Smoother animation ≠ Better animation [4K 60FPS]

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HUGE thanks to Doggybag, Dangrips, Hyojin, and Villa for help with the animation.
Thanks to Shina for the Appeal painting also
Trigger warning for loud sounds towards the end of the vid.
This was entirely edited, and was supposed to be exported, in 48fps, not 50. Funny thing is, Premiere simply doesn't allow custom frame rates in its export window, despite supporting it as a sequence setting. I could have exported the Premiere file into After Effects and added the sequence to the render cue, but I couldn't because AE threw me an error every time I tried. That, combined with the legitimately unbelievable amount of bugs and errors and crashes left me feeling so exhausted and numb that I ultimately decided it was worth sacrificing one 25th of a second's worth of timing here and there. If you catch any editing errors, that'd be why. Oh well!!
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00:00 - Intro
1:27 - Laying the Groundwork
4:32 - Ad break
5:55 - Timing and Easing
9:52 - Smear Frames But Worse™
11:11 - Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job
13:58 - Outro
Animation used (in order of appearance):
Tom and Jerry
Pixel Art (various)
Cat walk (www.reddit.com/r/animation/comments/b0nkqs/cat_walk_cycle_done_for_college/)
Cowboy Bebop
Persona 4
300FPS Bowser in cat suit
Spirit (Roughs by James Baxter)
Devilman Crybaby
A Cat in Paris
Wire by Worthikids
DBZ Fighterz
Daffodil 3 by Smallbu
Moonlight Fox by Smallbu
JoJo Part 5
Cafouillage by Tom Law
Planet Panic
TMNT 'Don VS Ralph'
Klaus (Lineart by James Baxter)
El Dorado
1Samurai Jack Season 5
Dead Leaves
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken
Meet Arnold (Cacani Demo)
'Float' by Pixar
Music used (in order of appearance):
Les Cafes De Paris - Joe E Lee
Apple Kid's Theme - Earthbound
Let the Game Begin! - SiIvaGunner
Noisy Notebook D - Snipperclips
Stage Clear - Wii Play Motion
Good Evening Bossa - Riverworn
Buy Something, Will Ya!? - Earthbound
Stamp Mode - Snipperclips
Apotos (Night) - Sonic Unleashed
Quilty Court - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Just One More Night With You - Thiago
5PM - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Trophy Gallery - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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James Baxter
James Baxter 17 giorni fa
Fantastic rant, I love it! And you're absolutely right. I love how you underline the intent of the artist. Those who would seek to replace artists with machine learning and AI clearly don't understand what art is for. Replace stuff that people don't want to do, or can't do. But people get joy (and their livelihood) from creating art, and they want to do it. It's one of the things that make us human. I'm no Luddite, and I love using new tools to create my animation. But when it starts to encroach upon the fulfillment that I get from creating, then no thanks! You might argue that this is just interpolation and chill out. But my response to that is just wait, this is just getting started.
Aaron Watanabe
Floofy Wooflez
Kyle H
Kyle H 9 ore fa
Cjfjjdhhdjjckgkgf-JAMES BAXTER?!
Strange Guy
Strange Guy 11 ore fa
AI can easliy replace artists. The trick is: you don't need AI to get as good as human animators. In fact you don't need to change it at all... You just need to convince the masses that what AI produces is better. Simple as that. It worked for decades in music and art.
Krillbilly 16 ore fa
wait is this the real actual james baxter holy fucking shit
Benji Gardner
Benji Gardner 46 secondi fa
I get headaches from watching anything 30fps or below for more than 15 mins. Feels like everything is teleporting. I’ve never used these as things to increase fps cause I don’t watch anime or cartoons but I certainly would use them if I were to watch cartoons
34125867 20 minuti fa
What a pointless video. You're not stating the difference of higher fps animations. You're making a salty rant about machine learning tools not having any "soul" or creativity -- which is correct, but you're straight up lying about some of the points here, such as using tweening in 6:00 for *both* examples, but making DAIN look like it could've animated the movement for you (while you were just tweening between two keyframes), eventhough you're praising tweening later. DAIN as a tool had zero impact on that example and the only reason why you've shoehorned that in is to make all consecutive points. It's disingenuous, and sad, that you feel like you have to defend your artistic ability like this.
