STOCK BOX Doll Customizing: Busted up mermaid doll Sirena Von Boo

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I forgot to name this doll during the episode. Whups! I guess she can keep the name ‘Sirena’. Thank you so much for joining me, and leave a comment with what animal theme we should tackle next!

Vote for the next STOCK BOX doll's animal theme here: poll-maker.com/poll4037210x36...
Thank you all for the wonderful comments and suggestions. There were so many!!

Mentioned in video:
April Rose instagram.com/april.roseart/
@H ALI Crafts
Festival Hair Extension tutorials:

Catch STOCK BOX Season 1: itvid.net/group/PLw...

Monster High Doll: Sirena Von Boo
Nylon doll hair from www.dollyhair.com/
Hair extension-I think the one I used was kanekalon hair.
Reroot tool and needles from TheDollPlanet.com
Water Colored Pencils - Faber Castell
Pastels - Mungyo Hand-Rolled Soft Pastels
Acrylic paints - Liquitex, Alpha, Golden
Gouache cakes (paint) - Caran D’ache
Pearl Ex Powders
Air dry clay - La Doll
Sealant - Mr. Super Clear UV Flat by Mr. Hobby (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Mask - Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
Varnish (Duraclear)
Merchandise: www.zazzle.com/store/dollight...
Doll clothing patterns here: www.etsy.com/shop/Dollightful...
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Musical tracks from Artlist artlist.io
Runway by Veshza
Starry-eyed (instrumental version) by Jan & The Boy
In Viaggio Verso I’Alba by Andrea Musci
Jell-O (instrumental version) by Egozi
Slow Down by Steven Beddall
Logo and other graphics designed by: charliesparksdesign.myportfol...


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Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Mese fa
We definitely need a HYENA doll
Spleens The Cat
Spleens The Cat 3 giorni fa
@Megan Davis Lil' rude there
Carly K
Carly K Mese fa
Arctic Føx
Arctic Føx Mese fa
Jahola Tabitha Nicole Veloro
I love hyena there wild and cute 😄😁
Otomatonom Mese fa
I have a powerful need to see a hyena doll with that classic mohawk-mullet XD
Yoamojo Mese fa
You should do a nine-tailed fox! The doll would look absolutely majestic!
Vaikayr 8 giorni fa
Exactly what I was thinking! A kitsune doll would look really cool!
YTTP TeaParty
YTTP TeaParty 24 giorni fa
Payton Smith
Payton Smith Mese fa
Hannah Hipps
Hannah Hipps Mese fa
A peacock based doll would look cool. You could totally pull of the feathered tail and the blue and green coloursceme. I love watching your videos cause you always brighten up my day. Stay artsy and have an amazing day.
_シGlitchedMamas 24 giorni fa
Rat king Leo
Rat king Leo 28 giorni fa
Oh this is a great one
Hannah Hipps
Hannah Hipps Mese fa
@Auhida Chowdhury that sounds amazing
argella1300 Mese fa
Give her some Ancient Greek clothes for a Hera homage too!
Auhida Chowdhury
with hints of gold and maybe some henna style art along the body and hands! it'd be so lovely to see a desi inspired doll!
mossy moon
mossy moon Mese fa
i think a maned wolf or axolotl doll would look super cool. the sequin eyes were definitely the way to go on this one and i loved the general vibe
Angel wolf
Angel wolf 15 giorni fa
Omg this Would be a great doll yasss
an axolotl would be so cool!
Lil Lychee :b
Lil Lychee :b 28 giorni fa
Yeah axoltols are the best and i was gona sugest a wolf great minds think alike
Meerkat Mese fa
A skinny tall with little bits of puffy fur Maned wolf would be so cool🤩
Shark With Legs
An axolotl doll would be amazing!
SpookyJoltik Mese fa
I've always loved half human half snakes like Nagas or Lamias. There's a lot you can do with the scale pattern and types.
