Super femeie, super voce! Bella Santiago este concurenta care le-a furat mințile juraților X Factor

The X Factor Romania
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Super femeie, super voce! Bella Santiago este concurenta cu cel mai frumos zâmbet. Face parte din trupa Jukebox, este filipineză și s-a mutat în România de doi ani. Concurenta a interpretat melodia artistei Jessie J - "Bang Bang" și a făcut show total pe scena X FACTOR.
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12 set 2018

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Commenti 3 562
Jean Yves Druais
The voice
Je C
Je C Giorno fa
World: She can’t sing. Bella: Just hold my cup of tea and gimme that fuckin mic. 😂😂😂
Jesaly De los Santos
Parang pinaghalong j.lo at beyonce ang peg ni ate. Kavogue!!
Frael Lyn Llena- Berame
How to turn on subtitles in ITvid..??i can't understand what they say
James Daquiz
James Daquiz 2 giorni fa
I wonder what they are talking about, and i wonder why the bald guy at the back stage is "floured"
Annie May
Annie May 3 giorni fa
Where s the eng sub??? I cant relate!!! I want to know what the judges were saying!!!!
Lalaine Cabarrabang
can we have an English subtitle here?
April Lopez
April Lopez 6 giorni fa
I need subtitle😊
Ate Terry
Ate Terry 10 giorni fa
BeLLa ❤️❤️❤️😘
Mary Ann Blaco
Mary Ann Blaco 11 giorni fa
Proud pinay here! 🇵🇭
Jym Drnd
Jym Drnd 11 giorni fa
What's the second song ?
Mike Tv
Mike Tv 11 giorni fa
Kamukha nya si mochaa uson.
acuña tv
acuña tv 11 giorni fa
Eng sub pls
Vivere Di emozioni
Vivere Di emozioni 11 giorni fa
Super super
Elio Abelle
Elio Abelle 12 giorni fa
She imitated the 4th Impact. Haha
Evelyn Aseniero
Evelyn Aseniero 12 giorni fa
Evelyn Aseniero
Evelyn Aseniero 12 giorni fa
urduja decampong
urduja decampong 13 giorni fa
i wish for a subtitle in english though
Maria Cecilia
Maria Cecilia 13 giorni fa
Q voz😙😙😙😙😙😙
Johnmar Salalima
Johnmar Salalima 13 giorni fa
She is somehow mimicking 4th Impact in the opening performance. She is also like Kaz Tandingan when rapping. The way it was delivered
paddy bernacki
paddy bernacki 14 giorni fa
Anna channel
Anna channel 14 giorni fa
Beyoncé song name?
Rizza Herradura
Rizza Herradura 15 giorni fa
I can't still move on...
Diana Diana
Diana Diana 15 giorni fa
OMG 😍🥰
Frank Bernabe
Frank Bernabe 16 giorni fa
Constantin Bojin
Constantin Bojin 16 giorni fa
Bravo Bella
Pan Pan
Pan Pan 16 giorni fa
its her concert!!! damn!!!
Mr. Anivia
Mr. Anivia 16 giorni fa
walang subtitles 😒
Cepris Navarro
Cepris Navarro 17 giorni fa
What is the title of the song?asidw from bang2x?
Èļ Niño
Èļ Niño 17 giorni fa
04:46 someone knew which song is this?
MsDarcyIsHere Btches
Im fil myself but goddang these peeps in the comment section saying 'proud to be blabla' are annoying as hell. I need to read the comments in peace
maria grace
maria grace 21 giorno fa
Just so sad that there is no English subtitle. I want to know what they are talking about.
maria grace
maria grace 21 giorno fa
She's amazing. What else could I say. She is even a multi-lingual. So intelligent.
Cosmin WoW
Cosmin WoW 22 giorni fa
Congratulations Bella, you're amazing. Also, nice touch there Delia 3:55
Gio Fajardo
Gio Fajardo 23 giorni fa
Nag concert na ata to eh wanya hindi na audition yan HAHAHAHA
Mark San Andres
Mark San Andres 23 giorni fa
Ana-Maria Lungu
Ana-Maria Lungu 23 giorni fa
4:40 Melody?
Zel B.
Zel B. 24 giorni fa
ENGLISH SUB PLEASE so our fellow Filipinos can relate waaaaa
Shei Chavez Yongque
Shei Chavez Yongque 24 giorni fa
Oh gawd. How many times I've watched this? Can't count 😹😹
yangski forts
yangski forts 24 giorni fa
yangski forts
yangski forts 24 giorni fa
watch this agsin&again
Bubbles Clover
Bubbles Clover 24 giorni fa
Oh my god, she is soooo iconic. I love her!!!
King David Gaming
King David Gaming 26 giorni fa
ce buna esti
JOAN BENITEZ 26 giorni fa
Woooowww just wow! Complete package. Just saw this yesterday and played this how many times. Proud of you bella!!!😊😊😍😍
Teodora Mladenova
Teodora Mladenova 28 giorni fa
She's a hurricane !!! Wow !
John Mascardo
John Mascardo 28 giorni fa
Is there one with English subs?
