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It might not work out for us this time. The epic 2-part season finale of Stranger Things 4 premieres 1st July, only on Netflix.

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Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix


Divided by distance but ever determined, our scattered friends face a frightening future. But it's only the beginning. The beginning of the end.


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20 giu 2022




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Commenti 17 106
Agent 47 Gaming India
This has to be the most anticipated and best season ever.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 2 ore fa
Last season was
jeremy p
jeremy p 9 ore fa
@Gabriel Camilo defs disagree. this season and season 1 are the best by faaarrrr
Gabriel Camilo
Gabriel Camilo 11 ore fa
First season is the best. This one is not as terrible at last season, but far from greatness.
dwool 14 ore fa
@AlphariusOmegon season 3 be cringe as hell
jeremy p
jeremy p 21 ora fa
yep season 3 was shit if one of my mates didn't tell me that season 4 was return to form I would of not watched it. Sucks for that aussie actor to get killed out of this season. best season so far.
CHKDG8 4 giorni fa
It is unreal how an almost 40 year old song from Kate Bush is now top 10 in charts all over the world and an integral part of Season 4's storyline!
Michael B
Michael B 5 ore fa
We live in a world with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D printing, and an old song is what’s shocking to you? Lol
Self Made Fortune
@Rigaldo TSELK yuck
Rigaldo TSELK
Rigaldo TSELK 22 ore fa
@softspeakmeanstreak no you wouldn't cause we already know the consequences of going to the upside-down
ChaddiusMaximus 22 ore fa
Hit number 1 in the UK
@Rigaldo TSELK Okay, I'll take it! The actor is a very unique looking individual. But hopefully I don't come off as ominous 🤞
Raymond Lontoc
Raymond Lontoc 3 giorni fa
why is nobody talking about how they mashed up Running Up That Hill and the Stranger Things theme? it's so good😭
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 2 ore fa
Bcs we knew it was coming lol
Joe Bideon
Joe Bideon 11 ore fa
I love this season so I can't wait for vol 2 in 4 days and the song is the best choice for the season Netflix and the duffer brothers have not failed us with the stranger Things team as well the cliffhanger is so scary and I'm extremely excited for vol 2
Stephanie Wozny
Stephanie Wozny 17 ore fa
I noticed. And it was AWESOME.
Torayo Giorno fa
It's simply amazing 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 I've done a Mashup with "Running Up the Hill" and "the perfect girl" but this one is perfect
Pierce G
Pierce G Giorno fa
Yeah I don't like the original song much at all, but in concert with the ST score it's pretty good
okysu Giorno fa
I got goosebumps just by watching this trailer. It's gonna be an epic finale for sure! 😱 💯
joemamaboi 36 minuti fa
I did too when Lucas was fist fighting
Charlize Sanders
@Yaar Dixit 🏆 finale to the season not the show
Yaar Dixit 🏆
Yaar Dixit 🏆 16 ore fa
It's not finale lol
Christopher Richardson
They got one more season after this too!!!
Benito Giorno fa
Absolutely incredible. This show will be remembered for decades.
Goat-on-a-Stick 5 giorni fa
I love where this series has gone, and where it's headed. These people know how to write a damn good show.
OzyWazza 15 ore fa
@Michael Trump ooooooh the POSSIBILITIES that could have been!!!
Michael Trump
Michael Trump 16 ore fa
If only they produced the last season of GoT
A Smith
A Smith 21 ora fa
Aren't you the weird guy that uploads himself doing anime workouts? Cringelord
OzyWazza Giorno fa
@C I'm an Australian Aboriginal; don't go whitewashing me or my stance.
sto doew
sto doew 22 ore fa
I’m very glad that even after a almost 3 year gap between season 3 and season 4 the show managed to catch my attention and give me chills all over again
mumbai006 Giorno fa
Netflix’s Stranger Things is giving audiences what HBO’s Game Of Thrones should have, in its final seasons. It’s been extremely gratifying to have been a fan of this series and being rewarded in its final 2 seasons. Brilliant, just brilliant 🙌🏼
Tanush Nakum
Tanush Nakum 4 ore fa
Hbo Channel is no longer alive...
Carbon Salazar
Calm down. There is gonna be a season 5. There is time for Netflix screw things up in the last season as happened to HBO's GOT.
