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Stone Cold Steve Austin is a six-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer. You can catch him on the award-winning podcast The Steve Austin Show. And, he's also got a new TV show, Straight Up Steve Austin, airing Mondays at 11/10c after Monday Night RAW on the USA Network. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Texas Rattlesnake body slams wings and discusses his iconic wrestling career, gives props to The Rock’s mic skills, and tells war stories from his years on the road. Thank you for another amazing season, spice lords!
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Commenti 80
First We Feast
First We Feast 9 mesi fa
Oklahoma Mud Motor
Oklahoma Mud Motor 7 giorni fa
Sean,You always say you love us but you never give anything away? No prizes for the audience just the guest?I know you are making bank off of us viewers watching and commenting so what gives??
Krowman84 11 giorni fa
You shoulda asked him about beating up his ex Wife Debra and getting Roddy Piper fired from podcast after he took a skit he did on him too seriously. Then Piper died of a heart attack after hearing the news.. either way good to see the Texas RattleSNAKE.
John Mejia
John Mejia 21 giorno fa
Get Brandon Rodgers on here.
Quang Tran Thanh
First We Feast please invite The Undertaker. Boy that one is gonna be GOOD
sanjuansteve Mese fa
Fuck off. Stand for something!!!
Jesse Griffey
Jesse Griffey 8 ore fa
Bring back Stone Cold and have The Rock there too
Markus 82
Markus 82 13 ore fa
How cool would it be to sit around a camp fire having a beer with Stone Cold..!
Nathan L
Nathan L Giorno fa
I love the wrestling inside info. Having watched him when I was a kid
Hlonela Tanda
Hlonela Tanda Giorno fa
I'd say get Jim Ross on here but he's old af and he could die💔😂
PNW Prospecting
PNW Prospecting Giorno fa
Best one yet
Antanas Kaupas
Antanas Kaupas Giorno fa
I didn't understood a word. What's the Margarita recipe?
Tumisang Baikgaki
Every he says something, there's an imaginary crowd in my head going : " Whaaat!"
Hurry-up Wait
Hurry-up Wait Giorno fa
It looks like they could be father and son lol
Sean O'reilly
Sean O'reilly Giorno fa
F YEAH Stone Cold
Karl King of Ducks
Damn how wholesome is Steve Austin, what a great watch!
Alejandro Peña Pizaña
Hahahaha okay... see, I don't know this guy, I don't watch wrestling, but I love him lol he's just so chill.
george hennon
george hennon Giorno fa
27:48 Thank you for having me on my show
White C
White C Giorno fa
John cena! Jeff hardy!
Dylan Stovall
Dylan Stovall 2 giorni fa
Something tells me Steve’s ingesting more than just hot SAUCE.
Jair Moreno
Jair Moreno 2 giorni fa
Well this is the first hot sauce whooped scsa ass
DareDevilSunday 2 giorni fa
Seriously though... use them blinkers 🤬
Stoner Strains
Stoner Strains 2 giorni fa
Stone Cold looks like such a humble man !!!
Stoner Strains
Stoner Strains 2 giorni fa
I still have my Austin 3:16 foam finger from a long time ago !!!!
Jerzon Cortes
Jerzon Cortes 2 giorni fa
So I guess we can call him Stone Hot
Javier Llaneza
Javier Llaneza 3 giorni fa
MF took da' bomb and didn't event blinked. Now that's boss stuff right there.
Arushi Harkawat
Arushi Harkawat 3 giorni fa
Eleanor Shellstrop would approve
PLASMA GAMER 3 giorni fa
Dude, We need to get babish, sean, and stone cold eating all these at the same time and it’ll look like a Family’s Boy’s night out
raging bull
raging bull 3 giorni fa
I shaved my hair and hes one of the reason
Waldo 3 giorni fa
That red fuzz on Steve’s shirt is annoying me
Scrub Ness
Scrub Ness 3 giorni fa
I could listen to Steve speaking for hours
DeadlyQuestion 4 giorni fa
ESTP for real
SoonToBe AhStreamGxD
Stone Cold kinda has thae “ black don’t crack “ gene. He can definitely pass for ten years younger than he actually is .
HeroesDie12 4 giorni fa
Amen on blinkers... i hate you people that don't signal!
Yourz Truly
Yourz Truly 4 giorni fa
25:41 😂😂😂
Yourz Truly
Yourz Truly 4 giorni fa
Stone cold one of my favorite mughfuckaz.
Marvin Simelton
Marvin Simelton 4 giorni fa
That margarita recipe 🔥
ᴡʀᴀᴛʜ 4 giorni fa
Everybody gangsta until they hear glass breaking and see beer cans flying.
Ken Carson
Ken Carson 4 giorni fa
Stone cold seems like a very nice guy
Kurt Pugh
Kurt Pugh 4 giorni fa
Fuq yeah KC! Saw Harley Race vs. a young Hulk Hogan!
nino yting
nino yting 4 giorni fa
This is my Childhood Hero :) Stone Cold Steve Austin
Zapkin (⌐►_◄)
Damn, Austin is getting old. I grew up watching him when he had hair.
jeremiah graham
jeremiah graham 5 giorni fa
bro he took that last wing like a champ
Shank Hicks
Shank Hicks 5 giorni fa
this was actually good sit down
Chappie L
Chappie L 5 giorni fa
First time I have seen Stone Cold not actually being a complete dickhead
Asad Khan
Asad Khan 5 giorni fa
Stone Cold loves Cats I love Stone Cold 😻
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 6 giorni fa
Hot Ones: Days of Future Past
Keith Bardwell
Keith Bardwell 6 giorni fa
Stone Cold ages pretty well. He seems like a cool guy to hang out with.
