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from CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale, out now: tylerthecreator.lnk.to/TheEst...
a collection of songs that didnt make the original album
directed by TYLER OKONMA
production: TARA RAZAVI for Happy Place

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28 mar 2023




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Undisputedly the magnum opus of Tyler music videos. Absolutely incredible.
This is absolutely beautiful.
Amara The Farmer
Bro I’m sobbing reading these comments, when I heard bastard when I was 12, it helped me stay me in an area where being the weird brown kid wasn’t it. The things he said in his songs I related too, it was important for me as a kid to have someone like Tyler and his outrageous lyrics. He was for the goofy weird kids that liked to make the people that don’t like them uncomfortable. I felt his anger towards his dad. I felt those violent thoughts. Tyler was proof you can experience these dark thoughts and not let it consume you or make you a bad person. He taught me to channel those feelings into art. My mom was the only person I could ever play Tyler’s old music around, she’s been mother the creator ever since. As a kid I never thought tyler would be who he is today and it’s been fucking awesome being there for each era and album, it’s been amazing watching this man blossom. He is truly the greatest of all time like he deserves everything.
Jemirio Brooks
This is art. The opening "I'm sorry" with the expression gets me everytime. Anyone who's ever had to apologize to their abuser knows the shame, disgust and fear associated with that I'm sorry.
tyler is such a genius, the way he’s able to tell stories thru rapping. I love that about rappers, that they’re able to tell stories and express their feelings in such unique ways.
Tyler dressed up as each of his albums has gotta be one of his best music video shots
Emperor YoungBoy
After almost 2 weeks of this song being released it’s still top 10 on trending. Tyler truly great.
This is my imagery take.
Eric Tejada
One day we’re all gonna be a lot older and look back at these masterpieces and they’re gonna take us back in time to a Time in life where these albums gave us refuge from whatever we were going thru . These albums rlly tell a great story that I think we all can relate to on some level . Thank you Tyler <3
Joey Van Logan
Tyler is constantly proving himself. Constantly improving. He should be an inspiration to everyone
Gawx Art
holy i had never seen anything like this before, kudos to tyler. what an artist
Pal A. A.
one of the most perfect musical pieces of art I’ve witnessed and heard it’s just…life changing in a way dawg
Every album really did feel like Tyler coming into his own, slowly but methodically creating projects only he could bring to life. He absolutely earned the right to say he is truly being himself.
walkin_the_dogs 21 giorno fa
This is fucking incredible. Each one of him is representing an album of his, a chapter of his life, a version of himself. And in this work they are all interacting and showing how different aspects of himself work together.
This is actually insane. Been a fan since Goblin. Not the absolute beginning, but wow this is so fulfilling to watch as a result.
the way he literally displays all of the album eras and how they slowly leave the scene really gives out a strong feel of improvement because it means that he is done with his mistakes and wants to be a better version of himself. I may not be a big fan of him, but I really felt the lyrics and video when i realised the true meaning. He is an extraordinary artist. Im gna listen to him more fr💯
Nothing like that new Tyler music hype
kahlil butler
to culminate your whole discography into