Abdullah_ 11 ore fa
@Aryawan 1st July
Aryawan 16 ore fa
When this St season 4 vol2 is gonna release??
ActionTurnip Giorno fa
Ah yes… the song that always made us feel like we were in some kind of fantasy action sequence… being applied in a high budget fantasy action sequence! One of my sisters edited a music video of the Placebo cover of this song to Pan’s Labyrinth, and this oddly brings me memories of that…
william musser
william musser 3 giorni fa
Not going to lie this show is one of the reasons I have never canceled my Netflix. It never disappoints.
yes. this, umbrella academy, dead to me, few other things too but agree
Barry Arp
Barry Arp 3 ore fa
This and cobra kai is the only reasons I have it.
van kim
van kim 12 ore fa
frenkvischer 14 ore fa
But there is almost nothing to watch on Netflix, and yet they have so many movies.
Ebola Jones
Ebola Jones Giorno fa
You should still cancel it though.
MrEpicOSTs 5 giorni fa
Running Up That Hill just turned into an Epic Trailer Music! Goosebumps!
Yeah it WAS a good song now they're just overdoing it... I agree with the others now the song sucks...
Noobshot 2 giorni fa
The original song kicks ass. And the Remixed trailer version just took the song to a beyond epic level. whomever made the trailer needs to put out the remixed song as a ost.
Sido Lanters
Sido Lanters 3 giorni fa
music is an uncountable noun
ThePlumbobPixie 3 giorni fa
@Edits__020 YT that’s not true at all. Kate Bush was very well known in the UK in the late 70s and 80s, she had several top 10s and a number one with ‘Wuthering Heights.’ I wasn’t born till the 90s and grew up knowing her as an icon, and definitely knew this song. Just because she wasn’t popular in America or your country doesn’t mean she wasn’t well known elsewhere.
Hailey Rose
Hailey Rose 3 giorni fa
I love that this show has so many main characters - in many series there are 1-3 main characters & they are the center of the attention and everything just evolves around them but in Stranger Things many characters are equally important - never in a show before did so many characters grown on my heart - the Kids, Hopper & Joyce and more… Like even though Eleven is the superhero with her magic powers & comes to save them all in the end she still isn’t the center of attention - all the other characters have long storylines too & play a huge part like f. ex in Season 3 - Billy, Heather, the Victims of the Mindflayer Nancy & Jonathan Dustin, Erica, Steve & Robin Joyce & Hopper Max & Eleven Mike, Will & Lucas … they got paired together & had long scenes, Eleven wasn’t more important than anyone else and the others, despite being „normal“ became superheroes in their own way too.
Brian Ty
Brian Ty 24 minuti fa
@GodNotAvailable Agree and disagree. It depends on how well the characters are fleshed out and how their plot contributions are balanced with the overall story. LOTR is a perfect example of both extremes of good and bad usage of a large cast. In the original trilogy, the larger cast of characters worked wonderfully with their subplots interwoven and supporting the main plot. The characters were largely codependent for the Fellowship, for survival, etc., the significance or contribution of one character vs. another wasn't unbalanced. Conversely, in the Hobbit Trilogy, the larger cast presented us with Bilbo, the 13 dwarves, Gandalf and Radagast, Legolas and Thranduil, Bard the Bowman, and Tauriel - a contrived character created just for the sake of the films and a love triangle. If we remove Bard, Thranduil, and Radagast, we still have the two elves, the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf. Aside from Tolkien fans, who can name the dwarves? What dwarf had the largest role? What did the others do? Who did the plot really service besides Kili and Thorin Oakenshield? This is - and has been, the ongoing problem with Stranger Things. That said, I like Eddie Munson's character and he's been more fleshed out in one season than Will's character has in four seasons.
Brian Ty
Brian Ty Ora fa
@Bryan Murray Will's character has not been developed. He's still playing a backseat role compared to the other characters. He was primarily a plot MacGuffin for the first two seasons and season 3 used him to highlight when the Mindflayer was near and have him the odd man out of his group. His most memorable scene in season 3 was smashing his stick fort. Mike's character has become insufferable and he's had less and less screen time compared to his earlier more prevalent role. Jonathan's a stoner now and that's about it.
Brian Ty
Brian Ty Ora fa
@Bryan Murray It was busy work and character stagnation, but if you think it services the plot, that's ok.
