Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo - EA PLAY 2019

EA Star Wars
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The Empire won’t stop until every Jedi is purged from the galaxy. As a young Padawan on the run, the odds are against you-but the Force is with you. Discover the Jedi abilities you must master to survive.
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Pre-order now: x.ea.com/58681


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8 giu 2019




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Commenti 34 980
EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars 4 mesi fa
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019. x.ea.com/58681
Falko 2 giorni fa
i wanttt
woody Allen
woody Allen 3 giorni fa
No thanks not from EA
Jaylo5 Herald
Jaylo5 Herald 5 giorni fa
EA Star Wars fuck that I want to chose sith or Jedi and choose my force abilities like darth nilhus or revan
IfWaffles The 1st
IfWaffles The 1st 7 giorni fa
This game is so sick!
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Mese fa
@CheeseFromHell ...YES, THAT WOULD BE THE S**T but these Company all suck and are never listen to the people, which buy their S**T!!!
Marc Reedy
Marc Reedy 6 ore fa
I can still see his joker mannerisms, portrayed in the Netflix show Gotham m.
Baguë Komahi Courpa
Le jeux se déroulera à quel moment de l'histoire SVP ? Avant le 1er épisode, après le dernier, ou entre deux épisodes existants ?
Katch Bullet River Adventures
Such a boring mode of gameplay
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Giorno fa
dude those wookies look like a horrible cosplay
aprentice follower
Arent they gonna release it on PS4 as well?
aprentice follower
This is gonna be a great game. I love the gameplay
Xxwolfie-girlxX Gacha
iiCeD KiNgz
iiCeD KiNgz Giorno fa
Oh so basically infinite warfare 2 is coming out
Rusty Shackleford
This game looks pretty bad
Bartholomew Stolarek
It looks like most other EA games, but just with a different skin on it (Star Wars skin this time). Next will be terminator probably.
Jorge Andres Perez
Sorry i played both of Force Unleashed and seeing this it looks very slow mo and bland. Looks like they're trying to play into the Dark Souls type genre but it looks kind of bland to me (not even a big fan of Dark soul types to be honest). Also for a game coming out in 2019 i'm not fully impressed at all with graphics or character movement. Sorry but no pre-order from me. Will wait for reviews first.
Benjamin Boyle
Benjamin Boyle 2 giorni fa
Is anyone else annoyed by the ugly ginger main character. It's like Disney said, "Ok ok, we will allow a male protagonist, but he has to be really unpleasant to look at."
Landon Hager
Landon Hager 2 giorni fa
Is anybody else only buying this because you can skewer people with your lightsaber.
DUMBASS 2 giorni fa
The graphics are absolutely incredible, I've never seen a game as good looking as this.
Noah Brenner
Noah Brenner 2 giorni fa
Is ea using a sociopathic ginger as the main character because that’s the only people who buy their games anymore?
Beckham B
Beckham B 2 giorni fa
In my opinion I think that Force Unleashed was a amazing game so Im really looking forward to Fallen Order now.
Wolfgang Grassi
Wolfgang Grassi 2 giorni fa
bait for micro transations LUL
Yellow Mouth
Yellow Mouth 2 giorni fa
Someone needs to put Star Wars rebels on Netflix
Peter Anckorn
Peter Anckorn 2 giorni fa
Looks pretty cool. Could stand to be a touch faster. It's a shame you can't play as a noble Imperial agent rather than a dastardly rebel :)
Mustafa Öztürk
Mustafa Öztürk 2 giorni fa
is this lightsaber ahahahaha ?
Aviation05 2 giorni fa
This game just looks so bad the force unleashed is way better
Quintin williams
Quintin williams 2 giorni fa
If this a star wars souls like game siiiiickkkk.
T P 2 giorni fa
Some obvious criticism aside,(Cough-no dismemberment) it does look really good and like it will be fun with a good fast paced story.
Paxton Tufford
Paxton Tufford 3 giorni fa
Looks more like a story less like a game no dismemberment slow paced combat it doesnt seem like I'd feel all that powerful playing jedi academy right now its combat is slow as well but the back flips and acrobatics of your character makes you feel powerful this seems too sluggish
Ken Hamrick
Ken Hamrick 3 giorni fa
Might as well just give the Jedi on of those "vibro" staffs. Saber should be a 1 hit period. Maybe to compensate, add more storm troopers. Ya know the cloned, endless guys in white. Great choice ea.
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 3 giorni fa
