Sting - Desert Rose 

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Official Music Video for Desert Rose performed by Sting.
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(C) 1999 A&M Records
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15 giu 2009




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danieldsantos94 7 mesi fa
I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand I dream of fire These dreams that tie two hearts that will never die Near the flames The shadows play in the shape of the man's desire This desert rose Whose shadow bears the secret promise This desert flower No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this And now she turns This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams This fire burns I realize that nothing's as it seems I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand I dream of rain I lift my gaze to empty skies above I close my eyes The rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of love Ya leel Ya leel I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand Sweet desert rose Whose shadow bears the secret promise This desert flower No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this Sweet desert rose This memory of hidden hearts and souls This desert flower This rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of love
Suhaib Arbas
Suhaib Arbas 7 mesi fa
هدي مدة طويلة وانا نحوس انا على على غزالتي وانا نحوس انا على على غزالتي وانا نحوس انا ااااه على غزالي Translation: That is a long time Im searching for my soulmate/love Im searching for my soulmate/love Im searching ooooh for my soulmate/love
Suhaib Arbas
Suhaib Arbas 7 mesi fa
Hadi muda tawela Wana nhous ana aala aala ghzelti Wana nhous ana aala aala ghzelti Wana nhous ana aaaaah aala ghzeli
Monique Hall
Monique Hall 6 mesi fa
Thank you for writing the words to this beautiful song down! I love to listen to sting from back in the '80's, but never could understand all his English when he sang. Thank you!
Patrice Landier
Patrice Landier 6 mesi fa
Super . Superman
Инна Казанцева
Удивительно красивый и необычный дуэт. Сочетание голосов поражает. " Роза пустыни" Стинг и Шеб просто великолепны. Прошло столько лет а композиция трогает до сих пор.
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi Mese fa
Glory to Ukraine
AccRussia ForInstagram
Slava to Russia
Акжол Рахиленов
@Jogie Dhesi Героям слава !
j9ui9 9y8h
j9ui9 9y8h Mese fa
​@Jogie Dhesi hohlaina sosat)))
Зарема Батчаева
​@Акжол Рахиленов Слава, и Хвала,Нашему Создателю,Великому,Всемогущему Господу
Sarang SJ
Sarang SJ 17 giorni fa
Its May 2023 but this song still gives me Goosebumps...
Safiya 12 giorni fa
Idem ✔️
sailmar 7 giorni fa
FIFUTERO 18 giorni fa
After many years listening to it, I have never seen anyone talk about the second vocalist. Sting is with one of the best Algerian singers in history, Cheb Mami. The combination of both is simply incredible
frank!E 16 giorni fa
How many people do you think assume it's Adam Sandler in the video? I know at least 4 people whose minds I've blown by telling them that's not Adam Sandler hahahaha
Christian B
Christian B 15 giorni fa
you're so right about it. the guy's vocals are just increible.
Christian B
Christian B 15 giorni fa
@frank!E hahahahahahahaha
Elaine Meyer
Elaine Meyer 15 giorni fa
🤔 Being from the 🇺🇸 US, I’m guessing that I never heard of this singer until now bc of this. BUT I do agree that he’s very talented - and not too bad on the eyes either (lol)! ❤ BOTH their voices, and this song! 👍👏
Robbert van Rijsewijk
​@frank!E I can't unsee this now. Thanks 😂
Ganpati Natrajan
A masterpiece beyond ages... Even after 25 years ... goosebumps.. Great composition...👍👍👍
حالات واتساب
Cheb mami 🇩🇿🇩🇿
HelenaRю Mese fa
Ого! 25 лет прошло, а как будто вчера:-))
Stone Worshipper
Stone Worshipper 21 giorno fa
Can't believe ita 25 years passed still feels so fresh 🎉
Menemell 17 giorni fa
​@حالات واتساب😊
Sam Gabr
Sam Gabr Giorno fa
I will never forget this song brings a lot of memories ❤
Julia Law
Julia Law Anno fa
That one song that never gets old. Makes me want to dance, take a trip, try new things & just live.
