Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Trump, Twitter, Job Cuts, Recession Risks

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Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk discusses his planned acquisition of Twitter Inc., his view that a US recession is likely, and the outlook for job cuts at Tesla. In an interview with Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait at the Qatar Economic Forum, he also comments on supply constraints and whether he would support Donald Trump in the next US presidential election. Qatar's Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Qatar Investment Authority and Investment Promotion Agency Qatar are the underwriters of the Qatar Economic Forum, Powered by Bloomberg. Media City Qatar is the host organization.

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Commenti 2 753
Aaron Scheiwiller
Aaron Scheiwiller 6 giorni fa
0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Status of Twitter Aquisition 2:45 - General state of economy 3:35 - Twitter and Freedom of Speech 7:25 - Becoming CEO of Twitter 8:00 - Tesla and Competition, Constraints 11:00 - Debunking Tesla Layoffs 13:45 - Politics, De Santis, Moderate Super PAC 15:45 - Cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin 17:30 - Tesla Bot 18:30 - Google LaMDA 19:30 - Outro I hope this helps someone :D
Frank Orta
Frank Orta Ora fa
Thank you so much!!
@Paul Dailey I’m German so It’s easy for me to tell Jewish and German names apart. You should stop doubling down now.
@Paul Dailey Scheiwiller is a Swiss name, not ashkenazi.
Toy Love Kids
Toy Love Kids 11 ore fa
Thank you 😊
Lea! 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
Lisa chad
Lisa chad 3 ore fa
Always good to hear your thoughtful and logical analysis. I don't care about bullish or bearish market. Trade a small percentage of your portfolio rather than going in and out every couple weeks trying to time the market trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 8.4 BTC when I started at 3 BTC in just few weeks implementing Donovan Howard's daily trading signals and tips..
clark dawson
clark dawson 3 ore fa
For good 3 months now its been massive profits for me and my friends here.
chris Alan
chris Alan 3 ore fa
Me too, trading and minimizing loss was possible due to Donovan's daily signals and guides..
mary stone
mary stone 3 ore fa
without any doubt…. Howard's signals has indeed been life saving since this pandemic.
Jaheim German
Jaheim German 3 ore fa
I also wish to be part of this success as well 💕……💕..
Mr Gaetan0007
Mr Gaetan0007 3 ore fa
Howard's daily signal is top and one of the best out there when it comes to trading bitcoin..
BTCTV 6 giorni fa
To those who question the layoffs: Companies and strong leaders have to make tough decisions. Laying off 4,000 employees today can mean the difference of not laying off 10,000 6 months from now. Any truly great leader of a company would understand that.
Rugby Lock
Rugby Lock 3 ore fa
@Dwight Vietzke Said the "buggy whip" manufacturers...
Roger Thomas
Roger Thomas 17 ore fa
@Dwight Vietzke you don't make sense, apparently know nothing about business practices
Tesla Heini
Tesla Heini 19 ore fa
People need to understand the perspective too. As he said Tesla will overall still create more jobs. And the amount of jobs they are cutting is ~10% of what they added last year (30k+ added, 3k now cut). It's normal to cut some loose ends, when you go and hire loads of people in a short time, because you naturally will have some people who aren't really fit for their job or who kinda made themselfs sound a lot better in their CV than what they performed in the company. It's something really every company does and letting 3-4% of ppl. go because you think there is a serious recession risk and you need to keep the financials a bit tighter and actually check if those people you pay are actually delivering you enough value for their paycheck is natural. Would any of you employ someone who doesn't provide you the value? People always act angry when big companies do this, but really anyone would do it. If I was paying a piano teacher 30$ the hour and I wouldn't learn at a decent enough pace it's natural to either switch or find someone who can do the job for less money or to decide that maybe a teacher doesn't help me. Yet somehow if Tesla decides they have too many people, actually more people than they need to properly work (for the moment that is, they will create thousands of additional jobs in the next years) then they should somehow keep them and keep paying them? That would literally betray the trust of the investors who gave you money to create an amazing car company and not to have 10-20% extra workforce that actually isn't really helping the company much just for the sake of it.
James C.
James C. Giorno fa
@David C You can't see the forest through the trees. Who so you think the consumers are? He is leveraging Twitter because you don't need money for a Twitter account. But who is going to buy Tesla's when nobody is working? If I get laid the first thing I am doing is going to pretend to look for work, cut all my discretionary spending which will crash the economy even more.
Lorraine Ruelas
When I was young I love to multitask I’m slowing down Cuz of my arthritis but I do love it and I salute my hat to Elon musk how he is multitasking his company’s Love this man for what he has done. 🏆🥇🏆
mrsharbormaster 2 giorni fa
Impressive interview. Great appreciation for your open discussion and answers regarding your many endeavors. It is plain to see you are always considering the health of humanity and the planet with your forward movement. I am grateful and comforted that you are willing to take on the hardest issues at this critical time. Kindest regards, A fan
Daye Rotth
Daye Rotth 21 ora fa
@Straighttalk oil also is free mother earth gives oil for free to us.
