Snoop Dogg - One Blood, One Cuzz (feat. DJ Battlecat) (Official Video)

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From the album "I Wanna Thank Me". Out now!
Stream: SnoopDogg.lnk.to/IWannaThankMeYo
Directed by Dah Dah
#SnoopDogg #IWannaThankMe #OneBloodOneCuzz
Official Video by Snoop Dogg - One Blood, One Cuzz feat. DJ Battlecat © 2019 Doggystyle Records / EMPIRE

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Commenti 80
bluebird075 24 minuti fa
would you check me out and give me some advice?
Gustavo Arellano
Man big snoop now I am Mexican American comming our people you the true GOAT. Black love brown pride. West cost the moast.
Alfred To'amalanga
Black Power vs the police
kimzos got jokes
The message behind this seriously gives the chills that you wont believe
Cutie Antonio
Cutie Antonio 2 giorni fa
I can’t imagine snoop dogg dead bro 😔
Robert kwaku Asiedu
Snoop Dogg Dogg.....🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💣💣💣💥💥💥👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿...
tomasz gola
tomasz gola 2 giorni fa
Respect snoop😎✌
MKY MKS 2 giorni fa
With all the apocalyptic issues we are experiencing with each other around the world, I just had to come listen to this. Aaaaahhhhhh( In my soothing voice) ONE BLOOD!
Gedieyon hall
Gedieyon hall 3 giorni fa
You still the Boss dogg love this Video i Think i can put Down the flag for a wile
Give Good
Give Good 4 giorni fa
White widow..... Moon rocks..... Runtz..... Fruity pebbles ..... Gorrilla glue..... King tut #04 Delivery worldwide
Reg'Onte Jones
Reg'Onte Jones 4 giorni fa
I’m just now hearing about this song🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aaron Tabor
Aaron Tabor 4 giorni fa
My question is how'd he get a camera
Yoshi92 4 giorni fa
2:27 whats the name of the film with the slave ship? edit: i guess its Amistad, film about a slave ship ok lol
Robert Lust
Robert Lust 4 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-aK4_JyDkET4.html 420 ubi
Dj Kutt’n Cee
Dj Kutt’n Cee 5 giorni fa
Go head Big Snoop Dogg💿✌🏾👌🏾🤘🏾✊🏾🤛🏾🤙🏾💪🏾👆🏾
Diva Cookn
Diva Cookn 5 giorni fa
Dj Rocweiler Rocweiler
Snoop..Respect..from the East Coast
Makaveli The General
This one was real shit
Adi Asrian
Adi Asrian 6 giorni fa
One black ,one white ,put them all togheter: one blood ❤
PTAH HUSSLE 7 giorni fa
Man this shit deep ! R.I.P NIP 💙💎✊🏾👑 Whatup Uncle SNOOP D.O double G 👌🏾👏🏾💙💙
Steven Chavez
Steven Chavez 7 giorni fa
This tracks blasphemy SNOOP A FAKE A ACTOR
Sean Magwenzi
Sean Magwenzi 8 giorni fa
Thanks Snoop I was tired of niggas killing Each other
Sean Magwenzi
Sean Magwenzi 8 giorni fa
Thanks Snoop I was tired of niggas killing Each other
Myra Sarmiento
Myra Sarmiento 9 giorni fa
This is not the first time Snoop lost a young rapper he knew. Rest In Peace 2pac Shakur 1971-1996 died at 25 years old. Rest In Peace Nipsey hustle 1985-2019 died at 33 years old. Rest In Peace Biggie Smalls 1972-1997 died at 24 years old. Rest In Peace Easy E 1964-1995 died at 30 years old. Rest In Peace XXXtentacion 1998-2018 died at 20 years old. Rest in Peace Jucie Wrld 1998-2019 died at 21 years old. So hold on someone you love before there gone.❤❤💙💙 RED: Bloods BLUE: Crips. These colors are more then colors. These colors represent THUG LIFE and how people should still focus on this a take it even more seriously.
Myra Sarmiento
Myra Sarmiento 3 giorni fa
Somebody like this comment.
Cliff Booth
Cliff Booth 9 giorni fa
Como estas?
Lennox Lewis
Lennox Lewis 9 giorni fa
R.i.p nip u waz a true
Armaan Waraich
Armaan Waraich 10 giorni fa
I miss u nipsey😭
My best friend who is my GTAV crew Leader is my brother and he's Red but i do everything for Family Blue and Red makes GREEN all my FAMILY God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Wlihelm War31
Wlihelm War31 10 giorni fa
Nothing but respect i would love to see shit put aside for the betterment of all
DASHERTON jordan son III
Snoop doggie doog ..... give them some of that stick icky icky oohway
sporty152 11 giorni fa
Love you snoop you a real one
Christopher Mejia
Christopher Mejia 11 giorni fa
I love the hook that “WHODINI” influence!!
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 12 giorni fa
Snoop is TOP DOG
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 12 giorni fa
Nobody Ever assault our OGs. DiSRESPECT. No way
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 12 giorni fa
Were one GUYS
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 12 giorni fa
MIKE JONES 14 giorni fa
And now we have GOOBA😝
ahmad tayyar
ahmad tayyar 14 giorni fa
Does anyone know where the song “what we used to be” by snoop Can be found?
