Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film

Taylor Swift
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Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift
Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

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11 nov 2021




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Commenti 118 473
Emma Zen
Emma Zen Mese fa
Sadie literally looks like if autumn was a person
emmy v
emmy v 3 giorni fa
roxane 5 giorni fa
Aries Taylor
Aries Taylor 7 giorni fa
she has such comforting features
tahira hasnain
tahira hasnain 10 giorni fa
And im lovin it
Susan Beech
Susan Beech 11 giorni fa
if she did autumn photo shoots she’d look absolutely gorgeous in them
zaini sheikh
zaini sheikh 13 giorni fa
This version is like silent pain. This is like when you are still hurt but you don't have tears to cry anymore.
Saoirse O'Farrell
Saoirse O'Farrell 2 giorni fa
thats mad deep bro u should be an engish teacher
Víctor Mena
Víctor Mena 7 giorni fa
This version is the reason why I don't have tears to cry anymore, wdym 😂
The Night Ranger
The Night Ranger 14 giorni fa
Dylan saying, “I’m sorry,” four times the exact same way felt like a robot repeating something meaningless.
A PP Giorno fa
I told her she's beautiful too many times but it was out of my heart and she couldn't care less ...
Ananya 3 giorni fa
Right? It was like he was saying sorry just so they would stop fighting. It seemed like he didn't really even care about what they were fighting over, what she was saying
Annelise Whelan
Annelise Whelan 6 giorni fa
Ugh hes an amazing actor!!
Dhairya Rami
Dhairya Rami 12 giorni fa
@Satarupa Ginger Kolay omg swifties digging deep lately but knowing taylor i would not be surprised if she did it
Satarupa Ginger Kolay
I feel like he said it five times. And that kind of symbolizes that the song is the 5th track. Or I am just reaching.
Rifka Nurul Utami
Rifka Nurul Utami 15 giorni fa
The way this triggered so many bad memories - especially the gaslighting part - just shows how amazing Sadie's and Dylan's acting is. The whole production is just extraterrestrial.
Bhagyashree 14 ore fa
what happened? what's this song about?
Help me reach 15k with no videos!
Imagine: it’s 20 years from now. This song becomes popular again on whatever social media site teens will use. Quirky teens are saying,”I was so born in the wrong generation.” While you sit and enjoy this timeless masterpiece.
N Mr
N Mr Giorno fa
cadence 2 giorni fa
i am crying to this masterpiece
Tim DiLaurentis
Tim DiLaurentis 4 giorni fa
Za Atti
Za Atti 4 giorni fa
Yeah timeless
Sophia Sarwary
Sophia Sarwary 5 giorni fa
@Enoch Ramos enchanted is definitely not sad.
DorkyCabello 2 mesi fa
the more you listen to all too well 10 minute version the more it shortens like it doesn’t even feel like a 10 minute song at all😭
Anjali Vyas
Anjali Vyas 12 ore fa
deez 6 giorni fa
@Ryan Hopkins lmao you tried 💀💀
Ryan Hopkins
Ryan Hopkins 6 giorni fa
deez 12 giorni fa
exactly- like when you memorize all the lyrics and you can relate to all of them it goes by in like a minute
James Mesinas
James Mesinas 15 giorni fa
Digital UMMAH Ofishal
Another fun fact is that both Dylan and Sadie has been huge swifties for a long time now ,I'm so glad they got a chance to work with Taylor😍
Saoirse O'Farrell
Saoirse O'Farrell 2 giorni fa
Arjay Dela Pena
Arjay Dela Pena Giorno fa
I love how she gave everyone credits. Best and humblest artist!!
Chloe Temptress
Chloe Temptress 11 giorni fa
My best friend passed away with brain cancer when we were 15 . She’s a spitting image of this woman In this video. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s almost haunting. However I’m watching this sobbing for the probably thousand time. and feeling like I’m watching her growing up and to experience love and heart break like I did so many times In my early 20s… damn.
Saoirse O'Farrell
Saoirse O'Farrell 2 giorni fa
𝖆𝖑𝖒𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖞  𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖊𝖓
i'm so sorry for your loss, i hope your okay now!