Jemjean Ayana
Jemjean Ayana 29 giorni fa
My god...!whatta performer ...!
jericho chubs
jericho chubs 29 giorni fa
Why am I see Eumee Capile from her voice, looks and energy but not the dance moves😍😂💖 #ProudFilipinoHere💖
Vld 123
Vld 123 29 giorni fa
Song 4:55 plz ?
Marina Morales
Marina Morales 29 giorni fa
I wish i can understand, how she introduced, hers family,.. Is she's the only girl???
Edwin Panuelos
Edwin Panuelos 29 giorni fa
Judges being sexual hahaha
Yo LUNA Mese fa
Rosemarie Guerrero
Houston here to!!😊😊😊
Eyes Eyes Baby
She looks like mocha
Alexandra Ilie
Hey,cum se numesc melodiile cantate de Bella?
Aidah A
Aidah A Mese fa
Is she romanain or philipina
glaiza concepcion
Wala bang pa subtitle jan HAHAHA
Teresa Lusignan
can anyone translate what the judges are saying....
Denie Morcos
Denie Morcos Mese fa
I Told You Guy's Dont Give a Mic to The Filipino's😍
Bhem Ibañez
Bhem Ibañez 26 giorni fa
Hehe Yeah your right sir because Filipino is so talented
Mims Calbay
Mims Calbay Mese fa
Audition pa lang to??? Yung totoo?? Concert ata to eh!!
rinna garcia
rinna garcia Mese fa
very talented, and she won da BEST!!! i hope they speak english.
Henry Lorenz Parreñas
ako lang ata yung Pinoy na hindi magalingn kumanta hahahaha
iana Cris
iana Cris Mese fa
Hindi ka nag iisa...😂😂😂😂😂
Yvassic Cokanovic
Maimuta din asia 🐵
Sheila B
Sheila B Mese fa
One amazing performance best I have ever seen from any XFactor besides the UK XFACTOR the sisters 4TH Power that sang this same song
shikha sharma
I see this video 35 time...awesome dear supr dupr voice love u dear👌👌😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
MoriAmayAmon Updates
Pinoy here😍
My Account
My Account Mese fa
Why can't I breathe?? 👏
Hanoy Roda
Hanoy Roda Mese fa
She did a concert audition, haha, amazing, it makes everyone blow away, haha
Charina Esteban
In watching her over and over again wow
Ivana Campos
Ivana Campos Mese fa
Legenda em português 🙏
Althea Brittan
Total package
kurt klein
kurt klein Mese fa
it feels like it's her concert😂. love it😍👏👏👏
Daizy Ilustre
σh mч gσѕh! ѕhє'ѕ ѕσ gσrgєσuѕ 😍αnd ѕhє ѕєєmѕ líkє mч ídσl jlσ☺😍αnd ѕhє'ѕ prσud fílípínα😍😘
Kinito Male
Kinito Male Mese fa
Im a fan from php
Mecca Del Cielo Luneta
they should put a subtitle english so viewers can understand.
cherry cabanit
pansin ko lang same sila ng kulay ng sout ni osang sa audition sa x factor israel. at nag champion din si osang doon.
MMoon Rick
MMoon Rick Mese fa
tem algum BR por ai?
Raven Nauts
Raven Nauts Mese fa
Manila Racquel
how many times I've watched..until now it's May 2019..I love the confidence and stage presence..and wohoho the reactions of judges..😀😀
Faby Urretavizcaya
Awesome!!!! I love!!😘😘❤
Ana Beatriz Araujo
Ela é de outro mundo, só posso dizer isso! Incrível
Haydee Leguro
Verry best audition.proud of u pinoy
دلوعة نفسي
Who do the dislike 🤔🤔🤔 chuuuut
Oh great this is going to a stereotype and a running gag now that all of US filipinos can sing and were proud of Literally anything as long as there's a filipino involved on those amazing achievements
sam fab
sam fab Mese fa
wow philippines woooooohhhhh
manuel perez tellez
Alguien que me diga la canción Intermedia xfavor
Pare Kyko
Pare Kyko Mese fa
Magnífic loveeeee 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Erwin Manaloto
best of all audition . im erwin from the Philippines. i am so very proud of you.. who's still watching ? 2019 anyone? press like if are still watching.
Myl Almene
Myl Almene Mese fa
she looks like jennifer lopez omg
·Izuly· Official·
Saracu Carla s este :)))
Daviid Mihaila
cum se cheama melodia de la 4:48??
Kerubel Polo De Rodriguez
Que idioma es este sera ruso?
elisandro Gomes
Não entendi as reações do mascarado
Richard Fernandez
thank you Romania.. the first ever country to gain a perfect 10 score for Olympics gymnastics!
Paul Romano
Paul Romano Mese fa
What are they saying? I wish I could understand them😔
Maya Mony
Maya Mony Mese fa
Is anyone watching in April 2019?
Mary Ghazaryan
She’s Diva❤️
孔漫荣 2 mesi fa
MR_ BEAN 2 mesi fa
nag uumapaw na confident pati belat nya apaw na apaw..
mario radu
mario radu 2 mesi fa
Prossimi video