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Want to learn how to cook a steak perfectly each time? Look no further. We’re focusing on both ribeye and skirt steak in this episode of Basics with Babish.
Watch the rebroadcast of the Twitch livestream for this episode here: itvid.net/video/video-HpzbyjyUf1k.html
Grocery List:
Tomahawk ribeye
Skirt steak
Vegetable oil
Fresh sprig rosemary
Kosher salt
Freshly cracked pepper
Special equipment:
Stainless steel pan OR cast iron pan
Instant read thermometer
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
Amazon: a.co/bv3rGzr
Barnes & Noble: bit.ly/2uf65LX
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2 nov 2017

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Commenti 3 598
andrew sutliff
andrew sutliff 2 giorni fa
Have you ever tried dry aging steak? Have you ever tried dry aging meats other than steak?
Henry Reed
Henry Reed 2 giorni fa
welcome to basics with yabish
Supermudd Gaming
Supermudd Gaming 2 giorni fa
Medium rare, babish is an idiot
J R 7 giorni fa
BLUERARE is the way to go bruh lol
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby 9 giorni fa
Dude that fat looks so good
Malik al-Rawandi
Malik al-Rawandi 9 giorni fa
Wait, cast iron works with an induction top?
Alec Pedchenko
Alec Pedchenko 10 giorni fa
For me eye fillet all the way!! then porterhouse and scotch fillet after (ribeye)
stevegood 4
stevegood 4 10 giorni fa
Never had tomahawk steak now I really want one
ivan mena
ivan mena 10 giorni fa
Babish( sorry don't know your name) I have question you said the salt helps retain the moisture in the steak but doesnt salt bring out the moisture
Gavin Hickson
Gavin Hickson 10 giorni fa
My uncle literally grills his steaks till they’re gray. Like well past well done
Richard Delarosa
Richard Delarosa 11 giorni fa
The king of steaks is Kobe
Will Outcalt
Will Outcalt 11 giorni fa
only monsters eat the fat cap
Mark Garrett
Mark Garrett 12 giorni fa
4:56 This guy has his hand right on the cast iron handle. What a champ!
Iceflower 700
Iceflower 700 13 giorni fa
how come whenever I see videos of chefs using salt they pile it on to the point that it looks like snow and it looks great but when I use a little pinch its too salty to eat? is it a specific type of salt?
Jamin Jace
Jamin Jace 13 giorni fa
Omg ppl are saying mediam rare is the worst and it will kill f u
Cthulhu 13 giorni fa
I like my steak well done, change my mind
Pine Sol
Pine Sol 11 giorni fa
I don’t have to. You already don’t have one.
Stanley Johnny
Stanley Johnny 13 giorni fa
Cool video but there is one thing that i really don't like when watching someone else cooking and that is saying there is only one good way to do whatever they are doing. If someone likes rare steak then let him have it. If some likes well done, good for him. I just don't get it why people have to say "ohohoh there is only one proper way to make this dish and it is my way".
Hybby z
Hybby z 13 giorni fa
Why can i not like this more than once? I want all of this steak...
Orion Wade
Orion Wade 13 giorni fa
I know that you live somwhere in nyc so that means I get that nice piece of steak. Where did you get that?
Sheena's KetoVore Homestead
I love meat and watching meat videos thank you for sharing 💖
Orion Wade
Orion Wade 14 giorni fa
Me personally I'd cooked the fat first on the hot pan to render it down a decent amount. Since I love the fat and it tastes pretty good I cook it for about 2 minutes or more.
Mos Def
Mos Def 14 giorni fa
*R A W*
MrKyel17 18 giorni fa
Medium-well and well-done are the only ways to eat steak, thank you very much.
Sylvis Robertson
Sylvis Robertson 19 giorni fa
This channel is literally better than sex.
kyle WAS ded
kyle WAS ded 21 giorno fa
i like my steak tender juicy and no fat
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt 21 giorno fa
I'm gonna make that skirt steak for my family, my dad will be so impressed! But my mom dosen't like steak rare, not well done, but well burnt
Mohamad107 21 giorno fa
"Sorry the steak is taking so long. The smoke alarm didn't go off yet."
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 25 giorni fa
I’m vegetarian
Tariq Attyat
Tariq Attyat 27 giorni fa
It looks disgusting though
Echo Juliet
Echo Juliet 29 giorni fa
Babish, please be my dad!
