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Want to learn how to cook a steak perfectly each time? Look no further. We’re focusing on both ribeye and skirt steak in this episode of Basics with Babish.
Watch the rebroadcast of the Twitch livestream for this episode here: itvid.net/video/video-HpzbyjyUf1k.html
Grocery List:
Tomahawk ribeye
Skirt steak
Vegetable oil
Fresh sprig rosemary
Kosher salt
Freshly cracked pepper
Special equipment:
Stainless steel pan OR cast iron pan
Instant read thermometer
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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2 nov 2017

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Commenti 3 490
medium Rare steak is disgusting. 2.2/10 Fight me.
Max Watson
Max Watson 2 giorni fa
why do you cook everything at 115 degrees? What about pork? I know you like your meet rarish, but I'd rather kill the things in food before they kill me.
Tucker Mathis
Tucker Mathis 2 giorni fa
I love having a twisted and beautiful mind.
Edgar chan
Edgar chan 3 giorni fa
What I am doing here in 2am
Gordon Loo
Gordon Loo 3 giorni fa
Dumb question, what's the difference between kosher salt and sea salt?
Scott Oleson
Scott Oleson 3 giorni fa
This recipe any good? Seems rare
skylar jensen
skylar jensen 4 giorni fa
my personal favorite cut of steak is chuck, but I'll eat any cut of steak provided its cooked medium rare.
The Creeper King
The Creeper King 4 giorni fa
B )
Scott Daniel
Scott Daniel 5 giorni fa
I can only assume the 225 degrees is Fahrenheit?
Samantha Swafford
Samantha Swafford 5 giorni fa
How are you touching the handle of the hot cast iron???
John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson 7 giorni fa
Do you ever sous vide??
Kassie Klemm
Kassie Klemm 7 giorni fa
The only way to eat skirt steak is in a tortilla shell 😍
Shape Inexplicável
How i culinary channel growth só much and why i like It ?
Murdoc Niccals
Murdoc Niccals 8 giorni fa
I cant find the sauce for skirt steak. Is ot not in the 2nd episode of basics? I watched the episode and didnt see it.
Justin DeMatteo
Justin DeMatteo 9 giorni fa
I fucking love you man
shefin mathew
shefin mathew 9 giorni fa
U should season both sides or the only wrong thing u have done
The Mad Hacker
The Mad Hacker 9 giorni fa
i prefer a nice new york strip but to each his own
Just(A)Theory 9 giorni fa
Jeez! How many ounces was that ribeye, it’s like one from my wet dreams xD
장시화 9 giorni fa
Watching this video while eating instant noodles so i wont feeling hungry :')
Beyks -
Beyks - 10 giorni fa
So I’m 16 and I’m learning how to good but I was watching Gordon or what ever his name is and it was a 2 min vid and he was talking pretty fast but ur version is slow and calm and it help me alot so thx :) trying to become a chef
KurayamiXHikari 12 giorni fa
Am I the only one that like all doneness of a steak here?
Adam G
Adam G 13 giorni fa
I'm on the toilet shittin my brains out learning how to cook a steak. Cool!
jdome jd
jdome jd 13 giorni fa
I work at a steakhouse and I have to say about 75% of the People Order medium well or above. I don't want to live on this planet anymore
Aries Azura
Aries Azura 15 giorni fa
This guys knows how to cook steak than Ramsay. Just saying.
Joe Food 2017
Joe Food 2017 16 giorni fa
good video
Shean Lin
Shean Lin 17 giorni fa
How can you touch that smoking hot cast iron and not be screaming in pain
chogori 21 giorno fa
Letting the steak rise to room temp for 30 min is a myth. Just test it with your thermometer, I bet you will find it's still only about 5 degrees above the fridge temp. No way you can heat it up in that amount of time, no way.
Twixieshores 21 giorno fa
Why you gotta lie about medium-rare being the only way to cook a steak? Leave the cow mooing and cook it rare like a real human
Ay Mars
Ay Mars 22 giorni fa
beef stock?! LMAO I'm chewing that bone down to the fuckin marrow dude
Emily Moyle
Emily Moyle 22 giorni fa
So thank you. Since you're videos have been posted by boyfriend wants to learn how to cook. Now dinners wont just be up to me!
