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Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


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12 apr 2019

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Commenti 66 720
Daniel Marino-Austin
Ah lydian we meet again...
Justin Webb
Justin Webb 2 ore fa
“No ones really ever gone” Kid Anakin: “Now this is pod racing!”
Da Mao
Da Mao 3 ore fa
I am rooting for the Sith in episode 9 against all the feminist, *ahem, cough* rebellion, in episode 9.
bowiel ha
bowiel ha 4 ore fa
is that Joker? 😁😁😁
Shane Anthony
Shane Anthony 5 ore fa
"No one's Ever Really Gone".... "Jedi Mind Tricks don't work on me, only money."
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 6 ore fa
This whole Star Wars movie is a funeral for Star Wars, the last one they said.
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 6 ore fa
Luke: No ones ever really gone Palpatine: Hold my beer
This is Jason Boyer
Can’t wait to see it!!!!
Stogie2112 8 ore fa
Palpatine: Now, young Skywalker, you will die. Dr. Strange: Palpatine, I've come to bargain!
Dragon The Shark
No one's ever really gone. Dr Strange: We're in the endgame now.
Debra Collins
Debra Collins 10 ore fa
Can you make the music of star wars the rise of Skywalker by Alan silvestri please
Henry Dahl
Henry Dahl 11 ore fa
"no one's ever really gone" *Tallie Lintra's Ghost builds a new, more beautiful body and posesses it*
Jessica Bindert
Jessica Bindert 12 ore fa
Low Key this movie looks god
Mr Slithers
Mr Slithers 13 ore fa
Was that laugh at the end just an homage to the emperor ?
Kolton Bollinger
Disney: *brings back Lando* Me: "You're going to kill him aren't you?"
Stogie2112 11 ore fa
He has become a very great threat.
Disney aka, the worst thing that happened to Star Wars.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 13 ore fa
The cringe ends. Now Abrams can ruin DC.
Lushyahir77771 The Robloxian
No ones Ever Really Gone *Alderaan Goes Back To A Planet* *Boba Fett Gets Out Of The Sarlac*
Svilena Leon
Svilena Leon 16 ore fa
Who is going to be back? Like luke skywalker Sub anakin skywalker Reply palpatine
Arsene Curthose
Arsene Curthose 16 ore fa
Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Pasta the Saucy...? ...Thought not. It's not a story the Italians would tell you..
PooDiePie 18 ore fa
Who woule win Rey Episode 9 or Qui Gon Jinn?
PooDiePie 12 ore fa
@RobertHollyOfficial Opinion
Obviously Rey would win, she's a girl dummy.
PooDiePie 18 ore fa
Who would win Luke Episode 6 or Rey Episode 8?
Daniel Marino-Austin
Rey beat Ren in 7. Ren was trained by Luke after 6. Hence Ray beats Luke?
PooDiePie 8 ore fa
@TMLink i said rey episode 8
TMLink 11 ore fa
Probably Rey Episode 9 solely because of the additional training
Pablo Camporeale
I cannot wait for this movie
Blake Bosschaart
Chantelle lockwick voice videotape starwars final chapter saga goodbye
Louis Betancourt
The trailer makes it look like Rey and Luke formed some kind of connection in a previous movie.
Marc C.
Marc C. 21 ora fa
Should really be "THE RE-RISE OF SHEEV" XD
Lorenzo Smit
Lorenzo Smit Giorno fa
Meh I don't care there probably going to ruin Palpatine too, just like they did with Luke
Batman #3333
Batman #3333 Giorno fa
No one ever really gone HI SISTERS
TMLink 11 ore fa
Xredstone Pixl
Xredstone Pixl Giorno fa
Most of the comments are about people coming back from the other star wars movies. It's like that they're Avengers endgame over again. I think....
Batman #3333
Batman #3333 Giorno fa
Saga comes to a end Disney:no 2 every year
Batman #3333
Batman #3333 Giorno fa
No ones really gone (Boba fett blasts in the room)
Xredstone Pixl
Xredstone Pixl Giorno fa
The blue outlining resembles the original trailer for star wars ep 4 a new hope back in 1977. Then it was later changed to yellow. Now it's back to blue.
Karmen Bush
Karmen Bush Giorno fa
Disney: witness the end of the saga Me over here not wanting it to be over: jUsT gO bAcK tO tHe pAsT aNd sHOW hOw iT sTARtED aLL tHe wAy uP tO ePiSoDe 1
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Giorno fa
"No ones ever really gone" So does that mean my snickers bar I ate 3 minutes ago will come back? Edit:it turns out it did I found one in my cabinet
Timothy Mclaughlin
Wow look I've been looking this from like 36 times. Because the views is almost 30 million to a count.
Christopher Cooper
“Roll it again!”
ZiplineShazam Giorno fa
I Will not go see this.
ZiplineShazam Giorno fa
@FreeTime Player It's already been done.