HZH08! !!
HZH08! !! 2 ore fa
I agree
Hailey Rose
Hailey Rose 4 ore fa
@rishabh yeah that’s true :/ Especially Will, he got neglected since season 3… I hope they will get their attention in the finale
Leingod Zelfer
Leingod Zelfer 2 giorni fa
I think it's safe to say everyone is gonna binge the second part on Canada day lol, this show is fantastic I love it :)
cheetah cheetah
cheetah cheetah Giorno fa
This was one of the best trailers I've seen. The remaining episodes will have a tough job proving to be this good!
Dani Giorno fa
The fact that they mashed up Running up that hill and the intense version of the ST Theme is giving me goosebumps
GATV Reality Gossip News!
I want the Stranger Things versions of Running Up That Hill on all streaming services yesterday!
Brocker Giorno fa
@Mikey moo stranger things ends with season 5 ur not funny
Mikey moo
Mikey moo 2 giorni fa
@Zoran Well...in 20 years from now when we're on season 42...I don't think they'll be using Ed Sheeran songs. They'll still be digging into the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
dhiman kalita
dhiman kalita 5 giorni fa
Cringe show
DogIsADork Giorno fa
I loved the first part of season 4. Got worried when I saw an article saying it sucked. Was worried it was going to be one of those situations where the fans ruin an actually good season because they nit-picked a lot, but no! Glad I'm not the only one who loves this so far. I'm so happy they're giving us an explanation for everything happening ever since season 1 in this season!
How do I name my channel
I remember being super nervous the show was going to be ruined, but I was SO wrong. This is the best season next to season 1 so far!
vino 14 ore fa
@dwool yeah and i found the beginning of the season a little too slow
dwool 14 ore fa
Except for Chrissy’s cheap horror part and the overwhelming cgi.
Itsizzi 18 ore fa
Same i was nervous that they weree trying something new and going mysterious style and would fail but nope its amazing
greeniREZ Giorno fa
I wasn't really a fan of season 2 or 3 as much as 1, but man did season 4 draw me back in. Stoked to finish this amazing season, didn't know it was coming out so soon!
burnningbridges 2 giorni fa
I was 17 years old when the song came out. I’ve been a fan of Kate Bush since 1979. I always wished people here in the US would give her chance and listen to her art. Now here I am, 56 years old and Kate is suddenly recognized in the US. Thank you Stranger Things!!
Lucie C
Lucie C 10 ore fa
@Fun Central she’s very well known in britain. personally i grew up on her song wuthering heights, and i think her music has a certain emotiveness to it that makes it so unique.
Fun Central
Fun Central 13 ore fa
@dwool I know a lot of music from the 80s. I grew up on it. And I never heard her until this song came became popular. This songs lyrics are not good at all. She doesn't seem that good compared to the legends of the 80s
Fun Central
Fun Central 14 ore fa
@Loki7 Running up that hill - Kate Bush
dwool 14 ore fa
cmon now Kate bush was already very well known
Loki7 14 ore fa
What’s the name of the song? I like it it just screams like happy summer for me
EternityInGaming 6 giorni fa
im so hyped for that scene with Eddie rockin out lol
Raz Sergal
Raz Sergal 10 ore fa
@FoxFromVenus Shout at the devil by Motley Crue would be amazing
Gabe Van Sickle
Gabe Van Sickle 23 ore fa
@jen singer master of puppets
Flore Crepin
Flore Crepin 23 ore fa
I pray for the song that they are gonna use : real good 80's metal, because since Billy disappearance my metal heart is broken!
jen singer
jen singer Giorno fa
@Gabe Van Sickle Neverending Story?!?
jen singer
jen singer Giorno fa
I wonder what song he is playing
Jevan Red
Jevan Red Giorno fa
After season 2 I wasn't specting anything as good as season 1, but W O W, S4 blew me away
Joshua Pfeifer
Joshua Pfeifer 2 giorni fa
*All I know is Steve Harrington BETTER not die or I’m boycotting Netflix*
Elijah Burton
Will and Mike on the other hand...
Yashroon John
Yashroon John 3 giorni fa
Its so amazing that the way steve has been becoming best of the best season after season. And now he's a fan favourite character...Love Steve Harrington, They better not kill Steve. He's now like the roots of this series
@yelena @stephanie You both could be right, but I still think Johnathan, Nancy or Steve gotta go, cause that little triangle they got going there ain't it, SOMETHING'S going to break that up lol.