Janni Chi
Janni Chi 21 ora fa
@Daye Rotth Yes, salt water$, nuclear scared, but environmentally Nat Gas and drilling is horrific on fresh water. Plug ins can be worked on over time. Big Elon fan here.💗
Straighttalk Giorno fa
@Daye Rotth Pure nonsense, literately nonsense.
Daye Rotth
Daye Rotth Giorno fa
No one knows the real cost of electricity too your pulg in. These days it's just az higher cost as oil. And the wind terbins are very dirty. Thenceforth water current in the Ocean electricity expensive
Alex Jansen
Alex Jansen 6 giorni fa
Bloomberg has all this money, and they couldn't figure out how to isolate audio.
Annuit Cœptis
@Zoltán Bakó yeah, no, actually you don't. The wasted time you spent writing your looooooong post could've been spent trying to do something constructive for yourself. You will never amount to anything because you are sitting there looking at somebody else (a very successful somebody indeed) and not paying absolutely no attention to your own failure and how to fix YOURSELF!!
Zoltán Bakó
Zoltán Bakó 8 ore fa
@Annuit Cœptis how dare you criticize a successful and wealthy company? You don't have the right to do that unless you are wealthy and successful yourself. Haha what a hypocrite!
row0111 Giorno fa
@Mikael Soltaniha I think A, A is just too common.
Annuit Cœptis
Annuit Cœptis Giorno fa
Right...thinking the same thing...pretty annoying!!
Flowmasta Flam
Flowmasta Flam 4 giorni fa
@saywhaaat no lol why would elon be listening to himself lmao. it's clearly the other end
Jared Kaiser
Jared Kaiser 5 giorni fa
You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
Daye Rotth
Daye Rotth 19 ore fa
They already have figured out the echo problem it's called a Tesla Tower 1920 free internet and free electricity
alfredk471 Giorno fa
I am experiencing very noticeable feedback.
Carl Sanders
Carl Sanders Giorno fa
Just mute the interviewers mic. They must not teach that in college.
Doable Films
Doable Films Giorno fa
what the hell do you know about putting on media events and livestreaming? I'm guessing jack squat
Guangyuan Liang
Guangyuan Liang 6 giorni fa
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
savedfaves 6 ore fa
Interviewer: I write clickbait for Bloomberg. Elon: cool.
S. Hinch
S. Hinch 9 ore fa
@Straighttalk they always are!
Straighttalk Giorno fa
Interviewer was a knob.
CaptnDirt 5 giorni fa
Pretty sure Elon could make anyone uncomfortable in an interview situation.
S. Hinch
S. Hinch 5 giorni fa
There are reports....... in other words, u qualified people making a guess... typical reporter
matmaism 6 giorni fa
Hack interviewer is such a weasel. Brilliantly handled by Elon.
Theodore Van
Theodore Van Giorno fa
Absolutely 👍
Kush Sheth
Kush Sheth 2 giorni fa
Fr fr exactly 💯
±1⑧⑤⑥⑤③④④⑤⑨⑨👈watsapp me
Messeg me 📩📩⬆️⬆️
Johnny Football
Johnny Football 6 giorni fa
Elon (in my opinion) is usually very positive and consistent in his answers. Many interviewers try to walk him into problems or try to make him say things that will get him into trouble. Hats off to the guy for sharing his brillant mind and viewpoints with us given his mountain of responsibilities.
Roger Thomas
Roger Thomas 17 ore fa
@incaseyoudidn'tknow < contrarian
Starship Captain
@incaseyoudidn'tknow That's a bit cryptic. How about a little evidence he's a con man, what do you think he's lying about? Convince us.
Alejandro Giorno fa
@incaseyoudidn'tknow Is he forcing people to buy his Tesla products?
He's a con man!
Bobby Giorno fa
You should be on Top
Hamed Adefuwa
Hamed Adefuwa Giorno fa
8:15 LOL John: "I've seen a forecast" Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you!"
jack farland
jack farland 6 giorni fa
Very interesting content. Always enjoy hearing what Elon is working on.
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik 5 giorni fa
@Juan Montano I agree! It reeked of desperation for a headline.
Juan Montano
Juan Montano 6 giorni fa
Lol they're the typical repetitive questions from activists in the mainstream media
hueo far
hueo far Giorno fa
Very selective and considered responses by Elon, mostly because the Interviewer was lighting fuses in his path and asking loaded questions.
Tazmanian Ninja
Tazmanian Ninja 12 ore fa
Would you rather he asked only bland questions?
Deepak NR
Deepak NR Giorno fa
Impressive, this man faced the most vitriol media coverage(continues to, as mentioned by the incremental trivial lawsuits), and established titans and powerful companies, and came out as the richest(and most successful by any metrics of capitalism) man in the world.
Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson 10 ore fa
He didn't do that by himself....Tesla got billion in subsidies and SpaceX was save from bankruptcy by NASA in dec 2008 and got plenty of subsidies for the Falcon 9 and from Dragon cargo and crew and Falcon 9 was paid by NASA at the level of 50%.He is getting almost 1 billion in subsidies from the USA for the Starlink...and 3 billion for the Lunar Starship.