Paxton Hambling
Just followed the ribeye tutorial at home. Best stake ever, butter baste is a must from now on.
Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish
0:15 thyme tested method
K Riley
K Riley Mese fa
Babish, can you do a spot on how to home dry age Beef? People would be interested and amazed how awesome the flavor is of a dry aged ribeye...
ENTE Mese fa
Jamie Oliver sucks
micomator Mese fa
Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius? You said 225 degrees until it comes up to temperature.
Nick william
Nick william Mese fa
I like how you actually mentioned that the salt and pepper should be worked in a bit and rested. I've been wondering that for years if I was doing it right.
arturo. yz
arturo. yz Mese fa
I don’t know about you guys but uh my mom wasn’t wealthy so instead she’d buy that cheap meat. So uh T-bone steak all day baby 😎💯
Katz Gaming
Katz Gaming Mese fa
3:16 You want some steaks with that salt?
cyanide11111y 13 giorni fa
Katz Gaming its kosher salt though...
Brandon van Wyk
Degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit ?
Davis Tuck
Davis Tuck Mese fa
Im a t-bone guy
Adam Ali
Adam Ali Mese fa
Can I have some
There isn't a sngle steakhouse/ grill in my area that'll serve you a medium rare steak if that'a what you ordered. It'll always be inexplicably welldone on one half and rare on the ohter half and I just don't get it. I've also had filet mignons that were completely charred on the outside but still raw, not even kissed by heat in the center. :(
Juan Nagle
Juan Nagle Mese fa
"Beef from the same steer is the same beef no matter what cut it is." --- Some Beefy Wise Guy
Cesar Verazzu
La famosa entraña
rexstuff Mese fa
Good video, but in what universe is 120F medium rare?
Terrence Mese fa
Haha. Not in a gross way
G4Tanus Mese fa
Medium-Rare is the only way to eat steak.
Aadrean Rodriguez
You got me laid thank you Babbie
Tittymilk74 Mese fa
I wise man once said "if you wanted it well done get chicken"
Anthony Mlady
When you made the red wine sauce, did you use cooking wine, or regular wine? Also, when you let the steak sit for 30 minutes, was it from Frozen or from the fridge? Thanks in advance!
Seth Banks
Seth Banks Mese fa
Alright brother, I take pride in the steaks I grill. My wife never enjoyed steak until I had made her one. But tonight I tried your oven to iron skillet method, just salt and pepper on two boneless ribeyes. Afterwards I finished them off with a compound butter of a few herbs, and garlic I threw together. And I have to say, hands down the best steak I’ve ever made. Thank you!
Amanda Lane
Amanda Lane 2 mesi fa
Thank you! I've been trying to to find a simple red wine sauce and you made it so easy to follow. :D
zach crenshaw
zach crenshaw 2 mesi fa
Down here in Texas, skirt steak runs about the same price per ounce as ribeye or porterhouse. We know our beef.
Beazley Dang
Beazley Dang 2 mesi fa
Imagine Babish making hand movements while filming this lol
imanasaurus rex
imanasaurus rex 2 mesi fa
I love steak. Well done. With a1 sauce. Mashed potatoes. And asparagus. Yum.
Paolo Furfaro
Paolo Furfaro 2 mesi fa
If rib eye is the king picanha is the queen
Leo Tran
Leo Tran 2 mesi fa
Why is it purple 2:35
NUKE LESNICK 2 mesi fa
Open a restaurant already
Joshua Hudson
Joshua Hudson 2 mesi fa
How about medium well
Mythical 2 mesi fa
I just perfectly cooked a T-Bone steak thanks to you. Keep doing what you're doing, it's awesome (and maybe do a basics episode on how to grocery shop for myself because I have no idea how)
Matt G
Matt G 2 mesi fa
45 min at 225 is insane
Lorendrawn 2 mesi fa
Steak doneness snobbery isn't really helpful, guys. Doneness is a matter of personal taste. I prefer mine medium and an occasional medium rare, depending on what the cut likes. The only one you may want to avoid is well done.
medium Rare steak is disgusting. 2.2/10 Fight me.
Max Watson
Max Watson 2 mesi fa
why do you cook everything at 115 degrees? What about pork? I know you like your meet rarish, but I'd rather kill the things in food before they kill me.
Tucker Mathis
Tucker Mathis 2 mesi fa
I love having a twisted and beautiful mind.