D4D3fault _
D4D3fault _ 26 minuti fa
yes it is save you money 5:45
Trickster 36 minuti fa
Man Why tf would I care about framerate in animation, Which gamer is so fucking stupid to apply framerate rules for games to animation, like we literally boost frames to see more and act quicker coz we get more visual info, i dont want my anime fight to look like spaghetti coz OoOoOoOoHhHhHh 60 FrAmEs. NO.
Lemon Ferret
I totally agree, but I think the steak was a bad example, we go to restaurants to enjoy the food, that is the purpose of restaurants, if you enjoy steak with ketchup, then go for it, it enhances your experience, with movies, the higher framerate, if not integrated by the creator/creators, then it wont work well in animations, of course until AI becomes better (and it will, the whole point of AI is to improve upon itself)
Lyr Le Snizard
When I first saw the AI 60 fps thing I thought "Huh, that's neat" but the more I saw the more I realised how much life it drains from the animation. There's this one animator I watch called Aimkid and her animations are some of the best and most fluid as well as entertaining animations ever, but I saw one of those 60fps videos of one of her animations and all the life, whimsy, and impact from the movement was gone. It really sucks
EyeonFGC Gaming
Cause people who aren't animators don't even know to look for that. Just by looking at it things can only ever look smoother to someone like me who doesn't know the differences in animation and all the reasons for the different decisions made. I can respect everything your saying but I wouldn't even know that it looks bad until you slowed it down to show us. Lol.
Nathan Turner
Hello noodle, I just wanted to say. I love your content. It’s so unique when compared to the rest of the garbage content on this platform and I find it really easy to connect with your type of humour. Keep it up man. You deserve all the attention you’re gonna get.
Sl_Floryan Ora fa
I have never watched any video (other than maybe tutorials) more than once. Except for this one, I watched it like 5 times by now and I really dunno why ':)
CJ Ora fa
You’re arguing about bad technology... technology gets better with time
Perfect video for perfect channel name ... I love noodle
MirageOwl 2 ore fa
idk man people who love mediocrity are always being rewarded and people who don't are just deleted from existence by poor living conditions and societal judgment. so yea I think AI will take over your, mine and all of our jobs pretty soon and people who care won't be heard of in a couple years
Joshua Galvao
Joshua Galvao 2 ore fa
Im so glad this was said not an animator but thought this trend looked bad
Charlie_Gacha 2 ore fa
9:45 those covers for the usernames looking real sus there e.e
C-M C 3 ore fa
the stone drag sound effect in the Timing and Easing explanation @ 6:20 absolutely killed me
dadude1425 3 ore fa
Wait... Who's Dain? Lol
Lolly 3 ore fa
just casually enjoying the video when suddenly heart attack. My heart is fucking pounding and I think I'm gonna hurl. But yes, interpolation ai bs bad
Nice Person
Nice Person 3 ore fa
This guy didn't even research what ai interpolation is doing before spending all his time making a video about it, it isn't 'dumb connect the dots', or atleast the good ai isnt, or what ai interpolation is striving towards. I can't believe this vid has so many views, lowest common denominator I guess.
LoliLicker Ora fa
"This guy didn't even research what ai interpolation is" This guy didn't even watch the full video
Salvador Verges
You haven,t watched the video. He said that there are good interpolations ai, and that the ones they use on the trend qre bad ones
Nikku4211 3 ore fa
I agree the author's intent matters when it comes to animation. I don't like computer interpolation in animation even if the animator is in control, because while they can tweak it and make it a bit more to their liking, it still doesn't have the same feel as classic frame-by-frame animation where every frame is drawn by hand. And yes, I have seen shows like FIM and many other computer-interpolated graphics shows when I was young, I literally grew up in the 2000s when this was very common, and I now don't like this, though at least it's not as bad as AI interpolation.
Ryce Gabriel Major
im just so confused why they're so popular, like, wheres the difference????
D !
D ! 5 ore fa
60 fps in animation is like auto tune in music
Jackson Watkinson
This feels like an episode of Rick and Morty.
Terran 5 ore fa
5:30 As an AI researcher and also watched over 100 Japanese anime. I would say this is not how AI works. Its interpolation is NOT this naive. Its interpolation is rather a learned complex model from already existing animation frames. The algorithm will consider the rules and aesthetics if the AI model is strong enough.