Deuntae Thomas
Deuntae Thomas 24 giorni fa
Not everyone shares your perverse love for blood you pale demon
Jenni Valentine
Jenni Valentine 24 giorni fa
mmm boot leather may as well switch over to seitan, breh
slowmotion Milk
slowmotion Milk 26 giorni fa
I like my beef well done.
Jonathan Lampkin
Jonathan Lampkin 26 giorni fa
Oh I am definitely one of those sick twisted beautiful minds, because that fat cap is gonna be gone son!
curryMaDmAn n
curryMaDmAn n 27 giorni fa
Is it Celsius or Fahrenheit for oven and meat internal temperature?
killianwisslead 27 giorni fa
How long do I steak in microwave?
Steph Occultist
Steph Occultist 27 giorni fa
There’s a meat market that sells stuff sausages, pork and steak. It’s amazing. But I run out of ideas for what to make with my sausages. I’d love to see a video on sausages.
Steve Spear
Steve Spear 29 giorni fa
Tried this on my ribeyes tonight. Turned out amazing. Many thanks.
Dutch Van Der Linde
Hey vsauce michael here
Nphekt Mese fa
I am drooling for a porterhouse right now.
shannon williams
Oh great babish, please do lamb chops or lamb in genral
Chris Smarr
Chris Smarr Mese fa
(Round of applause)
Samuel Ogburn
Second time watching this. Still sexy
Connor Rombough
Skirt steak... you know you worked at a Tex mex place when you have fajita flashbacks
I'd kill for a 10 oz sirloin right now
Alex Talluto
Alex Talluto Mese fa
Hey Babish. I’ve never been a big fan of fat on my steaks (btw I’m 15). If I were to prepare the Tomahawk Ribeye, would I just cut off the fat or is there a way to prep it without the fat?
Lil Dank Memes
Pls open a steakhouse pls
Anthony Bui
Anthony Bui Mese fa
damn that camera, that is noice m8
lmar ahmadzay
Too much white fat on that ribeye
DoubleDates Mese fa
Why buy GR master class when you can just sub this guy's channel for free!!!!! profit!!!!
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Mese fa
"If you have a group of people..." Son, that ribeye will serve a party of one- me.
B Q Mese fa
There is an art to cooking a well done steak. You’ll be surprised how tender it is once done properly.
NoName. NoName.
you americans with your raw meats
Bionic Deathclaw
Blue rare > medium rare
AfgOmar 619
AfgOmar 619 Mese fa
Its RAW-chef Ramsey
Johanna Schonberger
The fat is the best part that and the end bits of a prime rib roast omfg cant wait 4 xmas at my prrnts
Moto Noob
Moto Noob Mese fa
you had me at ribeye.
Dan Jonsson
Dan Jonsson Mese fa
Whats the point on letting the meat come up to room temp if your reverse searing it? :)
Brennan C
Brennan C Mese fa
How would you cook a regular cut ribeye that’s not so thick
buchanan9000 Mese fa
Same way... less time.
Kirundist Mese fa
On today's episode, Bob Newbie retrains your tastebuds
Will Mese fa
NY strip is the one true steak. I’m disappointed in you, Babish.
Do you have any tips for a vegetarian cooking a t-bone for her carnivorous mother?
lachlan Bastin
I agree with Babish, Ribeye and medium rare makes the best steaks
SCGunDog 2 mesi fa
Gordon Ramsay 2.0 with that ribeye. Bravo sir
891 people think youre a murderer and perpetrator of the holocaust lmao
marc knowles
marc knowles 2 mesi fa
If I ordered a steak and it came to table already sliced it would be getting sent back the kitchen!!
TenSyc 2 mesi fa
NY strip is the king of steaks.
Jack Alexander
Jack Alexander 2 mesi fa
Could I cook ribeye at medium well without overlooking it?
Kevin William
Kevin William 2 mesi fa
Well done steak with ketchup is actually good.