Sérgio Gonçalves
Tamanpreet Sahni
I agree. This song makes me want to go on a long drive by the desert just like in the video, or visit a new exotic place
Ayda Darehshuori_singh
Yes i agree with you i like to put this song and travel around the world🎶🥰🌍
Ильхан Ашур
💕🌹💖💑💖🌹💕 💕🌹💖💑💖🌹💕
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi Anno fa
What kind of trip
Айнур Абдулина
Эту песню можно слушать вечно.
Aeon Daemon
Aeon Daemon Mese fa
и будут.
Anvar Khamidov
rosalia Mese fa
***True love = the love of God!*** God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being Philippians 2:5-8
ILHAN Mese fa
​@rosalia причём тут крест 😮
Наталья Никулова
Это точно, песня вечная...
reina 27 giorni fa
Мурашки каждый раз, как в первый. Напоминает детство, слышала по радио немало раз, когда была ещё маленькая. Маме всегда нравился Стинг, благодаря ей я узнавала о некоторых исполнителях, которых слушаю до сих пор иногда. Почему-то всегда хочется плакать, когда слушаю его песни, очень красиво!
Sting 13 giorni fa
Thanks for the great love and support you show me as a special fan of mine, I hope you won't stop listening to music, and thanks for your sincere Compliment and love towards my music❤️ may god bless you.
I M I imilyo
@Sting 😢 Why don't you write the name of the singer Cheb Mami Although his performance is impressive
NATTY Mese fa
THIS one is my favorite of Sting. Totally love the Arabic touch in this song. Cheb Mami TOTALLY nailed it. What a voice ! Two amazing singers ! Still love this song in 2023 ❤❤❤
Ahmed Benhamdane
Chanson immortel thanks
Did you see me in my black speedo swim jammer?
некет бравлтьми
@Wolverines_boneclaws т
malik MDR
malik MDR 14 giorni fa
Sting 12 giorni fa
Am always glad to receive positive comments from my lovely fans 🤍🖤 it's absolutely my pleasure bringing sweet melody to you. May God bless you awesomely 🙏 I hope you have fun listening to this music 🎧❣️. Have you been to any of my concert?
Raymond 2 mesi fa
The vocals and acoustics in this song are a pure majestic symphony
Sanjeetkumar 2 mesi fa
gSting = 2o00. Year now = 2023. All normal people listening Gomunkul 6 now
JohnDoe Nameless
JohnDoe Nameless 7 giorni fa
Whoever thought they could make this combination a masterpiece is a genius
Диана Кармокова
Этой песне 22 года. И каждый раз она уносит куда-то далеко, за пределы всего... окунает в таинственную атмосферу востока. Большое спасибо и низкий поклон...
Ildar T8
Ildar T8 7 mesi fa
... окунеает в 90-е когда мама и папа были молодыми и здоровыми. Помню Молодого Стинга. А теперерь наоборот - я молодой, а о родителях надо заботиться.
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi 7 mesi fa
Glory to Ukraine
Везучий 7 mesi fa
@Jogie Dhesi вот не надо пихать это сюда
Egor4ik Official
@Jogie Dhesi слава России!
Павел Подольский
@Egor4ik Official Героям слава 💙💛
Елена Заплатинская
Они не сыграли,они прожили этот фильм❤Все прекрасно в нем и актерская игра,и сюжет,и музыка,ставшая уже классикой
melhiott Mese fa
прошу прощения, а какой фильм?
