Surface Headphones 2: Matte Black Everything!

Marques Brownlee
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Microsoft. Do you think you can get me to like your headphones just for a new color?
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19 mag 2020




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Marques Brownlee
Shoutout to Ridge wallet for sponsoring this episode! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! > ridge.com/MKBHD
Ra_The_1 16 giorni fa
Matte black is the best
De Pennenbreker
You should dye your hair matte black.
Alex Mese fa
Marques Brownlee they snatched your footage for their commercial
Ziffer777 Mese fa
Ridge Wallets are WAY too expensive...
frezen moons
frezen moons Mese fa
Marques Brownlee add fully round design only and fully waterproof without bad ip rating and 48hr+ battery without needing case and better dolby n bass and noise cancel only for precise mic with anti peak anti static and triple 100watt+ charge for case n buds, 50 gram max on all wired wireles over headpho standard
Adeel Tahir
Adeel Tahir 3 giorni fa
2:00 My £40 Sony wh ch500s do that lmao why u get hyped when $250 headphones do that
Smart Biz Web Media
Surface 2's have superior call quality, so I'd say best for heavy phone users. As opposed to removing to answer a call on phone. I've heard that the Sony's are atrocious when it comes to call quality.
Prem 11 giorni fa
please tell your top three headphones
oscarmahone 12 giorni fa
Hi, good day Marques. Can you do a review on TEUFEL REAL BLUE NC headphone?
Lorenzo Serrano
Lorenzo Serrano 14 giorni fa
where i live both are exactly the same price, and i'm trying to decide if i could even tell the difference between sound quality.
Lorenzo Serrano
Lorenzo Serrano 10 giorni fa
@Sqisho i don't mind battery life, as i would use them at home - and it has fast charging. what could be a possible problem is the bass being flat, something i've heard in a couple reviews.
Sqisho 10 giorni fa
Battery life and multi-device connectivity is pretty important. Surface has 20 hr, Sony has 30 hr. Surface has multi-device connectivity while the Sony's don't. It really depends on what you want in your pair.
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
Yes! Multiple device support. :c I'd love to have a cleaner case for the WH-1000XM4, I take care of them because they always get dirty. :c
Billy Saefong
Billy Saefong 14 giorni fa
any chance of reviewing the razer opus? thanks for the vids and stay safe out there!
Muhammad Awais Kamran
It looks like that you are wearing wig
Garage Music
Garage Music 16 giorni fa
Well, based on your reviews I made my choice to purchase my 1000Xm3 with no regrets. I just love it.
My Nontraditional Life
Would Bose also be better than these Surface headphones as far as sound and noise cancellation? The multiple device support and a couple other features make me not want to buy the Sony headphones.
Alternative Headlines
I was going to buy these then I noticed the Microsoft logo on the side. So basically their street cred crashed to zero. But that multipoint sure is tempting.
I agree with you and,
Matte black. The closest thing he’s come to when it comes to being a Black American.
Aviel Orwhatever
Aviel Orwhatever 20 giorni fa
3:03 “n’they’ve got these rings maaan”
Austin .Caulfield
Austin .Caulfield 20 giorni fa
bit full of himself tbh as if Microsoft try to make him happy :P
Tech Boner
Tech Boner 20 giorni fa
Do the google assistant work well with these headphones?
BambusbjoernTech 22 giorni fa
A comparison with the Bose QC35II would be great, still wearing those because the Sonys were not quite as comfortable to me.
dischadyou 22 giorni fa
Review on the MPOW 059 PLUS?
Jay jay
Jay jay 22 giorni fa
David Mena
David Mena 22 giorni fa
Are we not getting a Surface Book 3 Review? 2:31 👀
Markus Fury
Markus Fury 23 giorni fa
I had to pause the video on the car. I just laughed like "I remember he asked Musk about the matte black".
Joost Schiphorst
Joost Schiphorst 25 giorni fa
Is it worth to spend 250,- on headphones if you're not a audiophile?
Michael Jung
Michael Jung 25 giorni fa
Does anyone know if the mic on the Surface Headphones 2 work with Xbox One for gameplay? 🎧 🎮
Ceetress J.
Ceetress J. 26 giorni fa
Love mine very much. But missing a clicking sound by changing the volume or anc.
Santosh Kumar Karri
Santosh Kumar Karri 26 giorni fa
if you like all black why your room wall color is wight ?
GØd Ōr ñÖt
GØd Ōr ñÖt 26 giorni fa
Could someone tell me the 20syl track that he used in this video? Marques juss gave the link to his channel and didn't mention the name of the track!
Deepak kashyap
Deepak kashyap 28 giorni fa
Literally 😂 Sony if u r listening to this multiple devices support 😅 pls. You are as good as these sony headphones are. Love from INDIA😍
Md.Sabbir Hossain
Md.Sabbir Hossain 28 giorni fa
Please make sony xperia 1 m2 review 🙏🙏
Ciel_Red Velvet
Ciel_Red Velvet 28 giorni fa
Am I the only one curious what car Marques drives now??
Blankety Blank
Blankety Blank 29 giorni fa
The absolute most boring looking headphones i have ever seen. They cannot compare to Beats for looks.
One Above All 420
One Above All 420 4 giorni fa
Lol you view headphones as a fashion trend
Einl Einl
Einl Einl 29 giorni fa
$100 is the difference.
P K 29 giorni fa
I just bought WH-1000MX3 knowing I sacrifice multiple device function after viewing this but it just switched me between phone and PC by itself (I just started youtube video and it paused music on the phone?) maybe they listened and added it in update?
