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Want to learn how to cook a steak perfectly each time? Look no further. We’re focusing on both ribeye and skirt steak in this episode of Basics with Babish.
Watch the rebroadcast of the Twitch livestream for this episode here: itvid.net/video/video-HpzbyjyUf1k.html
Grocery List:
Tomahawk ribeye
Skirt steak
Vegetable oil
Fresh sprig rosemary
Kosher salt
Freshly cracked pepper
Special equipment:
Stainless steel pan OR cast iron pan
Instant read thermometer
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2 nov 2017




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Commenti 3 691
I made it exactly shown and it came out perfect thanks babish
Mathew Porras
Mathew Porras Giorno fa
Prime rib please
Stefan Erdmann
Stefan Erdmann 2 giorni fa
By a sheer stroke of luck, i was able to get a tomahawk ribeye in a supermarket where i live (near Berlin, Germany). It had about 2/3 of the shown piece of meat, wich was about the right size for me. Prepared it like the bearded internet cook instructed - breathtaking meaty goodness ensured. So tender, so juicy. Well worth the € 30. Thanks for the great recipe, you rock!
Sam Kunde
Sam Kunde 2 giorni fa
There’s only 3 ways to prepare a steak. Rare, medium rare, and overcooked.
Brendon Leet
Brendon Leet 3 giorni fa
what kind of heating surface is that?
TheGreatYukon 4 giorni fa
So, does everyone else just think the world of steaks consist of two sides, well done and medium rare? Am I weird for being a medium to medium well type?
Roman Gerardz Castillo
is it okay to season both sides of a steak? (or is it a very bad idea)
O 6 giorni fa
I always season it all over, but he only seasoned one side because the piece of meat was thin
Atypical Adventure
Atypical Adventure 11 giorni fa
I think a cheap flat iron steak is great. Great marbling and flavor. Also very tender when sliced cross grain. It's amazing how versatile a flat iron can be.
j c
j c 11 giorni fa
That room temp bullshit is a myth. It's already been proven by that thing called science.
Daniel Hendricks
Daniel Hendricks 17 giorni fa
butter baste, that butter did nothing, you need at least 4 - 5 times that amount of butter
George Cowsert
George Cowsert 22 giorni fa
What about a nice fillet? Those little round cuts are super simple to cook, and pretty cheap. Just toss em on a properly oiled pan, flip the side, and after a minute on each end you are done.
Cris Agui
Cris Agui 23 giorni fa
The funny moment that that that the "cheap"skirt steak is 8 to 10 dollars a pound where I'm from haha
javier cruz
javier cruz 23 giorni fa
Id kill someone for that steak
B Rose
B Rose 23 giorni fa
I literally fall asleep to your videos every night I love your voice it’s so calming
Trevor Cook
Trevor Cook 24 giorni fa
idk about all those whole shallot pieces in the sauce.. I mean it's good.. but I've never made a pan sauce where I leave the onion/shallot pieces whole.. I either strain the sauce or blitz it to make it smooth.. I will have to try that. p.s honey nooooooooooooooo... for a steak that size? i'd use at least 3 cloves of garlic and 3 sprigs of rosemary. for anyone thats interested, one trick one of my instructors in culinary school taught me for cooking steak was.. get a big bunch of rosemary and/or thyme depending on your preference and tie them together.. snip off the end.. this is your "brush" now you can make anything from a compound butter to a sort of basting sauce.. just take the "Brush" dab it in the butter or sauce and "Brush" it over the meat. (Do this in place of the butter basting stage.. OR whenever you feel like it lol)
shoutycrab 413612111111
i literally can't eat anything less than well done.
GuineaPigCuber 13 giorni fa
Please never cook a steak
Bryan Chua
Bryan Chua 28 giorni fa
"Very very slowly for dramatic effect." I'm DYINGGG
Vash is back
Vash is back Mese fa
May I ask... Is tender loin a good steak cut? Just wandering...
