Suspects caught on camera ‘jugging’ after Texas man gets home from bank 

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Mark Gardner is thankful to be alive after three armed men ambushed his vehicle in a driveway this week. The family shared surveillance video of the incident with WFAA. The entire incident spanned 15 seconds.
"I feel the message has to get out. Never ever did I think something like this would happen," said Gardner.
The family has asked WFAA not to reveal their location or home address in the event of retaliation. Gardner told WFAA he and his stepson had just left a bank when they were ambushed by the three suspects.
The Dallas Police Department confirm a police report where a “jugging” had occurred this week, when multiple suspects followed them to a home from the bank and tried to steal his money at gunpoint.
“Jugging” is when someone follows a person leaving a bank with a large amount of money then burglarizes them at their next stop, police explained to WFAA.
According to police, the incident happened at about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Gardner said he was approached by three men armed with handguns.
"I said call your mother right away and tell her to go hide in the house. I'm calling the police," Gardner recalled telling his stepson and the vehicle virtual assistant.
The suspects proceeded to pull on the door handles, tap the windows, and then try to bust through the windows.
"This is where they took the butt of the gun and kept pounding it. 'Give it up! Give it up!'" he recalled the suspects saying. The car windows show damage from the suspects hitting them with the firearm.
Gardner and his stepson were able to leave the location and were not hurt, but they are still shaken. Gardner wants the suspects to change their lives or pay the price. He's hopeful someone will recognize them and turn them in.
"Maybe they think they're invincible. But if they think they're that tough wait till they get to prison," he said.
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Escaped with his life and got the all on camera, truly beautiful
Bad guys and good guys repel each other, cars go opposite ways. Serious event into non-event.
They still know where to find him later
​@@mickeywicked478probably Ur hommies😅
@Yayhoj Mese fa
@@ehiggins7476yeah I’d not be able to sleep until I know they’re in jail
@@ehiggins7476fr. They know where dude lives now, unless he was smart enough to Take them to someone else’s house
@frozen1255 7 giorni fa
this is why ring cameras need built in glocks
@michellereilly979 5 giorni fa
Non stop entertainment to see those videos😂
yoo that would be some epic technology.
@realitytroll1155 3 giorni fa
@jabsi80 3 giorni fa
Don’t mind,can I know what is ring cameras?
@kdeloris2225 8 giorni fa
Thank God he got away safe and sound.. Shout out to the window for understanding the assignment💯
@3556df44 5 giorni fa
@quentonclarke3074 5 giorni fa
W window
@missbell1634 5 giorni fa
@missbell1634 5 giorni fa
Looks like a foreign car, they always understand the assignment
@Drewstok19 2 mesi fa
Jugging is the term the cops use when thieves stake out a bank and follow someone from it to rob them Lmao
@51515123 2 mesi fa
Attempted Armed Robbery 😂 hope they get these fools.
@VGKali 2 mesi fa
Attempted 😂
nobody isn't calling it armed robbery. It's a very specific form of armed robbery. Well, a failed armed robbery. It helps to have a specific name for things as a law enforcement agency, then you know what you're going after.
@allenrose7776 2 mesi fa
They just need to be different today no matter how stupid it sounds!🤷🏽🤔
@user-th5ol7tr7s 8 giorni fa
Same car makes three turns behind me... We going on a road trip brother 😂
Frfr, situational awareness seem dead these days.
He waits too long for me to get outta there.
If your following me the last place I'm going is home
@blahblah8037 11 ore fa
I make three turns with a car and I’m scared they think I’m following them😂😂
That wayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
@darktiger615 5 giorni fa
The fact that they didn't just clap through the window showed they weren't serious
@keymurray797 2 giorni fa
Thank God they wasn't because a hardworking man would've lost his life
@wmurray003 2 giorni fa
They bishes.
@darktiger615 2 giorni fa
@keymurray797 True, however, I know many serious people, as well as innocent, hard-working people who lost their lives. I was just pointing out what I saw. The fact is, he didn't know if they were serious or not, so the question remains, is it worth your life trying to find out?
@myself4128 Giorno fa
so murdering someone or shooting means serious to you¿??
@mmmm-bo2hy Giorno fa
was boutta say that mfs ain’t bout it whatsoever ever. they to scared of that dog pound
He sat there way longer than I would have.