Stephanie Wozny
Stephanie Wozny 15 ore fa
@Sussy Grognak I think he might die, too. He called attention to the fact that he's ashamed of being a coward. He's probably going to sacrifice himself to help the others escape, a last heroic deed. Plus, this show has a history of introducing new characters at the beginning of a season just for them to die in the end (S1: Barb, Benny, S2: Bob, S3: Alexei).
yelena 17 ore fa
@KennyMaximumMonsters I think Eddie is going to die because if you slow down his scream it looks like he screaming Eddie and he is with Eddie when he is playing his guitar just slow the vid down
Sussy Grognak
Sussy Grognak 21 ora fa
@Official Bemark I feel like eddie will die, that scene of him ripping on his guitar in the upside down... why would he do that? my mind goes to he's sacrificing himself, he's being a distraction for the others to escape
Official Bemark
Official Bemark Giorno fa
@KennyMaximumMonsters or it could be Eddie
Atilio Escobar
Season 4, episode 4, with Max getting caught by Vecna has got to be the most intense scene I've watched in the Franchise. Never been so nervous, crying, and screaming at my laptop, ever.
sri 6 giorni fa
i have CHILLS on chills. so pumped
G.Venkat Subhash
G.Venkat Subhash 4 giorni fa
I swear!!
baby melisa
baby melisa 4 giorni fa
Hai anna l'am Nagendar Anna na age 20 cliick.fun qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianf.Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with. govt Jobs ❤️
💞Sanny Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME 💞
I’m very glad that even after a almost 3 year gap between season 3 and season 4 the show managed to catch my attention and give me chills all over again
🦆 quack
🦆 quack 2 giorni fa
@B R U H on god 😂
B R U H 2 giorni fa
trailer was so good a bait account commented on it
🔥*𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐚* 𝐟()𝐜𝐤 𝐦-𝐞 CH𝐞C𝐤 IT🔥
This version of “Running Up That Hill” where it’s slow and then the drums kick in like that? I’ve watched this trailer like 4-5 times now just to hear this version. And I love that it kicks in when Steve flips and lands into the upside-down, clearly ready for battle. Goosebumps every time.
Janhvi Mishra
Janhvi Mishra Giorno fa
@Flux Sorry for the delay, here's the link: itvid.net/video/video-fdECClsa7wM.html
Janhvi Mishra
Janhvi Mishra Giorno fa
@Kalib Ferguson I'm sorry I forgot, really sorry! Here's the link: itvid.net/video/video-fdECClsa7wM.html
ItzSlayerM8 Giorno fa
@Kalib Ferguson ill do it since he didnt
Kalib Ferguson
Kalib Ferguson Giorno fa
@Janhvi Mishra you gonna provide that link homie?
Ares 923
Ares 923 2 giorni fa
This trailer is absolutely AMAZING and I love how ‘Running up that hill’ has become the shows theme song in a way.
Hermes 2 giorni fa
At exactly 1:30 in the trailer you can see Eddie playing his guitar inside the upside down. Vecnas weakness is that his victims can break out if they hear the right music. I think Eddie is going to save somebody by using his guitar.
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson 51 minuto fa
u got it spot on bro lets see
Neha Gururaj
Neha Gururaj 10 ore fa
Nancy, probably
we are your friends
Max's character really stepped up to the role! She doesn't have Eleven's powers, but she sure as hell has her strength and bravery! 👏🏿👏🏿
jensen cather
jensen cather 23 ore fa
@dhiman kalita that’s why you’re in the trailers comments? caught in 4k 😭😂
jensen cather
jensen cather 23 ore fa
@Idk Idk that’s why you’re on the trailer 😳
Dallas Abram
Dallas Abram 5 giorni fa
and a skateboard
𝐍𝐢N𝐚 𝐟𝐮𝐜* 𝐦E 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐤  ɪT 👉 GO TO MY PR0-E
This is the best season so far. It’s hard to beat the first season because it blew all of our minds but this one has been incredible. So pumped for part 2 🙌🏼
Jack Lloyd
Jack Lloyd 2 giorni fa
👮‍♂🛑Stop! The account that posted this comment is a bait account, don’t click on it!👮‍♂🛑
Morrise Perez
Morrise Perez Giorno fa
Haven’t been this hyped about anything since the End Game trailer! Geez, the goosebumps I’m feeling rn!!! 😅😅😁😁😁👏👏👏👏👏
XProject13 21 ora fa
Excited to see lucas throw straight hands. Been wanting more combat in this show lmao
Name'sHappy 2 giorni fa
I had Goosebumps and CHILLS DOWN MY SPINE. Who knew a 2 minute video could do that.
