Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd - Moth To A Flame (Official Video)

The Weeknd
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Directed by: Alexander Wessely
Producers: Joel Rostmark, Adam Holmström, Andrea Gyllenskiöld
Production company: PINE
DOP: Erik Henriksson
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
Vfx supervisor: Kalle Lundberg
Post-producer: Sofia Misgena
Post-production company: WGT A+M / Rascal post

Music video by Swedish House Mafia, The Weeknd performing Moth To A Flame. © 2021 SSA Recording, LLP, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.






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Commenti 27 303
Swedish House Mafia
yungdrugdealer Giorno fa
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores Giorno fa
I Paso the last thing
darkshadowXO Giorno fa
the dawn is coming... 🌅
theStan Giorno fa
What a great song
Wednesday D. Nguyen
Dope 😍
Rasih Samet Sezen
Rasih Samet Sezen 3 minuti fa
No dislike :)
yash rajput
yash rajput 4 minuti fa
Swedish house mafia killed it🔥🔥. Weeknd is rockstar for sure!
Matty C
Matty C 32 minuti fa
So they didn't break up after all? So their "final" concert really wasn't that special afterall.
Kimpy Ora fa
Kawan lil nas
srh_69 Ora fa
wattapd + The Weeknd >>>>
Lyz Bb
Lyz Bb 3 ore fa
Beautiful song ❤️
John Lucifent
John Lucifent 3 ore fa
What the fuck
Gürkan Deveci
Omg, this man is genius. every song he does is amazing.
Stabzero 4 ore fa
The Weeknd is classic, no need to say anything but we have to admit SHM did a great job here, that's a collab everybody was looking for.
Abu Darda JZS
Abu Darda JZS 5 ore fa
djsets4u 5 ore fa
1:35 lol Swedish Alan Walker Mafia
oni chan
oni chan 6 ore fa
Alf 6 ore fa
Que horrible mensaje y primado negativo tan fuerte. Develando el tratado arconte de una manera tan explicita. Un paso más hacia la involucion. Pero ellos no ganarán. Ganará el AMOR.
iMan 7 ore fa
What a masterpiece. Can’t stop listening to this (SHM is back 🔥)
Amine Aissa
Amine Aissa 8 ore fa
Лю Милич
Лю Милич 10 ore fa
The Weeknd 👄 itvid.net/video/video-694g_eVMkbM.html
WINGMAN 10 ore fa
Don’t you guys see the symbolism he’s the devil in this videos and takes your soul and energy the more you allow your flesh to take over you then you slowly become a shell that can’t be used anymore you empty
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 10 ore fa
Oh *’Starboy’*, *’Save you tears for another day’* cause *’Moth to a flame’* is not the last masterpiece Weeknd has come up with !🔥
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 10 ore fa
LYRICS: Like a moth to a flame I'll pull you in, I'll pull you back to What you need initially It's just one call away And you'll leave him, you're loyal to me But this time, I'll let you be 'Cause he seems like he's good for you And he makes you feel like you should And all your friends say he's the one His love for you is true But does he know you call me when he sleeps? But does he know the pictures that you keep? But does he know the reasons that you cry? Oh, tell me, does he know where your heart lies? Where it truly lies Yeah, you should be with him I let you go from time You should stay with him 'Cause he seems like he's good for you And he makes you feel like you should And all your friends say he's the one His love for you is true (hey) But does he know you call me when he sleeps? (Oh, no) But does he know the pictures that you keep? (No) But does he know the reasons that you cry? Oh, tell me, does he know where your heart lies? Where it truly lies Right here with me, babe Where it truly lies In my bed, babe Where it truly lies In my arms, babe Where it truly lies, oh Where it truly lies Where it truly lies (hey) Where it truly lies x-.-x
Lilith Del Rey
Lilith Del Rey 11 ore fa
Tiene la tonada a la canción de Leave the World behind, de ellos mismos...