RJT Giorno fa
Alex Presa
Alex Presa 6 giorni fa
You can tell how disinterested Musk got over time after he found out how bad of a job the interviewer did. Still handled it with dignity though.
People are clueless to who Elon Musk really is someday he's not going to be your hero anymore when you finally all face the truth about this guy.
D 3 giorni fa
Actually that has more to do with the fact that Elons life is a mess. Even his own family and employees hate him. He's a jerk and he cannot answer questions anymore because he makes no sense.
Eric B
Eric B 4 giorni fa
@DyslexicStoner240 hahahah, making out ITvid as the most adult platform is the most hilarious thing I will hear today. Thanks.
Overman 4 giorni fa
At 3 AM nonetheless!!
DyslexicStoner240 4 giorni fa
@Eric B This isn't twitter, there are adults here. We want actual information, not a rehash of the week's news articles.
John Smith
John Smith Giorno fa
It is apparent in Elon's responses, that he often internally checks in with his fundamental belief system before answering. That is impressive. It is apparent that truth occupies a large percentage of the controls inside that belief system. Evidence of that, is in his caution and aversion to that part of the US "legal" system where legal parasites are allowed to exist.
John Smith
John Smith 22 ore fa
@Dovar Elon, and me for that matter, favors truth. It matters.
John Smith
John Smith 22 ore fa
@Alexandre Karim Howard Hunter Biden has done the same thing, up to this point. The difference is that Elon makes a good faith effort to not lie.
Alexandre Karim Howard
He is strategising his responses and making sure he answers in a way that advantages him. Wouldn't you?
Dovar Giorno fa
There's a lot of parasitism today. What do You mean?
Amy Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
Lee S Kennedy
Lee S Kennedy 3 ore fa
I hope the next President elected will recognize Musk’s recommendation that AI should have a Regulatory Body set up to govern the use by the public of AI technology! As usual, a statement by a true genius!
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •Ivy•
0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Status of Twitter Aquisition 2:45 - General state of economy 3:35 - Twitter and Freedom of Speech 7:25 - Becoming CEO of Twitter 8:00 - Tesla and Competition, Constraints 11:00 - Debunking Tesla Layoffs 13:45 - Politics, De Santis, Moderate Super PAC 15:45 - Cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin 17:30 - Tesla Bot 18:30 - Google LaMDA 19:30 - Outro I hope this helps someone :D
John Carver
John Carver 6 giorni fa
So unimpressed with the interviewer, and so much more impressed with Elon than before I watched this. Great job Elon!
crypto is the go to
Same here
nobody 5 giorni fa
@KinkCurlandGo bring on the tough questions. Elon is capable, unlike our president.
KinkCurlandGo 5 giorni fa
Horrible interview. All fluff
shirley lake
shirley lake 5 giorni fa
Wouldn't it be great if more leaders had insight and commonsense Elon? Thankyou for doing this interview.
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Giorno fa
Sure would!!
Vidalsky Ociosen
Vidalsky Ociosen 5 giorni fa
If that would happen, the system will collapse.
tom shuo
tom shuo 3 giorni fa
Elon seems well, not letting the pressure get to him and he’s still making the difficult decisions! He’s the highest high roller betting on humanity!
Maria Chona-Guillen
I am so excited to live in Elon's time. What a Genial Brain with the betterment of humanity present ♥ * ♥
Vxs 6 giorni fa
Very selective and considered responses by Elon, mostly because the Interviewer was lighting fuses in his path and asking loaded questions.
777jones 2 giorni fa
Loaded questions are a major reason why the press is held in such low esteem. Much of their work has no journalistic value.
D 3 giorni fa
Because he never makes sense. At this point he is rediculous.
Old Seadog
Old Seadog 4 giorni fa
Loaded questions? What's the point of the interviewer if they only ask fawning sycophantic fanboi questions? And as for asking some tough questions, this interview isn't it, he was given a free ride.
Essa0601 5 giorni fa
I was wondering why would they ask questions that will incriminate him such "investing advice"
𝐍𝐢𝐧@ ^𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐞K #ɪᴛ#🔥
Interviewer: "I saw a forecast that ... Volkswagen would be bigger than you in electric cars." Elon: "I believe that forecast was from you." lol
LuvThyMind29 23 ore fa
@Global Communications OP is obviously a guy but go for it.
Straighttalk Giorno fa
@JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players None of the legacy auto manufacturers stand a chance against Tesla (especially VW). The main reason for this is not only the extremely high demand for Tesla's vehicles but also the extra baggage (ICE vehicles) that legacy auto have to think about E.g. how to wind down that side of their business while still making a profit.