Татьяна Надым
@melhiott Клон
rosalia Mese fa
*The ETERNAL GOD would do so much for you! !! Even out of love for you he went to the cross as a human!!* Philippians 2:5-8
Carol Bosch 🤩
La escuché en el año 1999 es un sonido de paz mezclado con pasión es genial .. ahora en pleno 2023 tiempos pasados fueron mejores , está canción me trae esos momentos! 😍🙏💗
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi 29 giorni fa
You don't now what you talking about
Raul Mejia
Raul Mejia 29 giorni fa
Yo la escuche en el 2000 y tu la escuchaste 1 año antes?. A ver explícame por que no entiendo , yo pensé que era del 2000.
eri belgjika
eri belgjika 28 giorni fa
Carol Bosch 🤩
Carol Bosch 🤩 28 giorni fa
@eri belgjika Hola, un abrazo desde Barcelona
Carol Bosch 🤩
Carol Bosch 🤩 28 giorni fa
@Jogie Dhesi Hello ! I am from Spain. Barcelona
Mohamed B22
Mohamed B22 Giorno fa
Best song ever between two great singers
SK 11 ore fa
Nostalgia ! Good old childhood days
Wayne Merritt
Wayne Merritt 4 mesi fa
Brilliant. Hypnotic. This came from a time when songs could be anything and everything, morphing from brooding to pulsating joy in a few notes. Absolutely marvelous!
Orateur Dandy
Orateur Dandy 3 mesi fa
Totally agree 🔥💯
Algerian songs make you happy and dance with your whole body. How much I love Algeria from South Africa🇿🇦✨🇩🇿
Natálya Braga
Coloque seu fone de ouvido e viaje na maravilhosa vibração que essa música traz. 🎶☺️🇧🇷
Zi zak
Zi zak Mese fa
Mayaoui ghani
Hayssam Sagr
Hayssam Sagr Mese fa
It's true ❤❤❤❤
☁️Afrodite DeWiitt Bukater🎀
É bem isso mesmo!🌌💆🏻‍♀️
Zit Amine
Zit Amine 26 giorni fa
مرحبا في الجزائر
Mako 13 giorni fa
Strangely enough, Taif rose water has guided me here. I have never listened to this song before. This is the tune that takes me to the desert with fragrant roses. Even though Sting said that this song is about the lost love and longing for it, I just feel the beauty of passionate love. It also reminds me of an old movie, "The Name of the Rose." The rose is also a metaphor for his loving one forever. I really like the word, "torture" to express the beauty of the fragrance. It's the same as the beauty of the mirage of the sand. If you chase it, it will take your life in illusion. The most beautiful song ever!
I am here in 2023, listening to a song that is older than me and I absolutely love it. It's a real masterpiece and it definitely doesn't get old. ❤
Harold Kreye
Harold Kreye Giorno fa
What a classic.
Melvi Sadiya
Melvi Sadiya 10 mesi fa
I used to listen this in high school, after 22 years. I am still listening. A masterpiece indeed.
Mir Azhar Ali
Mir Azhar Ali 10 mesi fa
I still searched it....old memories...the only song I could save in sony ericson
Miss Kawlina
Miss Kawlina 9 mesi fa
I agree !
Virginia Romero Garrido
@Miss Kawlina qq1qqqqqq
Gangster Paradise Rockers
Indeed, it is a timeless masterpiece !
Виктория Оханова
@Mir Azhar Ali фйвосересанье
lil_cina 24 giorni fa
порой мне кажется, что эта песня чистое волшебство и человек не мог придумать что-то столь прекрасное
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi 20 giorni fa
Glory to Ukraine
Стас727 14 giorni fa
Вы правы..бесподобная..
Aye Барыга
Aye Барыга 13 giorni fa
@Jogie Dhesi досить будь ласка, це вже бридко пхати політику в хороші коментарі людей. мені огидно за вас
Yannis Lemmen
Yannis Lemmen 7 giorni fa
Hello ❤ bb
Beytullah Aydın
Beytullah Aydın 5 giorni fa
Askerden gelince favorimdi uzun zamandır dinlememiştim. Bugün sanki ilk defa dinlermişim gibi hissettim. Ve bu sefer içimde başka hevesleri uyandırdı.
