Sir Alex Ferguson Full Length Interview (w/Subtitles) | Fergie Time, Van Gaal & Developing Players

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Sir Alex Ferguson's full length interview
He talks about Fergie time, Louis Van Gaal & developing players

Credit : BT Sport
Check them out here : sport.bt.com

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25 dic 2014




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Commenti 935
ጊዜ - Gize Show
“It’s my job to make the fans happy.” Thank you fergie. You did. For all my youth years.
x 10 mesi fa
Made me happy when he retired
J P Courtney
J P Courtney 2 anni fa
Aka Shankly
Northern Lights
Northern Lights 7 anni fa
Let's not forget what he achieved with Aberdeen...two European trophies, defeating the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, European Champions at the time Hamburg for the Euro Super Cup, Ipswich etc etc. That arguably is his greatest achievement. Aberdeen are still statistically the most successful Scottish club in European competition.
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson 19 giorni fa
@gary krakow One of the best ever
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson 19 giorni fa
@gary krakow He was a great manager
Marcin Hopa
Marcin Hopa Mese fa
Andy Hulme
Andy Hulme 2 mesi fa
@PURE GAMING DNA knocking celtic and rangers off their perch with team of less standing less money less support is bigger than the other way round....
Peter E
Peter E 8 anni fa
He's a fucking football God, Sir Alex. What he done with Man Utd will never be forgotten, his impact on football will always be felt, truly wonderful man
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson 19 giorni fa
@TommyTime Television mate Alex Ferguson 13 League titles and more
safe safe
safe safe 3 anni fa
Nope, only one God
Newton Heath
Newton Heath 3 anni fa
Nottingham Forest and Derby are not big clubs and they are underdogs... that is why Brian Clough is at least equals to Sir Alex Ferguson
Fred Schriks
Fred Schriks 8 anni fa
This man made so many players great .
𝔸𝕣𝕛𝕦𝕟 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕝
The man who gave Anderson from brazil a champions league trophy and five premier league titles. Astonishing
Declan Hampson
@harith danial I’ve always said that in the 2011/12 season, he made Cleverley and Anderson play like Xavi and Iniesta 😂 they were unbelievable together. Only Sir Alex could have done that.
harith danial
Even phil Jones and anderson lmao
William Moelgaard
Malcolm Chatfield
Andy J M
Andy J M 5 anni fa
He brought countless good memories. What a man.
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling 4 anni fa
Saw his first game in charge at Oxford in November 1986. We lost 2-0 . I certainly didn't think then that he'd be the best manager ever. The wizard.
Samuel Asnake
Samuel Asnake 2 anni fa
I don't think there is any word that could describe this guy. He's just special. Every time I see him, unparalleled feeling hits me, as if something was running through my blood. Thank you for everything you've done for us SIR ALEX FERGUSON. You've written yourself in gold in every Manchester United fan's heart and in the history of football. May God give you and health and many more years so that you could see the club you love at the peak of football again!!!
Robert McCall
Robert McCall 3 anni fa
He will never be forgotten 100 years from now .... he's the man.. every manager in the world aspires to be Fergie
lukeinga Anno fa
@Edmund Power I don't happen to think that you can. You are assigning an opinion to me that I don't hold.
Edmund Power
Edmund Power Anno fa
@lukeinga you CAN compare eras except when it doesn't suit you
lukeinga Anno fa
@Edmund Power You can't compare eras. There was no where near as much money in football then, and the standards were lower for al;l teams.
Edmund Power
Edmund Power Anno fa
@lukeinga United competed with Aston villa and Blackburn in those early years. Had this man city team been around United would probably have won one or two titles
lukeinga Anno fa
@Edmund Power Come back to me in 25 years. Anyone can build one title winning team, only the best can build many.
Chris 2 anni fa
We were so lucky to have this man ❤️ He gave us everything
Saif Alaswad
Saif Alaswad 8 anni fa
as a chelsea fan , this Man is a legend , hands down
Irvantri Arts
Irvantri Arts 3 anni fa
He's not only a coach, he's a manager; the last one of its kind. He didn't need Football Director.
Ruairí Ó Sé
Ruairí Ó Sé 7 anni fa
This man achieved something special with Aberdeen, sadly it's overlooked in light of his exploits with Man United.
Sàbhail ar Alba
His Aberdeen team played better football than Man U.
Ross L
Ross L 2 anni fa
Being the only Scottish club to win the super cup and with that wee club in the North East, is still his crowning achievement
Ruairí Ó Sé
Ruairí Ó Sé 2 anni fa
David M Are you a hun?