SpookyJoltik 14 giorni fa
@Aira Fitri Within the Hindu mythology nagas are some sort of demigods who appears often as half snake half human. They are quite interesting to read about. 🤩
Aira Fitri
Aira Fitri 14 giorni fa
aren't nagas dragons?
SleepyGrim Mese fa
Not sure if anyone has suggested red pandas? I think that would be fun with the patterns and poofy tails
Ria Wells
Ria Wells Mese fa
uhuh :)
collin brandt
Yes I agree
Shumshum Mese fa
That's a great idea! They're so cutee. also love ur art sm 🌼
Mohammed Noor
Charlotte Rene Oh yeah it would
Nightmare Rose
I did yeah
j•zel m
j•zel m Mese fa
I loved the doll repaint and I’ve actually seen that hair style in my culture (Mexican/azteca) where, specifically on the day of the day or día de independencia, we braid colorful stands of fabric or other material into our hair. It’s really cute and creative to see how other people have incorporated this into music and western art. It really pretty :)
Daniella Malcolm
As someone who braids in their own extensions I know it's pretty tricky at first, but you did a great job! Also, I love the color of extension you used and would love to find it and use it in my own hair! Its so pretty AND it glows in the dark?! Amazing!
Anthony Borrego
A flower hat jellyfish themed doll would be so cute, especially in your style! I feel like it just screams 'Dollightful'
frog :3
frog :3 14 ore fa
Jellyfish is genius
Makenzie Gilbert
Pro tip for a Dutch braid: when you want the braid to “pop out” properly, you cross the braids underneath instead of over - if that makes any sense.
Princess Rizu
I'd love to see a snow leopard doll, I think that would be super rad!! Also LOVE how this doll turned out, the sequin eyes are absolutely gorgeous!!!
Pai- tsuhi
Pai- tsuhi 25 giorni fa
Snow leopards are pretty and cute. 🥺✨
Im a jelly bean!!!
Yaasss 💅
Linda Merritt
Oooohhhhh yes make the doll nice and fluffy uwu
Lindsey Buhmeyer
Mandie Parry
Mandie Parry Mese fa
U r s
cryptidaer x
cryptidaer x Mese fa
I think a bearded vulture would make a really fun doll, being actual birds with actual draconic energy, a significant potion of their diet is just bone. They have fun markings that might lend well to an interesting face up and also the red pigment in their feathers is something they apply themselves so you could lean into the theming of that!
Rat of the Woods
Rat of the Woods 6 giorni fa
They are the COOLEST would love to see them as a doll
Skywalker_Artist 55
I feel like a artic fox would be so cute, id love to see those GIANT ears made into doll form!!
ᴊúʟɪᴀ ᴏʟɪᴠᴇɪʀᴀ
The colors, the eyes, the hair... EVERYTHING FITS SO WELL!! It makes me happy for some reason :DD
Celeste Volschenk
Hey Dollightful, I love the animal theme you've got going on here! I've noticed that the animals you've been choosing are delicate, or cute, or both. Why not add some larger animals to the mix? Bears, sharks, big cats, horses, you get the gist. I just know that you can make these larger animals look cute AH, too! :)
Casey Greyson
A doll with vitiligo would be absolutely beautiful. Ever since Doll Motion gave her rabbit doll vitiligo, I’ve been dying to see another one!
YTTP TeaParty
YTTP TeaParty 24 giorni fa
That would really be beautiful
Rat king Leo
Rat king Leo 28 giorni fa
DracanaFlye Mese fa
Which one was this?
Peyton Parks
Peyton Parks Mese fa
Naihara Forlese
Oh yes!!!
Tori Mal
Tori Mal Mese fa
I just wanted to say that you inspire me to try doll customization every time I watch you!!! Your dolls always look awesome and it seems like a lot of fun!!! Once I get the time and resources, I want to customize my really flexible Barbie doll I saved just to do this!! You’re just really inspiring and I wanted to say that!!!