nik mihin
nik mihin 18 giorni fa
Б Р А В О !!!!!! очень красивая песня - дуэт великолепен - спасибо за доставленное удовольствие
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi 17 giorni fa
Glory to Ukraine
Charli Meza
Charli Meza 5 giorni fa
Una joya de canción junto a Cheb❤️❤️❤️
Mildre Gutierrez
Mildre Gutierrez 6 giorni fa
The best collab of all times ❤❤❤
Ziganshina Oks
Ziganshina Oks 4 mesi fa
Песня, которую можно слушать 1000 лет❤️❤️❤️
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi 4 mesi fa
Glory to Ukraine
Αδάμ 4 mesi fa
@Jogie Dhesi What glory and Putin spent on you
Никита пофиг
привет мне 1000 лет..я согласен с вашими словами
Юлия М
Юлия М 4 mesi fa
@Jogie Dhesi вам плохо? Да вы не нервничайте, примите валерьянки😉
Юлия М
Юлия М 4 mesi fa
Везде со своей Украиной, задолбали
meer hadi
meer hadi 2 giorni fa
I was listening this song ❤my childhood ❤
Mathew Keipert
Just a truly great song. Anthemic, uplifting and powerful. Perfectly blended.
Chandana Suranjith
Chandana Suranjith 8 giorni fa
Exactly in 2010, a friend of mine played this track. First english track i ever heard in a headset. Device was Blackberry 9000. From that day, i fell in love with this song 😍
Neema Kallychurn
Neema Kallychurn 3 giorni fa
Listening to this song for the past few days n that on repeat mode.. Cant get enough of it😍😍😍
Gregoire Johnsy
Gregoire Johnsy 2 giorni fa
same here
Розалия Михайлова
Второй исполнитель тоже супер, так и хочется слушать вновь и ановь🎉🎉
Mona Saleem
Mona Saleem 8 mesi fa
I was a little girl when I first listened to this song and it’s still as fresh as before. Nostalgic for me ❤
Mona Saleem
Mona Saleem 8 mesi fa
@Samir Samir what’s wrong with the word ”little” ??
Bin Amin
Bin Amin 8 mesi fa
Size vs Age
Mona Saleem
Mona Saleem 8 mesi fa
@Bin Amin that’s not the problem. “Little” is commonly used around the world for youngers
Hikmatilla 8 mesi fa
Ты откуда
Hikmatilla 8 mesi fa
Сколка лет превет
Сандра Mese fa
Да здравствует мир и дружба между народами! Sting & Mami the best 🎶 👌 👍
Алёна Ланская
Согласна, они молодцы!👍
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi 29 giorni fa
Glory to Ukraine
Алёна Ланская
Шла бы ты лесом !
nasro 29 giorni fa
Maria Rosa Flores
Fantástico!! ❤
Swiss1984 13 giorni fa
The immortal song. Is like pumpkin sparkles in to your veins!! Remember as it was yesterday, feels still the same
Ruthy Lopez
Ruthy Lopez 6 giorni fa
This song is timeless.
Юрий Коротков
2020 Просто бомба для ностальгии.Дай бог здоровья ему и всем читающим этот комментарий :)
Alana Dress
Alana Dress 2 anni fa
И вам😊😊👍🏼
Peut-Être Demain
BAD RAT 2 anni fa
Natalia Soslo
Natalia Soslo 2 anni fa
Руслан Вейбер
Тимур Ямалдинов
Afanas Lavr
Afanas Lavr Mese fa
Все детство думал это эта девушка поет припев 😮
Maks Sereda
Maks Sereda 4 giorni fa
Песня с душой!
Оля Светлая
Этот клип нельзя сравнивать никогда и ни с кем! Он тем и ценен, что объединились две разные культуры! Вы лучшие Sting и Mami 👍🫶🫴🌷
Sting 13 giorni fa
Thanks for the great love and support you show me as a special fan of mine, I hope you won't stop listening to music, and thanks for your sincere Compliment and love towards my music❤️❤️may god bless you.
Оля Светлая
​@Sting Спасибо за внимание Маэстро, я польщена! Продолжайте радовать нас своими шедеврами 🎼🎶Мы с вами! 🙏🫶
Sting 11 giorni fa
@Оля Светлая where are you supporting from?