Greg Hepple
Greg Hepple 3 anni fa
I know he’s most famous for his Man United years but what he pulled off at Aberdeen was remarkable. Brilliant manager.
tupachussain 7 anni fa
What a lovely man, successful and intelligent. The greatest manager of all time in terms of winning, spending and coaching. Great interview.
kira261988 2 anni fa
Greatest manager of all time. Period.
Ned Lightowlers
Ned Lightowlers 5 anni fa
Very few other managers show as much love and respect to the fans as this man. One of the many things I adore about him.
Big D
Big D 4 anni fa
the best manager ever a pure legend
Mr Pesiq
Mr Pesiq 4 anni fa
i never was Manchester fan, however this guys is a living legend - he clearly deserves all the honors that he has received along the time - wish him nothing but a a beautiful life moving forward.
Abbi 7 anni fa
This is a great interview. Really impressed with Clare Balding's interviewing - really interesting and well researched questions and seemed a genuine conversation throughout. Thanks for uploading!
Flashyfinancier 2 anni fa
Im more impressed that she understood him
SouthpawRed 3 anni fa
It's because their love of horses and horse racing, that they've known each other and it comes across as two friends just chatting.
Simon Mcadam
Simon Mcadam 3 anni fa
Legend plain and simple!!..thank you for the memories❤
Dr SMUS 6 anni fa
THANK YOU!! I am not from England infact very far away from europe too but Sir alex is my inspiration!! and i get tears everytime i see him on screen!! he's the definitive of legends in sports!!
harrison Holt
harrison Holt 3 anni fa
He’s such an amazing leader and a man his principles on football and life in general are just brilliant and a really nice man at heart
heisen berg
heisen berg 3 anni fa
What a guy. Interviewer is fantastic too. Really enjoyed this. Idol sir Alex.
Wayne Baker
Wayne Baker 3 anni fa
A fantastic legend drummed it into players won so many comebacks the game I remember when spurs were 3 0 up united scored five goals in the second half that.s how he was
Habiib Marwaan
Habiib Marwaan 2 anni fa
He made cleverly look like a worldclass🤣🤣🤣
wawaw UTOs n FTBs
One of the greatest managers ever without doubt..to build numourous teams n still be successful is remarkable. Like Clougie he kept it simple..can you imagine teams being that successful playing with out n out wingers thses days??
Alex Joynes
Alex Joynes 2 anni fa
As a young lad football was my everything.. It’s what I lived for.. Every time I watched them on TV or from the stands I was fixated on this game going on! Thank you for giving my childhood a meaning! You absolutely the greatest of all time I don’t care what arguments people have it’s my opinion! #redfamily
Gbenga Anno fa
Only one word comes to mind: LEGEND!
Dylan Maguire
Dylan Maguire 8 mesi fa
Liverpool fan here... but man he is just absolute class great manager too massive respect 🙏 👏
Newton Munene Kaibiria
Helped revolutionize the current Football.... Will go down as one of the greatest managers of all time.
Dane 5 anni fa
pure genius... a legend
Ant Soprano
Ant Soprano 3 anni fa
Sir Alex Ferguson, What A Massive Legend!!! A Winner and a great guy all round!!! Love this guy!!!
CHD 4 anni fa
Don’t forget what he did in the Scottish league which was friggin amazing
kenny durkin
kenny durkin 3 anni fa
Knocked Rangers and Celtic off their effin perch!
Jim Behr
Jim Behr 5 anni fa
The man, the myth, the legend.....Alex Ferguson.
Gareth Ching
Gareth Ching 8 anni fa
I m a chelsea fan but i think he is a legend for managing
Garu Rafik
Garu Rafik 3 anni fa
One of the greats of the game i render my respect tp Great coach Much respect
Utd had one manager, city worked their way through TWENTY ONE. A manager for every year of my life. Speaks volumes
phil weir
phil weir Anno fa
What a man. Respect.
Danny Bhoy
Danny Bhoy Anno fa
The man responsible for some of my greatest childhood memories...
David McAteer
And mine
R T 4 anni fa
Humble man. Talking about his parents, teacher and Harvard educators. Thank you Sir Alex for being so amazing.
Sethabutra Viraseranee
I am quite surprise with myself the fact that I was born and raised in Thailand never study abroad but I could understand Sir Alex 100%. His accent is not that difficult to catch as I first expected it to be. Really love and admired him. He is my all time best role model.
Min Chu Tong
Min Chu Tong 3 anni fa
Utd fan, he is the godfather of the football managers. miss him dearly.
