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These high notes will blow you away. Which Blind Audition surprises you the most?😱
00:00 1. Kelsie Watts sings 'I Dare You' (The Voice US):
01:44 2. Johnny Manuel sings 'Home' (The Voice Australia):
03:40 3. Sezina sings 'All By Myself' (The Voice of Holland):
05:42 4. Lauren Drew sings 'Mamma Knows Best' (The Voice UK):
07:22 5. Rocio Hernández sings 'Homeless' (The Voice of Spain):
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12 gen 2021




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The Voice Global
The Voice Global 7 giorni fa
Which Blind Audition surprises you the most?😱
marta soler
marta soler 3 giorni fa
La chica de España es una pasada, y sólo tiene 18 años, beautiful voice 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christian Asana
Christian Asana 3 giorni fa
Fila Alfian Saputra
Anne marie
Bridget Boateng
Bridget Boateng 5 giorni fa
Johnny Manuel
Dimitri Fonseka
Dimitri Fonseka 5 giorni fa
Doc 255
Doc 255 2 ore fa
Love from srilanka ❤️
Andyka Sari
Andyka Sari 8 ore fa
Global very well
Rahma Kendall
Rahma Kendall 11 ore fa
Ilove the new coach in united kingdom anne marie ❤❤❤❤
Vozes extraordinárias
Veja esse vídeo/ See this vídeo: “ The voice 2020- best 10
Ryan 19 ore fa
Kelly nghỉ dịch lâu quá bị ngải heo nhập hả má? Lâu rồi ko thấy ra album gì hết trơn trọi zị??
Gabi Helena
Gabi Helena 19 ore fa
To sing mamma know best is required a powerful voice
Gabi Helena
Gabi Helena 19 ore fa
I just me or there are singers that have voices makes for runs
Rowell John Valencia
Anne Marie's reaction is so priceless.
pipiriti pipirit
johnny manuel in day lebron james in night
Adam 78
Adam 78 Giorno fa
Johnny Manuel. was on AGT
Jefferson Costa
Jefferson Costa Giorno fa
The netherlands's girl nailed it.
Laibin Babbe
Laibin Babbe Giorno fa
3:40 You have to check that she's 16.
Laibin Babbe
Laibin Babbe Giorno fa
3:40 Nederland laat je horen!
Zaki Farhan Viyadi
Yg belanda biasa aja menurut gw
Oberstimmer Giorno fa
Sezina is a dream !
HammerBann Giorno fa
These are fantastic singers. But why does The Voice need to use so much pitch correction? For example at 5:18...
Funsho Akinwusi
Funsho Akinwusi Giorno fa
I couldn’t handle this compilation 😭😭😭😭
Mae Mae
Mae Mae 2 giorni fa
For me there's no other than to Johnny manuel so powerful and so amazing
Nadine Gorospe
Nadine Gorospe 2 giorni fa
The first contestant's so good 🔥
Nadine Gorospe
Nadine Gorospe 2 giorni fa
Wait. The second one's so crazy!!!!
Moses Martinez
Moses Martinez 3 giorni fa
Where is Johnny singing Celine Dion?? He hits a high note on that song better than his audition
BOY Lips sing TV
BOY Lips sing TV 3 giorni fa
Guys please support to my YT channel, dont forget to LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE then click notification bell your always updated to my uploading videos :) thank you guys itvid.net/video/video-C4fAkA_6LGU.html
Qúy Gaming
Qúy Gaming 3 giorni fa
Did you forget " Wrecking Ball " presented by Christina Grimmie ?
Octo Coco
Octo Coco 3 giorni fa
Just reading the title and I knew I'd find at least one blind audition from The Voice Australia
Atha Channel
Atha Channel 3 giorni fa
Sezina Sings All By Myself (minus 1 key)
Thanos Universe
Thanos Universe 3 giorni fa
WOW. Number 4 it's like a sister of Jessie J. Amazing voice.
Gabi Helena
Gabi Helena 19 ore fa
Jessie j is a AMAZING vocalist peaple underrated her
Benimle Beraber
Benimle Beraber 3 giorni fa
johnny...allright...my ears my brain and every cells in my body... you won...
Elsa Chinthya
Elsa Chinthya 3 giorni fa
d Australian guy hits diff🔥
Merrick Wei
Merrick Wei 3 giorni fa
Why does kelsie watts look so much like Lexi hensler
Leila HADDAD Giorno fa
Her face is different
idk said idk.
idk said idk. Giorno fa
kagemanden5 ps4
kagemanden5 ps4 3 giorni fa
Third was awful 🤦‍♂️
Gustavo Perez
Gustavo Perez 3 giorni fa
I Love Johnny manuel ♥️🤩🤩👏🤩👏
Dawn Arising
Dawn Arising 3 giorni fa
Where is bella’s version of Praying?