Destin H
Destin H 6 giorni fa
I’ve loved stone cold since I was a kid and still to this day he’s the man. Awesome to see how well he carries himself against a challenge like this.
Tony Wilt
Tony Wilt 6 giorni fa
Even as a heel people would still cheer for him LOL
Arian Shabi
Arian Shabi 6 giorni fa
I would love to meet Steve Austin in real life, one of my favorite wwe wrestlers and person of all time 😎🙂🙂he did really well in this interview 😁and that's the bottom line because the rattlesnake said so 👌😎
Scott Ross
Scott Ross 6 giorni fa
on the Scolville scale what is hotter? The Last Dab or Dragon in the Clouds?
Karie Weetjewel
Karie Weetjewel 6 giorni fa
Aaahhh I love Mr Stone Cold Steve Austin 😍😍😍😍
Kane Smithson
Kane Smithson 6 giorni fa
I challenge stone cold to a drink off
frankmyrand 7 giorni fa
One of my favorite wholesome moment IMO : Him asking Sean what the "language parameters" were. How nice of him.
The Irrational National
Steve looks like a white nationalist. You hear him talk for a minute, he is an open minded humble gentleman
Luca green
Luca green 7 giorni fa
Should Get Ultimate Warrior But He Is No Longer Here With Us R.I.P Warrior
Alright_ Player
Alright_ Player 7 giorni fa
Get The Weeknd on this if u can
Ztertis 7 giorni fa
Steve Austin is such a likeable dude
Obi Wan Cannoli
Obi Wan Cannoli 7 giorni fa
I’ve never seen anyone handle the bomb so well... he didn’t even flinch.
Dennis van Tol
Dennis van Tol 7 giorni fa
Okay I am so late to this show and ended up here because of somebody on ITvid explaining about the way Sean handles these interviews. The show is always awesome to see and some guests are just surprising with who they are. Steve is actually one of them now.. I just appreciate the way he calls you out, the way he thinks and communicates. I wasn’t even expecting such a great finishing speech. Amazing job to all of you. You even inspired me to bring a 4 year old idea to life. So thanks, again.
ZX14r Rider
ZX14r Rider 8 giorni fa
That was just freaking awesome. Stone Cold!
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 8 giorni fa
They should have Adam Cole on this show
Mustard Fart
Mustard Fart 8 giorni fa
He's a chili head!
Megan Popple
Megan Popple 8 giorni fa
6:55 YES!! I used to drive as a profession and so I say on behalf of all professional couriers, "SIGNAL F*&$%ING INTENTION!!!!!!!"
Supreme Zay
Supreme Zay 8 giorni fa
I say every road needs a sign with Steve Austin on it saying "Use your E'ffin blinkers!"
razr 8 giorni fa
Good to listen to this guy!
Shub S
Shub S 8 giorni fa
Stone cold is my favourite wrestler
Vanessa Pete
Vanessa Pete 8 giorni fa
You should get preston playz
you Gay hb
you Gay hb 8 giorni fa
Am I the only one that thinks that Austin looks like a pornstar?
The Heck!!
The Heck!! 8 giorni fa
My fave. Episode of this show thank you
Emanuel SAngma
Emanuel SAngma 8 giorni fa
Its so uncomfortable seeing Stone Cold with a glass of water, should have been a mug of 🍻
Joel Goosie
Joel Goosie 8 giorni fa
absolutely fascinating to listen to stone cold. sold me on that podcast as someone who hasn't watched or cared about wrestling in 25 years.
John 9 giorni fa
Between Sean's efforts and prep and Stone Cold's personality this was an amazing interview. Now I gotta try this IPA.
Nikolai13 9 giorni fa
The image of Stone Cold Steve Austin sipping milk is glorious as a 90's kid.
Cragzilla 9 giorni fa
Stone cold has looked the same age for about 25 years 😂
mannhouse 9 giorni fa
Stone Cold seems like a very nice dude
James Hutchinson
James Hutchinson 9 giorni fa
Always loved his persona in the WWE but wow he's comes across so well, cool calm collected and an absolute man's man. Off to subscribe to his podcast now👍
Brett K
Brett K 9 giorni fa
Honestly one of the best episodes
DoNe Rev
DoNe Rev 9 giorni fa
I love wings the hotter the better!
DextroTV 9 giorni fa
Stone Cold Steve Austin is such a chad, I love how he called out the Jews for control of the media
Crazy _Mofo214Tx
Crazy _Mofo214Tx 9 giorni fa
this is already my favorite hot ones but if during one of the questions Steve yelled WHAT be the best video on ITvid
DJCarboneLive 9 giorni fa
They look like the same guy
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez 10 giorni fa
Presented by tumbs 😂😂😂 Perfect
Tayy 10 giorni fa
The best!!
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