Mirelle Bueno
18:48 I love how she matches the background, looks like she's in an underwater rave
"I guess I can try to photoshop her into a stock image" Me "oh...how is this gonna- WOAH." I was super amazed at how well you photoshopped her in. I feel like this is my favorite doll that you've done this year. She's just so cool. I love her 💜.
Tyler Roads
Tyler Roads Mese fa
Those glow in the dark photos gave me chills. This doll feels like someone I would run into a festival with the lights on, but with the glow in the dark reflecting off her eyes, she feels like an apex predator. Fantastic work as always!
HEXG0UL Mese fa
i’d love to see a Kumiho (Nine-tailed Fox) portrayed in doll form! i feel like you’d nail that and your concept would be beautiful💞🦊
RottingSyns Mese fa
Carmen Griffin
That would be splendid!
Catilionn Mese fa
ooh yeah definitely that would be amazing to see
Pixie Izzy
Pixie Izzy Mese fa
Yes, I want to see that.
Llama Turtle
Llama Turtle Mese fa
Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor Mese fa
Well, we have mythical, mammalian, aquatic, and insectoid... maybe something avian or reptilian? I'd love to see you tackle a bird doll on this series! Maybe a hummingbird or a magpie? Or for a reptile something like an iguana!
桔梗 Mese fa
SHE LOOKS SO GOOD!! Her face up is so cute and her hair is gorgeous, I love the glow in the dark strands too ❤❤❤
I am your King
Your designs are so gorgeous, and so articulate! What a talented artist! Your videos really have something special to them, and your are such a great creator! I love your craft and keep doing you!
One Rad Cat
One Rad Cat Mese fa
wow, she's absolutely incredible!! the sequin eyes gave a really cool effect, particularly when the lights were turned off and they were reflecting in the light of the glow-in-the-dark hair. keep up the awesome work!
Zlorabelle Mese fa
A gargoyle doll with larger wings would be absolutely adorable- As an added suggestion, maybe they could wear traditional Victorian clothing, corset and all!!!
♡SxmlpyMilk♡ 10 giorni fa
monster high has a gargoyle doll already though
simplybxnnyx 28 giorni fa
I think it will be so pretty
AntonRagu, Hubris
Like the ones from Disney gargoyles
Gargoyle in Victorian clothing? Rochelle Goyle in collector's Draculaura clothes. There you go.
Ladybug Cactus
YESSSS big winged Gargoyle would be amazing
Shay Wilson
Shay Wilson Mese fa
"Old college try". Please girl, that hair looks bomb. This is my favorite doll I've seen you make. Love your art and your attitude.
Veeah_! Mese fa
She looks like she would live in an underwater crystal cave! Also you should make a bat doll!
Number one fan
I think that the animal theme is fun!🙂 I wish she would do a Snow leopard or a fox . She is amazing at this stuff 😊👌👍
angelique loyalty
I would LOVE to see her in a WEBTOON w her own story and personality and ugh just this doll SPEAKS TO ME 😩
Mermalade Mese fa
Oh my gosh I’d love to see a bee/honey based doll!!!!
LadyAhro Mese fa
Catmeleon did a fantastic Bee doll using a LOL Doll body recently. I wish more people would use those bodies for dolls, removing the foul heads.
Mikarojla Mese fa
I was thinking the same thing! now in the winter we need a little spring feeling :3
Rebekah O'Neill
Yes. Please make a bee!!
sam sam
sam sam Mese fa
literally was about to comment this myself!
first name last name
Omg with the glitter eyes in a hexagon shape 🔥🔥
O. Thirikalee
She looks amazing! For the next one a Kitsune would be really cool, as someone before mentioned.
Mav Mese fa
Sirena gives Sakura a run for her money as my favorite doll you've made!! I just love all the textures you worked in on both dolls :) Excellent work, as always!!
izzy dabaco
izzy dabaco Mese fa
Omg how pretty! I love the chunky ears and horns, and the crystals and little decals are so cute! I feel like she would read tarot at the musical festivals and carry around a crystal ball.