Peter Long
Peter Long 5 giorni fa
I’m worried for Steve Harrington. The hero we never knew we needed. With great hair comes great responsibility
Arshath Ahamed
Arshath Ahamed Giorno fa
@Tle Watchanon Mike is just useless 🤣
Renjy 2 giorni fa
@csstyles that sounds like a line to be delivered right before his death, I don’t wanna jinx it but I’m gonna come back to this comment if I’m right
Tle Watchanon
Tle Watchanon 2 giorni fa
Might be Mike’s turn to die then? At least he will finally be a bit useful in this series to powerup El from sadness/anger.
La Casa Del Videojuego
Eddie is supposed to live to meet Jonathan at some point
IlZEZEIl Giorno fa
I like how muray is using yuri flamethrower like he said “just wait until you see my flamethrower”
Raphael Bessin
Raphael Bessin 2 giorni fa
This seems insane, I cant wait to see whats planned! The last episode was the best episode I've ever watched, im not joking; It was insane!
•Gabrielle The Fairy•
Sune Guld Boesen
If it's gonna be anywhere near as good as part 1 we are in for a treat! Can't wait.
RJ Powell
RJ Powell 5 giorni fa
If they kill Eddie or STEVE, WE RIOT!!😭
Vincent Pantano
Vincent Pantano Giorno fa
@Broken_errors what if I’m wrong?
Vincent Pantano
Vincent Pantano Giorno fa
@Galuxx bro season 5 got confirmed like 3 months ago
L. Tiller
L. Tiller 2 giorni fa
@RipMurkaa the one accused of killing Chrissy, and the best new character to ever come out of the show.
frostbite 2 giorni fa
Azaria Rosalyn
Azaria Rosalyn 15 ore fa
This has to be the most anticipated and best season ever.
Cleiton Pinheiro vieira
Eu naooo aguentoooo mais esperar! Anciosooo demais!
BudgetWriter2 20 ore fa
Stranger things was always seen as a kids show, with nothing too much in quality but i think that was people just being immature and not giving it an actual watch, its a brilliant show with well written characters, not perfect or even close to perfect but very good nonetheless
snow flake
snow flake 2 giorni fa
Season 4 volume 1 was perfect. Storyline is amazing, everything just fell into place and I absolutely love the writing! Hope volume 2 is just as awesome so this whole series can finish as amazingly as it (and us fans) deserve 👌
heidi Giorno fa
@snow flake think of ssn4 like infinity war and ssn5 like end game basically
Cheapskate Otaku
@snow flake I believe this would link to season 5 and if they do not screw up like so many other show did before in there final season. It would be one of the best goonies tv show of this recent years ^_^
snow flake
snow flake Giorno fa
@heidi oh really? I thought this was the last one
heidi 2 giorni fa
they’ve actually confirmed season 5 is gonna be the end of the show! :)
מור צבע
מור צבע 6 giorni fa
Love how they embraced the hype around “running up that hill” and basically made it the theme song of the season
Eva 4 giorni fa
Tylor Edinger
Tylor Edinger 5 giorni fa
Gotta admit the song for some reason just made that scene with max real intense the way they did it
fitri 5 giorni fa
Que Hotstean.Cam encantan tus Momento videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera...
Eva 5 giorni fa
@Lance Alcala btw, i am still a teenager. I mean, this song is pretty good, it just fits stranger things season 4 so well.
Salvador Morales
Salvador Morales 5 giorni fa
The arrengements of the version in this trailer though... no words. Just spectacular
I love season 4 like honestly I can’t wait for volume 2 to come out
André Assis
André Assis 3 giorni fa
I wasn't expecting for a finale this good.
_ Stelly
_ Stelly Giorno fa
When Eddie is shredding on the trailer it’s gonna be so cinematic!!
