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In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game, we look back to 2016 during the WCSF, Game 5 when Klay and Steph dropped 62 PTS!

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10 mag 2020




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Commenti 778
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 2 anni fa
Greatest back court duo ever
D-Nugget 2 anni fa
watching these highlights better than what is in the bubble right now
sarmin sultana
sarmin sultana 2 mesi fa
@Tanner Lepperamh
Tanner Lepper
Tanner Lepper 2 anni fa
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora 2 anni fa
Splash bros for life 💪
rafa 02
rafa 02 2 anni fa
The greatest back court ever
Laurent Dessi
Laurent Dessi 3 mesi fa
Never seen a match like this, honnestly, Draymond was awesome.
Bernice Simmons
Bernice Simmons 11 mesi fa
You two dud an excellent job together ❤ 👏 🙌 👌
GM Godlove
GM Godlove Anno fa
Draymond’s best season. He was sensational
Official Kanpech
Seeing klay brings back memories 😓😥
SportsGun 5 mesi fa
Steph started this running around catch and shoot lonnnng ago,ppl were not noticing, and now that he has perfected it ,it's a major problem
fife derek
fife derek 24 giorni fa
dehue helms
dehue helms 25 giorni fa
Michelle L
Michelle L Anno fa
Nice game and teamwork
Devarya 2 anni fa
whos here after curry scored 62 alone
Jarin Curry shorts
*Bella BH*
*Bella BH* Anno fa
Chris Mondrik
Also me
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson 2 anni fa
We need NBA finals games
Seth Bland
Seth Bland 2 anni fa
Curry shots, commentator - «Look at Curry!» Shots someone else, - «pass from Curry!»
Poetically_Just 2 anni fa
They have every finals game from 2000 on up for free on the nba app
Артем Zirkul
Красивая игра была
QB 3 mesi fa
Marz 2 anni fa
you can see steph isnt 100% no excuses for choking in the finals but if you say you dont see the difference in his quickness your lying even his ball handling hes just not at 100% i dont blame him for coming back but hes definitely hampered here
Yves Mbowoua
Yves Mbowoua 2 anni fa
Love when Smithys Says and I quote " Damian Lillard had Leandro Barbossa doing every type of dance there is"! Died After that :)
TJ Vibes
TJ Vibes Anno fa
Steph really scored 62 alone, but watch how klay comes back and they make the playoffs 😮‍💨
TJ Vibes
TJ Vibes 8 mesi fa
@Klighon Loco indeed
Klighon Loco
Klighon Loco 8 mesi fa
Win the playoffs *
TJ Vibes
TJ Vibes Anno fa
@Mr Fake yessir
Mr Fake
Mr Fake Anno fa
W comment
flight23jordan 2 anni fa
Its unbelievable that we've had 47 #nbatogetherlive games but only one Jordan game, especially with The Last Dance on at the moment. We've already had 7 LeBron games and multiple Curry, Wade, Klay, KD, Dame, Kobe, Westbrook and Harden games but only one Jordan game?!? Please show some (or all) of these MJ games - 1993-05-31 Bulls v Knicks game 4 - MJ 54 points 1996-05-27 Bulls @ Magic game 4 - MJ 45 Points 1990-05-26 Bulls v Pistons game 3 - MJ 47 points 1998-05-19 Bulls v Pacers game 2 - MJ 41 points 1992-05-17 Bulls v Knicks game 7 - MJ 42 points
Beef Cheese
Beef Cheese 4 mesi fa
NBA trying to push new product.
Musik216 2 anni fa
@flight23jordan for that reason, I concur👍🏾
flight23jordan 2 anni fa
LOOSEN UP because the video quality that is online is terrible compared to the crystal clear quality that the NBA has
Loosenup 2 anni fa
I dont get it why are yak asking for games that's already online?
Mr Jade
Mr Jade 2 anni fa
1987 Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls itvid.net/video/video-pNM20TLDaFg.html
ADSV Editz
ADSV Editz 2 anni fa
They combined for 62 a week ago against the blazers 😱
Miguel Anthony
Miguel Anthony 2 anni fa
When we get Klay back we got the championship
Taliyah Curry
Taliyah Curry 6 mesi fa
And indeed, we did!
ineedhoez 8 mesi fa
Rastallion fan account
Bros smarter than those ESPN people.
Patrice Maglasang
You got it rigt
yakkk 477
yakkk 477 9 mesi fa
Isaiah Walker
Who's here after Klay came back from injury? 💪💪💪💪
Nafa 2 anni fa
Love this two commentators, really lift up the moments 🔥
Froline Marie Marquez
Froline Marie Marquez
Did arfp p
Janet Kien
Janet Kien 2 anni fa
Curry shots, commentator - «Look at Curry!» Shots someone else, - «pass from Curry!»
