Space Jam (1996) Official Trailer - Michael Jordan, Bill Murray Movie HD

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Space Jam (1996) Official Trailer - Michael Jordan, Bill Murray Movie HD
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Michael Jordan agrees to help the Looney Toons play a basketball game vs. alien slavers to determine their freedom.
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11 feb 2014




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Commenti 100
Fur Fur
Fur Fur 4 giorni fa
“ Your favorite character Bugs Bunny “ Daffy Duck: *Am I joke to you*
Outta This World
Outta This World 10 giorni fa
Now this is Space Jam not that crap that's coming out now
Terrill Williams
Terrill Williams 11 giorni fa
Ivan Jurišić
Ivan Jurišić 11 giorni fa
This is the way. Pepe, Michael and the rest of the crew. ❤
Gerine Vicencio
Gerine Vicencio 12 giorni fa
Supernoobs Season 5
Gerine Vicencio
Gerine Vicencio 12 giorni fa
Do you think, they’ll be crossover Cartoons: Supernoobs vs. Space Jam and Space Jam: A New Legacy
Gerine Vicencio
Gerine Vicencio 12 giorni fa
Supernoobs vs. Space Jam and Space Jam: A New Legacy of Season 5
McCabe88 15 giorni fa
Anyone else come from the space jam 2 trailer, wanna see how the 90s were like
Wyatt GameZ
Wyatt GameZ 16 giorni fa
This Movie will always be better
K G 17 giorni fa
GREAT BIG STORY brought me here .
Boris The Animal
Boris The Animal 17 giorni fa
New one looks terrible
Troy Escomiendo
Troy Escomiendo 17 giorni fa
My fave
Yoel Azar
Yoel Azar 17 giorni fa
1:03 Timothy Harris also wrote the 2009 Astro Boy movie
Sketch Artist
Sketch Artist 20 giorni fa
Yep, prefer james.
Brayden Wong
Brayden Wong 21 giorno fa
The new generation sees our old generation
Chuck Ruck
Chuck Ruck 21 giorno fa
*sigh* the new one isn't the same as this one
Ivan Zaranda
Ivan Zaranda 22 giorni fa
The original always the better! My childhood here..
D 23 giorni fa
Lecry baby James movie will never get close to topping this one
Destiny Lake
Destiny Lake 23 giorni fa
kinda makes me sad after seeing the space jam 2 trailer
The Boys
The Boys 23 giorni fa
Type MJ If Michael Jordan Is Better Than LeBron.
The Boys
The Boys 23 giorni fa
PrincessPandaTube 24 giorni fa
I remember watching this movie on Cartoon Network... I think? Can't wait to see the sequel, though I do like the nostalgia and quaintness of old movies made with technology we regard as outdated today. :D
Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson 24 giorni fa
There’s a new Space jam
Rooftop 24 giorni fa
Who’s here after watching space jam 2 trailer lmao
Chris Hoon
Chris Hoon 24 giorni fa
The posters and trailers of the movie should have said "Introducing: Lola Bunny" back in 1996
Paul Austin Jacob
Paul Austin Jacob 25 giorni fa
0:14 rammed WB
Fimy32 25 giorni fa
Elfish 360
Elfish 360 25 giorni fa
No i am here because I watch a documentary
You know you are watching this trailer right after watching the trailer of space jam 2
Rallye Cars
Rallye Cars 26 giorni fa
So much better then Space Jam 2 spewing cgi diarrhea on screen.
Capitao Levi
Capitao Levi 26 giorni fa
space jeam 2 rsrs
P_Guty_P 26 giorni fa
This is a trailer. Not "we need to save our kid" stuff from space jam 2
Crystal Mercado
Crystal Mercado 26 giorni fa
Steve Celestino YT
Steve Celestino YT 26 giorni fa
Raunold Smithers
Raunold Smithers 26 giorni fa
guarantee this is waaaaaay better than the sequel is going to be
Faul Sname
Faul Sname 27 giorni fa
JORDAN / BUNNY Name a more iconic duo - I’ll wait
Anbu black ops
Anbu black ops 27 giorni fa
Wow I didn't know there was a space jam movie
Fin.B 27 giorni fa
Can’t wait for the second one, gonna be great (I doubt)
Farhana Sultana
Farhana Sultana 27 giorni fa
Who's here after watching space jam 2 trailer?
