Skillful Cristiano Ronaldo is simply Unmatched

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the skillful version of cristiano ronaldo is the most entertaining thing in football


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5 dic 2019




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Aakash Garain
Aakash Garain 3 mesi fa
Lol,he doesn't even dribble in most of the clips, just dances uselessly
Wrong choice of words. CR7 was BLISTERING when he dribbled, so fast and even over-the-top sometimes. But Ronaldo ("R9"), Ronaldinho(!!!), Okocha and Maradona exists too.
Tố Quyên
Tố Quyên 9 mesi fa
Skill Ronaldo number one, i love Ronaldo 👉 🔔 👌
ZiZi 9 mesi fa
It's unbelievable how CR7 and Messi were able to avoid injuries in there career, Look at the other skillful dribblers players, Ronaldo.N, KaKa, Neymar, Hazzard, Robben Etc... Those players get injured verry easily (Sorry for bad English)
KJ9 Football
KJ9 Football 9 mesi fa
First song?
Imafidon Oyamenda
Fact! I am yet to see a more evasive player with as many skill moves, ronaldinho and ney are right up there tho.
Haikal Fikri
Haikal Fikri 9 mesi fa
What name of the second song?
Luis Adérito Fernandes
Decir que CR7 es solamente un mero goleador es una total falta de respecto para el futbol, e algunos dicen " fruto del GIM, 0 talento" que manera de desprestigiar a un jugador
Luis Adérito Fernandes
@Carolina Herrera mui cierto
Carolina Herrera
Talento magia regates velocidad potencia fisica genialidades con la pelota y freestyle pases creativos asistencias de todos los colores golazos unicos de larga distancia zurda o derecha dribling y golazos a pura potencia de cabeza saltos de 3 metros para el gol trucos con el FÚTBOL y ni hablar golazos de tiro libre de todas las posiciones del campo sin chance al arquero golazos dribleando jugadores hasta corriendo de mitad de cancha sin dudas decir q Cristiano es gym o goleador es una falta del respeto para el FÚTBOL ya q tiene la magia de ronaldinho el dribling de messi el circo de neymar la potencia de el gordo Ronaldo los golazos de cabeza de rud gullit la demencia de los tiro libre como roberto carlos la velocidad y agilidad de johan CRUYFF y el Freestyle propio de el además de asistencia y pases creativos q me hacen acordar a la precision de el colorado schools hay una frase de el colorado q dice TODOS DICEN Q YO TENGO PRECISION PERO CRISTIANO ES PERFECTO ASII COMO TE LO DIJE ES EL MAS GRANDE DE LA HISTORIA!!! además jugaba de joven como brazilero y de adulto es más un europeo diciplinado pero no le gusta perder ni a las bolitas como si fuera un ARGENTINO!!¡ 🇦🇷😎AL7EN EL REY DEL FUTBOL CR7
DJ 9 mesi fa
The days at Man U where he took on players and didn’t dive every time they touched him or they took the ball off him were his best days. He was a machine than.
He is the best
Ziad Jawabira
Ziad Jawabira 9 mesi fa
This is young Ronaldo, Ronaldo is not young anymore.
Fred Gex
Fred Gex 9 mesi fa
Fuck Cristiano Ronaldo!
kay2382 9 mesi fa
its amazing how he does these skills with such speed also the way he dribbles with extreme speed is just incredible and almost impossible
Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes 9 mesi fa
Van Dijk is so lucky not to face with young CR7, even Maldini used to be dribble past by CR7 2 times
CR7 Work
CR7 Work 9 mesi fa
The GOAT 🐐
Chris wong
Chris wong 9 mesi fa
Many clip i have never seen , good job man. i am waiting part 2
old Cod
old Cod 9 mesi fa
Cómo se llama la primera canción? Por favor
Lord Hades
Lord Hades 9 mesi fa
Just "training and hard work" they say. You don't achieve as much as Ronaldo has achieved with mere hard work, there needs to be talent. The irony in all of this is that when he could bring out his best talents like at Manchester he wasn't as successful a scorer, but he was a joy to watch, but much later in his career he took a different approach and it worked for the best.
Romeo De Silva
Romeo De Silva 9 mesi fa
I can already smell the hate in the comment section😕
Kelvin Anarchy99
No doubt CR he's a very skillful player. But Messi he's literally the God of Football..
Miez Official
Miez Official 9 mesi fa
How mant times ronaldo won balon dor?