Kitty KitKat
Kitty KitKat Giorno fa
This hits so hard when you had a boyfriend who treated you like this. Specifically in the scene where they are arguing about him dropping her hand.
ZombieXCorn 2 mesi fa
The way I’d love to see more short films for other songs being re-recorded.
erin erin
erin erin 8 giorni fa
i’d love a back to december’s film.
anonymous for comments lol
no but seriously it’d be so funny if that was actually jake gyllenhaal on a spam account LMFAO
anonymous for comments lol
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ either this is Jake Gyllenhaal or a troll bc what💀
Emma Miranda-Roach
Emma Miranda-Roach 19 giorni fa
@mae daneza I was thinking this
Anna Kate Prescott
Anna Kate Prescott 21 giorno fa
Teardrops on my guitar
John Mark Arvin Alcala
I love the fact that she keep saying "You don't even look at me" like yes you're catching up with your friends but that doesn't give you a reason to treat her a ghost or invincible the whole time lol.
MELIANA KUSUMA 3 giorni fa
@Ananya now taylor is dating only one year younger than her. He is joe awlyn.
Ananya 3 giorni fa
@Beatrice Ladouce oh but Taylor isn't the one going around dating people 10-15 years younger than her, now is she?
Beatrice Ladouce
Beatrice Ladouce 3 giorni fa
@Messylin yes and also, some people just don't like public display of affection. This relationship was just toxic. Not just for Taylor but for the both of them.
Messylin 20 giorni fa
He was most likely embarrassed because he thought they would give him grief for dating a teenager.
Joseph Halevy
Joseph Halevy 7 giorni fa
Teen wolf and stranger things. Who’d’ve believed they’d evolved into such perfect and beautiful actors! Taylor Swift is the Einstein of writing, singing and directing. She knows how to deliver pure art, all too well.
Sjsjdjkdj 19 giorni fa
I think people need to stop treating this song as a shade towards anybody or anything along those lines. It's just a song about universal feelings like love and loss, heartbreak and frustration, building your world around somebody and watching it crumble, being left with nothing, feeling used and much more. The other party has a different side of the story that, I'm sure, is filled with as much pain. It's a beautiful sad song & film that we can all relate to in some way or other.
Taylor’s Version
Taylor’s Version 3 giorni fa
@Shelley Thompson I’m sorry, I hope you’re better now💞
Shelley Thompson
Shelley Thompson 9 giorni fa
You have no idea, I have been there……
excuse me but...
excuse me but... 10 giorni fa
You're right. We should stop talking about who this is about or what happened irl and talk about other people who experience such things. This song is not supposed to be a diss or shade. all singers literally do the same because they can share their experiences just like everyone else
Sjsjdjkdj 12 giorni fa
@Julia Gerardo it's not really. Like she sings towards the end "I'll get older but your lovers stay my age". It was never about the age. And anyway, it's her perspective & experience, so she's singing what she knows.
Julia Gerardo
Julia Gerardo 12 giorni fa
But it sort of is she’s telling her story the age gap it is the story it’s why he acts the way why he does
Aphrodite 8 giorni fa
You can just feel the emotion In Every word…..it’s not just a song ….it’s a love story and one that we can all relate to on some level …..Taylor you are a master of your craft. A superb masterpiece
Annelise Whelan
Annelise Whelan 6 giorni fa
and the thought and detail of the lines, that inspiration only comes from real pain
𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎
“You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.” Damn. That part gets to me.
alexis 4 giorni fa
fr i was sobbing
Za Atti
Za Atti 4 giorni fa
Very deep
Rowan Blaze
Rowan Blaze 6 giorni fa
@Bavkn How I see it. He kept her like a secret; like something hidden, but also easily revealed or thrown away. She kept him like an oath; like something serious, something sacred.
Bavkn 7 giorni fa
What does that means
Paul Garcia
Paul Garcia 8 giorni fa
Omgggg that line always stands out like a sore thumb!