SJW hate this game so bad HHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
Spectral Safy
Spectral Safy 3 giorni fa
Still waiting for the charge for watching this
LT. YARG 3 giorni fa
#Star Wars Boner
Stefan Stefanov
Stefan Stefanov 3 giorni fa
Graphics are quite shit tbh, and this is supposed to be their newest SW game ....
Look_Honey _An_Abomination
Star Wars Dark Souls?
D K 3 giorni fa
I don’t need a perfect game. I just love the star wars universe. Y’all are picky af
Mr Glory
Mr Glory 4 giorni fa
Im not a huge SW fan but this looks amazing
Nick R
Nick R 4 giorni fa
Graphics and game play look really dated, is this really a new game? looks like a game from about 9 years ago
Digital Night Fall
Digital Night Fall 4 giorni fa
Please come true itvid.net/video/video-TbOTMxH4nXw.html
Pandurlol gg
Pandurlol gg 4 giorni fa
No matter how promising this looks, EA will find a way to fuck things up again
Sir Galah
Sir Galah 4 giorni fa
Yet another platform game...
Mark Picardi
Mark Picardi 4 giorni fa
They better fix this game and add dismemberment otherwise I won’t buy it.
Serkan Mehmed Ali
Serkan Mehmed Ali 5 giorni fa
My eyes are still looking for Star Killer...
Laura Norrman
Laura Norrman 5 giorni fa
This SUCKS!! The lightsaber looks and acts like a glowstick, how can they even fuck up that?? I mean take a look at Star wars Jedi academy, you can actually cut people with a proper lightsaber, feel powerfull and the fighting mechanics of the game is AMAZING. But thats not all.. THE GAME IS MADE IN FUCKING 2003 *facepalm*
AgustinBre 5 giorni fa
i can't choose my character?... what a joke, i want a kotor 3 or something...
Dakota Delong
Dakota Delong 5 giorni fa
I'm scared ea is gonna mess this up but so far, I'm pretty hyped.
MagerIssue 5 giorni fa
This looks good, maybe I should pre-order? Light side of the force: Don't do it, remember what has happened in the past with EA. Remember ... Battlefront 2 Dark side of the force: DO IT, THEY MADE A GOOD TRAILER< PRE-ORDER AND PLAY IT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE
TBills 3000
TBills 3000 6 giorni fa
Wish they would’ve made his lightsaber green. Green looks way better than blue
Mark Picardi
Mark Picardi 4 giorni fa
TBills 3000 dlc paywall
The German
The German 6 giorni fa
I want a jedi acedemy remastered with modern graphics
sirgamesalot 6 giorni fa
Why isn't mutilation a thing
Cankat Tutar
Cankat Tutar 6 giorni fa
If I won’t be able to be a sith while playing this,I’m not going to buy it. Just give us the force unleashed 3 instead of this
TTV DRIPPY 6 giorni fa
Oof ps4 exclusive too?????? Cuz if it is then Xbox really 🗑 and don’t get mad every one got they own opinions
Xxpoplock123xX 6 giorni fa
Why would you trust Electronic Arts with the Star Wars gaming franchise. Sacrificing gameplay and enjoyment for money. F*ck EA
Fer Shred
Fer Shred 6 giorni fa
I don't get it. Anyone who plays this game likes star wars (unless you're some weirdo). If you like star wars you've seen at least one movie, and in each movie there are arms, legs or bodies being sliced (unless you've only watched a new hope). Why would you censor that?
VOPĔNKA 6 giorni fa
Laws of physics : cut through metal with a beam of 1500+ Celsius China : NOPE. Fake news. When you think they want to make more money, instead they give us half ass games and no freedom of creativity and truth. Integrity is worth more dollars.
Antonio Marquez
Antonio Marquez 6 giorni fa
My question is with all this new disney bs of there being other jedi. Where were these bitches. When Luke was fighting the empire? Why did he have to shoulder the burden alone why did he not show up with five jedi when he faught Vader.
slimyish 6 giorni fa
it looks good, but this is EA and i dont trust EA at all fuck you EA, so i will be very cautious, i will check reviews and only then if i think its worth my time i will buy it pre owned so that EA doesnt actually get any money from me. because fuck you EA
Amazing Lagann
Amazing Lagann 6 giorni fa
Why is the lightsaber so dim?
cole fitz
cole fitz 6 giorni fa
Can you do 1313 instead?
Rogério Pimenta
Rogério Pimenta 7 giorni fa
I hope u dont fuck up our expectations again, EA. I hate u guys, from the deep bottom of my heart, from the inside of my fucking soul. I'm already in love with this game, and I hope u guys don't fuck it up again.
Mikoyan29srb 7 giorni fa
Wtf is this... PG 13... :(
Hawkeyes 4K
Hawkeyes 4K 7 giorni fa
I will wait until the reviews are available to decide
Tonsen 7 giorni fa
I like the timelaps and the little robot 🤖 Looks fun
David Garner
David Garner 7 giorni fa
This looks really bad.
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