WILLY MELO 3 giorni fa
the second is better!
Sophie L
Sophie L 3 giorni fa
The yielding epoxy hepatosplenomegaly crash because owl independently suspect pace a educated beggar. half, perpetual shampoo
marta soler
marta soler 3 giorni fa
La chica de España es una pasada, y sólo tiene 18 años, beautiful voice 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Conrad Felizario
Conrad Felizario 3 giorni fa
Push that button!!
Justine Hock Lye Lee
Why phillippenes is not here? HAHAHA
Kelsie Watts is just stunning
Johnny Manuel
Johnny Manuel 4 giorni fa
To those who truly suport me i am so thankful for that ...It means a lot to me
Jan Carlo Lalisan
Such a powerful voice.
Michael Muñoz Balanzo
You are so amazing,you are a very inspiration to me
Rahma Ahmed
Rahma Ahmed Giorno fa
Ur amazing always......
idk said idk.
idk said idk. Giorno fa
R u real :o oml lmfao but if u r, ur voice is STUNNING
Tilly Mikesavage
Tilly Mikesavage 2 giorni fa
You are always the best Johnny... I really love your angelic voice.. God bless hun
Magician 4 giorni fa
I miss Celine Hämmerlimg from Germany... Her high Note in Big in Japan was insane!
Tala Ahmad
Tala Ahmad 4 giorni fa
Anne marie with her shocked face
Renato BLoodiddy
Renato BLoodiddy 4 giorni fa
oi , pessoal !! kk deixe seu LIKE e se INSCREVAM .. espero que vocês gostem , deem risadas que deus abençoe, bjs S2 S2 S2 itvid.net/show-UCpRPCEZapru9ZXxmicwvQaQ
Béatrix Albert
Béatrix Albert 4 giorni fa
J'aime bien et les. 301 personnes qui ont mis le pouce en bas vous avez de la cire dans les oreilles bravo à tous
Adria gamer
Adria gamer 4 giorni fa
Tudo que eu queria era ir no the Voice onde a Ane Marie ta
Resego Sejoe
Resego Sejoe 4 giorni fa
Never heard anyone sing a celine song so beautifully 😶
Altynai Isabaev
Altynai Isabaev 4 giorni fa
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Haeriah H
Haeriah H 4 giorni fa
Anjir gua kira si abas
Malak mokhliss
Malak mokhliss 4 giorni fa
I imagine 5 of them singing in a battle !✨
sanrey tabequero
sanrey tabequero 4 giorni fa
I really love to watch The Voice 🤩 my Past time.
sarat wahengba
sarat wahengba 4 giorni fa
Don't know but i feel that the singers become more confident when a coach turns
Soundous Boumezaâr
I become more confident when a coach turns to ‘em bruh😂
Silly goose Man
Silly goose Man 3 giorni fa
dominique benitez
dominique benitez 4 giorni fa
i just love on how the fact Kelsie has this biased love and also has appeared no more than 3 top best videos is amazing. love her voice tho. #TeamKelsie4daWin and also like Sezina's fighting spirit. she auditioned in the voice 3 times.
KALLE 4 giorni fa
Where is Big in Japan from The Voice of Germany?
matt shabani
matt shabani 5 giorni fa
All of them except the one from the Uk were undoubtedly amazing and I can't believe anyone else could sing like them! Wonderful💖
Jhon Kenneth Landao
Smooth 👌
Ella Chaira
Ella Chaira 5 giorni fa
Best moments of The voice is the blind audition part 😊
iam Erica
iam Erica 5 giorni fa
Jonny 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤
RICHARD DENU 5 giorni fa
Wow Manuel
RICHARD DENU 5 giorni fa
Wow Manuel
Mightybloghelp 5 giorni fa
The guy is Withney Huston recarnate but sadly he never won.
Johnny Manuel
Johnny Manuel 4 giorni fa
Maybe it is destined not to won brother.. But i hope there is always good things happens...We all starts from zero
—Domsel— -
—Domsel— - 5 giorni fa
Still miss enno 😥
Bhaskar Garai
Bhaskar Garai 5 giorni fa
shows like this exist for people like this...awesome notes...