Warriors 4 God
Warriors 4 God Giorno fa
That tickled me
@JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players At a quick glance that would seem reasonable, but on closer inspection it’s worth noting that the legacy OEMs are finding it far more challenging switching to manufacturing EVs than they anticipated. I recommend watching the numbers at years end for 2022 ongoing. This year Tesla will surpass Mazda for total vehicles produced while also dramatically surpassing Mazdas net profit for a similar number of vehicles produced. Ford has admitted just in recent weeks that it cannot produce its Mach-E profitably. GM only managed to produce about 30 EVs for Q4 of 2021 despite its absurd rhetoric about leading the world in EV development. That aside, the reality is that the mining sector is about to hit major bottle necks in battery raw material production which will stunt the growth of the market for the new comers to the EV space. The only manufacturers that will be insulated against these bottle necks are those that have multi year long term off-take agreements with the major suppliers of lithium, nickel and graphite, etc. Tesla has the lions share of those contracts locked in over the next 3 years as it works towards manufacturing about 1.4 million EVs for 2022. As the Tesla, Grünheide factory in Germany ramps production along side the new factory in Austin, Texas we can expect the company to produce in the order of 2 million plus EVs for 2023. There are further manufacturing facilities to be announced in the coming twelve months, with each new facility representing additional growth of 1 million vehicles at full rate production. Generally each factory is producing vehicles at low rate initial production within 2 years of the factory being announced. The Grunheide and Austin factories were built concurrently and began initial production only a few weeks apart. It’s also worth noting that the company has achieved this while maintaining cash reserves on the books of $18 billion as the company paid down its total net debt to a minuscule $100 million USD last quarter. Tesla’s margins per vehicle stand at an industry leading 30%, while demand has blown out to beyond 6 months wait times for customers forcing the prices up to moderate demand as they struggle to keep up. Food for thought.
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
I would not write off Volkswagen- when they switch to “only electric” they have much bigger client email list than Musk can imagine!! Millions of users so in this aspect if VW does it good they will wipe off the market for sure!
LongTheWorld 6 giorni fa
His responses will certainly echo through the listeners...
Because people are puppets. They've attached themselves to this man and he don't care less about anybody but himself. It's scary how Americans make people their hero because they can't stand on their own two feet.
Debra Cargo
Debra Cargo Giorno fa
Sounded like Elon was speaking to us from Mars
Debra Cargo
Debra Cargo Giorno fa
Herbie Marais
Herbie Marais 5 giorni fa
lol, I see what you did there :-)
Synapse2k 5 giorni fa
Johnny Weihan Chen
Johnny Weihan Chen 6 giorni fa
VW and other big German luxury auto brands are even more reliant on China for revenue and production..same goes for GM…Tesla was smart to work out a more than fair arrangement with China to have Giga-Shanghai up and running so quickly so he can grab the market leader position in the world’s largest auto market and supplying rest of Asia Pacific..that’s how real progress are made in the 21st century, not like plenty of Western press/politicians these days who prefer to play the dumb and destructive geopolitical finger-pointing game while letting their countries/people become increasingly complacent, backward and uncompetitive drowning in debts
Debojyoti BasU
Debojyoti BasU 5 giorni fa
Whatever u just said makes no sense at all. Tell me a single industry in which any American company has a major market share in China. Smartphones / other consumer electronics / home appliances / automobiles / FMCG / pharma / etc anything. There is NONE. Whereas both American and Chinese companies manufacture their goods in China and dump it in the US. It's just as simple as China exploits USA to the fullest while American companies can never become a significant player in the Chinese market (although not having enough market share in the domestic market of China itself, US keeps on manufacturing there for it's own & the rest of the world). So that 'finger-pointing' game needs to be played unless USA wants to become the dumping ground for China made goods, a very one-sided tilted trade deficit and give up the position of the "world's largest economy" to China very soon by shooting in its own foot. And btw Tesla owners in China are harassed too, too often by the CCP. You just need to go through some authentic news sources.
fltadams2 5 giorni fa
@GB Harald Jan Dahle Petrofilm . Check this out, please
Nelson Sanabria
Nelson Sanabria 10 ore fa
It amazes me how people would sue a company that is doing the world good rather than sue oil companies for polluting the environment or coca cola for damaging people's intestines and health overall. SMH.
John de Haan
John de Haan Giorno fa
The economics of cause and effect in the context of globalised supply chain solutions, far outweigh the political outcomes that are of domestic concern. China knows this America knows this and Elon knows this.
Tran castore
Tran castore 5 giorni fa
What a great conversation/ discuss. Excellent questions, right on point
7Jahson 5 giorni fa
He always makes he interviewers seem so unprepared. Intellectual dominance.
David C
David C 5 giorni fa
There are better interviewers. He does some great interviews...but they don't ask him crap questions.
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 6 giorni fa
I'm glad I watched this. Elon is much more reasonable than most of his fanatics, and I wish him the best. edit: He might be the right person to help start a new, moderate party - he has enough money as well as the social and political capital. But he has so much going on right now.