FreeTime Player
FreeTime Player Giorno fa
ZiplineShazam Then why aren't you doing it?
ZiplineShazam Giorno fa
@Thomas Bludis Yes, Yes I will. I will go as far away from this Disneyfied Saccharine Soulless Tripe as I can. Yes Indeed !
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Giorno fa
Then go away hater
Susan VLadimir
Susan VLadimir Giorno fa
Anakin Skywalker... See what you created. All because of Padme. Truly beautiful, lol.
Tony Giorno fa
Lightsabre acting like a stick... Saga comes to an end. Ok, now I believe
Lucas Ottosson Eld
Yay a new Star Wars movie. More minuters of Rey not failing at all because she is a women and dumb logic...I’m so excited
Gustav Ferreira
Gustav Ferreira 11 ore fa
@FreeTime Player And wow you completely ignore the fact that he needed training to be Jedi.
FreeTime Player
FreeTime Player Giorno fa
and wow you completely ignore how op anakin was
MRaya Giorno fa
Soon as 1:08 leia themes hit reminds me of how much i dont want the saga to end😪
Train Alx 2.0
Train Alx 2.0 Giorno fa
???Ray Skaywalker???
Luke Ellery
Luke Ellery Giorno fa
no ones really ever gone dad walks back into my life after leaving to go for a pint of milk
Mddjjdjdjdj Jrdhdnd
1:49 who did laugh? I think its Palpatine’s laugh.
Mddjjdjdjdj Jrdhdnd
Yes.You are right but I became Star Wars fan new.
Sheriff of Rock Ridge
Your about 2 months late
James Pritchard
James Pritchard Giorno fa
Luke: No has ever been gone. Obi-Wan: Hello there!
Dr Elvis Valentino
Mombo Dogface in the banana patch
Exagerat Racing Team
p0k3y Giorno fa
Mar-rey sue
Mr. Link
Mr. Link Giorno fa
Hopefully it's not the same piece of sh*t like episode 7, 8 and the other non honorable films from Disney.
Sethei Giorno fa
"No one’s ever really gone” Darth Plagueis: Have you ever heard of me?
Jacob Lossing
Jacob Lossing 2 giorni fa
We finally get to see Lando again
Daniel kim
Daniel kim 2 giorni fa
Hope time travel is involved just like how they did the force projection in rebels to last Jedi let hope the same for this hope so.👌😊😊😊
Austin Bae
Austin Bae 2 giorni fa
Star Wars has always done well with the trailers, but failed to deliver in the recent films. Will it be as disappointing, or is it three times the charm?
DARTH VADER 2 giorni fa
Can we just talk about the fact that this has 66 thousand comments rn?
Alek Blaylock
Alek Blaylock 2 giorni fa
That takedown though @ 1:15
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger Giorno fa
Alek Blaylock Wouldn’t that person be sliced in half and not just pushed back
Heavy Pootis man
Heavy Pootis man 2 giorni fa
Thank you I’ve been waiting for this
OLDTIME47 2 giorni fa
FreeTime Player
FreeTime Player Giorno fa
OLDTIME47 well if you aren't gonna be a fan anymore then shoo,
Alex Timossi
Alex Timossi 2 giorni fa
spoiler: rey has the high ground... ben solo burns away and palpatine comes in help... and here's a new trilogy
Kitty 129
Kitty 129 2 giorni fa
Did NOBODY else wonder if Palestine was Snoke when he first came on screen???? No? Okay I’ll go back to join the Ewoks....
Stogie2112 2 giorni fa
The name is PALPATINE....not Palestine.
Professor Breadstick
The trailer looks amazing! Especially the music
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 2 giorni fa
he should say cut
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 2 giorni fa
I can't stand the useless swan clone
Geni 2 giorni fa
This is -y- our fight !!!!!!!(of our lives)
PooDiePie 2 giorni fa
No one is ever really gone... Star Wars Episode X: The Phantom Menace
LazyDeva 2 giorni fa
I think this trilogy need be rebooted.
Johan Kampen
Johan Kampen 2 giorni fa
1. Rogue one 2. Force awakens 3. The last Jedi My movie rank of Disney Star Wars movies You can see Solo isn’t there cause I haven’t watch it
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 2 giorni fa
So fellow Star Wars fans, let’s hope this film ends the skywalker saga with a bang! May the force be with us!
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger 2 giorni fa
Brittany j Taylor Agreed
Brittany j Taylor
Brittany j Taylor 2 giorni fa
hope Thrawn is in it...
penyyt 2 giorni fa
star wars, please explain how Palpatine survived
FreeTime Player
FreeTime Player Giorno fa
Probably the same way how darth maul survived after Ep I. As legends say, nonetheless
Stogie2112 2 giorni fa
penyyt .... We don’t know for sure that Palpatine still lives.
Banana Jam
Banana Jam 2 giorni fa
Wait so if darth Sidious is back does that mean that anakin skywalker was not the chosen one?