Luna O’Malley
Birdie LPS
Birdie LPS Mese fa
As a snake lover and owner I’d have to suggest a snake!! There’s ton of varieties of snakes out there all with interesting patterns and color schemes. Snakes are also popular in mythological terms with countless snake based monsters like Medusa and Jörmungandr to name a couple. It’d also be fun to experiment with a lack of limbs (even thought you could totally still make a snake character with limbs, like Medusa).
Kennedy pennywell
A Snake would be ✨Awesome ✨
Maison du Mew Custom Dolls by TESA
Then you would love my new custom doll I just made. She is a gorgeous Snake Goddess.
Rachael Mae
Rachael Mae Mese fa
I think a pre teen naga boy would be cute
Amazing Smasha
Lucky Bug
Lucky Bug Mese fa
Jüwa is a creator goddess in Chinese Mythology as well!
Sam S
Sam S Mese fa
I love it!! I feel like the dots/scales on the body look really good and if they were glow in the dark as well I feel like it'd match the hair but other than that It looks amazing. Also, I can't remember if you've done it or not but I feel like a butterfly or a pixie/elf would look cool as well.
Halo O’Hylier
She’s so beautiful!! Your dolls give me such inspiration ! I remember as a kid your dolls pushed me a lot to draw , and growing up with this channel always made me smile. Have good day!
Bri Bango
Bri Bango Mese fa
I love this❤️ I’m happy to see you happy about a stock box doll! And embracing the energy it has of taking on its own form ❤️❤️ so awesome
Skyy Silva
Skyy Silva Mese fa
The doll is so beautiful and radiant, I absolutely love the color scheme and the fact her hair glows in the dark, but speaking about the hair idk it just looks a bit off to me but other than that this might be my new favorite doll you created 😻
Lady Bird
Lady Bird Mese fa
I'd love to see a humanoid owl in your style: the bright, round eyes, the demure features, bold textures and fluffy ears!
Nikki The Art Kid
That would give me mega stolas vibes. (That’s a good thing)
BrickX0 Mese fa
Bek W
Bek W Mese fa
Oh my gosh this was my thoughts exactly, before I even saw this comment!!
IceGaze Art
IceGaze Art Mese fa
Yes! The cute ear things are called plumicorns :3 and they aren’t ears, they are EYEBROWS I would love to see a doll with fluffy ears or fluffy feather EYEBROWS XD
Skadi Mese fa
Rowlet would make for an adorable doll
- The girl that’s bad at making vids -
The end result is so stunning! I wish I could do a beautiful paint job like that
Kitten Mitten94
Ooh, I love how bewitching and beguiling she looks! Ready to tempt sailors to their doom, just like the sirens in mythology!
Ali Mese fa
Wow I love her. I think she's really one of your prettiest and most special doll customizations🥰 the colors are gorgeous and she really has her own personality and charm😊
Becca Beckie
Becca Beckie 12 giorni fa
I love how when she throws the doll in all the others look down at her like. “Oh my god- is she okay??-“ I’m convinced they’re all alive I’m sorry :”)✋🏻
I’d love to see Katherines sparkly spin on a snake/reptile doll for the next stock box 🐍🐊
Nafia Furqan
Nafia Furqan Mese fa
A colourful Iguana perhaps?
Nameless Nekomata
@Kyra G believe it or not but birds are actually reptiles! Their closest living relatives are crocodilians! Also birds aren't related to dinosaurs, they *are* dinosaurs
Michael! In The Bathroom
@Alex Valentine I made it in more of a sitting position and coiled, I wanted it to be more like a sculpture than a toy you can play with.
MiotaLee Mese fa
Oh! yes. Jinafire would be perfect for that! Like a naga doll
kxi- 14 giorni fa
A kitsune would be such a cool idea! The tails might be hard, but I’d be a fun challenge
Kwill Mese fa
She definitely feels like a beach-rave, music festival mermaid. Like a Coachella girl❤️✨
MareVoid 28 giorni fa
I absolutely love her!!!! And she looks soo good with the other mermaid dolls!