12345 12345
12345 12345 9 mesi fa
I love how none of these are at Juventus
Tobi 237
Tobi 237 9 mesi fa
Yeah if you were informed you’d notice that that was a choice made by the creator. CR7 still rolls back the years in the Serie A and has gone on some skill runs in the league this season and the last too. But as much as I’d hate to admit it, his age IS starting to take its toll on him.
CAR EL 9 mesi fa
I noticed that too lol
A I 9 mesi fa
His technical ability has waned so much, I don't think I've ever seen such a great player stray so far from his original playing style. Great goalscorer but for me he's a level or two below Messi who seems to be able to do just about anything 😅
A I 9 mesi fa
@lol Sir god what an idiot
lol Sir
lol Sir 9 mesi fa
How he is below Messi.. I am. Sick of u barka fans.. Ur idol is only a laliga product.. Where is messi achievement outside Europe BTW.. After iniesta and xabi left the barca.. Naaa
qmanzo wingman
qmanzo wingman 9 mesi fa
2:44. Skill without ball. ❤
Kuba Falkowski
Kuba Falkowski 9 mesi fa
One of best Ronaldo clip I've ever seen,good job💪🔥
venom 0121
venom 0121 9 mesi fa
I'm no way a fan boy by any means. But it's a shame this guy never got the real status he should of like the ronaldinho , figo, Ronaldo, zidane
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 9 mesi fa
At minute 1:06 how Cristiano Ronaldo can think so fast before he gets the ball
Federico Montero Rivera
That Ronaldo is gone
Theodore Chun
Theodore Chun 9 mesi fa
messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> axxxdo
Kunal Bhardwaj
Kunal Bhardwaj 9 mesi fa
Ronaldo: dribbles one, two, three or max four guys and misses the goal Messi: dribbles noone or the whole team and scores the goal. Decide who is better....
Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes 9 mesi fa
Kunal Bhardwaj Messi is better, but Ronaldo’s skills always makes me enjoy to watch
t2paccap2t 9 mesi fa
In football we have dribble and we have skill ! This is almost dribbles ! Ronaldinho neymar quaresma robinho ! Those guys are really skillful ! But ronaldo was a good dribbler and little bit skillful he is almost a robot
포카라리 9 mesi fa
F. mouse..soccer man
Jada Stevens
Jada Stevens 9 mesi fa
Cristano Ronaldo
Dani Martabuana
Dani Martabuana 9 mesi fa
CR7 = 5 BD MESSI = 6 BD
Jason 9 mesi fa
Ronaldo 5 ucl and midget messi 4 ronaldo euro title, messi no title for argentina so fuck off
Magic-Ita XX
Magic-Ita XX 9 mesi fa
Messi robbed the second and the last One.
Abcdefg32 1
Abcdefg32 1 9 mesi fa
Justice prevailed
Cy Al
Cy Al 9 mesi fa
Messi 6th ballon d'or 😉
Cy Al
Cy Al 9 mesi fa
And everybody is so salty , love you guys 😙
qmanzo wingman
qmanzo wingman 9 mesi fa
So? Modric 1 balondor Iniests none Now happy
Xinnie Pig
Xinnie Pig 9 mesi fa
Ok now dance
Cy Al
Cy Al 9 mesi fa
Skillful Ronaldo is simply useless
Una maquina! Maravilloso!
Marci 9 mesi fa
Playmaker Ronaldo >>>>> Goal machine Ronaldo
Rohan Fuad 007
Rohan Fuad 007 9 mesi fa
King is always king!
Deus Vult
Deus Vult 9 mesi fa
If skillful Ronaldo is unmatched that what is skillful real Ronaldo or Ronaldinho ?
bhisade patile
bhisade patile 9 mesi fa
Messi 1 match highlights
Saroz Thapaliya
Saroz Thapaliya 9 mesi fa
bhisade patile lol
DrHankVenture 9 mesi fa
My asthma is acting up just watching.
Saddam Bouhafs
Saddam Bouhafs 9 mesi fa
Name of song .... Plz
Huy Nguyễn
Huy Nguyễn 9 mesi fa
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift 9 mesi fa
My favorite player of all time period!
Badri Thapa
Badri Thapa 9 mesi fa
This is what I mean when I say CR7 was better when he was at United, he was complete, not just a goal poacher!
Lorenzo César
Lorenzo César 9 mesi fa
damn. so many clips i didn't remember and even a few i'd never even seen. he was such an unparalleled god. what a shame he declined so much in terms of skills. i used to love this man.
