Taylor Swift Acceptance Speech - Innovator Award | 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards 

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Watch Taylor Swift's reaction and speech after winning the Innovator Award at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards!
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Now in its tenth year, the iHeartRadio Music Awards is a star-studded event celebrating the most-played artists and songs on iHeartRadio stations and the iHeartRadio app throughout 2022, while also offering a preview of the upcoming hits of 2023. The show will feature live performances from the biggest artists in music, as well as surprise duets and collaborations, and award presentations in multiple categories. Since the Awards' inception in 2013, the show has included live performances and appearances by such superstar artists as Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Jason Aldean, Big Sean, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Megan Thee Stallion, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Blake Shelton, Pharrell, Pitbull, Justin Bieber and many more.
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Taylor Swift Acceptance Speech - Innovator Award | 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards
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Ren Dee
Ren Dee 2 mesi fa
No one's talking about how great that speech was? It was short, on point, kept the audience engaged and the message was well delivered. As a stubborn perfectionist struggling to change my ways, I found this speech exceptionally inspirational. She has so much compassion and love for herself and the things she love that it naturally flows through her music. She's a one of a kind artist and I'm proud to be a fan since debut.
John Smith
John Smith 2 mesi fa
I'm pretty sure she just made it up on the spot? Or did she have foreknowledge of receiving the award and therefore have this speech more or less worked out? Probably the latter, cuz the last thing someone like iHeartRadio wants to do is put Taylor Swift in a spot she's not prepared to be in, and it's probably bad form to surprise celebs like that. They want it to go smoothly with no hitches, so... Even so, Taylor made that look so easy and natural. Meanwhile, millions will see this, and I don't think it flustered her one bit. I realize that being as good looking as she is probably gives a person a natural confidence that a lifetime of having the world stop dead when you walk by brings, but that speech came purely from experience. Good stuff.
Parker Burgio
Parker Burgio 2 mesi fa
If we also think about her NYU commencement speech last year, we can see that she clearly feels very comfortable speaking in front of thousands of people. She’s really a master of commanding attention and speaking eloquently.
Katragadda Alekhya
@John Smitho you’re right in a way. They actually announced waaaay before that they would be giving this award to Taylor swift. And I suppose this is the sole reason she decided to accept and attend the award show. The song of the year award was an added bonus imo And I don’t think your looks come into play anymore esp when you’re as big as Taylor swift. She’s so massively massively successful that that success just gives you all the confidence you need regardless of how you look
Anna Timm
Anna Timm 2 mesi fa
The speech was excellent. In woodworking, my instructor has a saying, “you can’t make it perfect. So instead, make it precise”. I know “there’s no such thing as perfect” is hard to remember and believe when you are used to being a perfectionist, but other little reminders that others repeat help me a lot to keep moving sometimes. I also like the idea that flaws in my woodworking projects show that it’s handmade. If I made everything perfect square, straight, equal, eliminating every tiny gap, it would look like it’s made in a factory instead of by a persom. If there’s not a single tool mark on it, there’s nothing exciting for the historians and archaeologists in a couple generations.
alice 2 mesi fa
Parker Burgio
Parker Burgio 2 mesi fa
Not only is she gorgeous, insanely talented and hardworking but she’s also a seasoned public speaker. What an icon 😭🙏🏼💓
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Kenefv2 Keep your creep thoughts outta here bro
Moedark 2 mesi fa
Kanye ,where are you????
Parker Burgio
Parker Burgio 2 mesi fa
@Moedark you really thought you did something 😂
Aric 2 mesi fa
Thank you. I’ve taught Taylor so much. Means a lot
Sandy Parra
Sandy Parra 2 mesi fa
Not really bob 66
Sandy Parra
Sandy Parra 2 mesi fa
@Not really bob 66 she makes the whole place shimmer
Not really bob 66
@Sandy Parra she so enchanted
Sarah Gee
Sarah Gee 2 mesi fa
@Not really bob 66 This night was sparkling cause she "gleams and glistens" with "an incandescent glow" 🌟 leaving everyone "dappled in the flickers of light" 🪩 Cause she's "a mirrorball" She polished up real NICE 👑🌟💎
@Sandy Parra when she meets the band they ask her do you have a man she can still say she can’t remember
Sara Sweet
Sara Sweet 2 mesi fa
Whoever decided to play maroon as she walked up on stage… we salute you 🫡
A Harrold
A Harrold 2 mesi fa
Mairéad 2 mesi fa
I can't wait to hear this live (one day) with her leaning into the vocals to share the story 🏹💚