@rered9482 Mese fa
Right smh
@c4spinn Mese fa
He sat there long enough enough to gather that they were afraid to let off shots, or they’ve shot thru the glass to gain entry by shattering the strength of the glass.
Yep soon as I saw them pull up in front of me I would've been ready to create 3 speed bumps.
Exactly my thought! Why so long, why?🤔😶
@MISTERKIC 7 giorni fa
Reminder for me - ALWAYS back in the driveway. A plus for me is, I thankfuly have multiple ways to drive OUT either way I park.
@ArmyVet1776 2 giorni fa
Part of the reason why I DO in fact, back in to my parking spot- everywhere! With the exception of angled lots
@W-D40 2 giorni fa
You probably live in apartments then
@MISTERKIC 2 giorni fa
@@W-D40 Nope. Just lucky to have property !
@ArmyVet1776 2 giorni fa
@@W-D40 What's the difference- apt or house? I'd back in to my garage too. I back in to park at work.
@maxmoitaodi2435 3 giorni fa
very important to lock your doors while driving
@Myraplus1 20 ore fa
Cars automatically lock when u accelerate, just lucky he hadn't unlocked the doors yet
@@Myraplus1 not all cars.
If I see 3 dudes run up on me like that, someone becomes a speed bump.
@chuxyy 2 mesi fa
Best comment ❤
Speed bump or target practice, your choice mfers!
Yeah cause running over 1 out of 3 dudes over who have guns and know where you live is definitely very smart
@michaels8607 2 mesi fa
word,meet Jesus
@jsant24 3 giorni fa
Three young able bodied men that would rather commit a felony and try to rob a man than go to work for the money they want.
@tetra. 10 ore fa
The motivation isn’t always money, and often these people have no real prospects for advancement. In this economy it’s no wonder people are turning to crime.
Don't you know that crime does pay nowadays? Even in prison!
@somedandy7694 8 giorni fa
Window: "Is that...did you bring an Airsoft gun?"
“N-no…!” “I can literally see the Daisy logo on it! WHY DO YOU HAVE AN AIRSOFT?! YOU LIVE IN TEXAS!” “… Guys, let’s just go…”
@VETERANMASTER 3 giorni fa
No one fired. They tapped on the glass.
@somedandy7694 3 giorni fa
@@VETERANMASTER One assailant repeatedly hit the glass (with a solid wind-up) multiple times before the victim drove away. The joke is that the hits didn't break the glass 'cause the gun could've been plastic.
3 people stealing a couple hundred dollars to split instead of getting a job is the definition of dumb.
@Arilovesme13 2 mesi fa
⁠@@doublesbby6868thank you 😂
@ruppywms 2 mesi fa
Its Texas, I'm surprised em dudes are still breathing!
@stackingstates 7 giorni fa
I always double check whenever I am turning into my home. I’ve been followed once and I stopped got out the car with a machete and the guy sped off. Always be alert.
@lolhighimkc1316 5 giorni fa
Do you always drive with a machete?
@timmason2212 4 giorni fa
​@@lolhighimkc1316, what's wrong with having a machete in your vehicle?
This day in age, you have to drive around with one
@stackingstates 2 giorni fa
@@lolhighimkc1316 always
@ianpvernon 2 giorni fa
not smart - guns bro, people have guns , eff you sword
i’m glad they’re safe but this is why it’s so important to pay attention to your surroundings and pay attention to the cars that live in your neighborhood if you think you’re being followed don’t drive home drive to a PD
I can’t stand thieves bruh. Absolute cowards.
@jules7184 Mese fa
Fr just make money the real way like the rest of us
I hate thieves frl
@AJ-lq3jz Mese fa
Not even sneaky with it. Literally no skill, take by force and outrun.
This is why I don't believe that there are "too many people in prison." Obviously not enough if people like that are free
@cyz6969 Mese fa
fr fr bro no cap
@oscarrivera977 7 giorni fa
Usual suspects.
@kaylaindie 4 giorni fa
This comment is not necessary and is racist. Do better!
@Abbyglitters 4 giorni fa
So unnecessary.. but you wouldnt like it if we talk about the usually suspects for mass shootings and school shootings right, embezzlement and so many other financial crimes that actually ruins people’s lives.. keep your hateful comments to yourself.