Otacir Roque
Otacir Roque 11 ore fa
Tahmim Taib
Tahmim Taib 11 ore fa
artist drops
artist drops 11 ore fa
itvid.net/video/video-BpST9GVsbE0.html Listen this song this man has a the weeknd voice 👄
Vixxen Fox
Vixxen Fox 11 ore fa
That video was different.
mojsilovic Christèle
Amazing sont😍😍😍😍Does someone kno the brand of weeknd's jacket? I love it!!!!!!
Oty VLaar
Oty VLaar 12 ore fa
My best song of the year 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😎
Juliette Keady
Juliette Keady 12 ore fa
A small token to all please include value on smartphone without pressing buttons onto screen thank you .
SICKEYDRAT 12 ore fa
What a great song this man knows how to entertain his vocals are beyond extraordinary. This songs kind of talks to me in a way. It makes me wonder but in the end I was the better choice. I have been in a relationship with a woman who endured abuse by her ex and he made her feel really bad, although there were good times, the bad always outweighed the good. I feel he would sing this to her to play her emotions which he did a lot of. She was afraid to leave until I stepped in took her away. I bullied him verbally the way he did her and she was grateful for saving her. She has been very happy since, I too have come out of a relationship and we found each other and completed one another.
Jessica Elyssa Rose
No, Doesn't Know All, Just top surface, Full Knowledge is deep like Crater Lake, a bit much for most to take, One deep breath at a time.
David da silva ferreira
Oh putain je kiiiiiiiiiff
Sasa Vidovic
Sasa Vidovic 14 ore fa
This is a masterpiece ... an amazing production 💪💪💪
〰Truth Nation〰
Tomas Buinitskis
Marija Herak
Marija Herak 15 ore fa
The best 💯💯💯
Norvis Music
Norvis Music 15 ore fa
Top of the top
Mohsin Javed Cheema
Vanessa Sayuri
Vanessa Sayuri 16 ore fa
O vídeoclipe tão conceitual que eu não entendi o conceito hahaha mas amei ♥️🇧🇷
Jamilie Rodrigues
Né kkkkkk 😂😂
Valter Lucena
Valter Lucena 16 ore fa
Simply amazing!!!
Agac Ekelim
Agac Ekelim 17 ore fa
What a disgusting,horrible video..what I watched🤢my eyes
Jorge Del Río
Jorge Del Río 17 ore fa
Vinaya Ganpat
Vinaya Ganpat 18 ore fa
Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd? HELL WE'RE IN FOR A TREAAAT Absolutely love this My sister sent me it and damn she has taste lmaoo
CL 444
CL 444 18 ore fa
LEO GAMER SM 18 ore fa
very good song gives a lot of joy ❤️✨
Tomáš Raszka
Tomáš Raszka 19 ore fa
Please original song playing in the background?
alexmpo81 19 ore fa
maybe…Julien Jabre - Swimming Places
andrew46 92
andrew46 92 19 ore fa
Mamma mia che bomba sta canzone
Karla Soto
Karla Soto 19 ore fa
Karla Soto
Karla Soto 19 ore fa
Giorgos Valaris
Giorgos Valaris 20 ore fa
Epic 👏👏👏
PRS Beats
PRS Beats 21 ora fa
Really Nice 👍 you can hear m'y sounds on my channel 😉
Muna 19 ore fa
Okay....I'll check em out too!
PRS Beats
PRS Beats 21 ora fa
Really Nice 👍 you can hear m'y sounds on my channel 😉
Qylah Beatz
Qylah Beatz 21 ora fa
DLL Studio
DLL Studio 21 ora fa
Cakey 21 ora fa
Whats that orgy scene at the beginning lol
sirenita 21 ora fa
🥲🥲♥️🇲🇽esto es arte que viva la música pop, electro-pop
Aryo Barzan
Aryo Barzan 22 ore fa
I love it
F Niazi
F Niazi 22 ore fa
A masterpiece ❤️
Baljka Ruby
Baljka Ruby 22 ore fa
emerson gomes
emerson gomes 22 ore fa
Swedish House Mafia ❤
Beta Goncalves
Beta Goncalves 22 ore fa
Ele e o ed sao os melhores cantores de sempre ele fas me lembrar o meu leaozinho com starboi eu a sentada noma cadaira nonca me vou esceser dos nossos olhares elsabete Goncalves aaa 🧡🎆💖
Edson henrique da silva
A cada dia que passa, eu me vício ainda mais nessa música
macdara dockery
macdara dockery 23 ore fa
Swedish House Mafia made my teenage years
Balmacara Scotland
Michael Jackson would have a smile on his face listening to this from heaven above.....