Оля Светлая
Я русская 🇷🇺
nuni memmedova
nuni memmedova 25 giorni fa
İller keçse de her zaman sevilen musiqi. Ereblerin dilleri de sesi de möhteşem
Athena Cruz
Athena Cruz 10 mesi fa
It’s one of the best collaboration that Sting ever done or even any artist . True art and absolutely phenomenal duo. Nobody could repeat the same success in 23 years. It’s summer 2022 and I play it on my parties!! 😍
hm hm
hm hm 10 mesi fa
Yes in deed
Артем Левинский
Мой любимый, Клон😍😍 мама Артёма
Moh Rh
Moh Rh 10 mesi fa
Greetings from Algeria ♥️
Moh Rh
Moh Rh 10 mesi fa
you heard a song Chab Mami with soolking?
Bravo Ferris
Bravo Ferris 10 mesi fa
Валентина Фефелова
Шикарная песня! На века!
Sting 12 giorni fa
Am always glad to receive positive comments from my lovely fans 🤍🖤 it's absolutely my pleasure bringing sweet melody to you. May God bless you awesomely 🙏 I hope you have fun listening to this music 🎧❣️. Have you been to any of my concert?
Людмила Федоренко
Какое счастье слушать эту музыку!
SvetaSweety Mese fa
О чём поют, скажите пжалста?
Светлана Старовойтова
Любимая песня у Стинга. Создавать музыку или просто создавать и строить вместе, независимо от религий это лучше, чем спорить и воевать. Я за уважение, дружбу и процветание для всех людей на нашей маленькой планете. Нет войне....
sabrina Klug
sabrina Klug 26 giorni fa
Absolutely an amazing song! 💗 I grew up listening To Sting! Amazing singer! 💗💗
patrick Bruel
patrick Bruel 14 giorni fa
Hello, how are you doing it’s nice meeting you here
Владимир 23 giorni fa
Лет 5 искал эту песню, неужели повезло и от начала до конца Песня просто супер!! Спасибо.
Алексей Мазуров
Это не песня, это легенда. А за ней стоят года и воспоминания о тех, кого с нами нет.
Наталья Б.
В точку,
Syriusz &
Syriusz & Anno fa
Ландыш серебристый
Скоро и нас не будет...
Bk Anno fa
Кадыр Сатторов
@Ландыш серебристый если бы мы всегда об этом помнили, радость от жизни была бы на первом плане
Nabil Michraf
Nabil Michraf 13 giorni fa
Can't stop listening to this song even after more than 13 years of its release, this is just the song than i could listen to even when i'm travelling to space.
Abbie Bamboozler
Abbie Bamboozler 13 giorni fa
It’s truly priceless Monsieur
✧ ᴹ𝗷ᴳ ✧
✧ ᴹ𝗷ᴳ ✧ 13 giorni fa
The song was released in January 2000, so more than 23 years ago.
Seeker of Facts
Seeker of Facts 12 giorni fa
Great music has no age, it is frequencies that promote emotional changes in our souls
Denise De Souza
Amo demais ❤❤
Санти но
Великая песня .
Zit Amine
Zit Amine 26 giorni fa
إنه شاب مامي ❤❤❤
Hurrem Sultan💙
Amazing Voices both of them❤
benhursilva Mese fa
essa música é demais!!!!
uzwinzfan Anno fa
Algerian traditional music is timeless. It should definitely be discovered more
Aline Libassi
i love this i speak french can you recommend/?
لا أحد
لا أحد Anno fa
@Aline Libassi and these are chaabi style : dahmane el harashi ( hasebni ) dahmane el harashi ( bahdja ) dahmane el harashi ( mazalni ma'ak nqasi )
Ivania Santos
Amooo essa música 🎶
I absolutely LOVE this song. Fantastic mix of music and languages.