Edgar chan
Edgar chan 2 mesi fa
What I am doing here in 2am
Gordon Loo
Gordon Loo 2 mesi fa
Dumb question, what's the difference between kosher salt and sea salt?
Scott Oleson
Scott Oleson 2 mesi fa
This recipe any good? Seems rare
skylar jensen
skylar jensen 2 mesi fa
my personal favorite cut of steak is chuck, but I'll eat any cut of steak provided its cooked medium rare.
The Creeper King
B )
Scott Daniel
Scott Daniel 2 mesi fa
I can only assume the 225 degrees is Fahrenheit?
Samantha Swafford
How are you touching the handle of the hot cast iron???
John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson 2 mesi fa
Do you ever sous vide??
Her Name
Her Name 2 mesi fa
The only way to eat skirt steak is in a tortilla shell 😍
Shape Inexplicável
How i culinary channel growth só much and why i like It ?
Murdoc Niccals
Murdoc Niccals 2 mesi fa
I cant find the sauce for skirt steak. Is ot not in the 2nd episode of basics? I watched the episode and didnt see it.
Justin DeMatteo
Justin DeMatteo 2 mesi fa
I fucking love you man
shefin mathew
shefin mathew 2 mesi fa
U should season both sides or the only wrong thing u have done
The Mad Hacker
The Mad Hacker 2 mesi fa
i prefer a nice new york strip but to each his own
Just(A)Theory 2 mesi fa
Jeez! How many ounces was that ribeye, it’s like one from my wet dreams xD
장시화 2 mesi fa
Watching this video while eating instant noodles so i wont feeling hungry :')
Beyks -
Beyks - 2 mesi fa
So I’m 16 and I’m learning how to good but I was watching Gordon or what ever his name is and it was a 2 min vid and he was talking pretty fast but ur version is slow and calm and it help me alot so thx :) trying to become a chef
KurayamiXHikari 2 mesi fa
Am I the only one that like all doneness of a steak here?
Adam G
Adam G 2 mesi fa
I'm on the toilet shittin my brains out learning how to cook a steak. Cool!
jdome jd
jdome jd 2 mesi fa
I work at a steakhouse and I have to say about 75% of the People Order medium well or above. I don't want to live on this planet anymore
Aries Azura
Aries Azura 2 mesi fa
This guys knows how to cook steak than Ramsay. Just saying.
Joe Food 2017
Joe Food 2017 2 mesi fa
good video
Shean Lin
Shean Lin 3 mesi fa
How can you touch that smoking hot cast iron and not be screaming in pain
chogori 3 mesi fa
Letting the steak rise to room temp for 30 min is a myth. Just test it with your thermometer, I bet you will find it's still only about 5 degrees above the fridge temp. No way you can heat it up in that amount of time, no way.
Twixieshores 3 mesi fa
Why you gotta lie about medium-rare being the only way to cook a steak? Leave the cow mooing and cook it rare like a real human
Ay Mars
Ay Mars 3 mesi fa
beef stock?! LMAO I'm chewing that bone down to the fuckin marrow dude
Emily Moyle
Emily Moyle 3 mesi fa
So thank you. Since you're videos have been posted by boyfriend wants to learn how to cook. Now dinners wont just be up to me!
Deuntae Thomas
Deuntae Thomas 3 mesi fa
Not everyone shares your perverse love for blood you pale demon
Jenni Valentine
Jenni Valentine 3 mesi fa
mmm boot leather may as well switch over to seitan, breh
slowmotion Milk
slowmotion Milk 3 mesi fa
I like my beef well done.
Jonathan Lampkin
Oh I am definitely one of those sick twisted beautiful minds, because that fat cap is gonna be gone son!
curryMaDmAn n
curryMaDmAn n 3 mesi fa
Is it Celsius or Fahrenheit for oven and meat internal temperature?
killianwisslead 3 mesi fa
How long do I steak in microwave?
Steph Occultist
Steph Occultist 3 mesi fa
There’s a meat market that sells stuff sausages, pork and steak. It’s amazing. But I run out of ideas for what to make with my sausages. I’d love to see a video on sausages.
Steve Spear
Steve Spear 3 mesi fa
Tried this on my ribeyes tonight. Turned out amazing. Many thanks.
Dutch Van Der Linde
Hey vsauce michael here
Nphekt 3 mesi fa
I am drooling for a porterhouse right now.
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