Umut Öztürk
Umut Öztürk 2 giorni fa
Darth maul
VGC CH 2 giorni fa
1:47 is that dart sidius laugh there?
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger 2 giorni fa
VGC CH It is him
TheProphetPepe 2 giorni fa
I can’t even bother going to watch this after the complete dumpster fire Disney made out of the last Jedi.
Chase Hildenbrand
And yet you actively seeked out a 2 month old trailer for a movie you don't plan on seeing? Weird...
victor guapo
victor guapo 3 giorni fa
Oh I didn’t even realize there were any new Star Wars trailers; I only saw this now lol
Night of fun times
Night of fun times 3 giorni fa
wait this klls of the chosen one thing The chosen one will destroy the sith although it wasn't the way that the jedi expected he did take the sith down and now he is alive great also no ones ever really gone well i feel like jar jar is more withstandable than rose also i know that well the srory is new and (probably) wants to explore stuff but where is r2d2 i believe he tells the story of star wars and i barely see him without c3po and how does one tell the story without being there i dont know im just a 12 year old And i know with the loss it will be harder but still any hope this movie is good but im not expecting much
xxa1d4nxx 3 giorni fa
wouldnt be surprised if windu survived too
Vinescrauce 3 giorni fa
Is it just me who feels this will be better than the last one or am I just crazy?
Kane Higgins
Kane Higgins 3 giorni fa
No one's ever truly gone.. Except the sandpeople, the Jedi younglings and Anikans mother ..
anakin skywalker hd
anakin is back in episode IX
Enes Akkoyun
Enes Akkoyun 3 giorni fa
serinin mezarına işediniz, acısı çocuklarınızdan çıkar inş. pü yazıklar olsun
JoFire101 _
JoFire101 _ 3 giorni fa
NOOOOOOOOOOO I must have more Star Wars movies! Feed the machine!!
gray wolfs gunshop
gray wolfs gunshop 3 giorni fa
I am wondering how bad this will be?
Garrett Sampson
Garrett Sampson 3 giorni fa
I’d rather have everybody die in this movie rather than no more movies being made and leaving it without a continuation
Norwegian sea
Norwegian sea 3 giorni fa
"pls love this movie, look we got the emperor, Lando, the falcon, stuff you know" "whats that? If we desperatly pandor to nostalgia? To be honest we are out of ideas, Rian tore us a big one, cant you give us a pass on this one and we promise to do better next triology?" what i get from the trailer....
_ SwaGman
_ SwaGman 3 giorni fa
No one's ever really gone. Boba Fett decides to fix his jetpack and fly out from The sarlac pit
Sqweeky Badger
Sqweeky Badger 3 giorni fa
Just so you all know, this is the 26th time I've been here...
Johan Kampen
Johan Kampen Giorno fa
Are you trying to figures out what the movie will bring us?
Francisco Mariño
Francisco Mariño 3 giorni fa
Classic Sheev! LMAO
Carlo Franz
Carlo Franz 3 giorni fa
Who would of thought Jar Jar Binks is Snoke all along
Joseph Beckett
Joseph Beckett 3 giorni fa
Best bit of that trailer is a saga comes to an end
Beth 3 giorni fa
1:27 now this is pod racing!
YTXShotXD 3 giorni fa
No ones ever really gone *lukes green lightsaber rolls on the screen*
Vandana Singh
Vandana Singh 3 giorni fa
The Last Jedi was a great film. Really GREAT. And this is going to be better.
Chase Hildenbrand
TLJ is my 2nd favorite of the saga.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 2 giorni fa
I loved TLJ as well. I don’t care what the haters say
Pattle - IFK
Pattle - IFK 3 giorni fa
Chase Hildenbrand
I feel dumber now after reading this. Thanks.
Pattle - IFK
Pattle - IFK 3 giorni fa
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 2 giorni fa
Daisy Ridley is a great actress. And the movie hasn’t came out yet. Don’t let your hate for TLJ cloud this film
im on crack
im on crack 3 giorni fa
After hearing Palpatine's laugh I can 100% confirm Rey and Palpatine are related and Palpatine is alive, but in Rey. Luke even said "no ones ever really gone" so Palpatine must be trying to turn Rey to the dark side or take control of her body.
FBI 3 giorni fa
I can see dads being more excited than their children
Phú Minh Dương
Phú Minh Dương 3 giorni fa
Anakin Skywalker jumps down just help me save Padme
Dimitri Paoletti
Dimitri Paoletti 3 giorni fa
Darth Vader is back
KillerFox Bro
KillerFox Bro 3 giorni fa
Palpatine laughing at the end of the trailer. Me: GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE ALREADY!
The Last Jedi
The Last Jedi 3 giorni fa
KillerFox Bro MEEE TOOO
ATOK _ 3 giorni fa
Palpatine is my favourite character 😃😃😃😃
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