been a year and I'm still not over my ex" Swooz that was the signal that she was playing you lmao. She was just on standby for the damiens to drop by
Jaispret Singh
This man is like a online therapy he always there giving advice
Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet
I wouldn’t take advice from someone who can’t hold down a relationship and tells you to be mean to girls sometimes “but respectful” that a contradictory statement.
Shadow Momochi Uchiha
yooo nice levi pfp
sWooZie Mese fa
Its two way! ITvid is my therapy and anyone watching can hopefully get some good advice at the same time if a situation applies to their life
Dont read my name! 😍
U-Trance Mese fa
Swoozie back at it again with another strong story with something to learn
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
swoozie is that one guy not in a relationship that everyone goes to for relationship advice
Zola 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
swoozie is that one guy not in a relationship that everyone goes to for relationship advice
whats WHO
whats WHO 12 giorni fa
ngl this finally gave me the full red flags. I always kinda wondered why this guy didn't actually have a long-term partner despite his appearance and I can kinda see why now. He's going sliiiightly into incel territory.
Tessy Liz
Tessy Liz Mese fa
This man could make a trip to the grocery store sound interesting
KJ KNG 25 giorni fa
Agreed 😂💯🔥
Tessy Mese fa
Random but haven’t met someone else called Tessy before that’s cool
Jay Green
Jay Green Mese fa
Alr Swoozie, you got a head start on what your next video gonna be about
Triple_XO Mese fa
I love you swoozie 💖 keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll find the right one!
Louis Newton
Louis Newton 25 giorni fa
Man, I needed this one this time around. Thanks sWooZie.
Robbsta Mese fa
Been watching swoozie for a long time. One of the biggest lessons ever…. Simpin ain’t Pimpin
klancy kennedy
Mad credit for being so wholesome. I think that matters, and for the right person, it's going to win them over. Don't do long distance relationships.
Scout Mese fa
Damn, I really needed that ending advice. Some thoughts had been bugging me, they ain't bugging me no more.
filleswe91 Mese fa
@. The world is everyone for him/herself, letting go and moving on is the most painful but valuable lesson I've ever learned. Life doesn't sugarcoat it for anyone. Men, women, other genders etc all share the same value/worth. We're all replaceable, but we can't replace ourselves. If you feel like nothing matters etc, make sure you matter for yourself at least. Man or woman (or whatever gender you are etc.)
filleswe91 Mese fa
Healing takes time. Do various activities, anything to distract your brain from getting stuck in the past. That makes the long healing process less painful as you don't dwell on unhealthy stuff as much as I did. I went to the dark places and didn't come back for years. There's no good waiting for you there. Move forward and don't stand still. Good luck!
Nataly Zuniga
@krustomer like what exactly?
. Mese fa
​@krustomer a chick treats you like garbage, rubs the other guy on your face and you're not supposed to let her go and move on? interesting take.
alexander redmon
man swoozie is the man we all need to help create our image, and not to let things overwhelm us and bring us down, thanks for making this content and just voicing your opinion
Erick Kiprotich
Unbearable creativity.. you earned this sub, son✊
Major slaughter
Love you man, always giving me advice when I need it like you come here and just say what I need to hear
Not that serious
What I learnt in my very limited experience with a handful of girls, match their energy is a good rule of thumb. Don’t be over doing it if they fail to give u the bare minimum. Know your worth, value ur time. Stop pining over girls who u gotta bend over backwards just to vibe with. Don’t go for ppl who don’t value u and ur time because there will always, ALWAYS be someone out there who does.
T-REX Harris
T-REX Harris Mese fa
Man forgot his number 1 rule: “I ain’t nobody’s plan B, either you choose me or you lose me.” Keep your head up, King. Remember what you taught us.
