Stephen A.: The 76ers should trade Ben Simmons to the Trail Blazers | First Take

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ESPN Mese fa
0:00 Ben Simmons wasn’t aggressive enough in Game 7 - Magic Johnson 0:40 Magic Johnson: It’s time for a new destination for Ben Simmons. 2:15 Game 7 was not a good day for Doc Rivers - Stephen A. Smith 3:40 Stephen A.: Send Ben Simmons to the Blazers.
Ghee Rock
Ghee Rock Mese fa
@Kevin Durfraud they will get sweep by the kings next year in the 1st rd,
Harvey Bell
Harvey Bell Mese fa
@Vincent Ramirez swap Bagley for fox and I’d agree bro. I don’t even know if Bagleys trade value is that high. He’s a walking injury
Vincent Ramirez
@Harvey Bell what about Simmons to Sac for Hield, Bagley and the #9 in 2021?
@Tuff Genius Jimmy didn5 want to stay with philly
@Harvey Bell no maxey is a great young defensive player
qxvzy 7 giorni fa
gotta love magic overall such a great guy. yeah some of the gm stuff in lala i didn’t always agree with but it just shows how much basketball IQ he has even off the court let alone on it, and how obsessed he is with the game still literally seems like he never misses a game😂👍
Ace Player
Ace Player 9 giorni fa
If Simmons have dunked it, this trade rumors will not exist at all.
Isaiah Boudreaux
Isaiah Boudreaux 10 giorni fa
3:25 need that as a gif
Cracka Zach
Cracka Zach 10 giorni fa
I actually think a Dame for Simmons and others trade is genius.
Dushawn21 10 giorni fa
76ers need depth... trade him to the magic for the 5 the 8 terence ross and a future top 5 pick pg Curry, Hill, maxey sg Moody, Ross sf Green, Thyebull pf Harris,scotttie barnes c Embid, Howard if howard walks look to draft charles bassey If OTTO picks up his option make a 3 team deal Magic get BEN Simmons 76ers get John Wall and magic 5th pick rockets 23rd Rockets get OTTO PORTER and magic 8TH PICK 76ers pg wall, milton, Hill Maxey sG Moody, Curry SF green, Thyebull PF harris Draft Murphy C Embid Howard draft bassey or trade hill and teh 23rd/28th to teh pacers for TJ warren
KING SERGIUS 13 giorni fa
No team will be stupid enough to take Ben Simmons contract the 76ers have to release Ben Simmons and move on
Rah Rah
Rah Rah 16 giorni fa
6'10 and useless
Josh Reiter
Josh Reiter 17 giorni fa
Doc Rivers is the most overated coach in history. He has won 1 championship with how many great times. I'm not saying he is a bad coach but he is average at best.
jhon paura
jhon paura 17 giorni fa
If u guys wanna dump the contract we will gve ucovington from portlant heck we will throw in 2nd round draft pick
Daniel Leonardo Santos
Seeing Magic gives me life
james monagon
james monagon 22 giorni fa
Ben Simmons for CJ. Dame has enough firepower plus I think Anfernee can eventually follow in Cj's shoes.. Simmons trade market is down so its a perfect time to make the trade. Next trade is get is Nurkic. Jokic ate Nurkic up for breakfast. Resign Powell and let crippled Zack Collins go. Resign Enes and get a defensive center for Nurkic.
Cornelius Kilgore
Cornelius Kilgore 23 giorni fa
Ben Simmons is a weedhead! There I said it.....🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gad 24 giorni fa
I'm disgusted with these former players. Magic a 6'9 guard has created a legacy as a giant point guard, is here talking about another technically better gifted player's failings at a position pattern off his own. Give Ben a roster like any of the ones he played on, then ask him the same question. Can Philly win with Simmons. They need a scoring point guard and play BS at 3 with some role players.
Quart Purp
Quart Purp 24 giorni fa
If they send Ben Simmons to Portland, Damian Lillard is leaving for a fact!
Joe Benson
Joe Benson 25 giorni fa
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Joe Benson
Joe Benson 25 giorni fa
Edmund Fink
Edmund Fink 25 giorni fa
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Jeremy Ness
Jeremy Ness 25 giorni fa
How could magic have only played against Philly just twice?