Chase Freedman
Chase Freedman Giorno fa
Wow if this is going to be the ending to season 4, imagine how season 5 is gonna be
Casey 6 giorni fa
The fact that each group barely knows how intense each others journey at this point is 🤯🤯
Dallas Abram
Dallas Abram 5 giorni fa
the california crew is elite
Love Puppy
Love Puppy 5 giorni fa
Eleven fights the US Army, excapes from the CIA then fights Vecna. Hop and them fight the Demigorgans, the Soviets and escape across the planet to fight Becna. The Hoawkins crew fight the town satanic panic people, fight the demidogs, demigorgans and Vecna. Mix all three forces together, give them a few minutest to figure it out and get it done. Hope that Eddie plays an Iron Maiden song because of Eddie their mascot would be creative--who knew Nancy liked Iron Maiden? True, Nancy went from priss to very metal with her tactics and weapons skills so completes the circle. Pondering who is going to get whacked... Steve, Will or Eddie? Never know, 008 might show up to lend a hand or vision to confuse or combat Vecna (they have to close eight's plot hole) They have 2 shows and 4 hours to wrap this up---get some good sleep, be fresh and ready to pay attention when this drops. A very fast and chaotic ride rolls out next week so get that brain ready!
Casey 5 giorni fa
@lsamoa Yes!!! Can't wait
lsamoa 5 giorni fa
I can imagine the reunion scene. "What have you guys been up to?" "Oh you wouldn't believe" and then they get interrupted and never mention it again haha
AVO 2 giorni fa
when you watch a trailer multiple times, you know it's good
This has got to be one of the best shows ever made, not to mention this trailer. They really hit the nail with this one. Straight up 10/10, absolutely amazing.
21kzx 20 ore fa
Seeing this gave me the chills and made me even more excited to see volume 2. Bro I’m so hyped up for this shit 😭
Malcolm Fortune
Malcolm Fortune 19 ore fa
I’ve never replayed a trailer as much as I have this one
sahil buri
sahil buri 6 giorni fa
This season is the best. Cinematography, story craft and music is just phenomenal. Can't wait
Christian Gabilan
Christian Gabilan 4 giorni fa
@Josh cRiTic moMeNT 🤓🤓
Christian Gabilan
Christian Gabilan 4 giorni fa
@Anonim Anonim season 3 was great but im not gonna agree with u
Miranda 5 giorni fa
@dhiman kalita definitely not
jen singer
jen singer Giorno fa
That trailer was so awesome! Giving me goosebumps!!! EXCITED!!!!!!
Mrutyunjay Nayak
What an epic trailer…waiting for 1st July for the epic finale ❤️
Timmy_kinda_gaming 2 giorni fa
Who agrees that this is the best trailer for stranger things and who agrees Eddie is the best character in season 5
Aimee K.
Aimee K. 3 giorni fa
I can’t stop watching. The music is so POWERFUL. Gets me right in the CORE of my feels and I can’t wait!!!!❤
Trailobyte 6 giorni fa
I love how "Running up that hill" became the theme song of this season and integral to the plot. Though now I worry what may happen if they end up using the Placebo cover of the song in the final episodes. And what emotion they would be trying to convey if they used that version.
Darkmatter 17 ore fa
too bad it's not as significant now because of all the TikTok that washed out its meaning
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 3 giorni fa
I’d say Running up that Hill got a bit of a 2022 makeover. Love it This season looks dope af 🤟🤓
Lindsy 6 giorni fa
placebo version is amazing and i hope it gets more recognition because kate bush's version blew up too crazily
Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas 6 giorni fa
@jordan barrett Kate bush I’m sure
Darien Landry
Darien Landry 2 giorni fa
They're gonna ride this song out forever lol, found a hit and wont let it just naturally live on.
Gabe W
Gabe W Giorno fa
The intense building synth at 1:30 and then it shows the scene of Eddie on the guitar. The music hit perfect as he was shredding in the upside down.
Teacher Elsa
Teacher Elsa 3 giorni fa
By far one of the best shows. This season has been 10/10. Can’t wait for July 1st!