Addison Hilsman
@TryHardJ YT you have been doing
Addison Hilsman
The same way that I
TryHardJ YT
TryHardJ YT Anno fa
Fax lol like bro
Destiny Scott
Destiny Scott 2 anni fa
We miss you klay 💛 💙
Hanurag Reddy
Hanurag Reddy 2 anni fa
look at klay man so inspirational
Dan Ware
Dan Ware Anno fa
Impressed by GS Warriors, on this night?! Tesday December 2nd, 2016 Splash Bros. 💧 73pts 12ast 6 rebs Wednesday April 28th, 2021 JT & JB 🍀combined for 73pts 12ast 15rebs
Cody Bone
Cody Bone Anno fa
This is ong
Chipego Moonde
Chipego Moonde 2 anni fa
Aminu was dropping dimes ❤️🏀
Shiesty 2 anni fa
They for sure going to hall of fame
icydaddy 20 giorni fa
Curry yeah Klay probably not
Keone Capan
Keone Capan Anno fa
The greatest duo ever klay and steph
Grootman A
Grootman A 2 anni fa
As a warriors fan I must admit that that Blazers team is no joke
TheRulesRusso 2 anni fa
I wanna see, more points scored in a quarter. Klay Thompson.
@Pratham Singh pllll
Hai Coai
Hai Coai 2 anni fa
Sun Anson
Sun Anson 2 anni fa
37 points in a quarter
Pratham Singh
Pratham Singh 2 anni fa
They already did that
Scott French
Scott French 2 anni fa
Feels like my birthday. Have wanted another Warriors game and really wanted one without Bob Fitzgerald. Thanks very much!
Hellen Burgues
Miss Thompson on the game. His shots is gold
choua Lor
choua Lor Anno fa
That era Houston and Portland could never get over the hump vs gsw
Candy Henry
Candy Henry Anno fa
Love it!
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton 24 giorni fa
This are the warriors we love as fans
Blud Boddie
Blud Boddie 2 anni fa
Warriors was a BEAST 4 years back.
Gideon Vincent Goudin
48:59 what a free throw
Quantuum AI
Quantuum AI 3 mesi fa
ppl were not noticing, and now that he has perfected it ,it's a major problem
Laviah Mary Tootoo Babers
Man what a time what a time!
James Song
James Song 2 anni fa
Stephen Curry is not a warrior, Stephen Curry is a wizard
NBA Fan 2 anni fa
Curry created the 3-point basketball era
Colin O’Leary
Colin O’Leary 2 anni fa
Look at curry man so inspirational
James Song
James Song 2 anni fa
5:55 good spin
Jeffrey McCombs
Jeffrey McCombs 2 anni fa
Those 2 with the 3 point ability is dangerous.
Chris Manhoff
They averaged over 52 in 2015-6.
Brandon Fernandez
never forget when Kobe and Smush combined for 94 against the raptors.
GeT_ WoKe
GeT_ WoKe 2 anni fa
Damn now curry did that all by himself now
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 2 anni fa
Good old times in nba...
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz 2 anni fa
We NEED GSW @ OKC Game 6 2016 WCF
Ken 2 anni fa
Nunya Biz they delivered lol
raj kshetrapal
raj kshetrapal 2 anni fa
TI84SATACT 4 mesi fa
When Steph hits that 3 pointer at 1:33:00 and the camera flashes to his mom, she’s celebrating with a guy not named Dell. I remember thinking that was suspicious.
BlueLine Chile
BlueLine Chile 2 anni fa
What are thee odds That the Brothers get 62 together against the Portland & Curry drops 62 against Portland alone
James Song
James Song 2 anni fa
30:50-30:53 He went right through front the door! Give him a Gatorade.
Gideon Vincent Goudin
45:20 On replay was a great move by Dame to seperate himself from barbosa and hit the 3
Sophi Tran
Sophi Tran 9 mesi fa
Splash bros are living legends , not legends in the making. Marinate on that fact.
Yeqz Anno fa
Everyone amazed that they dropped 62 points combined me knowing that dame got 55 points on his own
MarChess Anno fa
Shiesty 2 anni fa
Splash bros are the goats
James Song
James Song 2 anni fa
21:14 not actually a foul. Both players withstood.
SportsGun 5 mesi fa
Klay was dangerous that year
James Song
James Song 2 anni fa
34:54-34:55 Damien's signature pass. Pacers win 1 point.
Noonie Fox
Noonie Fox 8 mesi fa
Splash brothers for life.