Jennifer Sixx
Jennifer Sixx 19 giorni fa
This means so much to me. My kids don’t even listen to her anymore, but I do.
Lester Ilustrisimo
Lester Ilustrisimo 5 giorni fa
She said they are kids maybe they didn't relate to folklore and evermore but 1989, Speak Now and reputation (Taylor's Version) are all coming..
Rachael 9 giorni fa
@Raivan Alvaro ghazzi they probably just have different music taste now
Raivan Alvaro ghazzi
Why they don't listen to her anymore??
Catalina 3 giorni fa
Sadie and Dylan did absolutely incredible. This whole song is beautifully written, and I think it's one of her best.
Emma Lunbawi
Emma Lunbawi 2 giorni fa
“You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath. Just between us did the love affair maim you too….” Just breaks me 😭♥️
jem jem
jem jem 18 giorni fa
Can't wait for Back To December 10 minute version. I know it will sound and look All To Well...
Dougle Delacruz
Dougle Delacruz 6 giorni fa
There would not be a 10 minute version of back to december because it's originally written the way it is unlike all to well it was originally 10-15min long but taylor decided to release the 5min version first after that here comes our 10min version. I dont think there will be a 15min version tho
banshan Lamae
banshan Lamae 18 giorni fa
There's no back to December 10 minutes Version
DatBrian 2 mesi fa
CosmoMcFloso Mese fa
Nah we all gonna forget about this in a year
liv Mese fa
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ can u stop dude😐
State Of Swift
State Of Swift 2 mesi fa
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ Like Other Singers Never Ever wrote a Breakup Song..JUST SHUT UP AND LET HER LOVE LIFE
Mary shaiii
Mary shaiii 2 mesi fa
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ bruh I literally see you replying like this under every comment. You’re obsessed with her???
Isabelle Katherine
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ lmao this video proves that she is so far from uncreative. You're just bitter.
resilienci 2 giorni fa
When she cries and holds her heart. Yes. We’ve been there.
KaiTheKreator *
KaiTheKreator * 3 giorni fa
I was uncomfy with the age gap at first but once I heard them talk it got better, overall beautiful short film every detail was explained the lyrics pin point every thing. Amazing work Taylor and so sorry for all the pain and suffering you had to go through but you have overcome and became an magnificent woman
Emily Stevens
Emily Stevens 13 giorni fa
I just noticed he’s wearing the scarf at the end!!!! Ugh, every detail is absolutely beautiful.
Júlia Penha
Júlia Penha 4 giorni fa
@Anika Rathore what about them
Anika Rathore
Anika Rathore 5 giorni fa
And the cups when he talks to her dad
Dr. Bento Pardus
Dr. Bento Pardus 12 giorni fa
Yeaa... So lovely i noticed also ☺
Courtney Michelle
Courtney Michelle 19 giorni fa
Literally the way Dylan was acting horribly to Sadie , is how I’ve gotten treated in every relationship I have been in 🥺
KingInTheCastle 4 giorni fa
Every single one? 🤫 Maybe you should think about how you act then
smuckers191 4 giorni fa
Don’t settle for less girl. Find a man that’ll treat you right!
HCyrah Lair
HCyrah Lair 10 giorni fa
Me too girl
Courtney 13 giorni fa
Hang in there my lovely namesake. You’ll find the right one some day. And you’ll learn to cherish and appreciate it all the more from dealing with the heartbreak. Trust me! It will happen
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 15 giorni fa
I hear you 😔
Madilyn 2 mesi fa
This is unreal.... forever grateful to you and all you've done for music
Alini KU
Alini KU Mese fa
I’m the 4800 like!
elfie 2 mesi fa
Fancy seeing you here 💞
Crystal Baum
Crystal Baum 2 mesi fa
INGEOUM M 2 mesi fa
Let's go......🥳
Shreya Acharya
Shreya Acharya 2 mesi fa
Please do a cover of this🤗💕
Eliana Salinas
Eliana Salinas 5 giorni fa
can't believe that we lived without this version TEN YEARS.
Ches 13 giorni fa
I can’t listen to the original version anymore. This song is just…. AMAZING.
