*Strange* Blood Rituals By A Teen Vampire Clan, Turns Deadly? Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian
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Hi my friends! Happy Monday hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today I wanted to talk about vampires, yay. Lol. Fascinating story. My costume was a flop but hey, thats okay! Its just makeup and it washes off haha.
Let me know who you want me to talk about next week! I love and appreciate you so much, and I hope to be seeing you very soon!!
Make Good Choices
Bailey Sarian


: : CHAPTERS : :

20:45 HOWARD
43:33 THE GANG



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Commenti 7 121
Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian 13 giorni fa
Thank you SimpliSafe for partnering with me! Head over to simplisafe.com/bailey for at least 30% off your SimpliSafe security system!
Megan Carey
Megan Carey 2 giorni fa
Giving me charity vibes with that look from the movie vampire clan!x
Janis Evans
Janis Evans 2 giorni fa
JeM Mac
JeM Mac 3 giorni fa
No, Girl!! 🤣🤣🤣 Not the Devil’s Lettuce! 🤣
A Beth
A Beth 4 giorni fa
The broken glass is a security measure. If someone steps on broken glass it's impossible to be quiet. Plus, hopefully they hurt themselves so now they're injured and have announced themselves. Now you have the upper hand! Attack! Maybe Simplisafe should look into that! ;D
Shirley Hooper
Shirley Hooper 5 giorni fa
Ioko I’m I ok j
Stacey Duncan 💜 BTS
You look darling and badass!!!❤️
Mariana D'Amelio
the real monster in this story was the grandpa.
bbm Almond
bbm Almond 3 ore fa
I feel like Heather should be in jail to ..
Tobey Higgins
Tobey Higgins 3 ore fa
This is my neck of the woods! My husband and I were both shocked you did this story. Grew up with this story, and would do my homework at the location it all happened. You presented information I didn't know. Thanks Bailey! 🧛
Jannatu Ujlifat
I am more into werewolves lol
Marelin Gutierrez
Your look was suppose to be a goth girl? I though you was trying to be a kitty 😂😂 oh welll still cute 😘 😛
staples Anna Isabella
Ok where do I find what Bailey uses for her makeup?
Nyxin Moon
Nyxin Moon 5 ore fa
I would like to suggest the Michael and Robert Bever case for next week!!!
Kendra Pugh
Kendra Pugh 6 ore fa
Tell me how I had no idea ab this case and I literally live in Murray. I’m going to the university today….
Oh!SONE 7 ore fa
Why is this even recommended
keith levi
keith levi 8 ore fa
Hi, can you do the menendez brothers? i want to hear your opinion hehe thanks Bailey!
Peace &Love
Peace &Love 14 ore fa
The Look is Goth Goals🕷️🐈‍⬛🖤
Erica Hammond
Erica Hammond 14 ore fa
"He turned his bedroom into a shrine to the occult. Super creepy!" *Shows picture of him posing next to a teddy bear*
Nayeli Fernandez
“Irrevelant” 😂😂😂 I had to go back like 5 times cause I thought I was bugging
jorja 16 ore fa
"hes on lsd... not that simple... hes like rahhhrfahk" i made the ugliest noise
Buxom Browncoat
Buxom Browncoat 18 ore fa
That's the image from the video game. Not the TTRPG. My nerd is so triggered right now.
Natalie Harrell
Natalie Harrell 18 ore fa
"he should've been burned at the stake" love that
Evelyn U.
Evelyn U. 20 ore fa
You reminded me of the girl in hotel Transylvania, so cute! ☺️
Brookie The artist
This make up look was a real trust the process
Laura Vickers
Laura Vickers 23 ore fa
Make better choices
Lynz N
Lynz N 23 ore fa
Hannah Mizzi
Hannah Mizzi Giorno fa
Yeah its a cute look! Love it!
StephJayne97 Giorno fa
The outfit is SO cute!!!
Janelle Dillon
Janelle Dillon Giorno fa
Currently sick with Covid so I guess I’ll post up here lol
Lucy Buttercup
Lucy Buttercup Giorno fa
Vampire the Masquerade is actually an awesome game to play if you like DnD🖤 Also the video game
Smutty Fang
Smutty Fang Giorno fa
I didn’t expect to see Vampire: The Masquerade mentioned on one of Bailey’s videos, but I’m pretty happy about it lol! It’s actually a really fun and interesting game.
Brittany Orick
Brittany Orick 20 ore fa
I’ve never played it but I love dnd
Tracey Jordan
Tracey Jordan Giorno fa
Im british and love how she says noggin and nay nay. I thougt only brits used these words lol. Love watching therse vlogsx
Blonde On the Pond
I remember this story growing up. Murray, KY is 45 min. From me. Rods grandpa should've gone to the clinker... Just horrible. What a messed up ordeal . All of it.
Blonde On the Pond
I remember this story growing up. Murray, KY is 45 min. From me. Rods grandpa should've gone to the clinker... Just horrible. What a messed up ordeal . All of it.