Son Goku
Son Goku Mese fa
@Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet You're only looking at it surface level again I'm repeating myself the being mean doesn't imply you go out and mistreat women all it says is treat her with the same respect as yourself
Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet
@Son Goku what he said at the end was sexist whether you want to acknowledge it was wrong of him to say or not. Especially the be mean to women thing. These aren’t jokes they hurt women in the real world because men use these tactics on them in harmful ways.
Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet
@Son Goku yes he has, Ive noticed in his videos over the years but they were small things that could just be “jokes” even though they were sexist I figured it’s just like the racist jokes, no big deal. All he’s done now is confirmed his bias against women, and that those weren’t jokes.
Son Goku
Son Goku Mese fa
@Actually I’m Not Really Sure Yet there's really nothing wrong with what he you are just misinterpreting it to your own beliefs and views. Neither swoozie nor his fan base are misogynists you just don't know what you're talking about. The statement about "respect but be mean" just means treat her right but don't be the stereotypical nice guy like buy her expensive gifts with nothing in return, put her on a pedestal, etc. Those indicate to a women that you are low value and you'll end up getting played.
R Steel
R Steel Mese fa
“Why can’t I meet a girl like a girl the girl like me and everybody be happy” that just hit a little tooo close to homeee
BMG Mese fa
i always get hyped when a new swoozie vid gets posted… you just know your in for a treat
Arely Mancini
Oh Swoozie. You going down this route now, huh? The moment you said "with another female" a red flag just popped up in my head, and then you hit me with the DLV DHV? Ooof. So sad to see a good one go rotten.
Rebecca K
Rebecca K Mese fa
I love everything your cousin said. Swoozie, you are sweet, funny, nice, generous, creative...need I go on? How are you out of this girl's league? HOW? Let me tell you, she is out of YOUR league. She needs to get on YOUR level and doesn't deserve you if she can't see how golden you are when she has you. I fully agree with your cousin. Be that lion and believe it!!
Just Scarlette
Always get butterflies from a new Swoozie video. Can’t wait to see what stories this new lion mode will bring 🔥
Pragati Mese fa
Damn! I wanna meet someone like Adante. He sounds fun to be around and sincere.
Z_Jester_ Mese fa
Lmfao I love how accurate these videos are. Many females I met and made connections with and the girl does a whole 360 and do other stuff. This is why at this point I do not waste my time anymore to remotely wanna chat with peeps. Also Swoozie you are expecting people to be mature, you be as open minded as you want and it still is going to happen 🤣😂🤣😂. It could be written down in the biggest font ever and they still would do the opposite hahaha.
Nitaworthy24 24 giorni fa
I’m going through something right now where I have been feeling so crappy, putting in 100 percent for this guy I like that says he likes me but he only gives me 10 percent. I really haven’t been able to figure out how to go about this, but now I know. LION!!!! Thanks swoozie!!!
Kates_Baked Mese fa
I can't believe it's been 12 years I've been watching this MAN. And I still get just as excited when he drops a video.
Bino Mese fa
Yea I just realized I've been watching since "High school Girls and Back rubs"😅😅
Anna Nishikinomiya
Oh preach been there !
sWooZie Mese fa
I would ditch hanging out w/ co-workers at the pier for you Kate. Thanks for the years of support!
Michelle Lou
Michelle Lou Mese fa
Same!!! Lol
Gavin Mese fa
Why do Swoozie videos always hit where I need them too ... Keep up the good work bruv
Charlotte T
Charlotte T Mese fa
I 100% agree with you. Just be mature about it 🤦‍♀️ and I’m sorry that you still haven’t found that someone special actually worth holding on too. You deserve that ❤️ (written with a sisterly type of way, don’t worry 😄👌)
That's really good advice for everyone. Don't be waste your time on someone who won't waste their time on you. And it's hard when you know you heard something fishy but instead of addressing it right then and there and letting whatever happens happen then, you just take it in that information in and either call them out on it at a later date or never.