Viviane t
Viviane t 6 giorni fa
This is the original version :o
IQBAL Ahmad 19 giorni fa
Perfect Melody Perfect Lyrics Perfect Video Perfect Story Perfect Singer Perfect Voice Perfect Actor ==> PERFECT SONG
śübh namdev
śübh namdev 11 giorni fa
This is just beautiful. The song, the story , the actors , everything
callmehhaley 2 mesi fa
i will now be replaying this short film for the rest of my life time
mary girardin
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ If you don’t care for her or her music, then don’t listen, that simple.
It’s the weirdo from roblox..
Rose Mese fa
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ Youre missing the whole point 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
State Of Swift
State Of Swift 2 mesi fa
@ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ Shut up You weirdo Like She's A Queen And will stay a Queen no matter what you say
Destiny Whitson
Destiny Whitson 2 mesi fa
At least once a day haha
Joaquín Martínez
Joaquín Martínez 10 giorni fa
I just realised the instrumental part at 7:21 is subtly different and longer than in the studio version, it sounds even better :)
Joy Joy
Joy Joy 17 giorni fa
“Running scared” is literally falling in love with someone uncertain. What a lyricist!
Jadaaa Giorno fa
I love this song!! The acting remembers me of a relationship i never had :)
Sydney Hernandez
Sydney Hernandez 7 giorni fa
If we could just have a whole tv show with Sadie and Dylan I would be incredibly happy
C 5 giorni fa
same! i'm currently reading a book called "it ends with us" which has an adaption in the works and i genuinely can't picture any other pairing playing the protagonists.
KeyLimeTea 2 mesi fa
Sadie captures Taylor’s emotions she just makes me feel like I’m really watching Taylor experience this.
cafune 2 mesi fa
- I'm a high school student I'm going to 11 ITvid I want to earn money from my family too much I don't want 6.8 people out of this many people even if it comes to give me morale enough, thanks in advance, thank you all thank you dear.
Prettiest Baddie
Queen Taylor queen 👑
KeyLimeTea 2 mesi fa
@Jack Wrath no it’s not and Idfc
Elisabeth Stuewe
Elisabeth Stuewe 5 giorni fa
There are no words. This is amazing and just epic. I forgot how much I love her older music and respect her as an artist. She is unreal and this short film is beyond incredible...
Arjay Dela Pena
Arjay Dela Pena Giorno fa
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson 2 giorni fa
Taylor Swift you are so extraordinarily talented, thank you for sharing this gift. This brought tears to my eyes, and I’m a grown man. Beautifully done.
Lamya🦄 18 giorni fa
As someone going through a toxic relationship I can say that i can relate to every single word in this song, also I’m the same age as Sadie The whole point is that I can’t move on from his love and today after almost 3 months from no talking with him, I tried to reach to him again because I didn’t feel like I’ll be okay without him, but (again) as usual he put me down and he made me feel as I wasn’t that important to him, so I came to this song again and I started to cry so hard
Napoleon 8 giorni fa
I’m dealing with this but from a girl
🧸 13 giorni fa
❤️❤️❤️hugs , don't go back to what/who hurted you. I did that for almost 4 years. It's draining.
Ayan Dirie
Ayan Dirie 14 giorni fa
I knw its hard and i knw its easier said than done but its not worth it i swear please choose youu…..
Shoshana Wolfe
Shoshana Wolfe 17 giorni fa
Just get out of that relationship. Become your own person. And then find someone who treats you what you’re worth.
Megan 2 mesi fa
Sadie is finally getting the recognition she deserves, her acting is so incredible and underrated, the way she’s able to show so many different emotions and change them so quickly is insane
Tülin Doğan
xMilox 2 mesi fa
Lmao so true
Poushal 2 mesi fa
Island Rebel Makeup
That full on sobbing was so real.
Shravani Acharya
Shravani Acharya 2 giorni fa
We don't know the other side of the story. Even from the song you can get the love from both sides. No one should hate other for just one side of the story. This is a great song and we should love it. But hating someone is not what would tayler wants from us..