Paloma Pedro
Paloma Pedro Giorno fa
Perfeição ♥️
Δήμητρα Κωλέττα
This song is fucking good.............you are fuck good The Weeknd.I love your voice!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Superman
Nick Superman Giorno fa
ε ξ α ι ρ ε τ ι κ ό!!!!!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 From Greece with love❤️
Clark Petion
Clark Petion Giorno fa
There's only 1 problem, this song is about 2 minutes too short. #GoosebumpsNeverLie - Axwell
Dany Rocket
Dany Rocket Giorno fa
Ho i brividi…
Maria Theom
Maria Theom Giorno fa
Yesun Goyl
Yesun Goyl Giorno fa
Listened this song 5000 times. Still getting goosebumps
pablo v. santos
pablo v. santos Giorno fa
All his songs are very good, the rhythm to his voice. But all musics worship Satan.
Xymsical 21
Xymsical 21 Giorno fa
This is not music, this is art. What a song.
LESRAM1981 Giorno fa
Masoknup Giorno fa
The Weekend , my, oh! my ,,, his voice , the music; sooo therapeutic. Never gets boring with him.
Maria Greenslade
What an absolute tune 💋💋
poorya morsali
poorya morsali Giorno fa
His sound is unique💙💞
Prismatic Giorno fa
JUst tell me one thing Weeknd how you look here normal person without that plastic surgery which one ruined your face man ?
Pulkit Negi101
Pulkit Negi101 Giorno fa
@Prismatic Right the details were so insane that it looked like he had plastic surgery
Prismatic Giorno fa
@Pulkit Negi101 Jesus Christ
Pulkit Negi101
Pulkit Negi101 Giorno fa
That wasnt plastic surgery my friend. That was makeup for the "Save your tears" music video
Xoxo Coxoco
Xoxo Coxoco Giorno fa
When you think he cant do better than last time.. he proves you soooo wrong❤️
Prod ByBnazondo
Prod ByBnazondo Giorno fa
Lineyourblack Giorno fa
Can’t wait to sing this song at my ex’s wedding 🙈🙊
Marmor Xo
Marmor Xo Giorno fa
There must be a spell in your songs
Wayne Womack
Wayne Womack Giorno fa
Rajeshkumar N
Rajeshkumar N Giorno fa
my fav now
Jamie Willis
Jamie Willis Giorno fa
The weekend is on 🔥🔥🔥 with these bangers
Borys Talar
Borys Talar Giorno fa
West Hill and Birchmount product . CANADIAN TALENT ONE OF MANY !!!!!!!!!!!
Pep guardiola
Pep guardiola Giorno fa
How is this song so underate
Joanne Chaitan-Forsyth
You are a wicked person Tesfaye
Drezon B
Drezon B Giorno fa
SHM + T. Dot talent = Ear porn.
Brenda Maldonado
I feel free to post that this is Amazing!!!!! So glad Everyone is Getting Along After Today. No more drama. Just mutual Respect as artists. Yeh! I’ve love listening to this and All other music!
Susan Perez ramirez
tremenda colaboración......
Nacho daddy
Nacho daddy Giorno fa
Weekend is a legend. Everything he touches turns to gold
VooDo YT
VooDo YT Giorno fa
19mil views ? I mean wth is going on ? What are people listening to these days? This is a masterpiece and you can dance to it ? 🙃
Pablo Fernández
This fookin song is simply perfect from time 0 to till the end , electronics breathtaking.
Nicola Fio
Nicola Fio Giorno fa
Voce celestiale
Al the Bert
Al the Bert Giorno fa
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