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How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!

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7 lug 2021




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BEEF ? 2 minuti fa
Let’s everybody go one try He’s fucking squeezing the fu k out of it to get a gud raiting
Evan Kizer
Evan Kizer 12 minuti fa
Imagine being a whole narcissist
Stephan Harlow
Stephan Harlow 41 minuto fa
So gay please stop making awful videos
Sanjay W
Sanjay W 54 minuti fa
He literally pressed it into his leg to boost it
Kyle Alexander
This is such a fake video. Wow
Dean Nutz
Dean Nutz Ora fa
Took him so long to beat his friends he changed clothes 😂 Has ITvid just turned into fake tic tok with these shortz?
Red Devil
Red Devil Ora fa
Is there any way to block ITvid shorts..... Please
Kiana Jade
Kiana Jade Ora fa
Jacob: is that good? *No response*
Pablosky74 Gaming
I weird
I weird Ora fa
Why black water really just get regular water
R J Ora fa
Cheated, used hip to put pressure. Fuckin' loser.
Champagne is his real name???
Tom The Bob
Tom The Bob 2 ore fa
Me a rock climber who has done this and maxed it 👁👄👁
Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray 2 ore fa
That's bullshit u used ur leg
Jesse Otto
Jesse Otto 2 ore fa
That's what she said
sam vexez
sam vexez 3 ore fa
i think i had 160 when i was 11
S C 3 ore fa
the type of guy that practices something and pretends it's his first time
Tiago Pinto
Tiago Pinto 3 ore fa
Use it in the right way next time
Jake Finnigan
Jake Finnigan 3 ore fa
He used his leg as a prop to get a better squeeze
Shakeel Rahman
Girl: 56 Boy: 160 Oh.. how unexpected
Dakota Janzen
Dakota Janzen 3 ore fa
Holdup… coltyyyyyy pop off then
Diegoreaper75 Gaming
Wait so you can use ur legs to assist?
eel on musk
eel on musk 4 ore fa
I have thats but a lil different and i got 23...2 Dont remember lol
Rayane need Skin
Is it weird that the the gamer came third My guy be squeezing the mouse so hard he’s the rock
The Big E
The Big E 4 ore fa
wtf is black water 💧 😐
Champagne? Lol
Ghillree Lague
"So you're endorsing the gadget or the water?" Him : YES!
priskos costas
You cheat you use your leg CHEATER
Wikkwikky Q
Wikkwikky Q 5 ore fa
U used your leg you cheated
Olly Iverson
Olly Iverson 5 ore fa
Conclusion, you're all weak as fuck.
Dizzle Brandes
I can't believe I'm the first to say something about how hot that lady on the deck was
Maple Delights
Kangen water is best
Shane Lenton
Shane Lenton 6 ore fa
you come off really big headed and full of yourself.. can clearly tell you manipulated that score anyway, looked like you almost expected that or already knew what the score was 😭 how the rest of them guys even allowing themselves to look this little to this guy anyway 🤣
PartyQueen 7 ore fa
i dont think the girls knew they had to squeeze hard lmao
TheBenvelope 7 ore fa
Only counts when you only use your hand, mine is 190 non dominant hand. That's fully outstretched arm, get on a different level since I don't train strength lol. To be clear that's as much grip as a harpy eagle
Zenvo 7 ore fa
Oooo I have hard grip I'm strong boy. Grip isn't anything to do wkth strength lol.🤣
Evan Jones
Evan Jones 7 ore fa
"This gadget here measures grip strength.." "hErEs mY sHiTy wATeR"
Thomas Phillips
These people make me lose hope for humanity
Armin x
Armin x 8 ore fa
the dude isn't playing anything
Dave Kendall
Dave Kendall 8 ore fa
I saw that leg move at the end you cheat
JMO OPS 8 ore fa
I did 120 with my broken hand.... 160 is like probably a warm up... you need to workout.
Abel Aleman
Abel Aleman 8 ore fa
I’m Abel lol
Ben Linus
Ben Linus 8 ore fa
I like ta do some Molly with that 1st chick n let her test her grip
Henrique Ferreira
The blue shirt girl is so beautiful
Og Kobe brown
Og Kobe brown 9 ore fa
I honestly thought champagne would just turn the whole contraption to dust but I was wrong
Josh Molnar
Josh Molnar 9 ore fa
Imagine using your leg to help your beat your friends for a fucking video how sad
IG RAJ 9 ore fa
Come to me
Autism. 9 ore fa
I was betting on the one who looked like a prison inmate.
evfike01 9 ore fa
It’s infuriating that they are doing this wrong!!!!! 😡😡🤬🤬🤬
Zayenn “Its_Zayenn”
Feminists: Girls have the same strengh as men Me: I'm not sure after this video.. 50 < 160
Allisson Diego
Allisson Diego 10 ore fa
This guy always finds a way to put himself in the 1st place. Do a "who is the blackest" competition next time
bobby0081 10 ore fa
160 😯 This dude's meat looks like a bicycle handlebar grip. 😂
Sean bowmen
Sean bowmen 10 ore fa
Freeze that water, it looks cool.