Swoozie is great at explaining his experiences to us in a way that we can relate and thats what makes me admire his content even more
Jeremy ✔
Jeremy ✔ Mese fa
So not to sound mean... but I first became a fan of swoozie back in 2011 when my high-school girl friend broke up with me. I thought his relationship stories and advice were so insightful and relatable. 11 years later, I'm married with a child. And Swoozie seems to still be having the same relational issues. I'm not saying you need to settle Swooze, but maybe it's time to start dating women, instead of girls.
Len C
Len C 6 giorni fa
Pretty much the same, I found him years ago when I had no real experience with women and Swooize was like this door to this other world. Then I grew up, realized women are people and there are people that care about you and people that don't and you find that out through friends, family, coworkers and past relationships. Then you start making smarter choices. I'm in a long term relationship and we have our issues but we don't have "drama". It kind of makes me sad seeing him still have these problems, it's like he hasn't made any real change in this part of his life. This is something I wish would get addressed. He's having the same issues as he did a decade ago. There's something he's not letting go of or realizing and it's pretty sad.
valerie alessia
I think it’s more of his Internet personality 😂 plus less people would watch a guy making cartoons about being married with kids I guess? Not sure tho
KingBobXIV Mese fa
That, and also locality. Most of his dating stories involve a flight and extended texting from a long distance.
Bobert Yang
Bobert Yang Mese fa
you're married with a child? sus bro (jk I know what you mean)
talana love
talana love 23 giorni fa
Swoozie Always Has The Best Stories 💯💯🤣 I Need A Friend Like Dat💯💯
Jet Stream
Jet Stream Mese fa
Damn, dude. I haven't watched your stuff in a long while, but felt drawn to this one for some reason. Turns out this is almost an identical situation I went through back in February.
Bobsuke Mese fa
i been through this exact same thing! i simped too long, glad i got out when i did. you're better than me
Alexis Mese fa
Swoozie, I love you, Your always making my day
Ninjajack64 Mese fa
The day Swoozie gets a perfect mutual married relationship is the day the world gets the good ending and the credits roll
And the end theme is “never going to give you up”
MannKinnd Mese fa
Shit swoozie, can't believe you still posting. I've seen you back in the day. Always love your stories.
Leslie Hernandez
I want swoozie to find someone good to him but then these short stories will end 😭😭
ii jadeykins ii
We all need a friend like Swoozie in our lives 💯❤
Zach Mese fa
Oh swoozie you poor soul. I feel this on a personal level lol.
Durniel Barrera
The first red flag brother was her saying that she’s still trying to get over her ex. That’s her indicating that she’s emotionally unavailable and will take any type of “attention” she can get to validate her low self-esteem. I can empathize with you on this one brother!
Percy Chadakufa
This brother needs some fresh n fit knowledge.
stvesøl Mese fa
@busyrand this man was clearly an adult at the point of this story, they flying out to each other’s cities and have their own apartments. I don’t think you know as much as you think here. She clearly picked a dude she can fool around with in her city over swoozie because she can only see the latter a few times a year. Close proximity matters, especially when a girl has options lmao.
busyrand Mese fa
@Jesse ashton She was literally feeding him the answers to the test... She actually liked him enough that she sat there waiting the whole time to assert himself in the relationship. I'm assuming all this stuff happened around highschool age. Anything past maybe junior year in college means Bro is woefully underdeveloped and doesn't understand women enough to keep one in the context of a healthy relationship.
busyrand Mese fa
Absolutely none of that stuff matters. Swoozie had action and access with her. All he had to do is spark strong, gut-level attraction. She was clearly open to it based upon how easily the other guy broke the touch barrier, and went on a simple date at the Pier. He placed himself in the Friendzone. He was her famous, harmless pet who treats her to dinner and gives her a place to stay whenever she feels like pulling him out the box.
Jesse darwka
Jesse darwka Mese fa
They always go back to that one ex smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Quinn Milner
Quinn Milner Mese fa
This video is exactly what I didn’t know I needed.
