Speedrunning Pokemon Red Against Former World Record Holder!

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Welcome to a new type of series where I challenge the best of the best in a certain videogame! In this video I go against Gunnermaniac, a world-renowned Pokemon speedrunner who currently holds four Pokemon Speedrun World Records which are for Pokemon Yellow, Gold, Sapphire, and FireRed; and also has previous held the World Records for Pokemon Red and Crystal! How bad will Gunnermaniac defeat me in this versus? Find out now! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure subscribe for more videos like this, I appreciate it a ton! Until next time! See ya~!
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Dobbs Anno fa
Hope you guys enjoy this new type of video! And big shout out to Gunnermaniac for coming on :]
S H 6 mesi fa
holy fuck you two are losers.
Rattie the fattie
Gunnermaniac good job on completing the game as fast as you did, I can tell You guys really tried with this video to see who could speedrun the game faster.
maltese 0217
maltese 0217 Anno fa
What if "Pokemon Red & Blue" came out years earlier worldwide on April 26, 1991 and then "Pokemon Gold & Silver" on Sept. 28, 1992?
Aniel Ramirez
Wheezing is a fairy and poison now your dream came trure
You guys should do pokemon stadium
Ooh Khalif
Ooh Khalif 11 giorni fa
He talks like foot lettuce
youtuber Jairus
youtuber Jairus 12 giorni fa
(°¿°) Interesting, this is nice and long good work guys (°●°) wow I I V
Malik 14 giorni fa
I’d love to see gunner start with a level 5 mewtwo and see how much faster the run would be.
Rock Heiland
Rock Heiland Mese fa
39:50 the moment dobbs changed from speed run Strats to 6-year-old Strats
kai rogers
kai rogers Mese fa
56:10 Well the first person to ever complete pokemon red technically just picked up the game and got a world record because they were the only one to have completed the game
Jones Andrew
Jones Andrew Mese fa
Josh Gian YT
Josh Gian YT Mese fa
Can we just notice that his litteraly here for years and still habe 750k subs
Me 2 mesi fa
If i play pokemon i play 1 our thats my good rekord
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 mesi fa
Fare0h is way better then pidgey
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 mesi fa
Just get the paris in mt moon!?!?!
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 mesi fa
U guys would want my gameboy and my game cuz my game is broken viridian Forrest I get no encounters I have to force encounter I usually get . And I usually get Pikachu in viridian
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 mesi fa
Same with the humans
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 mesi fa
Btw the poke balls are not supposed to be green there actually normal color
This is the best crossover than infinity war
Most awesome of videos bro / Dobs"! Sincerely Paul~.
TheCowboyJub 3 mesi fa
i always wanted marshadow or darkrai anybody doing giveaway?
Jeyakumar Thirunavukarasu
Can we get ethan to 1mill subs on his Regular and gaming channel Before 26th August 2021?
Saivision Studio
Hey I have a question why are you talking to the bike man so many times
Noah Ng
Noah Ng 5 mesi fa
Where’s the rematch???
Savage Lee
Savage Lee 5 mesi fa
Wheres your rematch?
puppet playz
puppet playz 6 mesi fa
To save time don't name your pokemon
Samuel's smart edits
i dont know why you did not run from the battle.
Calem Dunne
Calem Dunne 7 mesi fa
Rematch when ????
Matthew Williamson
Now we gotta wait for the rematch
Madisson Salyn
Madisson Salyn 8 mesi fa
Where’s the rematch Dobbs please
Blake Yarling
Blake Yarling 8 mesi fa
Gunnermaniac sounds like my principal
Excenic 9 mesi fa
The reference to the versus with Vinny tho😂
Matthew S.
Matthew S. Anno fa
Me: hates the :me thing but does it anyway Me: OOoooh 2:00:00 vid! aw yeah Me: 𝘆𝗲𝘀
kaspav Anno fa
imagine a vs season vs gunner :D
Bazsle Anno fa
I love how in sync they were at 41:39.
This is how many times they said manip --> 9000000000000
TheUnworthyRecruit AJSDB
Speed run race stops for all the hidden items
Cry2Deep Anno fa
1:34:26 the alakazam hat the cry of a ghastly 😮
Kevin Anno fa
1:11:52 huh?