ComeCuDeJojofag 27 giorni fa
aJFKexperience 28 giorni fa
"They didn't nominate me for an Oscar, so yeah, I took it personally
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming 28 giorni fa
Ruadhan Lyne
Ruadhan Lyne 28 giorni fa
Who else saw the grammarly ad
Paul Albert
Paul Albert 29 giorni fa
Lebron James' version was already better.. GOAT James..
FJR Bbbb
FJR Bbbb 27 giorni fa
TimxlostinMc Lag
TimxlostinMc Lag 29 giorni fa
2021 can do better than this Who agrees If 2021 Like and comment If the original dislike
Stelios Kapet
Stelios Kapet 29 giorni fa
Well this one here still looks better than the LeBron one
Tadziuchna Rybicki
Tadziuchna Rybicki 29 giorni fa
I pomyśleć że już po 25 latach w tym roku wychodzi nowy Kosmiczny mecz z Lebronem
BRBallin1 29 giorni fa
Space Jam in Jordan's days felt authentic. It maintained the Looney Tunes classic animation style and it was far more relevant of a cartoon back in those days than it is now. Lebron's version looked copied and forced
xXJayWolfPlays_YtXx *
Me after the trailer and my teacher making us watch the og space jam
Dr. Dickem
Dr. Dickem 29 giorni fa
This trailer alone makes the entire second movie look like a load of crap.
yungdxmi_ 29 giorni fa
POV: you're here after seeing the secong space jam movie
JesterLS1z 29 giorni fa
Got this on my recommendation because of that 2nd space jam trailer ;-; lmao did this happened to anyone else?
Dimension Wishful
Dimension Wishful 29 giorni fa
The legend
Xavier Tok
Xavier Tok 29 giorni fa
Not sure how space jam 2 will turn out but honestly this will never be beat. It'll always have a special place
josh joseph
josh joseph 29 giorni fa
This was recommended to u after space jam 2 trailer
The HellLord
The HellLord 29 giorni fa
nah, i didn't come here from Space Jam 2, i came here from the death of the original site
noarules 29 giorni fa
POV:your here after space jam 2 trailer
KazGhost 29 giorni fa
Ahhh, this is much better.
YBR BREZZY 29 giorni fa
Who came after 2nd movie teailer
Martina 29 giorni fa
Poor LBJ. He can’t even be a part of a movie industry without trying to copy MJ. 😂
Seth Poplaski
Seth Poplaski 29 giorni fa
TBH, I'm here reminiscing after I watched the Space Jam 2 trailer.
DO MC 29 giorni fa
Who else's came here to watch again this masterpiece after the trash one?
Jod Life
Jod Life 29 giorni fa
Forgot Bill Muarray was in this tbh...damn this was a good movie :D
D M Mese fa
O sentimento nunca vai ser o mesmo ! SPACE JAM 2 parece ser legal até ...
Smooth Criminal
There may be a second part of this but this one is forever gonna be goated
Chrisis Mese fa
we all came for the second space jam movie trailer
NotBased Mese fa
I can't see Space Jam 2 topping this. It won't have that same movie magic
Never Sin
Never Sin Mese fa
This one 100 million times better
0:37 missing Harden's Rockets already.
Domniac Corp.
I just came back to rejuvenate my mind after watching that messed up 'Space not so Jam 2 trailer.😂
MaconBacon 27 giorni fa
Stop hating
Hot CoCo Gamer
This trailer sucks bahahaha
Hot CoCo Gamer
@FranzackTV so? Just because it was first doesn't mean it's better lol .... paying homage doesn't mean we have to lie and say it's good 🤣😅
FranzackTV Mese fa
Did you know without Space Jam 1996 there will be no Space Jam A New Legacy.
Did even have aliens how is the new space jam space jam?????
Mese fa
Jimmy Solares Choque
quien más vino después de ver el tráiler de space jam 2
NitSUj Mese fa
Makes me want to watch again
Paul Austin Jacob
Flavor Lab
Flavor Lab Mese fa
I forgot how much this was my childhood.