Jeff Asante
Jeff Asante 9 mesi fa
@lol Sir stupid goat
Jeff Asante
Jeff Asante 9 mesi fa
@lol Sir i think you don't know history so stfu
Lorenzo César
Lorenzo César 9 mesi fa
messi didn't. he still makes professional players look like mentally challenged kids like since day 1. messi has, in terms of skills and dribbling, stayed consistend all these years and hasn't changed a bit if not for the better. he's dribbling has become just insaner as time passed, and he doesn't just rely on goals, waiting up front, to prove anything. it's very different, unfortunalte.y, and there is no comparison between the two.
lol Sir
lol Sir 9 mesi fa
He is stil the main. Man... BTW.. He jist change his game as per age.. That's what best players do. Mthey transit with time to stay the top.. No one can. Beat the age.. A cruel fact..
Diego Cuevas
Diego Cuevas 9 mesi fa
Exijo parte 2
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
CR77 🐐
6mik78 9 mesi fa
I think you fucked up the video, it could be the most insane's one on ITvid, but many skills are missed (Portugal, Real madrid, Juventus)
Jaden Jôrdy
Jaden Jôrdy 9 mesi fa
He change his way of playing from skilful player to a pure magic striker ❤️🙏🏻
hiira 9 mesi fa
bhisade patile cry is free
Jeff Asante
Jeff Asante 9 mesi fa
@bhisade patile 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
bhisade patile
bhisade patile 9 mesi fa
Divenaldo...penaldo... arrogantnaldo.....yeah he changed lot
Jonathan Giron
Jonathan Giron 9 mesi fa
CR7 Un Jugadorazo Universal, Excepcional, Puro Nivel Mundial, Todo Un Ejemplo, Gran Profesional, Deportista Imparable, Una Máquina, Una Leyenda Y Un Crack. El Mejor Jugador De Todos Los Tiempos Sin Dudas. Monstruo. Y Espectacular Brother Gran Video.👍⚽💪
Nick Ronaldo
Nick Ronaldo 9 mesi fa
2009 MANUTD Cristiano was his best version, he had the pace of Mbappe and the skills of Hazard
vF GodItachi
vF GodItachi 9 mesi fa
the skills of ronaldinho. how dare you to compare hazard with ronaldo
Rajan Sallahi
Rajan Sallahi 9 mesi fa
1990 Chelsea Christiano was his the best skill of drogba & Kaka . He had the pace of Messi and the skill of maradona
Officer Phill
Officer Phill 9 mesi fa
Nick Ronaldo Id say he had the pace of Mbappé and the dribbling of a lil Neymar
Oueslati Selma
Oueslati Selma 9 mesi fa
@VilianAnderson @Nick Ronaldo In his best version, he has been both in Manchester United and in Real Madrid( we aren't joking). He has wone everything in McU and in Real Madrid (a protagonist above all).
Dj captain Katana
U stupid bruh? Who u comparing who with? Cr7 is cr7 level which u can compare him with Messi and only a few other players u must a Messi fan boy
Hrks 9 mesi fa
How many of you think that CR is the GOAT 👇👇👇
Hrks 9 mesi fa
I miss this beast :/
Feldie Paude
Feldie Paude 9 mesi fa
he is monster skill
A PM 9 mesi fa
😂😂😂Only smart people can tell that he’s not a natural player, All his life he had to work 3 times more than Messi to be who he is, that’s why he’s the way he is. Messi is a natural player, real soccer player.😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
AlexXx Supertramp
@Hello /FPS shut up 9 year old
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
@Mantra Pro BEST PLAYER CR766677777
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
Kaiser 9 mesi fa
Awful music.
TheChosenOne 97
TheChosenOne 97 9 mesi fa
Messi is better
Martín Mora
Martín Mora 9 mesi fa
Second song
TheSuperQueen 9 mesi fa
Tell that to ronaldinho
Mantra Pro
Mantra Pro 9 mesi fa
@TheSuperQueen It is too players like Messi, Maradona, R9, George best, Neymar, etc.
TheSuperQueen 9 mesi fa
@Mantra Pro ronaldinho his technique is second to no one else. It's true, he didn't score as much, but that wasn't the question
Mantra Pro
Mantra Pro 9 mesi fa
Ronaldinho is not even half player that Ronaldo is. If you have said Messi or Maradona i would have understood it.