Naveen Jolad
Naveen Jolad Giorno fa
I m still laughing at the scene when max got saved by a song 😂😂
Lumiex 6 giorni fa
I remember being 12 when the first season came out and binging it in one day with my family. now I’ve graduated high school and tho I’m not watching it with them anymore, I’ll still binge it in one sitting like we always did
Emily 5 giorni fa
the literal same for me :(
Ben 5 giorni fa
several people in this comment section are admitting they aren’t old enough to be using youtube
Karla Grubišić
Karla Grubišić 5 giorni fa
i was 9 now i'm 15 🤝
sunny the depressed child
i was 3, didnt really understand the show but i think i caught on at season 2
Luke Daykin
Luke Daykin 19 ore fa
This is literally a masterclass in how to do a trailer right.
Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill 2 giorni fa
Watched this trailer so many times and omg- literal goosebumps (or my room is just cold🧍‍♀️)
Austin Lvey
Austin Lvey 3 giorni fa
I can’t wait for season 5 to come out so excited for it they do good work.
Alexandru Ionut
Alexandru Ionut 2 giorni fa
4 hours of masterpiece quality series that will go right into history
Zishu 6 giorni fa
1:28 My man playing Guitar in upside down. Freaking chills
cozy kitten
cozy kitten 3 giorni fa
beep boop
beep boop 4 giorni fa
@Der Mathze FR, a true metalhead
Zandra Kate Asturias
selena 15 ore fa
I don’t want anyone to die but if I had to choose I could live without Nancy, Jonathan, Enzo, Murray, Ted, Jason, and the other jocks. Other than that I will absolutely ugly cry nonstop for anyone else.
Taylor Slade
Taylor Slade 17 ore fa
Man the guitar scene is so under focused. That's going to be so epic.
Lalchand Baliyara
Lalchand Baliyara 3 giorni fa
Best Web series I have ever seen in my life. ❤️
Reena kharb
Reena kharb 5 giorni fa
The way they used the song "Running up that hill" in this trailer is epic.
Jack Carvalho
Jack Carvalho Giorno fa
Nah its trash
Isiah Duran
Isiah Duran Giorno fa
@Jarellyy bruh?
Jarellyy Giorno fa
@Isiah Duran bruh….
Snipergodbodys 122
For real I love it 😮
Jamie Giorno fa
Kate getting loads of plays these days haha
Oblivious_ HQ
Oblivious_ HQ Giorno fa
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wassup 15 ore fa
The Duffer Brothers are pure genius, their vision is out of this world.
Rupert Periwinkle
Rupert Periwinkle 3 giorni fa
For those of you speculating Steve will die in this season, a word: No, likely not. Why would Duffer Brothers piss off audiences worldwide before Season 5? Eddie will likely go, since he's only been introduced in this season. Much like Aleksei and Bob, Eddie is a one season character who dies a hero.
Rae Wood
Rae Wood 3 giorni fa
This season of stranger things has literally been the only thing on my mind since the day it came out. I've rewatched it about twelve times and I've played Running Up That Hill so much that I hear it in my sleep 😂 I'm so ready!!!
Abhishek Wadhwa
Abhishek Wadhwa 6 giorni fa
''Running up that hill'' giving goosebumps , happy to see Kate bush receiving the credits for what she deserves
Athalie 5 giorni fa
@DblMnt I don't think this song will ever get 'old' but it -- and Kate Bush too -- will probably forever be linked to Stranger Things for a big portion of at least the American population. which is kinda sad given how incredible the song and Kate's whole body of work is.
Daniel Peña
Daniel Peña 5 giorni fa
Yes agreed. But I think, whoever made this trailer really missed a nice opportunity to put a part of the lyrics, that I mention bellow, in this time stamp from 1:15 to 1:35. Especially when it fits so dang well. Still very hype tho. "Oh, come on, baby Oh, come on, darling Let me steal this moment from you now Oh, come on, angel Come on, come on, darling Let's exchange the experience, oh"
Mayck Baroni
Mayck Baroni 3 giorni fa
Um patamar absurdo essa série fdaa 🎬🎥😍👏🏻👏🏻
HannaCast Giorno fa
DJ Sadgangsta
DJ Sadgangsta 6 ore fa
I already know I'm gonna ball out crying when 11 comes into the rescue.
Leoki 2 giorni fa
I know that we are all worried for Steve but I’ve got a feeling Max or Will might die as well. Why is Will talking to Mike as if he’s going to sacrifice himself and head into the upside down to stop Vecna? The trailer makes us think he’s just explaining what’s coming but it really sounds like a final goodbye to me. and then Johnathan and Will are crying hugging each other. As for Max she’s in the same lit up room where Lucas and Jason fight each other. Then at 1:31 Lucas is screaming in terror while looking up. Might be because Max is in a trance and something terrible happens to her. I don’t see why else Lucas would be screaming like that.