Ivan Barrientos
Ivan Barrientos 5 giorni fa
Johnny Manuel tho 😍👏
Santiago Alejandro Rodriguez Vela
Los jueces de España están locos por no dar la vuelta
Junzen Torre dela
Junzen Torre dela 5 giorni fa
Johnny Bartolome
Johnny Bartolome 5 giorni fa
They're all amazing👌🤘
Mahdi Foodtube
Mahdi Foodtube 5 giorni fa
Kelsie and jhonny Manual❤️😍
Ali Adnan Asim
Ali Adnan Asim 5 giorni fa
all on fire
YouTubes Plays 2021
WISAR 6 giorni fa
JHONNY MANUEL ........Increible y emocionante.
Suzanne Jane
Suzanne Jane 6 giorni fa
The last lassie was amazing, the best.
Felicity Roblox
Felicity Roblox 6 giorni fa
AUSTRALIA for the bestttttt yall
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue 6 giorni fa
High notes mean nothing without a vocal launch-pad. These had it!
Joven Macasinag
Joven Macasinag 2 giorni fa
Emma L
Emma L 6 giorni fa
*me trying to hit those high notes* my mom: who the hell is dying up there?
ʟ ɪ ɴ ɴ ᴏ
irma mayasari
irma mayasari Giorno fa
Poor you 😂😂
Elshaddai Purnomo
Elshaddai Purnomo 3 giorni fa
Stephanie Tanciano
Stephanie Tanciano 4 giorni fa
Edina chipepo
Edina chipepo 5 giorni fa
Souig Rachid
Souig Rachid 6 giorni fa
Best moment of clip 1:11 no Word 👌👌
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 6 giorni fa
Woah didn't expect Merid- Sezina to be in the adults franchise now 0_0
alana 6 giorni fa
Cecilia Jennings
Cecilia Jennings 6 giorni fa
I would like to sing there someday🎤
The Divine Voices
The Divine Voices 6 giorni fa
HIGH NOTES ON POINT. Love this show. Greetings from the United States
Diário de Alice
Diário de Alice 6 giorni fa
A menina dos "Países baixos" me surpreendeu.
Mariana Rivera
Mariana Rivera 6 giorni fa
Amo cada voz tiene su toque especial por dios cantan hermoso
Marlo C
Marlo C 6 giorni fa
What took so long?!
Farkhanda Anwar
Farkhanda Anwar 6 giorni fa
Anne Marie
Jared Pascual
Jared Pascual 6 giorni fa
she's really good, whats wrong with the coaches not turning around very soon...🤔
Malak mokhliss
Malak mokhliss 2 giorni fa
@Dina Andiza SH. Ok yes she was awsome
Dina Andiza SH.
Dina Andiza SH. 2 giorni fa
@Malak mokhliss I think the first contestant.
Malak mokhliss
Malak mokhliss 4 giorni fa
You are talking about which one ?
Mohammed Rifadh
Mohammed Rifadh 6 giorni fa
Anne maari fans attended hear
amberly 6 giorni fa
I loved how she sung it slow i need this version
Malak mokhliss
Malak mokhliss 6 giorni fa
Lauren is on fire 🤟she killllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll that
Malak mokhliss
Malak mokhliss 6 giorni fa
Love all of them and love the way the coaches are so surprised by the notes 😂
Tofu Chain
Tofu Chain 6 giorni fa
I love the voice global because they didn’t turn off the comment
ʟ ɪ ɴ ɴ ᴏ
Gabi Helena
Gabi Helena 19 ore fa
XSeer Giorno fa
Shahd Eid
Shahd Eid 2 giorni fa
Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira 4 giorni fa
Korupoju Sriya
Korupoju Sriya 6 giorni fa
I saw Johnny mannuel performance in agt and its incredible and now its incredible to watch him in voice
Dona Anastasia
Dona Anastasia 6 giorni fa
In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic
The last girl made me LIKE the video
Thuna Real
Thuna Real 7 giorni fa
Me 🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭
Johnny Manuel is ON FIRE babyyyy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
LV ANIMALS 7 giorni fa
WOWWOW OMG it's amazing for their Voice 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Van Huynh
Van Huynh 7 giorni fa
Ủa chị đầu tiên phải chị hát mấy nốt cao trên tik tok k mn 😳😳😳
Cosmas Anyona
Cosmas Anyona 7 giorni fa
Love this
Nivya 7 giorni fa
Which song is that the UK contest sang can anyone tell me. Thanks 😃
Malak mokhliss
Malak mokhliss 6 giorni fa
Mamma knows best
Akram Psy
Akram Psy 7 giorni fa
Jessie J - Mamma Knows Best
Rohan McCartney
Rohan McCartney 7 giorni fa
By far one of the best compilations of high notes!!!!!
Neves Design
Neves Design 7 giorni fa
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