Swedish Umbreon
Imagine beating Pokémon Yellow in less than 2 hours I got Pokémon Yellow 7 years ago and I have'nt even got further than the fifth gym lol
Relyks 5 mesi fa
What? Did you stop playing after your second day playing or something? X_X
stony tone
stony tone Anno fa
I love the sprites in red and blue
Super Ryno Man
Why tf is bubble to affective on rock type?!
Super Ryno Man
Satou Matsuzaka no I mean like logically
Satou Matsuzaka
Super ryno man Bubble is a water type move and rock and ground types are weak to water types.
Coletta Taylor
Dude that was. Close😜
tOaD Anno fa
Gunner maniac: no body can beat me Dobbs: *pysduck headache intensifies*
what's going on guys, this is dobbs here, bringing you another pokemonnnnn videooooooo
If any of you enjoyed watching this race, you should check out ExarionU's commentated 1:50 run from 2014. It was a WR time when the community still used In-Game Time and before manips were discovered for runs. The run, as a result, requires much more knowledge and on the fly thinking due to the variance in the stats for the Nidoran you get. Exarion does a great job explaining everything in a fluid manner.
V Tang
V Tang Anno fa
Exarion commentates most of his runs so any of them are good really. His Red Classic runs don't use manips and are similar to the old runs
Dillon Oxenreider
You should try Crystal. It's a really easy speedrun for beginners. You don't need to do any manips for it unless you're trying to WR because you just need a Totodile with OK stats for it to work.
Endit Anno fa
kind of an old video, but i noticed gunner would talk to a trainer instead of getting in the sight,(i know maybe walking would impact time but some of them wouldnt walk) is there a reason behind this?
It saves time by skipping the ! It does when you are spotted :)
Only1spartan Anno fa
Watched the entire video, and it’s around 2:30 in the morning... This was just so mesmerizing to watch especially playing these games and putting so many hours into them and seeing people beating them before two hours. Very good video and fun to watch and learn!
Nick Flesher
Nick Flesher Anno fa
I would love to see a fire red run
Estaphan Goat
why don't you take your time and actually enjoy the game?????
AnimeJugz Anno fa
Please tell me someone had a “manip” counter going 😂
dark2k10 Anno fa
1:46:16 that’s less than 2 hours....no shit Sherlock, thanks for clearing that up
JCory Anno fa
"Done it in like 2 hours 45mins before" I spot a liar
Matthew Macrow
My 2 favourite youtubers on one video. Thanks for the comparison and thanks for showing just how tough it is to speedrun this game
Dion de Jong
Dion de Jong Anno fa
I watch gunners vids to so this was really nice
DJE beenz
DJE beenz Anno fa
This was a good run for u dobbs!!!!
J Lewis
J Lewis Anno fa
The way the battles synchronised when you were fighting Bridge Rival and Gunner was fighting Boat Rival on the Pidge/Rat was something of beauty
Mr Nepe
Mr Nepe Anno fa
I tried playing while you guys played and I was 17 mins after gunner so pretty good I timed myself
Mr Nepe
Mr Nepe Anno fa
Hmm what should I use A or A
James Does It All
I would appreciate it if the next time you finished your half of the run and allow your guest to help coach you a little bit.
Leto85 Anno fa
Nicely played still. Those tips where very helpful.
This is awesome feels like i'm watching GDQ
You would still kick my ass Dobbs.
Shawn Boettinger
Face off 2v2 shen chrism vs dobbs gunner
Firith Anno fa
So I couldn't help but notice the quality difference between the two runner's games... Dobbs, are you using the 3DS version? Doesn't that give you a slight technological advantage over someone who seems to be using an emulator, or the old gameboy?
kikototter Anno fa
This is sick will be interested in more
Colgate Anno fa
Oh wow this is actually pretty cool.
Dan Peters
Dan Peters Anno fa
Any time I watch some fight Loreli in Red or Blue I always think of Pikasprey's soft lockpicking solution
Football juniors
Make the most hilarious video eve dobbs
spi231 Anno fa
1:57:28 a defeated a
Maricel Doverte
uhhh dobbs where is the pokemon timeline :(
abirneji Anno fa
for some reason I read the title as speedrunning against red and got real confused
Cody Gogolin
Cody Gogolin Anno fa
This is an awesome idea! Can't wait to see more!