Roma Simpson
Roma Simpson Giorno fa
He cannot be President he was born in South Africa so I thought you had to be born in America to qualify also I think his ideas for the environment is brilliant but some of his other ideas is a bit strange and his business brain is top but it is his personal life and how he handling it is worrying he does not find stability and way he can be in a serious relationship or marriage and the next month he is with a different person and seems to need a woman in his life as he has stated he does not like to sleep alone he has a young family and I think he would need to give them better example in treating people in his private life especially how to treat woman and as we have heard why most of his relationship with women fail is because he treats them like employees expect them to look and behave a certain way unfortunately for him those days have gone I would love him to find someone who would like and trust and especially love him and make him happy
Thee Unlimitedproccess
@kik locus independent; white ⚪ black ⚫🥋
Channa Wijeisnghe
how to answer perfectly. even highly charged questions. wow
smithy2170 6 giorni fa
He’s doing work that we want to see done and he’s proving the haters wrong
KGM Industries
KGM Industries 5 giorni fa
@Dwight Vietzke Part of the issue is that countries like the US have a huge amount of land. This is good for growth and resources, but bad for travel times and for infrastructure costs. Implementation of the public type "rails" costs multiplicatively more here than in smaller countries, which is one reason why its not as viable an option.
David C
David C 5 giorni fa
@Dwight Vietzke LOTS of people live where there are NO rails...public or private. We SHOULD have more public rail...especially bullet trains that move faster than the ones in the US currently do. Almost every major developed country has them. Bad OIL, Auto and Aviation Industries fight against it.
Dwight Vietzke
Dwight Vietzke 6 giorni fa
...or, we could just support public transportation like light rail and car free city zones.
Maria Jose perez
Informatief. Het is triest dat veel mensen hun kapitaal verliezen door gebrek aan kennis van het vak of gebrek aan discipline. Dit was mijn geval totdat ik de heer Gerard stuks vorig jaar op een conferentie ontmoette, het is nooit te laat om te beginnen.
Gerard heeft al mijn geld gejat
Maria Jose perez
Gerardstukes is zijn actieve tag
Maria Jose perez
Hij is actief op Telegram
Susanna Naii
Susanna Naii Giorno fa
Kun je me de contactgegevens van Gerard geven?
Isabella Nadia
Isabella Nadia Giorno fa
Ik besloot toen ik veel getuigenissen van verschillende investeerders over Gerard stuks begon te zien, ik besloot hem eens te proberen en zie, hij was degene naar wie ik al die tijd op zoek was, handelen met hem was zo lucratief, leerzaam en winstgevend.
Aaron Soto
Aaron Soto 3 giorni fa
Elon is such a smart dude. I love how he wants too set the preferences of Twitter Too get the data haha. I dont use Twitter though. i just use FB
Colin Ellison
Colin Ellison Giorno fa
@Bob Weiram Why?, How?, I consider myself a pretty good judge of caracter, and i dont see either conman or hypocrite!, but then i dont follow the mass media narrative!
Capitalism Not Socialism
He’s a bozo democrat
Bob Weiram
Bob Weiram Giorno fa
He's a conman and a hypocrite.
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Giorno fa
Same here!
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik 6 giorni fa
How Elon responds says everything. Interviewer had almost nothing but "gotcha" questions which makes interviews pointless.
Heath Wirt
Heath Wirt Giorno fa
@Doable Films The interview should have been hosted by a Musk sycophant like yourself. You could offer up softball questions and kiss his feet after every nonsensical answer.
Doable Films
Doable Films Giorno fa
Should he ask him what good movies he's seen lately? This isn't TikTok, the grown-ups are talking.
Paint Daddy
Paint Daddy Giorno fa
@J Z this
Heath Wirt
Heath Wirt 3 giorni fa
@Marty Teevan When have "restrictions" ever limited what comes out of Elon's mouth?
Marty Teevan
Marty Teevan 3 giorni fa
Agreed. Interviewer knows Elon is restricted from discussing any specifics of the transaction or material non-public information MNPI. Yet, he still asks. Elon handled very well.
The sober mind
The sober mind 5 giorni fa
These are the constructive discussions that we need with drivers of our modern industrial production.
Crunchy Shad
Crunchy Shad 6 giorni fa
Elon seems well, not letting the pressure get to him and he’s still making the difficult decisions! He’s the highest high roller betting on humanity!
Thom Devine
Thom Devine 19 ore fa
“Literally never failed at business”. If you don’t count “pitching hyperloop as extremely efficient maglev vacuum transport” vs the reality of “people driving teslas in pointless underground tubes in Las Vegas, slowly” then I need to know what your metric for failure is.
Crunchy Shad
Crunchy Shad Giorno fa
@polly v you are not a bot?
polly v
polly v Giorno fa
@Crunchy Shad you are bot
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green Giorno fa
@polly v or his desire for everything trans…
Ima Savage
Ima Savage Giorno fa
Elon is a savant. He has a sane, sensible approach toward social networking . And he is also reaching for the stars, SpaceX wise. African American super hero.
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 5 ore fa
Jobs will pay your bills business will make you rich but investment makes and keep you wealthy, the future is inevitable
Investors motivation
Small steps everyday!!
Investors motivation
If you want to be successful have the mindset of the rich spend less and invest more
Dr Robert
Dr Robert 5 ore fa
@Anderson Sarah tell her I referred you please
Dr Robert
Dr Robert 5 ore fa
@Anderson Sarah Catherine S. Woods
Dr Robert
Dr Robert 5 ore fa
@Anderson Sarah her availability is open on face b o o k 👇
Laci Marie
Laci Marie 6 giorni fa
Elon is amazing!!!