Renton Cat
Renton Cat 5 ore fa
Hold on hold on. It’s. Cod gamers. They give a fuck the rest of us just love. That good shit. Lol
Just Comet
Just Comet 6 ore fa
Streamer: oh my goshhh my frames are droping from 260 to 160 Me: how di- how jus- Streamer: continues to complain Me: BRO YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THAT FAST
Marco Wave
Marco Wave 6 ore fa
favorite part of the video was when i got the crap scared out of me at the end while doing a tween and made it look better
video about 24 fps vs 60 fps but video quality is 50 fps
Daniel Hale
Daniel Hale 6 ore fa
I'm a software engineer (not an animator, please don't hurt me), and we've been hearing the same thing about software for a long time. It's genuinely hard to talk people down from their frantic "AI will replace programmers in the NEXT FEW YEARS!!11!!!" rant that they're repeating from an equally breathless online source. It won't. AI at best is a useful tool to take some of the tedium out of tasks like writing code or animating or adding numbers in a column, but it's dumb. Like, dumber than a fresh graduate from a rote-memorization certification course, with tiny penis syndrome. AI -- and I know it's hard to believe this -- AI is even *stupider* . It can do simple stuff for you really well, but at the higher levels does a really poor job unless you're very intensively guiding it, and at that point you're doing the job and it's just helping. Which turns it into normal software for its field, doing what professional software should. At its best, good software automates the tedious crap, but it's not able to do the job for you. It takes a functioning human brain to do that, and we're nowhere near replacing functioning human brains. And the more trivial crap the software can automate, the more the programmer/artist/data entry intern/etc can focus on higher-level problems. But even then, sometimes you need to do this stuff yourself because the software does it wrong, or doesn't understand, or you need to do something more precise or interesting than it was designed to do. The automation is not a perfect solution, and it's your job to use your tools correctly. WYSIWYG editors from decades ago didn't make web developers obsolete; if anything, they're more important than ever. Someone using a few very specific success stories where the AI doesn't completely fall on its face and crap itself does not mean the AI is able to do the job. And often, the "amazing results" are so flawed they make the point for me. Kinda like the smoothed animations you showed -- anyone paying attention will have questions about why it looks so bad. TL;DR: This affects other fields too. Don't believe the dumb hype about AI doing the job for you, it's never that simple.
James Black
James Black 6 ore fa
60FPS is for games. Animation, and even cinema, looks like dog shit in 60FPS. But yeah, you're right it's the gAmErS. I'm embarrassed to even play video games sometimes because of how stupid we are.
skenndnjw 7 ore fa
1 fps > 24 fps
Katrina Lovesit
4:30 i Died, reincarnated just to laugh and die again
So randomness makes animation exciting?
A Cactusinside
not exactly but close. this video is mostly about how ai fuck shit up anyways
Zachary Seidel
I legitimately can't see the difference between 24 and 48 or 30 and 60... idk. it's odd.
PrizmaLock 7 ore fa
Hmm yes the tony hawk special sound made me cry
ferarriagada 7 ore fa
14:08 it’s 2:52 AM i got scared so bad 😭😭😭😭
Anime Kaiser Willy II
I cannot begin to tell you how many anime OPs I've seen ruined by this that look like they've all been uncannily sped up
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli 7 ore fa
Honestly I saw plenty of those videos and I could barely even see the difference half the time. I’d have to look really hard, and if I could see a difference, I usually liked the original better. I don’t like how 60 FPS looks (when that’s not what the creator intended), it takes all the life and force out of every movement. They look like they’re floating underwater all the time, that’s how they’re moving.
HaroicADDSIS 7 ore fa
Why the special kind of gamer but doesn't care about the framerate but care about the story and I could care about the content that the game has that doesn't care about what a goddamn frame rate is yes I like a good frame right but not as much as I care about story a game can be very crappy like but give me a good story and you got me hooked like I've played original Halo whip original graphics on the MCC and I like that more than the newer graphics
TadTadTadTad 8 ore fa
0:54 chie satonaka AND earthbound music
Andrew Corum
Andrew Corum 8 ore fa
Can someone please increase the frame rate of @Noodle’s animation in this video? I think it would look better if it was smooooth
Thermionic Emission
It's not gamers as a whole, but specifically ones that think only 120fps gaming is acceptable, I couldn't care less about that shit, hell, the best gaming experiences I had to this day were on Xbox 360 and the PSP.. Many of these games had FPS drops like crazy (mostly on 360, PSP games were very well-developed), yet still I'll never forget the fun I had on them.