26 D Samiksha Salvi
Damn!!! Like I'm new to the whole Taylor Swift universe... And I decided to listen to this masterpiece. I made my own interpretation at first but later I watched over the internet what exactly each line implies. Trust me that very moment each line was piercing my heart LITERALLY!. It was so beautifully written, the feelings were conveyed so precisely. I'm glad for the moment I decided to enter the TAYLOR'S UNIVERSE!
Kavindu Saranga
Kavindu Saranga 6 giorni fa
Taylor never disappoints ! This short film is so impressive, one of the best things that happened in 2021 , Sadie and Dylan and everyone else did an excellent job in this masterpiece! ❤
Vidhi 4 giorni fa
Is it me only or do this song gives 'IT ENDS WITH US' vibes to anyone else too? Like Sadie is lily, those red hairs of her and her meeting the man's family like lily meet ryle's family. And the men mistreated her and she left him but after years she still think of him and he also misses her. Honestly it ends with us and this song combined are best combination ever >>>>
Desi ASMR 2 mesi fa
I am extremely impressed with Sadie...she has grown so much as an actress in such a short span of time. I absolutely adore her as Max on Stranger Things so having her play this role was such a treat to watch. She is incredible, Taylor made a great choice casting her!
Tiff Benson
Tiff Benson Mese fa
Chit Layco
Chit Layco 2 mesi fa
The kissing scenes blew me away tbh. Really glad Sadie said yes despite those matured scenarios.
Jeffrey Bolo
Jeffrey Bolo 2 mesi fa
yeah I feel you too!
Dark Femininity Personified
This is gonna be one of those videos I gotta watch at least once a month isn't it
Joe Malone
Joe Malone 19 giorni fa
This film is so well done. Taylor should totally write and direct movies lol
Annelise Whelan
Annelise Whelan 6 giorni fa
Sadie and Dylan compliment eachothers acting styles so well, they seem like a real couple
Cecilia Ayala
Cecilia Ayala 2 giorni fa
Amo tanto esta canción , la letra , los actores ,💫Taylor💫 . Masterpiece
LOW Mese fa
self respect is much more than being in a toxic relationship. proud of her
anonymous for comments lol
@Dunx he might not be but assuming he really is how the actor playing him acted in the video, he very well could have been
gummyworm 18 giorni fa
@Dunx we don't know for sure if he was or not, but if something like what happened in the video actually happened, then he was
Chrissy Joseph
Chrissy Joseph 19 giorni fa
@irdina don’t break anyone’s heart and hurt their feelings, specially your loved ones 😊
Dunx 19 giorni fa
@Nicole N okay but how is he a gaslighting narcissist? not being rude or wtvr just genuinely confused
irdina 22 giorni fa
thank you for saying this. i felt bad for leaving my last relationship
sloan family
sloan family 3 giorni fa
So incredible, Taylor Swift continues to amaze me
Horace Jumawan
Horace Jumawan 19 giorni fa
I just want to say that she's not sounding immature even way back then when Taylor firstly recorded rhis song. She's just being brutally honest on how she feels.
Joy Joy
Joy Joy 17 giorni fa
“Just between us....” is such an intimate line which stresses the importance of the following sentence. Beautiful
Lindsay 19 giorni fa
As someone older who’s been through a similar situation, even if 5-10% of her version of events is true for both, I felt for her so much. Brought back many emotions for me. So well written. This is why people who’ve been married for decades say, communication is everything. It’s also important to experience heartbreak so we know what we want better in future relationships.
vpeake88 Giorno fa
Oh for sure, her communication is terrible here and she acts out passive aggressively then verbally aggressively but he’s also gaslighting her and dismissing her concerns and his role in her upset. Communication would not have saved this relationship, it was always going to fail as two completely different people.
Tia B
Tia B 2 mesi fa
Sadi was the PERFECT person for this. She’s old enough but yet still portrayed just how young Taylor was and how big of an age difference was.