Dwayne Casey
Dwayne Casey Giorno fa
Interesting…. To be such a proponent of freedom of speech and then on the other hand to be such a proponent for China. Seems an oxymoron.
Marilyn Steckly
Marilyn Steckly 6 giorni fa
His responses are positive, thoughtful and intelligent.
John Smith
John Smith 18 ore fa
@Doable Films as we all know that was never before the case
Doable Films
Doable Films Giorno fa
what else should they be? Wow he's so THOUGHTFUL!! he's a rich smart guy being thoughtful and intelligent should be the bare minimum requirement for someone with his money and power...get off his nuts
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Giorno fa
Brad Guzman
Brad Guzman 6 giorni fa
Helen Oliver
Helen Oliver 4 giorni fa
I wasn't financial free until my 40’s and I’m still in my 40’s, bought my third house already, earn on a monthly through passive income, and got 4 out of 5 goals, just hope it encourages someone that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any of them right now, you can start TODAY regardless your age INVEST and change your future! Investing in the financial market is a grand choice I made. Great video! Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring! I love this.
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez 4 giorni fa
@Phil Davies definitely. Alot of boomers would fall for this. Very plausible
Phil Davies
Phil Davies 4 giorni fa
@Anthony Fernandez lol I agree. But the scary thing is people will buy into it
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez 4 giorni fa
These bots are something else, man
Phil Davies
Phil Davies 4 giorni fa
@Helen Oliver wow that's better than Peter lynch and Warren buffet combined. Looks like you've struck gold
Manuel Andrea
Manuel Andrea 4 giorni fa
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Joy Joyful
Joy Joyful 4 giorni fa
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Antony Peter
Antony Peter 4 giorni fa
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Darvis Garth
Darvis Garth 4 giorni fa
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Jack 4 giorni fa
Simple step-by-step process, excellent communication and response times. The service was extremely streamlined and friendly throughout. Would recommend them to anyone give Jeff Erno a try.
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You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
GR40RCapri 3 ore fa
Makes the CGI feel more ‘real’
peter janoff
peter janoff 5 giorni fa
Elon sounds and looks cool, calm and collected even at 3 AM.
Laurie 3 giorni fa
Tough questions and thoughtful answers clearly presented. He has the best laugh.
Kenny Carneal
Kenny Carneal 2 giorni fa
If he does get Twitter, he needs to change the name. Something like "The Public Square" would be great, he's already called it that.
Артур Автух
A sober-minded CEO.
Zalman 3 giorni fa
Elon has an awesome laugh. Love this guy.
Dan , McGill
Dan , McGill 23 ore fa
This guy asks some great questions. Musk is a good sport.
Jameel 5 giorni fa
I guess after September he'll be saying, "we'll be increasing production as fast as Tesla Bot possible"
Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes 5 giorni fa
Elon does have the solution for twitter I hope the deal goes through.
GB 5 giorni fa
@Arie Verkaik that's been tried with youtube. the network effect is almost impossible to overcome.
bob sacamano
bob sacamano 5 giorni fa
who cares?
Hey 5 giorni fa
@Arie Verkaik I agree with you totally.
Arie Verkaik
Arie Verkaik 5 giorni fa
I hope not. Twitter is a dumpster fire. Might be easier to take the $1B hit and start from scratch… but I’m just an armchair quarterback lol
Raktakamal Roy
Raktakamal Roy 6 giorni fa
It's lovely to hear Elon.. He is simply brilliant in his attitude.
Raktakamal Roy
Raktakamal Roy 11 ore fa
Thank you Everybody
Siddhant Gala
Siddhant Gala 2 giorni fa
Amazing interviewer! Amazing questions!
Johnny B
Johnny B 6 giorni fa
The interviewer is trying to dig up dirt. Bloody awful interview. Unprofessional. Well done Elon for sticking your heels in and blanking him!!
chico malo
chico malo 5 giorni fa
Yeah right off the bat calling his political expressions "provocations" so basically calling him a troll. It gets old watching every journo try to milk their moment in the limelight.
Steven Lincoln
Steven Lincoln Giorno fa
Musk is the person we need at this point in history
Icke deren
Icke deren Giorno fa
Elon is a smart innovator but not an expert on all topics. Yes we all know recession is a real possibility under Old Joe but there is no major issue impacting on the economy that cannot be fixed. The only real issue is oil supply and price.
Eva 25 y.o - check my vidéó
You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
Almaz Abraha
Almaz Abraha 5 giorni fa
Smart, kind and love his attitude.
Mary Cleofe Acalain
Great questions and answers by the Incredible man Elon Musk! ✨ ✨✨🙏
Rambler Andy
Rambler Andy 5 giorni fa
Q: Do you think we should be concerned about AI? Elon A: [I have being saying this for about a decade now] Yes, I believe there should be some sort of regulatory body concerned with the safety of AI towards humamity. How many times does he have to say this before somebody listens? One of the reasons why they are developing General AI at Tesla is that they want to be amongst the first and be beneficial to humanity rather than take advantage in various derogatory ways. OK, there are people who believe that General AI will never be a threat to humans. But isn't it prudent to make sure?