P K 29 giorni fa
Also WH-1000MX3 I bought for less then 250 eur now so I think it got surface beat.
Sarvesh Senthilkumar Sarvesh Senthilkumar
Marques: Sees the matte black I'll have the entire stock please
Luna Gayeski
Luna Gayeski 29 giorni fa
So the sound quality on the surface 2s are less than other flagships, but how would the sound quality on the surface 2s compare to headphones like the Avantree Audition Pros? Is sound quality a measurable spec?
J S 29 giorni fa
Does anyone know how the sound quality of the Surfaces match with the Bose CQ35s?
p c
p c Mese fa
Please compare these to the Sony XM4s when they come out (rumored June 24)!!! Really hoping this will be one of those time you say "sooo I've been using these for about a week"
Garrett Anderson
The Sony may sound better, but does the Sony sound $100 better? That was the line I wanted to hear. I had the Beats studio for a couple weeks and returned them. Just didn’t have the sound quality I had hoped for $300.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel Mese fa
just wanna say. RIP Windows Phone.
kapil busawah
XM3s have been out for almost two years. You're going to have to look hard to see these sell for $350 because everywhere else has them around $250 or less. SONY doesn't even sell them at that price, it's £249 on their site
김예은 Mese fa
Whoa cool wallet
Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman Mese fa
I wonder when Apple are going to try take over the game and bring out there own version 🤔🤔🤔
Rohit Bapat
Rohit Bapat Mese fa
Hi barbarik
Tianxiang Zhang
Hi I just bought one and constantly facing voice breaking issues. Wondering if anyone has similar issue? So far I feel like it starts to break whenever I finished a call using zoom. Forget the device in blue tooth and reconnect “fix” it. This is very annoying since I can’t use it for call
Jose Ferreol
Jose Ferreol Mese fa
I was able to connect my Sony to 2 devices. Is kind of tricky, but is possible.
Paul Keating
Paul Keating Mese fa
Yeah, not the best. I’ve got them on now and they’re not playing nicely with my iPad Pro 11 and my 11 Pro, swapping between sources seems to be an issue, in that they take forever to swap over. The sort of forever that would have them hanging up the call before the sound switched for you to answer it. Apart from that they’re pretty good.
T. King
T. King Mese fa
May buy them just for that mute button
Todd Haynes
Todd Haynes Mese fa
Can you review the top wireless gaming headsets for us? I routinely see reviews leave out certain brands and I cannot figure out why.
MrAdy0207 Mese fa
Microsoft 🔥🔥🔥
Rupam Malakar
Certainly liked the way you described how sony headphones sound and how can I forget MATTE BLACK. Seriously, I also have a thing for MATTE BLACK. High five to that.
Maurice Npa
Maurice Npa Mese fa
is multidevice support not possible as a software update for Sony? if so, why haven't they done it yet. I noticed the XM4s will have the feature.
Kade Brockhausen
Just bought these! Matte Black all the way!
UpstreamNL Mese fa
Can it fold?
Roman Pleteñ
Maybe it's just me, but I'm freaking out without hearing ambient noise, is there any reviews of the headphones without the noise-cancelling feature?
Jacob Whitmire
05:13 05:28 06:40
Joel Cutinho
Joel Cutinho Mese fa
New to the M4 model is a long-requested option to connect to two Bluetooth devices (like a phone and a laptop) simultaneously.
Natsu Dragneel
Yo anyone can tell me when or how can you buy these for me it says they are out of stocks in the Microsoft store i m from the Netherlands
Jon Pol
Jon Pol Mese fa
Keep up the great work you are a great person and content creator
matte looks dope!
Yeury Colon
Yeury Colon Mese fa
Love your videos been watching them for years
Jack Stroup
Jack Stroup Mese fa
not going to lie those look slick af
Batman52 Mese fa
Actually it is my dad's wallet.
Milli Mese fa
3:03...😅😅 I heard a little hood accent there.
Random Guy
Random Guy Mese fa
0:17 can someone pls tell me the song name?
DRWXP Mese fa
PSA: "Lifetime warranty" means the average life spam the manufacturer expects from the product, not your life spam. So if the manufacturer considers "Lifetime" to be 6 months that's all they are going to cover.
Rickle Pick
Rickle Pick Mese fa
Feel like Microsoft is slowly getting into the game again
Dr Freddostein
Bose 700: Am I a joke to you?!
Alex Mese fa
They snatched his footage for their commercial.
Liangqi Peng
Liangqi Peng Mese fa
Bought my Surface headphones, 2 months ago :(
Jamar D
Jamar D Mese fa
That's rough buddy.
Shy_mon Mese fa
imma buy arctis one's wireles, so i'm in camp that focuses more on looks but I hope the sound good
Ben Rui Cher Lim
some white noise in the background and boom disappear when ad comes in lol
Did you notice that the headphones were matte black and his shirt says matte black =)
Jase Daily
Jase Daily Mese fa
I have beats and they are good I don’t know why everyone bashes them
CHRS Mese fa
I find that only real audiophiles are $100 worth of stressed over sound.
slepx Mese fa
The matte black version is sold out. Guess I’ll get the white then
Stan Boerboom
5:05 is that madeon?
YoMomGreen Mese fa
I've watch it...now i need to buy it...damn u marques😭
Ayush Agrawal
design(X2) 😂4:16
Darrell Ames
Darrell Ames Mese fa
my 10 yr old $ 15 jabra headset has multi device support, so did my jabra that I had before that? what is hard?
Yunior Gamboa
The perfect headphone would look like surface 2 but sound like sonny's
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