Andali Stark
Andali Stark 27 giorni fa
Ahhh ok. See, i caught this vid by accident as i’m .. well, over 30. All i could think was ‘huh. she looks 14 & he looks 40. Cute ??’ Thank u~ this legit helps my perspective
idk idc
idk idc 29 giorni fa
@Amina J "only" lol Taylor wasn't even old enough to drink yet while he was pushing 30. Creepy af
Amina J
Amina J Mese fa
The age difference wasn’t that big, it was only an 8 year difference.
Merrot Mese fa
@May Javier Taylor WAS 20... She's talking about the past 😌
May Javier
May Javier Mese fa
@Lara she is already 30+
Ayushi Chatterjee
Ayushi Chatterjee 8 giorni fa
Just when I think Taylor can't wow me anymore, she goes ahead and does it again..
Lesa Reaves
Lesa Reaves 5 giorni fa
Loved this! Both such incredible talent . Beautiful and bitter sweet .
Siddhi Arya
Siddhi Arya 4 giorni fa
Taylor is just so amazing for directing this masterpiece and I can't even begin with at how flawless Dylan & Sadie were. It was so beautiful.
Romi Armijos
Romi Armijos 2 giorni fa
Es increíble ver como hace esto Tay, estamos tan orgullosos de ella !💘💗💗💖💞💕
Camille Darrell
Camille Darrell 2 mesi fa
I love how Sadie is in a red lip in the situations where she wants to be portrayed as older/mature. Details are incredible.
a kiwi
a kiwi Mese fa
@Abbigail King Well the dinner party scene, and the scene where she's wandering a gala all alone looking at the attractive women around her.
Abbigail King
what is a red lip situation?
Soph B
Soph B Mese fa
so true!! also hope this isn’t weird but you’re beautiful and i hope you have a wonderful day :)
Ali B.
Ali B. Mese fa
Omg yes
luc1jana 2 mesi fa
sporty04 3 giorni fa
Every single person who has experienced losing someone they deeply loved can feel this short. Magnificent work Taylor, Sadie, and Dylan and whoever else was involved in this! 🙌
sc00ps_harrington 20 giorni fa
sadie is literally so talented. she’s an amazing actor and an amazing person! i luv her sm. she’s so underrated
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos 4 giorni fa
I think this is one of the most powerful, magical, sad, brilliant, beautiful and wonderful masterpieces any person could ever create... This story is incredibly unforgettable. The couple made a great job, just you Taylor Queen Swift. How can she make these things? She is an angel. Congratulations for this short film. You came across our hearts forever ♥
Kasey Droz
Kasey Droz 3 giorni fa
The way she clutches her chest when she crying. I felt that.
K 2 mesi fa
Can we talk about how amazing and talented Sadie is? She makes me feel all the emotions without a word.
Ednalva Gleice
Ednalva Gleice 29 giorni fa
Galinha pintadinha
Veee d
Veee d Mese fa
@s t a y lol you’re such a hater. Miss Sadie ate in this role & did even more with the material she was given, beautiful performance
Zachary Tay
Zachary Tay Mese fa
Dylan’s acting was excellent too 🤩 also hi! I sang All Too Well from Jake’s point of view...mind giving it a listen?
Dojalove Mese fa
@s t a y I do not believe that the truth, if it were true taylor would not have chosen it, but taylor said that he would not have made the short film if sadie had not accepted
@s t a y then why did taylor cast her then? when she’s ‘below average’
Anam Nasir
Anam Nasir 7 giorni fa
Beautifully expressed. I've binged on it since the release of this short film.
Houd Kar
Houd Kar 3 giorni fa
Sadie is so gorgeous , their acting is just WOW . and Taylor at the end she was so beautiful . thx Taylor for this masterpiece i love you so much 😍
November Robinson
November Robinson 2 giorni fa
Why does this remind me of "It ends with us"? That's like my most favorite book ever!