Will Adkins
Will Adkins 12 giorni fa
I weld for a living.. this song starts playing in my head- and my day just goes so smooth-
Иван Иванчиков
Всемирная классика и всемирное достояние.да просто нет слов одни эмоции
Da ker
Sillvia X
Sillvia X Mese fa
Niezmiennie od tylu lat ❤kocham ten kawałek ❤🇵🇱
Mehmet Filiz
Mehmet Filiz 6 anni fa
never gets old
yasemin demiray
yasemin demiray 6 anni fa
Panikyoklan 6 anni fa
bu şarkı süper ya, hep alttan alttan duya duya beyne işlemiş, bulduğumda çok sevinmiştim :)
jugal surti
jugal surti 6 anni fa
Kaushal Bhandari
+Techno-PaniX lol
Aytən Qurbanova
@Kaushal Bhandari çsçmamaça
Евгения Ненашева
Мурашки по коже этим всё сказано!!!!!❤
Talent-Hunter 15 giorni fa
Even if you don't mention the name of Mami, but the entire world come here only for his voice. 🇩🇿
yassine samir
yassine samir 9 giorni fa
bro hebdid it for a reason like its understandable for sting to remove it after what mami did
صفية مرجان
@yassine samir عالم يحب مامي لفنه ولصوته أسطوري وليس لسمعته
elochka 2 giorni fa
Стинг это чудо ❤
fersar gaming 2
So much harmony between two different cultures, And it sound great!!🎉❤
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed 6 giorni fa
Cheb Mami his put us in other places by his voice am impressed from Egypt 🇪🇬 love 💕 Algeria 🇩🇿
Цельнометаллический ополченец
Такие песни не стыдно и самому переслушивать, и включить друзьям и родственникам. Шедевр, под любое настроение, погоду и время года
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi 11 mesi fa
Glory to Ukraine
Господин Уэф
within Russia
Stella Moriander
Stella Moriander 10 mesi fa
Glory to Russia
Цельнометаллический ополченец
@Stella Moriander thanks brother ( sister)
Anastassiya Traktorenko
Not Ukraine, only new american satate of Ukranian😆
G.I-KI MAGO SAN 2 mesi fa
Amo ❤ essa energia ...😅
Нигина Алина
Ваше классная и бомбическая песня , это песня не когда не умрет
Dino Soyza
Dino Soyza 4 giorni fa
Superb song
The050965 27 giorni fa
Cheb Mami's voice and singing are extraordinary in this song!! ♥♥♥
Christina King
I saw him on the 12th...this song makes me feel alive.
patrick Bruel
patrick Bruel 14 giorni fa
Hello, how are you doing it’s nice meeting you here .
Stacey O'Neale
The blend of their voices is heavenly. This will always be my favorite Sting song.
Hamid Hamid
Hamid Hamid Anno fa
وهذا بفضل مامي امير الراي 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Psych Anno fa
@Hamid Hamid للاسف مكتبش اسم مامي في اسم الاغنية
Hamid Hamid
Hamid Hamid Anno fa
@Psych مع أن لمامي كل الفضل بشهرة وطول عمر الأغنية
Aytən Qurbanova
@Hamid Hamid ççmb
Aamir Ahmad
Aamir Ahmad 11 mesi fa
Most melodic Chorus ever ❤️
b w
b w 16 giorni fa
"It has been a long time and I'm looking for myself and my loved one"❤
Sami Sher
Sami Sher 17 giorni fa
What a great voice
Елена  🌹🌺
О-о, голос 💞 Стинга - ностальгия, великолепный 🎶 шедевр на ВЕКА !!!
Qiven Qiven
Qiven Qiven Mese fa
ORIGINAL SONG 🤯🤯🤯👇👇👇 itvid.net/video/video-ckZsdV9Ylz8.html
ur.fav.person 3 giorni fa
Ahmed Essam Official
This song unlocks a different type of nostalgia I didn’t know I had
pestanah Anno fa
same here.
Azim Fazil
Azim Fazil Anno fa
Agree.......I always linked this song to middle east.......it came out when I was visiting countries all over the middle east for the first time so holds a very special place.