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 14 giorni fa
Sheep are always fun with fluffy coats you could dye and horns to decorate!
You’ve put octopus in my brain with the comment at the start! What about a vampire squid? Or a blue ringed octopus? Those seem like they’d be suchhhh fun characters and I’d love to see how you do the tentacles
delightfully Delaney
That is the coolest idea a vampire squid would be sooooo awesome
Angel Mese fa
Vampire squid vampire squid
Erin Fizer
Erin Fizer Mese fa
I think a vampire blue ringed octopus but,with a squid body.
Adela Grnja
Adela Grnja Mese fa
Oh I would love to see Katherine making some huge tentacles. 😂🖤
Bell Mese fa
Oh my stars I would love to see those. A Vampire squid would sooo awesome.
Tasha Appenzeller
I feel like you should make a Jinx doll from Arcane. It will be really cool to see her in you style!
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 19 giorni fa
Definitely my favourite doll! Her colour palette and design elements are gorgeous, it’s hard to believe you did this without planning !!!
Gothie Mese fa
Ur literally the icon that made me super duper creative since 2018 with all your cool ideas! I used to try and think like you and make super wacky designs, honestly, I think you’re the one that really hired my liking for art! Thanks for that!
Mandy Cornejo
I would love to see like a jack rabbit doll with reallyyy long ears, I feel like it would look so cool ☺️
Ione the NB
Ione the NB Mese fa
I really want to see Katherine make a bird custom doll. A peacock 🦚, maybe a budgie, or any 'birds of paradise' since there so many distinctive colors and plumage to work with!
Kelsey Purdy
Kelsey Purdy Mese fa
If she went with a bird theme, maybe she could use a male base? Since most of the colorful ones are male in nature? Peahens (female peacocks) are kinda plain looking, after all...
Yay she saw it!!
Ione the NB
Ione the NB Mese fa
I got a heart from dollightful, made my week!!! 😍😍🥰
goobbi Mese fa
Josie Parker
Josie Parker Mese fa
Ok this has got to be my favorite doll you’ve made! It’s so pretty! Sort of a combination of my favorite aesthetics, mermaid and galaxy colors!🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🌌
Sarah Morris
Sarah Morris Mese fa
Your art always looks amazing, I look up to you so much and I've actually started to take up things similar to doll customizing! I also have an idea that I think would make an adorable doll... it's a Ladybug!
r0ze_k!d Mese fa
Ah your art work is so beautiful its so cool to see the transitions! 💕
Monica Kamenova
This video was just what I needed to complete my perfect morning. Your videos are so inspiring. I got into doll repainting videos years ago and discovered your channel maybe two years ago. Since then it has been my favorite doll repaint channel, no other creator's videos have or do make me quite as excited as yours. Thank you for making my days better and for being such an inspiration :)
CallMeLolo Mese fa
A possum doll would be really cool!!! They are underrated animals who do a lot of work for our ecosystem - also I think it’s super cute how they play dead if they get scared and they have a really unique look to them :)
CallMeLolo Mese fa
@A Person ahh thank you for sharing that, I didn’t know!! :D poor little dudes.
Emma Ferguson
Emi lol
Emi lol Mese fa
They’re not underrated
the girl
the girl Mese fa
On Netflix
the girl
the girl Mese fa
I know what character your picture is. It is the one guy from kera.
Kristen Benvenete
Beautiful doll as always! A Gorgon would be an interesting creature to make (maybe with a little bit of a twist to give it some uniqueness)
Kenasaurus Rex
I saw a comment suggesting a phoenix and I'm in love with the idea! Although how would you do that with a doll? Maybe they would have a mullet shaped dress which has feathers going down the back? Love your work! Keep it up!
Pello Mese fa
a bearded dragon would be a funny idea :) I can imagine the doll having a spiky collar to imitate the “ beard”
RowanMerrick Mese fa
Her hair is everything ❤️🔥 You killed it as usual.