Bob The Penguin
Watch someone put this video into an ai lol
Emmanuel Rosado
I thought it looked cool but now I understand and join the hate.👌🏻
antargaming 8 ore fa
Interpolated looks a lot more jellowy if you know what I mean? It’s weird. I’ve seen some good ones though. What are your thoughts on ai upscaling as well?
The_501st _Artist
I was watching this at 1:00pm, and I was tired as heck. The last bit legitimately made me jump
Gabriel McGuire
last sec was done by AI
pg3d:rusty 8 ore fa
Who else thought frame rate makes things faster
Jsansamatic !
Jsansamatic ! 9 ore fa
I think it's cool
Nulono 9 ore fa
Honestly, once my steak is cooked, it's not any of the chef's business how I choose to eat it.
TFG Pixel
TFG Pixel 9 ore fa
0:16 ayy I finally found someone else who plays GG
bloo tube
bloo tube 9 ore fa
12:23 oh hey Arnold
Alexander Pacheco
What is video would look like and 50,000 FBS
len javick
len javick 9 ore fa
There’s a reason why classics hold up. It’s not the frame rate, it’s the art direction. I see this all the time when people discuss Akira. They post that they did the entire film in 1s when that’s just a lie
The boy that names himself Banana222
0:33. *scrolls down to see how many views this video has* 4 . 9 M i l i o n
beansnrice321 10 ore fa
Good video and great points, especially about animation being great because it give you frame perfect control. So, and this is going to sound super dumb but I swear it's true, I very much get you about how it's gamers fucking this up. I got in a big fight with some guy about what looks better, higher fps with no blur or lower fps with proper blur. I was saying that I would take 24fps with proper motion blur over 60 or 120 ftps any day of the week. My reasoning comes not just from understanding animation but from kendo. See, when you're in a sword fight, there is no way at all that you will be able to see your opponent's weapon swing. It's just moving way to fast an most of what you're looking at is a blur. So you learn to look for and see the blur. Obviously you're mostly looking at the slower moving wind up to prepare your defense but as you get better you want to be able to see as much of their actual strike as you can because it's shape will show you where their next opening will be. So, back to my starting argument. I found in games that, as long as the motion blur is done right and the fps were consistent, then that was always an easier setup for me to read motion than if the fps was higher and blur was turned off. Obviously, as you said, 3d games are starting to now include actual squash and stretch and smear frames and those can go a long way towards compensating for lack of pp blur.
EnderTamer3 10 ore fa
I love that out of everything you could've picked for the early high fps animation for laying the groundwork, it was the harmony and discord Zenyatta highlight intro. Zenyatta mains everywhere thank you.
WhnNinjasAttack 10 ore fa
Annnnnnnnd ya lost me when you started blaming "gamers" for this. Video games SHOULD be at as a high of a frame rate as possible because it reduces latency and make the games feel better to play, because they are an interactive medium. I'm a major proponent of this and I hate frame interpolation on animations and videos with a burning passion. A 60 fps interpolated video =/= a 60 fps game. And I'd imagine you knew how bad of a take this was considering you left it until the very end. Shame
beansnrice321 10 ore fa
Omg, pose to pose. XD
F 10 ore fa
Is this why IMAX versions of movies i love make me wanna puke?
Parrot King
Parrot King 10 ore fa
13:00 why do you think it is gamers we don’t give a donkeys shit about animation(other than cutscenes IN GAMES lol)
tximista : rissole
The "smoother is better" mentality in regards to animation is just another thing that Disney inflicted on America. No really, they pushed that because it was more expensive to, and as a result nobody else could really keep up with them. Stay woke
Rani 11 ore fa
it looks like some type of warp was added ( interpolation way )
Mo7 11 ore fa
Ok so when is using AI better?
Yomash 11 ore fa
I think it would be kinda funny if somebody interpolated this whole video but made sure to do a horrible job at it nice vid btw
Strange Guy
Strange Guy 11 ore fa
F..k man! My heart almost blew up at 4:12!!