Michael Baraty
Michael Baraty 29 giorni fa
Vash is back not necessarily as a steak, but it makes a delectable roast
Joseph Wallace
can I use Olive oil in my cast iron?
Michael Baraty
Michael Baraty 29 giorni fa
Gotta use a neutral flavored oil with a high smoke point (ex. Canola, grapeseed) for seasoning and any neutral flavored oil for cooking.
You know, I just remembered this one in my "watch later" folder and I had the whole thought of people saying "Medium Rare" is the best way to go. Is there a problem with Medium Well? Its not entirely burnt, its cooked fully, its not the possibility of getting you sick, there is no bad way to do a medium well steak.
k_froggy Mese fa
Man that steak loos good but medium rare is too well done for me. Also i have seen 2 people cut the fat off in the last 3 days, who he hell does that? Leave it on and if people dont want it they can remove it. Fat is flavor man. Also why would you sear the fatcap last? Do it first so you have the rendered tallow in the pan to help sear.
Shani J
Shani J Mese fa
Fun fact: I have never eaten steak in my life and no i am not vegan
Brian Feezle
Brian Feezle Mese fa
Anyone else notice how he needs a de-s-er
Razak Idris
Razak Idris Mese fa
should make Universal Soldier Steak or Law Abiding Citizen Steak.
Nate Speert
Nate Speert Mese fa
Why not put it on it's side to render that thick cap of fat before basting it so that what you are basting it with has all that melted fat mixed in?
Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il Mese fa
Jonathan B
Jonathan B Mese fa
You talk and sound just like cgp grey
Stephen Chapman
So ive made Rib Eye and NY on the cast Iron and oven dozens of times. I do the same thing with the butter, garlic and herbs. It is a good way to eat a steak no doubt, BUT if you have a smoking how BBQ and you sear it on both sides and then turn down the heat and cook for 10 minutes while basting in olive oil using a few springs of herbs it tastes better. If you dont own a BBQ, then this method is best.
Eric Pierre Allen
"only way to eat a steak"...... while i agree that is my favorite way to eat i wouldnt say its the ONLY way.... not good to be a food elitist IMO...... dont yuck someone's yum ...... other than that great video
kaelang12 Mese fa
Why do people get so salty about steak being cooked well done? There's nothing wrong with cooking steak like that.
mash made
mash made Mese fa
why ruining that meat with vegetable oil?
Rum Ham
Rum Ham Mese fa
Guess what boys. Well dones the only good way to eat steak
Paolo Furfaro
If ribeye is te king of steak, picanha is the queen of steaks
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner Mese fa
Probably a stupid question but where does the babish in your name come from? I've not heard it until I started watching your videos
Hy ?
Hy ? Mese fa
Ryan Turner Oliver babish
Doge Mese fa
Steak well-done=What the f**k is wrong with you?
LucasEJM Mese fa
Fillet is better than ribeye. If the first word you’re using to describe the steak is “fatty” then it’s already questionable.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Mese fa
Who else thinks that medium steak is the best????
Hur dur well done is the safest
Will Schmidt
Will Schmidt Mese fa
Omg now I’m a have to go get a ribeye jus cuz that fat cap u cut off made me hungry!!!
Georgie M
Georgie M Mese fa
Where the fuck is the sauce video?
GaryX2k3 Mese fa
I cooked steak for a friend once. Made sure it was medium rare, rested it properly, carved it correctly. They said to me "I like it well done." I replied "Thanks, that means a lot."
Sam Kunde
Sam Kunde 2 giorni fa
Got me😂
Big boy Eugene
Big boy Eugene 4 giorni fa
Westons random stuff that is the joke
That Oh-Gee Don
That Oh-Gee Don 23 giorni fa
Took me a second. 🤣🤣🤣 Stealing this joke now.
SaStrixS 26 giorni fa
+StUCaboose r/gobacktoredditfatass
GetAJob 27 giorni fa
GaryX2k3 you deserve better friends
The True H-Man
Good lord, watching you put your bare hand on the handle of the cast iron while the meat was cooking made me jump outta my skin. How was your hand not burning and why were you not wearing a glove or using a kitchen towel?