Minecraft Noob
I think a fox or kitsune character would be really cool and would fit the theme of more mythical animals as well(Idk if you've already done this before), though if you do decide to do this I would imagine getting all those tails into such a small area would be difficult.
YES!!! I LOVE Kitsune!! 9 tails would be sick!! Look at the KDA singer 😁
Kristopher Hastings
i have a fealing ouyr next stock box will be a fox
Izzy -
Izzy - Mese fa
@Akira Alexis Soyra it'd be cool if Katherine did one too
Izzy -
Izzy - Mese fa
Wolf_heart Mese fa
YES!!! That would look so good
LillyDilly Mese fa
I screamed a little when you finished the eyes- I was hoping you would use it too! She seems like such a vibrant and bouncy character~ Like her voice squeaks with charm 💕
Supreme ruler Of apple juice
I love this, I cant stop imagining her with gold eyes
Sleepy_Chi Mese fa
My experience with making characters is that they always just made themselves so it's relatable and also maybe you could make a decora fashion doll based with these ideas
Oikawa s right elbow
Aaah! I make so many new style and references from you! Like I didn’t know what Lolita was and festival hair is definitely going into my art!
Rachael Zzz
Rachael Zzz Mese fa
Axolotls? I feel like there’s a lot of potential to it and I haven’t seen many people do them or ferrets cuz they’re adorable 🥰
axolotl doll would be so cool
J Shinn
J Shinn Mese fa
@Leahfay dollmotion made an adorable pink axolotl punk girl you should check out!
Em Leadbitter
Yes! So many options and colour choices and they are just so weird and cute
Natasha W
Natasha W Mese fa
Yesss! I knew someone would suggest it. I just had to find it to thumbs up 🤣 It is a water creature though so it might be too close to Sirena. But maybe if not for the next doll it could be for a future one.
Rozta Rose
Rozta Rose Mese fa
Btw did this comment make anyone else think about and/or want to play minecraft
Fwsh_Sprite Mese fa
Shes pretty! Not my particular favorite but I do like her! Great job Catherine!
resverie Mese fa
oh my god, i love this doll so much??? definitely one of my favourites. i feel like she and guinevere look super cute together… idk, the vibes just go well with each other i guess xD
At It Again
At It Again Mese fa
oooh, The glow in the dark hair really brought her to life, it almost gave her a deep sea feel!
Oogie boogie Man
Oogie boogie Man 26 giorni fa
OMG!!! I love this doll!! It's so crazy, yet so put together? idk how to say it, but you did such a good job!!
It would be cool to see her attempt at making a nine-tailed fox doll.
Jojmoje 1
Jojmoje 1 Mese fa
Like Ahri from League of legends?
It’sElla Mese fa
0.0 I need this
NosNos Mese fa
That would be so cool!
Yes a kitsune doll 😫👌
Flaire Dragonelle
Yes, I'd love to see her make a kitsune doll
Naihara Forlese
SHE IS SO AWESOME. I'm so in love with the colours, the SPARKLES. It's beautiful
Meghan Grace
Meghan Grace Mese fa
wow! the glow in the dark hair braided in and the sparkles you used for eyes really made this mermaid pop, i love it so much!
Meme King
Meme King Mese fa
Omg I had this doll growing up and I lost it when my family moved states and I was so sad because she was my favorite toy. It’s so good to see her getting a makeover lol.
 𝖑𝖎𝖑𝖞 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖈𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖓 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖘𝖎𝖓
I recently made my first doll modeled after myself thanks to your channel! Thank you!! This was really cool.
Its Just Gale
A hummingbird would be cool! Like using a smaller doll build with the bright vibrant colors that would be so cool. Theres also so many types of hummingbirds with different accents like fancy tails like spatuletails or the like.. iridescent-ness of their feathers
lunaxturusi p
Peacocks are Beautiful to 🦚🦚🦚
Mariska Duffy
They so are
Mr.Nobody Mese fa
Autumn Mecchia
It would be even better if said hummingbird would have a color scheme like flit from pocahontas
Abi Bissett
Abi Bissett Mese fa
@Chandler Sutton I agree!