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
K. B.
K. B. Mese fa
​@Stewart Richard Bridge bro wtf 🙁
Kenef Mese fa
Btw guys what do you think; What happened later that night when Taylor returned home to her junior boyfriend Joe? Like did they had some bed celebration? hehe Also what do you think does she allow him to finish on her pretty face? hoho
Maria Lima
Maria Lima 2 mesi fa
A perfect award for her because she's truly fearless, always changing and taking risks in her career, she refuses to be put in a box, and to me, that's a true artist 💛
Violet 2 mesi fa
Well said.
Connor Drake
Connor Drake 2 mesi fa
Yes, she tried country, pop and now alternative genre. Most singers just stick to pop that's why they flop early.
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
Axle Ivan Andres
As a young person with a lot of dumb ideas at the moment, this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for always inspiring us, Taylor. ❤️
tortilla adventures
Kenefv2 weirdo
himari riku
himari riku 2 mesi fa
Julie G
Julie G 2 mesi fa
Omg that speech was RIVETING. I'm blown away. I knew she's an excellent public speaker, but I somehow didn't expect her to be that raw, and it's clear she's ridiculously happy. What an engaging way she has about her. No wonder her fan base has followed her diligently everywhere in her journey so far.
Ty 2 mesi fa
Oh, she is INSANE! I think you'd love her 27-minute speech at the University of New York last year! Absolutely worth a watch
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
Dawn Derow Williams
That was an incredibly uplifting poignant acceptance speech, I’m pretty sure her fans appreciate it that
recreatio 2 mesi fa
christina marie
christina marie 2 mesi fa
Is that supposed to be a Phoebe feature reference 😂
recreatio 2 mesi fa
@christina marie yes! I was legitimately waiting for someone to notice
not shrink !
not shrink ! 2 mesi fa
U r heard sister 🥳
Idksoyeah 2 mesi fa
I notice that dude. XD
Алексей 2 mesi fa
Да она королева и красава
Ryan Dejarme
Ryan Dejarme 2 mesi fa
The fear of failure is indeed crippling and stops thousands of souls from pursuing something but our queen humbles us by letting her fans know that it is okay to allow ourselves to fail as it will still be part of our success. Love you Taylor!
Sarah Gee
Sarah Gee 2 mesi fa
This is such a great take. Imposter syndrome, self criticism kills so much innovation and risk taking. She's so real for this. She just sat through a video with so many people (including Dolly frickin Parton) singing her praises. And she is the music industry and she just so encouraging and beautifully self reflective 🪩and compassionate. What a beautiful soul ❤️🥰☺️🫠🫶
Lexci623 2 mesi fa
Her outfit is giving me some Bejeweled vibes to it. It’s gorgeous and she’s gorgeous. I’m so happy for her and this award. Love you Taylor!❤🎉💎
Prachi M.
Prachi M. 2 mesi fa
Bejeweled, but also Reputation with the hoodie
Loneden Palima
Loneden Palima 2 mesi fa
The fact that she's still on tour and manage to be present and received an award is so inspiring 🎉❤
Jonica Tebo
Jonica Tebo 2 mesi fa
I just love how she’s a mega star, but always seems to be in awe of her fans, and the fact that we all love her
M S 2 mesi fa
She clearly is an intelligent woman oozing with confidence, grit, maturity, and ambition. You can see why she was able to succeed in life at the rate she has.
Austin Savage
Austin Savage 2 mesi fa
Yeah she only had to make the same song for ten years before she became relevent 😂
sarahRA86 2 mesi fa
@Austin Savage 🤣
zang wang
zang wang 2 mesi fa
@Austin Savage sure, if that's what you want to believe, then sure
M S Mese fa
@Austin Savage ah yes Love Story sounds so much like Blank Space which sounds s much like Ready for it which sounds so much like Cardigan. Unintelligent take!
Reacts By Dj
Reacts By Dj 2 mesi fa
oh god i can watch and hear her speak all day. the way she's so articulate and always manages to get her message across just blows my mind. she's the absolute most deserving winner of this award. she has always been the artist to challenge the way industry works. we swifties are extremely proud of you taylor. you'll always have our back no matter what. okay brb gotta have a mental breakdown over how good mommy looks
tsfan 2 mesi fa
Who is BRB?