@TheTuttle99 4 giorni fa
​@@kaylaindiewhat's not necessary is these thugs bringing down society...
@coleplymale 4 giorni fa
@@Abbyglittersyou should compare numbers between number of people who die from these “mass shooters” you speak of compared to the lives lost in this hood/gang violence. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not even close. One is a MUCH bigger problem to society as a whole than the other. And the worst part is that it directly affects the black community the worst, I don’t understand why you’re defending it?
@1stLadyMo10 5 giorni fa
I hope they were caught and arrested. Smh
@Mr.Riggert 2 mesi fa
When your car window is stronger than the education system..
@johnsnow5955 2 mesi fa
Thank your local Republican!
It's funny i bet most people that clown the education system didn't even pass it.
What does a political party have to do with people being bad people? Plenty of democrats as welll if you wanna point fingers also I passed the school system and it isn’t really that great at doing it’s job, safe to say id trust that window to save a life more than I trust the school system to better our next generations 😂
You'd see rheir faces on t-shirts while their moms cried saying they were good boys 😂
@heatherm1761 4 giorni fa
@matthuffman8418 2 giorni fa
Yep, stating it was somebody elses fault😂
Sad to see they left able to do it again.
This is what animals do. Yet we can't talk about those involved without being labeled something outside of a racist. Had I been the driver and these people tried this, the newspapers would be filled with dates , where the viewing and Wake were to be held. Ya get what ya play for! These thugs simply got off lucky. Hat tip to the driver for being cool calm and collected .
@joshedge7498 4 giorni fa
don't forget you'd be brought up on hate crime charges in most of Texas.
@JMitch-vf6qq Giorno fa
We are all equal there's no racist here. Be a strong white man just like a black man can be strong. It's called equality and freedom of speech don't ever let any race take that from you!!!
@tetra. 10 ore fa
I don’t see how you pulled race into this without specifically trying to. Nobody here was talking about race, and then you went and called them animals while bringing race into the conversation… hmmm…
@lindyjackson66 2 mesi fa
When people are following you like this don’t go home. Don’t show them the place you live because they will be back
If someone is home tell them to grab the gun. Because that is around the time where you can actually use a gun outside of your house. Otherwise it is illegal to have a gun with you while outside of your home.
No, let them come back. It'll be easier for everyone involved
@MyspacHor911 2 mesi fa
@@MichaelThe-PyroAnd then live in constant anticipation of when they will be coming back? No thank you
@goracks69 2 mesi fa
I sorta had this happen in my neighbourhood once. I’ve never had anybody follow me off the highway and so many turns into my subdivision before, so I kept going past my house, did a few more turns, and unbelievably, the random house I stopped at turned out to be his. I watched him pull into the driveway, get out of his car, look at me funny, then walk into his house before I left. I legit ended up leading him to his own home. Honestly pretty funny, and had a good chuckle about it all the way home. Glad i did a few extra turns just in case. Still funny though.
@@goracks69 It doesn't start at the highway. Search jugging
My neighborhood would have had three new speed bumps in the road
@RavenFisher 5 giorni fa
I love how the guy on the right puts his hand with hoodie over his head then realizes he can’t see.
This had me dying man
Jugging, makes it sound so childish. Call it what it is armed robbery.
They just having a little fun
@Bgo909 2 mesi fa
I’d rather someone had of had to call the coroner.
@Phoenix8Rising 2 mesi fa
This is a form of terrorism IMO.
Jugging is a form of robbery
@iti7201 2 mesi fa
@@sleeprightsounds2593let’s be clear armed robbery jugging is a form of armed with dangerous weapons to commit robbery. Killing said criminals would not only be justified but a act of community service.
@t.m.parker 8 giorni fa
His guardian angels be working overtime 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽✊🏽🙏🏽 Blessings and praying you through...Tra💞
@TheTuttle99 4 giorni fa
I think it was more the fact he was in a vehicle that he used to drive away but sure 😂
Right, how did they not see them fools ? as soon as I would've seen the block off its roll over time for me .
@juneharris5230 6 giorni fa
We all need that window service. Who are u best protected service..we salute u..
Finally a video where the people actually had their doors locked
Mine automatically unlocks ALL doors the second park is engaged. If I had been looking down at my seat or console, I never would've seen them get out of their vehicle until they opened my doors. 😳Believe me, I WISH they stayed locked until I chose to disengage.
