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Welcome to the first ever Smosh Pit Spelling Bee-kini Wax, where losing the round means losing hair... down there.
Who do you want to see next on SPELLING BEE-KINI WAX?! Leave a comment and let us know!
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21 mag 2019




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Commenti 5 094
Jimbo's land of awesomeness
When Ian looked blankly into the camera it reminded me of that one kid from polar express
Charon Starrine
courtney is so damn cute and i cant deal with it
Amanda Serrano
Amanda Serrano 15 ore fa
Rowan Murray
Rowan Murray Giorno fa
13:49 That was good!
Allan Baclayon
Allan Baclayon Giorno fa
Me: I learned all of those words in 4th grade Also Me: I want a wax Also also me: *looks down at lap*
Lexi Bease
Lexi Bease 2 giorni fa
I feel so bad for ccortnie
Trisha Smith
Trisha Smith 2 giorni fa
Leaf Wing
Leaf Wing 2 giorni fa
Funny thing is I’m in year 7 (Australian so 13) and literally had those Latin words in spelling tests. I already forgot the meanings.
American Patriot
American Patriot 3 giorni fa
Lil damiem is the mvp
I love Dantdm
I love Dantdm 3 giorni fa
Other side pls
Emma Maggard
Emma Maggard 3 giorni fa
I wanna see RACHEL on the wax table Next
Stanley Tam
Stanley Tam 4 giorni fa
THis video is WAY funnier when you're drunkl
michael pedroza
michael pedroza 4 giorni fa
VERY VERY uncomfortable
Sproo the Wolfdeer
Sproo the Wolfdeer 4 giorni fa
Me:*giggles* Teacher: What are you laughing at? Me:Nothing Also me: 13:39
Stephen Dexter
Stephen Dexter 5 giorni fa
Courtney was legit uncomfortable during Ian's first waxing
Wolfpup 66
Wolfpup 66 5 giorni fa
Ian staring into the camera like that making me very uncomfortable
Renan Merched Guerreiro
Sarah is so beautiful, omg.
Danica Reithaug
Danica Reithaug 6 giorni fa
Why were they touching their... things? Also why couldn’t they have worn underwear or something?
That Juh
That Juh 6 giorni fa
Dang they put sound effects over the rips
Gemma Pullan
Gemma Pullan 7 giorni fa
Mr Claw
Mr Claw 7 giorni fa
I thought it was gonna be funny that Ian said he wasnt gonna be fazed and then yelling in agony but no. He he has problems.
Joshua Knoebel.
Joshua Knoebel. 7 giorni fa
Damien's last name is spelled the same as my half siblings.
Jake C.
Jake C. 7 giorni fa
Did Courtney not shave her bush in preparation for this or something? I can't imagine her having anything more than a landing strip if anything.
Jake C.
Jake C. 7 giorni fa
The right to left order is reversed depending on which camera angle. Wtf is up with that shit.
xander rice
xander rice 7 giorni fa
valleyfolk need to be on this
Nelson Ramos
Nelson Ramos 8 giorni fa
Im kinda even more into courtney now lmao idk why
X&J Chown-Binns
X&J Chown-Binns 8 giorni fa
Ian..you used to be...well...not crazy...how did this happen? did he go crazy when anthony left?
Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller 9 giorni fa
I love how the waxer is wearing a welding helmet
Ignacio Jofre
Ignacio Jofre 9 giorni fa
Z dude 😂
Elizabeth Starks
Elizabeth Starks 10 giorni fa
Ian was having a bee-kinky wax
Lily8061 10 giorni fa
You know whats gonna be worse than the waxing? When it grows back.....
mikko de jesus
mikko de jesus 11 giorni fa
Thesepticsamurai 2548
Not just Logan but chilly and Tito as well and maybe Lovell And Pablo
Thesepticsamurai 2548
Please have super Mario Logan
Adequatekoala 11 giorni fa
Courtney: Do yOu WaNnA hOLd My HaNd!? Damien: No thank you, you just used that for other PuRpOsEs! Still Damien: oOoOOHh dAT a hOT WaX
Supra Mies
Supra Mies 11 giorni fa
So i googled what this means and pressed "images" WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK
Teruwu 11 giorni fa
Does Damian watch anime?
Alia Nissley
Alia Nissley 12 giorni fa
I never knew Damien was a good singer
Kaelyn Greer
Kaelyn Greer 12 giorni fa
So cute court I ship court and Shane
Ilove SamandColdy
Ilove SamandColdy 12 giorni fa
13:37 Hahahahahahahahaha that's so funny
jackpotsb3 13 giorni fa
The overhead camera is so confusing. Is it flipping the image? What's happening?
JReal 13 giorni fa
Just have a video of waxing Ian
Ed 14 giorni fa
Ian = masochist confirmed?
XxFearExemptxX GD
XxFearExemptxX GD 14 giorni fa
Autotune Damien
Kyle Sadler
Kyle Sadler 14 giorni fa
All about those random d's.
Ibollistic Drako
Ibollistic Drako 14 giorni fa
17:38 VERY
William Farrell
William Farrell 14 giorni fa
17:40 On a scale of 1 to 10? 69
Kirill Rose
Kirill Rose 14 giorni fa
wait, why everyone is high?
Chaochrome 14 giorni fa
they may have tied but Courtney won in my heart
Elizabeth Mueller
Elizabeth Mueller 15 giorni fa
♾/100 is how uncomfortable I was
Claire Conner
Claire Conner 15 giorni fa
I had to look away from Ian....he was staring into my soul lol so uncomfortable.
where are the avocados
my 5th grade reading teacher was named ms. haas...... R THEY RELATED? or have the same last name or whatever xD
BurntPancake303 15 giorni fa
I just wanna know which camera angle is inverted because Ian is on the right side in the horizontal angle behind their head but then he’s also on the right in the one straight above them. It’s very unsettling.
FriendofHobo 12 giorni fa
BurntPancake303 sammmme
Evie Northall
Evie Northall 15 giorni fa
Do a try not to laugh just with shane’s sentences
Nathan D
Nathan D 15 giorni fa
Y is the camera facing down on them flipped?
f a b r i z i o
f a b r i z i o 16 giorni fa
It was really unfair because 6ix 9ine is famous and really easy to spell
Tata TaeTae
Tata TaeTae 16 giorni fa
Ian made me waka flocka uncomfortable
potatodude 112
potatodude 112 16 giorni fa
Pls do dutch
Mavis Dracula
Mavis Dracula 16 giorni fa
Ian killed me both times, holy shit
acciobambi 16 giorni fa
this is the golden age of smosh
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