Rubi Lozano
Rubi Lozano Giorno fa
Como es posible que la gente de México no comenté que mira este hermoso short, están triste:(
Ivy McIntosh
Ivy McIntosh 2 mesi fa
Sadie's acting here was honestly incredible, the little mannerisms in her face were so well done, she really is incredible for such a young actress.
a kiwi
a kiwi Mese fa
@Benjamin Ramsey I have no idea what you meant but I'm assuming you're asking why I thought they were being misogynistic. Bringing up a man's work and comparing it to a woman's success when the two of them have no or negative correlation to each other is just wanting men to be better than women. We're all equal and everyone's success is valid. There is no need to invalidate anyone's hard work by saying things like that. Hope that answered your question, and hopefully, you'll speak full words next time so I can understand what you mean properly.
Stephen Carson
You could say her acting was all to well😏😆
Sneha Das
Sneha Das Mese fa
@Meyllah Abigail is this support to make any sense?
Dee Youmans
Dee Youmans Mese fa
Incredible acting!!!! She’s got such talent, all the best to your future endeavors 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Zwe Yan naing
Zwe Yan naing 3 giorni fa
This is the one and only 10 minutes long song which doesn't feel like 10 mins.
Jhon Marco Bergonia
CARDIGAN ------> 100M WILLOW --------> 100M THE MAN ----------> 70M I BET YOU THINK ABOUT ME ---------> 40M ALL TOO WELL (SHORT FILM) --------> 60M COME ON SWIFTIES, WE CAN DO IT!!!
evie mapps
evie mapps 8 giorni fa
i know i’m not the only one who sees these two as ryle and lily from the book ‘it ends with us’ everything is so similar it’s crazy.
Califta Semidang
Califta Semidang 2 giorni fa
Omg yes.. you opened my eyes!
evie mapps
evie mapps 7 giorni fa
Kelly 7 giorni fa
Yes!! I thought the exact same thing. Love me some Colleen Hoover!
emma gilbert
emma gilbert 2 giorni fa
just got out of a situationship thats a spitting image of this short film. i love taylor so much.
Pugazh Sakthey
Pugazh Sakthey 2 mesi fa
This short film is realistic Dylan and Sadie acted so well and Taylor directed it perfectly
Pugazh Sakthey
Pugazh Sakthey 2 mesi fa
@Bucky Barnes Music why hate honey?! Be kind
Edgar Noriega
Edgar Noriega 2 mesi fa
@Bucky Barnes Music ¿? 🤨
Bucky Barnes Music
Taylor Swift is tra$h, my music is better
Grecia Martins
Grecia Martins 10 giorni fa
I get the casting choice there... it is so brilliant, I can't get over It.
You can’t dislike Sadie. I feel like it’s impossible-
divya 7 giorni fa
"Time won't fly it's like i'm paralyzed by it I'd like to be my old self again but i'm still trying to find it." Damn. This hit home.
blakey s
blakey s 9 giorni fa
at 12:11 when shes reading from her book SHES SAYING “i walked through the door with u the air was cold but something bout it felt like home somehow” LIKE I JUST NOTICED THAT HOLY SHIT
Anushka Kulkarni
Anushka Kulkarni 2 giorni fa
yessssss she says!!!
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 9 giorni fa
But it doesn't add up
제시카 2 mesi fa
This song was heartbreaking enough, Sadie and Dylan really deserves an Oscar. Made me feel even sadder.
Gloria Agresti
Gloria Agresti 2 mesi fa
@Joe Fayant maybe not for acting in, but short films do get Oscars for Best Short Film, Best Direction of Short Film. The little short before Toy Story won an Oscar.
Joe Fayant
Joe Fayant 2 mesi fa
You don’t get a Oscar for acting in a short film
MsDaniMarie02 8 giorni fa
Sadie Sink is simply brilliant.
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 7 giorni fa
No well-known star in the industry hustles like her. Major respect! Although I'm loving it I hope she doesn't forget to take a breather every now and then.
lynne barrett
lynne barrett 19 giorni fa
Absolutely stunning acting it never for once felt like ten minutes it stopped too soon have to re watch and feel ALL the emotions all over again absolutely brilliant WOW
Himanshu Yadav
Himanshu Yadav 10 giorni fa
Don't mind me, Just here for my daily visit to watch and hear this masterpiece. 😌
nothing 2 mesi fa
Sadie’s talent is just another level. She’s going to be a legendary actress.