Diana marcela Gamez mogollón
Cristiano el mejor jugador del mundo
Phoenix million
Phoenix million 9 mesi fa
Thing is Ronaldo can't play like this n score as much as he does so he focuses more on scoring I swear i think he would've been known as one of the best dribblers if he kept this play style
Vihan Subramaniam
@bac nguyen nope 2011-2014 he banging in 50 goals a season while being great dribbler. Messi has done this since 2011 and is still doing it now.
Insvdiious 9 mesi fa
Calm Down Ronaldo is just a goal scorer. If you watch his games and compared them to messi’s games there’s no comparison bro. Ronaldo will never be able to create the same amount of chances that messi has. If Ronaldo doesn’t score he isn’t doing shit bro. Messi can go a game without scoring and still win MOTM because he assists most of his teammates goals. If you’re really saying that he’s not just a goal scorer? Messi has been creating chances for his teammates since the start of his career you comparing that to 1-10 assists that Ronaldo has? If Ronaldo isn’t scoring he’s not doing shit he’s not creating chances. Yeah messi has gravity on his side but he can easily get bullied off the ball cause of his stature while Ronaldo can easily run through people.
Badri Thapa
Badri Thapa 9 mesi fa
@Calm Down I know but he still didn't do as much as Messi... If we were to compare him with other players Ronaldo is way far ahead but with Messi, he just lack a lot of things... Even during the said period before 15/14... Messi has outdone him in everything thing... I'm not just saying this. I checked the numbers.. and that's why say CR7 was far better at utd he was more complete... This was the main factor he didn't get ballon d'or individually as a striker he was great but modric was just having this best year of his career. He even beat Messi for creative playmaking.... And had more MOTM than Ronaldo ... Not to mention individuals like uefa POTY, WC golden ball........ Still Ronaldo was robbed because of Perez .. modric was the best excuse they could come up with. Ronaldo would have gotten his 6th before Messi..... And I'll say it again Messi is far better than Ronaldo individually!!
Badri Thapa
Badri Thapa 9 mesi fa
@Calm Down since last decade,that is from 09 to 18, Messi has created 10 times more chances than Ronaldo all while scoring slightly more than him and assist way more than him still maintaing significantly higher number of dribbles per match that Ronaldo... and you tell me he is not just a goal scorer...
Badri Thapa
Badri Thapa 9 mesi fa
he has terrible touch and close ball control that's why he loses more ball ! he can beat one on one but he loses against 2v1 while has gone 4v1 like at the game against atm and Dortmund!!! Ronaldo is just having diff time to rise but he is still a goalscorer !! show his chance creating number then i'll say he is complete and contributes more!!! dribbling is just number to make these messi fanboy feel better !! but messi does have other skill than goal scoring and dribbling !! while Ronaldo has none!! in couple of years hazard will be leadin that dribbling number and messi will be behind and it still would not matter because messi can do other shit like score assist pass create!!! and againa 10 time more chances created than Ronaldo !! that's not a joke!!
Bin Bakar
Bin Bakar 9 mesi fa
Oh my God😲
Maikon Charles
Maikon Charles 9 mesi fa
Pavle Nikolić
Pavle Nikolić 9 mesi fa
Mikel 9 mesi fa
WAS unmatched
Ricardo 5 mesi fa
@MAHDURAH UCHIWAWA Cristiano 38 goals Messi 28 goals Get lost
Lymbe06 9 mesi fa
AWP Mortis when Cristiano was 32 he scored an insane bicycle kick vs Juve and won his 3rd consecutive Champions League trophy. Let’s see Messi at 34 now.
A I 9 mesi fa
@Oueslati Selma no it isn't, of all the top leagues it has the highest allowed goals per game of 2.92 a game (planetfootball) this isn't 1995 Serie A bro, this is a league where one team wins the cup every year for the past 8 years
where's my dra gone
@MAHDURAH UCHIWAWA these cr7 fans so deluded its actually sad
Abcdefg32 1
Abcdefg32 1 9 mesi fa
Sam Mwas
Sam Mwas 9 mesi fa
4:41 is my favorite Ronaldo skill. Pure comedy
qmanzo wingman
qmanzo wingman 9 mesi fa
Left right left right left right 😂😂😂
רועי שכטר
, Ronaldo shouldn't left real Madrid. He just turned complete shit this season. I miss the old Ronaldo
I Dont Care
I Dont Care 9 mesi fa
Игорь Подгайный
No one episode from Juve
자12톨롯머 9 mesi fa
Paul Ferreira
Paul Ferreira 9 mesi fa
Next do best goals that were called offside!
qmanzo wingman
qmanzo wingman 9 mesi fa
Ronaldo goal against spain. 😂
king james2510
king james2510 9 mesi fa
Van dijk is the Best!
