Survive the Slippery Stairs!!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! In this challenge, we scale up a pyramid covered with soap to make it slippery! We have a bunch of challenges for our two teams like tag, protect the president, and keep away! Let us know down below what we can do next!
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Commenti 80
Raz0rX_Gaming 4 giorni fa
If I was In that challenge I would just pounce on them and tackle them XD lol 😂 😆 😝 🤣
Cyrille Lacsamana
Cyrille Lacsamana 6 giorni fa
Austin Kinard
Austin Kinard 9 giorni fa
Who else is here during quarantine, yearning for videos like these to come back?
Jamie Hall
Jamie Hall 19 giorni fa
p6mkq 24 giorni fa
A real life version of the board game Penguin pile up, huh ? A very entertaining idea !
Joseph Coco
Joseph Coco 25 giorni fa
In the beginning they sat from darkest to lightest 🤣
Austin Rico
Austin Rico 29 giorni fa
yes plz
Jazzygirl Annus
Joey: *Punches a literal m e l o n* Also Joey: *Slaps dat booty* OUCH!!!
Joshua Goforth
Bobby gets hit with a cushion doesn’t even phase him 😂🤣
Kaiden Watts
Kaiden Watts Mese fa
hold up you can poke an eye out bobby ITS DANGEROUS
Nick Poop
Nick Poop Mese fa
Bobby:I don’t wanna here complaints in the comment section Me:omg there gonna die
hated,but, rated
Straight forward faces n relays would of been funnier running clockwise or so this was a bit fat , TURD IT 💩💩 as Matthias would say
Anjar Nugraha
Bobby: link the link me:.......seriously
Darth Donkey
Darth Donkey Mese fa
I should have bought that jersey...
Racist Cat
Racist Cat Mese fa
Alli Corn
Alli Corn Mese fa
actually 29 of august passed and it’s 2020 ;-; but on the first day of august I had a broken leg that healed
Alejandro Vasquez
This seems a little gay not gonna lie.
Lil cool kid
Lil cool kid Mese fa
Not safe hahaha😛😜😜
Niño Vatanagul
Allison Colter
I have actually already seen that video that you said I haven’t seen
Mean Green
Mean Green 2 mesi fa
Hay Bobby you ready to hear this COMPLAINT 😁 just kidding
The water warriors2011
My favorite member of team edge is Bobby because he’s so funny
Jt WRIGHT 2 mesi fa
Cassi Coetzee
Cassi Coetzee 2 mesi fa
Bobie kowen a tyt
ZarinaRoseYT 2 mesi fa
I don't think I watched this but now watching this Just Bobby holding the mic in his hand at the start It looks like a duster XD Ya gonna dust something with that Bobby? lol (Idk I really thought he was talking into a duster though lol)
Jaceylin Mooney
Jaceylin Mooney 2 mesi fa
I’ve seen both of the videos at the end lol
Jaceylin Mooney
Jaceylin Mooney 2 mesi fa
This was all basically brother vs brother vs brother vs Joey.
Rolandlouis A Pangilinan
bobby looks so dumb he swick there name🤓🤓🤓and yeah team edge🎉🎉🎖🎖🎖🥇
Anthony Loose
Anthony Loose 2 mesi fa
The Bryan brothers are awesome
Holly Pieri
Holly Pieri 2 mesi fa
Azan Hussain
Azan Hussain 2 mesi fa
Guys who play Fortnite and who is noob and peo
Erica's Pictures
Do a challenge when you go on ice in a pool for 1 hour
Ava Foster
Ava Foster 2 mesi fa
I have a question is Kevin or Marvin older?
Harrylewis1999 2 mesi fa
I already saw the video on the side
Ineedahbigergun Random_Gaming
This came out on my birthday last year!
Radiant Preston
Radiant Preston 2 mesi fa
I love the team edge
im lonelyyy
im lonelyyy 2 mesi fa
Wait theres 3 bryans?!?
Max Harker
Max Harker 2 mesi fa
what is on bobby's arm.
Doireann Langley
Did yall realises that bobby called Joey Bryan and Bryan joey
The Best Cotton Candy Fan
3 brothers vs Joey
SeRi AbDuLlAh
SeRi AbDuLlAh 3 mesi fa
8:45 when u tryna impress ur crush but it hurts . i burst out laughing here ur welcome
Chahinez Noudi
Chahinez Noudi 3 mesi fa
I love joe's screams
Pan BOBR 3 mesi fa
ale čau
Sabastian Sanders
4:35 ?????????????
Reez's World
Reez's World 3 mesi fa
When is Matt coming back
Griffin 3 mesi fa
1:25 I thought Joey was wearing diapers for a sec 😂
king_noahthe3 3 mesi fa
I like how we have the three who look like brothers and then Joey
Silent Rain
Silent Rain 3 mesi fa
*when bobby says the names* .slow processing.
Abdurahman Elhadi
This is my minecraft beacon setup boiiiiii I got strength
Kastellan 3 mesi fa
I miss Matthias
Aston Jo
Aston Jo 3 mesi fa
•{frøsty OwO}•
That was funny when Bryan and Bobby kissed
Jamie King
Jamie King 4 mesi fa
Jarrod Sergent
Jarrod Sergent 4 mesi fa
I just lost a chromosome
Lunar_ wolf_2008
Is that the same pyramid as in the giant board game pyramid
Sup my dudes 2.0
I like J Fred He’s funny he makes me laugh every video that he is in🤣😀🙂
Samantha York
Samantha York 4 mesi fa
When when Brian and Joeys names you mix them up
Alyssa Vigilante
you shod play cwitij form harypottr
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight 4 mesi fa
5:16 great, now I'm in love with Bobby. You know he never visits this video. I'm so alone! what was I saying? oooo doughnuts.....
Gabby Ravosa
Gabby Ravosa 4 mesi fa
Stop it Marvin Stop it Marvin that was so 2018
The Harry Potter and soccer Lovers
This was released on my bday
Nu Nguyen
Nu Nguyen 4 mesi fa
Joey has brown skin and Bryan has white skin bobby
henrika januskiene
Ho longer to not be gay u win 😂
Candy_the _parrot
*Bobby the new president*
Candy_the _parrot
Can you guys do dares???? Or a slippery mazeeeee
Gaming Alexi
Gaming Alexi 5 mesi fa
mah bday is on the 299 of august!
Ryan Wade
Ryan Wade 5 mesi fa
Hey Bryan my name is ryan
Roger Gonzalez
Roger Gonzalez 5 mesi fa
Roger Gonzalez
Roger Gonzalez 5 mesi fa
5:24 haha
Raven Woods
Raven Woods 5 mesi fa
2020 why am i here
Ashley Day
Ashley Day 5 mesi fa
Hey Bobby, how do I get the shirt you're wearing please???
Yongil Kim
Yongil Kim 5 mesi fa
i can't blink i need to watch dissssss :3
Hannah Eckenrod
Hannah Eckenrod 5 mesi fa
team edge is the dige#7
bianca bernardini
m y bgst fan
Avery busboom
Avery busboom 5 mesi fa
Gemmiebell 5 mesi fa
6:22 When Joey shouted “Marvin!” I got some reading cracked up. 😆😆 I absolutely love Team Edge and their awesome videos! Let’s hope COPPA doesn’t ruin that next year.
Hockey Boy 22
Hockey Boy 22 5 mesi fa
That was awsome
Karima Anderson
Karima Anderson 5 mesi fa
me: this is not safe also me: im gonna try it
Courtney Bryce
Courtney Bryce 5 mesi fa
Can you do a boxing match plz
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