James Thornton
James Thornton 21 giorno fa
You forget how much Space Jam was your childhood? Well you won’t believe your eyes until you see Space Jam: A New Legacy coming to cinemas starring the king of basketball and NBA player of the LA Lakers LeBron James and the return of Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes.
WillyBobJoe 28 giorni fa
Čađava Mehana ツ
Why ITvid recommended this video after the trailer for the Space Jam 2?
Yes "we never see anythink like it" And never again see it Space jam 2 is coming But it isn't this
The Only Space Jam that matters 🤝
Saikath Ghosh
Who got this recommended after the new trailer of space jam 2....
Just my Opinions
Wow 25 years ago. I remember being 7 years old watching this at the movies with my parents
GreatDane239 Mese fa
Sad Lola got nerf
Arvin Miraftab
who's here when Space Jam 2 trailer came out?
Solo leveling mmv/amv/news ✓
Yes. I cannot wait
a dit
a dit Mese fa
Not me.
Mr Excitement23
So this time Lebron needs them not them needing a superstar I can dig it
jared bowen
jared bowen Mese fa
0:43 james harden
Doan Mai Trinh
The awake square correspondingly soak because motion cytomorphologically overflow down a quirky pea. obeisant, frequent state
Epic Movie Maker
Oh I like this, this is before trailers showed you the entire movie
North Mese fa
The hand drawn aesthetic was a slam dunk. It would be a shame if they created a CGI diarrhea sequel.
jan thomas caumban
Still better than the 2nd space jam trailer
Sparkle505 Mese fa
Jordon should make a cameo in the end to help the basketball game. It’s a slight chance but who knows
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Mese fa
Man I feel old 😂
Juan Ferreira
I thought this was a documentary when i was a kid
Juan Arceo
Juan Arceo Mese fa
And I took it personally
Mr R
Mr R Mese fa
Better than the latest movie and also had the best soundtrack. Very disappointed with the new one.
crusty cookie
What ???
Smirk. šol
Smirk. šol Mese fa
cant wait omg
Thomas Cuenca
Recommended after space jam 2 trailer get released
The second movie (based on trailer alone) looks horrible compared to this. The more natural cartoon animation vs crazy digitally done where they don't even seem like their Toon selves .... The story in this movie wasn't anything crazy to write home about, but it was entertaining and had an actual fun plot. The new movie (once again based on trailer alone) seems like it is going to be a jumbled mess with way too many cameos ..... It's going to be a cluster f of a story too... Just a hunch. First movie the Toons pull him down because they need his help .. Second one seems like James' kid gets kidnapped and then he just has to play basketball to win her back .. I feel like the motivation won't be there lol
TheDaringPastry1313 27 giorni fa
@Fabio Gomez i'm still going to give it a chance, but it doesn't look good. Also speak in complete sentences please.
Fabio Gomez
Fabio Gomez 27 giorni fa
Sorry what you say, I can't hears you with your cry
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz Mese fa
This the real looney toons the space jams new leqcy is actualy hardwire digital elements of wb property.
N3TH Mese fa
I still think these animations are far better than what i saw from the space jam 2 trailer
FErgersonn THE GREAT
THey are better.
Wakai simba
Wakai simba Mese fa
I still think lebron is overrated
romeo larrazabal
dz the real space jam.💪🏀
Ken Liam
Ken Liam Mese fa
watching with space jam 2 coming up
Abeselom Alene
Now here’s why the second space jam is not needed (in my opinion) and won’t be anywhere near as hyped as the first. Nobody even cares for looney tunes anymore. Sure it’s still respected but it’s pretty much past it’s time because kids these days don’t watch those types of cartoons, even some of the older youth. When the first space jam was new in theaters it was more phenomenal because from the perspective of a viewer in the 90s that’s a movie where the most popular athlete has to win a basketball game to save your favorite cartoon and looney tunes was more relevant at that time.
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz Mese fa
Fun faxt there was an original space jam 2 sequel with mj included that of toons vs te berserkoo but mj stop retiredment and got scrpped
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