@ciaraxx9881 Mese fa
@@nicholelarue2499same except i automatically re lock it.
I had a car that the doors would automatically unlock and I automatically traded that car in!
​@nicholelarue2499 that was my MAIN REASON for trading in my 6month old Tiguan!
​@@nicholelarue2499that's why you hit that lock the second you close your door. get in a habit of doing it as of now. and read my other reply here and you will be glad to!! I have my late husbands 2003 Dodge Ram. The doors don't automatically lock. I keep the passenger side locked. and as soon as I shut my driver's side door, I lock it before even putting the key in
"Ma' boys didn't do nuthin', they was good "
@schouvler25 8 giorni fa
Those are breathing speed bumps
@Bacci98 20 giorni fa
Goofiest attempted robbery ever seen
@BigBluesGarage 18 giorni fa
"Give it up"
@KipMplaylists 18 giorni fa
@@BigBluesGarage😂😂 then throws Donald Duck elbows
@zarrowthehorse 17 giorni fa
Silly lads
@abramring2801 17 giorni fa
Yeah, almost seems fake...
@darkstar5681 6 giorni fa
It’s not racism It’s pattern recognition
@nicholelayne4092 5 giorni fa
Next video white men robbing bank
@lol0609 Giorno fa
@@nicholelayne4092Or bringing guns to a school
@calandkali7939 3 giorni fa
Got away and didn’t have one scratch on that car pulling off‼️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 blessed‼️
@TTGT-wc3bi 2 mesi fa
If someone is following you, DO NOT drive to your house. Drive to the police station.
@kteeboss94 2 mesi fa
@Blackspartan88 2 mesi fa
Jokes on you, its your house lol
@beastmode334 2 mesi fa
He backed into his driveway you really think he knew someone was following him.
@joealvarez402 2 mesi fa
What if you got drugs on you or something else?🤔
Sometimes you don't know.
@biglowe4776 Giorno fa
Kitt from Knight Rider would be so proud of that window for saving that person's life😊❤
@brandonpetty8676 2 giorni fa
That window was the true definition of bend but don’t break.
Call it what it is. They’re not suspects they are GUILTY
@murphy1011 2 mesi fa
It says suspects because they weren’t identified yet when this was posted lol.
@trppstar 2 mesi fa
"Guilty caught on camera" doesnt sound right. Are you sure pal?
@adiesty82 2 mesi fa
Right like why do we have to waste money on a trial
@Hak3m4ru 2 mesi fa
They not suspect, nor guilty, they black
Rookies wait till he gets out the car…
Finally someone who was smart enough to keep doors locked and not give in to demands
@aisakix9200 Mese fa
Remember what happend to xxxtentacion “smart”
@@aisakix9200i don’t think he got time to react
@ruskov5685 Mese fa
​@@aisakix9200not the same
@ihatevice Mese fa
@@aisakix9200 you’re so weird for bringing him up 😂😂
@CheekSpread Mese fa
​@@UltraMAGA420are you colorblind
@DarkGloComics 2 giorni fa
At least the modern movies have taught them trigger discipline. 😅
The man trying to point a gun and cover his face with a hoodie perfectly sums up his intelligence level
@YoungMr 2 mesi fa
😂😂😂😂😂😂 Right
@weldplanet8806 2 mesi fa
That part
@iBike2Live 2 mesi fa
That AIN’T no man, believe me. That there’s a piece of (you know what).
@Baldeblak88 2 giorni fa
I would have been charged with 2 counts of vehicular homicide I guess..
@manuelsitay1949 3 giorni fa
If you think you're being followed, especially when you were just at the Bank, don't drive home...go to a police station.
@araplagat_ 2 mesi fa
Thieves are disgusting.
And disgusted in this case 😂😂😂😂
@niklas8581 2 mesi fa
Those are not thieves those are armed robbers.
Capital punishment
@marcwinters3522 7 giorni fa
I think the guy on the right is worried about catching COVID 😂
@Darrellwcm 7 giorni fa
This guy couldn’t get to the pew pew store fast enough 😂
@campmccoy5892 2 mesi fa
And this ladies and gentleman is why you always back in to parking spots.
@shenyang6111 2 mesi fa
YES SOMEONE who also thought that it was a good move to reverse into his driveway
@carohigh505 2 mesi fa
i always do!