Hennygod Ant
Hennygod Ant Anno fa
WOW......... Look at curry man so inspirational !!!!!
rabrya Anno fa
Klay and Steph: *combine for 62 points* Klay: *gets injured* Steph: *"Fine, I'll do it myself."*
Miguel Anthony
Miguel Anthony 2 anni fa
I saw this and I was like hold up😂😂😂😂😂
lil_lexie 2 anni fa
Lol y the announcer was like wow when dude took that half court shot at end of 1st 😂😂😂
pulse Anno fa
4:07 what a fun spot to hit 😬🤣
JaxonEvans12 2 anni fa
We need game 7 of the 2016 nba finals
Poetically_Just 2 anni fa
They have every finals game from 2000 on up for free on the nba app
tHproductions 2 anni fa
lmao I look at dray and the contested 3s he's attempting, and I ask my self was he making these back in the day ? LMAO
Renard Cumarat
If he's making 3s like he used to be, Warriors would be better than the 9th seed this season
Someone tell me the number of turn over of both team combine?
Kevin Luu
Kevin Luu 2 anni fa
i wanted the blazers to win but damn the warriors were hooping
Ario Sehat
Ario Sehat Anno fa
Can we have more ads please? There was way too little amount of adds in this video for the length 🤗
gca Anno fa
curry also got 62 points by his OWN against the blazers as well
ayyDevon 2 anni fa
We all know why he didn’t want to score 63
Strifed 2 anni fa
Who is here after Curry drops 62 against portland today
Adam Anno fa
Love how they showed Alcatraz
Sedly Holmes
Sedly Holmes 2 anni fa
"behind the back, three-point is up..OHHHHH Stephen Curry!"...
Olavenfl 2 anni fa
big baller brand
look at curry man
Jarod Porter
Jarod Porter 2 anni fa
That was my favorite part lol
Harry 2 anni fa
It felt like every time they complimented someone they have a turnover next possession
Jen Dolenc
Jen Dolenc Anno fa
stephen curry is on fire in games
Madferit 2 anni fa
Oracle Arena was fucking insane
paramjit rai
paramjit rai Anno fa
Who knew curry had 62 him self on portland
I can do all things
Warriors crowd is so goated this sounds like a 2k arena
ineedhoez 8 mesi fa
I'm watching after the 2022 season and I cant understand how there was ever a narrative that Curry wasn't clutch. All he did was snatch souls.
R.J. Scott
R.J. Scott 2 anni fa
We need game 6 wcf warriors vs thunder now
BlueLine Chile
BlueLine Chile 2 anni fa
How has Cosgrove not made a video about this the Brothers get 62 together against the Portland & Curry drops 62 against Portland alone lol 😂😂
Ethan Beverley
Ethan Beverley 7 mesi fa
"Up 3 is huge" 💀💀
Ujuyy Goncab
Ujuyy Goncab 2 anni fa
I love so much stephen curry ♥️🥺🤩🤪
Philip Hart
Philip Hart 2 anni fa
1:39:40 Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn💪
Kasper Verheij
Kasper Verheij 2 anni fa
Flight is that you?
Ibnziyad Tariq
Ibnziyad Tariq 2 anni fa
@JUSTIN you flight fans are so cring, I am proud I don't even know how he looks.
Connor Tran
Connor Tran 2 anni fa
POV: They dropped 62 against Portland in 2021 combined
Mo 2 anni fa
Musik216 2 anni fa
And I mean EXTRA🤦🏾‍♀️
HUEEY 2 anni fa
We got extra now boiz
Slasherr Gaming
Slasherr Gaming 2 anni fa
mike.b Anno fa
1:35:08 Lillard is visibly holding Curry back from his jersey which caused the turn over. Refs did nothing.
idkaikooly Anno fa
Klay was locking up Dame all game long
Alexis Cando
Alexis Cando 2 anni fa
Funny enough, even in the 2016 series, the Blazers had lead the Warriors for double digits for all the games and they couldn't win despite that... The Blazers had so many double digit leads they blew against the Warriors in the playoffs...
Luisiana Fhemanyan
@James Bohm Maybe cuz they beat clippers, thunder and nuggets in the process??
Hudson Moore
Hudson Moore 2 anni fa
they did the same thing in the 2018-19 season
James Bohm
James Bohm 2 anni fa
2016 - won one game vs warriors 2017 - swept 2018 - swept by the damn Pelicans (how!?) 2019 - swept by warriors, again, no KD How have they not blown this team up, I don't get it
garrett tringale
When it's down to the wire the blazers just cant stop them from scoring
James Song
James Song 2 anni fa
20:15-20:16 Team block. Flagrant. Portland ball.
Dobz 2 anni fa
They should have just put Curry/Thompson vs Lillard/McCollum Duel
Nic Halabicky
Nic Halabicky 2 anni fa
2 on 2, I'd watch that
Amara Ukazim
Amara Ukazim 2 anni fa
18:18 steph’s anticipation tho
Just Some Guy With No Mustache
And now they can individually score that number…go figure
Marcel Ndje
Marcel Ndje Anno fa
2021 and we still hear that the Chef ain't clutch...
Hakem Mude
Hakem Mude 2 anni fa
i got scared i thought they scored 62 each
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton 24 giorni fa
These were the dominant impactful dangerous warriors we as fans love to see 👀
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