Zane Anno fa
Same Here
Kafasına Sapanla Taş Attığımın Oğlu
Fr tho. Whenever ı listen this song ı remember the first time ı was playing uncharted 3 in 2011. I don't know why xd.
@Azim Fazil Agreed. It especially takes me back to the 2010-12 era, when the whole world was watching the events of the Arab Spring unfold across Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, etc., and when school teachers would discuss this topic in class
Sicilianu 2 mesi fa
this song gives me nostalgia... only nostalgia and I can't stop to cry inside while I listen to this masterpiece...
حلويات عائشة عائشة
C'est magnifique
Meri T
Meri T 28 giorni fa
It's such a shame that " cheb mami "is not even menetioned 😢 his voice added magic to the song 🌅⛺🏝🪔🐫
Когда слушаешь хороший песни как приятно и читать комментарии
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi Mese fa
Glory to Ukraine
Aj Gh
Aj Gh 6 giorni fa
Really ,GREAT music, compositions, is like wine...it hits you 20 years later
Joanness Anno fa
I am 40 now and this song still gives me chills. Mami's voice is ethereal!
Glynis Mcgourlick
I'm 63 and his voice makes this record special. I get goosebumps every time x
Fire913 Anno fa
gabriel gomez
Tengo 40 años también...y siempre me causa esa fascinación esta mezcla ...saludos
tinukabir13 Anno fa
Am 42 - I heard it in 99/2000 at west africa in lome and Abidjan
Joanness Anno fa
@gabriel gomez translation?
Татьяна Евсеева
Шикарная песня!❤
Jogie Dhesi
Jogie Dhesi Mese fa
Glory to Ukraine
Al katouss
Al katouss Mese fa
​@Jogie Dhesi bro it's not their fault that there is war
Hector Vargas
Hector Vargas 2 mesi fa
La musica de Sting es extraordinaria y especialmente este tema Desert Rose es maginifico ,me imagino en los desiertos del Medio Oriente y su magica cultura
Елена Пыжик
Восток дело тонкое.
Qiven Qiven
Qiven Qiven Mese fa
Cheb mami is an algérien 🇩🇿singer north Africa
Robin Sanabria
Robin Sanabria 28 giorni fa
What a legendary tune! Brings back some amazing memories. 💕
Shaaban 11 giorni fa
❤ My ears are still savoring the pleasure of this touching melody and the wonderful sounds ❤
Таня Тимошевская
Уже и музыка закончилась , по факту .....А в голове еще продолжается звучание ❤ . Огромное спасибо за музыкальное удовольствие .💝💝💝💝💙💛
Koki Beauty
Koki Beauty Anno fa
When I hear this song, I always feel it for the first time. It's a legendary song. It's still a live hit today. I'm proud of Cheb Mami. 🇩🇿❤️😍
متفائلة بإذن الله
@Madame PUILLET We do not care about his mistakes and his actions we are not responsible for that. There is a government and a judiciary every person has problems and a private life We are not angels we all make mistakes and commit foolishness Despite this, he remains the legend of Algerian singing 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Stefanos Bletsios
Today from Greece 🇬🇷
Shadow Ghost
Shadow Ghost Anno fa
@Madame PUILLET are you french 🥖?!
Tomb Stone
Tomb Stone Anno fa
from Iran ♥
Noah Anno fa
In am a Moroccan brother you how many memories i have with this song i am 47 years old
P D Mese fa
It is so beautiful, I can listen it every day. It moves me and gives me goosebumps, time after time
matthew hasentufel
This isnt a 'first' but, Sting definitely shed light on the beauty and potential of collaboration. Wish more TRUE 'artists' did more collabs, crossing barriers, bridging gaps and genres, similar to this.
Tatjana Matić
Tatjana Matić 11 giorni fa
Хвала . С Р Б И Ј А П Л А Ћ А !!! ❤
cindy li
cindy li Mese fa
Just went to Sting's concert last night. So excited, so much great memory
Sevim SÖNMEZ 13 giorni fa
Her iki ses de büyüleyici istemsiz hayal alemine götürüyor,çok gizemli❤