Aldraz 4 giorni fa
Although I agree with him, it's pretty much impossible to have regulations over every AI algorithm. It's like trying to ban all programmers from doing certain thing. You just can't. So only big companies that are running the biggest AI's on their cloud could be regulated, otherwise it's not really possible. But even if you regulate these big companies, any hackers could just obtain few hundreds of GPUs and run the same AI algorithms in their basements for any purposes and undetected, so yeah.. it's a hard problem and we have to hope that we come up with more solutions to these problems
Ajinomoto 6 giorni fa
Say what you will about the man. If the world's wealthiest man was focused on the things Elon is working on, I'd say our future in the year 2040 is in good hands
nav man
nav man 16 ore fa
Govt never got in trouble even after screaming "This is a robbery", while printer goes brrrrr
Xavier Frosth
Xavier Frosth 13 ore fa
He's right about the AI, but no government is taking him seriously, I guess ppl will learn the hardware, like the Khorians did with Geth in ME.
Jonathan Wonder
Jonathan Wonder 5 giorni fa
Despite the economic downturn, I am still happy 😊. I have been earning $55,000 returns from my $5,000 investment every 13 days.
Jennifer M
Jennifer M 2 giorni fa
what's her number?
J G 2 giorni fa
Scam thread
Elliott H
Elliott H 3 giorni fa
Wow she sounds amazing. Maybe too good to be true..?
Ram Ochoa
Ram Ochoa 5 giorni fa
I can't stand SCAMMERS. Get a job. What kind of fool actually believes this thread is real.
Errol Velayo
Errol Velayo 5 giorni fa
ivon shcj
ivon shcj 5 giorni fa
Elon in interview : is a formal , respectable and insightful businessman. Elon in twitter : is a playful man with freedom of speech and zero regards for any comment and scandals brought by his own tweets 🤣
trupti patel
trupti patel 5 giorni fa
I am so glad he picked up on twitter..Twitter... great job Elon musk
Steven Lincoln
Steven Lincoln Giorno fa
You have got to love the way Musk thinks
BlindHurricane5 5 giorni fa
Me: Elon looks tired. There must be a crisis on the job. This doesn't look good for the future outlook. Presenter: It's 3am in Texas. Me: Ahh.
D 3 giorni fa
Boohoo.. poor Elon. Always poor Elon
natasja mare
natasja mare 5 giorni fa
Watch wion news his got problems at home.
Rodney Josephson
Rodney Josephson 5 giorni fa
Hung over. I was in thesame acting business in Asia for roleplaying business men. We had great parties.
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jlucasmsantos 5 giorni fa
Wow... 75 bot replies... that's some kind of record
Jenna Sangster
Jenna Sangster 5 giorni fa
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Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh 5 giorni fa
Take it from one who has bought a house in Missouri and his dream car with forex trade profits.
Brett_Kendrick Giorno fa
Richest guy in the world and you can't get an interview with a infuriating reverb.
(𝐍𝐢𝐧𝐚) 𝐟𝐮𝐜* 𝐦E 𝐜𝐡EС𝐤 -ɪᴛ-💖
I wasn't financial free until my 40’s and I’m still in my 40’s, bought my third house already, earn on a monthly through passive income, and got 4 out of 5 goals, just hope it encourages someone that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any of them right now, you can start TODAY regardless your age INVEST and change your future! Investing in the financial market is a grand choice I made. Great video! Thanks for sharing!
David Jaggli
David Jaggli 5 ore fa
There should be 150 Twitter's out there and 150 Facebook's but there's not because it was controlled by the government and that's why you can't just start one
Robert McDowell
Robert McDowell 13 ore fa
This is Elon being business like. Watch him on ITvid in his element at Starbase in Texas talking rockets and he's more "himself".
Richard Baran
Richard Baran 6 giorni fa
At about the 10 min mark, Elon begins to get a serious face and talk about constraints with regard to the supply chain and lithium ion batteries...you can tell he has major concern with China having access to rare minerals (in many cases, a monopoly) and it is critical for Tesla to be in bed with China as a part of their economy to endorse the allocation of resources necessary to sustain the company 25-50 years from now. Scary stuff. Luckily the people of China want Tesla's and the market proves it.
fltadams2 5 giorni fa
@yuesheng zhao Harald Jan Dahle Petrofilm
yuesheng zhao
yuesheng zhao 5 giorni fa
We don’t want Tesla, we just don’t care to a big extend so that we didn’t ban Tesla. I wonder will America ever dare to completely open the market (with no or less tariff) for Chinese EV brands I am curious.
Andrew Holland
Andrew Holland 19 ore fa
yes 100% agree with Elon, there definately needs to be a AI regulatory agency from the US government to monitor and implement policies to standardize all corporations including Google and Tesla.
ArSniper98 5 giorni fa
16:33 - Best moments from the interview!!!