RAWR & Pupatin
RAWR & Pupatin 2 mesi fa
Well done or bust
James Heart
James Heart 2 mesi fa
My stepdad won’t cook me a steak the way I like it, if your wondering I like my steak medium rare
NTH THN 2 mesi fa
Salted_Mangoes 2 mesi fa
*vegan intensifies*
V Ling
V Ling 2 mesi fa
2:38 I saw how thin the steaks were and was curious as to how they were going to turn out medium rare :D I was kinda nervous...
Jack Greig
Jack Greig 2 mesi fa
its also a good idea to add rosemary extract/oil to the butter reduction if you really enjoy rosemary
renogiza -
renogiza - 2 mesi fa
after watching this and episode 2 i confirmed to myself that i can use a casserole ceramic pot and a cast iron skillet with an induction cooker, thanks! my place wont let me use LPG so i have to rely on induction stoves for my meals.. if you can point me to a reliable electric counter integrated oven i would be forever grateful :)
Sahitya 2 mesi fa
Did he say "erbs"???
BadLuckTobby 2 mesi fa
I'm watching this at 1AM in the morning and that was a bad idea. God damn I want steak
doommeter 2 mesi fa
Perpendicular meat fibers... A test of my skill once again!
Giovanni Rivera
Giovanni Rivera 2 mesi fa
I love watching this show, but the theme song has the most irritating sounds that I skip the ten seconds in every episode. It’s so bad that it almost ruins the whole video for me.
Infinite Stupidity
How do you hold the cast iron skillet without getting burned!!!????
Kyle Lee
Kyle Lee 2 mesi fa
Ness from Earthbound would be drooling by now...
wow that is a SERIOUS ribeye
Jarod Morris
Jarod Morris 2 mesi fa
I bought an 8oz ribeye (boneless) and a 12oz ribeye. Cooked the small one for my wife and the large one for me. She likes me watching your videos because I wasn't a bad cook before (worked as a cook in restaurants in college) but I've gotten a whole lot better.
josue nuno
josue nuno 2 mesi fa
How tf y’all eating meat like that, that shit is raw asf
FakeRei 2 mesi fa
josue nuno it’s medium rare
Mat Bob
Mat Bob 2 mesi fa
Vegetable oil? Why not cook it in a garbage? Time to educate in a health section.
Leo 2 mesi fa
If it aint screaming for mercy when I bite into it, It's overcooked.
RetroMarineX13 2 mesi fa
"Medium rare is the only way to eat your steak". Have you actually Eaten steak before? Any kind of meat is best Rare. Cept chickens. They had to be the cunts with Salmonella
UpintheAir1395 2 mesi fa
Well done please
A Guy
A Guy 2 mesi fa
I've been trying to find the music in the intro of this video for 8 months now. May someone please help me. This is a genuine concern of mine.
I have no life
I have no life 2 mesi fa
How is it possible to grow such a mighty beard like that?
Stone Patberg
Stone Patberg 2 mesi fa
Thank you so much banish I would have never had the courage to try and cook a steak with out this video.
Ben Toppi
Ben Toppi 2 mesi fa
So I followed your recipe for the rib eye and totally screwed it up. I went way over on the temp, used all the wrong spices, it was still cold when it went in the oven, I burned the butter, it was a mess... But when I cut into I and took my first bite I melted! Oh my God I didn't know that such a delicious steak could ever be made at home! I can only imagine the flavor that awaits once I actually nail the recipe. PS my dog went crazy on the bone. She loved it more than I did.
Stone Patberg
Stone Patberg 3 mesi fa
The fat cap can be one of the best parts of the steak, I enjoy being twisted
Pink Wings
Pink Wings 3 mesi fa
I'm amused on how steak preference turns everyone into barbarians out to burn and pillage the Others for doing things Wrong.
Kelpy G
Kelpy G 3 mesi fa
The fat is the best part boys
VectorGadget 25
VectorGadget 25 3 mesi fa
Waygu is the god of steak
Mason Wengeler
Mason Wengeler 3 mesi fa
I dont like Rip-Eye
I mean I like sirloin more than ribeye but I do like ribeye
BoB 3 mesi fa
if you get the opportunity, you should try reverse sear via smoking your steak. I recently got a grill with a smoker and gave it a shot. it is life changing. lol
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