Footballer 9 mesi fa
Simply cristiano at manchester is amazing
Abcdefg32 1
Abcdefg32 1 9 mesi fa
He was atracious in his first two years I mean a complete fairy
KubaStyle10 9 mesi fa
Amazing video bro! Liked 😍
KubaStyle10 9 mesi fa
Should he become the ballon dor?
Saroz Thapaliya
Saroz Thapaliya 9 mesi fa
Ignacio Beltran in 2018 ronaldo had ramos, kroos and modric in top form thats why he scored that many goals but in 2019 tell me who was supporting messi ..let me tell u, no one..he did everything by himself ..he was not dependent on modric kroos...so u cant compare them by goals alone in these two seasons.
Duffman42323 9 mesi fa
@Ignacio Beltran Messi missed a penalty against Icelan, other than that it was one of his best games and by far the best individual performence of the world cup
Don’t even try.
Vachan Guess that shut him up 😂
Subhraneel Chattopadhyay
@MF Aphex Heads exactly. messi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..rapistnaldo
MF Aphex Heads
MF Aphex Heads 9 mesi fa
Ignacio Beltran...and goals isn’t everything, Cr7 is a goalpoacher, scoring goals is the only thing he is good at and is the only way he is staying relevant...Messi is literally the main offence for Barca and Argentina, almost all attacking plays start and end with him, he keeps moving his positioning during the game, sometimes he plays deep, sometimes in the wings, and sometimes in the box, his heat map is all over the pitch whereas cr7 mainly stays in the box and waits for his teammates to provide him a pass or cross...in terms of offensive prowess, he needs world class players like Modric, Kroos, Marcelo etc to help him score goals, unlike Messi who can do it all by himself
Tá De Olho?!
Tá De Olho?! 9 mesi fa
Now he is weak
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
Nancy Saju
Nancy Saju 9 mesi fa
djaber djaber
djaber djaber 9 mesi fa
Sorry you dont new ani thing about football
Julian Al Akhras
Neymar, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Lima, Maradona, Baggio: am i a joke to you?
Tilen Fon
Tilen Fon 9 mesi fa
Are u seriously comparing baggio and neymar to CR7? Cmon man thats pathetic..ronaldo and ronaldinho and CR7 are thr most skillful player ever the difference is one stayed at the top for 15 years!
Mihrali Demir
Mihrali Demir 9 mesi fa
@Kawsar 666 Keep hating hahah he has won everthing 😘
Mihrali Demir
Mihrali Demir 9 mesi fa
@Julian Al Akhras Just look what he achieved bro. Nobody else did that but Messi. These two defenitely the best ever.
bac nguyen
bac nguyen 9 mesi fa
But what these player don't have is longevity and consistency like CR7 Neymar is completely a joke by now and Ronaldinho could not held his form and be rather inconsistent but R9 I would say is a sad story he was wonderful but injuries turn him to a poacher to early when he could do more magic just like CR7 after 2016
Julian Al Akhras
@Mihrali Demir not a hater, i like him alot but he aint the best ever or close to being so
Mohd yousuf
Mohd yousuf 9 mesi fa
Ronaldo is beast!!!! A complete player!!!!
Türker yiğit Aydın
King is back
BleTrick 9 mesi fa
Greatest ever.
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
@Abcdefg32 1 CR7777
Abcdefg32 1
Abcdefg32 1 9 mesi fa
Top 5.. There's only 1.. that debate has been finished for years
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
Hello /FPS
Hello /FPS 9 mesi fa
@MF Aphex Heads cr7 GOAT
Mantra Pro
Mantra Pro 9 mesi fa
Top 5 of all time i guess easily top 10 for sure.
t2paccap2t 9 mesi fa
What do y mean by unmatched ! Ronaldo is gone ! And he know that’s!
Nancy Saju
Nancy Saju 9 mesi fa
Juli Perez
Juli Perez 9 mesi fa
firsttt say hello!!
Kevin Ronaldo
Kevin Ronaldo 9 mesi fa
Kevin Ronaldo
Kevin Ronaldo 9 mesi fa
Good video my man !
YH Raoul
YH Raoul 9 mesi fa
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