King Venom
King Venom 6 giorni fa
I Can’t wait to Binge watch this as soon as it comes out, I love this show so much
River 5 giorni fa
I have already watched season four 3 times lmao I’m trying to slow down so I can start episode 8 right as it comes out
Infinity NL
Infinity NL 5 giorni fa
@Krish Gupta i did that with volume 1. Just 1 a day was the way to go! Only problems i had was that i had to dance my way around some spoliers here and there and sometimes I unfortunately got spoiled…. But for the final episodes i am definitely binging those as soon as they come out because i would hate to get spoilers for the end! But each there own i guess.
idv mary <3
idv mary <3 5 giorni fa
@Krish Gupta nah its just 2 ep why woukd i do that to myself
idv mary <3
idv mary <3 5 giorni fa
@Dhanush Sreeprakash 1h and 30m first ep and 2nd 2h and 30m
dhiman kalita
dhiman kalita 5 giorni fa
Cringe show
Jenny Hunter
Jenny Hunter Giorno fa
Omg I’m so excited this is gonna be so awesome can’t wait this has got to be the best season so far.
jair 2 giorni fa
Viene lo mejor quien dijo que las segundas partes no son las mejores 👌🏻
joeymoonrose Giorno fa
I know we all agree that it's the singing part the essence of this soundtrack
jessica sharma
Who knew the theme song would blend soo well with Running up the hill!!? Amazing work!
OfficialNANIWDOI 4 giorni fa
I’m very glad that even after a almost 3 year gap between season 3 and season 4 the show managed to catch my attention and give me chills all over again
Michael Hawke
Michael Hawke 4 giorni fa
Time between seasons shouldn’t matter at all. They need time to make things work
uni queenz
uni queenz 4 giorni fa
standbygordie 4 giorni fa
im ur 1000th like!♡
Hannah Marshall
Hannah Marshall 4 giorni fa
No way it’s been that long
I'm legit subbing to anyone who subs back 👆🔙
WOW you don't read my name 😳
excuse me, um…I love you!
I don’t even have Netflix but this trailer makes me want it!
Rj Gamers
Rj Gamers 17 ore fa
Appreciate Max ( Sadie Sink) performance and running up that hill ( kate bush ) ❤️
Tray Daniel
Tray Daniel 3 giorni fa
I really hope Eddie and Steve survived. I have a feeling that Max will die because on Episode 4 “Dear Billy”, she gave her friends and family the letters thinking she’s about to die, and I heard the ending will be emotional again, if I’m not mistaken. Also, since Season 5 will be its last season, I hope they do the same thing as Season 4. Break it down to Part 1 & 2, and this time make the finale 3 hours long like a movie 🎥 🍿
Sussy Grognak
Sussy Grognak 21 ora fa
I've already heard the finale will be 4 hours long, not sure if for this season or the last though
Jen Klen
Jen Klen 3 giorni fa
This was the best thing that Netflix has ever put out 🙌🏻
nishit shah
nishit shah 5 giorni fa
The scene where Eddie plays the guitar in upside down has to be one of the most 'metal' scenes in tv history.. \m/
Slimothy jimothy
Slimothy jimothy 4 giorni fa
Has that “I was made for this” feel to it.
EpicPlayz 4 giorni fa
hes playing nancys favorite song since we saw her possessed by vecna aka Henry kreel and they dont have the recorderso he uses his guitar
Mikey Croker
Mikey Croker 4 giorni fa
I can’t wait to hear what song it is. Or if it’s just a note? Kate Bush maybe?
RJ Sables
RJ Sables 4 giorni fa
@paloma He’s gonna play Runnin’ with the Devil.
José Flávio
José Flávio Giorno fa
Essa série é muito boa, namoral.
Michael Gates
Michael Gates 3 giorni fa
Whoever is doing the audio for this show deserves a raise, well freaking done! 🎵
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 3 giorni fa
Stranger things never disappoint me awesome series
wkey Ice
wkey Ice 3 giorni fa
this season is bring chills to my body the season is so fire
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