Mohammed Hussain
He drank Chinese super soldier serum 😂
DoggoZA 10 ore fa
Lol not even 200?
Jadon Palacios
Jadon Palacios 10 ore fa
Ivazed 11 ore fa
Hold on cause whats her ig??
Megan the Dog
Megan the Dog 11 ore fa
You're a pretty good content creator keep up the good work and I know there is nothing said but there sometimes is haters and just ignore em godbless
NFR mJnOoN 11 ore fa
Isabela account ?
Max Guyd
Max Guyd 11 ore fa
U suposed to hold your arm straight out at chest level for this test to be accurate
ImJustInTime 11 ore fa
Caym Beowulf
Caym Beowulf 11 ore fa
That nigga really named champagne
Barry Gordon
Barry Gordon 11 ore fa
He cheated....
IamSequoia 11 ore fa
Please God, don’t let ITvid merge into tiktok
Gian Palacio
Gian Palacio 12 ore fa
Get captains of crush
Grapejuicelover 12 ore fa
Videos like this give me no hope for America
Y/N♡ 13 ore fa
My dad broke his 😀
alex nixon
alex nixon 13 ore fa
Yeah I had to do one of these for my construction work physical and the nurse told me wow when she saw it and said I had 180 grip in my right and 190 on my left hand. I also had to swing a sledgehammer for 5 minutes, walk fast for 10 minutes, tote 150ibs of weights in a milk crate for 100 yards. It was intense.
Tauwera Hardgrave
You do realize if you squeeze it while you palm is facing upwards you are using a more dominant/stronger muscle than squeezing it with your palm facing down right? Second to last guy wins.
josh ganiere
josh ganiere 13 ore fa
Why are these comments so mad for no reason 💀
KittyCat 13 ore fa
This man's so strong he'd beat his friends asses
Marky J.
Marky J. 13 ore fa
Kinda proving white ppl always feeling like they gotta be better than others at everything.. Kinda comical in a sense really.. Keep it up.
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 14 ore fa
Weird flex but OK
Special Club
Special Club 14 ore fa
Lol literally used his leg at the end
le vieux
le vieux 14 ore fa
Those things are fake meters like I've got 2068
Isaac Troyer
Isaac Troyer 14 ore fa
There's no way he just casually gets 160. Show the whole clip of yourself.
Lynx 24
Lynx 24 14 ore fa
Last one strongest
Benard Queen
Benard Queen 14 ore fa
Is this a tic tok house
sov361 14 ore fa
He pinned it against his leg
Mr Mad
Mr Mad 15 ore fa
Not bad help with the leg action
Brendan SC
Brendan SC 15 ore fa
Jesus christ everyone in your house is disgustingly weak.
Ava Mullin
Ava Mullin 15 ore fa
Who is the strongest
Myrah 15 ore fa
That’s not even how you use it 🤦🏻‍♂️ you start with your arm up above your head and slowly bring your arm down to your side while squeezing and let go when you arm hits your leg that’s the correct and accurate way to do this we did it in high school how can you not know this!
シGreenSakura 15 ore fa
Ethan Barr
Ethan Barr 15 ore fa
Ummm you pressed it against your thigh🤔
Juicy Doubles
Juicy Doubles 15 ore fa
Not even surprised these losers drink that water
Iruka Sensei
Iruka Sensei 15 ore fa
"Is that good?"🤓
sebastien charette
I remember in PE we tried the whole class and me and my friend both beat our teacher, he had 170 ish and we were in high 180's low 190's. And he was using some bull excuse saying he didn't calibrate the handle right. Shout out to other haymakers / farm hands out there.
PrecisionVal 15 ore fa
Yall talking about him getting the highscore but not talking about how he used his leg to get it😂
Trivod Brown
Trivod Brown 15 ore fa
Sand man got souls when he drink that black water 😨
Mr Meme
Mr Meme 15 ore fa
Is this how they test true gorilla grip pussy?
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