WolfsGesang Mese fa
I’ve been watching those doll videos on different channels for a few years now and I have to say this dolls face is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, especially the eyes 😍 all in all a very gorgeous design ❤️ greets stay healthy
A snake or Gorgon themed doll would be amazing! All the options from earthy python-themed tones or bright viper ones could be a lot of fun. :)
Carrie On
Carrie On Mese fa
Aaaahaa she’s so cool!!! Absolutely ADORE the eyes 🤩
Emily Quam
Emily Quam Mese fa
I’m super late to this, but a Kinnari doll would be amazing! Plenty of room for colorful design choices all around, and you can get creative with the bird features too.
Emerald Angel
I think a Gargoyle would look pretty crazy!! Doesn’t have to be dull colors either!!
Chloe Sherine Jouanard
Flaming Torrent
Flaming Torrent 11 giorni fa
Oooh having different types of rocks and such!
Vendela Taylor
Vendela Taylor 13 giorni fa
Omg such a great idea
Minda McCoy
Minda McCoy 17 giorni fa
Check out her Rochelle video. The doll is a gargoyle character.
Amelia Turner
Amelia Turner 17 giorni fa
@CapuchinMonkey1 Yes, that’s an awesome idea
Gayboi Greyboi
The sequin eyes are so inspired! Love it!
Alyssa Ragni
Alyssa Ragni Mese fa
So pretty! One of my favorite dolls of yours!
Leone Mese fa
Amazing video! It’s such great fun, watching you work. Your planned projects are a joy as well, but there’s something just so refreshing watching you just take an idea and run with it 😆💕
Julia Holladay
Julia Holladay 14 giorni fa
This doll turns out amazing! I have some cool doll ideas, a bear, raccoon, and an elf I love your vids too!
The Mitten Fire Show
Imagine a chimera doll! Two heads would be a hell of a project but i bet with Katherine’s skills it would be amazing!
Aaron James
Aaron James Mese fa
@The Mitten Fire Show She could make a little snake arm?
The Mitten Fire Show
This is the most likes i’ve ever gotten on a comment holy crap
The Mitten Fire Show
@Aaron James yeah but i’m just counting the two doll heads she could use!
The Mitten Fire Show
@TheCommonGentry exactly
ଘPinkutiazu ๑๑
OooOo! Nice idea!
Lord Shrecc
Lord Shrecc 16 giorni fa
love it! My only suggestion is that you should've given her a little sequin/rhinestone belly button piercing or something like that, I think that would've been a neat addition!
If I hadn’t watched this, my school project wouldn’t have been done. It puts me in a painting mood-
Gina Finnemann
I love her! I think she’s my new favorite doll of yours!!
I'd love to see a male bear doll🐻✨ Since it's so uncommon to see doll with a chubby body it would be so nice to see🤩
Nicholas Harvey
I'd love to see a snowy animal like a snow owl or snow rabbit! I think especially the owl would be really cool and seasonally appropriate
Nicholas Harvey
@✧ Serena Starling ✧ I love that idea!
WeloveCamila Mese fa
Oh the I hope it has wings
Rebel Timelady
I deleted my other comment. This.
Evee Bodob
Evee Bodob Mese fa
Like a harpy but owl inspired
✧ Serena Starling ✧
I think a Lynx would also fix well in your description
TanBanana Mese fa
I love it!! The design is so creative and it's so good!!!
Day Light
Day Light Mese fa
The glow in the dark hair and sequin eyes are AMAZING!!! 🤩🤩🤩
Vinessa Vasquez
An axolotl would be so coollll! Since they come in so many colors you have a large selection to choose plus they’re just too cute in general!
Scout Andrews
absolutely gorgeous doll, and a wonderful video, she could maybe benefit a layered black hair underneath the braids but otherwise truly phenomenal work ❤️
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