Reacts By Dj
Reacts By Dj 2 mesi fa
@tsfan omg no brb - be right back
Ison Moh'ed
Ison Moh'ed 2 mesi fa
The way I love this woman, she writes your favorite lyrics in the music industry, and she deserves this award.
Christina Rosser
What we have here is a seasoned, mature, insightful, wise, gifted woman with more talent in her pinky fingernail than many artists out there. She is timeless. I have not been a fan of hers until the last 6 or so months when I actually started reading some of her lyrics. She's a BRILLIANT poet who happens to sing. For all of you who've made her popular - thank you - obviously I can't take any credit for that. If you've not taken the time to actually read some of her songs, I challenge you to actually sit down and listen intently - read the words while you listen if you need to - start with Folklore. It's so deeply intense, honest, vulnerable, and raw. Just freaking insanely talented.
Kelly E.
Kelly E. Mese fa
Taylor is so sweet. She’s well spoken, humble and insanely talented. She’s such a gem. I’m so thankful that I’ve grow up listening to her music and that she’s still putting out music now that I’m an adult. Her success is a testament to her talent and hard work.
My tears Ricochet13
her speech always conveys a message of hope and inspiration. congrats taylor!!♡
Little monster Taylor's version
​@kenefv2 you need help
ZhanZhan Mese fa
​@Little monster Taylor's version like that man got really crazy stalking her for so long and thinking Taylor is talking to him. feel sorry for those people they really need help.
Little monster Taylor's version
@zendayahail i mean it's really embarassing he keeps doing this ages
A.K. Labs
A.K. Labs 2 mesi fa
Back then I am bullied for loving Taylor Swift but now everyone seems to love her 🥺 I never thought I’ll see a time like this. It’s been overdue but i’m happy Taylor already gets the public love she deserves.
Loverera 2 mesi fa
Lets take a moment to think about how she has tour dates every weekend and has other events such as this one which she doesn't just show up for. She SHOWS UP! The outfit, hair, makeup, and attitude. Now that's a real role model!
Ernest Konley
Ernest Konley 2 mesi fa
Was half expecting a release date for Speak Now TV Edit: my most popular comment, Swiftie for life
AAP 2 mesi fa
she just released an album last November, why isn't anything enough for you?and she's also touring like give her some time to breathe jeez
r ♥
r ♥ 2 mesi fa
@AAP the comment said NOTHING about what she’s doing isn’t enough. Calm down, the comment was just hoping and not demanding.
rae 2 mesi fa
@AAP we're delulu, let us live
B 2 mesi fa
I love where she went with that speech. Growing up I was never told it's ok to fail, I was never told to go easy on yourself, to give yourself permission. Not everything you try will stick. I wish I'd heard that when I was younger instead of going a long time feeling like a failure. Even my supposed best friend years ago told someone that I had nothing to offer people. All because I didn't like the college I was at and left. Live your own life, it is so short and goes by in a blink. Do you and don't worry what people think. It is definitely ok to fail and make mistakes along the way
Ankita Gupta
Ankita Gupta 2 mesi fa
" You have to give yourself permission to fail" . Thanks Taylor we needed that
Tinni Debbarma
Tinni Debbarma 2 mesi fa
As far as I thrive for listening her songs ... mannn I'm a big fan of her speeches too 🙌🏼
may Mese fa
I'm a 53 yr mama who loves Taylor. She is beautiful, smart,talented yet remains so humble. Been a fan of her since her country days. She's just so uniquely talented with her words that I can see her in her 30s to 50s writing songs for other artists
Strawberry Sal
Strawberry Sal 2 mesi fa
She's insanely sweet, no wonder people like me love her so much. I admire her for how hardworking she is, and giving us that speech tells us that we fail because we're human, but you need to give yourself time because no one is perfect. She's such an inspiration!
Amber Navarro
Amber Navarro 2 mesi fa
Just love Taylor so much. Always has a positive message and she's just brilliant.
Y K T 26 giorni fa
Taylor's speeches are always so inspiring. She is awesome and what makes her even more awesome is how humble she is. God bless you Taylor.
Lehansa Mendini
and i see her monolgue song video next to this and I'm like she went from that to inspiring speeches like these. she's grown so much and she has always been amazing.
