Tactics Explained | U.C. Sampdoria: A Champions League Team?

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A tactical look at one of the teams challenging for a Champions League spot in Serie A this season, Sampdoria. Brought to you by OneFootball THE football app to have: tinyurl.com/Tifo-March
Sampdoria have only won Serie A once, in the 1990/91 season, and have generally been overshadowed by their city rivals Genoa, who have a longer and more illustrious history. This season, while La Samp have no chance of taking the title, they are attracting praise for their possession-based attacking style and the form of young midfielder Lucas Torreira, another hot central midfield property developing nicely in the Italian top flight.
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Commenti 133
Tifo Football
Do you think Sampdoria can secure a Champions League spot? Will it be a big surprise if they do?
Tifo Football Please do more of the iconic players series.
Drew Togneri
Drew Togneri Anno fa
With Inter Roma and Lazio slowing down. It's possible Samp and Milan could sneak in. League is wide open and the best it's been since Calciopoli and Juve nearly killing the league
Tom Brunetti
Tom Brunetti Anno fa
I think they have a good chance. Watching the highlights when I can, they seem to dominate against anyone except the big clubs like juve, and Napoli. Even with Milan's rise I can't see them maintaining it. Inter already went through a bad patch since January. Lazio are only good imo if Immobile is in good form. My Roma team is playing they're usual play this time of year. The top 4 I think will be 1)Juve 2)Napoli 3) Roma 4) Sampdoria. With Europa league for Milan Inter and Lazio. Only wildcard is if Milan win Europa League.
Green light
Green light Anno fa
Tifo Football I don’t think 🤷🏽‍♂️
Juha Nieminen
Tifo Football can you do video about Inter Milan tactics? Or Atalanta tactics?
Dante Machi
Dante Machi Mese fa
gaimpaolo fucked milan
Usman Baiyewu
Can you do Milan's tactics under giampaolo
sharifan54 4 mesi fa
Forza milan ❤️🖤
the puppeteer
the puppeteer 5 mesi fa
Haven't heard of Giampaolo before the rumours of him going to Milan, but after this video I think he will be the right man for our rebirth and rise to the top, where we belong. Forza Milan
the puppeteer
@Arnab Mukherjee a good board is always a must. And I think Pioli won't do s**t. He'll start well but then the fall is gonna come
Arnab Mukherjee
@the puppeteer well, the thing with liverpool is, they have been building up very well. With alfred edwards being the fulcrum who has guided liverpool to new highs. Yes. We need consistency. But also need proper brains behind the scenes. Like say a campos or edwards. And a good solid manager.
Arnab Mukherjee
Well bois. He is gone now! A new journey starts with Pioli.
the puppeteer
​@Arnab Mukherjee 3 months after my initial comment I'm starting to really doubt. Things haven't even stayed the same, they've only become worse. I do think Giampaolo fails to deliver as of now, but in my opinion, I'd let this season go to waste. I'd keep him as a manager, even if we don't manage to qualify for UCL or even EL. One of the biggest problems Milan has is lack of patience which is due to club's great history... I hate to say this, but we should look up to Liverpool. They've done horribly for years and years in this century and then Rodgers came. He departed and Klopp followed, in his first season he finished at 8th but managed to go to EL final. Patience, calm and wise decisions is all we need, not rushing for some results that won't happen overnight.
Arnab Mukherjee
@Jack Prince such a humiliation.
Muhammad Satria
Muhammad Satria 5 mesi fa
Who's here after the rumours
Hey Dude
Hey Dude 5 mesi fa
Welcome to milan giampaolo
Gio Pizzetti
Gio Pizzetti 5 mesi fa
absolutely butchered the pronounciation of quagliarella
Luca 5 mesi fa
you mean Cagliareeera
Antonio Pasquale
It is not clear in what way Genoa have overshadowed Sampdoria.
Fede Doria
Fede Doria 8 mesi fa
Outstanding analysis guys!
Flavio V
Flavio V 11 mesi fa
R69NiX Anno fa
What's the difference between the 4-3-1-2 and the 4-4-2 diamond then? They look pretty much identical, with the center of the midfield 3 playing deeper, thus basically creating a diamond, so why is it a 4-3-1-2 and not a diamond?
Niall Owens
Niall Owens Anno fa
First time I've downvoted a Tifo video; the content is quality as usual but you pronounced Quagliarella's name in a dozen different ways and all were wrong. I get it's not the easiest name but come on, pick one way and stick to it. A piece of advice, as a native English speaker who's fluent in Italian when you have the "gl" and "gn" you're better off pretending the "g" is silent, it's the only way you'll come close to the Italian pronunciation. Also, the "p" is silent n Sampdoria; Sam"p"doria sounds really strange.
ARi Miranda
ARi Miranda Anno fa
forza Sampdoria
tnix88 Anno fa
I knew gaston Ramirez was a gifted player. Glad he found a home
RG Blinker
RG Blinker Anno fa
Is Praet still a prospect at 25? I keep hearing about him. Is he the business?
BurnRoddy Anno fa
Tony Cariello
Que no ni no!!!
danes53 Anno fa
Do tactical analysis on Atlanta
Air Cooler
Air Cooler Anno fa
Can you do Empoli?
Ibraheem M.
Ibraheem M. Anno fa
I really like your videos. They make understand football much better, from a coach's perspective​.
Great video, but his name is pronounced (phonetically for non italians as) qwa-lee-a-rell-A
David Santana
Sugar cluster tea English disaster please product endure wipe yesterday.