Great ideal. Unless you parallel park on a public street. Guess it's a shortcut over the curb and threw the yards if I get blocked in.
@katzaddie 2 mesi fa
Always back in parking.
Wouldn’t have mattered if the robbers had more than half a brain between them. If they closed distance with the car it would have been stuck.
@DrMoriarty420 3 giorni fa
Dude using the hoodie to hide his prints had some seriously ill intentions.
@Shopscandalous 3 giorni fa
Imagine how dumb they felt getting in the car following that man home from the bank just to leave with nothing
I want a relationship as strong as that window
I'm saying!!! 🎉😂💯
@BayLuv87 2 mesi fa
@joelmurphy7468 2 mesi fa
I agree😂😂😂😂
I just post a pic of my ex on all my windows
You can tell the guy in the blue didn’t even want to be there lmfao
@rewardservice 17 ore fa
Crazy part is if the driver starts bucking through his own window to save his life.
@nintendad87 Mese fa
If someone is following you, you don’t ever take them to your house.
If the Militia was Well Organized, as envisioned by Benjamin Franklin ("Remarks" 1784), instead of Unorganized as per Title 10 USC Ch12, The understanding you possess would be common place, as it's meant to be in a truly civil and free society. We need to go through the process of getting our people to understand the Constitution,in its fullness as per All Three Charters, including what the Founding Fathers said directly as well as the innuendos, they took as common sense
If I saw following all the way from the bank id drive to a police station
@merionH Mese fa
Sometimes we’re too busy on the phone & not paying attention in the car.
It was all planned that way. See how the camera moved???
@The1Fdog Mese fa
​@@otchsigua8223 i assume you dont know you can just pan the view over to where you desire off a video. Especially a wide view lense
@JT3o 19 ore fa
lol "jugging" is a dance. What they're doing is called "attempted robbery with a deadly weapon" 😂😂😂
@bryanwestfox6520 7 giorni fa
man realized he left his daughter back at the bank
Moral of the story.. always back into your driveway when returning home from the bank.
@M99ZK Mese fa
Always back anywhere, it's proven to be the better way to park by a mile
@jeffsorrows Mese fa
I always park backwards, even got my mother to start parking backwards, and finally got her to conceal carry whenever she can, especially if alone and going to the bank
Yes but remember a car is less likely to be immobilized when hit from the rear than from the front where your engine and cooling systems are.
Always back in period
@@battery_wattageI have a very spacious place I park in at home and an itty bitty car so luckily I can get out of tight spaces very quickly, but the immobilizing part could be a problem still depending on vehicle sizes, no?
@evanobrien8134 15 ore fa
Gotta be some of the worst criminals I’ve ever seen
@FilthTribeFTP 6 giorni fa
Bro, tell me this dude did NOT have one glove on and use it to hold the gun while using his bare hand to leave his fingerprints all over that door handle... I MUST be hallucinating 😂
@jrad2bad284 2 mesi fa
They in Texas doing this it’s just a matter of time before they pick the wrong one
@dilligaf1009 2 mesi fa
I'm sad we may not get to see that video
But you know as soon as they do... "they were good boys. Never hurt nobody."
@FlyBoyMike1000 2 mesi fa
That's me
@bradbuzard7710 2 mesi fa
Fingers crossed 😂
@raypittman1063 16 ore fa
The worst get away driver ! 😂
Literally why I back in EVERYWHERE I go and I pay attention to who is behind me.
@SAUNITRIES 2 mesi fa
The fact that he intentionally tried to avoid hitting them says a lot about him, because I would've been hitting 3 speed bumps. 💀
@SandiCaramel 2 mesi fa
@ANomadIGuess 2 mesi fa
Same could be said for the ppl with actual guns, u can take that risk tho. They didn't want to shoot, he didn't want to Rambo 1v3 on em
@rhondawest5641 2 mesi fa
@deathangel5317 2 mesi fa
No he didn’t lol they weren’t in the way and if they were he would’ve ran them over…he slowed down to keep from hitting a car and stopping his escape…
And reverse
@deepherdown 6 giorni fa
😂 that fool really thought his face wouldn't be noticeable 😮
@asurasyn 2 giorni fa
If you suspect you're being followed, _DO NOT_ go to your home. ... Go to _their_ home to establish dominance.