Abby Chapple
Abby Chapple 25 giorni fa
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Joe Blow
Joe Blow 25 giorni fa
Magic was not a good role model
got money
got money 25 giorni fa
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Lalita Tiwari
Lalita Tiwari 26 giorni fa
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Baby aliyah
Baby aliyah 26 giorni fa
Send him to the kings
niddg viiut
niddg viiut 26 giorni fa
the only problem with simmons to portland is if dame has a bad game there’s nobody that can takeover like cj could
Nicholas taylor
Nicholas taylor 26 giorni fa
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niddg viiut
niddg viiut 26 giorni fa
A place where he can thrive? Maybe Eastern Europe.
johhny morris
johhny morris 27 giorni fa
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qunisha woods
qunisha woods 27 giorni fa
“Russ would turn philly into real contenders” -Xavier Washpun
santosonly7 27 giorni fa
You see how they did that? Do you really believe this years biggest story is about. Ben Simmons or Kevin Durant? Ben Simmons was NoT on a historically stacked team and was never regarded as the best player in the NBA yet, Ben is the target? It’s not shocking that this happened to Ben, we were wondering, going into this playoffs (and all due respect to Ben) how stable he was going to be. But the best player in the NBA with TWO top 6 NBA players on his team NOT being able to get his team to the finals? And do t tell me about Kyrie and Harden being hurt, Embid was hurt too and KD with two top 6 1st ballot HOFs couldn’t even get to the ECFs. THAT IS THE STORY. Ben Simmons is being used as a distraction. Stop it.
Jay Goodman
Jay Goodman 27 giorni fa
Dame can't keep Blazers in playoffs with no legit defense😒
Kasaan Mood
Kasaan Mood 28 giorni fa
🤔not a bad idea Ben Simmons to Blazers
Por Choua Lee
Por Choua Lee 28 giorni fa
Simmons should go to lakers. I want to see lebron and ben in a contest of who can pass the ball more.....
Dorian Williams
Dorian Williams 28 giorni fa
Ben Simmons for CJ is a bad and dumb trade
Dlo Doe
Dlo Doe 28 giorni fa
John wall for Ben Simmons The money makes sense and give houston a pick
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 29 giorni fa
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bilinas mini
bilinas mini 29 giorni fa
SAS: "I think the Trail Blazers should trade for Ben Simmons” Molly: "Ok Stephen A. who do you think should trade for Ben Simmons?"
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 29 giorni fa
why would blazers trade for simmons in the first place?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 29 giorni fa
Simmons and Tobias Harris for Damien lillard
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 29 giorni fa
"Doc has won a championship" yeah 13 years ago, he's choked with stacked teams EVER SINCE
luzon rodante
luzon rodante 29 giorni fa
You all talk way off BS will stay as sixers and redeems himself....so long as JE proves himself. JE is soft as leader of sixers.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 29 giorni fa
The wooden spoon is warming up for some fresh mammas cookin
Emmanuel Gutierrez
Emmanuel Gutierrez 29 giorni fa
Yea...u gotta hold Doc available. Max is right and if he didn't have the track record he has, I wouldn't put it past him. BUT he has had multiple great teams and can't lead them into championship games, so he's part of the problem. Holdem all accountable. Also, Sometimes Magic likes to through the wrong ppl under the bus, like when he publicly ridiculed Schroder and didn't say anything about LA's overpaid aging "king" who was pedestrian in this years playoff. Seems like Magic looks out for his ppl and doesn't hold everyone accountable.
Chad Watkins
Chad Watkins 29 giorni fa
they won't trade CJ for Ben...CJ has more value
francargeric1 29 giorni fa
A place where he can thrive? Maybe Eastern Europe.
Ta Thanh Kieu
Ta Thanh Kieu 29 giorni fa
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D D 29 giorni fa
Yeah doc won in 2008, but the league has completely changed since then. The teams he has coached since have not suited todays NBA. Now you need at least 2 legit superstars on your team and/or a lineup where 4 or 5 guys can knock down a three. Ben Simmons is neither of those things.
jdon306 29 giorni fa
Paul Silas was a “great” coach too...except when his teams went to the playoffs...