Spudson60Fps 3 anni fa
Tbh Sir alex ferguson Nicknamed Cristiano Ronaldo as CR7
ftsiempre 7 anni fa
Thank you very much for the subtitles. I'm learning English and I don't think there's something as helpful as watch English speaking with subtitles. I know it should have been a quite busy task. I'll be waiting for more. Also many thanks to the people who are coming up with corrections.
Imam Sujarot
Imam Sujarot 3 anni fa
This man good in man management, dicipline and motivation, what a legend..as fans a lot respect for sir alex & arsene wenger in premier league
Anonymous94 5 anni fa
he is just a great guy, you can see it by how he talk about the game. i truly respect him as a man and as manager.
Gladyaks Media
Gladyaks Media 2 anni fa
understanding him is the most difficult thing I've ever attempted
Neil Gwillim
Neil Gwillim 2 anni fa
I found him easy to understand but I do have Scottish family and friends.
Binky The Goddess Divine
Sir Alex is a legend. Top top Manager, one of the very best in the world.
Spudson60Fps 3 anni fa
spaceweed10 No he just wasnt in a Good shape.Thats why he retired In 2013 to maje his shape back again.would you want your chips with thst salt on?yes ok coming up now
Sir Alex Ferguson - Best Manager of All Time.
Arnab Baag
Arnab Baag 2 anni fa
@gary krakow your knowledge of football is in gutter
Francis Artanis
Francis Artanis 2 anni fa
@DaMasterAssassin No doot aboot thart.
brodemonz 2 anni fa
@gary krakow and trolling on multiple comments on the same video, what kind of achievement is that? You shouldn't be disrespectful. It will catch up with you sooner or later.
A Nathrakh
A Nathrakh 7 anni fa
Look and learn PL managers...this is how you boss the PL!!What a Legend Sir Alex is!!GGMU!
Van Marshya 13
"That's my job to get them home happy" a great simple word by Sir Alex. 🥰
Nimesh Ghimire
Nimesh Ghimire 3 anni fa
After he left I left Manchester United. Legend and still the best alive
inQuiSiTivE 2 anni fa
Legend. I miss his man Utd team
Aaron C
Aaron C 2 anni fa
An absolute hero
Vince 8 anni fa
Great watch, the man is a legend. The lady interviewing him was great too, I'm pleased they didn't have some senseless idiot try to interview him.
Edmund Power
Edmund Power 2 anni fa
@rufdymond I thought it was a man
rufdymond 3 anni fa
Clare Balding is one of the best sports presenters out there...man or woman.
William Buchan
William Buchan 3 anni fa
The lady is Clare Balding who presents on many BBC sport programmes.
The Whiz Kid
The Whiz Kid 3 anni fa
Good to watch. Even though this was like 6 years ago lol. Some of the players are probably a lot older now, but still enjoyed watching Manchester United play as a kid and growing up.
Ryan Lake
Ryan Lake 2 anni fa
Didn't like fergie growing up. But now got nothing but admiration for his achievements. Hope he's well after his heart surgery. Good luck with retirement and thanks for lots of memories. Sheffield Wednesday fan!!
vkv kv
vkv kv 3 anni fa
As a manutd fan Still miss him 😪🤐😍👌🎊🎉
Curious Wilf
Curious Wilf 7 anni fa
Kenneth Wilkinson
Gives away ALL his memorabilia, keeps the belt his teacher used to stripe him with. Measure of the character of the man right there, humble to his core. Strong morales, best manager ever. Pompey fan.
youssef ouardighi
Legend of legends.
Aaron Prophet
Aaron Prophet 3 anni fa
That's the difference with Man Utd today. When Fergie was manager it was all about the fans and the players playing for the fans. Today it's all about money, the players just want lots of money.
Simon Lumsden
Simon Lumsden 2 anni fa
This is a brilliant interview.
jamie thompson
jamie thompson 3 anni fa
see the difference in the team they actually cheered goals back then and not use the glory as a tactical meeting :D p.s fergie u legend
Vic O
Vic O 4 anni fa
the GOAT, from from an Arsenal fan
lanzo86 3 anni fa
This was close to bringing a year to my eye in places..that last home game Rio with the volley..
Drterd12 2 anni fa
What a legend
BeanymanSports 8 anni fa
After many many hours working on the subtitles for this video I've finally finished it ! Remember to see them turn on 'Subtitles/CC' in 'Settings' bottom left of the video. You can even have it translated to any other language. This has been really hard work so please share and comment if you find this helpful. Also if you notice any mistakes or typos please let me know so I can correct it. Thanks!