[•] I hate Vending machines [•]
Love how this guy actually animates his avatar instead of just drawing still frames and calling it a day
Mr77pudding 12 ore fa
Thanks for the education on this! I had no clue what you meant at first but watching this has given me some insight on it. I see the smear frames as transitioning from one movement to the other by letting our mind correct for the movement of the arm/leg/whatever. When you do the interpolation, it focuses more on those instead of letting the illustration do its own work.
hamtown 1
hamtown 1 12 ore fa
idc i just think it looks better :)
CrypTox 4 ore fa
@Lunar Trick 2.0 neither.
Lunar Trick 2.0
Are you being a prick or is this a joke
PunchTheCake 12 ore fa
in response to the video, Sometimes smoother animation are a lot cooler, sometimes smoother animation just destroys it so basically, it depends but great video man
Alpha_ Synergy
Alpha_ Synergy 12 ore fa
Don't blame the general gamer. Blame the idiot gamers who want stupid high framerates and PC melting graphical quality. In games, higher framerate tends to look better, but not in everything and not even in every game.
Lunar Trick 2.0
Yeah, specially stupid streamers and influencers
Gura Shrimp
Gura Shrimp 12 ore fa
A.I may improve a lot of factors of life, automation, and help with the medical field and such... But you can't teach an A.I emotion or expression... A fundamental element of what makes each artist and animator unique. Sure you can teach it objectivity, like line, motion, shape, colour theory etc., but if we are purely aiming for objective quality in art, everything will start to look lifeless. Apart of the joy of being an artist is to be like "holy fuck how did he... He drew this? Are you sure? This is insane, the line work, the perspective blah blah..." It's no longer gonna be fun for anyone when you can't tell the difference between A.I and an actual artist. Imagine an art gallery: "This one looks good.", "Yeah probably done by an A.I". In art you can see the natural growth of the artist, the passion, the years it took to build that skill. I am thankful that this isn't successful with hand drawn animation, as I don't think we should reach an age where even expression is automated.
Casual Gamer
Casual Gamer 12 ore fa
No offense to any animators, but this is a matter of opinion. You are right it does look terrible when someone added frames, but a lot of people like it 🤷
LoliLicker Ora fa
Yep, nothing wrong with people who have shit opinions and like watching terrible animations
Lunar Trick 2.0
Well how about we sue the people who like it?
BlackFates 12 ore fa
Ugh, I can't stand the 24 fps used in this animation. Can someone please interpolate it?
BlackFates 3 ore fa
@Lunar Trick 2.0 Joke. :)
Lunar Trick 2.0
Are you being a jerk or is it a joke
MilkStain 13 ore fa
When ever I see one of those 60 fps animations... it reminds me of when ever I play a game and it lags but it seems still playable in the most unpleasurable way possible.
grandma jankens
grandma jankens 13 ore fa
I'm not sure if gamers are 100% to blame but i do understand many people want some crazy 1000 FPS 4K that ruins the art.
Lunar Trick 2.0
Yeah, well i think its the stupid fucking influencers and streamers and maybe ecen youtubers that caused it
JediMage 13 ore fa
Boohoo machines will take our jobs and do them without any heart and emotion - if you read this before watching the video, then I just summarised it to you and saved you 15 minutes. And what can I say except you are welcome
Lunar Trick 2.0
@Random Meatbag ok fine, ya know what? I get it. Then again there is right or wrong, Noodle has certain things right, but also has some wrongs in this video. I get it. Sorry for being rude, was being mad for bit.
Random Meatbag
@Lunar Trick 2.0 neither. Noodle here is essentially saying that having more frames is objectively bad/worse and uses this nonexistent moral high ground about interpolation is insulting the animators and destroying their intentions of their animations when it really just boils down to personal opinion. He even makes this absurd analogy that putting lots of ketchup on steak is insulting the chef, which basically means that modifying LITERALLY ANYTHING is insulting the person that made it the way it was. I dare you to tell mod creators that they are insulting the game’s development team. I dare you to tell ytp content creators that they are insulting the creators of the content that they are making ytps of.
Lunar Trick 2.0
Are you joking or are you stupid enough to make this comment?
DecafDawren 13 ore fa
more fps is good... in video games where you need to react quickly and want your inputs to have as little delay as possible. anywhere else it just needs to be smooth enough that you can read the movements on screen
Lunar Trick 2.0
OH so thats why gamers are to blame and to torture!