Connie S
Connie S 5 giorni fa
🤣🤣🤣bravo Elon for calling him out. " I think you said that." As always direct open honest answers. So refreshing to see, hear!! So polite even when questions caused a blink of the eye ... 👏 👏 👏 ❤🙏🌠🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🤩
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Yoga & Science
Yoga & Science Giorno fa
He forgot to introduce Elon the God... Almighty Elon! 💥
Russ Bowman
Russ Bowman 5 giorni fa
Some one please pass this along to Mr. Musk: Excess electricity on down times pushes an electric freight train over a mountain range to to the summit. When peak demand happens, the train goes down hill to generate extra electric power. The train goes up and down, both ways, transporting heavy goods and serving as a dual purpose method of storing energy. The Sierras and the Rocky's would provide excellent examples to start. Russ Bowman
Paul G
Paul G 5 giorni fa
Look up the “Tajo de la Encantada hydroelectric plant” It’s the same concept as your idea, but low running costs and way less energy wasted compared to powering a freight train, friction from tracks etc. But it’s a great idea none the less, the hydro dam uses energy when there is a surplus I.e. windy night where windmills are producing a surplus amount of energy. It pumps water to a reservoir on top of a hill. In times of high power demand, it lets the water flow downhill into an electric turbine
GMChessPlay 5 giorni fa
Elon: "Yes we will be unveiling a humanoid robot September 30th." *September 30th* Elon: "Hi guys, I am the humanoid robot 👋."
Hope Rene
Hope Rene 23 ore fa
Yes I did.
rands999 3 giorni fa
again with the imaginary robot 🙄
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson 4 giorni fa
Well to be fair, did he specify the year?
State of Opportunity
@Maria Umana Watch his interviews with Tim Dodd at Boca Chica. His hair flies all over the place.
Sudo Nimm
Sudo Nimm 6 giorni fa
Defining him as a capitalist at the outset was obnoxious. How can ppl take the interviewer seriously if he thinks VW will surpass Tesla in EV?
Sudo Nimm
Sudo Nimm 5 giorni fa
@free roamer 'capitalist' connotes financial greed. Musk has stated multiple times that is not his motive. call him a philanthropist, that would be more accurate.
Username1369 5 giorni fa
More models, cheaper cars, brand recognition, and Germany doesn’t mess around.
free roamer
free roamer 5 giorni fa
Somehow I can't imagine Musk having any objection to being heralded a "capitalist"! 👍
Sudo Nimm
Sudo Nimm 5 giorni fa
@Amy Rogers because Tesla has the lead in manufacturing. And GiGaberlin isn't even ramped yet.
Patrick 5 giorni fa
VW has already surpassed Tesla in EV in Europe. It's only a matter of time....
Debbie ForHim
Debbie ForHim 28 minuti fa
Elon Musk seems like a decent, balanced man.
George Crisci
George Crisci Giorno fa
Elon is who we need in the world right now
🍑Loiza C̴h̴a̴t̴ ̴ Me̴ n̴Ow̴- CHECK MY PROFILE
You’d think with an interview of this scale, they’d have figured out the echo problem beforehand lol
clive marriott
clive marriott 6 giorni fa
Elon looks fairly human for 3am. Ive seen him doing these late night videos about crypto currency and he looked completely wasted, wiped out. Really bad for your health, Elon take a rest from working sometimes. Their very rapid expansion of car factories seemed a bit optimistic a few years ago and now seems like a perfect call. Tesla need to put most of their resources into even more factories in more parts of the world. On the politics side funding a moderate and centrist super PAC would be just great. Lets resist extreme politics of all stripes Red Blue Green or polka dot. Great idea Elon, bring back moderate, sensible, centrist politics.
Davis Holman
Davis Holman 5 giorni fa
I remember reading about successful men being ‘workaholics’ when I was a kid. I thought that meant they were the last person to go home or worked on Saturdays quite often. Now I realize, what it meant was they never went home, only slept in two hour increments for only four or five hours a day, & never take a day off, period.😳
clive marriott
clive marriott 5 giorni fa
@Catherine Jane Yes it sounds like an excellent location.
Creepa 5 giorni fa
some people are born to and life to work, we can be happy that elon is pushing so many types of technologys and is advancing humanity. I think it would be unhealthy for him to stop working, he maybe would even get sick.
Catherine Jane
Catherine Jane 5 giorni fa
Giga factory in Australia please Elon 💚🌍
Lonny Self
Lonny Self 6 giorni fa
hit the nail on the head social media should be able to do so without becoming, hyper sensitive keeping it fact base without all the tracking and manipulation of bad players, and available to everyone, securely .
james chang
james chang 5 giorni fa
This guy is amazing, buying tesla this year! Amazing car!
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The Man, The Myth. The Henry Ford of Cars and Space. A monument will be erected first on the moon, then on Mars of El9n Musk.
cindy tong
cindy tong 5 giorni fa
The last point about regulating AI hit the most considering the US military has already developed AI drones specially designed for killing. there is too much at stake
David C
David C 5 giorni fa
What could possibly go wrong with Autonomous Killing Machines backed by the Military???? I'm sure they would "Terminate" that project, if anyone found out. ;-)
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Elvia Monti
Elvia Monti 5 giorni fa
Free speech all over the world Elon Musk 🙏🏻
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