Cliff Booth
Cliff Booth 10 giorni fa
It's called "The way life used to be" off the Dogumentary album released 2011 Its on ITvid with a video💯
Lion Sba3
Lion Sba3 14 giorni fa
Teach those motherfuckers 😘💪🏾
Jarred Naidoo
Jarred Naidoo 14 giorni fa
This made me shed tears
Thomas Dias IV
Thomas Dias IV 15 giorni fa
Kendall Robinson
Kendall Robinson 16 giorni fa
Yea dat
M.S.C ISLAND 16 giorni fa
This was dope. Rest In Peace nip.
M. alsudaifi
M. alsudaifi 16 giorni fa
MC Moura
MC Moura 17 giorni fa
R.I.P Nipsey ,God Bless
Mo Wade
Mo Wade 17 giorni fa
Sexy Chocolate
Sexy Chocolate 18 giorni fa
Please bring back 2pac please
YVng LXRD 18 giorni fa
I like these artists now a days are trying to get bloods and crips to reunite together now we need someone to control the nortenos vs surenos🇲🇽🔴🔵
robert harvey
robert harvey 18 giorni fa
My faverite idol
robert harvey
robert harvey 18 giorni fa
Sorry cuz one blood one mob
Mingo Raww
Mingo Raww 19 giorni fa
Disrespect-_ Trip
Disrespect-_ Trip 19 giorni fa
“Its cause every Neighborhood Jesus Got a Neighborhood Judas” 🙏🏽🤧
Aires Jone
Aires Jone 20 giorni fa
This song deserves a Grammy!!
Arene Armstead
Arene Armstead 21 giorno fa
1 love outta Canton, OH for all my brothas everywhere ... let's get it together baby!!!
lance Yergens
lance Yergens 21 giorno fa
Damn... "some people just tired of this shit"
Robert Dumitru
Robert Dumitru 23 giorni fa
Ba prostule te iubesc rau de tot fgm
oguer razo
oguer razo 23 giorni fa
One blood, one cuzz, I give love, one ese
Hamish Murphy
Hamish Murphy 23 giorni fa
From Pac to Nip. SNOOP is the Dogg Father
leo kla
leo kla 24 giorni fa
Digiorno Chronic
Digiorno Chronic 25 giorni fa
Pac and nip would've been magical
jay lulu
jay lulu 25 giorni fa
Nipsey 🙏🏽🙏🏽🌹🌹🌹❣️ 🇪🇷❣️
Callum Jack
Callum Jack 25 giorni fa
Starts at 0:55
sirpoppinchuck 25 giorni fa
They all black period. Oppressed n depressed n surpressed under USA capitalistic, evil spiritual system. Give up your pride for those you love n you'll see who they real enemy is. The hater of your souls. Its not only about unity so we can live but our seed dont have to go through what we went through. Get knowledge, education, and wisdom there's no quick, easy, way out or up. Let the Almighty God be your guide n you'll never go wrong. "Lean not to your own understanding acknowledge the Lord in all your ways and he shall lead your path" Proverbs 3:5 -6 The only way to true freedom is within.
SunPacBrolyGo KuZu
SunPacBrolyGo KuZu 26 giorni fa
"I wake up early in the morning, mind states on military suckas fantasizing pictures of a young brotha buried. Was it me ? The weed, or this life i lead ? If day time is for suckas then tonight we breath." Anybody that knows will get what i mean.
Phillip Reyna
Phillip Reyna 26 giorni fa
Bruva Cap
Bruva Cap 26 giorni fa
This song gives me the chills, we need this type of unity
Senpxi 26 giorni fa
Love love loveeee❤❤❤❤❤
Sac Covert
Sac Covert 26 giorni fa
I was just thinking. If two opposites can create safety and peace. What if all races in prison did that? Prosperity and well being. The only group besides black are the others. If we were all brothers there wouldnt be these struggles. Be the change you wish to see. This is inspiring, i didnt realize how when i was locked up that there was a message in that for everyone.
Isabel Cabral
Isabel Cabral 27 giorni fa
Stani Tretch
Stani Tretch 27 giorni fa
Sick tribute rip nip
David Barkley
David Barkley 27 giorni fa
Snoop is aging
Wizz Bone
Wizz Bone 28 giorni fa
Wait...Who’s on the Hook?
shock toast
shock toast 28 giorni fa
I had to rewind his message like 8 times that's a real message damn.
Mamuk Keleta
Mamuk Keleta 29 giorni fa
Rest easy in peace bro nipsey hussel. The world might respect you forever but I and we missed you forever bro.
Bands Iam
Bands Iam 29 giorni fa
this is real rap not that leen sipping mubble rap junkie trash thats taking over
DopeWeech Mese fa
i stay off hoover i hope snoop stops by our block
Dax Mengesha
Dax Mengesha Mese fa
You know a nigga grown when he quote Shakespeare *Green eyed bitch* ✊ 🙏🤘much respect
dj jones
dj jones Mese fa
Steady hearing Jesus saves out a devil’s lips!🔥🔥🔥🔥
I dont mean to be rude I'm just blunt
Lines from an atheist.
Terrol Solo
Terrol Solo Mese fa
R.i.p nip & Frogg
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