Wow that speech was everything! Thank you Taylor!! ❤
b m
b m 2 mesi fa
How can anyone dislike her? Seriously shes incredible all around 🎉
Stevent S
Stevent S 2 mesi fa
The success she got, thats what they hate from her
Daniel Marquis
Daniel Marquis 2 mesi fa
She is so sweet ❤️!! I have been impressed with her career so far and I am looking forward to her future music. This speech was just beautiful and conveyed how humble she really is.
Katie Mese fa
Not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is really smart,very well sponken and extremely grounded and grateful for what life has given her. She really deserves every success ❤🎉🎉❤
Moo Moo 422
Moo Moo 422 2 mesi fa
Her speeches always slay
Gage Wendling
Gage Wendling 2 mesi fa
She always knows just what to say 🥹
fatima 2 mesi fa
I am 20 and i will remember this speech every time i cry fearing to fail. I really needed this for a very long time🙏💙. Thank you Tay, you're the best i love you more than my words could tell and i really appreciate your existence in my life 💙
Sarah Gee
Sarah Gee 2 mesi fa
Her outfit is giving Ready For It? And I am. I am so ready for it. If you want to see my theory about the rest of her rerecords 🫣👀🔍⬇️ 🎉 ❤ 🪩 🍁 💋 🫶 🧣 😻 🥹🤞🫶🤞🫶🤞🫶🤞🥹 I think she's gonna space them out so they can all have a chance at a Grammy without our competing with each other. So This is a possible timeline: 🪩Speak Now TV- December 2023 (I go Back to December all the time- Back to December) 🪩1989 TV- December 2024 (Last December- Out of the Woods) 🪩Reputation TV- December 2025 or New Year's Day 2026 🪩Then Taylor's Version of Her Self Titled album, the beginning of everything amazing in her life and her fans lives coming out on the 20th Anniversary of the start of her amazing career - June 2026 I know that she'd want to do something special for her 20th anniversary. How cool would it be if she had all the rerecords done by then and maybe just maybe we could finally hope for a full tour of Taylor Swift ❣️😭 I dream of full visuals for Tim McGraw, Our Song, Picture to Burn, Teardrops On My Guitar, I'm Only Me When I'm With You 🫶, Tied Together With A Smile, A Place In This World, Invisible, Cold As You, A Perfectly Good Heart 🌍 🌎 like Should've Said No has but I want to see that in context with the rest of Debut TV with all the from the vault songs. I wonder if she will play any from the Vault songs other than All Too Well 10 as surprise songs. I hope she gets a chance to play them all live too. I don't know but this would be pretty cool if all my wishes came true it would have been fun if this theory was the one to come true. May the ✨ stars align ✨🥹🤞🫶
Laurel Martinez
Laurel Martinez 2 mesi fa
Reputation Taylor’s Version coming soon?
Surreality22992 2 mesi fa
It's Ready for It, but Bejeweled.
Sarah Gee
Sarah Gee 2 mesi fa
​​@Surreality22992 Best believe she still Bejeweled 😎🤩👑 Yes🎉 Are we ready for her to make the whole place shimmer? The answer is yes! Yes! Yes we are 🤩🌌🌟✨🪩💎 "Shining a light on what worked out" and dazzling us with a "million little stars spelling out her name" 🥹🥰💖 Just us being in the dappled in the flickers of her Mirrorball light. ☺️ 🫠
Sarah Gee
Sarah Gee 2 mesi fa
@Laurel Martinez I hope so!!
Michael Waters
Michael Waters 2 mesi fa
And the hair is giving red!
Socky Galdamez
Socky Galdamez 2 mesi fa
Love you Taylor❤️❤️❤️ You definitely deserve that award and your extremely talented and your speech was so inspiring 🤩and really motivating as well so thank you for your kind words and congratulations 😊😄😁🎉🎉🎉 ps love your outfit 💎💎💎
Emma King
Emma King 2 mesi fa
“you have to give yourself permission to fail” “go easy on yourself” ok taylor i’m sobbing and i very much needed to hear this
Andrea Martinez
I’m so happy the world is finally catching up and appreciating the magic that Taylor Swift is. I’ve always known. Since I was 16 I knew she was special.
A. DIAZ 2 mesi fa
Increíble su forma de expresarse, es la Reina de reinas.
Good Vibe
Good Vibe 2 mesi fa
Taylor Swift is gonna be the most awarded artist in history this year 🎉👏
FAY Mese fa
PETE55 2 mesi fa
She’s simply brilliant. The harder she works, the easier it gets. Keep it up TS. Much respect.