@Vitalxace 11 giorni fa
Shout out to that window, the real MVP
@Duckswag87 10 giorni fa
That’s the first thing I thought. Shout to BMW’s glass
@eanradke5302 10 giorni fa
i mean to be fair they were beating on the center of the window, of course it aint gonna break XD
@ayushmalpeddi2793 9 giorni fa
@@Duckswag87that’s almost any modern car with laminated double pane glass. They also weren’t anywhere near close to using the right technique to break in
@Bixcuit 20 ore fa
This is why you check your side mirrors so you know what’s going on behind you, could have been prevented easily
I would’ve had my side arm drawn as soon as I noticed the car pulled up.
Multiple studies show that robbers rob less if they are dead.
@netherwake1 2 mesi fa
10th video I see this comment.
I was watching this going "if it's Texas or Kentucky, I'd say the crooks have a 50/50 chance"
@NatalieV0331 2 mesi fa
or if poverty wasnt a issue, that would also solve it
@@NatalieV0331 false. If people stole because of poverty, then politicians wouldn't be so corrupt or so rich.
These *USUAL SUSPECTS* make for some really BAD *USUAL SUSPECTS* smh....can't even score anything during this lick!
@theresadavis4724 2 giorni fa
3 dummies and they got their faces. Thank God he was safe.
@donvergas4855 2 mesi fa
Situational awareness. If you suspect you're being followed, don't drive home. Now they know where you live.
@iratucker1632 2 mesi fa
Thank you! My thoughts exactly
@mikea6094 2 mesi fa
He drove to a random house
@_thomasxf_5020 2 mesi fa
What if he didnt notice..?
@donvergas4855 2 mesi fa
@@_thomasxf_5020 I mean... you saw what happened in the video... lol
Prolly pull up to a wrong house
@Stuff0978 3 giorni fa
This is why you always make sure nobody is fallowing you. If they are oddly always behind you the last thing you do is go home
Driver must've been in shock. Sitting there that long😮
This should be a BMW ad for the quality of their windows
lmaoooo no kap, they was pistol whipping tf out that window
@ggboyden Mese fa
They were not educated enough to understand how hardness works and failed to use a carbide glass breaker. These guys are amateur s
To obtain financial freedom, one needs to be a business owner, an investor, or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis. Are you interested in a business?
Car door glass are not easy ro break. I tried busting my window out with a hammer and it didn't work.
@Buddystemz 5 giorni fa
These guys knew exactly what he had. Good chance he’s as shady as them.
@khadeejaamphy3686 3 giorni fa
At this point im driving my car like im in GTA
I'm tired of seeing people/robbing stealing. They need to be found and locked up.
@TheRogueX Mese fa
Start at the top with corporate execs and politicians, please.
​@@TheRogueXHow is that going to happen when you got some parents that want other people to take care of their kid/kids and let their kid/kids run the streets. So their need to be a fix from both sides starting with the parents that don't take care of their kid/kids and they grow up to be the way they are.
This is why you carry a gun
No such thing as Biracial. Numbers 1:18 [18]And they assembled all the congregation together on the first day of the second month, and they declared their PEDIGREES AFTER THEIR FAMILIES, BY THE HOUSE OF THEIR FATHERS,
@bjcbjc1889 5 giorni fa
This is why you always back into a space.
I already knew their race before they came out that car 🤷🏽‍♀️ not a surprise with these thuggies
Yep. I Wasn't Expecting Asian Grad Students in lab coats, Buddhist Monks, Or Some Amish....
@charlesprice6719 3 giorni fa
😂😂😂 All I can do is laugh at your ignorance
@tailwhup 3 giorni fa
@@charlesprice6719don’t be mad your own kind is so awful buddy, cope
@FilthTribeFTP 6 giorni fa
These guys sound like me when my wife isnt in the mood, but i wont take no for an answer 😂
@aaronlayton494 21 giorno fa
This should be the glass companies new commercial. 100% quality
@fabik235 18 giorni fa
@Totaldeltako 18 giorni fa
Nah, they are just stupid. It you hit the corner, it's not that hard to break.
It’s literally designed to break for safety reasons.