Chelsie Sanders
Chelsie Sanders Giorno fa
You are just so silly dude... Love your character. "GREAT...love that." 🤣
Baltimore Lili
Baltimore Lili Giorno fa
So mad I jumped at the little thunderclap in the beginning 🤣
ThirrinDiamond Giorno fa
Ty for the trigger warning 🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗
f Giorno fa
can i just say i L O V E your halloween decor
S H Giorno fa
I like listening to Bailey when I miss my besties. She's my ITvid, pretend bestie.
Genna Kline
Genna Kline Giorno fa
“No not me, not me” “well...” 😂😂 love Bailey
Tara Collison
Tara Collison Giorno fa
Starts at 3:30.
Chloes cold ears
Sounds like a scream for attention and help, maybe mom shouldve been a mom.
Tracy Binol
Tracy Binol Giorno fa
I just love your story telling! Cute look but I thought you were going to put a dark red over the center of your black lip.
Savannah Parsons
So does anyone know what the broken glass is about? 😭🤣
Lizzie W.
Lizzie W. Giorno fa
Do one on dark history of animal testing, what companies use/d it for & who started it pleaseeeeee🥰 makeup/medical/etc
Raimondo Pietro Caruana
S M Giorno fa
This one was a hard watch for me. Childhood abuse crushes me
S M Giorno fa
“Someone’s a leader!” 😂
~LostLover~ Giorno fa
you should've added gemstones to your look that would've made it more eye catching :)
michelle matthews
George Stinney Jr was the youngest executed‼️
Mawking Jax
Mawking Jax Giorno fa
I'm still stuck on bur gur lah rully
Teather Davis
Teather Davis Giorno fa
I mean if the dad was actually sexually abusing heather i dont feel like rod should spend life in prison
My_name_is_Poetry M
He killed her mother too though.
Solace Alpha 1
Solace Alpha 1 Giorno fa
My gosh i love your personality so much 💗 plus im trying to get into make up so, i hope watching makes me more courageous lol
Lamirai Sise
Lamirai Sise Giorno fa
The uneven blush bothers me
Tia S
Tia S Giorno fa
HI BALEY!! I'm Tia from Canada. You say you would love to hear from us about who to talk about next but you never see my suggestions! Or maybe you do but haven't done them yet... I have three amazing Canadian killers for you! Robbert Pickton - Had a farm where a new development was trying to make him move so they could build and he didn't want to so he killed and fed them to his piggies! Luca Magnotta - (Watch "Don't F*ck with Cats" on Netflix that's about him) Ok, this guy and this case you will become obsessed with trust me, best case in the world, YES, better than Jeffery or Ted. I Promise you. Bruce McArthur - A Landscaper in downtown Toronto who loured and killed men and cut them up and put them in his plant arrangements all over Toronto (even restaurants and hotel lobby)!!! - This one is recent news. I hoooope you see this and cover at least one of these! *coughs Luca* ;) -Tia
Tori Maddux
Tori Maddux Giorno fa
Lol! “Sacred ughh… movements?”
Allie Manzo
Allie Manzo Giorno fa
I can’t believe I just bumped into your channel. I’m obsessed 🤩
Marissa Kinner
Marissa Kinner 2 giorni fa
Me responding with “necrophilia” like she can actually hear me.
Georgia Toto
Georgia Toto 5 ore fa
Same tho 😂
soreqln 8 ore fa
@Marissa Kinner the fact that i said somnophilia instead 🤦🏻‍♀️
Marissa Kinner
Marissa Kinner 23 ore fa
Said it twice because she didn’t seem to hear me the first time.
Lisa Callan
Lisa Callan Giorno fa
Me too!
Joy Washington
Joy Washington Giorno fa
Same lol
Natalie Vanderlinden
Me born March 28th while my parents were 16 having me👁👄👁
maevemccluskey 2 giorni fa
I thought your costume was like, a "bad cat," cause of the chains and stuff! But a goth girl is super cute too. :) Nailed it. Thank you for the great story!
Katrina Helena
Katrina Helena Giorno fa
for some reason I thought she was a spider, but goth girl makes so much more sense!
Blue Belle
Blue Belle 2 giorni fa
Literally moving from Sanford to Eustis tomorrow .. This is pretty surreal 😅
Nicola Riley
Nicola Riley 2 giorni fa
90's tv show Buffy
Brooke King
Brooke King 2 giorni fa
Not me yelling necrophilia like Bailey can hear me 💀
Nʏռʏ 2 giorni fa
Klaus Mikaelson is what comes to mind when I hear the word vampire...always
Therese Wärn
Therese Wärn 2 giorni fa
Great as always! But it's time to cover some Scandinavian cases Bailey! You can do it!😁🙌
Holly S
Holly S 2 giorni fa
f 2 giorni fa
bailey: what do you think of when i say the word "vampire"? me: damon 😍🤤
WorldWideArin 2 giorni fa
YASSS!! I knew when I heard vampires it would be this story. Dude, I remember seeing this on the news when I was a kid.
The last Grounder
The last Grounder 2 giorni fa
It's a movie. I have the vhs it stars the guy who played Chris on charmed drew fuller.