Lisa Gallegos - Dog Training
That speech was like…therapy. Free therapy ❤ ugh I’m just so impressed by her all the freakin time
Ian Panicorto
Ian Panicorto 2 mesi fa
Ughh how can't I not love her???? She's so amazing and well spoken, I admire her so much 💖😭🙏
Tanya Watkins
Tanya Watkins 2 mesi fa
Me ✌ ❤
Aarya Ghuge
Aarya Ghuge 2 mesi fa
Reema !
Reema ! 2 mesi fa
Great speech she always know what to say Now rest up queen you have 3 night show I love the fearless heart from the crowd
The Kiah Jane
The Kiah Jane 2 mesi fa
Her entire discography could not account for the sheer number of times this woman has made me cry, the MOST BEAUTIFUL HOT TEARS. ✨🥰😭
Malindi 2 mesi fa
Giving yourself permission to fail... that one really hits home but I love her for saying that. I am such a perfectionist, if I fail I punish myself for it over and over and over again until I break down crying. I constantly work on giving myself permission to fail and accept it when it happens because I know perfect doesn't exist and I know we are all human and we can all make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes. So It's a good lesson she has given in that speech and I will work on giving myself the permission to make mistakes and fail. Loved this speech so much. It was raw and honest
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
tortilla adventures
she has a special place in my heart and i cant thank her enough for speaking out about making mistakes and what is best for you, life is short and we need time to have fun and be dumb sometimes because thats what leads us to our achievements
Michael Waters
Michael Waters 2 mesi fa
Taylor and Phoebe on a stage together I can't believe it!!! I'm gonna pass out when I see them perform Nothing New on tour 😭😭
julie slevine
julie slevine 2 mesi fa
when/where are they performing together??
Michael Waters
@julie slevine Phoebe will be opening for Taylor in Nashville, and I'm positive they'll sing it together
julie slevine
@Michael Waters what a dream!! love them both so, so much
Boudraa Mohamed
Boudraa Mohamed 2 mesi fa
The queen of all queens
rhayanne 2 mesi fa
Her speeches are always SO on point
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
Hydie Reyes
Hydie Reyes 2 mesi fa
Congratulations Taylor🎉🎉🎉 “give yourself the permission to fail” inspiring indeed! Cheers to more awards!
KokonutTOS 2 mesi fa
What a class act. So humble and gracious. Love her ❤️
mads 818
mads 818 2 mesi fa
I just love her with my whole heart
Michael Callahan
Congratulations on your Innovator award with I Heart Radio! An awesome award you have worked so hard for!
Becca Brack
Becca Brack 2 mesi fa
i am literally crying she’s literally so inspirational
Beatriz Pimenta
Beatriz Pimenta 2 mesi fa
I KNOW Taylor had a major fangirl moment having the award being given by one of her favorite artists!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!❤
Tara Pittsley
Tara Pittsley 2 mesi fa
I just love her so much, she carries herself with so much grace and is such a great speaker!
Don't Ask What Kind Of Music
she deserves it. the way she's been putting out records IS the future of music.
Nikesh Shahi
Nikesh Shahi 2 mesi fa
She is truly an icon for so many reason
Elena Piergallini
"give yourself the permission to fail" I needed this so much right now. thank you Taylor
Vanessa 2 mesi fa
Such a good balanced and inspiring speech.... So well spoken I love her❤
Andrea Weasley
Andrea Weasley 2 mesi fa
So proud of her ❤️
A 2 mesi fa
Priyanka Chatterjee
Honestly her success feels very very personal! ❤
Rachel Kelly
Rachel Kelly 2 mesi fa
I'm sorry but the way they played Maroon as she went up.....made my heart full. That's my favorite song on Midnights and I have a feeling that unless it has a music video it will be underrated! Her outfit is giving REPUTATION.
Earl 2 mesi fa
She deserve all the love in the crowd
BellaDulcinea 2 mesi fa
I love this woman so profoundly and unconditionally and that is all.
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
Rebecca Hernandez
omg when she said allow yourself permission to fail, it touched me soo much it brought tears to my eyes, because i feel like that a lot almost everyday especially right now and never know if I'm making the right decisions. LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!
Carla Sofía
Carla Sofía 2 mesi fa
she's so graceful it makes my heart burst
Lia Muzzalupo
Lia Muzzalupo 2 mesi fa
She looks amazing! A legend right here! So deserved!