Longmondays 3 anni fa
I feel like if the Scottish accent is too thick for you, the wisdom could be too much for you also
Howard Chin
Howard Chin 4 anni fa
@RANGERS F.C is that suppose to be an insult? Its actually spelt African, and no I'm not, I speak perfect english.
Little Cricket
Little Cricket 4 anni fa
Yeah I can't understand what he says, thank you!
Niha Pradhan
Niha Pradhan 4 anni fa
thank you
Arvind Singh
Arvind Singh 3 anni fa
For us we fondly remember him the Boss
Poppie Parker p
Poppie Parker p 4 anni fa
The best manager of all time, from a sheffield wednesday fan (Y)
90pras 3 anni fa
With the United we been getting past couple of years, its great to see videos like this that brings some happiness of being a United fan now. At least we have a nice museum.
David McAteer
I'm so proud being from Salford and United being a stone's throw away 😍
Anthony Jones
Me too 👌
F_2019 3 anni fa
What a leader... take him away from football and put him in an organisation and he'll manage that also. You can apply so much of what he says in life
jozzytrett 7 anni fa
Thank you so much for the subtitles. Made it easy for deaf people including myself. Thank you.
I am OSIRIS 3 anni fa
Brilliant! Alex is much easier to understand with the subtitles on.
a10 8 anni fa
what a guy!!!!!! Loui is going to be a great manager too :)
RAHIM DEEDS 8 anni fa
Wow..... What a manager!
Adnan Fejzić
Adnan Fejzić 2 anni fa
What magician did the subtitles?! Sir Alex, English wise, terrible, other things, fantastic!
Ultimate TNTGamer
I would sit here watch him talk for hours if i had one chance.to meet him and see really how he is and just how he would talk in the dressing room my god i love him soo much thanks for everything boss
Anju Spang
Anju Spang 8 anni fa
Sir alex greatest legend in football management. .....
Matt 7 anni fa
ha! no.
Ignacio Pagnotta
Thank you for the subtitles, man this guy’s English is hard 😂
HerdImpunity 7 anni fa
Extreme quality. Loving it!
Sharmina 9 mesi fa
I used to find it very difficult to understand his accent . I still do.. lol Bless him.
God 4 anni fa
Sir Alex, the guy could take a league 2 team to the final of the champions league and win it all while sleeping
Marquezan Tavares
Thank you so much for the subtitles !, God bless you !.
Axmed Ismaaciil
Axmed Ismaaciil 8 anni fa
its really nice of you lad...i apreciate the way you managed things like subtitles and other stafss...keep on
BeanymanSports 8 anni fa
Glad you appreciate it, Thanks for watching and please recommend to others if you think they might like it.
Joe Memphis
Joe Memphis Anno fa
The Human Hair Dryer. His sprayings were the stuff of legend. Alex Ferguson is the greatest football manager of any era.
Neil O'Rourke
Neil O'Rourke 2 anni fa
It doesn't matter what team you support,a true football fan knows who deserves respect.im a man u fan but love football and klopp is a fantastic manager.chris Wilders is doing some job at Sheffield United too
Derian Jones
Derian Jones 4 anni fa
Key words "the belt". The greatest of greats all received the belt.
Adrian 2 anni fa
Could listen to Alex Ferguson for days best manager ever
q0w1e2r3t4y5 4 anni fa
Quality interview.
Sam ElGebeily
Sam ElGebeily 2 anni fa
Roy Keane is the legend. Lest we forget.
Red_Azlan 8 anni fa
Thanks for the video. Great interview, thoroughly enjoyed it. Happy new year!
Sportkenya 3 anni fa
This guy should have a talk with the current manager and the team.
David Dickson
David Dickson 8 anni fa
Legend !
Newton Munene Kaibiria
When we had discipline in football.
x 10 mesi fa
Love him or hate him. You got to love him
andrew davis
andrew davis 3 anni fa
When Eric walked in wearing an indian jacket all the players looked at me and I looked away pretending I hadn't seen him 😂😭😂
max genger
max genger Anno fa
He’s my hero might support chelsea but I love him man I have a lot of respect
Anshuman Sharma
Anshuman Sharma 5 anni fa
What I wouldn't give to get a bit of his aura. Almost like when Fergie speaks, everyone listens
Petit Louis
Petit Louis 4 anni fa
Thanks for the subtitles. English language is beautiful by its simplicity but : some accents can be quite challenging...
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