Abbigale Stout
Where have you been we need a theme battle so this looks cool do more videos like this
Aamir Razzak
Aamir Razzak Anno fa
Dobb is it possible to make a speed run with me? i so wanna do this it seems extremly fun and i really wanna do it with someone experience like u
Dobbs in Pokemon sword and shield they added a fairy poison golarion form wheezing
John Collins
John Collins Anno fa
Whoa!!!! I cant believe you got gunnermaniac!!! Props to both of you!!
Chase Liggett
This is amazing! I’m such a huge fan of Gunner and Dobbs and Vinny. This is awesome!
I| Cr3Ek |I
I| Cr3Ek |I Anno fa
When does the next episode of the pokemon timeline come? I miss this!
Play Pokemon duel plz
caleb comix
caleb comix Anno fa
I tried a speed run once but I used Squirtle the whole time
Shrimp Anno fa
10 Years Later: Dobbs is 2nd place for WR pace.
cas Nijenkamp
make more of these video's with maybe other speedrunners
Gram Anno fa
Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole Anno fa
Love what you are doing. Keep it up Dobbs
Panther Bianca
Fox Anno fa
Cool nidoran avatar
Zidane Anno fa
Not a big fan of gunner. Not a great attitude sometimes. Much more of a Werster fan.
Dillon Oxenreider
I love Werster but I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion since Werster tends to rant like 4x as much as Gunner haha.
Matthew Waters
Theme battle Idea:Super smash Bros Mario: Nosepass Pikachu: Chester DK:Oranguru Sonic: Zeraora Inkling: Dragalge Marth/Lucina: Honedge Fox: Furret Little Mac: Machoke Kirby: Jigglypuff Falco: Swellow Mega Man: Wartortle Ice climbers: Vanilluxe Pick your team's!
Matthew Waters
people with X accuracy be like: hit or miss? I guess I never miss!
HUH Insert pkmn masters rosa meme face here
GyaraKove Anno fa
Y’all gotta do gold n silver next !!!!!!
Kool Kid
Kool Kid Anno fa
The 0.000001% nidoran over here
Brian Anno fa
what is a manip? is it like a cheat or something else? I don’t know really know anything about speed running and was just wondering
Dobbs Anno fa
It’s short for manipulating! Basically just means we’re doing specific inputs in the game to spawn a specific result haha
Gaming Channel
do pokemon platinum speed run and gunner ;) Like this comment and maybe Dobbs will do it!
these pokemon look like bootleg versions
47:02 I'm shocked that nobody has pointed out yet that when the Kadabra comes out on Gunnermaniac's side, said Kadabra gives the cry of Gastly...
Gunnermaniac Anno fa
That is a fun side effect of being in Red Bar (being in low HP so the danger music plays). It sometimes messes with the pokemon cries. In this case Kadabra's cry turned into Gasty's cry. Metapod also turns into Gastly's cry. Other examples include Vulpix' cry turning into Graveler's cry which you can actually see in this race at 58:18 as well!
Eternity_Lotus in gen 1 a lot of cries are similar charizard and rhyhorn for example
Nicholas Houzenga
I can match the world record holder at the beginning of Pokemon Black. Though, I can not maintain it and loose alot of time eventually. I was using the world record holders video to take notes to improve my run. I play on either a Ds or 3ds.
Donut Gamer9000
I have a crazy theory. Dunsparce has an evolution. (sort of). take out the letters d,n, and p. and you are left with u,s,a,r,c, and e. rearrange them you get Arceus. The God of pokemon. either this is coincidence or mabeye I'm getting somewhere.
V. Anastasiya S.
Watching this, it's so fascinating what all goes into speed runs. I thought it was luck/chance not realizing there was actual basically formulas to help say lessen your chance of random encounters in Pokemon 😲
Master man 47 000
They both entered mistys gym at the same time haha
Esa Kaba
Esa Kaba Anno fa
This part they sound so said. 1:43:51
Dylan Anno fa
How does he stream with his ds
caleb comix
caleb comix Anno fa
Actually not every move can miss because Swift doesn't use the algorithm
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