Brave Rin
Brave Rin 2 giorni fa
Rippin heaters😂😂😂 im dead
White Crewmate
White Crewmate 2 giorni fa
Do you know anything? There's so many I don't knows in this video it's giving me a headache
White Crewmate
@Lolz do you not hear her constantly saying I don't know
Lolz 4 ore fa
What do u mean?
maria21vanegas 2 giorni fa
Yes he should be in jail all his life
E G 2 giorni fa
Bailey: ... Her family straight up said she was strange." Me: *feels attacked*
Suzette Penfold
Suzette Penfold 2 giorni fa
LoL 😂 maybe you think of sparkles ✨ 😂
Sohini Chakraborty
Sohini Chakraborty 2 giorni fa
I think she is the only ITvidr who says 'maybe skip this video'. 🤣
LadyVampireTania 2 giorni fa
You did great with your make-up, goth is subjective Bailey. You make it the way you want it. Not all goth make-up has to be elaborate sometimes a simple look is the best.
Megan Carey
Megan Carey 2 giorni fa
When I was younger vampire clan was my favourite film 🥲x
EnbyCryptidCats 2 giorni fa
I played that Vampire Masquerade game, it was really fun The word you were looking for was necrophilla btw
mathgirlgeek Suzi
mathgirlgeek Suzi 2 giorni fa
It's so crazy to me that I don't know this story. I grew up in Sanford, and my son just graduated from Eustis High School!
Purple Passion
Purple Passion 2 giorni fa
Your hair with the ears is sooooo cute 😍
Dawn Sinclair
Dawn Sinclair 2 giorni fa
I can't believe I didn't know about this story - I love Vampire: the Masquerade
Over Analyzer
Over Analyzer 2 giorni fa
He beat two people to death w a crowbar and was cruel to animals, that’s not they type of person to be out on the streets
Julie Holcombe
Julie Holcombe 2 giorni fa
I could hang out with Bailey every day all day!
Arthur Grey
Arthur Grey 2 giorni fa
While I won't be watching this one, I'd just like to say that I very much appreciate the disclaimers. Many people don't seem to think SA is important enough to mention in disclaimers specifically, or just don't have a disclaimer at all, so often times us survivors get triggered unnecessarily. I'm new to your channel after hearing about you for years and recently decided to check it out after Wildfern mentioned you in a recent video. Wish I had done this years ago! Thank you for the amazing content and again, thank you for the disclaimers. 💖
Julia Flynt
Julia Flynt 2 giorni fa
Shanyn Miller
Shanyn Miller 2 giorni fa
Scott Johnson and the Kingsford Tran bridge shootings. He killed 3 kids on our train bridge back in 2008.
bruna schirmer
bruna schirmer 2 giorni fa
“The devil’s lettuce” 😂😂😂
Winner Chiimdimnma 💋
They gave hime death sentence 23 years ago on the 23 of February on my birthday tf 🤣
Joselyn Mullins
Joselyn Mullins 2 giorni fa
Charles Starkweather Please do a video on him
Adrianna Sandoval
Adrianna Sandoval 2 giorni fa
“The saga “✨✨✨ 😂😂😂
Bethany Stollar
Bethany Stollar 2 giorni fa
So...what do you do when you find out your teenage summer fling was in a murderous vampire cult? Because...I am freaking tf out.
Brenna Griffin
Brenna Griffin 2 giorni fa
So, Does anyone know what the broken glass is for? Im assuming its for kneeling or walking on for sacrificial purposes? CREEEEP
minecraft update
minecraft update 2 giorni fa
bailey: “they did ddrrrruuuuggggggzzzzz” i unnecessarily laughed so hard at this🤣🤣
Destinee 3 giorni fa
My only hobbies during his age was Kpop, Anime, and Msp 😟🤭
Mari Maru
Mari Maru 3 giorni fa
Had to skip because of the dog lol
bluerosegurl 3 giorni fa
Me A Millenial: "Back then?! HA!"
Cheyanne Housken
Cheyanne Housken 3 giorni fa
You’re a cute gothic girl! 💀
Kenyada Blalock
Kenyada Blalock 3 giorni fa
Murray?? I live 20 minutes from there.
jjdynamite 3 giorni fa
“He should have been burned at the stake” I agree Bailey
andrea simon
andrea simon 3 giorni fa
I have an ex who believed he was a werewolf. I still shake my head and it was 13 years ago now Side note: I played “Vampire: the Masquerade” love it🤣
Paiton Mills
Paiton Mills 3 giorni fa
That fact the I’m from the town right out side of Murray and went to collage at Murray! This story was huge when my mom was in college. Very scary time
K Henderson
K Henderson 3 giorni fa
Everything in his room was DARK Room : Teddy Bear
Victoria Anastasia Krupp
I believe broken glass is like a Romanian gypsy ritual. At least I believe it gained popularity with them.
Charming nowhere to hide
Okay, but that tabletop vampire game actually sounds fun but it sounds like Rod and his mom kinda took it a bit too far, to say the least... 😬
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