Devon Dorr
Devon Dorr 13 ore fa
The thing is, interpolation of 3d animation in games and interpolation of a done 3d animation are totally two different things.
Zombie Hunter Guy
Noodle: It's GAMERS AGAIN!! Me as a gamer: I'm sorrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!
iPackshii 13 ore fa
I just realized that all the examples that he showed of people comparing the FPS it was made in versus the 60fps, he disliked all of them😂
Topdude 14 ore fa
Me watching on 360p 30fps because my internet doesn't run higher qualities be like
John David
John David 14 ore fa
You are so right
da fish 657
da fish 657 14 ore fa
I love that ad break
Ekulioful 14 ore fa
Good points undermined by beyond irritating voice acting. Jesus Christ.
Sickle Pickle
Sickle Pickle 14 ore fa
What a stupid video
LoliLicker Ora fa
@Blank_Toxic eh sounds like too much work
Lunar Trick 2.0
Uno reverse
Blank_Toxic 14 ore fa
Alright٫ dumbass. Feel Like explaining why it's so "Stupid٫"?
Bob thesolider
Bob thesolider 14 ore fa
I really can’t notice an FPS change
R H 14 ore fa
4:36 Me, having to go in to work again.
Saint Fisuto
Saint Fisuto 14 ore fa
The title is a Misnomer.
sebastian obermueller
This is the first time watching anything from you and boy did i love it because i saw a few jojo part 5 scenes and well its a great video with facts
ragnose1 15 ore fa
60fps animation aint inherently bad... but the ai is really bad at interpolating motion between frames... i honestly think the only way that ai upscaling framerate works is if you put way too much time into fixing the ai's mistakes, or its only increasing framerate by up to 10-20% (and even then itll look funky on those frames until ai is literally perfect... and that means being able to interpret everything in shot and the intent to make it actually look good and not just smoothed.)
Jerry Reece
Jerry Reece 15 ore fa
The only thing i think its actually pretty good at is improving liquid-like movements, when you're at lower frames you can see the choppiness a bit, so on the ghost ancestor from mulan, the 60 frames actually looks pretty nice to me when he like manifests cuz it looks a little more like a fluid or gas
King James
King James 15 ore fa
So is 1080p better than 720p
Blank_Toxic 14 ore fa
Yes٫ because it lets you see clearer.
Ezzedine Muhamed
Idc I just looks better
Wow cool frame rate
Hexogram :D
Hexogram :D 15 ore fa
24fps gives me migranes, this video is abelist
Radjynk 15 ore fa
While I agree with the idea of blending different frame rates to differentiate objects in an animation, there are a lot of examples where this is done for no reason. An example of this is initial d (a racing anime where drawing the cars frame by frame would have been too expensive, so they used cgi at 30fps), where they spent over a decade trying to get the CGI cars to match up as well as possible with the hand drawn animation, and in the final stage it was probably the best blend of cgi and animation I have ever seen. Then the legend movies came along, where they disregarded all of that work and intentionally added extreme effects and lowered the frame rate to try to make the cars stand out. But this just made the cars look weird and unrealistic, examples like into the spideverse are great examples of good looking lowered framerates, and initial d legend is an example of it done wrong.
The Silly Reaper
13:02 woah woah, using gamer with a hard r, you can't say that unless your a gamer yourself, you don't even deserve a gama pass
Lunar Trick 2.0
@Random Meatbag well I can't explain it in detail, but I asure you that tho not ALL problems are by gamers, a lot of problems are created by them due to their need of playing too much games. in this case since the gamers brains have been rotted with the simple thing in their mind, that is: 'more fps equal good', which makes other people that aren't animators or engineers be dumber and given a simple thought of the same thing and this video explains the poeple with low enough IQ to say, "but smoother equals better, technology is good". Anyways I give up on believing anyone who plays to many games in their free time.
Random Meatbag
@Lunar Trick 2.0 what?!? A gamer is someone that just plays video games, HOW IS IT THAT THEY ARE THE ONES THAT CAUSE MOST PROBLEMS?!?
Lunar Trick 2.0
Bruh, pretty sure everyone now is a gamer, plus all problems are mostly done by gamers and brainrotted idiots
Cristiano Correia
Shamless sponser is the best ive seen
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