Solving The POSSIBLE Excalibur Puzzle!!

Chris Ramsay
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Today I'm going to attempt to solve this miniature excalibur puzzle made by Gary Foshee.
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Commenti 1 257
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay 4 mesi fa
I think i might be ready for the real thing....
sunny yang
sunny yang 3 mesi fa
No you won’t
J Ryder
J Ryder 3 mesi fa
Ashley Pruitt
Ashley Pruitt 3 mesi fa
@Nathan Struthers He broke it on camera... What do you mean?
FireKing Animations
Matt Ollis
Matt Ollis 3 mesi fa
Chris Ramsay I’m so freakin addicted to these videos bro😬😬 I NEED some of these puzzles in my life lol
Tristan Rujano
Tristan Rujano 9 giorni fa
That's so unique
Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong 19 giorni fa
Cool man bin looking at ur videos all weekend keep them coming ur the puzzles king
Nill Gddy
Nill Gddy Mese fa
mr. puzzle would smoke you in a puzzleoff.
I cheered for you! 💋
Superior Forces
Superior Forces 2 mesi fa
I mistaked the title for saying impossible
OVB 2 mesi fa
Use force
I am Hank
I am Hank 2 mesi fa
Chris: Pull it! *smacks down on sword*
Faith Pickles
Faith Pickles 2 mesi fa
This was kind of disappointing... Literally the most obvious way to open it...unscrew the sword. 😐👍
ElZamo92 2 mesi fa
But, can it shoot beams capable of levelling buildings?
Ian Kelvin Linsangan
king arthur knows the trick more than you do
JR Fowler
JR Fowler 2 mesi fa
12:1 are thos mezmoglobes in the backround? idk if i spelled it right lolz
Jaryd Clark
Jaryd Clark 2 mesi fa
Im to young to watch it.(game of thrones) Says my mom which i believe. And congratulates on 150 away from 3 million subs.
somnath pate
somnath pate 2 mesi fa
It wasn’t that hard to solve.. ya but it’s a rare puzzle
Lacy Desires
Lacy Desires 2 mesi fa
Boop it
Name Last
Name Last 2 mesi fa
what kind of hoodie is he wearing
Cam Good
Cam Good 2 mesi fa
When is he gonna start swearing at the bad chefs?
Jordan Lundy
Jordan Lundy 2 mesi fa
The point of pushing in the sword get it out is how the legend of Excalibur was really solved. It wasn't he who is King can take the blade from the stone. It's much simpler it's just push it in harder than pull it out like butter. Arthur was very smart and knew this from what Merlin was hinting at. And the sword wasn't in just any stone it was on top of a waterfall in the edge. Arthur actually almost died getting the sword and when he did get it it broke because of it being stuck and in the water for so long.
Filip Varga
Filip Varga 2 mesi fa
OMGGG, I want so many puzzles you show but just can't get them
War2827Eagle 2 mesi fa
I didn't solve it so me take it apart with tools. Wtf, Chris?
Robert Harkess
Robert Harkess 2 mesi fa
War2827Eagle he did solve it? Did you even watch the video
Esmeralda Gomez
Esmeralda Gomez 2 mesi fa
The intro is everything 😂
Cerealbox Gaming
He said pp
KaptKaos 2
KaptKaos 2 2 mesi fa
For the tattoos on the side of your fingers did you mean to tat them in a faded state or over time did they get that way?
YumiDlovablE 2 mesi fa
We just got jabaited....
A C 2 mesi fa
Steel or aluminum? That's a pretty big jump lmao
very stupid
very stupid 2 mesi fa
im one of the 1 percent that hasnt seen game of thrones
1.000 abbos ohne wirkliches Video :D
Yey, I'm not the only one
Anthony's nightmare
Me cant solve it me modern problems require modern solutions grabs hammer
Neveah Smith
Neveah Smith 2 mesi fa
I love games of throns
Notyourtypical filipino
"It's hard to put in this hole, I can hear the comments."
Aleana Dresser
Aleana Dresser 3 mesi fa
Your videos are so cool love ya
Thicc Rib
Thicc Rib 3 mesi fa
That thing in the background at the beginning of the video looks like a huge huntsman spider
George 3 mesi fa
Cherie Ho
Cherie Ho 3 mesi fa
I feel that's he's going to break it.
A User
A User 3 mesi fa
_Okay I'll just go back to my 1000 piece puzzles._
Kiera Thomas
Kiera Thomas 3 mesi fa
His method beat it on and table and spin it and u know what it works
{im}perfect •
{im}perfect • 3 mesi fa
This video is actually not clickbait but i still feel like it is.
John C
John C 3 mesi fa
Surely that says IPP 19 in Roman numerals on the side of the puzzle. Not IPP 99.
nebraska redneck
My brain is not cool and would just unscrea the bottom
John Huisamen
John Huisamen 3 mesi fa
Tower Bridge... I come from the top of Africa
Galaxywolf 2777
Galaxywolf 2777 3 mesi fa
It kinda looks like a grave stone.
x Daniel
x Daniel 3 mesi fa
Wtf man?
Tox 鴆_Sasori
Tox 鴆_Sasori 3 mesi fa
You are the Arthur of puzzles
Aneka Kay
Aneka Kay 3 mesi fa
How does this man have so much patience
gamers202 3 mesi fa
I liked your videos but I wasnt going to start leaving likes until you got the timer out. And you have been doing good. You get a like
Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property
Remember, if it doesn’t open hit it harder
Rehannah Bartley
Izzy Krumenauer
Izzy Krumenauer 3 mesi fa
When in doubt spin it out
Auu Bry
Auu Bry 3 mesi fa
Twist it
PDXJack 3 mesi fa
Wow. I loved how this puzzle works.
Jolie Findley
Jolie Findley 3 mesi fa
“It’s kinda hard to position in that hole”.😂
Buddy man boi Shrimp
Hey dude do that mind control cars Trick
Roe Alexis
Roe Alexis 3 mesi fa
“pull it” *SMACKS*
Garnetkeepers 21
Your the king 👑 all Hale the king 😂
IM Camm
IM Camm 3 mesi fa
disliked just bc of your hat im from toronto and they won last night. sorry bro i love your videos cant stop watching them man im a fan really sorry for the dislike it isnt deserved just know that
Agent _1_3_9
Agent _1_3_9 3 mesi fa
Čudesna Šuma
Čudesna Šuma 3 mesi fa
Bottom of that sword should have been screwdriver
SoulessHarmony 3 mesi fa
Holy shit! Mr. Puzzle and Ramsay collab. Video is already great!
drizzyge 3 mesi fa
Shout out to mr puzzle
Timothy Dam
Timothy Dam 3 mesi fa
5:45 done
Delilah Keeling
Delilah Keeling 3 mesi fa
There's a screwdriver on top of the sword you screw it to run undo it to get the screwdriver to unlock the bottom of the thing so yeah don't use that night
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