Rice Cooking TV
No one would want him. Draymond is better than him, and people saying he is young lebron? Hahhaa in your dreams. Waive him.
aola wili
aola wili Mese fa
Stephen A: "i think Ben Simmons ull be a great fit in Portland, a trade for CJ McCollum" Molly: "Stephen A who do you think would want Simmons?" 💀
Jamaal.J.E Mese fa
Great point the defensive abilities of Ben would certainly help portland
aola wili
aola wili Mese fa
Accept the clear facts. He's just an average player. He won't make any team better
Danehh Mese fa
Great. Who would the blazers want to give up for him? He doesn’t make them better at all
R&K Mese fa
Simmons has to shoot the BALL!! Even if he goes to Portland. I would not give up much for Simmons especially cuz he can’t make free throws.
Hope that Ben Simmons will become more serious and practice his free throws and shooting in order for him to be good again and prove himself that he is still worthy and not a messed up person. Hope he realize his weaknesses and improve more in his summer break.
Just another Drummer
Simmons and Tobias Harris for Damien lillard
steve meters
steve meters Mese fa
Tobias and Simmons for Paul George? Sabonis and LeVert for Simmons and Maxey? Ben Simmons for a fax machine, straight up? OR Simmons to Detroit for an '87 El Camino?
Nick Manning
Nick Manning Mese fa
The wooden spoon is warming up for some fresh mammas cookin
EZ Money
EZ Money Mese fa
Ben Simmons needs to be investigated for game FIXING. No way an NBA player is that pathetic in a crucial series.
David Fields
David Fields Mese fa
Ben Simmons needs to be under investigation if you really look at the last game looks like point shaving to me but I might be wrong
alida flus
alida flus Mese fa
Let us find out Ben Simmons' house was in escrow for the past 2 games, and he's been priming for his next city...
Ant Mese fa
Magic is right and SAS/Max is wrong.
Kyam Samji
Kyam Samji Mese fa
how doc rivers is a trash coach and is one of the reasons they lost
Positive Vibes Maybe Podcast
Come on Sixers let’s make a excellent trade for both parties. Ben Simmons, Shake Milton & Tobias Harris to The Washington Wizards for Russ and Beal
alida flus
alida flus Mese fa
Stephen a was just saying they should give ben simmons a 170 million dollar contract now he's saying trade em
Weezy Mese fa
If max is black the espn will fire him haha
Weezy Mese fa
Ben simmons will be the michael jordan of shanghai sparks
gunning ju
gunning ju Mese fa
Fire Daryl Morey first, then re-think about simmons who has huge potential if sixers coaching team is sharp!
Houston Khanyile
GTFOH It's been 4 years going on 5 now. 2 coaching staffs. It's time to give up.
Robert Marion
You think Ben going to be alright go Ben
Howard Mooney
Accept the clear facts. He's just an average player. He won't make any team better
prodbyDraiko Mese fa
Send him to the g-league until he can shoot🤣🤣freaking garbage
tzilla Mese fa
Trailblazers don't want simmons
To beat Philly you do not trade foe Ben...you make them make a decision on Ben ....you do not help your opponent out....
Sherman Pearson
Correction.. magic you played against the sixers three times..not twice..yes you got swept the third time but it still counts 😀😀😀
Patrick Guerrier
He needs to go to the WNBA if u can't shoot as a point guard maan his problem is deeper than we thought
Nyno0 Mese fa
I'm tired of hearing that the doc rivers is a good coach, he is clueless on what to do without rondo KG and pierce, lets be honest
Igor Majoros
Igor Majoros Mese fa
Magic Johnson was a great player, but his basketball analysis are as if he never played. Ben Simmons just caught a mental block due to unexpected hack-a-Simmons tactics. It is something that CAN BE FIXED. He is 24, 3 x all star, 2 x all-defensive 1st team player. Really, you are going to trade him NOW? When his value is so low? I can see why you failed miserably as GM Magic...what a joke. Lebron had similiar mental block in 2011 against Dallas in the NBA Finals. He go embarassed, got humbled...went to work over the summer and came back stronger. I have no doubt Ben Simmons will be OK.