Elecktech LTU
Please make a video for a Hellas Verona or Chievo Verona
Etienne421 Anno fa
Could you do one on Dijon FCO in France they have à very attacking style with fantastic playmakers
farfoose A
farfoose A Anno fa
You guys should make an app that updates tactics of live games
flwd Anno fa
Do brightons tactics
Alex James
Alex James Anno fa
Torreria is world class on football manager
Yasir AL-Gizouli
Always deliver as we hope
Andy McGregor
Do a video on the first British team to win the Champions League! And the only team to ever do so with 11 players and manager from it's own country....A vastly under-rated manager, inspiration and mentor to Sir Alex Ferguson. One of the first to break away from 4-4-2 and pioneer modern attacking football.
That Canadian Dude
They got shut down by Milan
Yuri Serafini
Quagliarella's name is pronounced closer to Quail-ya-rel-ah. Rhymes with "Tarantella."
Ryan Ruzicki
Ryan Ruzicki Anno fa
As an American, who never learns this stuff. Your channel is helping me develop!
bryan soto
bryan soto Anno fa
Marco Giampaolo is a very good tactical up and coming coach!
Anthony Miller
Great job on this video but I thought you'd talk a bit more about Zapata and his ability to hold the ball well by shielding off and bodyig defenders and how they use that to their advantage
Josh Kirtley
Josh Kirtley Anno fa
Could you do Paulo Fonseca at Shakhtar? He is a very highly rated manager and we could see him in the Premier League next season.
P3RC3PT10N Anno fa
Lovely analysis of Samp. Nice to see my team looked at as under Giampaulo with Ferraro's eccentricity and ambition and the scouting ability of Daniel Prade has brought up great improvements. Linetty has played more than Baretto though as he was injured. It was Praet playing where you mentioned Baretto was and Linetty where Praet was :) Torreira like you said is key, he's also very very consistent. Away form has not been good enough to achieve Champions League. The tactics have not always been correct. At home, we are arguably the best in the league. 1/2 Napoli & Juventus 3/4/5 Lazio Inter Roma 6/7 Sampdoria Milan Atalanta
Jurij Anno fa
Paul Cliff
Paul Cliff Anno fa
can you do an FM18 tactics tested video for this tactic?
Gokul Omanakuttan
Hello Bro! Thanks for such amazing vedios! Personally I do really enjoy the vedios. Will get more knowledge about the tactics and formations. I kindly request you to make a vedio of the Brazilian National Team, And the tactics Tite used to make this Real Brazil! I hope you will make one and we (Brazil Fans) are all waiting!
Gustavo Silva
Great video!
manuelv98 Anno fa
been loving the vids, and actually downloaded onefootball. it super super clean and incredibly convenient. very useful on matchday. they post, what look to be, condensed content from goal that gives you the basic news and info. this is east to read and stay informed, but if you want in depth articles and analysis, onefootball aint it. tifo you never fucking disappoint
Ndondji Thavick
can you please do lazio next
danes53 Anno fa
Thanks.You followed my comment this team
Benn Rangphet
Norwich city under Daniel Farke
Mr Yikes
Mr Yikes Anno fa
Maybe just maybe they will with Europa league, but if roma keeps this lackluster performance, i think they have a chance.
D64Gaming Anno fa
Do atalanta
M Bonaparte
M Bonaparte Anno fa
Paulo Fonseca tactics next?
Lewis Piper
Lewis Piper Anno fa
Can you do shaktar Donetsk? They recorded good wins especially at home against city and Roma
elook Anno fa
What exactly is that black shape on Sampdoria’s badge? To me it looks like an old guy with a small hat, huge nose, beard and smoking on a pipe lol. Any idea what it actually is?
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson Anno fa
DmanAS1989 that's exactly what it is, a sailor, since Genova is a port city
Joe Anno fa
Can you make a video on andrej kramaric, baffles me how he was ineffective at Leicester but looks class in the bundesliga
Shamsull Bahri
Just needs a new Tifo History video but other than that keep up the good work!!
Shamsull Bahri
Alright thanks for the information!!
Tifo Football
Shamsull Bahri we release Brief History Of Videos fortnightly on a Friday. This week we take a look at Manchester United’s Ed Woodward.
Alvaro Jaramillo
Hello Tifo! I have a request! Many years ago, I was playing FIFA career mode and I closed my eyes and chose a random team. This turned out to be Burton Albion. A video of their progression from non-league to League 2 to the championship (where they're currently embroiled in a relegation battle) would be super interesting! I've kept my eye on them and it's truly amazing what they've done like when they historically kept Man United to a draw at their home ground and earned the club a big pay day at Old Trafford. They got back to back promotions and are probably the smallest club to ever play in the Championship, hence why they're struggling near the bottom. However they did stay up last season which was an amazing achievement for all involved. They've also employed lots of talented young managers including Gary Rowett who has done wonders at Derby, Hasselbaink who left midway through their promotion from League 1 for QPR, and current manager Nigel Clough, who kept them up last season. (Also the great Brian Clough's son). Thank you so much for your attention, I thoroughly enjoy all of your videos!
Ebadur Rahman
Do inter milan
Mark Deguara
Mark Deguara Anno fa
Good video...lazio, atalanta and atletico next ?
Shen Kiat Chew
I am a fan of Sampdoria and I am from Malaysia... it’s so good to see you doing a ta tactical video on Samp! Don’t receive much news or updates with regards to Sampdoria here and therefore your video is really really appreciated.
mIRAC LuL Anno fa
great video. what app do you used please
Raikas Anno fa
I love how he says qualiarela (quagliarella) XD
Troll Face
Troll Face Anno fa
Serie A this season has been pretty interesting
Gaga4Parma Anno fa
When you pronounce Sampdoria the "p" is silent. It's Sam-doria. Or San-doria by some.
zeybarur Anno fa
Quagliarella is prononuced like "qualyarella" (because of the "gli" combo)
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