Kirstie Readnower
Ribeye or skirt? Which is really better?
Symphonymph Mese fa
Holding the skillet's handle with a bare hand...
Keith will eat u
i hate when you slap a grandpa and your all like oh sorry and then grandma comes and likes your bum god i hate it don't you?
Sanahal Moirangthem
You are not a pro are you?
Luke Iannone
Luke Iannone Mese fa
I really wanted to see you eat that
scrubl0rd Mese fa
Waaaaaaaaaay too much salt and pepper usage. In the end you're just going to taste salt and burnt pepper and not the subtleties of the meat.
Undecisive Angel
Babish: next episode! Chicken breasts! Babish: jk, pasta
11Beef stockpot
why are we resting a steak underneath foil...
Cactusss Junior
Cactusss Junior 2 mesi fa
Eating well-done steak is just as bad as eating it raw
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 9 giorni fa
It’s really not well down so the only way to eat it if you eat it at any other doneness you’re a fucking animal
AustraliaVEVO 14 giorni fa
+fan wee Jesus Christ
fan wee
fan wee 26 giorni fa
I ate your mom’s ass raw
Gabriel Babuch
it's much worse, imo.
atDavid Mese fa
true af
Jacob Hord
Jacob Hord 2 mesi fa
A long time ago, teenage years, I would order my steak... *cringe* "Extra well done. If the chef thinks he's burning it, tell him to leave it on for another minute." Thankfully I've outgrown that stage and now only grill New York Strips at home... Medium. P.s. When are we gonna get some grilling recipes Babish?
Kuka Golber
Kuka Golber 2 mesi fa
He is like the Bob Ross of cooking
wankydoodle 2 mesi fa
"Rib-eye, Its fatty," Me: Oh "Its flavourful," Me: Oh! "Its expensive" Me: oh...
I feel ya
Toxic Touch Productions
He's telling you the truth
The Four Knight
The Four Knight 25 giorni fa
That's when you know you're fucked up.
Tyler Tassin
Tyler Tassin Mese fa
wankydoodle 😂😂😂
Matthew Lawton
Matthew Lawton 2 mesi fa
Skirt steak hasn't been inexpensive in forever. All the foodies turned it into a choice item and groceries caught on.
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 2 mesi fa
*Gordan Ramsey would’ve seasoned both sides*
doublekill434 2 mesi fa
What do I put on 5he side of this
How much did that tomahawk cost? Had to be like a hundred or so.
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer 2 mesi fa
Btw, Skirt is the meat to use when making tacos.
j 2 mesi fa
Skrt steak
Rubber Duck
Rubber Duck 2 mesi fa
Another great vid
Charles Dinkins
Charles Dinkins 2 mesi fa
I prefer well done steak
IncapableLP 2 mesi fa
This is why i don't like steak...i do not like anything medium rare, so a steak would be wasted on me!
Lewis Price
Lewis Price 2 mesi fa
Doesn't look cooked in the middle to me
Sturgeon 2 mesi fa
That fucking ribeye... Is that from a dinosaur?
Das Dovian
Das Dovian 2 mesi fa
I'm sure medium rare is delicious but I just can't handle the texture at that temp.
Seth Bennett
Seth Bennett 2 mesi fa
I made the sauce for the stake (lamb chop was my choice), then made some mashed potatoes, made a bundle of red kale and topped it with black barre vinegar. words can not describe how good it was, but next time I'm going to make some pite palt with blood in the dough so i can have all red dinner. I'm not going to lie it might turn me into a vampire
Zay romello
Zay romello 2 mesi fa
Do you have any other seasonings then salt and pepper? That's all I see you use
Liam T.W
Liam T.W 2 mesi fa
+Zay romello but you don't need them
Zay romello
Zay romello 2 mesi fa
+Liam T.W there's other seasonings lol
Liam T.W
Liam T.W 2 mesi fa
yes, but that's all you need. you want to taste the beef
Vanessa  Shantae
Vanessa Shantae 2 mesi fa
Im sure you'd like my pink middle, I bet that beard tickles every nerve.. Uh! Babish, you do something to me.