@aaronlayton494 18 giorni fa
@@shouldhavenotshouldof2031 driver looked pretty safe to me :)
@Totaldeltako 18 giorni fa
@@shouldhavenotshouldof2031 Yes, It's designed to break *in a specific way* for safety reasons.
@RSC8736 3 giorni fa
Dude put his gun right up to his buddy's dome by mistake.
@mtabunch 2 mesi fa
These are criminals not suspects
N they asking about guns for protection? Are they blinds?
@Alexisurdaddy 2 mesi fa
They sent criminals they didn’t steal anything lol epic fail
Their good people. They never hurt nobody
​@@cody123mccluskey said their parent
@luckyhippy4898 2 mesi fa
​@@Alexisurdaddybrandishing weapons is a crime if nothing else. I'm pretty sure attempting to rob someone is a crime even if they fail to do it.
@BonerBot 7 giorni fa
Failures in every sense. They failed to be good people, failed to get a job probably, failed to rob this dude, failed to break his window, failed to block his car in. Pathetic.
@NYAFACE817 5 giorni fa
Followed all the way from the bank is crazy
Bro was like “nah im outta here”
At that point he had a right to use his car as a weapon
Agree.. But then his car would be damaged.. I do hope cops were able to find them.. clip doesn't say.
But why when it makes much more sense to drive off and escape ?
They woulda sued Most gangsters nowdays are snitches anyway
​@@botdavid6775 dont matter if you sued when the aggressor is paste on the pavement, dont cause the problem and what's left of you won't be somebody else's problem lol
Sometimes you’re a bug, and sometimes you’re a windshield! These “things” should have been bugs!
@bencruz563 7 giorni fa
You know what Chris Rock would call these guys....
My man can drive is all I gotta say. And glad he got away safely
@bmiij308 2 mesi fa
I hope they're caught and sent to jail disgusting behavior
@Jacob-ABCXYZ 2 mesi fa
Or better, get tboned following someone else home
@MrBoodz 2 mesi fa
@TheRollup101 2 mesi fa
How about getting caught by the cops and they resist causing them to be unalived
Blm theme will play out again….
@@TheRollup101tf is wrong with you? Of course you chose this exact moment to be racist
@usualsuspects1491 6 giorni fa
In California the person driving the darker car would have been arrested for interfering with a robbery.😮
What exactly is that dude covering his face trying na do??🤣🤣🤣🤣yea we got u on camera dude
If you think you’re being followed, make four right turns. If that car is still behind you, it’s time to call the police.
It's a good thing he came home. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been caught on camera
Or just drive right to the police station lol yup
It's three right turns them a left
​@@princessjazmine08.07ur comment is the best one 😂 those robbers will be in panic mode once they notice a police station is where u lead them too
@@edgardofernandez7511 my ex MIL told me she was followed and rove straight to the police station and they mfs was nowhere to be found
@user-rw5tw1ez9e 6 giorni fa
My hearts racing , ngl I ALWAYS keep a stick in hands reach when pulling money out especially
@crystalmora9441 6 giorni fa
The one trying to cover up his face. If they can identify your friends....then they can identify YOU!
@Slow_Biden Mese fa
People tend to forget that a vehicle is also a deadly weapon, that's 4000 lbs of force you can run people over with.
Exactly what i was thinking
@MrOsma10 Mese fa
true but bullet can still go tru windows 😅
​@@MrOsma10not thru that one💀
@LS-no4gz Mese fa
And he took tooooo long to put the pedal to metal cause oh boy in the front would have lost his life!
​@MrOsma10, apparently, the luzers that tried to get in were too stewpitt to know that. 😂
@rewardservice 17 ore fa
Can't say a speed bump because they slow cars down. You meant become one with the pavement 😂😂😂
@ranchniggy3812 3 giorni fa
Always the same oppressed culprits
@jimbothompkins 2 mesi fa
I can tell how awfully stupid they were just by how they hold the guns.
@zachcarter3186 2 mesi fa
Fake guns
@jimbothompkins 2 mesi fa
@@zachcarter3186 probably
@daeburns8956 2 mesi fa
If I were the driver , I'll leave them with injuries for additional evidence 😊
@itsajoeybeat1 2 mesi fa
And the guy on the right covering his whole face with a jacket so he couldn’t see anything 🤣🤣🤣
@djs5663 Giorno fa
They must be their 1st day on the job 😂😂😂😂😂