Ayishah Morris
Stop not over he got to go Ben Simmons play better whole team players none well
Lor Jaymo
Lor Jaymo Mese fa
Stephen a was just saying they should give ben simmons a 170 million dollar contract now he's saying trade em
Charlie Heredia
Potencial phillis need good shooter around Joel embii Ben simon need to be trade aggressively player get job done Ben simon he not player like all star he not deserves to be all star game
Lodi Moko
Lodi Moko Mese fa
send Ben Simmons to china. where he belong.
Mariques Alexander
No dnt do the trailblazers like that ....simmons need to go to the bobcats
BlondeGirlSez This
We're good, thx. - Portland
Detroit Smash
Why did I feel like the white dude was acting like everything he said was scripted… 🤨
Javi Rios
Javi Rios Mese fa
So nobody gonna talk about the curse?
Carpe Deump
Carpe Deump Mese fa
Nah, Magic. A championship doesn't mean you know what you're doing. Doc has a track record of being a terrible coach, just like D'Antoni, yet they both somehow keep getting hired. Doc only has a ring because of the big 3 getting him one.
dolita windo
dolita windo Mese fa
"Doc has won a championship" yeah 13 years ago, he's choked with stacked teams EVER SINCE
Daniel Angel
Daniel Angel Mese fa
Nah just send him to Sacramento
dolita windo
dolita windo Mese fa
in my opinion i think they should trade ben simmons for CJ mcollum but them turn the 76rs into seth curry's teams and build the offense around him
nxghtmxre Mese fa
I still believe in Ben Simmons
Tyler Hyde
Tyler Hyde Mese fa
I posted this question to my Instagram story when the series ended. Trail blazer fans overwhelmingly said no.. ALTHOUGH, if he were to accept a power forward position like he should be in the first place.. he is exactly what we need.
David Roseman
Too bad networks don't trade employees. SAS to the Longhorn Network so no human being ever has to hear his noise pollution ever again.
feedthesnake Mese fa
next year SAS gonna be bitchin' about the 76ers gave up on simmons too early
Cody Fast
Cody Fast Mese fa
SAS: Portland should trade for Simmons.. Literally 2 seconds later.. Molly: SAS, who do you think should trade for Simmons? Lord have mercy
Vince Carter
Vince Carter Mese fa
Stephen A is arrogant af.
Nathan Lin
Nathan Lin Mese fa
imagine if the sixers have cp3 rather than Ben Simmons... Or imagine Jamal Murray with Joel Embiid Imma said it, Ben Simmons is a semi-bust because he didn't even try to improve his weaknesses. That is SOFT!!! His mentality is too soft. If he keeps performing like this, he is just another stat-good-looking player. He will never be the next Lebron or Magic, he only will become a slightly better Draymond Green type of player. And the funny thing is, Draymond is a better perimeter shooter than he is. A first pick with this little kind of impact in a crucial game??? I'd call that player a semi-bust, Don't you think?
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Mese fa
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Eric Colburn
Eric Colburn Mese fa
Trade him to the local YMCA for a six pack of Gatorade
Meeeee Mese fa
Why were you at those high schools and colleges Stephen A Smith?
Jorge Gonzalez
Doc is a terrible coach.
Ryan Alcaraz
Ryan Alcaraz Mese fa
Send Ben Simmons to the Sparks
Tdc Ent. Photographer
The wizards could use Simmons
Marcus Moses
Marcus Moses Mese fa
Why can’t the wizards get Simons
Carlos O
Carlos O Mese fa
Doc Rivers is one of the most overrated coaches of all time in any sport
iron pheonix
iron pheonix Mese fa
in my opinion i think they should trade ben simmons for CJ mcollum but them turn the 76rs into seth curry's teams and build the offense around him
Camden Keefer
Yes!!! Trade him for dame time give them whatever
Cody Loco
Cody Loco Mese fa
Lonzo Ball is better than Ben Simmons
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