Hailey Velasquez
She already is
mxds 2 mesi fa
wdym she already is
NaTaLiE343 2 mesi fa
Amaya Saeed
Amaya Saeed 2 mesi fa
Going to be??? Isn't she ALREADY???
Lena 2 mesi fa
@Luke Brennan that's just great acting, many young actors can act that well, doing the job well doesn't make someone "legendary"
_thisisnottheend_ 17 giorni fa
In the end when the "13 years gone" part arrives and taylor becomes her while presenting her book, this part always breaks my heart
Maya Edwards
Maya Edwards 9 giorni fa
The line "he's gonna say it's love, he never called it what it was" reminds me of it ends with us and ryle and lily !!
this is a big masterpiece
Rimjhim Singh
Rimjhim Singh 10 ore fa
I've lost count of the number of times i've watched this, and it makes me cry everytime
Natalie Nevins
Natalie Nevins 2 mesi fa
This is so raw and real, I almost feel like I shouldn’t be watching it because it's so intimate. I feel like there's a lot of people who can picture themselves in this position, having flash backs to similar moments in life. I mean...Wow. I have full body chills right now! So incredible
Diane Winters
Diane Winters 2 mesi fa
Wow, I could feel every moment. Reminds of relationship I had with my friend's brother who was 10 years older than me. It lasted 6 months & it was intense from beginning to end. Thank you Taylor.
dariennn 2 mesi fa
I like hot pockets
Heleena Inoc
Heleena Inoc 2 mesi fa
Brighton Henderson
me too, the soft stares and the gentle touches remind me of that new love where you’re just obsessed with each other, it felt too real
manimefrances 2 mesi fa
Same it was difficult for me to watch it felt so private
Miguel Villanueva
Miguel Villanueva 3 giorni fa
Now everytime I see this film reminds me of the most special person I've ever met. I remember it all too well. Love you forever.
Meaghan Walsh
Meaghan Walsh 17 giorni fa
I want my life to be this exact aesthetic … minus the gut wrenching heartbreak tho
SRISHTI GUPTA 3 giorni fa
Taylor Swift should write a whole musical some day🥺🥺❤️ such a queen and story Teller
Himanshi Jain
Himanshi Jain 7 giorni fa
This is a masterpiece
öykü 2 mesi fa
Sadie’s acting made my jaw drop, she sounds and acts so much like Taylor - it is impressive. Dylan has done an amazing job as well, he was really able to convey the idea of the guy Taylor was telling in her story. Perfect casting, perfect acting, perfect directing and obviously a perfect song. I am really thankful to Taylor for she shared such a masterpiece with us. She is a legend.
Ophélie Lucas
@Raíssa Faria This song is about the relationship she had with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010...
öykü 2 mesi fa
@Jack Wrath Your entire channel seems to be the proof of why you should go outside and touch some grass.
Jack Wrath
Jack Wrath 2 mesi fa
Taylor Swift is a scammer and I have proof on my channel.
Raíssa Faria
Raíssa Faria 2 mesi fa
Guys, please WHATS WITH THAT JAKE LYON?? What does it mean? Send help pls
Parmida Sarchami
Parmida Sarchami 16 giorni fa
What a masterpiece!i keep coming back to this way too often
Yemima K
Yemima K 6 giorni fa
"you didn't even look at me once" I want to say this to everyone who treats me like I was invisible in every meeting and party but I know they'll never understand just like him.
Yemima K
Yemima K Giorno fa
@Raivan Alvaro ghazzi thank you so much
Miyu Keji
Miyu Keji Giorno fa
This happened to me whenever my bf speaking with other people don't know why he doesn't talk about me with his friends
Raivan Alvaro ghazzi
I'm so sorry they treat you like that i hope you find Somebody who look at you like you matter.
Dhairya Rami
Dhairya Rami 6 giorni fa
and i will watch this every 2-3 days now for sure
Existentialnausea 6 giorni fa
The relationship obviously meant more to her than it did to him.
Abdelo Omer
Abdelo Omer 20 giorni fa
“After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone” this part gets me every time
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