Lu The Martian
Swoozie, this got me having PTSD, but ey nice video man and I can relate, keep them videos coming🔥
TheSnoopKat Mese fa
I always get more luck whenever I'm doing my own thing, and trying to enjoy myself. Your cousin is right. Keep ya head up G. Know your worth and never forget what makes you happy. Being in a relationship is seen as the ultimate goal for many people. No surprise, we find a lot of comfort and joy in it. Don't let that make you lose sight of your happiness as an individual.
Voidim.. Mese fa
Hello! I'm new to this channel. I really started to love you're channel, i clicked you're video because it caught my attention. I love you're animation too!
"You will never get money chasing these women but you will always get women while chasing this money." - Mark Andre
Alberto Cruz
Alberto Cruz 23 giorni fa
I’m going to live by this now 🤙
Terrill Williams
Terrill Williams 25 giorni fa
@Not Food you are food NOWM NOWM NOWM(chewing on a squeaky yellow teddy bear while i have sharp teeth and i am a family guy bear).
Jevil 26 giorni fa
@Not Food lol
Not Food
Not Food Mese fa
That’s going in my yearbook quote
Short Anime King
Ngl swoozie be looking fire every day with his dripped out clothes just for us 🔥🔥
JM Trumpet
JM Trumpet Mese fa
Dude, swoozie is my boy! Ever since I found you, my relationship is so much better! Minimal simping.
David Bakke
David Bakke Mese fa
I've finally built up the courage to ask out my crush. This video made me realize that I'm never gonna have any relationship if I don't put in any effort. Wish me luck boys.
Tahmeed Hossain
First swoozie vid I’ve watched in 6 year and he still getting played 😔😂😂
William Clark
That head turning at the exact moment of the end in the music was just a masterpiece. Bravo to you sir
Matthew Mese fa
Bones the Ninja
I thought the same; scrolled down here to see who else appreciated it!
Infernape Mese fa
100% agree! 5:05
B Mese fa
Time stamp
sWooZie Mese fa
wow- someone caught that. I'm impressed. I was in the edit thinking no one would
Very Vennie
Very Vennie Mese fa
Something I noticed during this story is that you should have been up front with her when she said the line that gave you flashbacks. You shouldn't have hid your feelings without having a conversation about what you've experienced in the past. The longer you wait to talk about the unpleasant stuff the more unpleasant the relationship will grow
KCMasterz Mese fa
the fact that this happened to me 2 months ago is crazy. i felt this on a spiritual level
The Seph I am
20 ish years ago in highschool I had it bad for one of my friends. She didn’t return the feelings and it crushed me. But one day I basically came to the same conclusion. If she don’t actually want you, what is the damn point about being upset about it? Few years later found someone that liked me back been together ever sense. That said, I definitely married up. But she liked who I was and I was just being myself. Not clingy or obsessive just myself. I hope you find someone one day. One day, you’ll find someone who gets it.
WrongVlad Mese fa
Just went through some rough situation, I was absolutely simpin; gotta remember SIMPIN AINT PIMPIN
Bry-Uan Matt
Bry-Uan Matt Mese fa
I would’ve said “yeah all Mercedes’ cars take diesel” and hung up lmao
K8 Snipez
K8 Snipez 29 giorni fa
BRO. That would’ve been E - V - I - L lol
parias _sky
parias _sky Mese fa
Hehe my nigga
n155m0 Mese fa
I would ask if it was an AMG then proceed with the diesel answer of the car for gas but either way still will get the results looking for 🤣🤣
David Dickerson
Tamyra Scott
Tamyra Scott Mese fa
Okay but the end though. Exactly what I needed to hear not reaching out, gotta remember you the catch whole time.🫶🏾
tiger oats
tiger oats Mese fa
My man swoozie we love you, we ain't gonna mess around with other people, take care swooz
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