MatCat 2 mesi fa
quick question: why use vegetable oil over olive oil?
Varshan 2 mesi fa
MatCat doesn’t smoke as much
Last Equation
Last Equation 2 mesi fa
Vegan Steak is better and healthy. This one here will give clogged arteries.
Cha1n 2 mesi fa
God this was dare I say sexy?
Taylor Clayton
Taylor Clayton 2 mesi fa
How many servings out of the tomahawk?
Jackson 2 mesi fa
Heading to a meat market this Sunday, what type of steak would you recommend for beginners other than skirt?
andrew sutliff
andrew sutliff 3 mesi fa
Have you ever tried dry aging steak? Have you ever tried dry aging meats other than steak?
Henry Reed
Henry Reed 3 mesi fa
welcome to basics with yabish
Supermudd 3 mesi fa
Medium rare, babish is an idiot
J R 3 mesi fa
BLUERARE is the way to go bruh lol
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby 3 mesi fa
Dude that fat looks so good
Malik al-Rawandi
Wait, cast iron works with an induction top?
Alec Pedchenko
Alec Pedchenko 3 mesi fa
For me eye fillet all the way!! then porterhouse and scotch fillet after (ribeye)
stevegood 4
stevegood 4 3 mesi fa
Never had tomahawk steak now I really want one
Gavin Hickson
Gavin Hickson 3 mesi fa
My uncle literally grills his steaks till they’re gray. Like well past well done
Richard Delarosa
The king of steaks is Kobe
Will Outcalt
Will Outcalt 3 mesi fa
only monsters eat the fat cap
Mark Garrett
Mark Garrett 3 mesi fa
4:56 This guy has his hand right on the cast iron handle. What a champ!
Iceflower 700
Iceflower 700 3 mesi fa
how come whenever I see videos of chefs using salt they pile it on to the point that it looks like snow and it looks great but when I use a little pinch its too salty to eat? is it a specific type of salt?
Jamin Jace
Jamin Jace 3 mesi fa
Omg ppl are saying mediam rare is the worst and it will kill f u
Cthulhu 3 mesi fa
I like my steak well done, change my mind
Pine Sol
Pine Sol 3 mesi fa
I don’t have to. You already don’t have one.
Stanley Johnny
Stanley Johnny 3 mesi fa
Cool video but there is one thing that i really don't like when watching someone else cooking and that is saying there is only one good way to do whatever they are doing. If someone likes rare steak then let him have it. If some likes well done, good for him. I just don't get it why people have to say "ohohoh there is only one proper way to make this dish and it is my way".
Garrett K
Garrett K 3 mesi fa
Why can i not like this more than once? I want all of this steak...
Orion Wade
Orion Wade 3 mesi fa
I know that you live somwhere in nyc so that means I get that nice piece of steak. Where did you get that?
Sheena's KetoVore Homestead
I love meat and watching meat videos thank you for sharing 💖
Orion Wade
Orion Wade 3 mesi fa
Me personally I'd cooked the fat first on the hot pan to render it down a decent amount. Since I love the fat and it tastes pretty good I cook it for about 2 minutes or more.
Mos Def
Mos Def 3 mesi fa
*R A W*
MrKyel17 3 mesi fa
Medium-well and well-done are the only ways to eat steak, thank you very much.
Sylvis Robertson
This channel is literally better than sex.
kyle WAS ded
kyle WAS ded 3 mesi fa
i like my steak tender juicy and no fat
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt 3 mesi fa
I'm gonna make that skirt steak for my family, my dad will be so impressed! But my mom dosen't like steak rare, not well done, but well burnt
Mohamad107 3 mesi fa
"Sorry the steak is taking so long. The smoke alarm didn't go off yet."
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 3 mesi fa
I’m vegetarian
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