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
Elizabeth Boshoff
How did no one see she was trying not to break down. To stay strong. Wish I could see a show her...Taylor is the greatest
Angela Marie
Angela Marie Mese fa
This is one of her best speeches! ❤
Manou 2 mesi fa
I love her so much I'm actually crying
Kath350 2 mesi fa
Taylor is one of the hardest working musicians in the industry and these awards are well earned. And, I never knew I needed a sparkly sith lord hooded outfit, but I'm here for it :).
Susan - Bridal Kauai
Found my eras costume inspo
Stewart Richard Bridge
Pardon my manner of approach, violating your privacy writing here on your comment section, It's my pleasure to meet you and I must say you have such a dalliance name that caught my attention and I would love to know you more, I guess you're not upset with my friendship?
Suspicious Star
She definitely deserves this award. From her songwriting, visual art, impact to other music artists, kindness to others, achievements as a woman and even individual in the industry, and influence to others to never give up their dreams, Taylor was destined to get this award.
Austin Savage
Austin Savage 2 mesi fa
Her ghostwriter is crying for you people thinking she writes anything
Suspicious Star
@Austin Savage She writes and co-writes her music but still technically writes the songs in her discography. View the songwriting credits for Speak Now, an album she wrote solely by herself.
Austin Savage
Austin Savage 2 mesi fa
@Suspicious Star thats why they call it a ghost writer because you dont credit them 😂
Suspicious Star
@Austin Savage Okay man, you can keep on believing she doesn't write her own music if it makes you feel more validated to hate-comment her throughout this video's comment section. Ironic how you share the same name as her brother 😂
Yeung Li
Yeung Li 2 mesi fa
Girl look at you this is a huge success Taylor you are bigger than those few amount of haters. Cause you are amazing kind hearted person and well loved by your fans that surrounds you.... Be an inspiration as always cause you can build a beautiful castle out of all the bricks they threw at you, it's a metaphor.
Liana Nicole
Liana Nicole 2 mesi fa
I’m only a minute in and I was crying!!
Not really bob 66
The outfit is giving gorgeous And willow vibe she can really make the Whole place shimmer
micheal baggett
Such an amazing young lady what a woman she has become strong,talented beautiful companionate , and all with class
Kiri Brown
Kiri Brown 2 mesi fa
I'd say that, arguably, one of the most important things that make a truly great artist is how happy they make their fans. And, my god, she makes me so fvcking happy.
Christine Wells
Christine Wells 2 mesi fa
I just love everything about her
kei11x 11 giorni fa
if there's one thing i love about her, it's that she is exceptionally good at speeches.
Borik the indian
The next rerecorded album to release is Reputation for sure. Her outfit says so❤
Na Na
Na Na Mese fa
Also i think one of the reason of her success is her Politeness and Kindness
기염잉양 2 mesi fa
아 진짜 너무 멋지다 ㅠㅠ💓💓
Jaime Cruz
Jaime Cruz 2 mesi fa
I love her!, I had the blessing to see her in Las Vegas and I could say: she’s gorgeous, brilliant, simple-hearted and so talented. Is nice to see her in a screen after seeing her live!!!
Claire Guyot
Claire Guyot 2 mesi fa
You sure make the whole place shimmer🌟 Congratulations!!!
Hadi ii
Hadi ii 2 mesi fa
I love how flustered she was, she almost like didn’t know what to say and that was just so humans
JENNIFER, BOO! 2 mesi fa
Pure Awesomesauce! Congratulations Taylor! Very Well Deserved Accolade 💕💯
jessica mazan
Awesome im so proud of her for making her choices ❤
Tshiamo Mogagabe
The Greatest Musician That Ever Lived. ❤
Shivranjini G Hegde
she is phenomenal
Cindy Sibounreuang
Wow great speech 🎤 well said queen 👸 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻Need more people like you !!I remember when I work at Amazon as a picker .They would say bad things about her songs I never understand why but in my head I was think they jealous..I was right they was !Look at her now 👸🙌🏻🙌🏻
Kate Lindsey
Kate Lindsey 2 mesi fa
Her OUTFIT & HAIR OMG. Mother is serving 🫶🏼
Poorni 2 mesi fa
Mother is mothering 🏃
Myriam Touil
Myriam Touil 2 mesi fa
Cow 2 mesi fa
Il prossimo
So easy😎
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